Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shortening the Leash....

         Occasionally...more like rarely...I start to feel like I need more control from Master.  My way of asking is to ask Master if He can shorten my leash.  The last time i asked was at least a year ago.  I had been debating about asking again for a couple of weeks...a sure sign that i should ask.  I finally did ask last week, Master if He had been just waiting for me to ask...said He would plan a day, but would not tell me when...
         Once I had asked, I was able to get on with my week, and not really even think about it.  I knew He would let me know when, and just knowing that, calmed me and kept me content. 
Thursday when I said good night, I was told to tighten the wrist and ankle cuffs, my 24 hours was beginning.
        Friday morning, I was told that I would  need permission for everything...and must wait for a reply.  I asked if He meant everything...even the every day stuff...He did.  He then will be naked and cuffed all day.  He reminded me that everything, meant even permission to get out of bed....I remarked that the leash had been severely shortened...He readily agreed...with the glint in His eyes.
        I asked for permissions to have breakfast, to call my sister, to take a shower...was told to play with myself in the shower, but no permission to cum. I continued to ask for permissions, throughout the morning, and then asked if I could watch a show on the DVR. Master gave permission, and even let me have a blanket so I would not get cold sitting there:).
    At lunch time, Master noted that I had not asked for permission to take my daily walk yet...I had asked for permission to quickly walk around the house a few times.  He asked when did i plan to walk to walk outside. I asked if i could have some clothes for the walk...He agreed, I could get dressed, but also had to add a plug, and the cuffs stayed on.
Luckily it was a cool day, so long pants and a long sleeved shirt were my choice for the walk.  I continued to ask for permissions for everything during the afternoon.  Master was at work, so I had decided early on that as soon as a felt a slight bathroom urge I would ask for permission, just in case I had to wait.  There were no long waits, but it did turn out to be a good strategy...and later when Master asked about bathroom permissions, He said I was a smart sub.
        Finally it was play time.  To say, I was primed and ready, would be quite an understatement.  During my kneeling time, we chatted about my feelings at different parts of the day, and was I feeling like my leash had been sufficiently shortened.  Over Master's lap for a hand warm-up, and Master enjoying playing with the plug...I tried to keep warning Him, that I was already wet and ready...He kept reminding me that i did not have permission to cum.
     Master then gave me a choice... the strap that is a belt with a buckle, or the razor strop.  I thought about it, and decided on the strop, my bottom was quite well-warmed, and I like the fact that it is a wider strap. Master took out the spanking dice game and used the number one to determine how many I would numbers from 1 to 30.  I would roll and whatever number came up would be multiplied by 10.  I rolled an 11, 110 spanks.  A good number, much better than 300, and less than 100 would have been too short. Master gave me a choice of leaning over, in position, or laying flat.  I chose to lie flat.
      Master is using the strap in sets of 10, stopping to manipulate the plug after each set, just making sure that I am so wet, I am leaking. When He is half done, I am told to suck His cock and balls, and make sure He knows how thankful i am for this day.  Master then switches sides, for the last 55.  When He gets to the last 15, He rubs my thighs, and tells me the last 5 will be there.  I don't even groan, I just say, Yes Sir.  He gets to the last five, and I am holding my breath.....the last five are light taps on my thighs.  I quickly say, thank-you , Master.
       After some mighty fine loving and lots of permissions, we reflect on the day.  My leash was definitely shortened, my day was fully centered on Master and my submission....would I like another day like it sometime...of course!  

hugs abby


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Maintenance....hate it and love it....

          Weekly maintenance, every Monday, has been a part of my life for around 6 or 7 years now.  Wake up on Mondays and I think, I will be getting spanked today...a hard spanking.  Do I dread it...not I look forward to it...not really. I do see the advantages:
               starting the week with a strong reminder from Master about His expectations
               punishment spankings have been non-existent for almost 2 years
               once the spanking is over, the real fun begins...with permissions and explosions     
               the consistency, Master's determination to make it happen, all of the above have quieted my "voices", quelled my doubts, allowed us to move forward.

    Yesterday's maintenance is a good example of the love/hate relationship.  After hugs and some chat...including a big congratulations...I reached a weight goal yesterday :)...I am kneeling naked, being reclaimed. Being reminded that all of me is His....
      As i get up, I notice that instead of the regular maintenance paddle, Master has chosen the 'shamrock' paddle.  It is green, shape of a shamrock, about the size of the maintenance paddle, but thicker.  I groan to Master and He says it is about the same size...but i argue, I was expecting the other one, and was ready for that one, and.....He pulls me over His lap.
     He asks if i would like a hand warm-up, Yes Sir.  It is a long warm-up, becoming more intense as He continues, and soon has me squirming a bit.  He is alternating, slow and hard, fast and hard, keeping me guessing. Then i feel the sensation of cool wood.  At this point, Master always gives me the 'maintenance speech'....why we do maintenance, why it has to be a hard spanking, occasionally throwing in a question, just to make sure i am paying attention.  When He stops talking, it is the paddle's turn to make a statement.
   Four sets of 25, with a stop for rubbing after each set.  The first set has me squirming, I settle a bit for the second set, but get vocal by the third and am just hanging on for the fourth set.  Finally maintenance is over, I am often panting, limp, as Master is 'checking' to see if any part of me is reacting positively....He always finds that evidence, grrrr...

******dreading part to the looking forward to part*****

      Master asks what should come next, I let Him know I would love to suck His cock.  Permission granted I get up, and enjoy His scent, His texture, His taste....and I can feel myself start to drip...Back over His lap, Master continues to 'prime' me, I am panting and squirming again (for a much better reason) wanting to hang on for as long as possible.  I hear Master ask if I would like some spankings to urge me on...I nod...and Master is spanking, i know i am getting so close.  Then i feel myself squirt, Master's signal to rev it up a bit, and I start to cum....and cum...and....until once again, I am limp.
    Master is rubbing my back, my legs, my bottom, talking softly, until I can start to respond.  I hear Him tell me He has some bad news for me...I look up at Him...He says, "the harder I spank  you, the harder you cum".  Now I would love to deny that, but below us is a  big, sopping wet spot, that is evidence to the contrary.  He continues, that was one great squirt....
   Later when i am snuggled on His lap, Master is again congratulating me on getting to my goal.  He says now i can relax and just maintain....I say, well, if you are willing, I have a different idea. Master looks at me surprised. I explain that the next month or so will be fairly quiet...then the middle of June brings birthday, graduations, grands' week at grandma's, and i get to cross off an item on my bucket list...the cruise! So I would like to continue losing...Master suggest another five....and i agree.
The two sides of maintenance....
hugs abby


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Agony and ecstasy....or whip and flogger....

       Well, not really agony, and not quite ecstasy, but it is a close analogy....
        I walk in and i see the whip and the large leather flogger side by side on the floor.  I look up at Master and He says an all leather play time, just what you always want.  I remind Him that not all leather is created equally...and He grins.  He then tells me , i can have as many with the flogger that i want..........i just will have that many with the whip first....the whip is payment for the flogger.  Don't even ask how He comes up with His ideas....i just laugh.
           As soon as my naked kneeling is finished, I am told to go over and hang on to the mantle.  We are starting with 100 from the whip, since that is how many I always want to start the my floggings with.  Now, they are not the hardest, but they are stinging.  He stops for lots of rubbing after each set of 25.  He finally gets to 100, and asks me if i would like a break...Master's way of getting me on my knees to do some sucking.  I really do not need any encouragement, as i love serving Him this way.
           I am back to standing at the mantle, for the flogging that i have earned.  My back is well-warmed, and all the sensations that remind me why i love a good flogging are working their magic.  
           Master asks if 1 round is enough or do i want more...He is grinning....since He knows, it is not enough.
As i start to walk over to the mantle, He tells me to turn around, face Him, and present my breast to Him.  I sort of just stand there, trying to digest what i just heard.  He tells me He is waiting.  I do hold my breast out to Him, He reminds me to keep my hands under them. I shut my eyes since i know i would step away if i was looking at Him.  The first set is on my breast, sometimes just aiming for my nipples. I have to add, He does have good aim with that darn thing.  I am then told to lean over and present my bottom to Him, i am a little confused since i do not remember ever being whipped on my bottom.  I now have been....the next 3 sets are on my bottom.  A very different sensation that on my back, and one that i prefer.
                When Master gets to 100, He tells me to stand and present my breast to Him.  My breast and nipples get a flogging...and i think that is a first also, just concentrating on them for a set.  Master then has me get back over, and He flogs my bottom.  Again a much different sensation than on my back, but in this case, i prefer my floggings on my back.
                Master says it is break time again....until I hear, well slave girl have you had enough?  I think about it...Master tells me these will all be on my back...and i decide 100 more are in order.  I am leaning over a pillow for 100 with the whip....the last 10 being hard ones. Master does stop to rub my back after each 25, reassuring me there is no blood, my back is just giving off lots of lovely heat.  Back to the flogger, and my back has been so well warmed and rubbed that it takes very few to get me to my floating place...i hear Master's voice telling me how red and hot and wonderful my back feels.
                He asks again, if we are going on, and i decide that another area of mine needs some Master time....Master agrees....too soon, I am laying there spent, breathing quietly, barely able to move......agony?...not really...ecstasy?...if not, pretty darn close....
hugs abby


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Sox and Yanks play again....

     Whew that was some party for Lindy's birthday.....What fun...I fessed up to the skinny dipping and Master laughed and said about time....told  Him all about the calorie free desserts...He raised an eyebrow....

   Last weekend the Red Sox and those darn Yankees played another series...this time the Yanks took the first two games, and the Sox rallied for the third pay time was a combination of leather and wood.
The last game was a Sunday night game, so Monday was settle the debt day...along with maintenance day.
  As always we started with my naked kneeling, after Master had re-claimed all of me, it was invited over His lap.  He treated me to a wonderful hand warm-up....since i was still recovering from the party...Then the maintenance paddle started to fly. I told Master He was spanking extra hard...He said i was extra sensitive....Finally we get to 100, and i am trying to catch my breath as Master rubs my bottom, loving the feel of the heat.
   Master says it is baseball time....Yanks won the first game , 5 runs scored.  Master tells me to get up head down, bottom out.  He is going to use the "lovely" paddle i gave Him 2 Christmases ago...the large on with My Paddleman embossed on it.  Fifty is the number, and although they are not the hardest spanks...there is no such thing a light spanking with that paddle...(not sure why i do not give the consequences more thought, when choosing a gift.).  Yanks won the second 10 runs....100 spanks.
Master is looking through His bag, and cannot seem to find what He is looking for...He starts to search my bag and finds it...the shamrock paddle....shaped like a shamrock...and thick.  
  I am over His lap, when Master starts and furious.  No breaks, just 100 fast and hard spanks.  It takes me by surprised, and it takes me a bit to realize there will be no breaks...just spanks.  I am squirming and ouching by the time He is done...and say to Him...You did not take a break.  He are right I did not.  He comments on how hot my bottom is....Gee..i wonder how that happened?  Once i have caught my breath, and more relaxed, Master asks what i would like for the last game...the Sox won, 6 runs scored....60 spanks.
   I know my bottom is very well warmed, so I choose His belt.  Master tells me get up and lie flat...a position i love since there is no struggle to stay in place.  I am sitting up watching Him, and tell Him i want to watch Him take His belt off...I want the full effect.  I get to watch and smile as He slowly  pulls His belt through the loops and holds it up for me to see.  Once He is done, I get into position.  Three sets of 10, it hurts sooo good.
Master switches sides and the last thirty, i am in sub heaven.
   Master says time to thank Him...I really do not want to even move.  So Master steps up close to me, and tells me to suck His cock while I am still laying there...without lifting my head.  I takes a bit to figure it out, but i do, and i get to lie there and thank Master.  Master then gets on top of me and tells me, since i am not in the mood to move....He will let me lie there while He turns me to jello. After several permissions, He has accomplished turning me to jello....and we both just need to nap.
   hugs abby

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Happy Mother's ...auntie...favorite!

             Yes, I think all of us who have children we love in our lives should be celebrated today....My daughter is making a secret meal...I am not going to be allowed any place near the kitchen.  She is a great cook, so I am sure it will be delicious.   I have received home-made cards and gifts from the grands...and flowers from my son...yes, I am spoiled...
            Master and i had an  intense Maintenance session on Monday...Maintenance, lots of leather and permissions... since i won the baseball bet.  My bottom was still tender the next day, which honestly, I wish would always happen.  It is so nice to have that little reminder. As the day went on, i started to feel sad, and teary when I was thinking of Mother's Day and my mom.  I was also tired, thinking of napping.  I had talked to Master, and He sensed that something was not right before i could even tell Him.  I think we both came to the same conclusion, at about the same time....sub drop from Monday's hard play.
                He told me to be waiting for Him when He got out of work.  We exchanged bear hugs, and He sat and pulled me into His lap. We snuggled and smooched for quite a while, and when i felt ready i knelt so He could reclaim me...a reminder that I am " always and all ways" His. He reminds me that the harder play sessions are more likely to bring on sub drop...the higher the highs, the lower the lows....He always is careful with after care, and i always feel well taken care of.  Sub drop seems to affect me a few times a year, i think it probably is a combination of things.  Master reminds me....reach out and let Him know, He is always available for some hugs and cuddling.
                 Friday we had our F/F day...Friday Fun.  After our hugs and naked kneeling, Master suggested that we have  a less intense play time, since my body might still be in recovery mode.  I went over His lap for a hand spanking, and nice long, slowly increasing in intensity hard spanking.  To use an old-fashioned word..I felt like i was swooning.  Master then told me to go fetch the oval leather paddle...I LOVE that is not intense and has the feel of leather. Master starts very lightly, and spanks for a long time.  All the while He is spanking, He is playing with my clit, making sure that i end up panting and squirming.  I finally ask if we can move on to permissions...they are granted, and i take full advantage.
                  I am still over His lap, recovery from the wave of orgasms, Master a talking and lightly touching all over.  I tell Him He is playing with fire...He chuckles, and continues.  I can feel my wetness, so I ask Master if we can have a round two......He tells me I may...and i am off again. Only this time, He gives me only just enough time to catch my breath, before He suggest a round three.  I am not sure i have in in me...but never doubt Master....and after round three, I am totally spent.  Master is still massaging and rubbing and talking quietly..and i...just think it is nap time.
                  A different kind of Fun intense spanking...but the fun was certainly there.....and i was left , as Master puts jello....
a perfect end to the week, and start to a weekend.
****The Yanks and Red Sox are at it again this weekend...only so far, the last  place Yanks have won both Friday and Saturday's far 13 runs scored...150 spanks with a paddle of Master's choice.  Let's hope the Sox wake up and play better ball on Sunday!
Hugs abby

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A "Leatherlicious" Pay Off...

          It was a great weekend for baseball...for me and 'my boys'.  The Yanks and the Red Sox have a long standing rivalry, and when they play one can never be sure of the outcome, even if one team is first in the standings (as the Sox presently are) and the other team is last (yep, true for the Yanks).  These games take on a life of their own...standings be damned.  For those few of you who  have not heard, Boston swept NY...yes they won all three games:):):).
        Master had set the terms of our wager....each game would count on its own, we would multiply the number of total runs by 10.  A Yanks win and Master gets to choose...some darn thing made of wood....and if the wonderful Sox win, I get my choice of a leather toy.  Most baseball games are fairly low scoring...2-1 or 3-2...Not so this weekend. I was very thankful for the sweep, the scores of the games....4--2, 8--0, 6--8....that is a grand total of 240 spanks. was Monday, so Maintenance came first.  I spent Monday morning trying to decide what i would pick for the debt pay off.  I knew this would be a fun playtime, so my choices were not critical, but i did want to make the most of my victory.  I knew right away that the large leather flogger would be is my favorite so it gets the largest number and last place, a wonderful way to end.  After a big of debate, I decided the large leather strop for the second spanking.  It looks intimidating, but after a wonderful warm-up it can send me to that place where all is good.  My real debate was what to start with....crop?...maybe, but it covers a small area...beaver tale paddle..maybe, but after maintenance, i would barely feel it....ah....Master's belt..that whole belt scene before the spanking, the soft leather...i had decided.
           I get to Master's, we hug and are chatting, i walk into the living room and on the floor i see...His belt, the large strop, and the flogger.  I stop short, I can hear Him chuckling...did I choose well?  The flogger was an easy one...but the other two...
            We start with me over His lap and a hand warm-up, followed with the darn maintenance paddle.  One hundred spanks later, my bottom is very warmed up. He tells me to lie flat and relax.  Sixty with His belt is next, He decides on sets of 10 with a little rubbing between sets, since that is a set for each run scored, and He is paying off a debt.  Second is 
the large leather strop.  Eighty, stopping again after each 10.  I am almost off in the land of sub space, but Master keeps up a conversation, and decides that I need a break, and He needs to be thanked for paying off the debt is such a wonderful fashion.  I am down on my knees thanking very warm bottom making me very enthusiastic, as is the thought of the flogger next.
                   I am surprised to hear that Master wants all my holes filled before we get to the my bottom toy and my large vibrator come out, and my senses go on over-load.  I am reminded, that no permissions have been granted, and thankfully, Master reads me well, we stop just in time.  Master tells me to keep my toys in for my flogging and to get on my knees facing away from Him...this is something new.  We are not going to count, He is going to flog me...and play with my toys...and i get to decide how long the flogging will last.  It will last until my first orgasm.  I am not sure this is a great idea, but Master is starting in with just the flogger for a bit, and then adds the stimulation of the one of the toys, one then the other, and again.  I have no idea how long or how many times the flogger met my back, I do remember panting, and getting loud, and.....being flat on the carpet with Master pulling me into His furry body.
When i can speak , i tell Him He is amazing, His are the amazing one, you are always all in .....We snuggle for a bit and then i have a thought. I look at Master with a huge grin and say to Him...guess what?
The Sox and Yanks play again next weekend...some kind of quirky schedule this year. He laughs ...says this time the games are at Yankee stadium, no way are they getting swept again.  I say......
Never say Never:)!
Have a good week all..
hugs abby