Tuesday, January 26, 2016

How Would You Prefer 100 Spanks?

         During maintenance yesterday Master asked me to look up when we started maintenance...March of 2010...so almost  6 years. It was at a time when i was struggling with submission and Master was also a bit frustrated.  We talked, and Master decided we would start maintenance...I would be spanked weekly.  My first maintenance was that very day.  I have to admit, later in day i was wondering how long weekly would last....i never imagined more than 6 years.
        Maintenance has changed over the years to what it is today.  Unless one of us is ill or away, it is on a Monday, with the maintenance paddle, 100 spanks.  Master likes to surprise me, to keep me on my toes, He says, but maintenance is very ritualistic...no surprises, i pretty much know what to expect every Monday.
        Before the first spank, I am asked why we have maintenance...to keep me out of trouble.  He reminds me that maintenance is a hard spanking...so that i will not what one that is harder (as if i need reminding!).  Then, after a hard warm-up, the paddling commences, hard ones from the beginning.  Often He spanks in sets of 25, stopping after each set for a little rubbing and maybe some chat.  Occasionally He will decide on 2 sets of 25, and one seemingly endless set of 50.  Occasionally, He will stop at 90, and the last 10 are slow and very deliberate.
       Yesterday, for the first time, He spanked in sets of 10 until He got to 100.  They were slow spanks.  After the first set, I thought to myself...oh, i think i will like this much more that a set of 25 or 50.  By the third set i was changing my mind.  The spanks seemed to hurt more...and the soreness has lasted longer (that is not a bad thing:)).  I think, that since He rubbed and we chatted a bit after each 10, it was starting over on a fresh bottom each time.
         If i had a vote, I would eliminate any sets of 50....they seem endless.  My first choice would be sets of 25, with breaks after each set...and as an occasional alternative sets of 10. What do you think...what would your vote be?
*******Of course, i know you are all aware, that this is not a democratic vote......but maybe the results will influence Master ...a little.

have a good week...and if you are still shoveling out, you have my sympathies...
hugs abby

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sparks and Spanks...

          **I hope that those of you who are in the path of the epic snowstorm are safe and warm, and have stocked up on hot cocoa, board games, popcorn and good movies....and do not have to shovel yourselves out.

              Maintenance this week waited until Wednesday. I was not feeling well at the beginning of the week, but was much better by Wednesday.  So, i found myself kneeling before Master while He reminded me that every bit of me is His.  Then over His lap, for a quick warm-up, followed by 100 with the maintenance paddle.  Once i could catch my breath we moved on to more pleasurable activities.  Master gave me the task of searching to see if there is anything i would like to try that we have not done yet. He then also mentioned that He was thinking He wanted 10 more pounds from me...I have Him a what??? and He grinned.  (The truth is, i had been thinking for about a week that i wanted to lose 10 more, was just debating if i should just try on my own...or ask Him to help.  If He helps...the rewards are much better, but gaining is a painful experience, but my reaching my goal is pretty much guaranteed.)
                 On Friday, i told Master i did not find anything yet in my search, but would continue to look, since it makes for interesting reading.  I also fessed up that i had been thinking i wanted to lose 10 pounds.  He surprised me on Wednesday when He mentioned it .....and i realized He was back in my head.  (Don't think i will ever get used to that).  But i would like to make no gain weeks a non punishable report.  Master said it would take me longer to lose the 10 if He agreed, i countered with but the end result would be the same.  So He agreed, a stay the same week will not be punished, but 2 in a row will mean a strong reminder that He wants me to stay 'on track'.  
                     I am then kneeling for Master, and He pulls out the blindfold and covers my eyes with it.  It has been a while since we have used it, and it does seem to make every sensation stronger.  Master is touching all of me, only i am never sure where He will roam next.  He pinches and pulls my breast. sometimes one at a time, sometimes both at once.  Sometimes gently, sometimes He takes my breath away...never knowing what He will do, keeps all of me on the alert.  I feel Him tug at my nipples and think...ut oh...some type of clip? But He seems to play  a little and move on. Then i feel it, a small zap...He was attaching the tens unit.  He reminds me to keep talking as He goes from pulsing jolts to a steady sensation, increasing and decreasing the strength.  
                        He then invites me over His lap, i reach for the blindfold, He takes my hands and says He will remove it when He is ready.  He does help me over His lap, and starts with a hand spanking.  He then attaches the tens pads to my inner thighs. He varies the sensations, talking to me, keeping me anticipating His next move.  He then removes the pads and puts them on my bottom.  I seem to be able to 'enjoy' a higher level, maybe all His spankings have leathered it a bit.  Master then removes the tabs and I feel His fingers checking to see how moist I am...I have gone beyond moist to wet.
                           To my surprise i start to feel a tingling coming from His finger...He has attached the lead to his finger and is trying to transfer the zap from his finger to me.....His finger is taking the brunt of the power, but i am enjoying feeling His finger....He decides to change tactics, and attaches the pad just inside of my pussy.  Now....the sensation is much stronger. (yes, i am still blindfolded.)  Master quickly has me panting and squirming, and can feel me 'puddling'....He removes the tab and picks up the paddle, and tells me i have permission to cum anytime He is spanking me.....I am at the point where i am pushing up to meet the paddle and just wanting more.....until, it happens....i explode...i am always surprised that being paddled can spur me on to release...it is a strong and long release, and when done i just collapse over Him. Master removes the blindfold.
                 Master is massaging me, bringing me back to Him.  When He feels i am back, He concentrates on getting me back to where i am begging for a permission.....i have learned to make this part last for as long as possible....it feels soooo good...but all good things must end, and i am begging for permission...it is granted, and i am loudly gushing and squirting....til all i can do is lie there, panting.    
                     Fridays have always been a favorite day of week...with Master they are extra special.
hugs abby



Saturday, January 16, 2016

Two Of My Favorite Things...

             This is one of those times when He just sits and watches me as i get naked.  What used to be so difficult for me, has become much easier. I see His eyes light up as He watches, His smile grows, His reaction has me confident.  He approves of my choice of undies for the day.  He stands and envelopes me in a big bear hug....and tells me i missed something.  I turn around and see 4 'toys' on the floor.  The beaver tail, the horse hair flogger (that we have not used in much too long), His belt, and the large flogger.  My smile widens as He tells me to go put them in the order i want them used....I choose the beaver tail first..it is great for a warm-up, then the horse hair...it is fairly light and i am thinking He will use it partially on my front, then His belt...I am hoping I will be well warmed up and able to enjoy it. Lastly the large flogger....one of my favorite toys in His bag.
             Kneeling time, He rubs my shoulders to get any kinks out, He holds my face making me feel cherished, He plays lightly with my nipples somehow producing little jolts of electricity. He then moves on to pulling and pinching, asking me if i can feel my wetness, yet? He reaches down and tells me, i should be feeling it.
             I am over His lap for a hand warm-up.  He starts with the usual, spanking from side to side of my bottom, spanks getting a little harder with each set. Then He decides to spank in one spot for a set, and move to the other cheek for a set. I tell Him those hurt a lot more....He moves to the sit spots for the next couple sets...yes those hurt even more. Master's answer to my complaining...."Location, location, location...so important in many things."
          Master tells me to go get the beaver tail and climb over His lap.  He tells me He is planning on 100 for each toy. I remark that He seems to like that number lately...He laughs and says He likes nice round numbers with zeros...I suddenly am liking 100 much more, since it only has 2 zeros.
This paddle is shaped like a beaver tail, so it pretty much covers all my bottom, but it is light with a short handle and the leather feels good.
            Next i get the horse hair flogger, and my thoughts were correct, He tells me to stand with my hands behind my head.  This flogger is one of the few items that i enjoy...sort of...on my breast.  I do close my eyes, Master tells me 50 on the front. When He is done He rubs my breast and nipples, enjoying the heat.  I stay in position as He goes  behind me.  The next 50 will be on my back.  I love the feel of the horse hair...and relax into it.
             Belt time!  I get into position, head down, bottom up, legs spread. I struggle a bit as He starts, the horse hair was much gentler. These are all on my bottom. He gets to the last 10...on my back.  I am not surprised, but i do get a lot more vocal.  Master says He needs a break...and i know how to keep busy during a break time.  I kneel and take Him into my mouth, getting loss in my quest, when i hear Master say He has an idea. I look up at Him, not sure if i should be excited...or not.
             He says He wants to flog me as i suck Him. Hmmmm....2 of my favorite activities at once...I am all in.  I get the flogger, He sits, and i kneel.  My task is to suck, lick, slurp, kiss His cock...His task to flog my back.  It is a great combination....we are both loving it!! 
              Master has me get back over His lap, He is rubbing my moisture over my bottom.  He then sees how wet He get me....i am struggling not to cum...Master reminds me that cumming without permission is not permitted.  Master is not ready for my 'torture' or 'pleasure' to end...He continues until i can hear my sloshing and am having trouble breathing.  I start pleading and finally I hear...cum for Me...and i do...and i do....and i do...until all i can do is lie there, and let Him rub me back to awareness.
               When i have the energy, i ask to climb onto His lap.  He smiles and replies...of course.  We snuggle and enjoy some quiet time, until it is time to join the real world once again.  
                hugs abby

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

What Does a Girl Have To Do To Get a Break During a Spanking?

        I hope you all made some wonderful memories during the holidays. We had an old-fashioned Christmas at grandma's, the grands enjoyed hearing about...grandma celebrated like this when she was your age. They all stayed a week, and then i went to help with a couple of the grands. I returned late Sunday, but alas my luggage did not make it. Somehow it decided to head South, was finally found in Virginia, and we are going to be reunited today...Hurrah!
      Master and i had discussed while i was away the possibility of not making up 3 weeks of maintenance spankings all in one day. He seemed to think it was a possibility. I pleaded my case, saying 100 is plenty, i could never take 300 all at once. I was hopeful.....
    Yesterday we get back into the routine of maintenance Monday.  I remind Him that we talked about not making up the missed ones all at once. He replies, He has changed His mind. He feels that if we make them up all at once it will be a deterrent to my missing that many again.  He gives me that...I have decided look....then adds, if you get creative we might take a break after each 100.
       I am thinking about being creative as i kneel naked.  Master is reclaiming all of me, reminding me that every inch is His.  I never really forget, and we did find a couple new ways to keep our M/s going on this trip.  Master then tells me it is time, i get up and over His lap.  We start with a long hand spanking, i am sighing and enjoying....it has been too long.
      Too soon, i feel the coolness of the maintenance paddle.  I am squirming and ouching almost from the start.  I say we must be close to 25, but He just keeps spanking and stops at 50.  He is rubbing my bottom and it feels so good, until He starts in for the next 50.  I am trying to ignore the pain and plan how i will get a break before the second 100.
     First 100 are over and Master is rubbing my bottom and i ask Him if He knows one of the things i missed the most while i was away...besides His hand rubbing my bottom.  He says my hugs, I say yes...but even more i missed your scent and your taste, having your cock in my mouth. I then asked if He missed that....He did! (phew, otherwise my plan was out of the window).  I say we can remedy some of that right now.....Master gives a little chuckle and says that is a great idea.  So i quickly get up and kneel and concentrate on making up for loss time in a much more pleasant way.
     I hear Master star to breathe louder, and He says...time for second 100...i was hoping He might forget...i know...a very faint hope.  So, i am back over His lap for another round of make-up maintenance.  He stops after 50, and again after 100.  As He starts to rub, I say,  you know, i was just beginning to get your taste and smell, i sure could use more.  Master helps me up and on my knees.  Before i really get to taste Him, Master calls...time for the last round.
    He starts in and i have to admit...my bottom seems to have numbed a bit, they hurt, but not as much as the last sets...or there is a remote possibility that Master is going easier on my for some reason......
When we finish the last of the maintenance, Master says....do you have something you want to finish....I do!  And this time i am reminded of His scent and His taste.  And to top it off....i get caught up on a few missing O's :):):)...
   So that is my answer for how to get a break during a spanking...
hugs abby

Monday, January 4, 2016

Wishing all of you....

        Yes, i know i am late with New Year wishes.  I have been mostly 'unplugged' since before Christmas. I am hoping to start reading and getting caught up with all of you soon. The house was full with kids and grands..and we had so much fun.  Exhausted by the end of each day...but the best kind of tired.  I am still with 2 of the grands, but popping in to wish all of you......
    A year filled with good health, smiles and laughs, and many blessings.  
hugs abby