Monday, November 21, 2016

Naughty List and Lovin It!

           Most importantly this early morning, a big Thank You to everyone who helped make LOL days such a success this year. I am still catching up with some of the posts, it was so wonderful to hear from all of you and meet new friends. I have not added up the total for my next spanking....I am away wearing my grand-ma hat this week....but all the 'toys' listed received at least one vote and the flogger was the top vote getter. My welcome home spanking will be lots of fun! Of course a big Thank You to Hermione for organizing and hosting!
       Before I left last week, I went shopping for new undies, mainly bras, since I had not replaced my 'every day' ones in a long time.  Just as I suspected, after I was sized, I needed to drop a couple sizes for a good fit. I really like to need to buy a smaller size, yes even with a bra. I noticed there was a table with a large display of panties, in a large variety of colors. I didn't really need new ones, but I had to walk over and look.  A couple of them had interesting words on them, way too enticing to just walk away.
      I decided to purchase a few, walked up to the counter and the sales lady says..are these a gift for someone?  I almost just said yes, and let it go, but then I, they are for perhaps have a little fun with.  She husband calls these funsies, since when I wear them it means I am in the mood for some fun. I laughed and said, I am pretty sure they will work that way for me. You just never we??
          The pair I wore for last week's Fun Friday had the words in my title for this entry on the back of them.  Master had told me to get ready....naked and kneeling...while He went to get something. He walked back in to find me standing and wearing panties. He gave me a "LOOK" and I quickly turned 
around and waved my bottom at Him. He laughed and said..." keep them on"..:)
            Once over His lap, He asked why I had chosen the bright red color, I replied it was the only color they had with this saying in them. He continued, reminding me that it is almost universal the spankers think they should try to match the bottom they are spanking with the color of the undies being worn.  I am not entirely certain that it is a universal rule, but since He was allowing me to keep them on, I did not argue.
          Starting with His hand, and then on to one of His smaller paddles, He eventually had my bottom matching my undies. Of course by then, we both interested in another kind of they were removed, and we moved on to a few...orgasms. Yes, the undies were well worth the investment.
          If I do not get a chance to say it on Thursday, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving counting your blessings and remembering...there is no such thing as calories on this holiday.  I am very thankful for all of you for so many reasons.....
hugs abby

Friday, November 18, 2016

LOL DAY...You get to choose my next spanking!

             Welcome to LOL Day, a day we put aside to celebrate our readers and to encourage out 'lurkers' to say hello! I was in your shoes once, before I started my blog.  What I found when I finally said hello was an accepting group of friends. I always try to respond to any comments, so it is really the start of a conversation and getting to 'know' each other.
            For the last couple of years LOL day comments have determined my next spanking. The tradition will continue this year.  If you are knew to my blog, I just want you to know....Master is a 'Paddle Man'...and I am a leather girl...hint, hint.
    Here are this year's possibilities...
       1. Leather tail beaver paddle
       2. Crop
       3. Large flogger
       4. Cane
       5. Strop
       6. Paddle Man Paddle
.......I have a love/hate relationship with the cane....and had to add at least one paddle...did not want Master to think this voting process was rigged :o.....Each vote equals 10 with that 'toy'...
Enjoy these two days, we are a diverse group, where our differences and our commonalities are celebrated!
hugs abby

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Different Kind of Release...

.......... I stayed up until 1 AM this morning, not believing what I was seeing and hearing.  I am so happy that my children are adults, and my grands are too young to know what is going on. How do we explain to children that the President of our country is not a role model for them?? I can only hope and pray that kindness, civility and acceptance return to our lives.

..........Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers and support....please keep them coming.

        Master always takes great delight in reminding me ahead of time when the first Monday of the month is right around the corner....maintenance and harder play Mondays. I am not nearly as enthusiastic about the first Monday of the month as He is. This Monday I was really not even in a maintenance mode, never mind harder play.  I did think about asking Him to delay it, but the words...when you least want a spanking is when you need it most, kept playing in my head, and I know that we have been at this for a long time and He knows how to get my into a good head space.
           As I am getting ready for my naked kneeling, I see not only the maintenance paddle, but also the school is long and heavy.  I am just trying to quiet everything else going on in my head and concentrate on relaxing and accepting.  After a lot of squirming on my part, I am invited over His lap.  He does start with a long hand warm-up, and them moves on to the maintenance paddle.
           I am ouching and squirming from the start, after each set of 25 Master stops for some rubbing and encouraging words.  Usually after the second set I am more settled, not happening on this day.  I continue to squirm and be vocal to the last spank.  Master lets me have some quiet time over His lap, as He is still rubbing my back and bottom and legs.
              He then asks me to get up and hand Him the school paddle, and go lean against the fire place mantle. He reminds me to present my bottom and not to move out of position...and to count and thank Him after each one.  I groan loudly counting and thanking....not my favorites either.
                 He starts in slowly, waiting for my count and thanks before each spank.  They are hard, but I do stay in place while letting Him know that they hurt.  "Ten, thank-you Sir". and he pulls me into a hug.  I am stunned...10 and He is done??? I quickly say Thank you Sir, I am totally amazed that He stopped at 10...shortest hard play Monday ever.
                 His fingers start exploring, and He is surprised to find that my usual wetness is missing.  He continues trying to remedy that, until I finally say...let's just stop, it's not happening. He continues for a couple more minutes and then picks up the small paddle and starts to spank lightly.  Something goes off in my head, and I know what I need...something that I have been suppressing, I say 'harder, Sir'. He hesitates, just for a bit, I push my bottom up and He start to spank harder.  After a couple rounds I say again....harder.  He complies and as He continues to spank, i start sobbing.  He stops spanking, and is rubbing me all over speaking softly.  
                 I am finally done with the sobbing and am crying quietly and I hear Him saying, ...let it all are safe, let go...I've got you cry it out....over and over. I finally am cried out, He continues to touch me, but we just stay quiet for a while.  He then asks me if I am ready to move, I am not.  He tells me just to stay where I am, until I am ready to move.  After a few more minutes, I start to tell Him..I am sorry, this Monday was not what He expected.  He tells me His only expectation is that I am His...and I am. He thanks me for giving Him my tears, He knows that is not easy for me. 
He then adds, that I got exactly the kind of release I needed today...and He pulls me into Him, finally totally relaxed.
hugs abby

Saturday, November 5, 2016

One (or two) of THOSE kind of weeks...

               Life has been throwing around a lot of lemons for the past couple of weeks.  We are fine, but family and close friends have kept us busy with hospital stays and declining health.   Things have quieted a bit, but we know that there is more to come....such is life at times.
                     Last week's Fun Friday was cancelled...we were each helping family and friends, and there are only so many places one person can be...altho if anyone could be in two places at once, it would be Master.  By Monday, Master was more than determined and M/M day would happen. And so it did...never bet against Master.
                        It was pretty much like most maintenance spankings. Kneeling time, a hand warm-up, then 100 with the maintenance paddle.  I thought that the spanking was harder than usual, but Master claimed that my bottom had gone too long without "his loving touch".  After the last spank, Master said He had a treat for me...and it was not His cum. 
                           He had taken the tens unit out to play.  I was grinning, I love the sensations it creates.  Master started off with the pads on my breasts. He reminds me that I need to keep talking and informing Him what I am feeling.  I tend to not be thrilled with breast play, except when the tens unit comes into play.  He starts out with a steady sensation, no breaks, and increases it slowly until I let Him know it is enough.  After a bit He switches to a pulse sensation, starting low and moving up.  Finally there is a slow continuous increase in sensations...which is my favorite.
                                   Once we have cycled through all the sensations, Master takes off the pads and leads and starts with them on my bottom.  On a still warm and tender bottom from maintenance, it is my favorite place to have the pads. Master then puts them on my pussy lips, which brings me quickly to a pant and lots of squirming.  Master stops and tells me, He will put me in charge....those are words I never thought I would hear. He hands me the control and explains the different settings, and tells me He will be otherwise occupied, while I take charge of the controls.  Master is busy seeing how close He get me to does not take all the long for Him to get me very close.  I drop the control and am begging for permissions, which He is nice enough to quickly grant.
                            Our batteries were re-charged to face the rest of the week....and it was a good thing. It was another rough week...and honestly that might be the norm for a while. By the time Friday morning came around, Master first words to me about a long leather session later today.  Ahhhh...words that make me smile...and cross my fingers that life would not interfere.
                          We got lucky... after my naked kneeling, Master asked what leather I would like to start with...I quickly reply, His hand.  He chuckles a bit, but does agree that it could be considered leather.  So, I am over His knee getting a wonderful hand warm-up.  Next, Master switches to the small, oval leather paddle.  It is a great follow up to His hand, I am soon so relaxed, more relaxed than I have been in too long.
                      Master then tells me to go get His belt since that is next.  I am waiting for Him to tell me where He wants me to lean over...when He tells me I may lay down flat a use a pillow...He is such a sweety, sometimes..He starts with 100, then tells me to face the other way for the next 100. I am mostly relaxed except for to occasional over lap, or too low swat, which causes me to howl a bit.
                           Last in line is the large leather strop.  It looks intimidating, and can be...but on a well warmed bottom, and a Master who is in a good is perfect. One hundred more, in sets of 10 with lots of rubbing, and I am heading to my relaxed, happy place. When He is done, Master checks to see if I might be ready for permissions...I am getting there, so He helps me along, until I am just laying there, satiated, barely able to breathe.
                          Once I am back to earth, I look back at Master and tell Him....what would I do without You to chase away some of the yuckies of the past couple weeks.  He pulls me to Him, til we are face to face, and says to me...what would I do without you to chase away the yuckies of the past couple weeks.  I smile and as I snuggle into Him, as close as I can get, I hear Him say...we are so lucky to have each other.
                                  I am reminded of how lucky we be able to share both the yuckiness...and the yummyness...that life brings. Hope you all have more yummy moments than yucky ones this week.
hugs abby