Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Catching - up post...

           I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend.....We all gathered at my daughter's to celebrate an 8th birthday (how is that possible?)...and Easter.  I so love seeing the four grands be so happy to see each other, to play together and have fun.  
          I have been sort of thinking of taking a break from blogging. Not sure why, just a sense that I might be getting stale...boring.  But then every morning when I walk, I find myself writing entries in my head..so this morning, I decided if I was going to write in my head...it needed a place to go...and this is the place.
         About 6 weeks ago, I told Master I wanted to lose 10 pounds...now if you have been reading here a while, you know, as I do, that a deal with Master is a rock solid commitment, no giving up.  It's been a slow go, and I have become much less enthused.  Last Monday I reported a half pound loss...which had become the average. I was over Master's lap, ready for maintenance, and Master was telling me I needed to step it up, to get to the goal, then I could be done with it.  When He stopped I replied..'progress is progress'...in a somewhat sarcastic dismissive tone. As soon as the words came out....I thought, ut oh...should not have said that one aloud, never mind in that tone.  As I am finishing that thought, I hear Master say....Well, then, a spanking is a spanking...as He picks up that paddle and uses it 10 times...slow and hard.  Then He asks, is a spanking always a spanking or are there differences in spankings?  We all know where this was going...right where Master wanted it to.  He nicely counts those 10 spanks as part of maintenance, so He proceeds with the 90 left, before we move on to more pleasurable activities.
       Last Thursday, we made time for some Us time...After a hand warm-up and lots of yummy leather, Master told me to thank Him...for at least 10 minutes.  I looked at Him, thinking....what?....He says He wants me to suck. lick, tease His cock and to make it last for at least 10 minutes...no cumming til the 10 minutes are up. I am thinking, I am going to have to vary my approach and change from some serious sucking, etc...so some lighter more , more teasing sensations.  We both made it to the 10 minutes mark.....and later when we were chatting, Master wondered how long is the average...suck?  So I am asking for help....if you care to....from your experience how long does fellation last..on average? 
     Before I left for my daughter's Master said I had 1/2 pound grace for the weekend, I tried explaining that we were celebrating 2 major events...  He had that look and tone, so I knew that it was 1/2 pound or nothing.  Yesterday morning I let Master know I had gained 1 pound.  His reply...okay.  Just the one word, but I knew in this case, the okay, was not...that is fine, thanks for the information.  It was more of....we will deal with this later, thanks for the information.  I decided not to question His intentions....
   Maintenance time and I am kneeling, being re-claimed, being reminded that all of me is His...always and all ways.  When He is done, I stand and as we are hugging, He asks if I thought His okay meant that all was well.....I tell Him..no.  He grins and says ...good.  I am over His lap, He moves the pillows and my foot feels a piece of wood...not a small maintenance paddle, but something larger.  It is the 'my paddleman' paddle...large enough to cover all of my bottom.....I groan, He tells me He expects progress and I did go over the 1/2 pound limit.
    He starts with the first set of 25...this is still maintenance, just with a different paddle.  He is spanking fairly slowly, but with 'intent'...He is making a point on my bottom.  He does stop for a little bit of rubbing before the second set, after which we chat about my effort ...He knows I can do this, and once I do, I am done, unless or until I decided otherwise.
The third set is harder....As He is rubbing my bottom at the end of the set, He tells me I will say after each spank....I will make more effort with my diet...in a LOUD voice, or else the swat gets repeated. I do get the words out after each swat, along with some ouching and groaning. Time for the last five Master tells me...and before I have a chance to say anything He is in rapid fire mode...5 very fast ones, He is on 3 before i even get an ouch out.  But we are done....and my determination has been renewed.
    Spring and 60 degrees here tomorrow...then snow by the weekend....
    Hugs abby


Monday, March 21, 2016

Questions...for Him and me!

             Here are the answers to the remaining questions...thanks again to everyone who asked...and any time is a good time for a question!

Pearl asked are Master and i also a vanilla couple, and when did the relationship make the leap?
                 Yes, we also have a vanilla relationship.  Actually started out as spanking partners, but as we started to know each other better, we realized how much...besides 'kink'...we have in common,  we grew closer...it was a great surprise for both of us.

Fiona asked for both of us, what is your favorite way to bring pleasure to your partner? What is the most interesting place you have traveled and why?
 I was not sure what Master would answer...,maybe the flogger, since He knows that is my favorite.
He replied...spanking you.
My favorite way of bringing pleasure to him...Hmmmm, sucking his cock, always being ready and open to him, asking for him to use his whip, surprising him with an unexpected little gift.....sorry could go on, but could not stop at one...
and..what is the most interesting place you have traveled and why?
When i asked Master this question i asked for His best vacation...He replied a sailing vacation in the Virgin islands, He rented a sail boat and sailed to all of the islands....He has a map of His route on the wall...
Mine...maybe the Bahamas for my son's wedding.  It was perfect and so much fun...

Lindy asked ...What is your Master's favorite implement?

I knew it would be between His paddles and His whip....guessing one of His paddles, since those are used more often.

His answer...He is a paddleman...so a paddle, but also His hand since it is always available...and i love it :)...I do!!!!

How did He decide on 100 for maintenance?

I thought He would say because it was a round number and could be divisible in many different ways...

He said, He wanted a number that would be a good reminder that i had been spanked, but not one that would be like a punishment.

Do we socialize outside of TTWD time and do our families know about our relationship?

Yes....and yes...my family thinks He is a little too bossy...;)

Where would we travel together for a fun get away?

This one was easy ....we both agree, someplace by the water..a lake..with a sail boat, and a canoe or kayak...a secluded spot with a cabin where we could skinny dip and 'play' by the water....take long walks, and just be us....

Cat asked...do we enjoy any vanilla activities together?
Yes...we enjoy doing many things together....mostly the same every day stuff that everyone does.  

Anonymous asked to we engage in vaginal sex?
Yes....and there have been times when all three 'holes' have been filled.

Eric from Eric51 Amy49 asked Master..do you find weekly maintenance keeps abby more even or was this not an issue for you two? The more time Amy and I are apart, the more difficult it is for me to read her signs.
I knew that answer to this....it was an issue...and YES!
Master said...OH YES....when spankings were spaced out...and not predictable, abby would...as I like to say...end up in the weeds.
Weekly maintenance has been very good for both of us.  Abby is able to maintain her submissive mindset and punishments have been very rare...over a year now... and it sure gives me a reason to like Mondays. And  a suggestion...when you are away, perhaps you could assign Amy a task to do each day....it could be the same one or something different. It could be one of your choosing or of hers....keeping a journal of her tasks so you can both share it when you return.  The choice of tasks is endless...corner time, writing you a love letter, going without undies for a day, planning a special play time for when you return, listing 5 of her favorite memories of the two of you, using a plug or vibrator...whatever suits the two of you....
Abby again...just have to add my two cents worth, Master's suggestion works for me....for Us....and when one of us (mostly me) have been away...makes the reunions much sweeter...

I think I have answered all of your questions.  If i somehow missed yours please let me know and i will answer.  Thanks all, for making me think...and remember...and smile....as i answer your questions. And i apologize for all the strange coloring.....
hugs abby

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lucky Rolls of the Dice....

            Earlier this week I had mentioned to Master that baseball season is almost here...baseball bet time!  I am a Red Sox fan...for over 50 years...Master, well one of His few flaws is that He is a Yankees fan....
Neither one of us is inclined to change, so we often wager on the games when the two teams duke it out.  I continued that it had been a long time since we have used my spanking dice, so maybe they will be part of my first wager  (3 dice...one with numbers, one with positions, and one with implements).
         So today, when we ready for Fun Friday Master told me to get the dice game out...i was grinning...Master said, we are only going to use one..then one with the numbers. I thought, at least it is a start.  Master takes out 6 'toys', and lays them out...whip, paddleman paddle, horse hair flogger,  maintenance paddle,  large leather flogger, and finally the large leather strop....that was to be the order they would be used.  I would roll the die...if the number was a single number, a 0 would be added after the number...so 1 thru 9, becomes 10, 20, 30.....and all the other numbers we use as they are rolled...the highest number on the die  being 30.
        I notice the whip is first, usually when that comes out, it is used last.  I ask about a hand warm-up....He says not today...i give Him my best 'pretty please' look...it does not work, but He does tell me to start the naked kneeling.  He is concentrating on lots of pinching, congratulating me on how well i am staying in position. Finally i hear...let's see what your first roll is....
   It is 29, one of the higher 2 digit numbers, but a lot lower than 60.... I stand and lean against the mantle, Master decides on 3 sets, starting off on the light side, a much harder second set, and more lightly on the third...i give Him a thankful grin...He says...it is Fun Friday.  Next is the paddleman paddle, this was a paddle i gifted Him with...one of those...what was i thinking??? He does love it, it covers both cheeks, has a great handle, and is one the heavy side.  I roll again, hoping my luck will hold out and it is not a single number.....24!  I lean over the sofa for 3 sets of 8....Master does not believe in 'whimpy' spankings....but 24 is barely a warm-up in my world.
   Next up is the horse hair flogger, one of my favorites. I roll a 3...so that is 30 :).  This is one of the few toys that i enjoy on my breast.  Master tells me to stand hands behind me....a nice light flogging of 30 strokes on my breast....Being Master He does slip in a few extra between my legs....
Time for the maintenance paddle...I am a little surprised that He chose this one since it is used weekly.  Master is telling me, maybe i used up all my lucky rolls and will probably roll another single number.  Nope, I should be at a casino today...I roll 15! Three sets of 5 with the maintenance paddle, on a very well warmed bottom.....
   Left are two of my favorites.....first the large leather flogger...and i roll an 8.....80 with the leather flogger...sort of like hitting the jackpot!  I stand, leaning against the mantle, and Master decides on 8 sets of 10, with some delicious rubbing between sets....Will my luck hold out.....one more roll for the large leather strop.....and I roll a......6...60!  I am grinning and Master is shaking His head....
      When we are finished with the strop, Master suggest i should thank Him for choosing such a fun activity Fun Friday....i so agree....and only too happy to let Master in on the fun.....and of course, we then move on the lots more fun for both of us! 

......Master and i have talked out the remaining questions to be answered... will get a post up soon....

hugs abby

Sunday, March 13, 2016

More Questions...so More Answers....

              Downunder Don asks if Master and I ever talk about what He gets out of spanking me.....
                  Yes, we have.  The first time was shortly after we had started on this adventure.  I was struggling (with a lot of things), but one of the main issues was...if He spanks me and i want, need or even crave it, does that make this all about me?  How is that submissive?  Master said to me....i am the opposite side of His coin..."He is the Dominant side of the coin, i am the submissive side. I complete Him." Those words have stuck with me.....together we are whole. I feed His feeling of dominance, He gets to express it daily.....in return, my submission is also fed.

          Ella What happens during a discipline spanking? Are there rules?
               Of course there are rules and it is a ritual.  A punishment spanking happens in the basement.  Yes, He opens the door and i make the march of doom down the stairs into the basement.  There is no chatter, I am told to bare myself, and get in position.  Leaning over hanging onto the seat of a chair that is always down there.  (in the early years, there was a treadmill, i had to stand on the treadmill and  hang on..not it was never turned on).  I am reminded that if my hands leave the chair, the stroke will be repeated.  Master has this large paddle ball paddle that He purchased at a garage sale for one dollar. He tells me how many....i cannot remember, but 25 seems to ring a bell.  He spanks slowly, scolding very loudly, no breaks, no rubbing...just spanks and loud scolding...and He is an excellent scolder.  When He is done, i am told to stand, and pull up my underwear.  I am reminded there will be no permissions for 24 hours, we then hug and i am told i have a clean slate.
                 I can happily report that it has been over a year, since one of these....

       rperez asks....what does my kneeling time consists of and how long does it last?
                        Kneeling time is what Master calls re-claiming time.  Back when i was still teaching, kids were still home, life was much busier. Spankings were not as regular as they are now.  Master and i would meet, and depending on the kind of day i had...i might not be in the most submissive of moods.  Master's solution..reclaiming time.  Once i am naked, i kneel, hands behind my back, Master stands behind me.  He starts by telling me that all of me is His....His hands cover my ears and eyes, telling me to block out any voices or thoughts...He touches all the parts of my body, reminding me that they are His.  While He is doing this, He is quietly talking talking, ...by the time He is done, all of me is quiet, and focused on Him.  He then helps me up....How long...maybe 10 minutes..,

     Wilma Rubble asks...from where i am now, looking back, how do i see myself?  Do I feel that the submissive part of me was always there, that perhaps others saw, but that i could not put a voice to...not spanking, but true submission?
                          Interesting question.....When i first met Master, it was just to get a spanking...yes one, so i could get that darn fantasy out of my system.  Well one led to another, and then another...but i never associated spanking with submission. The first time Master referred to me as submissive, i laughed and said...No Way!  Well, slowly He showed me the way.
                        I have to add, I had felt for a long time, that something was missing from my life. I was not sure what it was i was longing for...i was pretty sure i would never find whatever it was.  I now know....that nagging little voice was trying to tell me....you don't have to be the one in charge all of the time, the go-to person for everyone.  I only started to hear that voice when it belonged to Master, when i realized how much more content and happy i was as His submissive.  He deserves a lot of credit, i was very stubborn and not an easy sell.....but slowly, i started to know....to feel....that i needed to let that part of me that i had buried so long ago, breathe and exist.   Yes, i do think the submissive part of me was always there, i was too busy being in charge to even consider letting that part see the light of day.

Thanks for the questions..
hugs abby

Friday, March 11, 2016

Master's turn to answer....

.......Usually when Master answers March questions i anticipate His answers, and write my thoughts before His answers...it is kind of fun to see how close I come...and i am not bragging, but i usually do pretty well.

        Ronnie asks do Master or i have a spanking fantasy that has not been fulfilled? An item on my bucket list?
              As for myself....Master truly has fulfilled all of the simple fantasies I had when we met...and some that I did not even know I had...He is very creative, and likes to surprise me,  often it seems He knows just what I am in the mood for or need.  He will ask me if there is something I want to try....and do His best to make it happen.
                An item on my bucket list would be...a hot air balloon ride!
            Master replied that I have fulfilled His main fantasies...and any new ones that arise....well He has a willing partner...

      Mona Lisa asked: What would be Master's reaction if I said no more maintenance spankings....no more punishments, we will have just fun spankings.
             I thought about this one for a bit, Master and i started out just fun spankings.  We have come a long way since then in many ways...I really honestly thought Master would agree.....no more M/s, rules, maintenance or punishment....I have to add, it would feel like it was such a gigantic step backwards, like something was missing.....I cannot imagine it ever happening.
                Master replied pretty quickly....you gave me your consent to be my submissive, to take me as your Master, if  you take the consent back, and we we are no long M/s.  We still spank, if you agree to.  

DelFonte asks...what does Master get out of maintenance, is it something He needs too...
           Hmmmm, I think it makes His Monday's much more interesting...a good way to start the week.  I also think He likes that it does make a difference....there is no way i am going to 'brat' just to get a harder spanking....I am not sure He needs it, in the same way I do...but I do think that it feeds His dominance.
            Master said, very quickly, He absolutely gets something out of maintenance.  He wakes up on Mondays and smiles at the thought that i will be over His lap and He will be 'coloring' my bottom to  a nice shade of red. (much like this color...;).  It feeds His dominant nature, knowing that i will kneel in front of Him, and submit to a spanking, that will be a hard one, and i will accept it. He also is pleased that it has served its purpose...no punishments for over a year.  Also.....after the spanking...there is some sucking and cumming...

If there are any more questions for Master He welcomes them...and I would say i did pretty well anticipating His answers....

hugs abby


Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Maintenance Tuesday....and a couple more answers...

          M/M day, was M/T (just doesn't have the same ring to it), does it? Master has been struggling with a cold, and He is finally getting the better of it...guess germs are one of the few things He does not control.  After He assured me He was much better, today became maintenance day.
         After my naked kneeling time, i was over His lap for my hand warm-up.  Master reminded me that i did not lose any weight last week, so I needed to show a loss this week...During this time Master and i often chat about life or us...or just strange things that pop up.  One of the first things that attracted me to Him was His ability to spar with me verbally...to have a response to almost whatever i throw at Him...and to have a sense of humor about it...most of the time.
          Today, Master asks if i am warmed-up enough...of course I say no Sir!  He tells me I should look at maintenance as filling up my tank....giving me the incentive I need to have a good week, like a car that needs gas, it has not been bad or naughty, it just needs gas...or incentive...to keep going.  I reply...true, then the car is ready to get on with the week and have some fun. Master says...as long as the there is no joy riding..because then the fun has to be paid for.....the car would be grounded....i would be spanked.  We have these weird conversations often.
             It is time to start maintenance, the only words i am uttering are ouch...4 sets of 25...rubbing between sets, and i get to catch my breath.  Master then, of course, checks...and says some part of you was enjoying....'she' is an idiot, i reply.  Master then shows me the rewards of taking my maintenance spanking well, and after i explode once, Master is using just the tips of His fingers and nails over my still warmed bottom.  I suddenly start to squirm, Master asks if i can feel the electricity too....He is barely touching me, but it is driving me crazy.  Master starts using His voice to urge me on, to let go, to feel our connection...and when Master tells me to cum for Him, I do.....until i really do collapse.  Master is talking, massaging, getting me to recover...and when i do...I ask how did that happen...He just laughs and says, He knows how to prime a car ....

           First question is from lindy...how long have we known each other and  how did we meet?
            We have known each other for a little over 15 years.  We first chatted on line, at the time I was chatting to a few gentlemen.  Then, my youngest had an emergency that required my full attention. I told everyone i was not going to be online for a while due to a family emergency. I got a couple good byes...and a couple not so nice comments about making something up....but Master said He would pray for us, and about once a week He would send me a note, letting me know He was thinking about me....So when things settled a bit, I let Him know.
            We chatted for a couple more weeks, and Master said it was time we met.  I had never met someone just from chatting on-line, and honestly never thought i would.  But i decided to take a chance...Master gave me a choice of coffee or a beer....I told Him, beer of course!  He laughed and said He liked my honesty.  I showed up at the restaurant/bar on time, and sat in my car for almost 15 minutes, trying to decide if i should actually go it.  Finally i told myself, it's only a beer.....
             We saw each other for the first time, Master got the beers, and we sat and chatted....for a very long time.  I was so relaxed, i could not believe it....we laughed, we shared stories, and He used the word spanking a LOT..and we were in a public place.  Even then, it was like He could read my mind...which was a little un-nerving. And that was the best beer i have ever had.......

   Eric51 Amy 49 asks...When we first started were we in an equal partnership or was He 'Master' from the get go? Secondly, if i could add anything to the dynamic what would i add.....what would i take away?
                   When we first started, we were spanking, or play partners.  We started with a hand spanking, over clothes...and moved on to all the lovely (and not so lovely) 'toys' in His bag.  We would meet, maybe every four to six weeks, we kept in contact through chats and emails.  The first time He used the word submissive i laughed and said i did not have a submissive bone in my body....He then asked....why did i submit to spankings?  So, slowly we started down the M/s path, the trip of a life time!
             Your second question, I have been thinking about for a long time.
It is a toughie....We have grown in our dynamic, adding new experiences, growing in our connection, in our M/s.....so, i am not really sure what i would add.  Maybe, going to a club, or a party to meet other like minded couples.  What i would take away....and no it is not punishment....that has its place, but it is related to the first part of this answer.  I would take away the "veil"....wouldn't it be wonderful if we could talk freely to others, and have them not judge or think the worse of us. 
hugs abby 


Monday, March 7, 2016

More answers.... to Minelle's and Cat's questions...

        Minelle asks....Have you laughed at some of your earlier thoughts, boundaries or beliefs?  
           I have....not as much as Master has, but i have.  I discovered this part of me...or maybe let it out.....late in life. My kids were all in college, I was well into my career, and was pretty much settled in.  When i met Master, my thought was.....I will let Him spank me once...and then i will be done thinking and fantasizing about such things for good.  Oh, i so had no idea that i was about to start a journey that would continue to surprise me.
Then He wanted me to call Him...Sir.  Sir?....the only time i used Sir was when an older man held a door open for me and i thanked him.  Certainly not for someone i was going to be in a relationship with...
          Maybe the biggest area where i was wrong...happily ....was sexually. I had been convinced, that i was not a sexual person, that i was incapable of having an orgasm, that i was not desirable.....it took a long time and lots of patience, but Master certainly changed all that...and at about the time that i am asking for a third permission...we both laugh at the thought that orgasms were not possible for me.   
            Honestly, i could probably list most of the things Master and i have done as things that i was positive i would never agree to...let alone enjoy.
Luckily, i met just the man who had the patience to hang in there with me and prove me wrong.
Thanks for an interesting question...
                  Cat questioned the use of a larger paddle for a maintenance session.  Would that not make it discipline?
                    There is a paddle that Master just about always uses for maintenance, it is smallish, not light, but not heavy.  Maintenance is described by Master as a spanking that is hard enough to prevent me from even thinking that a discipline or punishment spanking might be something i would want to happen.  A couple weeks ago Master used a larger paddle for maintenance....it was a surprise, but it was not Master's largest paddle.  Master has quite a collection of paddles...more that any one person should have, in my opinion. He loves His paddles.  The punishment one is a very large paddle ball paddle that He bought at a garage sale, of all places, for one dollar.  I have offered before, and the offer still stands, I will pay ten times that...and the postage to mail it...if anyone wants to see it (and keep it) for themselves.  In case anyone is wondering...it has been well over a year since the last punishment spanking...and i hope i have not just jinxed myself! 
Thanks Cat.   


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Answers for ancilla_ksst and Misty...

         Thank you for the questions...couple of you included Master, He loves taking part in question month, so any more questions for either of us are still welcomed.  
           ancilla_kisst asked about how maintenance started.  If you have read here for a while, you have heard this...so feel free to say...been here, read that...and move on.
           Maintenance started about 7 years ago.  I was feeling like i needed more, at loose ends, my 'voices' were in full force (never a good thing), but i just was not sure what I wanted.  Master had been spanking me for almost 8 years, but spankings were not regular. Master had remarked to me, He did not know why i was not instantly submissive as soon as I saw Him.  I wanted to say...a junior high teacher, with a student teacher, 3 kids of my own, in charge of just about everything...and You wonder why i am not immediately submissive....
             I did not say those things, but around that time i had started reading blogs, and i read a blog (no longer active) that was exactly what i was feeling...and wanted to say.  I wrote the author a note asking if i could quote her blog, she replied i could, so that night i wrote Master a note, mainly explaining why i found it difficult to be submissive to myself...on my own.  I hesitated to hit send, but did, and wondered all night what His reply would be.  There was a reply the next day....I want to see you after school, we will talk.  That was it...no ..indication if He was upset or not....it was a long day at school.  
            As soon as i saw Him, His first words were...so, you want to start maintenance spankings.  I immediately started to deny it...He laughed and said...it is a great idea...I agree with your note....My first maintenance spanking was that day.  I did go  home thinking, i wonder how long this will really last...i can tell you, it is still in effect.  At first, I was in charge of scheduling maintenance, checking our schedules, and letting Master know when would be a good time...I balked at that a bit, but He was insistent.  Spankings were once a week, a different implement, chosen by Master, usually at the end of the week.
               I had envisioned maintenance as a time for us to have a little spanking fun and reconnect, some quiet time, some play time.  Master's idea was..and is...a hard enough spanking so that i do not a harder one to occur.  One week, we actually had maintenance on a Monday.  I was over Master's lap and He commented that it was only Monday and we were having maintenance ...i blurted out, M and M day!  He laughed and said, I love that, from now on maintenance will be on Monday's...something for you to remember during the week.  
             When we started with the Monday's Master also named one of His paddles...maintenance paddle.  It is smallish, but on the heavy side, and my bottom has become very well acquainted with it.  At this time, Master also decided that maintenance would be 100 spanks. If He or i happened to be away for a week, we just skipped that week.  Until last year sometime...Master decided that missed maintenance spankings had to be made up. I am usually the one who is away, so if i am away for a week....it is 200 when i return. I tried to argue that was not necessary...but you all know how well that works.  So far this year, i have always planned on less than 2 weeks....which makes Master smile...
             That is where we are with maintenance....it could change again, if Master decides to adapt it for some reason.  And, as much as there are some Mondays that i think...i do not want a spanking, I have to admit, by Monday evening, I am much calmer and ready to face the week.  Both Master and i agree, maintenance spankings have been a very good thing for both of us.  His Mondays are much more interesting now...
                 I always have to add when i write about maintenance....I am not advocating for maintenance spankings.  They work for us... but everyone has to find and decide what works for the two of them...

               Misty asked, if you were to give someone new to this lifestyle advice what would it be...something not related to communicating or giving it time.
I am not sure if someone new refers to someone who already is in a power exchange or not....I am going to assume that it does...
                 For someone just getting their feet wet, i would say...
....trust your instincts, if something feels wrong or upsetting, you have the right to say....i am not ready for this, we need to discuss this.
...I would also tell them to visit blog land, and find a few blogs they feel comfortable with, and go back and read them from the beginning.  There will be lots of good information there....and you are very likely...if you comment...to make a new on-line friend in the life style.
....there is no one way to be a spankee, or a submissive or a slave....it has to suit you and  your partner....getting ideas from others helps...but they are just ideas, not hard and fast rules on how to have a power exchange.
.... if it is not offered (and it should be) ask about a safe word.  It should make both of you feel better at trying new things.
.....your partner should lift you up, not put you down. You should both look forward to your time together.
hugs abby


Friday, March 4, 2016

Add another candle to that cake....

              Why is it when you are a kid, you wait forever for your birthday...then later in life, they seem to pop up before you realize it.  I am from a long line of relatives who believe that celebrating a birthday is better than the alternative....and celebrating was always extended as long as possible.  The celebrating started last Sunday and has continued with various people all week....the 'official' day was celebrated with some just Master and I time. 
                Master had asked if i had any special requests, i decided to let Him choose, He knows me pretty well.  After some hugs and chat, i looked around to see all of my favorites laid out....and one small wooden paddle, and the whip...Master asked if He had chosen wisely, He laughed at my...mostly...answer.  He gives me that "what are you waiting for" look, so i undress and kneel.  Master is telling me as He touches every part of me, that this celebration is just about us...the us that only we (well and all of you) know about.  The us that is at our core.....
                  He then tells me to go get the paddle, and then get over His lap.  I sort of give Him a 'look'.....He says it is for my official birthday spanking...has to be a paddling.  I am not so sure i agree, but i do mention that a long hand warm-up would be nice, which He agrees is a good start.  I will get my age with each implement, with one added for good luck....and let's just say it was more than 60.
                    After a very wonderfully long hand warm-up, Master starts in with the paddle, for my 'official' birthday spanking.  They are not the hardest, but Master has never quite caught on to a 'light' spanking.  He does stop after every decade to do some rubbing during which we talk about what i remember most from that time.  The first few breaks are over quickly but that last few more than make up for it, as we recall our journey.
                 Master then tells me i can pick the order for the spankings to come, so I choose to start with the beaver tail....it is like the continuation of a warm-up.  Master divides this one into 4 sets, and i am already starting to feel like jello.  I choose the double tongue strap next, so i need to get myself up and leaning over.....this feels a lot like the belt, but my jello feeling is being replaced with a lot of panting.  I chose the horse hair flogger next, it is a lot lighter than the regular flogger and more of a sensual flavor to it.  Master tells me to hold my breast out for Him with my hands under them so they are out of the way.  This is one sensation  i actually love on my breast.  When Master is finished, He starts to swish the strips all over my front and back, over my nipples, under my breast, long slow strokes, until i can barely stand and Master has to remind me that i do not have permission to cum.....yet.  I can feel myself start to drip, as i groan.
                The large leather strop is next, and my bottom is so warmed up, and the rest of me is still trying to come back to earth a bit, it feels perfect.....i am sticking my bottom up and out, silently...or not so silently...asking for more.  Saved for last, my favorite, the large leather flogger.  They are all on my back, and with the flogging and the rubbing, and all that came before, i am sure i am leaving spots of the carpet.  The whip is left, but Master tells me He just put it there so i would think about it....since i only ask for it because i know He loves it. 
                  Master then asks if i would like to show Him that i have enjoyed the birthday party He planned, so i am on my knees showing Master that He is a terrific party planner.  Just at the point where i am getting ready for Master to fill my mouth, He says, i have a surprise for You....a cum facial. Before i can even think about it, Master is rubbing and wiping His cum off my face and letting me suck it off His fingers and hand. ( i later admitted to Master, that i had been wondering what this would feel like, and the pictures intrigued me....and the next time i want Him to take a picture of me so i can see what i look like, if there is a next time.  I am pretty sure there will be.)  
                Master then hands me a pillow, tells me lie on my back, and tells me i have permissions to cum whenever i am ready...it does not take long before i am ready....and ready...and ready.  Finally i can barely breathe, cannot speak or move, and Master moves up next me, pulls me into His fur, and we just recover.  When i am capable of thought and speech, i look at Him and say...not bad for an old lady...He laughs and says....not bad for an old man...Trust me on this....sometimes, if you are lucky enough....getting older is truly in many ways....getting better!
hugs abby

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Sunny's meme.....leap day maintenance...and questions anyone??

      I know that is quite a catch-all title.  Truth is i have not posted as much because i sort of feel like i do a lot of repeating myself....and the last thing i want to be is BORING!  But I can never resist a meme, and I do love question month....so..

Sunny's  meme first..

1. Are you on facebook? Yes, i am...I have lots of family and friends spread all over the country and it is a wonderful...and easy...way to keep up with each other.

2. If the answer is yes, do you respond to what you consider stupid posts?   Rarely...it just encourages more of them.

3. Name one of your favorite bugaboos. Right now it the political antics going on ...keeps the smart, responsible people away  from wanting the job...and gives a terrible example...enough ranting.

4. How many FB friends do you have.  I just went and checked..says 362. Some are gaming friends, and I had 20 cousins growing up...most of whom are married and grandparents....

5.  Assuming you have an account how often do you check? Daily, sometimes a couple times a day.  

6. Do you have more than one email account? Yes, I have two.

7.  Do you twitter or is it tweet? Whichever it is....no.

8. Do you have a mobile phone?  I do.

9. Is it a smart phone or one of the old fashioned kind? My kids upgraded me to a smart phone at Christmas...I am trying to learn one new thing a week about it...

10.  How often to do you check for texts, messages or other wise? Usually when I hear it ping..although I have been known to ignore it.

11.  Do you get accused of being on the phone or computer too much.
       No....I have even been known to travel without my lap top.

12. Would you rather read an e-reader or an actual book?
       E-readers are great for traveling...light weight, and there is always another book waiting.  I actually still do get books from the library.

13.  The title of the last book you read and genre.
         A mystery..for my book club, I tend to avoid mysteries...Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.

Thanks Sunny for using your insomnia to write these questions...

    Yesterday was leap year day...just what we need, and extra Monday, and for me a maintenance spanking.  Master thought that was funny and appropriate...I disagreed.  But, I was kneeling naked, being reclaimed.  Usually the maintenance paddle is visible, but i do not see it. Turns out, Master decided to change things up a little....He shows me the "Paddleman" paddle...it is much larger and heavier.  I can't help myself...I give Him a...'you have go to be kidding' look...it does not help.  
     When I am over His lap, Master....the kind man He is...says, since the paddle covers both cheeks, each spank will count as double...fifty spanks, instead of one hundred.  Now that is good news, but I know this man...the spanks will probably be harder, since He will not go easier on my bottom.  He does give me a hand warm-up, but as soon as the paddling starts i am ouching.  He does stop after each set of 10 for some rubbing, which helps and gives me time to catch my breath.  The last 10 are slow and hard....but we are finished.  Master checks and chuckles.....it seems that at least one part of me, did not agree with my protestations.  
         After several permissions, we are chatting and I ask Master if He will be using a different paddle every week? ( I am not sure how many He has...probably around 12 or so...)  He thinks about it and replies....no, He likes maintenance to be basically the same each week, both of us knowing what to expect....and He likes the ritual of it.  I am not surprised by His answer....so next week will be back to maintenance paddle and 100 spanks.

    And finally...March is question month in blog land.  Not sure there are any more questions for me to answer...but if you ask, I will answer....

Have a good week all...
hugs abby