Friday, August 12, 2016

There's No Need for Clamps when.....

         One of the things that drew me to Master was His use of language...I was teaching English at the time.   More that usage, He also was/is quick with a witty comeback.  He still makes me laugh with His 'Masterisms'.  I really wish I had written them down.....but I did not.  Today, during our Fun Friday, Master says to me, as I am kneeling naked and He is 'mauling' my breast......there's no need for clamps,.... God gave us teeth. He immediately proves  it to me...alternating between soothing licks and sucking...and using His teeth as clamps.
        Once He is sure He has my attention, I am invited over His lap.  Master starts in with a delicious hand warm-up.  Each set is a little more intense.  Just as I am relaxing into it, I feel some spanks on my thighs, then my lower legs and the soles of my feet.  I am looking back at Him and hear..." I am looking for the part of you that does not belong to me". I groan...tell Him He can stop looking all of me is His.  
      I had noticed, the lovely beaver tail paddle was out of the bag.  That came next....hard spanks, but the kind that hurt so good.  After a few sets, He asks if I would like a cue to get up and kneel before Him...and enjoy His scent, His feel, His taste.  I am then told to stand, hands behind my head, legs spread wide.  Master is holding His belt....but He tells me He will spare my bottom.  He starts with my back, using mostly only the tips of the belt.  He then moves to my breast, the sides, the tops and finally the nipples.  I start to move my hands and get a warning. Down to my thighs, my lower legs,  the spanks are quick and on the light side, but they keep me in a state of surprise, and cloud my anything but the feel of that belt.
        Master then asks if I am ready for some first thought is now?? I look at Him, at His grin and catch on....I am ready, for my breakfast "smoothie"  He reminds me not to swallow with permission, luckily He is a good judge, and just as I am thinking I really need to swallow....I may swallow.  After some cuddling, Master says, we have something else to 'discuss'.  
          He says He knows I have been keeping up with all my rules, but barely....doing just enough, not being completely open to Him about feelings.  In my defense, it has been an intense couple of weeks, new job for Master, both of us dealing with family matters, and life in general.  Master continues saying He was debating about just mentioning it....or reminding me with a paddling.  Since I am off to a week long family reunion tomorrow, He decided the paddling would be the way to go.  I am not thrilled, but He is right on all counts....
          He finds the 'My paddleman' covers both cheeks and is on the heavy side.  He tells me to lean over, stay in position and I will be getting 10...slow and hard.  I stay in position, but my bottom is on He helps me up for one of His great big bear hugs.  It is time to start our day.....both of us smiling.
   I am off tomorrow for a week with my siblings and our kids and our grands.  We have a new family member to celebrate, 3 birthdays, our annual lobster bake, and I have set aside one day for just me and my sister. I have a meme ready to post next week, just so you don't completely forget me.
Be good....but not too good :)!
hugs abby           


  1. Love your Fun Fridays Abby. Have a fabulous family reunion, safe travels and look forward to hearing from you on your return.
    Hugs Lindy

  2. Hope you have a really great time at your reunion and that when you get back you're able to be more open with him about your feelings.

  3. Have a lovely time, but then you already have.

  4. Oh, no, you'll miss a Maintenance Monday! I'm sure it will be worth the double dues to spend time with your family. Have fun!
    Rosie xx

  5. God gave us teeth! Oh yes, clamps aren't a necessity.
    Have a good time with your family,

  6. Oh! Have fun! I love reunion times with family! Yours started with a wonderful Fun Friday!

  7. Its so easy to run on autopilot when life is being more life than usual.
    LOL! No need for clamps at all!

  8. Hi Abby, ooh ouuch, teeth! Sounds like a wonderful fun Friday. Have a wonderful time with the family, safe travels.


  9. Have a lovely time with your family Abby :)

  10. I'm a very visual person. The alternative clamps are just too much... I hope you will have a very nice time with your family.

    Smile to you,

  11. Teeth work really well for me, I might even prefer them to teeth (they can't stay on for hours you know). I Hope you have a great time visiting your family. Is the beaver a flogger?

  12. Sounds like the perfect send off for your holiday. Always like to hear about the belt making an appearance.

    Hugs From Ella

  13. Have a wonderful time with your family! :-) Hugs

  14. Guess I'd rather have teeth than nipple clamps but really...neither one appeals to me. ;) Wishing lots of fun and good memories with your family. Safe travels, Abby!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat