Thursday, March 23, 2017


       Fun Friday was on Thursday this week.  I am leaving in the morning for the oldest grand's birthday our family one day is never enough.  She called me this morning letting me know tomorrow is half day of school, and she wanted me to pick her up, I assured her I would be there.  I then told her this was a special celebration, since it is her last one digit birthday, and I am not sure I want her to have more birthdays and turn a 2 digit number.  She replies...(after a giggle), well grandma, I hope you have lots more birthdays since I want to celebrate a 3 digit birthday with you.  
       I am kneeling, naked as Master starts to gently play with my nipples.  Just as I am relaxing into the nipple play, He decides to go from gentle play to mauling.  I have learned to hang on to His legs, keeping my hands from my nipples and trying to stop Him.
        I am then over his lap for a hand warm-up.  It is a nice long one, but the last round of spanks is much harder than me a hint of things to come.
I feel some wood, and ask what paddle..He replies the Pooh one.  He is being "gentle"...Master's version of gentle...for most of this set, until the last flurry, which is much harder. He asks if I would like a break before we continue, I quickly get up and kneel and get His cock into my mouth before He changes His mind.  Next round is a leather paddle, which has me smiling, until He starts to travel with the paddle and ends up on thighs.  He decides we should have another 'break' when He tires of this paddle.
         Master then tells me He feels like giving me a hard paddling.  I look straight at Him and should take something for that and feel better.  It takes a second, but He starts to chuckle shaking His head.  After He is done laughing, He says...don't need any meds, I have you.
                I am back over His lap, and He is 'checking' to see if I am reacting to our play time yet....yep, I am.  He decides He will keep getting me wetter, until I ask for my hard paddling.  Not my favorite thing, one reason because I always try to push  it and not ask for as long as possible ...with Master warning me, that cumming without permission will not have a pleasant consequence.  
                   I do wait until I know I am close to losing any control. After I ask, Master tells me to get up and stick my bottom out...I will count and thank Him for each one. I groan....He is smiling, keeps you in the moment doesn't it?  He has the heavy 'My Paddleman' Paddle....I give Him a look.  He says this was a gift from you regret it yet?
                   I get into position  and these are all hard, slow ones, with me thanking and counting.  When He is finished, I you should have me right with you all weekend.  We then move on to making sure that we both have something to remember over the weekend that will keep us smiling.
Hope you have a fun weekend also...
hugs abby

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If it's Monday....

.......and yes, I am posting this on Tuesday, but yesterday just got away from me.  It's been a while since I posted about maintenance spankings, I really felt like the posts  were getting repetitive....but they have been happening every, single, gosh darn Monday!
       I find myself kneeling, naked as Master starts to claim me. He has decided to take the more gentle approach to my breast....He is barely touching, gently rubbing, using his finger tips, never losing contact with them, slowly and gently getting me to the panting stage.  My hands are behind me, but I have to touch Him, so I hang on to His legs...He looks at me me smiles and nods.  He asks if I need some cooling off, before I get into big trouble...I quickly nod.  He decides He will cool my breast by sucking on them...not exactly the type of 'cooling off' I had in mind.  He is spending a lot of time on each breast, I am back to panting and adding some groaning.  He stops  and moves his fingers to 'check' and see how the rest of me is reacting....I am dripping.
            He tells me He is waiting for me to ask for what comes next, otherwise He will go back to entertaining himself with my breast..... reminding permissions granted until maintenance is over.  I wait until I know I HAVE to ask....Please may I have my maintenance spanking, Sir?
          I am over His knee, as He starts with a hand warm-up.  Too quickly He switches to the maintenance paddle, 100 spanks, stopping after each set of 25 for some lovely rubbing.  At the half way point, I get a ....suck my cock...break. When He reaches 100 we chat a bit, and then Master tells me to go to His bag and choose 3 items for Him to use to finish my spanking.
           I take out the 'beaver tail' leather paddle, one of my favorites, the a small leather strap, and after digging around a while, the crop.  Then I think I should include at least one paddle, so I return the crop and continue digging around and taking things out of His bag.  He finally asks me what I was looking for...."a paddle that is not heavy, a light weight  one". He laughs and such thing in my bag, and tells me to choose or He will. I pick up the closest paddle...the Pooh one....He says that one is heavy...DUH...(I only thinkg that).
                 He starts with the beaver tail, I am over His lap, and so relaxed. He spanks and then rubs the small leather loop  all over my bottom and feels soooo very good.   He continues alternating until He gets to 100.  I am not moving, until I am told to get the paddle for round two.  So, I slowly get up and hand Him the Pooh paddle.  It is on the thick side, my bottom is well-warmed, we get to 100 with a couple stops for rubbing.  
                       I get the small strap, not small enough to be over His knee, so I lean over and present my bottom.  He is again alternating spanking and rubbing with His hands and the leather strap, I can feel myself leaking.  He contiues to 100, I can barely still stand.  I am back over His lap, He reaches for the maintenance paddle, and tells me I have permission to cum at anytime that He is spanking me.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but He starts to spank, talking to me telling me to cum, how wet I am, how ready I am. And of course, Master is rarely wrong about such things.  I am ready, I am  so wet, and I do cum, a few times, until I just lay down.,.spent.  Master says He loves it when He can spank me to orgasm.....and I cannot deny, that I do too:).
 I hope you are all having a good week... expecting more snow here tomorrow:(.
hugs abby

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Keeping me warm....

       March around these parts is a month we look forward to...March means spring... right??  Well, hope springs eternal that March will mean spring, but often it is the month of the biggest storms...and this year has been no different.  About two weeks ago, I was at the bank when I heard someone say, there goes an electic pole falling over in the street...and as soon as I looked...all the other poles on the street followed in domino fashion.  Yes it was that windy....
       I hurried out of the bank before they locked me a house with no power.  The temps had started to be spring like, but the wind brought in a change to winter temps, barely climbing into the 20's.  Took 6 days for  power and heat to return, and for some it was longer.  Master managed to keep me warm in all the normal ways...and not so normal ones.
         A couple days after power was restored, a 2 day blizzard hit, 26 inches of snow and cold.  But our power held, so we were thankful.  It is snowing again, but hopefully only a few more inches. Master decides to keep me warm from the inside out.  
         Even after 17 years, He still manages to surprise me.  I have been assured that I will be warmed up and forget all about the snow and cold...from the inside out.  Now, I could think of a couple of interpretations for His comment, some more desirable than others.  After my naked kneeling claiming time, I am told to turn around, head down, bottom up, legs spread.  He says He does not have ginger root on hand, so he is improvising.  He has mentioned ginger a couple times recently, so I should not be as surprised as I am....
        He is rubbing my bottom and then I hear, this is going to feel cool at first, and then it will heat you up nicely.  I am not thrilled, but take a deep breath and try to relax.  I feel the coolness, and Master is talking to me, when it starts to heat up.  Once it is beyond the comfortable stage, Master suggests that I should suck His cock to take my mind off the heat....yes He is grinning.  But, I figure it is worth a try.  My bottom is still burning, but the rest of my senses are focused on His taste, the feel of Him, His reaction to me.
         Master stops me and says He wants to warm up the outside of my bottom.  I am over His lap as He starts with my favorite small leather paddle.  He chuckles as He tells me not to doze off....I assure Him that will not happen.  He switches to a smaller wood paddle, that  guarentees I will stay awake.  Just as I start squirming, He tells me time for me to concentrate on Him. I am quickly on my knees, wanting to get Master as excited as I am.  
          Master pulls away and pushes me down as He fills me. He gets me almost to the point of explosion when He tells me to get on my knees and He fills my bottom.  He is encouraging me to cum for Him, giving me permission before I even ask.....and soon I am seeing stars.  Master pushes me down and lays on top of me, as we both recover.....
          Master then tells me in honor of St. Patrick's  I should get paddled with His green shamrock shaped paddle.  I settle in over His lap, when Master says He will give me a choice.  Usually when I get to choose there is not a great choice.  But this time, I hear....100 light ones, 50 medium ones, or 25 hard ones... your choice.  I am surprised, and since my bottom is still nice and warm, I all three an option?  I don't know who is more surprised to hear this coming out of my mouth.....(He later tells me, He was very surprised by my question)....but He tells me that is acceptable.  He starts with the light ones, moves on to the medium ones and ends with the hard ones, which were certainly not the hardest spanks I have felt.  
                 Yes, I have been nicely warmed up from the inside out......

hugs abby