Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tis the season for....'Rosy Cheeks'

      Almost THE day......2 of the grands are here all ready..and they are sooo excited:).  This post is going to be some of this and some of that.
      First a message from our friend Katie. I spoke to her yesterday.  She says to thank you all for your thoughts and prayers...she is doing OK.  It's been a long couple of months.  Katie being in the hospital, her mom's passing, they sold their house, had to find a place to stay for a month, kids coming and going and get it...lots of stress.  But being Katie, she is upbeat, and things are calming down...a bit.  She hopes to get back to blog land soon.
     Second...maintenance did occur on Monday.  One hundred with the little paddle...Master was counting, so 2 sets of 50...all hard ones...some very hard. Master wanted to be sure i keep calm this week.  Once that was over, we moved on to much more pleasant activities.
     Third...Master and i carved out some 'just us' time earlier today, before the grands arrived. We began with the traditional kneeling time, with Master 'electrifying' my breast...with His fingers...and then moving on to pinching and pulling.  When He had me panting and squirming He pulled me into Him, and we chatted quietly. About the coming week and the business, about where we have been, and where we are headed....about U/us.  The He asked if i was ready for a long hand warm-up.  Over His knee, for a wonderful hand warm-up...Master asked if it felt like a spanking...i replied, yes, but a relaxing one.  He then told me to get up and find the beaver tail leather paddle.  I LOVE that little thing...Master said a couple hundred, if a could last that long without asking for a permission.  I did manage to last...just barely.  We then moved on to pleasing each other...til it was return to the real world.
     Fourth....I wish all of you a wonderful, fun, loving, family and/or friend filled holiday, filled with memory making moments, and traditions that have stood the test of time...and some new traditions thrown in , just for fun.
Thank you all for visiting here...
hugs abby

Friday, December 18, 2015

A Dice Determined Spanking...

          I have a dice spanking game.  It is 3 die, one has spanking positions, another 'toys', and the last one is numbered from 1--30.  They do not come out often, but we do have fun when they do.  Today Master decided we would only use the numbered dice.  
          Master said we would each get 5 rolls to determine  the number of spanks.  The one rolling gets to pick what implement will be used...cannot choose the same one twice. I am much more of a gambler than Master so I was all in.
             After my naked kneeling time, Master settles me over His lap for a warm-up.  He starts with His hand, for a few sets...ahhh, nice.  He then switches to a small paddle, i complain a bit, but He assures me it is still a warm-up.  He stops after each set of 25 for some rubbing...:).  
Master tells me to get the die, and let's get the Friday Fun started.
               I get to roll first, and it is a 30...the highest number possible! Before i can even say anything i see Master searching His bag, and pulling out the large flogger.  I am laughing, as i get into position.  Three sets of 10...a rather short flogging...but a great start to our fun.  Master rolls an 18.  He pulls out His Winnie the Pooh paddle.  It is shaped like Pooh and on the heavy side..not my favorite. I am over His lap, Master does not start He says...only  18.
                   Before i roll again, i ask Master if i can take notes.  He laughs and says your readers want an accurate accounting...gets a pen and paper for me.  I roll a 12...a fairly low number.  I decide to go on the defensive.  I know that Master will eventually choose the whip and the cane...since 12 is a smaller number i am thinking i should eliminate one of those.  I choose the cane...Master is astounded, He was sure all of my rolls would be leather.  I do explain my reasoning to Him...So, 12 with the bottom is pretty well warmed up...they do still sting.  Master rolls an 18...and takes out the lexan paddle, one of my least favorites.  I am leaning over, and ouching and trying to keep breathing....two sets of nine.  (These short spankings are much easier to take..I know the end will be soon, I guess).
              My next roll is a 10 (hmm, should have saved the cane for this roll).  I decide to surprise Master again...I choose the horse hair flogger..much smaller and lighter....and tell Him I want it on my front.  I do believe it is the first time i have asked to have my breast flogged.  I stand with my hands behind my head....Master flogs my breast, and i find it enjoyable...Master's next roll is 11, I give Him a big smile.  He takes out the 'helping hand' crop.  I am a little surprised, til I hear Him say present your hands.  UGH....I put my hands out, and ask if i can close my eyes, since i know that otherwise i will move them out of position. I do shake them and move them around after each smack...even light ones hurt.  We do a little chatting after each one...and as Master is ready for the 6th one, i move my hand out of the way.  He gives a look, i say sorry..i forgot to close my eyes.  He tells me to close them and keep then close...and He finishes the next 5.
                 My next roll is 20...  YAHOO... I tell Master to take off His belt.  These are perfect...Master then rolls a 6...i am laughing.  He chooses the paddle i gave Him for Christmas last is heavy and covers both cheeks.  Thankfully, it is quickly over.  My last roll is 6, I choose the double strap.  Master's last roll is 14, and before He even says anything I figure it is the whip...I am correct.  Master makes each one count....I am thanking my lucky stars it is 'only' 14.  
               Master tells me to kneel and i am enjoying His seems He is enjoying it also...LOL.  This activity always makes my nose leaky...Master always has tissue handy to help me out..  It also seems to make another part of me very leaky also...Master helps me out with that also;)
            I am almost ready for the grands...just a few batches of cookies to bake..the cleaning, decorating, shopping and wrapping are done.  Looks like we will be having a green was 65 here last the 60's again possible for Christmas Eve.   Crazy weather for these parts..
        Hugs abby...


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pushing Buttons...

          Maintenance Monday became Tune-up Tuesday this week.  Tis the season when days get busier and busier....
        After we agreed on a time for today, i decided to push one of Master's 'buttons'.  I sent Master a text...saying we could cancel maintenance this week.  I have made that offer before, it has never been accepted, and i always get the....this is good for You..and for me....lecture.  Master ignored the text til we were together.
         During my naked kneeling, Master asks if i was feeling a little 'bratty" today...mischievous, maybe, offering to cancel maintenance.  I laugh saying...i knew i would not have a chance in hell of getting it canceled.  Master says...pushing a button?  I nod with my best smile....
and Master shakes His head.
         I am up over His lap, when i feel hand spanks on my thighs, my head pops up and i look around...Master is grinning and asking if i feel like pushing more buttons?  I do not, and i request a warm-up, which is granted.  When the warm-up is over, Master says i am to count each maintenance spank, i hate counting...if i miscount there is a do-over, and it very much keeps me in the moment.  Master starts spanking fairly quickly, and i keep up with the counting, after 24 i say loudly....break time!  It actually works, and He stops. He says i don't usually stop til 50, and i say...that must be when You are counting.  
     After a quick rub, Master starts paddling again, and i am counting.  At fifty, i again say break time, and Master stops and rubs.  I tell Him the spanks seem harder....He asks if counting has anything to do with that. I tell Him, yes, it keeps me in the moment.  He says He will count the last 50....there is no break, just 50 hard spanks.  
     Master finishes, i thank Him, and this time the rubbing also includes some roaming.  Master 'checks' and plays a little until i am, in His words, a sticky, wet, hot mess.  Master finds 'that spot'...the one that has me panting and thinking i need a permission.  Before i can ask Master says....
Oh look, i found your button to push!  He continues to push me to that edge, to 'push' my button.  He reminds me that i cannot cum without permission, and He is not done pushing my button.  
     When He has me panting, groaning and begging, I finally get a permission or 2 or.....and the 'button pushing' for today is over.  Has it cured me from pushing Master's buttons......naw, course not!

hugs abby


Saturday, December 12, 2015

"Look Ma...No Hands"..

***title provided by Master...

     We are changing some Christmas traditions this year...usually we all manage to meet in Maine and celebrate with all my siblings.  Now that there are more little ones involved we have decided to try something all the grands are coming to grandma's....and i am so excited.  I spent today sorting through boxes of decorations that had been put away for .....some day.  A few boxes were filled and marked as 'donations'....but the house is decorated inside and all frog tree is up....and it is time to start baking...Christmas with a 3,4,6 and 7 year old...what could be better!
       Master and i managed some Fun Friday time yesterday.  It started with my naked kneeling....after claiming all of me, Master settled in for some serious breast play/torture..depending on whose definition you choose.  He was pinching and twisting, hanging on and not letting go. My hands left their position once...starting to reach for His hands, but i stopped myself as soon as I heard Master's seemed to go on forever....or more than 5 minutes, depending on which one of us you ask.
        Master stops, reaches for my bag and is looking through it.  I look at Him and He says, maybe some 'pinwheel' action will get  you to a better place.  Oh...I love that little pinwheel, and it has not come out of the bag in way too long.  I know it is in there, probably at the  very  bottom, so I decide help Master look...I don't want Him to give up on the search. It takes emptying out the bag...but we find it...ahhhhh
         I am back in my kneeling position, and Master is wheeling up and down my arms, my torso, coming close to my nipples and going around them...and finally over the nipples, around the nipples, up and down on the nipples.  His first 'tracings' are light, after a few rounds up and down and around, He increases the force.....I am starting to squirm...but not so much from pain.....more from the wonderful sensations.  Master wonders if i could cum just from this play...and then decides it is too soon to go there, so i am up and over His lap.
        He starts right in with one of the smaller paddles, and i look up and ask what happened to a warm-up?  He says, He figured I was pretty hot all ready, but does switch to His hand for  a couple rounds, then it is back to the paddle.  When He feel that my bottom is generating enough heat...He 'checks'....Yes i am almost to the point of being 'squishy'. Master stops the spanking and picks up the pinwheel toy....
        He tells me to keep my legs open...He creates a pattern on my back...tracing it a couple of times. He then travels up and down my legs...i am so relaxed....and excited at the same time.  Master then goes up to my bottom and around my pussy.  He concentrates on that area, having to stop and dry off the little wheel and cogs....He wonders if i will cum just from this....
         I am close...oh so close...when Master picks up the paddle, and tells me I have permission to often as I can while He is spanking my bottom with the paddle.  I have been well 'primed'...and i wanting more of the paddle....until, am there....the orgasms cum one and then quickly another....I am trying to quiet myself, when I hear Master say...."Look Ma, no hands were necessary " ... He laughs, and i cannot help myself...i am laughing also...  Once we get that out of our system, we snuggle in for some quieter 'play time'....;)......

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

It's Cookie Exchange Day...Chocolate Mint Truffles...

            So, i am 'bending' the rules...shhhh...don't tell Master anyone!  This is more of a candy than a cookie...but
   .....they are quick and easy
  ......depending on what you roll them in, they look very Christmassy
 .........they are chocolate...and they are yummy...and they store well...
...........lastly, it is easy to get the kids involved...

Chocolate Mint Truffles
Makes about 6 dozen

1 (10 ounce) bag mint chocolate chips
1 (6 ounce) bags semi-sweet chocolate chips  ( 1 cup)
1 (14 ounce) can EAGLE brand Sweetened Condensed Milk (Not evaporated milk)

Finely chopped nuts, flaked coconuts, any colored sprinkles, condensed cocoa, mini chocolate chips, colored sugar..or be creative...

In heavy sauce pan over low  heat, melt chips in sweetened condensed milk.  Chill 2 hours, or until firm. Shape into 1 inch balls...or smaller for more or bite sized...roll in any of the above coatings.  chill 1 hour or until firm. Store covered at room temperature.

**Microwave** in 1 quart glass measuring cup, combine chips and sweetened condensed milk. Cook on 100% power (high) 3 minutes or until
chips melt...stirring after 1 1/2 minutes. Stir til smooth....proceed as above.
Merry Christmas...
hugs abby

Monday, December 7, 2015

Santa's Master elf....

        Master and i were talking about Christmas over the weekend.  I was bragging that my shopping was about done, but I still had all the wrapping to do...i really dislike wrapping.  I told Master that i wished there was a wrapping elf, i would hire him in a minute.  Master laughs, and says i am talking to a professional wrapper.  I am is it that i did not know this until now....and where is He going with this.  I decided to find I ask Him if He charges by the gift or by the hour.  Without hesitation.....His answer is...just for You, 1 package equals 1 swat.  Now i am grinning i quickly tell Him, He is hired!  He then says, the paddle is the heavy one...not the big punishment one, but a heavy one that is not used much.  I give Him a look and He asks if i want to change my mind...I am thinking, will be a play spanking, and i can control the number of spanks by the number of packages i have Him wrap, still sounds like a good deal.  Master says i am in charge of the wrapping material, He will provide the paddle.
           This afternoon i  chose 13 gifts, most of them gifts for the grands.  Master says i can choose the paper He uses for each gift, and i am in charge of the name tags.  My dream come true..watching someone wrap my gifts for me.  He wraps the first one and i slap on the name tag some place in the middle of the package.  He gives me a look....the tags go in the right hand corner, square to the box.   Really???.....yes really.  He gives me lessons on 'proper' wrapping procedure as we move along, but i am nodding and thinking, this is going to be a tradition...i shop and He wraps.
           Master finishes and the packages look great, tightly wrapped, no extra paper, corners all square, not too much tape...I pick up up everything and Master has the paddle in His hand.  I star to walk toward the living room when Master in the kitchen where i wrapped.
He tells me to pull down my pants and panties, but keep them around my legs.  I lean over, and He starts in.  He is not going easy, i did not expect Him to....after each swat i hear, 1 package, 2 packages....till He gets to 13.  I get up and reach to pull up my pants, when i hear...
         Leave them is Monday, time for maintenance.  I look at Him, and start to argue, but He gives me The Look....and i know, it is Monday, and Monday is maintenance day.  We go to the 'maintenance area' and i get over His lap.  Master is checking and announces, that at least one part of me responds positively to a hard paddling.  He keeps on checking, getting me wetter and wetter, until i know i have to ask, before i explode.  
       I ask Him to please start my maintenance spanking.  He asks if i am sure, i am....i am waiting, almost holding my breath.  Then i feel a light hand spank, then another.....til He gets to 100....all light hand spanks.  I quickly  thank Him....and we move on to those permissions.  Master suggests that 13 packages might mean 13 orgasms....but after 4  ( it think it was 4), i plead enough.....
         I am thinking that wrapping presents could become one of my favorite holiday activities....

hugs abby

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Claiming...taking...every inch of me...

         After maintenance last Monday, while we were cuddling, Master says...there is something we have not done for a while, I think Friday would be a good day.  I immediately know....Master is letting me know there is going to be a fisting  on Friday.  I have one of those love/hate relationships with fisting.  I never embrace the thought of it as soon as He mentions it....i always think...this time it will not work.  It is one of those things i need to live with the thought of before it happens....cause one thing i know for sure....if Master is thinking about it enough to mention will happen.  It does help me to know ahead of time....
          Friday, i am kneeling naked, as Master is claiming me.  He asks if i remember what He mentioned we had not done in a while.  I do....He says i knew you would, i was just planting the seed.  He tells me to get over His lap, since a dripping pussy always makes fisting a lot easier.  He is starting with a hand spanking, with lots of interruptions during which He makes sure to 'stir the pot'. Just as i am panting and can feel my 'squishiness', Master tells me to get up and hang on to the mantle.  I am surprised, wondering if He is going to try to fist me while i am standing.
        Nope.....i am awakened by the sting of Master's whip.  Master concentrates on my back for a while, then moves to my bottom, and then a few quick ones down my thighs and legs.  He tells me He is going to mark...all of me.  He tells me to stay put, as He goes back to His bag.  Ahhh......the flogger. Master asks if i remember Monday's flogging.  I do...he tells me that was His sensual, kind side....not the mood He is in today.  He flogs my back from shoulders down to is a very different sensation on top of a whipping, one that i do not remember feeling before this.
     Next, i hear, turn around, hands behind your head.  Remember  I said every inch of you....He flogs my front.  I, surprisingly, am not ouching or trying to move away.  I must be in that place....where the sensation of pain disappears....When Master feels He has covered all of me, He helps me to kneel, and tells me He wants to take my mouth.  I take Him, licking and sucking, He grabs my hair and controls my speed, holds me in place, then moves my head back and forth quickly. At this point, the only thing that exists for me, is Master, His cock, and His hand pulling my hair.
    He lets go, and tells me to get on all fours, head down and bottom up.  He is going to claim, take control, of me from the inside.  He reminds me that relaxing makes everything easier.  I groan...relaxing after a whipping, a flogging, and tasting His cock.....but i know He is right, so i try to slow my breathing and relax....Master rubs my bottom and makes sure i am dripping, when i hear....1 finger, quickly followed by, there's 2.   After some stimulation,...good girl, 3.....He reminds me to push toward Him, not away from Him.....and as i am grunting....4.....and then,  He is claiming, taking that part of me.  It is a unique feeling, knowing we are connected that way.  
    I am groaning and thinking that a permission might be needed soon, while i feel Master's hand start to retreat.....but He stops, and then i feel Him inserting a thumb into my bottom.  He is moving in and out, and i am getting very close to needing a permission, when He pulls out all together and says, He wants to take, claim my bottom.  I breathe as i can feel Him remove His hand and get ready to fuck my bottom.  It does not take long and i am cumming...and feeling myself leave large wet spots.
    I fall down flat, but it is wet, so i move a bit and Master tells me He is not done, there is one more taking to take place.  It takes me a minute to process. Master helps me...telling me to get on my back and spread my legs.  I manage to turn over and offer Him my last hole....and He takes, claims me again......Master pulls me up and against His chest, and we are quiet,  until I hear Master ask.... there any part of abby that does not belong to me...that i have not taken...."no Sir....all of  me is Yours".  He replies....'Yes every inch inside and out....MINE'.

hugs abby


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Ella's.....Have You Ever....

              Ella posted her version of Have You Ever.....  After reading her version...adventurous is a word that comes to mind....Here are my answers...

Said something very rude to a doctor during childbirth? 
      Not that i remember....but it could part of the process that i have since blocked out....

Seen someone pop their eyeball out?
    Thankfully, I am positive that i can say no, I have not.

Had  your stomach pumped?
    See the above answer.....happily saying no, again.

Been to a drag show with a very large gay man?
   No, again.  But this time I am wishing it was a yes.....sounds like fun.

Eaten a worm?  
  A gummy one yes...a chocolate one yes...a real one...NO.

Run a nifty, little money -making business when you were 11 or 12  years old buying girlie magazines for neighborhood boys?
No, but i do admire Ella's business sense.

Crawled through an underground storm sewer for 5 blocks?
Once again

Lied about your weight?
Well DUH....yes.  (and to Master...never with You Sir.)

Needed your husband to help you up the stairs because you were inebriated?
Been inebriated many times...I just sleep where ever i land...stairs would be too much of a challenge.

Seen a movie star in an airport?
Not an airport, but in NYC last year, celebrating my birthday with my daughters, Sally Fields sat next to us at dinner...and she toasted me!

Walked out of a movie?
Not that i remember, but i have slept through many a movie....

Sat on a jury?
Yes...although i had been told lawyers do not like teachers on juries...they think too much, i was chosen twice.  The first time, the accused and His lawyer walked in, looked at us, asked to speak to His lawyer and decided to plead guilty.  I do not think he was looking at me at the time.  The second time, trial lasted 2 days...deliberations a  day....guilty.

Told a child...because i said so?  Oh yes....mine and other people's.  Is there a mom who has not?

Ran a cash register in a grocery store when you were 8 years old?
Not when i was 8, but my first paying job...besides baby sitting...was a cashier in a supermarket.  I was even robbed one day...handed over all the cash without him having to ask twice...

Wrote a eulogy for a parent?
No, my niece volunteered to do my dad's...and she nailed it.  She did the same for my mom.

Heard a song you were sure was written and sung just for you?
When i was in a college and a few years after.....Jeremiah was a Bullfrog...that song could get me 'having a few more', dancing on tables....
now...Rod Stewart's, "I'll Stand By You" is on my ipod and i hear it when i walk..i always think it could have been written by Master for me...

Roasted chestnuts on an open fire?
Yes...very yummy...

Eaten 44 shrimp at a sitting?
I have never counted as i ate...but 44 seems like a I am going to say no.

Thrown all phones in a drawer for an entire weekend?
No, but during family vacations, they can only be used first thing in the morning, and before bed....

Gone on a vacation with just you?
If you count going to a retreat, yes a few times. Loved it.

Thanks, Ella...
hugs abby