Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Empty the Toy Bag Afternoon...

             I am ready to leave tomorrow, first to my son's for a 5 year old birthday party on Saturday.  On Sunday some of my nieces and nephews and their families will be joining us...and we will have a 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 year old hunting for eggs.  I will be helping with the two grands during their spring break.  From there I will go to my daughter's...she and hubby are taking an adult vacation, so I get to enjoy the other 2 grands for a week.
            After my kneeling time, I am over Master's lap for a lovely hand warm-up.  I mention to Master that it seems I will be 'owed' 3 maintenance spankings by the time I return.  He agrees, I then ask if we could have some of that in advance, something to take with me....and make look forward to return without having to face 3 maintenance spankings.  He asks what I had in mind, I say half.  He is surprised...was expecting I would say one of the maintenance spankings (100 spanks).  Master says, 150,  you are thinking outside of the box.  But he agrees, to my request, so I am getting a spanking with 150 with the maintenance paddle.  Six sets of 25, with breaks for rubbing and some kneeling and sucking by me for Master.
       When we are done, Master says we are going to empty the toy bag....25 with each item in the bag.  He says He will start with the 'toys' that I can be over his knee for and alternate wood and leather.  After another 'break', Master has me present my bottom.  Time for the larger and heavier 'toys'.  There are an assortment of leather straps and belts, and several heavier paddles.   When He gets to the crop, He has me spread my legs, and aims between them.
             The last two are the whip, and finally the large flogger, my favorite!  The bag is finally empty, and my bottom is red hot.  Time to heat up the rest of us... later, as we are quietly chatting, Master tells me to count the 'toys' as I am picking them up and putting them back in his bag.  I guess 25, He guesses 20.  There were 24....times 25 spanks each, yes a LOT of spanks!  
           Happy Easter all....
hugs abby


  1. So happy you're going to have such a lovely lot of grandma time, Abby.

    Whoa! So you received a warmup and then 150 maintenance along with 600 more from multiple toys? Ouch! Brave woman. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Lovely send off from your Master, Abby. Enjoy your time with family and especially the grands.

    Happy Easter to you.

    Hugs Lindy xx

  3. Wow, Abby, that is a lot of spanks! S sure reminder while you are away.

    Have a wonderful Easter and enjoy your time with the grands.


  4. It is always nice to take some warm spanking memories with you through the day. You should stay warm for the entire trip.

    Happy Egg Hiding, Grandma!

  5. A Lovely send off for you. Happy Easter. Have fun with the family.


  6. I'm sure you'll be having a wonderful time with all those grands and what memories to go along with that sore bottom. Happy Easter.

  7. Sounds like you have been left with a lovely memory! Have a wonderful time with your family. Happy Easter hugs :-)

  8. Gosh, that memory should stay with you for a while, Abby! Have a wonderful time with the grands.
    Rosie xx

  9. Susan is my name, I learned that I find myself more content with another woman than a man. I enjoyed my male friends, some even gave me the spankings I so desired, it was when I met an older woman, in her late 40's, divorced, she too finding comfort in another male. We went out, got to know one another, enjoyed one another company. It was three months or so and she mentioned my care free ways, and said she found herself wanting to be the mother and correct her daughter. I said that is okay, at times I've found myself thinking she would be a great Mommy. A month or so later arriving at her place, she sternly told me we need to talk, it was a stern voice, I said okay. She said the Mother in her is going to do the talking and pointed to the bedroom. I said nothing, in the bedroom she pulled a chair out, sat down, and came right out, your getting a spanking young lady, I could not believe when I said, Yes Mommy. She then stood up and took me to the bathroom, bath time first she sternly said, you will be going to bed early. I did not move or say anything as she bathed me. Drying me off, she took me to the bedroom and over her lap I went. She gave me a sound spanking, I pleaded, beg, promise to be good, the spanking continued. When done she had me sit on her lap, rubbing my warm bottom, she said the spanking was out of love. Now get your nightie on young lady and get to bed, Yes Mommy. In the morning we talked of the spanking and I said I deserved it and at times need a spanking. We are now a couple, spankings happen, not often, but happen. A woman hands spanking my bottom feels good, it hurts, it is hard to sit, but it is what I want and no male can provide.