Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Quick Flogging is a Whole Lot Better than No Flogging...:)

        Sometimes I wonder how someone whose children are all grown, and is retired, can be so busy.  I belong to several social groups, some have a set time to meet...the second Tuesday of the month is book club day.  Others, we set  dates as we need to...our birthday club gets together when there is a birthday to celebrate...we are all retired.  Our most recent birthday was the first of October...the only date that we have all been available is Nov. does that happen?
      I know it is called life...sometimes it cooperates, other times not so much.  Same with Master and i...we do prioritize some time on Monday's and Friday's as just 'us' times.  Today i woke up  early...and was antsy.  I am going to be watching grands all next week, and was thinking it would be nice if I could have a memory from Wednesday to think about since it would be 1/2 way through the week.  Now, if you have been reading here a while, you know asking is not my strong suit.  I debated, ....but finally i just asked Master if we could manage some 'us' time for today.
         We did...but barely.  I got to Master's at the same time that He arrived, and quickly was naked and kneeling.  Master was congratulating me on asking.  He said i wanted something to remember for next Wednesday so....out came a small paddle...and the large leather FLOGGER:):):).  (Yes, asking does have it rewards, that flogger has not see the light of day in wayyyyy too long.)
        Master is not wasting time on light touches, He is squeezing my breast, until i am panting and just concentrating on not moving out of position.  Master says...time for my pleasure.  I am up and over His lap, and He is holding the paddle.  He starts off very lightly, a very nice warm-up.  He then gets to Master style...and revs it up...for His enjoyment.  I am not sure how many....but enough to get my bottom red and hot.  
        When He is done with His pleasure, He says...Your pleasure time.  I am told to lean over the back of the sofa...or as Master says...the flogging area.  He tells me to open my legs wide...He wants several targets.  He starts with using the tips of flogger on my pussy.  These are light taps, and after a couple sets, Master reminds me that is no permission yet, and perhaps He should move to another part of my body.  My back is next..these are hard ones, but oh...i can feel all the stress leave my body.  Master then target thighs and legs...kind of a medium flogging.  He then goes from all the parts randomly, i never know where the flogger will fall or how long it will stay in one place.  Master is a very symmetrical person, so this is an unusual spanking, and totally keeping me guessing.
       Finally Master returns to where He started, my pussy and concentrates the rest of the spanking right there.  I can fell my wetness, i am groaning and panting...and getting so close.....Master drops the flogger and moves in with His hands and His body....He comments on the size of my clit...and soon i am off flying...a few times.  I am so spent, i cannot move, so Master sit besides me and leans in...until i can catch my breath.   Master asks if i can talk...i nod my head...LOL.  
         I do move to snuggle in to Master, and too soon Master is reminding me that our time is up...He has to go. I look up at Him smile and say....A quick flogging is a whole lot better than no flogging!
hugs abby


  1. Congratulations on asking Abby! You should be very proud of yourself and it is obvious that your Master was. Enjoy the time with your grands. ;)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. HI Abby, well done on asking. I have discovered that they never mind when we do!
    love Jan,xx

  3. Well done on asking Abby. You Master gave you just what you wanted and needed. Enjoy your time with your grands next week.
    Cheers Lindy

  4. Okay, that's it, we really need a flogger over here! I'm going to ask him, maybe he'll let me make one...

    "Master style" :) I like that! And *high five* for asking!

  5. And now I'm daydreaming about Daddy using the flogger on me this weekend. How lovely that would be. Goodness, it's a good thing it's already Thursday! lol Congrats on asking! :)

  6. thank you for reminding me that asking does have its benefits. I must remember to ask more too, I don't like being a burden or an imposition, but maybe giving him the power to be the one to satisfy my needs and have that affirmed for him by my asking Him, might be less of a burden and something He can enjoy too :)