Sunday, September 24, 2017

Status...good girl:)

      Life has continued to be extremely busy here....spent a couple weeks grandchild sitting and Master's work project is still causing Him to work mostly 12 hour days, and some weekend time.  To top it off, Mother Nature seems to have gone off her pills...90 here today, and for the next couple of days...normal high...low 60's.  
      Friday we took some time to get caught up on a couple of maintenance spankings that were pending.  I was kneeling naked, while Master was 'playing' with my nipples.  It has been a while and I kept reminding myself to breathe and find my quiet place.  I started to move my hands away from their position and quickly caught myself.  Master gave me a look, and said...'my toys'...he then immediately corrected himself and look right at me and said, 'I should toy'.  His message was effectively sent...all of me is His.  I settled for a bit, but then started to squirm at bit at the pinching, when Master offered to soothe my nipples.
          He was using his tongue and mouth varying the sensations and intensity.  I was squirming again...but for a different reason.  He told me to watch closely, so I started to watch what he was doing ...I quickly looked away a bit, and he grabbed my hair and pulled me in closer...'watch'. He continued to hold me in place when he switched to the other nipple.  Watching added to the intensity, and i could feel myself getting so wet. Master decided we should move on to maintenance, since permissions only follow maintenance.
           I am over his lap, he asks how many we have missed, I tell him two.  He is 'massaging' my bottom when he remarks, we have been doing double you think you have done  enough to go back to single.  I replied that I did, I was trying to stay close....He agreed I had done well, so we could go back to single maintenance spankings of 100 spanks.  But....oh why is there always a is a 30 day probation, and if he sees me start to run in the wrong direction, we will resume increased maintenance, and it will be more than doubled.  The 'busyness' of the last few weeks, has shown me, again, how important that closeness is...I do intend to remember that.
          The spanks begin, sets of 25 with a wonderful stop for some rubbing after each set.  After the first 100 it is 'break' time, my turn to use my tongue and mouth to tantalize Master.  He never lets me get to the point of totally distracting him...too soon it is time for the second 100.
            It is finally time to move on to more pleasurable has been way too long...even for us 'old' folks.
After several permissions and lots of is nap time...
hugs abby

Friday, September 8, 2017

How Many is Too Many???

          My title question could apply to a lot of things...I am betting most of you are thinking spanks.....
         For the past year Master has been working on the same major project at is nearing completion. Two weeks ago today, I got a message saying....project has a major glitch..not sure when I will be home.  Well, He has worked every day since then, including the weekend and the Monday holiday.  A twelve hour day was a short the title could refer to work hours...but it does not.  
          Yesterday, Master managed to get out of work at the normal time.  He quickly declared it maintenance day...I suggested a quiet, restful evening....he gave me 'that' look. So I was quickly kneeling, naked, as we chatted a bit. The chatting stopped as I started squirming when Master decided to concentrate on my nipples...the squirming was replaced with panting and then moaning.  Master was chuckling, telling me to slow down, he was just getting started...I tried telling him he needed to slow down.
          He nicely switched to a warm-up spanking and rubbing, soooo relaxing.  Too soon he asks  me to hand over the maintenance paddle.  It's been almost two weeks, so I am ouching and almost from the beginning.  He stops after 25, for some rubbing and quiet talk, stops after 50, I ask if this is the half - way point, when I get a break to suck his cock.  He tells me nice try...but no, we are still on double I get my sucking break after 100. 
           Master announces that it is harder play day....I do counter with it is not even a Monday.  No, but it is the first time we get to spank this month, so it is harder play day for this month (not a trend I am fond of, since in the past if we did not get to spank on the first harder play that month).   Master adds, He is going to use the large leather of my favorites...and I can choose the position.  
              I am leaning over supported by pillows, hanging on to  pillow, he has decided on sets of 10.  They are hard, but my bottom is nicely warmed by a double maintenance, so I am mostly enjoying.  One hundred later, Master puts the strop down, and lets his fingers search out any signs of 'enjoyment'.
We get more comfortable and it does not take long for me to be asking for a permission...thankfully that one permission is good for a string of O's.  We are talking carefully, and Master is quietly touching and I start to try to let him know, that more permissions might be in order.  Master makes sure that more are needed, and I am exploding and asking for more.  Finally, I am laying  spent, and Master decides to see if I might have a few more in me...I say something about enough...and he many orgasms is too many?? (I have no answer....but I am sure there is one).  Master, of course does prove to me that it was not enough....and wonder....are there ever too many???
        Once I have recovered my wits I ask Master how long the double maintenance will last.  He says, until I see and feel you running to me, not away from me, when we have that special feeling of closeness...and if it doesn't happen soon, I am thinking double maintenance is not enough...maybe triple will work.  ( I had honestly thought that after a couple weeks, he would just drop it...I know...silly me).  We have talked more about it...and it am realizing it is more about the little things that I have let slide and need to get back to...
             I hope you are all safe an protected from this crazy weather.  I am off to my daughter's...she is off to Germany on a work trip for 10 days...
hugs abby