Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Maintenance Stripes...

        When Master says good night to me on Sunday night, He adds.... have a sweet dream about maintenance tomorrow...or maybe you won't think about that spanking at all.  Yes, his grin is a mile wide...he knows what I will be thinking about as I fall asleep, and as soon as I stir in the morning.  
        Monday does indeed find me kneeling naked, Master re-claiming me.  Playing gently with my breast, until we can both feel the spark.  He then invites me over His lap, and asks if we should start with a hand warm-up this week? (Last week, he started with the paddle, then his hand.  That was a frist...and as far as I am concerned, hopefully a last.) Once I confirm that yes, His hand should come first, He starts in with a wonderfully relaxing hand warm-up.
        Too soon, I hear, time for the real spanking to start.  These are hard from the git-go, and it does not take me long to start being vocal about it.  Four sets of 25, with a break for some rubbing between each set, but each set is harder to get through.  Finally the last set is finished, and Master asks me if I need a break...meaning getting on knees and enjoying His scent, feel, and taste.  
                    I do need a break, and my sore bottom is soon secondary, to my new task, concentrating on Master and his cock. Master annouces break time is over, helps me up, and says He feels like a good caning.  It is a good thing my bottom is still sore, because every instinct in me is to say...good, let me know how it feels on You.  `
                     Master tells me to stand, hands behing my head.  One of my least favorite positions...it takes concentration not to move and to keep my hands in that position.  He starts with a set....12, since this is the cane...of fairly light ones.Even fairly light ones, hurt.   He stops to see if any stripes are visible....just barely.
                         Master announces next set, harder ones. After a few, I let my hands down and step away.  It surprises us both, since I have not moved out of position in a long time.  He tells me to get in position, then tells me to put my hands out in front of me.  I take a deep breath and do, and get 1 swat across them.  I shake them out and put them back, He tells me to get back in position for the caning, but that I can move up agains the sofa so my legs are agains the sofa.  This will help me stay in place for the next two sets.
                              This time when Master checks for stripes, he does have some to trace with his fingers.  He loves seeing my bottom striped, and I like the fact that they last for bit....the best thing about a caning, in my opinion.  Once Master has traced the stripes, He announces that it is time, for a little fun.  I would dispute the little...but it sure was fun, needing several permissions and some wonderful snuggling.

have a good week all....
hugs abby

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good/Not so Good Leather...

                  Yes, it has been a while since I have posted.  I am hoping that 2017 decided to get all the harder stuff out of the way in January.  Things seem to have calmed...so maybe.  Maintenance spankings are still regular, and even I have to admit...needed.  
                My sister gave me an echo for Christmas, she (the echo) stays quiet most of time, but gives me some interesting facts each morning, I get to play a round of jeopardy against my sister every day, and she is handy when I want to listen to a certain genre of music.  One day her interesting fact was that according to the definition of a hug, it has to last at least 10 seconds.  Who knew there was a definition?? Not I, but I passed the information on to Master, He said He would make certain that our hugs meet the definition.  So if you are hug lovers like we are....remember the 10 second rule...lol.
              Friday found me naked and kneeling. Master was playing lightly with my breast, trying to get the spark that He loves to create.  And yes, He was successful, as I went from calm to panting.  Just about then is when He decides time for a hand warm-up.  So nice, and relaxing, yet arousing at the same time.  Master then announces that it is going to be a whipping/flogging day.  I groan a little, whipping is low on my list of favorites, but flogging is near the top.  Master says we will start with the whipping, so I have something to look forward to.
         I stand, hands on the mantle, legs apart.  He starts with a light set on  my bottom, then one on my back.  He comments that He is starting slowly.....I reply that they feel just right....we don't always agree. He then proceeds to a "medium set" complete with lots of rubbing at the finish.  Then it is time for the "hard" set, I ouch my way though this one.  More rubbing, and just as I am relaxing thinking we are done...I hear....'last 10.. hardest ones, and as soon as I am done, you are to kneel and start sucking'.  He is smiling as he continues, now you can concentrate on something besides the pain.
         When the last 10 are completed, Master steps in closer and rubs some of the pain away, the steps away and waits. I move quickly to kneel and lose myself in pleasuring my Master, and forgetting the pain.  Then it is flogging time, Master follows the same plan, starting with lots of swishing, until I am almost in another zone.  He starts, a light set, a medium set, a harder set, and the last 10 hardest ones.
       He is finished, but I am not moving.  I am not even aware of where I am...sub zone.  It has been a while, but Master quickly relizes what is happening.  He helps me up and then sits and pulls me over His lap, on my back.  He is rubbing me all over, talking quietly, as I start to return, He concentrates on seeing how wet He can get me. Once I am sloshing wet, He fills my mouth with His cum, reminds me not to swallow until permission is granted. 
        He contiues to tease and arouse me, I am starting to struggle, and pointing to my mouth. Finally I hear the magic words....cum for me and swallow....and I do.  I swallow quickly and cum...more than once.  Then it is snuggle time, leading to nap time....lol, we are not as young as we once were.
         hugs abby 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Late New Year Wishes....

         Yes, I am very late with these wishes, so let's start with....
    May 2017 bring all of you unexpected blessings, wonderful surprises and the opportunity to make may new memories that will make this new year a special one.
          All the grands were at grandma's for Christmas.  We went sledding, played games, shared special meals and exchanged gifts that were thougthful...and from the grands all made by there little hands, for all of  us.  I then went back with my son to help with school vcation baby...er child...sitting until after the new year.  I have been back trying to catch up on every thing....I have visited a very few of you, but hope to continue to catch up.
         Last Tuesday was catch up on Maintenance day....since I had missed two Mondays.  Of course there were other things to catch up on also....snuggles, hugs and permissions ;).  Master also reminded me that we had missed harder play Monday's (the first Monday of each month)....shucks I was so disappointed (that is my story and I am sticking to it). Master laughed and said not to worry, He had decided to move it to Friday this month, so we could have a harder play Friday.  I was not sure that was part of the deal, but Master assured me it was....and if it was not, it is now.
            Of course, life took over again, and we ended up having a belt day on Friday.  A lovely hand warm-up, and then His belt...the sound of it slipping though the loops, the practice swish through the air, the gentle rubbing on my bottom, and then...SMACK!  The first set was 100, sets of 20 with the last few on my thighs...the thigh ones were a bit lighter, but still very ouchy.  There were lots of breaks for me to show Master how much I missed Him, and for lots of rubbing from Master. After a 'break' (read suck His cock) it was back to another round of 50...and then time to catch up on some explosive play time for both of us.
             I have missed all of you....hoping to be around more, and to get over and visit everyone.

hugs abby