Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Wacky Wonderful Wednesday!

             I am off to spend some grandma time.  I am going to be gone for along weekend, there is a preK graduation and a dance recital for the the 4 and 6 year olds.  Since I will be away for Fun Friday, Master decided  to have a wacky, wonderful Wednesday.
             After my naked kneeling, I am over Master's lap.  He starts in with a wonderful hand warm-up.  Once He is satisfied with the color and heat on my bottom, He asks me if I can reach His bag.  I can, I pull it closer and He tells me to reach in and hand Him all the wooden paddles that can be used OTK.
 I pull out all of Master's smaller paddles...the Pooh one, the shamrock, the maintenance paddle and a few others.  Master decides on 25 per paddle, and it is a paddling, but not as hard as Master usually spanks....I am still not sure what Master's plan is, but since He has not asked for my advice, (anyone surprised by that?)....I just try to enjoy.  After each paddle is  a short break for some rubbing, definitely something to look forward to. 
            Once Master has used each of the paddles, He tells me to pull out   the other 'toys' that can be used OTK.  There are a few smaller leather paddles that I find and hand over to Master. After these paddles have added to the color of my bottom, Master  declares it is 'break time'...Master's code for suck my cock.   I am only too happy  to have a 'cock break', and do my best sucking, slurping, licking, nipping, twirling and lapping. Master stops me and says time to go back to His bag. 
                   I ask what He wants, His reply...everything.  I sort of just look at Him,  He wants to know why I am not getting all the rest of the 'toys' out.  I ask ...all of them....He confirms that is what He said.  An empty the bag toy time....I cannot remember the last time that happened.  Once the toys are all available, Master tells me to lean over head down and bottom up, head on a pillow.  He decides to add another item, His belt.  He starts with the belt, and I remember the crop, the tawse, the paddleman paddle, the lexan paddle (that was the worse of the bunch), the stiff oval paddle.  Not sure that is a complete list.
                       Master then has me stand on the sofa and lean over the back of it.  Time for the whip, the large leather flogger, the smaller leather flogger,  the horse hair.... not in that order, I was not allowed to take notes, and after a certain point, my mind was mush.  The hardest sensations are from the large leather flogger, which happens to be my favorite....I am not complaining.  Master finishes with His cane, telling me these will be hardest...they are my traveling stripes. They are harder and when He is done, Master traces my stripes and massages the welts. 
                         He then tells me to finish what I started, and to remember swallowing without permission.  Master has me wait a while for the permission, enjoying the look at my face and my trying to communicate without using my mouth.  I finally get permission...Master pulls me over Him and we snuggle and hug and....other things all leading to permissions for me to cum.  Once we can both move, Master tells me to put the toys back in His bag.  I had been thinking that I needed to count them, since I was sure I would not remember all of them...there were 20 plus His belt...some of which we need to take out of that bag more often, and others....not so much.
Hugs abby...

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Just Five Minutes....

           Five minutes...sometimes it creeps along, other times you wonder how time seems to fly by so quickly.  Master had decided that our Friday Fun time theme would be 'five minutes'.  Don't ask me how He gets these ideas....I am just happy that I get to enjoy them.
             After my kneeling time, I am over Master's lap for a hand warm-up.  Master had not told me the 'theme' for the day, so I was a little surprised when the warm-up seemed to be longer than what I expected.  No stops for rubbing, just constant spanking...and lots more than the usual 100.  Was I foolish enough to mention it...NO...I was enjoying it way too much.  Master does stop and I hear....5 minutes of constant spanking.  I tell Him it was wonderful and should be a new plan for all warm-ups...He laughs.  I wondered how many and He said around 600 spanks.
             Master then shows me 2 paddles, the maintenance paddle and the NY Yankees paddle, and tells me to choose which one I want for the next 5 minutes. (I immediately am thinking, this is going to be a much longer 5 minutes).  I am debating, I know what the maintenance paddle feels like, it is small, but has holes, the damned Yankee one is larger and a little heavier.  Since I seem to be indecisive Master says both will be used, alternating minutes.  He starts with the Yankee paddle, and He is not spanking hard and I am think I like this more than I remember.  Second minute is the maintenance paddle, and I am sure I like the other paddle better, and glad He started with it, since He will end with it.  At about the three minutes mark, Master says I have permission to cum at any time, since I start to squirm.  The five minutes are over, before I get to that point.
             Master then asks if I am ready to suck His cock for  five minutes.  Of course I am...He tells me it needs to be a full five minutes and reminds me that I am not to swallow without permission.  ( I am hoping I do not have to wait for 5 minutes for permission).  I am on my knees, Master says He will let me know when there is one minute just about the five minute mark, He fills my mouth, and only has me wait about a minute before I get permission to swallow.
             Master asks if I am dripping yet...He knows me well. I am ready to cum with very little extra incentive, and I am soon loss in the moment...or moments, I guess.  As soon as I cum a few times and start to try to catch my breath, Master starts in again.  After round two, I say 'enough'...and hear, " I get to decide that".  So, yes there is a round three with several more orgasms, after which I truly cannot move, or even speak.  My body is sending out tremors on its own, and I seem to hear Master's voice....good girl, 5 minutes of orgasms.  
              My whole body is finally quiet, I tell Master I can't move a muscle, He tells me to take my time, He is content to tuck me  into His hairy chest, and hold me tight as I slowly return to reality....and this is one part that takes more than 5 minutes.
                 Five minutes seems like such an inconsequential time....but when well planned and executed, 5 minutes can be loaded with sensations and pleasure:).

Monday, June 6, 2016

Early Morning Maintenance

      I am not a wake up, get up and go person.  One of the very best parts of being retired, is waking up, stretching, and just laying in alarm, no rush to shower and get someplace, no being sure the kids have what they need for the day...just pick up a book and read a little, work on a crossword puzzle, or just lie there. This morning I had been told that maintenance would occur as soon as we were up and about, since I was driving Master to the airport to catch a flight for a business trip.
       Much too early, I was kneeling naked, and Master was reminding me that all of me is His, no matter where He is...all of me, all of the time.  I am over His lap, and as He is warming my bottom, He mentions that there are a couple other things that we need to remember.  I look up at Him, and tell Him, I do not recall anything.  He asks if this is the first Monday of the month? Ah.....harder play Monday.  We had started  harder play Monday's last  year, I think.  It happened for a couple of Mondays, and then we just kept forgetting about it.  Master had mentioned that He wanted to start them again a couple weeks ago...but for some reason I always seem to block it out...hmmm...
        There is a second thing also, but I am equally at a loss as to what He is talking about....He gives me a girl friend day last Friday...ahh....I had remembered to keep Master informed all day, and sent Him a text when we were leaving to return.  I got home and was busy with things, and about two hours later get a text from Master.....I assume you did make it home safely???  Oops...ut oh.....I quickly replied, and was told that we would discuss this at maintenance.  He tells me to remind Him, when maintenance is over.
        Warm-up time is over, the maintenance paddle makes an appearance...four sets of 25, each set a little bit harder, a stop for rubbing after each set.   After the last set, Master lets His fingers roam, and has me panting and start thinking permission time.  Master has another activity in mind, so I manage to get up and kneeling, and concentrate on His smell, His feel, His taste.
           Master then tells me it is time for harder play Monday.  He tell me to pick two numbers, one between 1 and 10, and the other between 1 and 100.  He is waiting, I am thinking that the higher number could be the number of strokes, but I am not sure about the smaller number...maybe a multiplier?  I choose 4 (thinking a small multiplier) and 77...for no special reason.  Master tells me the four is the number of "toys" we will use, the second number how many.  Master goes to His bag and takes out His cane, the paddleman paddle, the large strop and the flogger.  I grin at Him...2 of His favorites and 2 of mine.  He tells me I can choose the order.  I know I want to finish with the flogger, and decide I also want to alternate leather and wood. I choose cane, then strop, followed by the paddleman paddle and ending with the flogger.  Master is not surprised by my decision.
                I an told to lean over and stick my bottom out.  Usually Master spanks slowly with the cane, but this time He is going quickly, and not as hard as I expected.  Maybe maintenance served as a great warm-up.  Next up is the strop, Master tells me to lie flat, I love this large strop, on a well warmed-up bottom, I love it even more.  When Master is finished, I am totally relaxed...(and ready to go back to bed).
But Master is smiling and holding the My Paddleman paddle, it covers both cheeks and is on the heavy side.  I tell myself only 77 and then the flogger. Even on a well warmed bottom, I am ouching, I think my bottom went from warm to being tender.  Master says He will give my bottom a break and aims for my thighs, I quickly let Him know my bottom does not need a break.
                Finally it is flogger time.  Master has me lie flat, and decides on sets of 10.  In between sets, He swishes the flogger all over my body, legs, thighs, back, arms, bottom...all of me.  I am dripping by the time He is done.  Master lies on top of me, covering all of me, and i just relax loving the feeling of being connected at every point.  We lie there for a bit, both totally relaxed.  Master moves off and checks and says I seem to be very close to needing a permission.  
                    At that point I somehow remember about reminding Master that I did not text that I was home safely last Friday.  For a moment, I wonder if He will remember if I do not remind Him...then I tell Him, there is one more spanking activity we need to take care of.  He thanks me for reminding Him, has me get over His lap, and He tucks me in...not a good sign.  He spanks hard and fast, even on a very warmed bottom (not to mention the rest of me).  I am squirming and becoming vocal, Master stops and asks if 25 is enough of a reminder.  I tell Him it is, He asks what will happen if there is a next time....the punishment will be doubled.
                        After some wonderful loving meant to be remembered the whole time He is is time to get dressed, and get Master to the airport.  I am glad that I can return to a nap...
Have a good week everyone...
hugs abby



Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Maintenance, Fun Tuesday......

              I know, maintenance is usually Monday and fun often is associated with Friday, but living in the real world, flexibility is often necessary.  I started my day last Friday feeling like I had not slept well.  By nine I was exhausted, so I went back to bed to nap, woke up with chills...on a 85 degree day.  I called Master and let Him know, there would be no Fun Friday.  I assured Him I had all that I needed and I really was probably just going to sleep the day away.  
           By the end of Sunday I was feeling better. Monday was a family day, so Tuesday was make up for maintenance and fun Friday.  I decided to surprise Master by showing up already plugged.  Master invites me to sit on His lap before we play, since we usually end up that way.  He likes to change things up.  Any invitation to sit on His lap is always quickly accepted, being held closely, getting His scent, snuggling into Him.  We chat and and just enjoy the feel of each other. 
             Before we both take a nap,  Master tells me it is kneeling time, followed by maintenance time.  I am over Master's lap, He is rubbing and massaging all over, i am so relaxed.  He chuckles and starts in with a hand warm-up.  I then hear...are you ready for your maintenance spanking?  I am and say so, getting ready to feel the coolness of the maintenance paddle.
        To my great....and happy...surprise Master is still using His hand.  Much harder than the warm-ups, but still His hand. He is spanking hard and slow, after the first set of 25 He stops and rubs my bottom, i am sooo relaxed.  The next set, some more rubbing and He decides to check and see if I am enjoying this maintenance more than I usually do....I sure am:)! The last 2 sets of 25 and Master asks, if I was surprised.  It was a wonderful surprise. He asks if His hand was hard enough...I assured Him it was, if He were to ask if I preferred His hand to the paddle, I would always choose His hand.
         Master asks if I would like a 'break'....I am quickly up and kneeling and showing Him how grateful i am for a hand maintenance spanking. I am back over His lap, Master is playing with the plug, and reaching in and testing how wet I am.  He soon has me panting and wriggling. Then I hear Master say...since you already have one hole filled, we should fill the two others.  I get one of my toys out of the bag for the second hole, hand it to Master, and Master then fills the third hole.  
        A hard warm-up, a hand maintenance spanking, sucking Master's cock, Master rubbing and playing with my clit, and now all three holds filled......I am so ready to just explode.  Master knows me well, He tells me I may cum when I am ready. Needless to say....that does not take long.  As I am laying there recuperating, Master starts exploring again....and I quickly need another permission, this time, Master wrings a few out of me, until i am barely breathing, never mind moving.
           Once i can speak again, and toys have been removed, Master suggests we end the way we started.  I am back to sitting on His lap, leaning into His furry chest, enjoying the end of our 'just Us' time, thinking, Tuesdays can be special in their own way.
hugs abby