Sunday, June 11, 2017

It's Baseball Betting Season!

      Those of you who have been around for a while know that I am a die-hard, since birth, Red Sox fan.  My mom would call me at the end of every game the Sox won...even if it was mid-night or she could share the good news with me.  Master, does have one major fault....He always has been a (damn) Yankee fan.  This is one area where neither of us was going to we usually place a wager on the games....and no money is exchanged hands.
       This pass week, was the first Yankee/Red Sox series this season.  I asked Master if we were going to bet this year, He looked like I had lost my mind....always, He replied. He told me to decide the terms and let Him know.  I thought of a few bets, but had not settled on boys won the first game and Master asked me what  the wager was...I said I had not decided yet, was waiting to see what happened in the last 2 games. He laughed then said...nope, does not work that way.  Yanks win means I choose wood for the number of runs the winning team scored, times 20, Sox win you get the flogger for that many.  My boys were looking good and had won the first game, so I agreed (not that I really had any choice).  Much to my dismay, that other team won the next 2 games.
          Friday, I walk into the living room to see...a small paddle with holes, a cane and the flogger...and a grinning Master.  He tells me He is in a great mood, so He will let me choose the order, and He will throw in a hand warm-up:).  I know I want to end with the flogger...give me something to look forward to and end on a good note... so I choose the smaller paddle first, since it might be somewhat of a warm-up before the cane.  I do ask if we can change the multiplier....and just get a look....and a reminder, that this is a fun spanking.
       I am over His lap, for a lovely, much appreciated hand warm-up. Then it is time for the paddle score 1/9...He is not spanking nearly as hard as a maintenance spanking, but Master never just lightly taps....He does stop for some rubbing after each set. He asks if I would like a break before moving on, I nod and quickly get up and kneel and find His cock ....too soon, I hear time for the cane.
            He has me kneeling over the back of the sofa...and they are mostly quick taps....score was 8/0....and He does travel occasionally to my thighs.  My bottom is getting had just barely recovered from harder play Monday. I finally hear Master say, flogger time...I never count unless told to.
    I get to choose the position, I elect standing hanging on the the mantle..score 4/5.  Master does give me a delicious flogging with some swishing, all on my back.  My back and bottom are both emanating heat, and Master decides it is time to heat up other parts....
            I am already dripping, so it does not take long before permissions are needed, and we are both barely able to move.  Bet paid off.....and here's hoping my boys get better before the next series against those 'bad boys'....
Hope you are all having a great weekend, after weeks of cold and rain it is sunny here, supposed to be 90 by Monday....time to complain it is tooo hot!
hugs abby

Friday, June 9, 2017

Another First Monday...already??

     We all seem to think at one time or another that time flies, and as we get older it seems to pass at super-sonic speeds.  But since Master has started harder-play Monday's it seems that I hardly realize a whole month has flown right by.
       I was away this week for some 'girlfriend' time...some gambling, a hot tub, lots of laughs, a little shopping my post about this month's harder play is a little late....
      Monday morning Master tells me...He wants me dressed as a school girl, and have a report card waiting for Him when He gets that will show that I have not been a diligent student and need a 'strong reminder' of His expectations.
            I decided to go all out.  I had a letter from the principal along with a report card and comments waiting for Him, and I was dressed in jeans and a tee shirt when He finished work.  He asked if that was my school outfit...and I explained that I had not worn my uniform all week, explaining to the principal that I had spilled my breakfast on it Monday, and my dad had not had time to do any wash yet this week.
      That resulted in a raised eyebrow and being led to the sofa, bent over and hearing His belt moving through the loops.  He starts in with a scolding (He is a champion scolder, ) all the while letting the belt fly.  I was still dressed so it was over my jeans and undies, but I was OUCHING from the beginning.  That was for wearing my jeans and letting Him take the blame for not doing the wash.
     He then led me to a corner where I was to be perfectly still while He read His mail.  The letter was explaining why, unless things took a drastic change, I would be no longer welcomed to the school, followed by a list of the school rules I had "dis-regarded"...and the top one being...not working to potential, in fact not trying at all.  Another round of the belt.
       I then had to face Master as He opened and read my report card...I did get a B in reading, but then C's and D's.
Master pulled  out a paddle, and scolded explaining He expects all A's...yes I did start to argue, but His look quieted me immediately.  I was going to get 20 with the paddle for each letter grade below an A.....I pointed out a B was a decent grade, He replied that I loved reading, that one should be an easy A.  
               My bottom was warmed-up from the belting, but He was making His point perfectly clear.  I moved out of position once and was given a warning about starting over...I managed to stay put.  Master then had me repeat His expectations, and let me know that if I was asked to leave the school, I would not be sitting comfortable for a long time...He could spank me daily.
           I then was pulled into His lap, and we moved on to our more 'traditional' roles with some cuddling and loving.  
         In my daily conversations with Master this week, I reported a still sore bottom, yesterday it was down-graded to has been a while since a spanking has had such a lasting affect...
       It looks like that giant yellow ball in the sky has finally decided to make an appearance, we have had record rains, and no spring.  In the 90's by Monday, time to start complaining it is too hot...LOL. 
hugs abby

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hello...a catch-up post.....

      I have  been busy the pass couple of weeks, mostly wearing my grandma hat.  I started off at my daughter's for 10 days, she had a work trip to Paris and Germany (we should all have such work trips).  Master and I had arranged to have some of 'our' time, after I had walked the grands to school in the morning.  Master could text me from work, and I would be on my own....the youngest is in all day K.  It worked on Monday, with Master having my get close to orgasm, taking a break and getting close again, until finally I could cum for Him.  On Tuesday we were adding some self-spanking, when the school nurse called...the 5 year old had a temp of 99.4. So I went to pick him up, and the school rule is home for 24 hours with a temp, so he was home on Wed.  He really seemed fine to me..eating and wanting to play, no temp. Sent him in on Thursday to get another call from the nurse...he seemed a little lethargic and was not himself. I went to pick him diagnosis, missing mommy and wanting more alone time with grandma.  Friday was half a day, I mentioned my plan had been to pick him and his sister up and then go out to lunch..he was fine going to school and lasted until lunch time. 
   I got back home for M/M day....with one to make up for.  So after lots of hugging time, and some kneeling time, it was over Master's lap for a missed maintenance spanking...a lovely break...and then  for the regular maintenance one.  We then quickly moved on to much more enjoyable 'activities' for both us.
   I was home for 3 days, on the last day, I saw Master had laid out the small strap, a belt, the large strop and the flogger:)!  There was also a hair brush on the sofa.  After my naked kneeling, I was over Master's lap for a hand, followed by a hair brush warm-up.  Master then explained to me the plan.....He would use the strap, the belt, and the large strop in sets of 25...I could decide how many sets for each one.  Then the total number, would be how many I would get with the flogger.  (I did ask him, how long it takes Him to think up such things...He said no time at all).
  We started with the small strap, I went for 2 sets...50.  We then took a break, with me on my knees thanking Master for being so creative.  I 'enjoyed' 2 sets with the belt...50...then again thanked Master for being so kind.  I also stopped after 2 sets with the large strop...50 once again, and I once again thanked Master for being so kind.
    Just as I was in position for the flogger....150...I hear Master call me 'slave girl'...role play mode.  He is telling me that He is not satisfied with my enthusiasm and technique while sucking His cock, so I am in for a long hard flogging....He will then see if I have learned my lesson.  He will divide the 150 into three sets, each set a little harder.  He is continuing to call me 'slave girl' and to remind me why I am getting such a flogging.  As soon as the flogging is done, I am quickly on my knees showing enthusiastically that I have indeed learned my lesson:).
      I have been at my son's for the past week...the girls' had a 4 day weekend, and son and dil wanted to put in some extra work hours to build up vacation time.  The youngest has her pre-school spring show this afternoon, so I stayed for that and will be headed back to Master tomorrow morning.
A trip I am looking forward to, in addition to looking forward to catching up with all of you!
PS....short leash Wednesday has also gone into effect...even while I am away.  The basic is I have to ask for permission for EVERYTHING...and sometimes something extra is added...thanks for all your votes...
hugs abby

Monday, May 15, 2017

In Just One Word...

    First, a belated happy Mother's Day to all of you.  I am wearing my 'grandma' hat this week.  Daughter is back in Europe for a work trip....Here are my answer's to Terps one word meme....

1.   Where is your phone? pocket
2.   Your hair? short
3.   Your dad? missed
4.   Your other half? working
5.   Your favorite food? lobster
6.   Your dream last night? forgotten
7.   Your favorite drink? wine
8.   Fear? loss
9.   Favorite Shoes? sketchers
10. Favorite way to relax? music
11. Your mood? calm
12. I love? family
13. Where were you last night? grand's
14. Something that you aren't? athletic
15. Muffins? Yes!
16. Wish list item? Hawaii
17. Where you grew up? Maine
18. Last thing you did? Walmart
19. What are you wearing right now? clothes
20. Something you hate? unkindness
21. Your pets? cats
22. Friends? many
23. Life? interesting
24. Regrets? some
25. Missing someone? YES!

Have a happy Monday!
hugs abby

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A "Triple Play" Monday

         I have been trying to decide on font size...this one seems a bit large, but the one I usually use seems to be getting smaller (no comments needed on why:)..what do you all prefer, and any suggestions on others I might use?
    As you all know by now, Mondays in my world are maintenance day.  And usually the first Monday of the month is harder play day...we cancelled it last week, since I had injured my foot and was in pain.  Monday morning Master says to me, we should make this a super Monday, maintenance, harder play and shorten the leash day.  Shorten the leash days happen occasionally and usually mean that I have to ask for permission for everything....eating, getting dressed, bathroom...everything.  I usually get a yes, and sometimes a condition no panties today..or no clothes until I say so.  They certainly remind me of my submission and keep me close to Master, a plus for both of us.
     I spent all day feeling very close to Master, and was in a good 'head space' for maintenance. We were chatting about the day, as I was getting naked, and I sort of hinted that maybe they should happen more often, Master chuckled and said nothing.  After my naked kneeling I was over Master's lap for four sets of 25 with the maintenance paddle.  These are hard spanks, and I always get vocal, when we are done, I am expected to thank Him, both verbally and on my knees, pleasuring Him....:).
       Master gets up and goes to His bag..harder play time.  He takes out, the 'my paddleman' paddle...long and on the heavy side, the acrylic paddle...He made this one and it packs a big punch, the heaviest paddle He has, which we (thankfully) rarely use, and His cane.  I look at His 4 choices, and hear Him say...we have had quite a few all leather play times recently, time for all wood day.  
     I say to Him...1 set of 25 with each for a total of 100..hoping for a yes...and He agrees.  He does ask me to choose the order, and I ask to save the cane for last...figuring my bottom would be very well warmed.  I am told to present my bottom, as He picks up the paddleman paddle.  Twenty-five hard, slow ones, even on a bottom warmed up by maintenance I am being vocal about each one.  The acrylic paddle is next, same routine, only I am getting a little louder.  Next comes the last paddle, Master comments, that we hardly ever use this one...I reserve my comment... the paddling part of harder play is over. 
   Master tells me to stand, hands behind my head.  I am in position, He is ready with the cane, first one is a little high, I move forward and move my hands down.  I quickly get back into position, and the second one is  little higher, I move again, this time asking loudly....please lower....He rubs the welts, and tells me to kneel and present my bottom to Him....third one lands right in the middle of my bottom.  I still ouch, but these are  more bearable.  Twenty-five later, and we are done.  Master is rubbing my bottom, pulls me up into a big bear hug...our triple play day is over...well almost over ;)))!
    Later, when we are snuggling, Master says He has an idea...I am to ask anyone who comments, if they would vote on the idea of every Wed. being a shorten the leash day.  We will count the votes...only each yes or no will be counted....those that are left to me or Him, will not count.  So my future Wednesday's are in your hands.....
hugs abby

Sunday, May 7, 2017

A "Sensational" Play Time

           It has finally stopped raining, but as Leigh said in her comment to my last could be snow. Well guess what were right, it is snowing :(.  Nothing major, but supposed to be enough to cover the ground, with more tomorrow....welcome to May.
         Our most recent play time was all about sensations.  Yes, we started as we always do, with my naked kneeling.  Master covering my eyes, my ears, touching my mouth and moving down to pinch my breast, around to rub my back, reminding that all...every inch...of me is His.
         Master tells me that we are starting with the tens unit....I am smiling, thinking it has been too long.  He starts by attaching the leads to my breast, and reminds me how important it is for me to talk to Him the whole time, letting Him know when I start to feel the sensations, and when they become too much.  As soon as I start to feel the pulse from the machine I let Master know, He slowly continues to increase, until I tell Him it is too much, then He goes down a notch.  It is a steady stream, until Master switches to the pulsing mode, the one I like the least.  He keeps the pulses at a steady level, but increases and decreases the speed, to keep me guessing.
Next is the mode where the sensation increases and decreases at a regular tempo.  I have closed my eyes and am getting loss in the sensation, this is my favorite type of breast play.  Master starts removing the pads, and tells me to spread my legs, leads are changing position...once they are in position I am told to carefully get over His lap and spread my legs.  He goes through the same routine changing up the modes.  He stops and I feel one of the tabs being removed, He somehow puts it on a finger, and uses gets me aroused, using His fingers, and adding the electrical impulses...these are a surprise, and my world becomes these sensations...until the stop, and Master decides we better move on...He has more planned before....
     My little pinwheel is next, and it has been wayyy too long since that has seen the light of day...or a route around my body.  He starts at the bottom of my neck, down my back and my legs, and back up.  He increases His pushing down on the wheel with each circuit.  After a few 'tours' of my body, I am told to turn around, and starts in on my front...adding  circling around, and going up and down my breast.  
        He then tells me to choose a paddle from my bag, I reach over and pull out the paddle ball froggy paddle.  It is very light weight, and Master laughs.  After a couple rounds, He mentions something about feeling like He is swatting at flies, I laugh and say that is why I chose it.  He says, all in the same spot....and He chooses a spot on my left 'cheek' for 25 hard, fast ones.  I am panting, and Master says, next cheek, same thing.  When He is done He says....even this light-weight paddle can leave an impression...I have to agree.
      I am then told to pick out another paddle...and I reach in and out comes the Yankee baseball paddle.  I am not sure how it got in my bag, but Master is smiling, it is heavier than the froggy one.  After a couple sets  Master stops for some lovely rubbing and massaging.  Just as I am getting to the jello point, Master tells me I can choose ... what leather toy I want to finish with.
             I am thinking about my I want to go light, or finish with something more memorable.  My bottom is well-warmed, after that darn Yankee paddle, so I tell Master the large strop.  He has me get up and present my bottom for several delicious sets with the strop.  I am dripping....for my next sensation.
             My next sensation is Master's cock, the texture, the smell the taste, and we end with the sensation of explosions.....and being totally spent.
hugs abby

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trouble found me...

     or I found it!.....I somehow injured my foot...the top of my foot.  I woke up in the middle of the night, and the top of my foot was in extreme pain.  It was strange as I had not been a klutz or dropped anything on it.  After a couple of hours, I fell asleep, and by Monday morning it was still painful, but much less.  As you all know, Master is not shy about  pain, but when I am having the not so good pain, He is very cautious.  Maintenance was delayed, and I assured Him I would take  it easy, and if it got worse, would let Him know and seek medical help.  Luckily laying low, helped, and by Wednesday morning I was much better.
    I gave Master the good news, and said I would practice walking around the house to see how my foot fared.  And I then spent the rest of the day, doing some walking and getting caught up on things....and ignoring Master.  Lunch time went by, and I realized I had not sent my lunch time text...and decided it was just one day, did not really matter.  Yeah, I know, seems my foot ache, had traveled to my brain and caused a severe brain cramp.
        That afternoon, I hear from update??? no lunch time reminder?? I will see you when I get out of work. My brain recovered fast enough to know the only possible answer was...Yes Sir.  
        Later that afternoon, after I had reassured Master that my foot was much better, and I was still being careful with it, I am kneeling naked, being reminded that all of me is His...sore foot or not.  He informs me that I will be getting my maintenance spanking, that harder play Monday is postponed til the second Monday this month, and that there will be a punishment reminder about keeping close to Him during the day.
     I am over His lap, for a much welcomed had warm-up, as He continues to scold me about the lack of communication.  I have been away wearing my grandma hat for a couple of weeks, so I am owed one and a half maintenance spankings.  We 'pre-paid' part of a maintenance spanking before I left.  Six sets of 25 (with some lovely rubbing between each set), and maintenance is over.
          Master tells me to get up and present my bottom, I am going to get a caning. It is mostly a reminder, but one I will remember.  Master has decided on three sets of 6 on each side...very firm taps.  I manage to stay in position, and become more vocal with each set.  As soon as the last stripe is applied, I thank Him and am told to show Him.
     I am kneeling and sucking, He tells me to rub my stripes on my bottom and continue sucking.  I am fairly good at multi-tasking, but this is a bit of a challenge.  The sensory over-load is causing quite a reaction, as I am also feeling my wetness, drip down my legs.  Master pulls me up and over Him, and we continue to pleasure each other, and then snuggle in for some recovery time.
       Hope you all are having a good week...we are thinking of building some arks around here...rain, rain, and more rain.
hugs abby

Sunday, April 30, 2017


      I returned home yesterday, after a week at my son's and then going directly to my daughter's.  We celebrated Easter and a 5 year old birthday and had lots of fun.  It was just the grands and grandma at my daughter's and we made the most of it...LOL!  We only had ice cream for dinner once, and in remembrance of my mom, for breakfast once:).  I was one tired, but smiling, grandma by yesterday.
        While I was away the Yanks (Master's team, no I did not know this before I met him), and the Red Sox (my life long team), met for their first series of the season.  Master and I often wager on the outcomes, adding some fun to our "rivalry".  I was in Boston when the games were played, and the girls were on spring break.  I was busy every day, and totally forgot that Master had mentioned the games were coming up and I should decide the conditions for our bet.
      The first game had started, when Master asked me why we were not wagering on the game.  I told Him, I totally forgot, I was not even watching the game.  He was not exactly pleased, but did agree that we could wager on the 2nd and 3rd games, and I should let Him know soon what I came up with.
      We have been 'wagering' on the games for a while, now, and I was thinking I wanted something a little different.  Usually we add the final score or the runs and add what 'toy' would be used.  As I was thinking about it, I decided that instead of a spanking being the result....if my boys won,  Master would use my little wheelie thingy on me.  If  the damn Yanks won Master would get a blow job.  The length of the reward would be decided by the number of runs scored.  We would add the total score, multiply by two, and that would be the number of minutes, with a minimum of 10 minutes.  Master received His 10 minute reward this afternoon.
   For the last game, total score times 10...minimum of 50.  If my boys won, the flogger would be used, if my boys let me down, Master could choose the paddle that would be used.  After I finished sucking Master's cock, I then was spanked 50 times with his 'My Paddleman' paddle.  He was nice enough to start with a hand warm-up, since it had been over 2 weeks since my last spanking. The spanks were slow, but hard. 
    Once the bet was paid off, we found other activities to catch up on, needing quiet a few permissions:).  Master then reminded me that tomorrow is 'maintenance Monday'.  I let out a small groan, and then He continues, and I believe it is the first Monday of the month.  I look at Him and groan much louder....harder play Monday.  
    I am going to start catching up on what all of you have been up to...
hugs abby

Thursday, April 13, 2017

An Empty the Toy Bag Afternoon...

             I am ready to leave tomorrow, first to my son's for a 5 year old birthday party on Saturday.  On Sunday some of my nieces and nephews and their families will be joining us...and we will have a 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 7 year old hunting for eggs.  I will be helping with the two grands during their spring break.  From there I will go to my daughter's...she and hubby are taking an adult vacation, so I get to enjoy the other 2 grands for a week.
            After my kneeling time, I am over Master's lap for a lovely hand warm-up.  I mention to Master that it seems I will be 'owed' 3 maintenance spankings by the time I return.  He agrees, I then ask if we could have some of that in advance, something to take with me....and make look forward to return without having to face 3 maintenance spankings.  He asks what I had in mind, I say half.  He is surprised...was expecting I would say one of the maintenance spankings (100 spanks).  Master says, 150,  you are thinking outside of the box.  But he agrees, to my request, so I am getting a spanking with 150 with the maintenance paddle.  Six sets of 25, with breaks for rubbing and some kneeling and sucking by me for Master.
       When we are done, Master says we are going to empty the toy bag....25 with each item in the bag.  He says He will start with the 'toys' that I can be over his knee for and alternate wood and leather.  After another 'break', Master has me present my bottom.  Time for the larger and heavier 'toys'.  There are an assortment of leather straps and belts, and several heavier paddles.   When He gets to the crop, He has me spread my legs, and aims between them.
             The last two are the whip, and finally the large flogger, my favorite!  The bag is finally empty, and my bottom is red hot.  Time to heat up the rest of us... later, as we are quietly chatting, Master tells me to count the 'toys' as I am picking them up and putting them back in his bag.  I guess 25, He guesses 20.  There were 24....times 25 spanks each, yes a LOT of spanks!  
           Happy Easter all....
hugs abby

Monday, April 10, 2017

All of Me....

    I was able to walk outside this morning with a short sleeved shirt:)!  I came home and celebrated by cleaning out my closet of winter sweaters and slacks...and moving the summer things back in. Which probably means there will be more snow....
    Master asks me often which part of you belongs to me...sometimes it is a reminder, sometimes He just wants to hear it.  This time, it is with a crop nearby....all of me, the butterflies start in as I am trying to anticipate...all of me. After my naked kneeling, Master has me over his lap.  I am anticipating his had, when I feel something hard and cool.  After a few spanks, I look back and see the hair brush.  I ask about a warm up, so he turns it over and uses the soft bristle side from the tips of my toes all the way up to my neck, stopping at certain interesting spots...a few times.  Not what I was expecting, but very nice and welcomed.  He does return to the harder side of the brush, but I am more ready this time.
      He then gets his 'helping hand' crop out...then end of it looks like an open hand.  He is smiling as he reminds me...all of you.  He starts his 'route' by traveling up and down my legs, increasing the intensity a bit each time.  He then starts to pat my back....telling me it is a massage.  I laugh and say, hmmmm never seen a crop at a spa, this must be a specialized spa.  He assures me it is.  
    I am then told to sit up and spread my legs.  He goes up the inside of me legs and continues between them.  I start to tense, as he tells me to relax....I always want to answer back...let's switch positions and you relax...but I nod my head and take a deep breath. I do complain a bit, but that just leads to Him 'checking' and telling me that there is evidence that I am enjoying this.  
    He then travels up to my breast, going lightly, at least at first.  He uses his hands and mouth to soothe them, my favorite part.  Master then tells me it is time for my tattoo. I look at him, confused.....he tells me kneel over the end of the sofa.  He rubs the side of my thigh and asks if I ready?  I know this is going to hurt, so I say Yes Sir, he continues to rub, asking if I am sure.  I nod, and after another minute, I say, just do it...and He does.  I have a 'tattoo' that blossoms....Master is rubbing it as I flinch, but soon the pain is rubbed away, and I get a look of my reminder....all of me.
Hugs abby


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Master's Challenges...

       Monday was harder play Monday...the first Monday of every month.  This has been the case for maybe....a year now. I don't see it as one of Master's best ideas, but He started to help me see it a little differently this Monday.  Harder play does not exclude maintenance so we at least start the harder play with my well-warmed bottom.
           After my naked kneeling, re-claiming time, I am over Master's lap for maintenance.  Four sets of 25, with some welcome rubbing between sets.  These are hard spanks from the beginning, and I do get quite vocal.  After the last set, Master asks if I would like a 'break' before we continue. I quickly get up and kneel before Him and find His cock. My plan is to get Him in as good a mood as possible before starting the harder play time. 
           I am back over Master's lap, he has decided on 3 more sets of 100 with the maintenance paddle.  I am not thrilled, but I also know he has a collection of paddles that are larger and heavier.  As soon as he starts in, I am thinking these are not as hard as maintenance....oh..Master's spanks are never just taps, and these have me squirming.  The first 100 are over, and being the 'nice' Master he is...he offers me another 'break' time.  At the end of this break, Master says...I am going to offer you a deal, or a challenge.
          Now, I am not sure how to feel about this, so I nod and wait.  He says I can eliminate one of the sets (yes all 100 spankings) if I can accomplish his challenge.  He says, if I can get both of his balls in my mouth and suck on them at the same time, he will eliminate one of the sets.  We have tried this  before, and it was not successful.  But I am never one to shy from a challenge and I am thinking 100 less I am going to give it my best.
         Luckily Master is patient, it takes me a while, with a lot of 'adjusting' and starting again....but I am successful!  Master is chuckling, saying it is amazing what a girl can do with the proper incentive.  I am back over Master's lap for the last 100, again with the maintenance paddle.  I am quietly accepting these, they feel much less harsh than the preceding sets. After some welcomed rubbing, Master's decides to use my big 'toy'.  He has me get it and get into position. He seems to be enjoying watching my reactions as he inserts it, wriggles it, thrusts it, and gets me reaching up to him.
        I hear Master's voice, He has another challenge for me.  Ummm..I am close to the edge and listening, never mind changing my focus, is not on my agenda at the moment.  The challenge....Master is giving me permission to cum while He continues thrusting 100 times....if I do not cum I can snuggle in with Him and then cum in the way I like best :):):).  I nod, He starts thrusting and counting, I am trying to concentrate on His voice...but not sure I am going to make it to 100.  He gets to around 85 and I yell out faster..meaning count faster, Master interprets it as....thrust faster and deeper....I am groaning and holding my breath....he gets to 100!
      He congratulates me and pulls me up to Him, and treats me to...a few....orgasms.  Once I can talk, I ask him where on earth does he get these ideas??  He laughs and says, I just have to think of are so good at meeting my challenges , you amaze me.  So I need to challenge myself to keep challenging you.  I am still trying to decide if that is a good thing....or not.
    Hope you are all having a good week!
hugs abby

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The High and the Low of Fun Friday....

          Shhh...don't tell Mother Nature, but the sun is shining and it actually feels like spring, I even was able to walk outside today!  Fingers crossed, that no one crosses her again, and we get to enjoy more of this weather.
          Master spent last week, reminding me that tomorrow is the first Monday of the month...meaning harder play Monday.  He knows I always seem to forget, and His reminding is two fold. One, I am better prepared for harder play if I have time to adjust to the thought....and secondly He loves to see my reaction each time He reminds me.  His Thursday reminder was....since Monday is the first of the month and...well you know.... I think Friday should be an all leather day....kind of like, bad news/good news.
               On Friday, I walk into the room to see leather 'toys' all lined up on the floor. (He nicely does not even mention Monday).  He reminds me I am wayyy over dressed, I take the hint, and am soon naked and kneeling, as He claims every part of me.  Then I am over His lap, for a hand warm-up.  Master mentions that His hand could be considered a leather toy, and I have to agree, it is more leathery than wood like. I suddenly feel something much harder...the hair brush,  I look (glare) back at Him, He smiles and says, He will use both sides.   He just wants my bottom nice and warm.  Once He judges it to be warm enough, He does use the soft bristle side, up and down my legs, on my botton, my back, between my legs...all over my body, and then again, until He has me practically swooning.
       Master tells me to choose what leather I would like to start with, I choose the small leather strap...small enough so I can still be OTK.  My bottom has been nicely warmed, and I am relaxing and enjoying this first round of leather.  Master has decided on 100 with each toy. My second choice is the large leather strop, it does look intimidating, but it has become one of my favorites.  He switches sides after each set of 25, with some rubbing as He switches.  When He reaches 100, He steps up and rubs my bottom with his body, making me squirm. 
         When He feels I have squirmed enough, He declares break time, and I am once again kneeling but this time to pleasure my Master.  I choose the small horse hair flogger next.  Master starts by swishing it all over, using it on my breast and nipples.  Next, He targets my pussy, and then my back and thighs.  I am so relaxed when He is finished, until I hear the words....whip next!
            I can choose my position, I choose leaning over a pillow.  He stops after each 25 to rub out the sting a bite.  I am very happy when this 100 is over, and I see the large flogger is still on the floor.  Master starts and end each set with lots of swishing all over my body, and making sure that I am enjoying this flogging.  He also makes sure that I am dripping and panting as I try to hang on. 
              After the flogging I am so ready to explode, but I also want to pleasure to last. I try to hold out as long as possible, before I ask for permission to cum.  Master is reminding me, I need that permission first.  Finally I know I have to ask, and I blurt out the words and get permission. After the first explosion, I ask for another permission, and then Master takes me to the point of needing another permission.  Once I have used this permission, I tell Him, enough, not more...I hear...silly girl that is not your call.  He slowly gets me back to the simmer and then the exploding part once again, and I can feel myself squirting and cumming and being so very loud, until all I can do is lie still.  Master is talking quietly, massaging me, telling me what a good girl I am.....We stay like that until I feel I am ready to move, and they He holds me on His lap as we continue to snuggle....and recover.
       So that was the high of Friday, on Saturday morning came the low...sub drop. I have written about sub drop before, but it has been a while, so I decided to mention it again. The last time I had sub drop was over a year ago, I believe, and it has happened a few times, but it is not a regular occurence. Technically, sub drop occurs after a large influx of endorphins has occured and then they recede leaving a chemical imbalance.  For me, it usually lasts at least a few hours, sometimes  most of a day.
     I woke up on Saturday, still feeling tired, our of sorts and no energy.  My high from Friday's play had gone and I was feeling a little depressed.  Luckily, Master recoginized what was happening right away and told me....the higher the highs.....And it clicked, the lower the lows...sub drop.  I spent most of the day snuggled on the sofa watching a movie and even had some ice cream, and by evening was much better.  The key is recognizing it, and then just letting someone pamper you for a day.
           Is there a way to prevent it....I have read that having lots of after care after a spanking helps.  Master is really good at that. He pulls me into Him, and massages me, and lets me decide when I am ready to move.  An then, the move is usually to sit on His lap.  Hydration is also important and helps and for some a snack is also helpful.  So ends my Public Service Announcement for  today:).
Have a great week all...
hugs abby                    


Thursday, March 23, 2017


       Fun Friday was on Thursday this week.  I am leaving in the morning for the oldest grand's birthday our family one day is never enough.  She called me this morning letting me know tomorrow is half day of school, and she wanted me to pick her up, I assured her I would be there.  I then told her this was a special celebration, since it is her last one digit birthday, and I am not sure I want her to have more birthdays and turn a 2 digit number.  She replies...(after a giggle), well grandma, I hope you have lots more birthdays since I want to celebrate a 3 digit birthday with you.  
       I am kneeling, naked as Master starts to gently play with my nipples.  Just as I am relaxing into the nipple play, He decides to go from gentle play to mauling.  I have learned to hang on to His legs, keeping my hands from my nipples and trying to stop Him.
        I am then over his lap for a hand warm-up.  It is a nice long one, but the last round of spanks is much harder than me a hint of things to come.
I feel some wood, and ask what paddle..He replies the Pooh one.  He is being "gentle"...Master's version of gentle...for most of this set, until the last flurry, which is much harder. He asks if I would like a break before we continue, I quickly get up and kneel and get His cock into my mouth before He changes His mind.  Next round is a leather paddle, which has me smiling, until He starts to travel with the paddle and ends up on thighs.  He decides we should have another 'break' when He tires of this paddle.
         Master then tells me He feels like giving me a hard paddling.  I look straight at Him and should take something for that and feel better.  It takes a second, but He starts to chuckle shaking His head.  After He is done laughing, He says...don't need any meds, I have you.
                I am back over His lap, and He is 'checking' to see if I am reacting to our play time yet....yep, I am.  He decides He will keep getting me wetter, until I ask for my hard paddling.  Not my favorite thing, one reason because I always try to push  it and not ask for as long as possible ...with Master warning me, that cumming without permission will not have a pleasant consequence.  
                   I do wait until I know I am close to losing any control. After I ask, Master tells me to get up and stick my bottom out...I will count and thank Him for each one. I groan....He is smiling, keeps you in the moment doesn't it?  He has the heavy 'My Paddleman' Paddle....I give Him a look.  He says this was a gift from you regret it yet?
                   I get into position  and these are all hard, slow ones, with me thanking and counting.  When He is finished, I you should have me right with you all weekend.  We then move on to making sure that we both have something to remember over the weekend that will keep us smiling.
Hope you have a fun weekend also...
hugs abby

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

If it's Monday....

.......and yes, I am posting this on Tuesday, but yesterday just got away from me.  It's been a while since I posted about maintenance spankings, I really felt like the posts  were getting repetitive....but they have been happening every, single, gosh darn Monday!
       I find myself kneeling, naked as Master starts to claim me. He has decided to take the more gentle approach to my breast....He is barely touching, gently rubbing, using his finger tips, never losing contact with them, slowly and gently getting me to the panting stage.  My hands are behind me, but I have to touch Him, so I hang on to His legs...He looks at me me smiles and nods.  He asks if I need some cooling off, before I get into big trouble...I quickly nod.  He decides He will cool my breast by sucking on them...not exactly the type of 'cooling off' I had in mind.  He is spending a lot of time on each breast, I am back to panting and adding some groaning.  He stops  and moves his fingers to 'check' and see how the rest of me is reacting....I am dripping.
            He tells me He is waiting for me to ask for what comes next, otherwise He will go back to entertaining himself with my breast..... reminding permissions granted until maintenance is over.  I wait until I know I HAVE to ask....Please may I have my maintenance spanking, Sir?
          I am over His knee, as He starts with a hand warm-up.  Too quickly He switches to the maintenance paddle, 100 spanks, stopping after each set of 25 for some lovely rubbing.  At the half way point, I get a ....suck my cock...break. When He reaches 100 we chat a bit, and then Master tells me to go to His bag and choose 3 items for Him to use to finish my spanking.
           I take out the 'beaver tail' leather paddle, one of my favorites, the a small leather strap, and after digging around a while, the crop.  Then I think I should include at least one paddle, so I return the crop and continue digging around and taking things out of His bag.  He finally asks me what I was looking for...."a paddle that is not heavy, a light weight  one". He laughs and such thing in my bag, and tells me to choose or He will. I pick up the closest paddle...the Pooh one....He says that one is heavy...DUH...(I only thinkg that).
                 He starts with the beaver tail, I am over His lap, and so relaxed. He spanks and then rubs the small leather loop  all over my bottom and feels soooo very good.   He continues alternating until He gets to 100.  I am not moving, until I am told to get the paddle for round two.  So, I slowly get up and hand Him the Pooh paddle.  It is on the thick side, my bottom is well-warmed, we get to 100 with a couple stops for rubbing.  
                       I get the small strap, not small enough to be over His knee, so I lean over and present my bottom.  He is again alternating spanking and rubbing with His hands and the leather strap, I can feel myself leaking.  He contiues to 100, I can barely still stand.  I am back over His lap, He reaches for the maintenance paddle, and tells me I have permission to cum at anytime that He is spanking me.  Not exactly what I had in mind, but He starts to spank, talking to me telling me to cum, how wet I am, how ready I am. And of course, Master is rarely wrong about such things.  I am ready, I am  so wet, and I do cum, a few times, until I just lay down.,.spent.  Master says He loves it when He can spank me to orgasm.....and I cannot deny, that I do too:).
 I hope you are all having a good week... expecting more snow here tomorrow:(.
hugs abby

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Keeping me warm....

       March around these parts is a month we look forward to...March means spring... right??  Well, hope springs eternal that March will mean spring, but often it is the month of the biggest storms...and this year has been no different.  About two weeks ago, I was at the bank when I heard someone say, there goes an electic pole falling over in the street...and as soon as I looked...all the other poles on the street followed in domino fashion.  Yes it was that windy....
       I hurried out of the bank before they locked me a house with no power.  The temps had started to be spring like, but the wind brought in a change to winter temps, barely climbing into the 20's.  Took 6 days for  power and heat to return, and for some it was longer.  Master managed to keep me warm in all the normal ways...and not so normal ones.
         A couple days after power was restored, a 2 day blizzard hit, 26 inches of snow and cold.  But our power held, so we were thankful.  It is snowing again, but hopefully only a few more inches. Master decides to keep me warm from the inside out.  
         Even after 17 years, He still manages to surprise me.  I have been assured that I will be warmed up and forget all about the snow and cold...from the inside out.  Now, I could think of a couple of interpretations for His comment, some more desirable than others.  After my naked kneeling claiming time, I am told to turn around, head down, bottom up, legs spread.  He says He does not have ginger root on hand, so he is improvising.  He has mentioned ginger a couple times recently, so I should not be as surprised as I am....
        He is rubbing my bottom and then I hear, this is going to feel cool at first, and then it will heat you up nicely.  I am not thrilled, but take a deep breath and try to relax.  I feel the coolness, and Master is talking to me, when it starts to heat up.  Once it is beyond the comfortable stage, Master suggests that I should suck His cock to take my mind off the heat....yes He is grinning.  But, I figure it is worth a try.  My bottom is still burning, but the rest of my senses are focused on His taste, the feel of Him, His reaction to me.
         Master stops me and says He wants to warm up the outside of my bottom.  I am over His lap as He starts with my favorite small leather paddle.  He chuckles as He tells me not to doze off....I assure Him that will not happen.  He switches to a smaller wood paddle, that  guarentees I will stay awake.  Just as I start squirming, He tells me time for me to concentrate on Him. I am quickly on my knees, wanting to get Master as excited as I am.  
          Master pulls away and pushes me down as He fills me. He gets me almost to the point of explosion when He tells me to get on my knees and He fills my bottom.  He is encouraging me to cum for Him, giving me permission before I even ask.....and soon I am seeing stars.  Master pushes me down and lays on top of me, as we both recover.....
          Master then tells me in honor of St. Patrick's  I should get paddled with His green shamrock shaped paddle.  I settle in over His lap, when Master says He will give me a choice.  Usually when I get to choose there is not a great choice.  But this time, I hear....100 light ones, 50 medium ones, or 25 hard ones... your choice.  I am surprised, and since my bottom is still nice and warm, I all three an option?  I don't know who is more surprised to hear this coming out of my mouth.....(He later tells me, He was very surprised by my question)....but He tells me that is acceptable.  He starts with the light ones, moves on to the medium ones and ends with the hard ones, which were certainly not the hardest spanks I have felt.  
                 Yes, I have been nicely warmed up from the inside out......

hugs abby


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

He Fills Me...

               For a while now, Monday's have been 'wear my plug day'.  I do a daily task for Master, but wearing my plug was never one I chose...unless told to do so.  Yes, it does keep me in a very submissive mind set, and Master gets to amuse himself with it during maintenance.
              This Monday morning Master informs me that when He removes my plug, He will be replacing it with His cock.  Not words I am ever thrilled to hear.  He continues, now don't you think about it today....He is sooo funny, as He knows, He has planted a seed....
               Maintenance starts with my naked kneeling, followed with 100 spanks with the maintenance paddle.  I do get a 'break' to suck His cock...filled one hole, He remarks as He grins. After the 100th spank, Master rubs and roams and gets me panting, and squirming.  He then decides time for hole munber two as He removes my plug.  He reminding me to relax and breathe, I am ready.  He does not rush me, and soon I can feel Him filling my bottom, and I am urging Him to fuck me, to give me more.  I can feel and hear how wet I am, and feel myself start to squirt...and squirt...and squirt. I have squirted before, but it has been a while, and frankly had been wondering if it would happen again.  My doubts were literally washed away, as I squirted and squirted and squirted. I could feel myself dripping in a steady stream.  I finally explode for him.
               Since I am so ready, Master decides a fisting is in order.  I am so in the zone, I encourage Him, and open up to his fingers and hand.  I am soon coming again, until I am jello, and cannot speak or move.  Master pulls me up over His chest, and holds me tight against Him.  He is speaking softly to me, touching me all over, calming me, and bringing me back to earth.  Once I am able to speak, I thank Him for moving me up and away from that wet spot I had created...He chuckles and says, I don't think there is a dry spot to be found. 
      After some recovery time, we start to move, Master looks at me and says...don't you ever tell me again you do not enjoy anal sex, that will be a lie, punishable with a long caning.  The proof is surrounding us.  I can't argue with was a M/M day to remember....being totalled filled by Master.
hugs abby


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Super Bowl Bet Paid Up!

           I don't get much of a chance to brag about the weather...unless cold and snow are your thing. Bur we hit a record high the 60's and sunny, and more of the same this week!  They are warning us, winter will return...but I will gladly take this weather gift!
          Master and I have been known to bet on sporting events...mostly Red Sox/Yankee games.  No money is ever bottom is in the offing.  We did place a bet on the Super Bown this year....makes watching much more interesting.  Being from New England, I had the Pat's and Master took the Falcon's...(yes, He loved the first three quarters of the game.)
            The wager was points times 5 (ended up being 310) for the number of spanks....winner gets to decide what will be used on my bottom.  After my naked kneeling and a hand warm-up, Master asks what I have in mind.  I have decided that 3 sets of 100, each with a different leather 'toy' surprise there.  I then tell Him, He gets to decide on the last 10....
                 My first choice is the horse hair flogger.  It is smaller than the leather flogger and much lighter.  I lay flat as Master swishes it all over, down form my neck to my relaxing.  Before I can fall asleep, He switches to four sets of 25,  mostly on my back and bottom.  We don't use this flogger often, but I am quickly reminded how much I love it.  I did not want to move when He was done.
                Master is slightly surprised when I choose the large leather strop next.  I lean over in a comfy position, and Master starts on the first set. These are all on my bottom, and they are hard....but not too hard.  No surprise with my last choice...the large flogger. Master alternates the sets of 25 with lots of sensuous swishing, I am having a hard time still being able to stand when He is done.
                     He gets to decide the last 10....He says maybe 10 good ones with the cane.  I am not thrilled, but start to get into position when I feel leather....He laughs and says He decided to stick with the leather theme, and has chosen the 2 tail smaller strap.  The first couple feel very sharp, but Master adjusts to less harsh strokes, and the bet is paid off...thank you Tom Brady!  We then move on to scoring a few touchdowns of our own.  
                     Spring training will start soon, maybe I can convince Master to bet on the pre-season games....
hugs abby

Sunday, February 12, 2017

meme...which do you choose?

        This has been a crazy winter, I think that Mother Nature is going through menopause.  Raining now, ice in a bit, lots of snow tonight and tomorrow, and close to 50 in a few days.
My back has also decided to 'act up' happens occasionally.  So the Super Bowl bet has not been settled yet.
Since I am not moving around much, I thought I would try my had at a meme, since getting to know more about all of you would brighten my days.  I will start us off, feel free to respond, with one word...or better  yet a bit of an expanation.

1.  Early bird or night person?  For the first part of my life absolutely night person.  Then I had 3 kids, was a school teacher, and thanks to DVRs I could still catch my favorite shows and get a good night's sleep.  So mostly early bird now.

2.  Vanilla, choclate or strawberry? Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate...always!

3.  Summer or Winter?  I have always lived where there are 4 seasons and been very happy to have the experience of the changes in weather.  Now, I would love 3 of them and eliminate winter.

4.  Hearty breakfast or just coffee? Once I stopped being a night owl, I became a breakfast eater.  A large breakfast and an early dinner and I am a happy eater.

5.  Bright or muted colors? Orange (much brighter than that) is my favorite color, so bright.

6.  Pie or cake?  Hmmm....pie, since I am not a great pie baker, pie is always a treat.

7.  Seaside vacation or fun in a big resort or city?  I have been lucky enough to exprience both, and am always ready for a road trip!  But my heart is with the water, a little cottage, a sandy beach....ahhhh.

8.  Dog or cat lover?  My daughter has 2 cats, they think they own the place...give me a dog that is always happy to see you.

9.  Short or long hair?  In high school and college I had hair down to my 'derrier'....but now, short and much easier.

10.  Leather or wood? surprise there.

11.  Baseball or football fan? I enjoy watching sports in general, am an Olympics geek...but near and dear to my heart...a Red Sox fan.

12.  Spa day or a day shopping with a friend?  I would not turn down either, but shopping and lunch with a friend would come first.        

13.  Live concert or movie? I probably get to 1 or 2 movies a year, but a live concert or a night at the philharmonic... as many a possible!

14.  Wrap a gift with paper and bow or use a gift bag?  As much as I love finding just the right gift...wrapping is a chore I try to avoid. (Luckily Master loves to wrap, my own elf!).  I use bags for adults, but think that kid's gifts should be wrapped...more fun.

15.  Help build a snowman or stay inside and make the hot chocolate?  Both??  Why miss out on any of the fun...but if I had to choose, hot chocolate.

16.  Four seasons or California climate? Positively 4 much beauty to appreciate.

17.  Driver or passenger? Passenger, then I get to enjoy the scenery....and getting lost is not my fault.

18.  Pajama's or a night gown? Winter time, nice flannel warm jammies...summer time a short set of jammies.

19.  Bake a cake or go to your favorite bakery? Sort of neutral on this one...but love surprising someone with their favorite cake...decorated just for them made by me.

20.  Theater night...musical or drama?  I will jump at the chance to see any live presentation, but musicals are always at the top of me list.  I have seen many of them more than once or twice or....

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Harder Play Monday...

          As I am sure most of you know Super Bowl was last weekend.  Master and I have been known to bet on sporting events, to make watching a bit more interesting.  Master suggested we wager on Sunday's game.  I told Him my heart was saying Falcons, but my brain was thinking Patriots. He laughed and said, He liked the Falcons.  Since I am from New England, I said I would go with the Pats, He said He would give me the three point spread.
        As we watched, I could not believe how the game was going, and Master's "evil" grin kept growing.  Then the fourth quarter (I still cannot believe it) and the Pat's pull off a the very last second!  So I am in charge of a future play time, stayed tuned:)
       Master loves to remind me when the first Monday of the month is approaching...or as He puts it, harder play Monday.  We start, as always with my naked kneeling time, getting me to block out everthing but us.  Then I am over His lap, being treated to a lovely, long, hand warm-up.  Master then reminds me that this is also still maintenance if I could maintenance is next.  Four sets of twent-five, each set a little harder which leaves me very happy when He reaches 100. 
      Master asks if I would like a break before we continue, I grin as I get up to find find His cock and lose myself in His scent and taste.  Once we are both ready, Master tells me that harder play is going to be a long spanking today...not exactly what I was hoping to hear.  I am back over Master's lap, when I feel the round leather paddle...I look back at Him, surprised. He asks if I object his choice, I assure Him I do not.  I am relaxing into the spanks, when He changes to something with a  different feel, and are a bit harder, but I am still able to relax into them.  Master tells me to let Him know, when I am ready for another break.
           When I do ask for that break, Master finsihes up His count (sets of 100), before I ...we...get to enjoy another break.  Master then tells me I have a choice.....He has found the garage sale paddle, He informs me with a huge grin.  That is a large, heavy paddle ball paddle, that he found at a garage sale a long time ago.  It has mostly been used for punishments, and has not been in touch with my bottom for a long time.  In fact, about a year ago, Master told me He had looked for it, but could not find it...I did not offer to help find it. He recently found it when doing some cleaning I have a choice, 20 with the paddle ball paddle or another 100 with the my paddleman one that He has been using.
               Twenty or 100, but I really never wanted to see or feel that paddle ball paddle again, no good memories associated with it.  I ask if He had used the paddle man paddle for the previous 100...he had. They were not so bad, so I chose the 100 more with that same paddle.  ( I also could get back over His lap, as opposed to standing and bending over).  I was a little apprehensive, but hoped that I had made a wise choice.
And.....I had, yes it was 100, and they were not little taps, but they were just right....Left me with a  tender bottom for a couple of days....a nice reminder that harder play Mondays can be a good idea.
hugs abby

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Fun Friday Fu.....

              I do love alliterative titles, and when Master suggested this one I was all in (I was also in a post-play fog).
But as I sat here thinking about what I was going to write, all I could think of were...nuns in long black habits  holding their long rosaries in their hands praying for me. Yes, I am a catholic school grad...12 years, 13 I guess if you count Kindergarten....and I just could not put the word in my title. I bet you can all fill in the dots.
                 I am kneeling for Master, He is claiming me, using a gentle touch.  He loves to have us 'feel' the electricity between us.  When he has me squirming, and trying to control my breathing, he stops.  He waits until I look directly at Him and says....we have something to address.  I have no clue what that could be, he can tell that I have no idea.  One of my newest rules is that when we are having a texting conversation, I have to ask to be excused when the conversation is ended.  I struggled with this at first, but have been pretty good lately.  I actually ask if he is sure that I forgot....he laughs and says, you doubt me, I still have it on my phone. He says he can get it and show me, I say,...great. He shakes his head, gets the phone, and shows me. (He was very  good natured about this whole conversation).  He says the penalty for 6 hard spanks with the Paddleman paddle. I groan, but know not to push my luck, so I get up and lean over.  They are over quickly, and Master reminds me that the debt doubles if I forget again.
       I am then invited over his lap, he starts in with one of the small paddles, immediately says 'oops'.  I look back at him wondering what is happening...He says, I forgot we usually start with my hand.  I agree and settle in for a wonderul hand warm-up, over an already warm bottom.  He then switches again to the small paddle, a light set, and one a bit harder...I am relaxing into this spanking.  He then touches my thighs and says....are these mine to spank? My reply...Yes Sir....a light set of spanks on my thighs.  This is repeated on various spots of my body, a light spanking to re-inforce that "all of me, all of time" is His.
                 When he is done, he tells me it is break time, time for me to pleasure my Master.  After  some time, I am told to reach down and play with myself, but keep sucking.  When I am at the panting stage, I am told to get up and get my large toy.  Master has me lay on my back, legs apart, as he uses my toy...slowly at first, just teasing me, then faster and harder, varying the tempo, until I am begging for a permission.  Permission granted, then several more until I ask for Him to please stop. 
               He does, and comes and lays down next to me, pulling me into him.  He is slowing rubbing and soflty speaking to me, when I start to want more....we end up sated and wrapped around each other.  When we can talk...we think..pretty darn good for an 'older' couple...
hugs abby