Sunday, February 21, 2016

Fun Friday....Master and His Helping Hand..

       No, Master has not hired someone to help Him....I can be a handful...or more....;o)...but Master always has everything under control. His helping hand, is a crop, the end of which is shaped like a hand.  It has not been out of the toy bag in a while, i was glad to see it re-appear. In addition to the crop, Master also had a small hair brush out waiting...
       After my naked kneeling and Master's reminding me that all of me is His, HE is  covering my eyes and then my ears, 'closing' out the world around that it is time for 'just U/us' be U/us.  When i am totally relaxed i am invited over His lap.  After a delicious hand warm-up, i feel the wood of the back of the brush.  It is a small brush, and Master spreads the spanks around, but it does not take long before i start squirming....Master says it is a small brush, i look up and is not the size of the brush, it is the force behind it....Master decides to use the bristle side of the brush.  He is 'brushing' me all over with short strokes, and an occasional longer back, my bottom, my legs, my thighs, my pussy....I go from being totally relaxed to panting and all feels so good...
          Master notices that i am....getting 'hot and bothered'...and decides we need to switch to the crop.  He tells me to get up..UGH...and lean over, legs spread wide apart.  His first target is my pussy, with quick, light spanks, until He can hear me groaning.  He moves to my bottom, spanking all over, increasing the intensity, until i am almost lost in the sensation.  Master asks if i had sucked His cock yet this week...(I am hoping that was a rhetorical question...and He would have remembered if i had)....I say no...He decides that needs to be corrected.  I kneel...and make sure that Master will remember that i have indeed sucked His cock on this day.....
          Master then has me over His lap, and is spanking again with the brush...but now, my bottom is very well warmed....and i almost in that zone, where i just want more.  Master is telling me i have permission and encouraging me to cum.....and i am on the edge....but asking for a little help....Master takes His time but finally helps me to the explosions point...until i just collapse, spent.
.........A short anecdote about earlier last week...I was at Master's and looking for something in my purse.  I could not find it, and just decided to empty the purse out. (I do not carry a large purse..more of a medium one, cause i tend to fill it to capacity.)  Master is watching and shaking His head, i pull out something that grabs His attention.  He picks it up and asks what it is a box of mint tootsie roll drops...individual drops of hard mind candy with a soft chocolate center....It is opened, I see his look and quickly say, it was in my Christmas stocking , from the kids, and i put it in my purse, so that when i need to clear my throat or need to 'wet my whistle' i can have one.  He is listening and...smirking.   I continue, i've had them since Christmas and still have 1/2 the box left.  He laughs...but then says...since Christmas, 1/2 the box gone, and i have never seen them listed in a food report. Oh.......I agree , i just never considered them But i will remedy that....He says...I will be looking for them.
.....That, my friends, is the blessing/curse, of having a man who notices every thing......

Have a good week...
hugs abby

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Needing a Wednesday warm-up....

         We all knew it was too good to be true....Mother Nature has been so good to us this year.  Higher than normal temperatures, only a couple days where shoveling has been kind of winter!
           So, in one day yesterday, we had 18 inches of snow.  It started snowing around 3 in the the reporters said...i was still snuggly warm in bed.  There were a few inches when i got up...but by mid morning, the snow was coming down in large flakes, looking like a solid blanket of snow just falling from the sky.  And of course, the wind increased, the cold, and it jut did not stop til around six that evening.  Roads were closed, many were stranded in their cars, and the snow just kept piling up. Yep, Mother Nature did not want us to think she was not in charge.....if only she had a Master...and could get spanked....
            I text Master His good morning message, and He  should have a warm bottom all week this is freezing out side.  He knew my bottom was still tender on Tuesday, from Monday's maintenance.  That reminder was no longer there this morning, so Master decided a warm-up was in order...and I agreed.
            After my naked kneeling time, i was invited over His lap.  We are chatting, and He asks if i am expecting a hand warm-up.  Always! is my answer....Master does amend that to..unless there is a Punishment due...and yes...but luckily, one of those has not been on the agenda for a long time...and i do hope i have not just jinxed myself.  After a lovely hand warm-up, Master tells me He has chosen a paddle that is lighter than the maintenance one...sounds really good to me.
                Master starts in, and considering it is Master and there is a paddle in His hand, they are on the lighter side.  After, the first set, there is more rubbing, the next set is a little harder, and i am squirming a bit.  Master reminds me that He does not 'play' spank...His spankings all 'count'....they are meant to be felt...and trust me...they are.  After 2 more sets, it is time for us to warm each other.....and if there had been snow in the room, it would not stand a chance!
                     I expect to wake up in the morning, to a still tender bottom and a smile....and then the next day...Fun spite of Mother Nature, i will have been kept warm all week.
hugs abby  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Leathery Valentine's Celebration

            Master and i had our 'just us' valentine's celebration a little early and of course it was a no calorie one!  I walk into the room to see 4 leather 'toys' lined up.  Seeing me grin, Master says...I guess I chose the right ones.  He did, 4 of my favorite items from His toy bag.  He tells me i can put them in the order i would like them to be used.  I place the beaver tail is perfect for a warm-up.  Then i decide on the smaller tawse like strap...then the large leather strop, on a well warmed bottom it is wonderful, and finally, of course....the large flogger.  Master says He had guessed correctly.
              After my kneeling time, i am over His lap, for a hand warm-up.  We start off chatting, about plans, and life in general, until i just totally relax into the spanking.  Master chuckles and says...looks like you are ready....don't want you if!
                I go get the beaver tail, Master says each section will be 100, with stops after 25 for some rubbing.  The beaver tail feels like a longer warm-up.....and with the stops and the rubbing i am totally mellow by the time I hear Master tell me to get the double strap.  He tells me to get up and lean over the back of the sofa.  This set has a lot more sting to it....but during the stops i start to get an idea.  By the last 25 there is some ouching and wriggling....Master tells me when this set is done, we will take a break...and i can concentrate on the taste, scent and feel of His cock in my mouth.
                   Master finishes and i ask if i can make a request.  He is a little surprised but says, of course.  I ask if before we continue would He get His whip and give me a set with His whip.  He is surprised, but grinning...I have never asked for Him to use His whip...but i do know He loves it.  Master tells me to go stand hanging on the the He gets the whip.  They sting, but they are not the hardest, i am very happy to get to 25, and some rubbing.  After 50 Master asks if i expected Him to go easy on me since i requested the whip, i say no, this is for His pleasure. Master gets my large purple toy out of my bag, and tells me to suck on it, to give me something else to think about while He finishes the last 2 sets.  It does occupy my mind on something besides the pain.
                    When the whipping is done, i trade in my purple toy for the real thing...much nicer smelling, feeling and tasting!  
                      Next is the large strop...I am so well warmed up, that these are all just right.  I am leaning over the sofa, and just enjoying and floating.  When we get to 100, Master helps me up and tells me we still have the flogger to go...I tell Him He almost lost me to sub space...He tells me to get the flogger that will be ticket there.
                          As wonderful as the strop was, the large flogger always works magic....Master alternates between flogging me hard and swishing the leather strips over my body.  It is indeed my ticket to sub space.  Master helps me over to the sofa, over His lap as i make my way back....Master is rubbing and managing to both relax and excite me at the same time.  And of course...since it is a Valentine celebration..we end with some explosive loving....
          hugs abby

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Ella's meme...since it is snowing...

    Thank you ella for the meme.

1.  You have to leave your house because of a disaster.  All the people and pets you love are safe.  If you could choose just one item to carry out, what would it be?
                   My diaries...I consider all of them 1 item.  I have been keeping them on and off since high school.

2.  Tell us about a book or series of books you loved as a child.  
                  The Cherrie Ames R.N. series.  I wanted to be a nurse and then realized it was all about science and math...

3.  Name one item of clothing that you love for your spouse to wear. 
                  Master's furry chest.  No shoes, jeans, and no shirt...ahhh:)

4.  Is there a lullaby your mom or dad sang to you that you also sang to your child?
                   I don't recall my parents singing to me.  But my dad would sing "Tiny Bubble" to the grands and great-grands as he rocked away.

5.  Tell about the fanciest restaurant at which you have ever dined.
                Most recent was last year..Daughters and dil treated me to a night in NYC. We went to a restaurant, don't recall the name. It was run by chef Batali of the Food Network. And...Sally Fields was at the table next to us!

6.  Tell us about any phobias you have. What else are you scared of?
         Snakes and roller coasters...going high up and dropping..UGH!

7.  Is there something old from a family member that you treasure?
         My mom's engagement ring.  And a picture...of my mom holding me, looks like she was still in the hospital, she is holding me close to her face looking at me as if she were seeing a miracle.  My daughter had it framed for me....that you more.

8.  If there is reading material in your bathroom, what magazines or books could be found?
          Crossword puzzle book in both bathrooms, in the car, next to my lounge chair...yes i am addicted.

9.  Tell us about your dearest childhood friend.
          There was a group of 5 of us...Diane, Paula, Sue and Elaine. Two of us are still in touch...oh the memories.

10.  Is there a household task that belongs to your husband?
               Master takes care of His place...sort of....and i take care of mine.

11.  Have you ever smoked pot?  How old were you the first time?  Do you still enjoy?
           Only as the fumes from all the concerts.

12.  If it is cold, what do you wear to bed?
           I have a wonderful collection of fluffy, warm, flannel PJ's.
Or....Master keeps me warm.

13.  How old were you when you lost your virginity?  Share any story with which you are comfortable.
              I was 22...senior in was not all that memorable.

14.  Think of something you did as a kid about which you were glad your parents never found out.  If you were a perfect child, you may just respond with "Perfect", but the rest of us will hate you for it.
               Remember those 4 friend in number 9.....there were a of them was a beautiful, hot day in June...much too nice to spend in school...but perfect for the beach.  Only one of the astute nuns remarked the next day....that we had good coloring for having been ill the day before.

15.  Boob Question - 
Think Goldilocks and the 3 Bears.  

Do you think your boobs are: 
a.)  Too big
b.)  Too small
c.)  Just right

d.)  "All of the above" is not a valid answer.
            Master says c...and He is always c.

hugs abby

Monday, February 8, 2016

'Plugged In"

       This is going to be a catch-up post...I have fallen a little behind...busy getting my behind attended to :OO)

  ........Go Broncos...actually neither team mattered to me..or no wager this year.
..........Master sent me a  text Friday morning....find  your plug, be 'wearing' it when I see you later.  I was surprised, it has been a long time since we have had any bottom...or  I have not missed it all that much, and being out of practice only made me more apprehensive.  I did try...but i just could not succeed in getting it where it belonged.  I sent Master a text, saying i was sorry, my bathroom had lube all over, but plug was still in my hand.  He replied...don't worry, I will help you with that later.
          Later, i am kneeling, naked, Master is claiming me when He tells me to go get my plug and lube.  I am guided over His lap, He tells me to open up to Him, and yes, after a bit the plug is in place.  He plays with it a little, asking me if i remember the sensations He is now creating...they are coming back to me.  He starts to spank, first with His hand, then with a hairbrush, using both sides to vary the sensations..  Just as i am starting to squirm, He reaches to check and see if i am showing any signs of enjoying.....I would like to deny it, but He finds lots of proof, that He is rubbing over my bottom.  
        Master says that since we have one hole full, we should go for all 3.  I very much agree....we maneuver into position, and I am keeping up my share by making sure that Master is getting equal enjoyment. My mouth, my pussy and my bottom ...all tightly filled, it does not take me long to be  needing permissions. Luckily Master know me well...since my mouth is full and busy, and permissions are granted.  After our snuggle time, Master tells me to stay plugged, i need to re-acquaint myself with the feeling.
     ......Today is maintenance day , as is every Monday in my world.  After my naked kneeling i am over Master's lap.  We are chatting as Master is rubbing my bottom, and i feel the coolness of the maintenance paddle.  My head pops up, and ask about a warm up...Master chuckles and says, ...oh, you would like a hand warm up, first.  I assure Him i do, and being the nice guy He (sometimes) is, i get my hand warm-up.  Too soon, it is time for the real Master puts it.  He asks me why we have maintenance..i groan, since He asks me this question every Monday. but He expects an answer every Monday, so i reply.  He starts in...maintenance spankings are all hard....He stops after 25, and 50 and 75 for some rubbing.  At the 75 point, i thank Him for the sets of 25...He says He was wondering if i had noticed.  I assure Him i noticed and appreciate it...much better than 2 sets of 50.  Master finishes the last 25 and asks if i would like some help putting my plug in.  I look up at Him...He continues, it was His fault that i got 'out of practice', He plans to remedy that....i think that comes under the thought of, 'good news, bad news'.  Master then asks if i would like an orgasm before we get to the that is all good news.  
       After i have recovered, Master tells me to get my plug.  After it is in place, Master says 1 is never really enough, once He has me 'wet and ready', He tells me i will come from Him playing with my plug and using my bottom.  Master never fails, and i am soon asking for a permission. With Master's encouragement  I have transformed from a very quiet submissive, to a very loud one, I let Him know i am so enjoying this!!!!  
I think if any of you heard an unusual noise earlier, it was me...I was exploding, and sounded like it.  Once i was able to talk i started to apologize to Master for being so loud, He stopped me and said, He considered it a wonderful compliment.  
.....Have a good week all...winter is supposed to make an appearance here in a couple days...temps in the single numbers and  snow even...I think i have only had to shovel once this year...unheard of, but so nice......
hugs abby


Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eighteen minutes of.......

        Hint...not 18 minutes of spanking.

     I walk into the den and see the large leather strop on the sofa...where it was left a couple days ago.  Hmmmm, not like Master to leave a toy out, I start to wonder if maybe this will be an interesting Maintenance Monday.  Master comes in and asks why i am not getting naked and ready to kneel.  I mention the strop caught my attention, He sees my smile, and quickly tells me it is Monday...the maintenance paddle is on the agenda.
     Master is claiming all of me, we are chatting about the weekend and the coming week.  Master says it doesn't seem possible that it has been 6 years since we started maintenance, He would have guessed maybe 3.  I refrain from commenting on His memory, just agree that time seems to fly by.
      I am over His lap, He comments on my last post, the break up of 100 spanks, into sets of 2 or 4 or 5 or 10,,,He says I seemed to dislike the two sets of 50 the most.  I reply that He is right, 50 seems to go on forever, much too long.  So, 4 sets of 25 it is for today...Hurrah!  While we are chatting He is rubbing and teasing...and getting me very wet.  I am no longer talking, Master chuckles and says, let me know when you are ready for maintenance.  My 'anytime' answer, gets a laugh, and He says i need to ask properly.
        I ask...but before He agrees, I also have to tell Him why we have maintenance...that is part of our Monday ritual.  I am squirming by now, and just want Him to start spanking with the paddle, so we can move on to something much more enjoyable...which i am ready and primed for.  Finally , Master stops 'edging' me on, and i finally feel the coolness of the paddle.  True to His plan, Master stops after each set of 25, to rub my bottom a bit, and to let His fingers roam.
          I relax over His lap, glad the spanking part is over, and Master is enjoying getting me to squirm and breathe heavily, and pant..and...He reminds me that I need a permission before any orgasms...I nod my head.  I have decided to see how long i can stay in this 'ready' state....sort of like exquisite torture...I know that if i let myself go over the edge, there will be a price to pay...but i just want to hang on that edge between pure pleasure and release for as long as I can.
        I know i can wait no longer, I try to form the words, not sure what i said, but Master got the message.  He tells me to cum for Him....and within seconds i am that wonderful place....finally i fall over Master's lap, trying to catch my breath....Master says...18 minute build-up i am impressed at your i am impressed too. 
     It is February and our non-existent winter continues...see my wide smile. Suppose to be close to 60 tomorrow, and record new high by a lot...bigger smile.  They say winter will still put in an appearance...but it can't still be snowing in May...can it?
  Hugs abby