Saturday, July 16, 2016

The bath brush...again!

               Master's first words on Friday were...welcome to Fun Friday.  I grinned and knew it would be a good day.  Later that morning, I am kneeling naked, getting re-claimed and reminded, that even when wearing my grandma hat...I am still His. (This coming week, I will be away helping with some grandma sitting for a couple of the grands).
                 When I get up I notice that darn bath brush is out...and waiting.  I look at it and say...again??  He says it has sentimental value, it was the first spanking implement He bought...maybe 30 years ago.  He was so excited and  happy to have taken that is special.  I can't help but mention that since it is so special and practically an antique, it should be used very gently...but I refrain myself.
                I am over His lap, for another dose of the bath brush....with breaks for the much nicer bristle side.  I have no idea how many, but several sets.  When He is satisfied that the brush has had its day...He tells me to thank Him for finding it...and He will be watching the clock....I will get a flogging when I am done (my favoritest)...but the flogging will last as long as my sucking does.  I start off slowly, but Master soon grabs my hair and takes charge..saying something about He is on to me...(moi??)...He tells me when I reach the 5 minute mark, and I think He expects me to stop...silly Master.   He tells me...6 minutes...I 7 minutes, I stop, look at  Him and grin...and say...your turn..a wonderful flogging.... 7 minutes worth.
     Master is known for being a man of His word...and never 
  squelches on a deal.  He has me stand up against the fireplace mantel...and starts back, shoulders, each set a bit harder.  He stops, and I know it has not been 7 minutes...He says, 3 minutes left, but my legs need a rest, so He has me get up on the sofa and lean over the back,  By the time, the 7 minutes are complete, I can feel myself dripping.  Master laughs and says He does not even have to check, He can see that  I am so ready for a permission...
         But first He wants me to finish what i started....with a reminder not to swallow.  As soon as my mouth is full with His cum, I look at Him for permission...He grins and says...over my permission.  He is using His hand, which in some ways makes it harder for me to concentrate on not swallowing.  I am at the point where I am wondering how much longer I can last, when I hear......25 more, I will count out loud...when I say 25 You may swallow....and as soon as I hear 25, I do, followed by a....cum for me...and i do:).  
              He then tells me to get up on all fours, He wants to give me a hard fucking....I more slowly, I am still in a bit of a haze.  Master is behind me, filling me from behind.  I can myself squirting, and ask for a permission, Master tells me since I squirted so nicely, I may also cum...a couple times.  I end up flat on my stomach...not able to move.
                Master sits up on the sofa and is using His feet to massage my back and takes me a couple of minutes to realize what He is doing.  I relax into it...and soon start to squirm.  Master says something about...look ma, no I can feel myself getting wetter and wetter, once again.  Yes I do need another is granted.  As soon as I can think and talk, I say to does that happen....He laughs and says..who cares...we should just enjoy that it does.
I guess He is right.
      ....Master has a trivia question for all of you and no fair googling it...does anyone know what a crabtree and evelyn # 11 is ??? Also when the babysitting is will be vacation week....and I am getting to cross something off my bucket list ... we are going to be cruising!!! I am so excited.... 
      I will be checking up on you all while I am playing with the grands....but not when we are on the ocean blue...:).  Will catch up with all of when we return.
hugs abby     


Thursday, July 14, 2016


   No, not the world wide web, not about wrestling....refers to my Wild, Wonderful Wednesday....I arrive at Master's, yes I am plugged, and I have remembered my new rule...
   I am kneeling naked, Master is claiming me, concentrating on my nipples.  He is lightly brushing against them, circling them, just enough so that I can feel his touch.  He occasionally increases the pressure, but then returns to very light touches.  I start to squirm, it is as if I can feel a current passing between us. I am panting, leaning forward for more, feeling myself get wetter....Master decides we need to move on, it is way tooooo early for any permissions to be granted.
   Master asks if i notice anything new....looking around I notice the bath brush that had not been seen in a while...and I had not missed it.  Master says He finally found it, in the garage of all places, and to celebrate, we will be using it today.  I had nothing to do with it being in the garage!  If I had, it would  have not been found.
   Master starts in with the brush, fairly lightly, but I am surprised, expecting a hand warm-up.  Master assures me this is a warm-up.  After a bit, the spankings get harder, and then He starts a cycle of thigh, thigh, cheek, cheek.  He then spanks concentrating on one spot.  The spanks get harder again.  I am thinking, He must not be counting right, it seems like it is way more than 100....when He finally stops, He says five minutes with the bath brush...good girl.  I ask if He was counting, He says no, just timing.  
   He starts to rub the bristle side of the brush all over my body.  My senses are re-awakened, it feels so very good.  Up and down my legs, my back, my bottom.  This five minutes seems to go by much more quickly.
   Master then says it is my turn to complete a 5 minute activity.
I grin, and reach for His cock.  I check the time, and settle in, to see how many different sensations I can please Him 5 minutes.  Master then checks to see if I am enjoying as much as He is.....of course I am!  I am up and back over His lap, Master telling I may cum, while He starts in again with that darn bath brush.  He is varying the hardness and where He spanks, I am getting close to exploding, but just cannot get over that edge.  I hear myself say...please....Master says please what..harder, more, stop?? I groan, please touch me, help me.....Ahhhh, He replies, since you ask so nicely....
      I am just still, getting my breathing back to normal, I hear Master's voice, and feel Him rubbing me all over.  I start to stir, He tells me to stay, relax...I tell Him any more relaxed and I am napping....Turns out to be a great idea for both of us!
hugs abby

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


          The day the last of the grands left, I got up early, saw them off...and went back to bed.  I was down for the count.  One of those really miserable summer colds.  Master said He was not surprised...He saw it coming.  After a couple of days rest, I had enough energy to see about getting the house back in order. That was Master's cue, that we had some "Us" time to make up for...
          I was reminded that we had missed 2 M/M days.  At the end of last week, I found myself, kneeling, naked, being reclaimed...reminded that all of me is His, always, even when I am wearing that grandma hat.  Too soon, time for me to go over Master's lap, and maintenance number 1...100 spanks with the maintenance paddle.  Yes, I was wriggling and ouching just about from the start, Master did add some rubbing between the sets of 20 and that did help a little.  After the first 100, I was asked if I wanted a break...of course I did.  I was soon oblivious to my red hot bottom as I became reacquainted with Master's cock.  Too soon is was time to make up for the second maintenance spanking....much like the first.
          Master decided to check and see if any part of me was reacting positively to the spanking.  Of course, He found what He was looking for...I was almost dripping.  As He continued to use His magical fingers, I was quickly panting and thinking permissions.  Master filled me with His cock, just getting me to the point of no return, when He told me to get on all fours, He was going to use all of my holes.  I was so ready, He filled my bottom and in not much time, I was coming and squirting, coming and squirting....and again.  Yes, it had been a long 2 weeks.  The mattress was soaking wet....and before I could move, Master announced I would be sleeping on the wet spot.  He is grinning as I look at Him, surprised, and know better than to ask if He will be sharing the wet spot....His spot will be nice and dry.

          Master has recently added 2 new rules.  Master has quite a list of rules, the first rule was that during a spanking I refer to Him as Sir, the second one was that I was to send a daily report..That was over 12 year ago...they are still rules that I live by.  Every now and again , I will suggest that a certain rule is no longer needed.  Master's answer is alway the same....if a rule is working I see no reason to get rid of it.  So pretty much, once a rule, always a rule.
          I am not always thrilled when a new rule is enacted, and for most of them, I have been punished once...and only once.  Something in me, that just needs to know that He really means it...yes, I am getting over that need.  Eventually,  the rule just becomes a habit, a regular part of my life. Not that long ago, Master decided that whenever we were meeting for Maintenance or Fun Friday...or a preplanned spanking, I was to be plugged.  For a while now, the plug has been spending more time out of the bag and into me...and yes, I am more used to it, and it does have the desired effect.  
            The newest rule, is one that I have been struggling with....Master decided He wanted me to ask to 'be excused' whenever a phone or text conversation was ending.  I asked why...His reply is polite and He wants me to.  This is one of those rare rules, that I saw no reason for.  The first few times I forgot, Master reminded me.  I forgot again over the weekend, and Master told me to remind Him on Monday. UGH...I hate that.
             Yesterday was maintenance day....already, again.  I was visiting a friend, and loss track of time, so I showed up with no plug.  As soon as we hugged, I told Him that I was unplugged, and why.....He nodded.  After naked kneeling, I am over His lap, He is being nice with a wonderful hand warm-up. when I hear, get the paddle-man paddle.  I heard it, but it did not register, I find the regular paddle, and He repeats what He said.  I look up at Him and remind Him that this is maintenance....He replies, yes it is, with the paddleman paddle...which is long enough to cover both cheeks and much heavier.  I hand over the correct paddle and as soon as He starts in , I try to convince Him that since both cheeks are getting spanked, each spank should be doubled....I am sure you can all imagine His reply to that suggestion.
             After 100, Master decides to treat me to some leather. He has me get up and lean over sticking my bottom out. He chooses a small strap and on my well warmed bottom, it feels wonderful.  I stay still waiting for permission to get up, when I feel a sharp sting....Master has switched to His cane.  He is not being gentle, and it is not a long set, but I am complaining loudly the whole time.  Once He is done, He steps in to rub...not with His hand. I immediately calm, and am enjoying the sensation, and starting to moan and pant a bit.  
                 I then remember that I am supposed to remind Master about the ...not asking to be excused....Master thanks me for the reminder and He decides on 6 more with the cane...with a warning that next time will be more.  I tell Him that I see no point to the rule and we do discuss it.  I ask how I will know if the conversation is over...He will not excuse me if it is not finished. He asks if what is really bothering me is giving up another part of me that I have control over...when to finish a conversation.  He might have a the rule stays.
                     Master then tells me that since I reminded Him that I was owed a spanking.....He will give me a pass on not wearing my plug...but I only get one pass, the next time will be a reminder I will not be forgetting.  
                      I have started to catch up on what all of you have been up to, and trying to comment more...I missed all of you.

hugs abby

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


           I just saw that it was 6 years ago today that I posted my first entry.  It was only because Master insisted....and I almost stopped after a couple of months.  I am so glad that He insisted, and that I continued.  Thank You, all of you out there who have made me feel welcomed and 'normal', made me laugh, shed tears, offered me your friendship are all special in your own way.
               For almost two weeks now I have been wearing my grandma hat.  The 8 and 5 year old arrived first.  We celebrated a birthday, went to a children' museum, played at the beach, saw "Finding Dory", ate lots of ice cream ( once for breakfast), did some easy hiking, played games and collapsed into bed each night.  Then the 7 and 4 year old arrived...I love seeing the four of them together, they are best friends and when a squabble arises, they usually solve it themselves.  We continued with the ice cream, went to the zoo, the beach, a baseball get the picture.  They left this morning....all sad to be leaning but with great memories....
             The day they arrived, Master and I had an early play time....some naked kneeling, a delicious hand spanking warm-up, followed by a paddling with lots of stops for some rubbing and...teasing.  Just as I was getting to point of needing a permission , Master tells me to kneel and earn my permission.
I am licking, sucking, nipping, slurping....I hear Master remind me that I may not swallow until I have permission.  Master fills my mouth and tells be to get back over His knee.  I look at Him...He laughs...and reminds me that I do not have permission to swallow.  (this is something new).  
              I am back over His lap, and He is spanking, not hard, but just right.....I can't make any recognizable words so I try to make sounds, giving Him a message.  He takes a few guesses at what I might be saying...then decides to see just how ready I am....He laughs and asks if I would like a permission...I am nodding my head as rapidly as I can.  I then hear.....'swallow'...immediately followed by...'cum' that moment the two best words in the english language.  After some recovery is time to get ready for the grands.

hugs abby