Friday, July 14, 2017

Fun Friday Is Back :)

                  I wish I could tell you the drama is over and all is resolved and life is back to normal...whatever normal is.  Things have calmed, a bit, so there is hope.  Master and I have missed a couple Fun Friday's and even maintenance spankings have been hit or's been a wild month so far.  Thankfully we have each other to lean on, wipe the tears and yes, even laugh a bit.  
             We decided to celebrate Fun Friday first thing this morning, before Master went off to work, and something could interfere.  I have never claimed to be a morning person, but I did have a much calmer day today.  We started with some naked kneeling time, and Master concentrating on my breast.  Some gentle play, some tugging, some pinching and twisting..all the time, reminding me to keep my hands behind me.  He is talking the whole time, getting me to concentrate on His voice, which really helps me to stay in the moment and stay still.
             Master had His bath brush is the first 'toy' He ever purchased, so is special.  He did start off on the light side, declaring it my warm was just enough to get me to relax and enjoy.  When He sees I am totally relaxed, He starts to travel the spanks to my thighs...they are still light enough for me to relax into them.  As soon as they start to get harder, I pop my head up and look back at Him, He grins and asks if I would like a 'break'...stop and suck His cock.  I would and I do...
         Master then asks if I would like some leather play....He is grinning, since He knows the answer.  He tells me to present my bottom, and I feel leather, His belt.  Once I am able to adjust and relax into the spanks, it is just what I needed, a wonderful reminder of my love of leather.  After 100, Master goes to get another piece of leather....the large strop.
             I react to the first few spanks, these have a much harder thud, but we soon find the right 'kiss of leather'.  Master gets to 100 and He asks me.....20 more harder ones or 100 more of the same.  Without hesitation I ask for 100 more....just the right amount to get me to my happy place.
Master finishes and is rubbing me all over, and 'checking' to see just how much I was enjoying my wake up leather much so that several permissions were in order:).
        I am laying quietly, Master is touching and rubbing and I am so relaxed and calm....and Master has to get ready to go to work....but I did manage to stay in a calm state all day!
        I would like to thank 2 of my blogging friends in an e-mail, and the other in a comment, encouraged me to keep blogging.  I have been reading posts and making a few comments, just could not find my writing mojo....but I may have found it
       And...our 'boys' of summer are playing this weekend...Master said I could set the terms for the wager....and He has approved my 'suggestion'.  So...I need you all to think good Red Sox vibes this weekend...thanks!
hugs abby

         hugs abby