Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Shortened Leash and Christmas Wishes...

             Once in a while...maybe a few times a year, Master and I have a shortened leash day.  It is a day when Master steps up His control, and my focus is totally on submission.  Usually I am the one who requests such a day and Master agrees. There is no set formula on how such a day goes...that is entirely Master's decision.
               This past Monday after my maintenance spanking, Master mentions that He thinks it is time for a shortened leash day.  He then continues on to another topic....just planting a seed.  He knows, that now, my first thought each morning will this the day???
              Wednesday morning, after I tell Master that I have no set plans for the day, He inquires if I plan to stay in all day. I reply that I hope that is how my day goes. He tells me to wear my ankle and wrist cuffs all day. I say I will put them on after my shower, when I get dressed..... He tells me He likes the idea of me being naked with my cuffs on all day.  I ask if I could wear a robe....I am told to go turn the heat up, so I can be comfortable naked.  I am then told to go get my frog paddle and I am to have it with me all day...very close to me.
          I am then informed that I will have to ask for everything today. If I am in one room and want to leave to do something I must have permission first....I am to ask for everything when I am ready to do it, and I may not do whatever it is until I have permission. Once He is sure we are on the same page, I am told to use the paddle, 25 spanks on each cheek...hard as I can.  I say...really??...but quickly amend that to Yes, Sir.  Once I am done, I am told to do them again for asking...really?  When I am done I am told to sit on the edge of the bed and play with my clit for 1 full minute...but I may not cum.
               I ask if I may go to the bathroom and have breakfast...He replies, which would you like to do, I am sure you are not going to do both at the same time. I choose the bathroom, as I see Him almost chuckle. He tells me He will reply as soon as He can to my requests, but I should leave myself a little time, as He will be at work.  I then ask for permission for breakfast and to watch a morning show...He gives me a look..and I quickly amend to just breakfast.  He says I may, and reminds me to always have my paddle with me.
            After breakfast I ask and get permission for some computer time. I soon get a text from Him...time to use my paddle....25 on each cheek and 1 minute of play time with my clit. When I am done, I may return to my computer. That is how my day goes, asking for permission, being told it is spank and play time.  Whenever I reply without adding a Sir, I am told to repeat the spanking.  After a couple of those, I am much more careful to include it.  When I ask for permission to clean....and I would not mind a no...I am told to put my plug in first and them I may.  
            He then tells me He has a meeting to attend, so I may have some quiet reading time...and I may remove my plug. The day continues, I get into the routine of asking before I leave a room or want to do something new or use the bathroom.  I always get a permission, occasionally with an added spanking or task. When I ask for permission for lunch, I am told to put on a light shirt. At the end of the day, my last spanking has to be hard enough to leave 2 red spots on my bottom, and I may rub until I cum....then 5 minutes of naked kneeling while I process the day...and then we discuss it.
             Once I wrapped my head around it and got used to not moving without permission, it was a stress free day, and I was totally focused on the fact that...I am His...and that thought always makes me smile.
             Today, it was me, Master, and the bath brush. I was not all that thrilled, but Master wanted me to remain calm for as long as possible with the holiday kicking in tomorrow.  He planned a 30 minute spanking, with 2 breaks, I could decide when I wanted the breaks.  It turns out, without looking at a clock, I spaced them at 10 minute intervals.  The last 10 minutes seemed to last forever....and the last minute was extra hard spanks.  Yes, I am sitting on a sore bottom as I sit here.
                The grands and the kids arrive tomorrow....we were hoping for a sledding day, but our snow is disappearing too quickly.  I am ready with lots of little surprises, and am looking forward to lots of fun.  We will continue some long lasting family traditions, and possible start some new ones.  
                   I wish all of you holidays filled with family and friends, laughter and fun, recalling past holidays and making new memories...and light and love.
hugs abby

Thursday, December 8, 2016

That darn dice game!

          I am off in the morning (weather permitting) to surprise my oldest grand-daughter at her Christmas concert tomorrow afternoon...which also happens to be my daughter's birthday.  Master likes to send me off with a bottom that will keep reminding me of least on the drive there. This morning, before He left for work, Master told me to plan the kind of spanking I would like. Now those are rare words....
            I immediately thought all leather....but we had lots of leather on Monday....not  that two in a row would be a bad thing.  In the shower, it came to me (seems all my best ideas come to me in the shower), the dice game! It had not been played in a long time.
            If you are fairly new to reading here, the dice game is 3 of them has numbers from 1--30, another has 12 positions, and the third has 11 spanking 'tools' and one wild.  We have played a few times, and mostly I have been quite lucky. Lots of leather rolls, and the wood ones were the lower numbers.
              When I handed Master the dice, He laughed and know your luck might be running out with these..silly me just laughed. We decided on 10 rolls, we  would take turns tossing the die, and if the wild side came up we would take turns choosing what 'toy' would be used.  I made sure we had a pen and paper so I could give an accurate account of what had been rolled.
             It was time for my naked kneeling.  I am getting naked, when I realize I had worn a new pair of 'funsies' panties that said.....naughty is the new nice.  I put them back on, Master wondering what was going on, when I stuck my bottom out...and He laughed, and very much approved. After the kneeling and a hand warm-up it was time for the game to begin.
                Being the gentleman I was the first to roll...21, standing with the tawse.  Leather, with a split into two strips at the end.  I was grinning, looks like my leather streak was going to continue.  It took me a few to settle in, but it was a great start. Master's first roll was 27, with the hairbrush, OTK.
I let out a groan, but at least I would be over His lap. These were hard and had me squirming.
           My next roll was 10, hairbrush again, on all fours...UGH..but at least it was only 10.  Master's next roll was 20 (He seems to have figured out how to roll the higher numbers) bent over with the acrylic paddle.  Master saw the look on my face and reminded me that I had chosen the dice game...and He had warned me that my luck had been pushed. Once we are  done, Master asks if I would like a break, I would, so I am enjoying the taste of His cock while my bottom cools a little.   I then roll a 29 bent over a table....with the cane. Yes, I was thinking....what was i thinking?? Master loves to give me travelling stripes before I leave for a trip, He was excited that I would be striped for my drive tomorrow.
             I then roll an 8, OTK, and decide to give my bottom a bit of a break and chose the beaver tail leather paddle.  I love the feel of this, but was disappointed that it was only 8. Master's next roll is 17, kneeling, with the acrylic paddle once again.  This is certainly not the spanking I had in mind.  At this point, even Master is starting to feel sorry for me, but He tells me to get into position. My bottom is getting tender, they are not the hardest spanks, but they hurt. 
         My last roll is 25 against the wall with the.....cane.  I am very happy that this is my last roll.  Master then says my bottom probably needs a break.  I agree, with a devilish grin, He says up against the wall, and He is tapping my thighs.  They are fairly light taps, all on my thighs....I am very happy when these are over, also.  Last roll belongs to Master, He says, "come on flogger"....and flogger is rolled....He should have said that a lot sooner...18 standing in the corner.  We end on a very good note, but think the dice will not be making another appearance for a while.
hugs abby

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's Cookie Day!

        Yes, cookie day.  I have been baking and freezing the grands favorites this week, since Santa is coming to grandma's house this year...see me smiling.  Normally I look for something easier and quick...and of course chocolate.  I am breaking the rules a bit (hoping Master skips this post since it is a recipe) and and chose this quick and delicious made in minutes....
                         Peanut Butter-Chocolate Mousse Cups  
      Thaw 1 package (1.9 oz.) frozen mini phyllo shells.
       Whisk 1/4 cup creamy peanut butter and 1 1/2 cups thawed frozen cream topping (Cool Whip or a store brand), just until blended.
       Stir in 2 Tbsp miniature semi-sweet chocolate chips; 
       Spoon into resealable plastic bag. Cut one small piece off one corner of bag use to pipe mixture into shells.
        Sprinkle with additional mini chips.
That's it..looks great, yummy and super easy!

hugs abby



Monday, December 5, 2016

LOL day spanking report.....

        We had planned to have my LOL day spanking...chosen by all of you....last week.  We tried, but life was not in agreement. Master decided that the LOL spanking would take the place of maintenance today...:):):) !
          I find myself kneeling, naked, as we concentrate on each other, trying to close out all the rest.  Master asks which 'toys' He should get out of His bag....flogger, Paddleman paddle, crop, strop, cane, and beaver tail paddle. Master says I may choose the order. I smile and said I had something in mind. He nodded, pretty sure He knew at the very least where we would begin and end. I did ask if we could divide the number for the flogger into 2 separate turns, and He said no...each item gets one turn.
       I request the beaver tail paddle is smallish and pliable, perfect for a warm-up. Each vote on LOL day was worth 10 spanks, which amounted to 60 with this paddle. I am over Master's lap, He divides the spanking into 2 sets of 30. A perfect warm-up.
     Next is the crop. Still leather, and will continue to warm-up my bottom, in a more concentrated area.  Sixty is the total, Master has me get up and lean over a pillow. When He gets to 50 He tells me to stand and face Him and present my breast to Him.  I sort of give Him a look (as much as I dare)..He laughs and says, you did not ask for a vote on position or location so I get to decide. (note to self..try to remember this for next year). Each breast gets half of the remaining 10.
    The large strop is next. I am leaning over the sofa. On a will-warmed bottom this is one of my favorite sensations. Master can't resist some rubbing, which I encourage! Two sets of 25, changing sides after the first set. I am very mellow when He finishes, almost wishing for more.
     Master announces 'break time' since we are half way done...I quickly kneel and reach for Master's cock.  He does seem to be enjoying this LOL spanking also;).  Next in line is Master's 'paddleman' paddle.  It was a Christmas gift from me a couple of years ago....He loves it, I am happy that He loves it.  Master does think the vote was fixed, since this number is 20...I simply smile and say, I thought 2 votes was a good showing.  Two sets of 10, making each one count.  I am vocal from the start, as He is lighting a fire on my warm bottom.
      Cane time, one of Master's favorite. Master gives me a look when I tell Him, the number is 20....I smile and shrug.  I lean over, and Master says 10 on each side.  They are not full swings, but my bottom is tender, and each one of them certainly counts.  I am very glad when He reaches 20.....since I saved the best for last....
      Flogger time! And....the number is 160. Master thinks the voting was rigged, I laugh.  I am leaning over, hanging on to the mantle.  He stops when He get to 80 for some delicious rubbing, enjoying the heat radiating off my back.  He also swishes the lovely leather strands all over my body, lulling me into complete relaxation. He then warns me time for the last 80.....and we are finished...with the spanking part.
        I decide it is time for me to thank Master for being such a good sport ...He assures me, and wants to let all of you know...He had a wonderful time, with the spanking you all crafted for us.  I am thinking, this should be an LOL day tradition for "Finally Finding Me"!
hugs abby

Monday, November 21, 2016

Naughty List and Lovin It!

           Most importantly this early morning, a big Thank You to everyone who helped make LOL days such a success this year. I am still catching up with some of the posts, it was so wonderful to hear from all of you and meet new friends. I have not added up the total for my next spanking....I am away wearing my grand-ma hat this week....but all the 'toys' listed received at least one vote and the flogger was the top vote getter. My welcome home spanking will be lots of fun! Of course a big Thank You to Hermione for organizing and hosting!
       Before I left last week, I went shopping for new undies, mainly bras, since I had not replaced my 'every day' ones in a long time.  Just as I suspected, after I was sized, I needed to drop a couple sizes for a good fit. I really like to need to buy a smaller size, yes even with a bra. I noticed there was a table with a large display of panties, in a large variety of colors. I didn't really need new ones, but I had to walk over and look.  A couple of them had interesting words on them, way too enticing to just walk away.
      I decided to purchase a few, walked up to the counter and the sales lady says..are these a gift for someone?  I almost just said yes, and let it go, but then I, they are for perhaps have a little fun with.  She husband calls these funsies, since when I wear them it means I am in the mood for some fun. I laughed and said, I am pretty sure they will work that way for me. You just never we??
          The pair I wore for last week's Fun Friday had the words in my title for this entry on the back of them.  Master had told me to get ready....naked and kneeling...while He went to get something. He walked back in to find me standing and wearing panties. He gave me a "LOOK" and I quickly turned 
around and waved my bottom at Him. He laughed and said..." keep them on"..:)
            Once over His lap, He asked why I had chosen the bright red color, I replied it was the only color they had with this saying in them. He continued, reminding me that it is almost universal the spankers think they should try to match the bottom they are spanking with the color of the undies being worn.  I am not entirely certain that it is a universal rule, but since He was allowing me to keep them on, I did not argue.
          Starting with His hand, and then on to one of His smaller paddles, He eventually had my bottom matching my undies. Of course by then, we both interested in another kind of they were removed, and we moved on to a few...orgasms. Yes, the undies were well worth the investment.
          If I do not get a chance to say it on Thursday, hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving counting your blessings and remembering...there is no such thing as calories on this holiday.  I am very thankful for all of you for so many reasons.....
hugs abby

Friday, November 18, 2016

LOL DAY...You get to choose my next spanking!

             Welcome to LOL Day, a day we put aside to celebrate our readers and to encourage out 'lurkers' to say hello! I was in your shoes once, before I started my blog.  What I found when I finally said hello was an accepting group of friends. I always try to respond to any comments, so it is really the start of a conversation and getting to 'know' each other.
            For the last couple of years LOL day comments have determined my next spanking. The tradition will continue this year.  If you are knew to my blog, I just want you to know....Master is a 'Paddle Man'...and I am a leather girl...hint, hint.
    Here are this year's possibilities...
       1. Leather tail beaver paddle
       2. Crop
       3. Large flogger
       4. Cane
       5. Strop
       6. Paddle Man Paddle
.......I have a love/hate relationship with the cane....and had to add at least one paddle...did not want Master to think this voting process was rigged :o.....Each vote equals 10 with that 'toy'...
Enjoy these two days, we are a diverse group, where our differences and our commonalities are celebrated!
hugs abby

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A Different Kind of Release...

.......... I stayed up until 1 AM this morning, not believing what I was seeing and hearing.  I am so happy that my children are adults, and my grands are too young to know what is going on. How do we explain to children that the President of our country is not a role model for them?? I can only hope and pray that kindness, civility and acceptance return to our lives.

..........Thank you all for the good thoughts and prayers and support....please keep them coming.

        Master always takes great delight in reminding me ahead of time when the first Monday of the month is right around the corner....maintenance and harder play Mondays. I am not nearly as enthusiastic about the first Monday of the month as He is. This Monday I was really not even in a maintenance mode, never mind harder play.  I did think about asking Him to delay it, but the words...when you least want a spanking is when you need it most, kept playing in my head, and I know that we have been at this for a long time and He knows how to get my into a good head space.
           As I am getting ready for my naked kneeling, I see not only the maintenance paddle, but also the school is long and heavy.  I am just trying to quiet everything else going on in my head and concentrate on relaxing and accepting.  After a lot of squirming on my part, I am invited over His lap.  He does start with a long hand warm-up, and them moves on to the maintenance paddle.
           I am ouching and squirming from the start, after each set of 25 Master stops for some rubbing and encouraging words.  Usually after the second set I am more settled, not happening on this day.  I continue to squirm and be vocal to the last spank.  Master lets me have some quiet time over His lap, as He is still rubbing my back and bottom and legs.
              He then asks me to get up and hand Him the school paddle, and go lean against the fire place mantle. He reminds me to present my bottom and not to move out of position...and to count and thank Him after each one.  I groan loudly counting and thanking....not my favorites either.
                 He starts in slowly, waiting for my count and thanks before each spank.  They are hard, but I do stay in place while letting Him know that they hurt.  "Ten, thank-you Sir". and he pulls me into a hug.  I am stunned...10 and He is done??? I quickly say Thank you Sir, I am totally amazed that He stopped at 10...shortest hard play Monday ever.
                 His fingers start exploring, and He is surprised to find that my usual wetness is missing.  He continues trying to remedy that, until I finally say...let's just stop, it's not happening. He continues for a couple more minutes and then picks up the small paddle and starts to spank lightly.  Something goes off in my head, and I know what I need...something that I have been suppressing, I say 'harder, Sir'. He hesitates, just for a bit, I push my bottom up and He start to spank harder.  After a couple rounds I say again....harder.  He complies and as He continues to spank, i start sobbing.  He stops spanking, and is rubbing me all over speaking softly.  
                 I am finally done with the sobbing and am crying quietly and I hear Him saying, ...let it all are safe, let go...I've got you cry it out....over and over. I finally am cried out, He continues to touch me, but we just stay quiet for a while.  He then asks me if I am ready to move, I am not.  He tells me just to stay where I am, until I am ready to move.  After a few more minutes, I start to tell Him..I am sorry, this Monday was not what He expected.  He tells me His only expectation is that I am His...and I am. He thanks me for giving Him my tears, He knows that is not easy for me. 
He then adds, that I got exactly the kind of release I needed today...and He pulls me into Him, finally totally relaxed.
hugs abby

Saturday, November 5, 2016

One (or two) of THOSE kind of weeks...

               Life has been throwing around a lot of lemons for the past couple of weeks.  We are fine, but family and close friends have kept us busy with hospital stays and declining health.   Things have quieted a bit, but we know that there is more to come....such is life at times.
                     Last week's Fun Friday was cancelled...we were each helping family and friends, and there are only so many places one person can be...altho if anyone could be in two places at once, it would be Master.  By Monday, Master was more than determined and M/M day would happen. And so it did...never bet against Master.
                        It was pretty much like most maintenance spankings. Kneeling time, a hand warm-up, then 100 with the maintenance paddle.  I thought that the spanking was harder than usual, but Master claimed that my bottom had gone too long without "his loving touch".  After the last spank, Master said He had a treat for me...and it was not His cum. 
                           He had taken the tens unit out to play.  I was grinning, I love the sensations it creates.  Master started off with the pads on my breasts. He reminds me that I need to keep talking and informing Him what I am feeling.  I tend to not be thrilled with breast play, except when the tens unit comes into play.  He starts out with a steady sensation, no breaks, and increases it slowly until I let Him know it is enough.  After a bit He switches to a pulse sensation, starting low and moving up.  Finally there is a slow continuous increase in sensations...which is my favorite.
                                   Once we have cycled through all the sensations, Master takes off the pads and leads and starts with them on my bottom.  On a still warm and tender bottom from maintenance, it is my favorite place to have the pads. Master then puts them on my pussy lips, which brings me quickly to a pant and lots of squirming.  Master stops and tells me, He will put me in charge....those are words I never thought I would hear. He hands me the control and explains the different settings, and tells me He will be otherwise occupied, while I take charge of the controls.  Master is busy seeing how close He get me to does not take all the long for Him to get me very close.  I drop the control and am begging for permissions, which He is nice enough to quickly grant.
                            Our batteries were re-charged to face the rest of the week....and it was a good thing. It was another rough week...and honestly that might be the norm for a while. By the time Friday morning came around, Master first words to me about a long leather session later today.  Ahhhh...words that make me smile...and cross my fingers that life would not interfere.
                          We got lucky... after my naked kneeling, Master asked what leather I would like to start with...I quickly reply, His hand.  He chuckles a bit, but does agree that it could be considered leather.  So, I am over His knee getting a wonderful hand warm-up.  Next, Master switches to the small, oval leather paddle.  It is a great follow up to His hand, I am soon so relaxed, more relaxed than I have been in too long.
                      Master then tells me to go get His belt since that is next.  I am waiting for Him to tell me where He wants me to lean over...when He tells me I may lay down flat a use a pillow...He is such a sweety, sometimes..He starts with 100, then tells me to face the other way for the next 100. I am mostly relaxed except for to occasional over lap, or too low swat, which causes me to howl a bit.
                           Last in line is the large leather strop.  It looks intimidating, and can be...but on a well warmed bottom, and a Master who is in a good is perfect. One hundred more, in sets of 10 with lots of rubbing, and I am heading to my relaxed, happy place. When He is done, Master checks to see if I might be ready for permissions...I am getting there, so He helps me along, until I am just laying there, satiated, barely able to breathe.
                          Once I am back to earth, I look back at Master and tell Him....what would I do without You to chase away some of the yuckies of the past couple weeks.  He pulls me to Him, til we are face to face, and says to me...what would I do without you to chase away the yuckies of the past couple weeks.  I smile and as I snuggle into Him, as close as I can get, I hear Him say...we are so lucky to have each other.
                                  I am reminded of how lucky we be able to share both the yuckiness...and the yummyness...that life brings. Hope you all have more yummy moments than yucky ones this week.
hugs abby                             

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Meeting of 'Lurkers Anonymous"

            All of you wonderful lurkers in blog land...take note.  There is help coming to help you de-lurk.  Save the dates of November 18 and 19, yes we even give you a choice of 2 days.   Two days in which Hermione hosts LOL...Love Our Lurkers Day.  It is a day just for all of you, to put aside and enjoy coming out of the shadows and letting us meet you...or stay anonymous and let us know you are reading with a comment.
             The bloggers who are participating (and there are a lot of us) will all be listed at Hermione's. We will have a post welcoming you...some will also let you vote to see what their next spanking will feel like, or how many strokes or...some will let you know how they became part of our wonderful community. There are no rules for the bloggers and  the lurkers...just lots of fun and the potential for new friends.
                Every year, I get at least one comment from someone who tells me it is their first comment on a blog...and that makes my day...makes my week.  That first comment is the hardest..I know I have been there. Seems like ages ago now, but that first comment led to my own blog (not a necessary rules remember), to learn a lot about myself, and to realize that there was a community (or family) of friends out there who, although we are all different, in many ways we are all alike. What I found was acceptance, encouragement and support...always.  
                 Last year, I invited everyone to comment on what 'toy' Master would be choosing for my next spanking, and gave 5 choices.  Each vote meant 5 swats with the winning 'instrument'. Not sure what I will come up with this year yet....but hope to hear from many of you...even if it is just a hello.  I (almost always) respond to comments, so all it takes is a hello to get a conversation started...and who knows where that will lead.
hugs abby

Saturday, October 22, 2016


              First thing Master says to me on Friday has been too long since I created a nice striped pattern on your ass.  That will be remedied as soon as I get home from work, be ready with your cuffs on. He then told me, not to think about it all day, just enjoy  my day......
                  At the end of the work day, I am kneeling, naked except for my ankle and wrist cuffs.  Master is reclaiming me as we chat a little, until chat is replaced with panting. I am then over His lap for a warm-up starting with His hand and then some with that hair brush that seems to always be available. Master asks if I am ready to get my ready as I will ever be.
         Master gets the rope out of His bag, telling me He is going to help me stay in place.  I have not been restrained in a long time...and i do enjoy the feeling of not having to worry about moving out of place or putting my  hands in the wrong spot..all that is a mute point.
                   Master is always creative, often adding something new or different to our play time.  This time He told me to kneel over the back of the sofa on a pillow, my breast hanging over the back of the sofa.  He has me spread my legs as far apart as I can, and He secures them. My arms are also spread and tied in place.  Master thinks I am a little high and removes the pillow I am kneeling on.  I tell Him I am more comfortable with the pillow, He manages to get it under me again, without disturbing the restraints.
                       I feel Him rubbing one of His canes over my bottom, hear Him tell me to get ready, and He starts.  I am not sure how many, but several sets of 12...maybe 6 or 8. After each set,  He does stop to rub and tell me what a beautiful design  He is creating on my bottom, He loves seeing it striped. Finally I hear, last have to count and thank me after each one...UGH.  He starts standing to my left, and I count to 6, with thanks after each one.  He moves to my right, and I decide to start at 6 and count down...He chuckles knowing I am putting my own little touch on the count down. I get to 1, and say done....He replies we are not at one more. Now we are done.  
                      He, of course, has to check and see if I am responding....besides just the verbalizing....I am a bit. He asks if I want a break...I am thinking...a break???...I thought we were done.  But I say yes, He moves to the front of me, smiling and says, you look so wonderful just as you are, I do not want to untie you yet. Now this could create a problem, since He is not 7 feet tall...He brings a kitchen chair over and stands on it....He is a little high, but I can stretch a bit and I am enjoying His cock.  As I start I am trying not to laugh as I think how we must look, but that is soon forgotten.
                         Master then asks me if I would like stripes of another kind.  As I am trying to figure out what He is talking about, I feel the swish of the flogger all over my back...ahhh...Yes Sir.  Master treats me to a wonderful flogging with breaks for swishing and rubbing.  I can feel myself getting wetter, and I am almost totally loss in the amazing sensation when I hear....time for stripes of another kind.
                         I am trying to figure out what He means, when I feel the  of His whip. One of His favorites, not high on the list of mine.  But, I do know how much it pleases Him when I accept a whipping, and it does make me feel very submissive.  I am ouching from the start, as He explains He wants the stripes on my back to match those on my bottom. He is a very symmetrical person. Finally He is satisfied, and I am treated to a wonderful rub down, before He releases me from the restraints. 
                               So I am wearing stripes this weekend..not making much of a fashion statement.....but feeling very submissive...and that makes both of us smile...
hugs abby 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fuck Me Hard Wednesday...**

   ***Yes, Master strongly suggested this title.

    Our family Disney vacation was a success..after we survived the hurricane.  The grands were real troupers, not a melt down to be had. And yes, even all the adults managed to get along. Disney seems to be taking a new direction on some of the newer children's activities....inter-active.  The three oldest grands got to train to be Jedi fighters, costumed for the part and armed with light lasers. They each had an opportunity to fight...and defeat...Darth Vader. Princess Belle's meet and get a signature also included the children and the princess acting out  a scene from the movie...when Belle falls in love with the beast.  They all had parts and loved it.  Great changes!
        Like all good vacations, we returned exhausted.  Monday was double maintenance day, with Master's trusty little paddle, and some time to catch up on some MFL (mighty fine loving).  No matter how wonderful a vacation is always nice to be back home.
         Wednesday morning, Master let me know, He was in the mood for a 'wonderful Wednesday'.  He gave me a few hints about what He had in mind...then told me not to think about it all day, and try to keep my panties dry all day. He left for work with a huge grin.
            At the end of the day , I was kneeling naked, Master claiming all of me, concentrating on my breast...gentle and not so gentle tugging and pinching.  He is using the hair brush, both sides, the flat wooden side and bristle side.  Intervals of spanks and using the soft bristle side.  He continues until I am squirming and can feel myself getting very wet.  He then decides, that it is break I manage to get up and and kneel and do my best to distract Him from that hair brush.  It worked for a while....
            Master then has me get back over His lap.  He is checking and says He wants me dripping.....and He knows just how to achieve that goal.  He then decides to fill me...using the largest toy we have,  I struggle with it a bit, but Master is soon thrusting it in and out, reminding me that i do not have permission to cum yet, and it will be a while before i do.  When He senses that I am right at the edge, He stops tells me to close my legs an keep myself full. He picks up the brush and starts to spank...lightly at first, with a slow build up. Stopping for some rubbing, making sure that all my focus is on the sensations He is creating.  
              I finally blurt out..I am so very wet and dripping... Master checks and agrees.  He returns to playing with the toy...i feel myself squirting and puddling.  I don't always squirt, but it does happen, and I have left wet spots behind to clean up....but this was like a flood. I finally get permission  to cum, and Master does not let up on the sensations. I keep cumming until I can't breathe or move....and Master finally just pulls me in and holds me close.
                Once I have quieted, Master decides that a round two should start.  I try to tell Him I am done....but....Master does know best.  He soon has me gushing and cumming again and again....until I am limp and totally spent.  I tell Master i do not think I have ever been that wet ....He agrees and shows me the puddle that i left behind....not bad for an old lady:).
                   I guess the moral is...absence not only makes the heart grow fonder, it makes the orgasms stronger....and the sheets wetter....
hugs abby

Saturday, October 8, 2016

After Storm Update..

       Thank-you for all your concerns and well wishes.  It is the day after the storm and we are ready to start our vacation plans. The winds were wild and woke me a few times during the night, but by yesterday morning, the were gusting occasionally.  Rains were heave, but by yesterday afternoon the sun was trying to win out. 
        I did have the experience of trying to get groceries before the storm on Thursday, at the one place still open...the pickings were limited, but we had nothing in the house we rented. Each of the registers had lines of about 40-50 people, I was in line over an hour just to reach the register...but everyone was rowing the same boat and we shared stories and wished each other well.
          Thank you again and I will say Hi to Mickey for all of you!
hugs abby

Thursday, October 6, 2016

"Storm Chaser"

         I am sitting at the airport waiting for my flight to Orlando....yes on the very day every one else is fleeing Florida because of Matthew.  This weekend is the start of our long planned for family vacation at Disney.  We were all supposed to fly in tomorrow, but knew that would never work.  So everyone but my oldest daughter have re-scheluled for today and she and her family have tickets for Friday.  Wish us all luck....we plan a great week of fun with Mickey, the princesses, Storm Troopers, and water parks!
hugd abby

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Play hard....Cum hard....

                Master's greeting to me yesterday morning was..."it's harder play Monday, first Monday of the month".  He is waiting for my response with His evil grin.  I moan and He laughs, I ask how does He always remember that...He asks how can I always forget?  He then tells me to try not to think about it all day....fully knowing He has planted the seed in my head.
                    After my naked kneeling and breast 'mauling' I am over His lap.  He starts in with a small paddle, I look back and ask about a warm-up.  He tells me these light taps are my warm-up, I should enjoy them.  They are light taps...that are too soon halted.  Time to change to the maintenance paddle, it still is M/M day,  Sets of 25, getting harder as He progresses to 100.  I am squirming and being very vocal, with each set the spanks get harder...or so it seems to my bottom.
                       Master is massaging my body, talking softly, getting me to relax. It is working until I hear, time for part 2, harder play time. He reaches for the small bath brush, He feels me tense a little, so He starts with the brush side. Yes, there is a good side to that bath brush.  He uses it all over, gently, not so gently, and even tries spanking me with that side.  I tell Him, He could use that side all evening...He laughs.  
                      He does ask if I would like a break before the spanking continues. I am on my knees, starting off slowly, speeding up then slowing down.  Master lets me control the ebb and flow for a bit, then grabs my hair and takes control.  He is completely in charge, I am His receptacle. 
                        Master asks if I am ready for a second round with the brush. He says He wants to try a new position....I am thinking the could be interesting, I am not the most agile person in the world.  He says....diaper position....ahhh...I quickly tell Him we have tried that position, once, and it was memorable....not in a wonderful way.  It was uncomfortable, and the spanking is on taut skin, so it really hurt.  Master says He does not remember, so He needs a refresher.
                          I am on my back, He is holding my legs up straight, and He starts to spank.  He is not spanking nearly as hard as He was earlier, but He does not need to...they all hurt.
I am 'ouching' from the beginning. I am wearing my plug, He spanks over the plug, on one cheek then the other, over both cheeks, He is avoiding my thigh area.  I am getting very vocal, trying to remember to breathe. He finally lowers my legs, and moves on to soothing me. Rubbing and massaging, talking quietly to me.
                     Of course, His soothing leads me to thinking about other things, since I can start to feel myself getting very wet and ready....Master is grinning, as He spreads my wetness, and brings me right to the point of pleading for a permission.  Permissions are granted, and I hear myself grunting and groaning, having a primal reaction that I have no control over.  Just when I think I am finished and catching my breath, Master decides it is time for a round two, and sure enough, I am off, even louder this time.  I am squirting, and I can feel Master deciding to fill me with His hand, .....
                    I just collapse trying to breathe, Master gets up and tells me not to move a muscle....not sure I could if I wanted to.  He returns and lies on top of me, covering me with His hairy chest, hugging me tightly, making me feel not only owned, but very safe and....exactly where I belong.
   hugs abby   

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Eleven minutes of bliss....

                 Yesterday was one of 'those' the end of the day, I was thinking, stiff drink time.  Master suggested a nice long hand spanking. He always (almost) has such great suggestions.  When I am over his lap, He tells me look at the clock, it is 19 after the hour.  He tells me I will get 11 minutes of  uninterrupted hand spanking.  Starting off lightly and building up...when He is done I am so relaxed. He starts to scratch and pinch my bottom, I am squirming in no time...He chuckles, nerve endings all awake?
                   Master then starts to search through His bag, and comes up with the damn Yankees paddle.  Yes, a gift from me, foolish me.  I know He is grinning, without even having to look, and I hear, time for my 11 minutes.  I groan, but just a little.  He does start off slowly, and I settle in quickly, but this 11 minutes does seem a bit longer than the first. 
                     You can probably guess what comes, next....yes, I am giving Master 11 minutes of bliss. Neither one of us was paying attention to the it was just long enough:)! Master then starts to work His magic on my, no way am I hanging on for 11 minutes.  But I give it my best, until I just start exploding, leaving a wet, soppy mess...and I collapse.
                        Master pulls me up and onto His lap, He is holding me close and as I start to get my wits about me, His fingers travel back to see if I am truly spent.  Much to my seems I am not.  As He is holding me tight, I cum again and again.  Finally i just melt into Him, needing to be as close as possible.
Finally I just snuggle in.......for much more than 11 minutes.
hugs abby


Friday, September 30, 2016

One Thing I Say I Think, but I don't...Sept. 30

                 I spent my walk time this morning trying to come up with something for this post.  I have gone this far, I can't falter on the last day.  I finished my walk with no ideas.  So...I am going to 'adjust' the  I did think of something I say, but don't mean...close enough, right?
                      What I say that I don't often mean.....I'm fine or I'm OK.  I have become pretty good at it, saying with a smile and some conviction.  Why do I say it when I am not?, Maybe because I figure it is something people say or ask, and are not all that interested in a long answer if I happen to be in a not so good place.  Maybe, because I spent a long time building walls to protect myself and old habits die hard....or just hand around.  There is one person who does not buy that answer, no matter how convincing I think I am being...and I am pretty sure you all know who that is.  
                         And you know what....that makes me a very lucky lady...and a very pleased lady that I have complete the September challenge.
hugs abby

Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Best Quality...Sept. 29

              I think one of my better qualities is that I am a good friend.  My friends know, I am a phone call away to talk or sometimes more importantly to listen.  I have sat with friends and encouraged them to get well, and to say good-bye. We ,have laughed until we could no longer breathe.  I help celebrate their special occasions, and comfort them when things go awry.  We laugh, we cry, we play, we support each other, we are there for each other.
    hugs abby

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One Thing I Wish I Could Do....Sept. 28

                  I have always wished that I had been blessed with the ability to sing....I cannot even hum in tune.  Yes, with enough liquid encouragement, I have known to join a group karaoke.....but the rest of my singing has been limited to a rousing rendition of "Joy To The World" ....the Three Dog Night version, not the Christmas the shower.
                 Now, I know you are all thinking, she must sound better than she thinks....Well, back in college I had to take a music course as part of the education requirement.  At the end of the course, the very nice professor presented me with a basket filled with musical notes.....the one way I could carry a tune.....
hugs abby 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Best Restaurant in my Town....Sept. 27

             One of the nice things about the area I live in is the number of restaurants...from take-out to elegant dining, from fast food to gourmet take all evening, every ethnic food one can want...if you are an adventurous eater you can sample a great deal of variety. I have not come close to trying even most of them. One that I chose to be the best (at least for today) is The Melting Pot.
              It is primarily a fondue place...if you are a child of the 60's or 70's you might remember fondue.  I received 3 different ones as shower gifts way back when...and used them fairly frequently for a few years.  This place is best for groups of people. You get to dip your meat and veggies to cook them and there are various sauces.  For dessert there are lots of varieties of chocolate or caramel sauces to dip fruit, marshmallows, cake, etc.  
              The food is good, certainly not 5 star, but it is so much fun to eat there.  There is always lots of laughter and chatter, and smiles all around.  So this is one of my favorite places to eat.
hugs abby

Monday, September 26, 2016

What Have I Learned Today...Sept. 26

             I am 'adjusting' this title a "A lesson I have re-learned yesterday".  I know I am a rebel, Master has not completely tamed me...LOL.
           I had the wonderful experience yesterday of attending a celebration for a lovely friend who turned 90!  She is amazing,  we met when she retired from her 'first' job, and decided she was bored and became an aide where I was teaching.  She always started the day with a bright smile..that was still there at the end of the day, she made the best Italian cookie trays, and always was ready to do anything she could to make your day better. Since her 'second' retirement, she volunteers for a soup kitchen, plays bingo weekly, and is enjoying her twin great -grands who are 3 months old.  She is the lady we all want to be at 90 or 80 or 70!
         The party was in a party room of a restaurant, I walked in to see 10 tables, each seating 10 to lunch time there was not an empty chair.  There was assigned seating, I was seated with friends and former colleagues.  She only had one daughter and one grand-daughter and this was a ladies only the place was full with  friends....what an amazing tribute!  After lunch her daughter spoke and said this was her thank you for us...for making her life so much brighter, so much fun.  
     Her daughter then started with the group at table #1 and told us why they were special to her mom.  She did this for each table, telling us why her mom was grateful for having us in her life.  I know at our table, the tears were flowing and I am sure we were not the only ones.
             The lesson I never know how important you can be to a person you meet, to a casual friend, or colleague, or even a good friend or family member....and I dare say even a stranger.  So be kind, smile, try to make someone else's day brighter....they might want to thank you when they celebrate their 90th birthday!
hugs abby

Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Simple Pleasure....Sept. 25

       many choices for this one.  For me a simple pleasure that I am able to enjoy almost every day now alarm clock.  I have never claimed to be a morning person, being forced out of bed by the loud ring of an alarm was not a good way to start my day.  Oh, I dealt with it, I had children to tend to or to get off to school, I had to get to my classroom, usually by 7:00....
                   Now I am retired, no more alarm, on most days.  I get to wake up, usually on the early side, old habits die hard.  But the difference is I don't have to jump out of bed, and into the shower, I can lay there until I decided to get up, I can roll over and go back to sleep, or I can grab that book and read another chapter or two.  My simple alarm clock.
hugs abby

Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Best Part of a Rainy Day....and....Fun Friday...Sept. 24

            The best part of a rainy day for me depends on the type of rainy day.  If it is one of those spring showers and one of the grands is around...I tell them it is time to get the galoshes and rain coats and umbrellas.  We are going to find puddles to 'slosh' through:).  As we walk along we sing 'Dancing in Rain', and yes stop for an occasional dance step. Usually I am the only one who ends up under the umbrella, but even I give up on it before we are back home.
               Of course if it is one of those cold, pouring cats and dogs day, then I roll over and go back to sleep. Most of the rest of the day will probably be spent with a good book.

             As most of you have noticed, the entries this month, have been all centered on the Sept. prompt challenge.  
I felt like my posts were beginning to sound all too similar, and I needed a break.  The challenge has been fun most days, more difficult on others.  A few of you have asked if Master and I are OK...YES...we are.  Vanilla life has kept us more occupied, as tend to happens.  And, although, I have suggested that we could skip a maintenance or two, Master has not let that happen...they have all happened, as scheduled.  Fun Friday's have also continued, just not always on a Friday.  
        Yesterday, Fun Friday was on a Friday!  As always, we start with my naked kneeling.   Master asks if I remember that the last time I was kneeling for Him, He pinched and pulled my breast with a lot of vigor....I nodded.  He then asked if the reward got being a 'good girl' was worth it.  He relieved the pain with His tongue and did make them feel much better.  When I get up I notice lots of yummy toys on the floor...and the whip.
         After a wonderful hand warm-up Master starts with the leather rose paddle.  On an already warmed bottom, it feels wonderful.  All to soon, Master is telling me to get up and choose what I want next...I decided on the belt.  Master lets me choose my position, as soon as I am leaning over the back of the sofa, I feel the first swish of the belt.  I did not keep count,  but do know that Master loves even numbers so I am guessing maybe 100, maybe a little less.
          My next choice is the large leather strop.  I am up and leaning over.  These are more intense than the belt, and cover a much wider area....but it hurts so good.  Master suggests I might need a break, I am soon kneeling and showing Master how much I appreciate all this leather.  Master then says, I bet you want the whip next...I do because the other choice is my favorite, large flogger....I love to end on a high note:).
               I am up and leaning over, feeling the sharp sting of Master's whip.  Master reminds me who much He enjoys using His whip, I am ouching and trying to not move, reminding myself that this is His favorite, and my favorite comes next.
Finally it is flogger time....After some delicious rubbing, Master lets the leather tentacles just swish all over, I am relaxed and more than ready.  In between each set, Master repeats the swishing.  By the time He is done, I am dripping.
              We move on to....pleasuring each other....and getting ready to tackle that vanilla part of life once again.
hugs abby

Friday, September 23, 2016

Three Good Thoughts..Sept. 23

              I am relying on some of my literary friends to help me with this one....

...............Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.  (Dr. Seuss)

................You are braver than you believe
                Stronger than you seem
                and smarter than you think.    (Winnie the Pooh)

................Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day
                with no mistakes in it yet.    (Anne ..of Green Gables)

hugs abby

Thursday, September 22, 2016

One Thing Not To Worry About...Sept. 22

                  I am trying to decide which of the many things that I worry about...and tell myself not write about here.
                    Ideally one thing not to worry about is tomorrow, concentrate on today, the here and now....great advice, but tomorrow is looming and what if???
                     Then again, don't worry about what others think?  Be who you are, your own person....great advice, but what if what they are thinking is correct?
                       Maybe I should pick the future not to worry about, what will be will be....but what if I have not planned enough to be comfortable with my future?
                          How about my children, they are all successful, I can stop worrying about them. Yikes, what am I thinking that will never happen.
                            You get my drift, telling someone not to worry about something, well that just never works well.
                  There is one thing that I no longer have to worry about, and that is worrying that I am wired weirdly.  Master gets a lot of the credit for that, He accepts all of me, the submissive, the mother and grandmother, the teacher (albeit now retired), the teaser, the sister, the aunt, the crossword addict...all of me.
That is truly a priceless gift, and that is the best thing to not have to worry about...acceptance.
hugs abby

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Celebration....Sept. 21

                  I grew up in a small town with lots of relatives. My mom had 10 siblings, as did my dad.  Only a couple of them had moved away, and all married and had children.  Wherever I went it was likely I would run into someone I was related to...and if not, someone who would say...aren't you related to...
                 My mom's family would get together and party for any reason, or no reason.  Rarely would we kids end up going home with our parents, sleeping over so we could continue our fun...cousins made for good friends.  All of my mom's siblings were out-going, fun-loving, and loved to have a good time.
               My dad's family was much more reserved.  Most of our celebrations centered on the holidays, weddings, showers, or a special birthday.  (Seeing as it was such a large family, there were lots of those,)  The celebration I have chosen is one that was a tradition with my dad's family.  They were French Canadian, my memere (grand-mother), only spoke French.  Yes, we all were bi-lingual at an early age.
                Reveillon is the celebration I have chosen to remember here.  It is a french word meaning the eve of or the beginning.  Traditionally it is celebrated after mid-night Mass. In our case we celebrated before Mass.  A hall was rented, and we all met for a dinner of pork pies, a traditional French-Canadian dish.  My grand-mother made them all, and it was the main course.  The rest of the families brought salads, or desserts or drinks. (We still have pork pies for breakfast on Christmas mornings, using memere's recipe)
                  After we ate, memere had a gift for all her grand-children, which we opened. The party lasted til it was time to bring the smallest ones home and to bed, and the teenagers either had babysitting duty or had the privilege of attending midnight mass. We usually rotated who did what. Midnight mass was a huge celebration, and lasted til almost 1:30 in the morning.   
               I think of this now, and I think about my parents and aunts and uncles...and admire their devotion to this tradition.
Since after the Mass and everyone got driven to the right house, they still had to put stockings and presents out for Christmas morning...and probably, just a couple of hours later, wake up to the sound of.....Santa came, let's get up!
                  My mom's family had their celebration on Christmas afternoon, renting a large hall, with Santa making his last stop before returning to the North Pole for some well deserved rest.
Fun times to look back on, and also to wonder how my parents ever survived the holidays!
hugs abby


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Way to Relax...Sept. 20

          This is my favorite way to relax.  I am over Master's lap, my bottom is toasty warm and a nice rosy red color....thanks to Master and His hand and maybe a paddle or two and some leather.  Master is enjoying the view and rubbing my bottom as we quietly chat.  Eventually Master's hands start to land an occasional pinch or scratch...that rouses me and catches my attention.  I settle in, and those hands might start rubbing my leg, my bottom, my back, rubbing and massaging, thumping, so many wonderful sensations,,,,,and eventually I hear Him chuckle.  I knew I would hear it soon,  I can feel myself getting so wet.  
             Master might mention that I am so relaxed He might not want to stir me....I look at Him and grin.  I know He will not be able to keep Himself from spreading my wetness and reaching in and creating more.  We are in no  hurry, so the build up is feels so good, I just want Him to continue.  Eventually, His fingers get more 'active', I am no longer relaxed, I am panting and squirming and moaning. I finally manage to squeak out ...may I cum, ppppllllleeeaasse, Sir.
He waits, but not long, and gives me the go-ahead.  
                   I am officially 'jello', movement, words or reactions are not possible.  Master snuggles in next to me is nap time...we are not as young as we used to be;).
hugs abby

Monday, September 19, 2016

What Really Matters....Sept.19

           My first thought when I read this was the Beatles...yes the musical group...and yes I know I am dating myself.  To me, their music is timeless. and to quote part of one of my favorites...and what really matters is...

                   All you need is love 
                   Nothing you can make that can't be made
                   No one you can save that can't be saved 
              Nothing you can do but you can learn to be you in time
                     It's easy
                     All you need is love
                    Nothing you can known that isn't known
                    Nothing you can see that isn't shown 
                    Nowhere you can be that isn't where you're meant
                        to be
                    It's easy

                       All you need is love.

Wishing you all love....and spread a little of it today!
hugs..and love abby


Sunday, September 18, 2016

What am I waiting for?...Sept. 18

                  Tricky question....I think that most of us have a tendency to put off certain things.  Waiting for a better time, or when we are not so tired, or just stalling in general.  What we all know, and would love to ignore, is that we have no control over time or the future.  So whatever it is that you are putting off...a doctor's appointment, a vacation, returning to school, making amends with a friend, visiting a relative or friend....whatever it is, do it.  Regrets over passing time and "I should haves", can only cause some pain.  Right now, or at the latest tomorrow...make that appointment, visit that friend or relative, help someone who is in need, make plans for that vacation.
                This is advice I need to heed, so no more excuses for me either.
hugs abby

Saturday, September 17, 2016

One Thing To Do Today....Sept. 17

   Well, it is Saturday.  On Saturday's I usually grocery shop...and that would make for a very boring post.  While I was walking this morning I came up with an idea....a history of the different 'ages'...according to me.... of grocery shopping. (If you stop reading now, no one could blame you).
           College age....usually about the first time most people shop on their own.  Friday afternoon after the last class for the week, you run in to the closest grocery, or small corner store, for a beer run, chips and pretzels and donuts for the following week to eat on the way to that darn early class.  If it is a special weekend...cheese and crackers might also be on the 
           College grad, might also be newly married. You are too busy working during the week to worry much about food, but on weekends it is dinner party time. Friday night you scour the recipe books to find something new to try.  You might have to shop at more than one store to find all the ingredients, but it is worth it.  
                Young my case it was 3 babes in 4 years.  Grocery shopping takes up almost 1/2 day, getting all the kids into the car seats and out again, convincing the 4 year old that yes she can walk, there is no room in the basket since her brother is there, and I do have to put groceries in the basket also.  Every  time you reach to put something in the basket you have to check to make sure you still have all three kids.  When you finally get home, you find all sorts of things you did not intend to buy...all the bottom shelf stuff the walking child put in the basket.
                Mother of teenagers...they will not go near a grocery store with you....or any place else.  That is good because they eat so much you need all the cart space you can get.  You try to remember what is each one's favorite snack and breakfast cereal and sandwich meat...but of course you have to make a second trip.
                   Empty shopping is a quick run in for a few things...unless the grands are coming. When making a meal, you plan on having least once.  Then there is the special senior discount at the small diners near by....a much better idea than cooking.
                   Since this is about food, thought I would update you on my low/no carb challenge.  It will be 2 weeks on Monday...out a planned 4 week challenge....on Monday.  So far I have loss 6 pounds, which is great, since last week I was under the weather and gave up on the walking.  It has not been horrible, I rarely feel hungry, but then again, eating eggs for breakfast every day is a challenge.  Today I had cashews and cheese for breakfast...
Last night  my daughter told me she could not live like this forever and will be glad when the next two weeks are over....I quickly agreed.  I think I officially went into carb withdrawal today..I was watching a Denny's commercial for their new light and fluffy pancakes.  I am thinking, they look so good, I want, need those pancakes.  Now, I have not been to Denny's in a couple of years, and only then because the grands insisted.  They are lots of great diner type places around here. And..I do not like pancakes..even with chocolate chips, strawberries and whipped cream....I cannot remember the last time I ate pancakes. I took a deep breath, reminded myself of the above and....changed the channel.
hugs abby

Friday, September 16, 2016

A Minor Road Block In My Life...Sept.16

                   I thought about this one all day....I think the word minor, is my hang-up.  Major road blocks are not fun, but they are easy to see.  A minor road block might not be so easy to see.  I think a minor road block is 'me'.  
                      I say minor because, I have been around long enough to learn some lessons.  One of them ...practice what you preach. Being a junior high teacher, giving out life advice was a daily event.  I needed to reflect that advice, or I would be called on it...junior high kids are not a shy group.  
                        I tend to doubt myself, to second guess myself. Thinking I should do more for others, thinking that I can't accomplish a certain goal, that I should be a better...friend, mom, submissive,...I am getting better at trusting my instincts, and believing others when they compliment me.  But every now and then, that little voice  starts to try to get into my head...creating a road block. I know that no one is perfect, and we tend to be our most critical judges.  
                       Maybe the next time that voice tries to start up...I will try tell it, I can see a smooth, straight road ahead...not more road blocks.
hugs abby