Monday, March 21, 2016

Questions...for Him and me!

             Here are the answers to the remaining questions...thanks again to everyone who asked...and any time is a good time for a question!

Pearl asked are Master and i also a vanilla couple, and when did the relationship make the leap?
                 Yes, we also have a vanilla relationship.  Actually started out as spanking partners, but as we started to know each other better, we realized how much...besides 'kink'...we have in common,  we grew was a great surprise for both of us.

Fiona asked for both of us, what is your favorite way to bring pleasure to your partner? What is the most interesting place you have traveled and why?
 I was not sure what Master would answer...,maybe the flogger, since He knows that is my favorite.
He replied...spanking you.
My favorite way of bringing pleasure to him...Hmmmm, sucking his cock, always being ready and open to him, asking for him to use his whip, surprising him with an unexpected little gift.....sorry could go on, but could not stop at one...
and..what is the most interesting place you have traveled and why?
When i asked Master this question i asked for His best vacation...He replied a sailing vacation in the Virgin islands, He rented a sail boat and sailed to all of the islands....He has a map of His route on the wall...
Mine...maybe the Bahamas for my son's wedding.  It was perfect and so much fun...

Lindy asked ...What is your Master's favorite implement?

I knew it would be between His paddles and His whip....guessing one of His paddles, since those are used more often.

His answer...He is a a paddle, but also His hand since it is always available...and i love it :)...I do!!!!

How did He decide on 100 for maintenance?

I thought He would say because it was a round number and could be divisible in many different ways...

He said, He wanted a number that would be a good reminder that i had been spanked, but not one that would be like a punishment.

Do we socialize outside of TTWD time and do our families know about our relationship?

Yes....and family thinks He is a little too bossy...;)

Where would we travel together for a fun get away?

This one was easy ....we both agree, someplace by the water..a lake..with a sail boat, and a canoe or kayak...a secluded spot with a cabin where we could skinny dip and 'play' by the water....take long walks, and just be us....

Cat we enjoy any vanilla activities together?
Yes...we enjoy doing many things together....mostly the same every day stuff that everyone does.  

Anonymous asked to we engage in vaginal sex?
Yes....and there have been times when all three 'holes' have been filled.

Eric from Eric51 Amy49 asked you find weekly maintenance keeps abby more even or was this not an issue for you two? The more time Amy and I are apart, the more difficult it is for me to read her signs.
I knew that answer to was an issue...and YES!
Master said...OH YES....when spankings were spaced out...and not predictable, abby I like to say...end up in the weeds.
Weekly maintenance has been very good for both of us.  Abby is able to maintain her submissive mindset and punishments have been very rare...over a year now... and it sure gives me a reason to like Mondays. And  a suggestion...when you are away, perhaps you could assign Amy a task to do each could be the same one or something different. It could be one of your choosing or of hers....keeping a journal of her tasks so you can both share it when you return.  The choice of tasks is endless...corner time, writing you a love letter, going without undies for a day, planning a special play time for when you return, listing 5 of her favorite memories of the two of you, using a plug or vibrator...whatever suits the two of you....
Abby again...just have to add my two cents worth, Master's suggestion works for me....for Us....and when one of us (mostly me) have been away...makes the reunions much sweeter...

I think I have answered all of your questions.  If i somehow missed yours please let me know and i will answer.  Thanks all, for making me think...and remember...and i answer your questions. And i apologize for all the strange coloring.....
hugs abby


  1. Loved reading all of the answers from you and Master.

  2. Hi Abby, it's great that your play relationship has developed into such a lot more
    love Jan,xx

  3. Thank you Abby and Abby's Master...really enjoyed your answers.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Enjoying reading your answers. Thank you.

  5. Thank you Abby and your Master. Have enjoyed reading all these answers and learning more about you both.
    Nice to know you do vanilla things just like the rest of us.
    Hugs Lindy

    1. Yeah..we have our 'normal' days....
      hugs abby

  6. Loved all the answers, but found Masters answers to Eric a nice window into his mind.

    1. He is a man of many talents and surprises....
      hugs abby

  7. Interesting questions, great answers. Good to get to know you better, Abby.
    Rosie xx

  8. Great answers to great questions. thank-you both of you. :-) Hugs

    1. Welcome from both of us.
      hugs abby

  9. Hi Abby! I've missed all of you at blogland! I hope to be back a little more regularly now that things have settled down somewhat! *hugs*

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  11. Thanks. It's been a rough week. Hell, it's been a rough year. Appreciate the suggestions.