Saturday, October 29, 2016

Meeting of 'Lurkers Anonymous"

            All of you wonderful lurkers in blog land...take note.  There is help coming to help you de-lurk.  Save the dates of November 18 and 19, yes we even give you a choice of 2 days.   Two days in which Hermione hosts LOL...Love Our Lurkers Day.  It is a day just for all of you, to put aside and enjoy coming out of the shadows and letting us meet you...or stay anonymous and let us know you are reading with a comment.
             The bloggers who are participating (and there are a lot of us) will all be listed at Hermione's. We will have a post welcoming you...some will also let you vote to see what their next spanking will feel like, or how many strokes or...some will let you know how they became part of our wonderful community. There are no rules for the bloggers and  the lurkers...just lots of fun and the potential for new friends.
                Every year, I get at least one comment from someone who tells me it is their first comment on a blog...and that makes my day...makes my week.  That first comment is the hardest..I know I have been there. Seems like ages ago now, but that first comment led to my own blog (not a necessary rules remember), to learn a lot about myself, and to realize that there was a community (or family) of friends out there who, although we are all different, in many ways we are all alike. What I found was acceptance, encouragement and support...always.  
                 Last year, I invited everyone to comment on what 'toy' Master would be choosing for my next spanking, and gave 5 choices.  Each vote meant 5 swats with the winning 'instrument'. Not sure what I will come up with this year yet....but hope to hear from many of you...even if it is just a hello.  I (almost always) respond to comments, so all it takes is a hello to get a conversation started...and who knows where that will lead.
hugs abby

Saturday, October 22, 2016


              First thing Master says to me on Friday has been too long since I created a nice striped pattern on your ass.  That will be remedied as soon as I get home from work, be ready with your cuffs on. He then told me, not to think about it all day, just enjoy  my day......
                  At the end of the work day, I am kneeling, naked except for my ankle and wrist cuffs.  Master is reclaiming me as we chat a little, until chat is replaced with panting. I am then over His lap for a warm-up starting with His hand and then some with that hair brush that seems to always be available. Master asks if I am ready to get my ready as I will ever be.
         Master gets the rope out of His bag, telling me He is going to help me stay in place.  I have not been restrained in a long time...and i do enjoy the feeling of not having to worry about moving out of place or putting my  hands in the wrong spot..all that is a mute point.
                   Master is always creative, often adding something new or different to our play time.  This time He told me to kneel over the back of the sofa on a pillow, my breast hanging over the back of the sofa.  He has me spread my legs as far apart as I can, and He secures them. My arms are also spread and tied in place.  Master thinks I am a little high and removes the pillow I am kneeling on.  I tell Him I am more comfortable with the pillow, He manages to get it under me again, without disturbing the restraints.
                       I feel Him rubbing one of His canes over my bottom, hear Him tell me to get ready, and He starts.  I am not sure how many, but several sets of 12...maybe 6 or 8. After each set,  He does stop to rub and tell me what a beautiful design  He is creating on my bottom, He loves seeing it striped. Finally I hear, last have to count and thank me after each one...UGH.  He starts standing to my left, and I count to 6, with thanks after each one.  He moves to my right, and I decide to start at 6 and count down...He chuckles knowing I am putting my own little touch on the count down. I get to 1, and say done....He replies we are not at one more. Now we are done.  
                      He, of course, has to check and see if I am responding....besides just the verbalizing....I am a bit. He asks if I want a break...I am thinking...a break???...I thought we were done.  But I say yes, He moves to the front of me, smiling and says, you look so wonderful just as you are, I do not want to untie you yet. Now this could create a problem, since He is not 7 feet tall...He brings a kitchen chair over and stands on it....He is a little high, but I can stretch a bit and I am enjoying His cock.  As I start I am trying not to laugh as I think how we must look, but that is soon forgotten.
                         Master then asks me if I would like stripes of another kind.  As I am trying to figure out what He is talking about, I feel the swish of the flogger all over my back...ahhh...Yes Sir.  Master treats me to a wonderful flogging with breaks for swishing and rubbing.  I can feel myself getting wetter, and I am almost totally loss in the amazing sensation when I hear....time for stripes of another kind.
                         I am trying to figure out what He means, when I feel the  of His whip. One of His favorites, not high on the list of mine.  But, I do know how much it pleases Him when I accept a whipping, and it does make me feel very submissive.  I am ouching from the start, as He explains He wants the stripes on my back to match those on my bottom. He is a very symmetrical person. Finally He is satisfied, and I am treated to a wonderful rub down, before He releases me from the restraints. 
                               So I am wearing stripes this weekend..not making much of a fashion statement.....but feeling very submissive...and that makes both of us smile...
hugs abby 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fuck Me Hard Wednesday...**

   ***Yes, Master strongly suggested this title.

    Our family Disney vacation was a success..after we survived the hurricane.  The grands were real troupers, not a melt down to be had. And yes, even all the adults managed to get along. Disney seems to be taking a new direction on some of the newer children's activities....inter-active.  The three oldest grands got to train to be Jedi fighters, costumed for the part and armed with light lasers. They each had an opportunity to fight...and defeat...Darth Vader. Princess Belle's meet and get a signature also included the children and the princess acting out  a scene from the movie...when Belle falls in love with the beast.  They all had parts and loved it.  Great changes!
        Like all good vacations, we returned exhausted.  Monday was double maintenance day, with Master's trusty little paddle, and some time to catch up on some MFL (mighty fine loving).  No matter how wonderful a vacation is always nice to be back home.
         Wednesday morning, Master let me know, He was in the mood for a 'wonderful Wednesday'.  He gave me a few hints about what He had in mind...then told me not to think about it all day, and try to keep my panties dry all day. He left for work with a huge grin.
            At the end of the day , I was kneeling naked, Master claiming all of me, concentrating on my breast...gentle and not so gentle tugging and pinching.  He is using the hair brush, both sides, the flat wooden side and bristle side.  Intervals of spanks and using the soft bristle side.  He continues until I am squirming and can feel myself getting very wet.  He then decides, that it is break I manage to get up and and kneel and do my best to distract Him from that hair brush.  It worked for a while....
            Master then has me get back over His lap.  He is checking and says He wants me dripping.....and He knows just how to achieve that goal.  He then decides to fill me...using the largest toy we have,  I struggle with it a bit, but Master is soon thrusting it in and out, reminding me that i do not have permission to cum yet, and it will be a while before i do.  When He senses that I am right at the edge, He stops tells me to close my legs an keep myself full. He picks up the brush and starts to spank...lightly at first, with a slow build up. Stopping for some rubbing, making sure that all my focus is on the sensations He is creating.  
              I finally blurt out..I am so very wet and dripping... Master checks and agrees.  He returns to playing with the toy...i feel myself squirting and puddling.  I don't always squirt, but it does happen, and I have left wet spots behind to clean up....but this was like a flood. I finally get permission  to cum, and Master does not let up on the sensations. I keep cumming until I can't breathe or move....and Master finally just pulls me in and holds me close.
                Once I have quieted, Master decides that a round two should start.  I try to tell Him I am done....but....Master does know best.  He soon has me gushing and cumming again and again....until I am limp and totally spent.  I tell Master i do not think I have ever been that wet ....He agrees and shows me the puddle that i left behind....not bad for an old lady:).
                   I guess the moral is...absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it makes the orgasms stronger....and the sheets wetter....
hugs abby

Saturday, October 8, 2016

After Storm Update..

       Thank-you for all your concerns and well wishes.  It is the day after the storm and we are ready to start our vacation plans. The winds were wild and woke me a few times during the night, but by yesterday morning, the were gusting occasionally.  Rains were heave, but by yesterday afternoon the sun was trying to win out. 
        I did have the experience of trying to get groceries before the storm on Thursday, at the one place still open...the pickings were limited, but we had nothing in the house we rented. Each of the registers had lines of about 40-50 people, I was in line over an hour just to reach the register...but everyone was rowing the same boat and we shared stories and wished each other well.
          Thank you again and I will say Hi to Mickey for all of you!
hugs abby

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Storm Chaser"

         I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Orlando....yes on the very day every one else is fleeing Florida because of Matthew.  This weekend is the start of our long planned for family vacation at Disney.  We were all supposed to fly in tomorrow, but knew that would never work.  So everyone but my oldest daughter have re-scheluled for today and she and her family have tickets for Friday.  Wish us all luck....we plan a great week of fun with Mickey, the princesses, Storm Troopers, and water parks!
hugd abby

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Play hard....Cum hard....

                Master's greeting to me yesterday morning was..."it's harder play Monday, first Monday of the month".  He is waiting for my response with His evil grin.  I moan and He laughs, I ask how does He always remember that...He asks how can I always forget?  He then tells me to try not to think about it all day....fully knowing He has planted the seed in my head.
                    After my naked kneeling and breast 'mauling' I am over His lap.  He starts in with a small paddle, I look back and ask about a warm-up.  He tells me these light taps are my warm-up, I should enjoy them.  They are light taps...that are too soon halted.  Time to change to the maintenance paddle, it still is M/M day,  Sets of 25, getting harder as He progresses to 100.  I am squirming and being very vocal, with each set the spanks get harder...or so it seems to my bottom.
                       Master is massaging my body, talking softly, getting me to relax. It is working until I hear, time for part 2, harder play time. He reaches for the small bath brush, He feels me tense a little, so He starts with the brush side. Yes, there is a good side to that bath brush.  He uses it all over, gently, not so gently, and even tries spanking me with that side.  I tell Him, He could use that side all evening...He laughs.  
                      He does ask if I would like a break before the spanking continues. I am on my knees, starting off slowly, speeding up then slowing down.  Master lets me control the ebb and flow for a bit, then grabs my hair and takes control.  He is completely in charge, I am His receptacle. 
                        Master asks if I am ready for a second round with the brush. He says He wants to try a new position....I am thinking the could be interesting, I am not the most agile person in the world.  He says....diaper position....ahhh...I quickly tell Him we have tried that position, once, and it was memorable....not in a wonderful way.  It was uncomfortable, and the spanking is on taut skin, so it really hurt.  Master says He does not remember, so He needs a refresher.
                          I am on my back, He is holding my legs up straight, and He starts to spank.  He is not spanking nearly as hard as He was earlier, but He does not need to...they all hurt.
I am 'ouching' from the beginning. I am wearing my plug, He spanks over the plug, on one cheek then the other, over both cheeks, He is avoiding my thigh area.  I am getting very vocal, trying to remember to breathe. He finally lowers my legs, and moves on to soothing me. Rubbing and massaging, talking quietly to me.
                     Of course, His soothing leads me to thinking about other things, since I can start to feel myself getting very wet and ready....Master is grinning, as He spreads my wetness, and brings me right to the point of pleading for a permission.  Permissions are granted, and I hear myself grunting and groaning, having a primal reaction that I have no control over.  Just when I think I am finished and catching my breath, Master decides it is time for a round two, and sure enough, I am off, even louder this time.  I am squirting, and I can feel Master deciding to fill me with His hand, .....
                    I just collapse trying to breathe, Master gets up and tells me not to move a muscle....not sure I could if I wanted to.  He returns and lies on top of me, covering me with His hairy chest, hugging me tightly, making me feel not only owned, but very safe and....exactly where I belong.
   hugs abby   

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Eleven minutes of bliss....

                 Yesterday was one of 'those' the end of the day, I was thinking, stiff drink time.  Master suggested a nice long hand spanking. He always (almost) has such great suggestions.  When I am over his lap, He tells me look at the clock, it is 19 after the hour.  He tells me I will get 11 minutes of  uninterrupted hand spanking.  Starting off lightly and building up...when He is done I am so relaxed. He starts to scratch and pinch my bottom, I am squirming in no time...He chuckles, nerve endings all awake?
                   Master then starts to search through His bag, and comes up with the damn Yankees paddle.  Yes, a gift from me, foolish me.  I know He is grinning, without even having to look, and I hear, time for my 11 minutes.  I groan, but just a little.  He does start off slowly, and I settle in quickly, but this 11 minutes does seem a bit longer than the first. 
                     You can probably guess what comes, next....yes, I am giving Master 11 minutes of bliss. Neither one of us was paying attention to the it was just long enough:)! Master then starts to work His magic on my, no way am I hanging on for 11 minutes.  But I give it my best, until I just start exploding, leaving a wet, soppy mess...and I collapse.
                        Master pulls me up and onto His lap, He is holding me close and as I start to get my wits about me, His fingers travel back to see if I am truly spent.  Much to my seems I am not.  As He is holding me tight, I cum again and again.  Finally i just melt into Him, needing to be as close as possible.
Finally I just snuggle in.......for much more than 11 minutes.
hugs abby