Monday, August 28, 2017

My Shortest Spanking!

       I bet that title has many of you wondering...a short spanking...Master gave her a short spanking???
      It was last Friday...and we were ready for some Friday Fun.....Master tells me to get the maintenance paddle from His bag.  I give him a 'look' but get the paddle.  He  has me get over His knee, and He says we will start with my hand then the paddle...He looks at the clock and says...hmm 7 minutes.  I am thinking I heard wrong or He means this is just the warm-up.  No...He started with his hand for a couple minutes, switched to the paddle, and at the end of  7 minutes He was done.......with spanking me.  We did move on to having a fun Friday with lots of fun...and permissions...
           Today was regularly scheduled maintenance.  As I am kneeling naked, Master decides to concentrate on my nipples.  He is pulling and pinching and rubbing, and I am trying to stay still. Master tells me if I am a 'good girl', He will stop using His fingers and use His mouth.  I say something about He said something similar on Friday, and it never happened.
He looks at me ...agrees...and immediately one of my nipples is in his mouth.  He is sucking, licking, lapping, nipping and biting, reminding me not to move my hands.  I am panting and trying to stay still. Master tells me I have permission to cum at any time...but it has to be while He has a nipple in His mouth.  He adds, of course such a thing could never happen...words that, by now, I know mean...He will keep at it, and I will be cumming.  And yes, He kept at it until I was mumbling about needing a permission...and off I went...cumming just from breast stimulation....
              Once I was lucid and aware of my surroundings, Master reminded me, it is M/M day....time for me to be over His lap.  He does start with a warm-up, before switching to the maintenance paddle.  He stops after 25 for some rubbing, and again at 50, saying at the half way point, I can use my mouth on Him...I ask if this is the half way point, hoping that we are back to single maintenance..100 spanks.  He asks if i remember the weekend...I do...I was quiet and kept to myself...Master did try to help but I was not exactly open to Him.  He tells me, until He feels we are back being very close, double maintenance will continue. He knows what that feels like ( and so do I), and He wants nothing less, and it is not what is happening maintenance stays til I find my way back to that closeness. ( and yes, He has asked what He can do to make that happen).
               After the first 100, I am on my knees, using my mouth, lips, tongue and teeth on Master.  He stops me before I totally distract Him, to finish up the last 100....I am not as wriggly or as vocal as I was for the first set, Master remarks that He likes my acceptance.  He plays with my plug, (I am required to wear it during maintenance, until I am told I may remove it.).  I ask if the  plug can be removed before I leave to go to pay my respects to the family of a former student who passed away.  Master says He likes the thought of me, still wearing it.  We move on to pleasuring each other and when we have recovered, I ask for permission to get dressed.  Master tells me to bend over He will remove the plug...I tell Him, I decided I would like to wear it for the rest of the day, if that is acceptable to Him.  I get a big smile, and a nod.....
Have a good week all...hugs abby

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Master's Welcome Back....

        I had a wonderful time at my son's.  There was a fairy garden birthday party, where everyone made their own fairy garden, the weather cooperated so we had lots of pool time, and I did get to see 'my boys' play the Yanks.  They won 2/3 games of the series, we were at the one they loss..but it was an exciting game, weather was good, beer was cold, my son and I had a great time!
       One of the best parts of being away...returning to Master. He is always waiting with lots of hugs...and often a paddle...LOL.  Maintenance was on Wednesday this week, I was  hoping that we were back to regular maintenance...100 with the maintenance paddle.  I was pretty good while away....
After my naked kneeling, I am over Master's lap, and am squirming and ouching from the beginning.  I complain that the spanks are hard, and He chuckles and says good, that is my plan.  We get to 50 and I am given a break... I quickly kneel and find Master's cock....I always secretly hope to distract Him enough, that He will forget the next 50...has not happened yet.  After the next 50 and another break, Master tells me time for the second set.  I mention that He had said we could go back to 100 for maintenance, He replied, He had considered it, but decided it was too soon...UGH.
       My bottom was better prepared for the second round of maintenance and I was much more accepting and less vocal.
He will let me know next Monday if the 'double dose' is over.
After another 'break', Master says that I did not set the terms for our baseball wager, when He asked.  I had not, I wanted to come up with something different, and then ended up at my son's and just did not get to it.  
           Master said He set the terms, for each game the sox won, I would bet 50 with the flogger :):):)...that had me smiling.  For the one game the Yanks won...50 with the cane:(
....We would start with the flogger, 100 since my boys won 2 games.  I was leaning into the fireplace mantle, four sets of 25, with lots of relaxing, sexy, swishing between sets....sooo nice!
        Of course, then came Master's 50. I leaned over and presented my bottom....and after the first one, let out and big ouch and stood up....Master commented that I was not prepared.  He eased up a bit on the next ones, and I was able to stay in place.  He stopped after 25 for some rubbing..and He likes the feel of the welts.  When it was time for the last 10 He asked if they should be on my thighs....I very submissively replied, where ever He wished, Sir.  He thankfully continued on my bottom. Finally time to catch up on some sweet lovin...and a few permissions :):):)...
           I am still in the process of catching up with most of you....seems lately I am mostly in catch-up mode.  
hugs abby


Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Ella's Meme and catching up


I am getting ready to leave to go to my son's in the morning, there is a grand who is turning 8! My daughter and her two are taking the train up to join us for a long weekend...I love seeing the 4 grands together, they are developing a friendship that will hopefully last all their lives.

I wanted to thank all of you who have taken the time to send me an e-mail or text...I have not answered too many but am determined to do so now that I am just about back to my 'old' (not fond of the descriptive) self. So, a little more patience and you will hear from me...and I really do appreciate your reaching out to me, we are a wonderful community.

Master sent me off with a double yes the short leash and double maintenance are still in effect...YUCK! Master has noticed that I am much calmer and over-all more relaxed, so He said if I am good when I am away...stay CLOSE and keep him informed of any problems or drama or just my everyday events, He will consider going back to regular maintenance spankings....something to hope for:).

Our 'boys' played over the weekend. The good guys (Red Sox) won two games and that other team ( Yankees) won one. We have not been able to settle that debt, but the schedule is weird this year...they play again this weekend. They are playing in Boston...a couple days ago my son called and asked if I was interested in a mother/son that is a first, once I had recovered , I said of course...what do you have in mind. Well, through a friend he was able to get tickets for Saturday's game, at Fenway. I have been to see my boys play several times at Fenway...but have never seen them play the I am super would they dare lose when I am there to cheer them on???? LOL!

Thanks ella for presenting us with a new are my answers....

1. Name a tender song that can almost make you cry.

As I get older, there are more of these. "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" was sung at a funeral many years ago for an 8 year old student, friend of my daughter's who died...tears every time I hear it.

2. What is your favorite shade of lipstick? What about nail polish? My sister is my make-up consultant. She recently send me...crushed berry by Mary it! I rarely wear nail polish.

3. Name a children's nursery rhyme or song that you loved and to which you remember all the words.

I am choosing..."A Bushel and A Peck"..the refrain. I sing it every night when I am with the grands and putting them to bed. The youngest one always covers her ears, and then calls me to sing it again, because she missed it. (I cannot carry a tune with a basket, so people covering ears when I sing is a normal event).

4. What outfit would you put on in the morning if you wanted to feel happy and well-dressed? Something in which you think you look pretty damn good.

Since it is summer, while slacks, a loose fitting billowy white, sky blue and yellow top, white sandals.

5. If you had enough money to buy just one would it be a cottage by the ocean or a cabin in the woods?

Has to be ocean, I grew up near the shore and spent most of my summer days at the beach, and Master loves to be out on the water.

6. If you are old enough which of the Beatles did you have a thing for?

Ahhh, one of my favorite groups. I would 'swoon' if any one of them approached fav of the fab four...George!

7. Name a smell that you love.

The ocean, on an early morning walk.

8. How often do you defuzz your legs? Wax, razor or electric?

About twice a week, in the shower...razor.

9. How/why did you choose your blog name?

When Master and I started our power exchanged, He often encouraged me to let the 'real' me out...the me that no one else sees....and slowly I did...finally finding me...

10. What do you have for breakfast? Coffee or tea?

Coffee is the most important part of breakfast....and I rotate between special K cereal, breakfast sandwich or an omelet.

11. How many siblings do you have? Are you the oldest, youngest or middle child?

I am the oldest of my 3 siblings...and therefore will always be in charge...LOL...since none of them read here, I can write that and pretend.

12. What is your favorite salad dressing?

Recently found a poppy seed strawberry...yummy!

13. If you could sit next to anyone alive...who would you pick?

Tough one, maybe Stephen King, would love to see how his mind works.

14. Have you ever gone shopping just to cheer yourself up?

Well, ummm...of course. But I usually end up buying a surprise for someone else..since then I have cheered myself up twice.

15. If there is one thing that can make you angry, what would it be?

Lately, the nightly news....

16. Tell us about the best photograph you have ever had taken.

Oh, we have always been a picture taking family. I have shelves of photo albums and now discs...I have a picture on my fridge, of my mom, sister and I. It is a silly pose and we all laughing, it was a casino trip. It reminds me of the many wonderful memories of have of the three of us.

17. Have you ever gone skinny dipping and where?

Not yet, but it is on my bucket list.

18. What would you like on your pizza? What don't you like?

I am actually not a huge pizza fan. I like a white garlic maybe with mushrooms.

Thanks ella...looking forward to your next meme.

hugs abby

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Walk In the Woods...

           A big thank- to all of you for your good wishes.  They helped...that and Master keeping an eye...well both eyes...closely on me.  I could feel the 'fog' lifting a couple days ago, and am feeling much better.   I am still on a short..shorter..leash.  There is a lot going on, and Master wants me as calm as possible.   
            Friday, Master suggested a walk in a near-by park.  We got there, and I thought..oh we used to come here, when we first met.  Master asked if the park sparked any memories.  I said it did, and He had 'that' look in His eyes that made me wonder......It was a cloudy day, and we seemed to be the only ones there, I commented to Master that the weather gave us the park to ourselves...He replied, that was part of His plan. 
Now I was more curious.....and the I remembered our walks in that park, one of them let me to my first 'switching'....not an even I cared to have repeated.
                   I wisely kept quiet, but saw Master pick up a few 'sticks', swish them and put them back, as His grin widened.  Sure enough, He was soon telling me to pick a tree, put my hands up on it, and keep them there.  As I opened my mouth, He told me we were it.  I did, and my recollection of a switching, proved to be accurate.  I was wishing I had not worn the light lacy panties, and had maybe put on a double pair of heavier ones, since over my pants and those sexy little bottom was quickly on fire.  Master was enjoying His trip down memory lane more that I was, advice, take me work for it, a switching is to avoided!
               The Sox and Yanks are playing this weekend.  My boys were in the lead for the first game, and then ended up giving it away....5/4. But they sure made up for it yesterday, winning 10/5.  The last game of this series is tonite, so send the Red Sox good vibes please!
     hugs abby

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

In a Funk....

         For those of you too young to know what a funk is sort of like the..blahs.  That's been me lately...not sure why, well I do have some idea why, but there is not much I can do about it, and need to let it go...wish me luck with that.
The Maine vacation was mostly good, the family reunion had over 125 people, Mother Nature cooperated and we all agreed to same place, same time next year.  
              Master has been supportive, tried to be helpful and patient, watching over me. Monday found me kneeling being claimed by Master.  He was concentrating on my nipples, tweeking, pinching, pulling and I was trying to not say what I was thinking.  Finally I am over His lap, waiting for the warm-up to maintenance, when Master asks me if there is something I need to talk out or discuss.  I shake my head asks if I am sure....I nod my head....yes.
               He is rubbing my bottom...I am surprised, but think I will be quiet and let this go on as long as possible.  Master says...starting today maintenance will be doubled (200 instead of 100), and your 'leash' is now a lot shorter. I look up and back at Him...He continues...just telling you to run toward me, to let me help is not working.  I know  you do not like or enjoy maintenance spankings, so maybe doubling them will help you to remember to come to me, and the short leash will hopefully quiet your voices and you can concentrate on us.  When I see a change, we will return to regular maintenance and your 'leash' will not be as short.
                Once He is done, He starts in with maintenance.   Four sets of 25, stopping for a bit of rubbing after each set.  I am fighting the tears, and I hear, time for a break, on your knees.  I am up and thankful...for the break and for the opportunity to serve Him in this way.  The second 100 are 2 sets of 50 and I am very vocal.  
                   He is rubbing my bottom and we are chatting, He asks if I know why these changes are happening...I do...and that they are in place until He sees a change.  Master then reminds me that we have not yet, settled our baseball bet, and that the ' boys' are almost ready to play each other again...yes life has been just that crazy.
                     Neither one of us can remember the exact scores, but we do remember that it was a 4 game series, and that the total runs scored were almost the same. Yes, we could have looked it up, but just decided that we would each get to choose 2 'toys' and the number for each would be 50. He announces ladies first, and since my bottom is well-warmed from maintenance I choose the large leather strop.  Master is making sure I enjoy my winning portion of the bet, and He is using just the right touch....50 comes too quickly.
                       Master is next and He chooses the cane...I sort of give Him a look, He tells me, it is His choice and besides the welts might help keep me focused in the right direction.  Fifty with the cane, it is not the hardest caning but it does insure that I will be able to rub my bottom and feel the welts.  My second choice is....the surprise there. I choose to stand and lean against the mantle....fifty is way too short a flogging.  At 50 Master tells me to turn around, hands behind my head...He is going to choose the flogger also (that is a first), but they will be on my front.,,,that is the bad news.  Master spreads out the flogging starting with my breast, working His way down to my pussy and my thighs and legs. Time for some snuggling time...and a few permissions.
                          I had plans for today, taking an elderly neighbor to the casino for the morning and out to lunch.  She loves to go, and no longer drives, her daughter does not see the need for a casino outing...Master told me to wear my right ankle cuff...luckily it is a coolish day here, so long pants we fine.  He also reminded me that He needs to know every move I make....I smile and tell Him that sounds like a song title..His quick is a song I will be singing often...He does have a way with words.
                         Have a great week...
hugs abby