Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Shortened Leash and Christmas Wishes...

             Once in a while...maybe a few times a year, Master and I have a shortened leash day.  It is a day when Master steps up His control, and my focus is totally on submission.  Usually I am the one who requests such a day and Master agrees. There is no set formula on how such a day goes...that is entirely Master's decision.
               This past Monday after my maintenance spanking, Master mentions that He thinks it is time for a shortened leash day.  He then continues on to another topic....just planting a seed.  He knows, that now, my first thought each morning will this the day???
              Wednesday morning, after I tell Master that I have no set plans for the day, He inquires if I plan to stay in all day. I reply that I hope that is how my day goes. He tells me to wear my ankle and wrist cuffs all day. I say I will put them on after my shower, when I get dressed..... He tells me He likes the idea of me being naked with my cuffs on all day.  I ask if I could wear a robe....I am told to go turn the heat up, so I can be comfortable naked.  I am then told to go get my frog paddle and I am to have it with me all day...very close to me.
          I am then informed that I will have to ask for everything today. If I am in one room and want to leave to do something I must have permission first....I am to ask for everything when I am ready to do it, and I may not do whatever it is until I have permission. Once He is sure we are on the same page, I am told to use the paddle, 25 spanks on each cheek...hard as I can.  I say...really??...but quickly amend that to Yes, Sir.  Once I am done, I am told to do them again for asking...really?  When I am done I am told to sit on the edge of the bed and play with my clit for 1 full minute...but I may not cum.
               I ask if I may go to the bathroom and have breakfast...He replies, which would you like to do, I am sure you are not going to do both at the same time. I choose the bathroom, as I see Him almost chuckle. He tells me He will reply as soon as He can to my requests, but I should leave myself a little time, as He will be at work.  I then ask for permission for breakfast and to watch a morning show...He gives me a look..and I quickly amend to just breakfast.  He says I may, and reminds me to always have my paddle with me.
            After breakfast I ask and get permission for some computer time. I soon get a text from Him...time to use my paddle....25 on each cheek and 1 minute of play time with my clit. When I am done, I may return to my computer. That is how my day goes, asking for permission, being told it is spank and play time.  Whenever I reply without adding a Sir, I am told to repeat the spanking.  After a couple of those, I am much more careful to include it.  When I ask for permission to clean....and I would not mind a no...I am told to put my plug in first and them I may.  
            He then tells me He has a meeting to attend, so I may have some quiet reading time...and I may remove my plug. The day continues, I get into the routine of asking before I leave a room or want to do something new or use the bathroom.  I always get a permission, occasionally with an added spanking or task. When I ask for permission for lunch, I am told to put on a light shirt. At the end of the day, my last spanking has to be hard enough to leave 2 red spots on my bottom, and I may rub until I cum....then 5 minutes of naked kneeling while I process the day...and then we discuss it.
             Once I wrapped my head around it and got used to not moving without permission, it was a stress free day, and I was totally focused on the fact that...I am His...and that thought always makes me smile.
             Today, it was me, Master, and the bath brush. I was not all that thrilled, but Master wanted me to remain calm for as long as possible with the holiday kicking in tomorrow.  He planned a 30 minute spanking, with 2 breaks, I could decide when I wanted the breaks.  It turns out, without looking at a clock, I spaced them at 10 minute intervals.  The last 10 minutes seemed to last forever....and the last minute was extra hard spanks.  Yes, I am sitting on a sore bottom as I sit here.
                The grands and the kids arrive tomorrow....we were hoping for a sledding day, but our snow is disappearing too quickly.  I am ready with lots of little surprises, and am looking forward to lots of fun.  We will continue some long lasting family traditions, and possible start some new ones.  
                   I wish all of you holidays filled with family and friends, laughter and fun, recalling past holidays and making new memories...and light and love.
hugs abby

Thursday, December 8, 2016

That darn dice game!

          I am off in the morning (weather permitting) to surprise my oldest grand-daughter at her Christmas concert tomorrow afternoon...which also happens to be my daughter's birthday.  Master likes to send me off with a bottom that will keep reminding me of least on the drive there. This morning, before He left for work, Master told me to plan the kind of spanking I would like. Now those are rare words....
            I immediately thought all leather....but we had lots of leather on Monday....not  that two in a row would be a bad thing.  In the shower, it came to me (seems all my best ideas come to me in the shower), the dice game! It had not been played in a long time.
            If you are fairly new to reading here, the dice game is 3 of them has numbers from 1--30, another has 12 positions, and the third has 11 spanking 'tools' and one wild.  We have played a few times, and mostly I have been quite lucky. Lots of leather rolls, and the wood ones were the lower numbers.
              When I handed Master the dice, He laughed and know your luck might be running out with these..silly me just laughed. We decided on 10 rolls, we  would take turns tossing the die, and if the wild side came up we would take turns choosing what 'toy' would be used.  I made sure we had a pen and paper so I could give an accurate account of what had been rolled.
             It was time for my naked kneeling.  I am getting naked, when I realize I had worn a new pair of 'funsies' panties that said.....naughty is the new nice.  I put them back on, Master wondering what was going on, when I stuck my bottom out...and He laughed, and very much approved. After the kneeling and a hand warm-up it was time for the game to begin.
                Being the gentleman I was the first to roll...21, standing with the tawse.  Leather, with a split into two strips at the end.  I was grinning, looks like my leather streak was going to continue.  It took me a few to settle in, but it was a great start. Master's first roll was 27, with the hairbrush, OTK.
I let out a groan, but at least I would be over His lap. These were hard and had me squirming.
           My next roll was 10, hairbrush again, on all fours...UGH..but at least it was only 10.  Master's next roll was 20 (He seems to have figured out how to roll the higher numbers) bent over with the acrylic paddle.  Master saw the look on my face and reminded me that I had chosen the dice game...and He had warned me that my luck had been pushed. Once we are  done, Master asks if I would like a break, I would, so I am enjoying the taste of His cock while my bottom cools a little.   I then roll a 29 bent over a table....with the cane. Yes, I was thinking....what was i thinking?? Master loves to give me travelling stripes before I leave for a trip, He was excited that I would be striped for my drive tomorrow.
             I then roll an 8, OTK, and decide to give my bottom a bit of a break and chose the beaver tail leather paddle.  I love the feel of this, but was disappointed that it was only 8. Master's next roll is 17, kneeling, with the acrylic paddle once again.  This is certainly not the spanking I had in mind.  At this point, even Master is starting to feel sorry for me, but He tells me to get into position. My bottom is getting tender, they are not the hardest spanks, but they hurt. 
         My last roll is 25 against the wall with the.....cane.  I am very happy that this is my last roll.  Master then says my bottom probably needs a break.  I agree, with a devilish grin, He says up against the wall, and He is tapping my thighs.  They are fairly light taps, all on my thighs....I am very happy when these are over, also.  Last roll belongs to Master, He says, "come on flogger"....and flogger is rolled....He should have said that a lot sooner...18 standing in the corner.  We end on a very good note, but think the dice will not be making another appearance for a while.
hugs abby

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's Cookie Day!

        Yes, cookie day.  I have been baking and freezing the grands favorites this week, since Santa is coming to grandma's house this year...see me smiling.  Normally I look for something easier and quick...and of course chocolate.  I am breaking the rules a bit (hoping Master skips this post since it is a recipe) and and chose this quick and delicious made in minutes....
                         Peanut Butter-Chocolate Mousse Cups  
      Thaw 1 package (1.9 oz.) frozen mini phyllo shells.
       Whisk 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter and 1 1/2 cups thawed frozen cream topping (Cool Whip or a store brand), just until blended.
       Stir in 2 Tbsp miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips; 
       Spoon into resealable plastic bag. Cut one small piece off one corner of bag use to pipe mixture into shells.
        Sprinkle with additional mini chips.
That's it..looks great, yummy and super easy!

hugs abby



Monday, December 5, 2016

LOL day spanking report.....

        We had planned to have my LOL day spanking...chosen by all of you....last week.  We tried, but life was not in agreement. Master decided that the LOL spanking would take the place of maintenance today...:):):) !
          I find myself kneeling, naked, as we concentrate on each other, trying to close out all the rest.  Master asks which 'toys' He should get out of His bag....flogger, Paddleman paddle, crop, strop, cane, and beaver tail paddle. Master says I may choose the order. I smile and said I had something in mind. He nodded, pretty sure He knew at the very least where we would begin and end. I did ask if we could divide the number for the flogger into 2 separate turns, and He said no...each item gets one turn.
       I request the beaver tail paddle is smallish and pliable, perfect for a warm-up. Each vote on LOL day was worth 10 spanks, which amounted to 60 with this paddle. I am over Master's lap, He divides the spanking into 2 sets of 30. A perfect warm-up.
     Next is the crop. Still leather, and will continue to warm-up my bottom, in a more concentrated area.  Sixty is the total, Master has me get up and lean over a pillow. When He gets to 50 He tells me to stand and face Him and present my breast to Him.  I sort of give Him a look (as much as I dare)..He laughs and says, you did not ask for a vote on position or location so I get to decide. (note to self..try to remember this for next year). Each breast gets half of the remaining 10.
    The large strop is next. I am leaning over the sofa. On a will-warmed bottom this is one of my favorite sensations. Master can't resist some rubbing, which I encourage! Two sets of 25, changing sides after the first set. I am very mellow when He finishes, almost wishing for more.
     Master announces 'break time' since we are half way done...I quickly kneel and reach for Master's cock.  He does seem to be enjoying this LOL spanking also;).  Next in line is Master's 'paddleman' paddle.  It was a Christmas gift from me a couple of years ago....He loves it, I am happy that He loves it.  Master does think the vote was fixed, since this number is 20...I simply smile and say, I thought 2 votes was a good showing.  Two sets of 10, making each one count.  I am vocal from the start, as He is lighting a fire on my warm bottom.
      Cane time, one of Master's favorite. Master gives me a look when I tell Him, the number is 20....I smile and shrug.  I lean over, and Master says 10 on each side.  They are not full swings, but my bottom is tender, and each one of them certainly counts.  I am very glad when He reaches 20.....since I saved the best for last....
      Flogger time! And....the number is 160. Master thinks the voting was rigged, I laugh.  I am leaning over, hanging on to the mantle.  He stops when He get to 80 for some delicious rubbing, enjoying the heat radiating off my back.  He also swishes the lovely leather strands all over my body, lulling me into complete relaxation. He then warns me time for the last 80.....and we are finished...with the spanking part.
        I decide it is time for me to thank Master for being such a good sport ...He assures me, and wants to let all of you know...He had a wonderful time, with the spanking you all crafted for us.  I am thinking, this should be an LOL day tradition for "Finally Finding Me"!
hugs abby