Wednesday, November 25, 2015

When is 150 with the flogger...not 150?

             When Master is counting, of course...and those of you who have read here  before today probably have already guessed that He is not one to under count.

         Master and i decided to have some 'just us' time today, before the holiday festivities...and work...started.  Plus, we still had the LOL day poll to take care of.  The flogger was the winner by a landslide...:)...thank you all my friends. (Master did say next year He was choosing the list of implements).  The final count was 30 comments, so 150 with the flogger.  I was so looking forward to favorite toy, and a nice long session with it...ahhhhhhh
             As always, we start with some naked kneeling.  Then, over Master's lap for a hand warm-up.  Suddenly i start to feel the coolness of wood on my bottom....i look up and back at Him.  He laughs and says, He was thinking that after a paddling i would enjoy the flogger that much more.  I am not sure i totally agree with His logic, but i decide to just think about the flogging.  The paddling is Master's standards.  Master asks which part of my i would like to have back, bottom, thighs, front, pussy??  I decide to leave that choice up to Him.
             I am leaning over the back of the longer a whipping station, now back to a much nicer flogging station.  The first 10 are light, and are followed with Master sensually dragging the leather all over my back, bottom and legs.  The next  set is longer (i am not counting, just enjoying),  on my back and bottom, then more lovely swishing.  Another harder set all over my back, bottom and legs, Master announces that's 60...before the swishing starts again.  
                Master continues, the flogging getting harder, but never too hard.  He stops several times to just swish the leather strips all over...i am so loving this.  At some point, He also starts to target my pussy .  I yelp a little, but also know that i am dripping.  The last set is the hardest, Master steps in and is rubbing my back and talking softly.  Master then tells me to spread my legs wide, He want to continue flogging my pussy...These are mixed, harder , softer, some very stinging, some very light....
                  I am squirming and panting when Master stops and says that was 100 more, would you like to try to cum while i continue to flog your pussy.  I do....He flogs and stops to help me along with some stimulation...
and i rise up and cum...and cum.  Master leans in and against me, as i recover and can move to His lap for some wonderful cuddle time.
Thank all of you who voted, it was absolutely lovely.
                I would like to wish all of you who are celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend a wonderful holiday...filled with laughter, family, friends and...lots of turkey and pies....

Sad news from Katie...

     Our friend  Katie has shared some sad news.  Yesterday she received a call from the doctors telling her it was time to come and say good-by to her mom.  We all know that Katie has had a very rough couple of weeks healthwise.  She knew she needed to go, to be there.  This morning Katie's mom went to join her dad.  As many of us know, no matter how prepared you think you are, it is always very difficult to say that last good-by.  We are a group who knows how to rally around a friend in time of need...I have been fortunate enough to experience that feeling.  I am sure you will keep Katie and her family in your prayers and in your hearts during this difficult time.  
Hugs abby

Monday, November 23, 2015

You're Never Too Old ...

        I had a wonderful week with the grands.  I might be a little biased, but they are great kids, so loving and funny and smart and....LOL.  OK..a lot biased.  We did have lots of fun and made some lovely memories, including letting them each frost a dozen cupcakes with as much icing..of different colors...and decorations as they wanted.  They went straight for a bath when they finished, while grandma cleaned, and wondered 'what was i thinking?'.  The cupcakes were delicious...
       Since today is Monday, Master was ready for maintenance, me...not so much. Maintenance for me, is a love/hate...or more like....need/don't want.  Today, i was really not wanting a hard spanking.  This year, Master has started to 'make-up' a missed spanking.  So, if i am gone for more than a week, i get 2 maintenance spankings when i return.  Such was the case today...much to my dismay.
         I get to Master's, and He is working on the kitchen re-do. We chat a bit, and He tells me to go get ready....meaning naked and kneeling.  It is cool in the house, and once i am naked, i decide to put my coat back on and am walking around the room when Master enters.  He gives me THAT look, and i tell Him i am cold.  He laughs and says, i can take that of that, you will soon be much warmer.  He sits, and waits for me to be kneeling in front of Him.
         He asks me what is up...i tell Him i really do not want a maintenance spanking today.  He tells me that if i can give Him a good reason for not having one today, He will give me a pass.  Now He is a man of His word, so i know it is a good offer, so i spend some time thinking...trying to come with a 'good reason'.  The best i can do head is not in the right place, and i do not think that a spanking will change that, i don't want a maintenance spanking today. He brings His forehead down so that it rests against mine.  He tells me, the less  you want it...the more you need it....and  you really need it today.  I am quiet...He asks if we are going to 'butt heads' on this.  I tell him no...since i have learned that there is at least one person on this earth who can be more stubborn than i am....and He is in the same room as i am.
        He reminds me that there will be 2 maintenance spankings, i remind Him how much i dislike this new rule...He agrees that i do dislike it.  He helps me up and i am over His lap.  He does give me a warm-up, warning that this will be a hard is what i need. Too soon the maintenance paddle starts to fly.   After the first 10 or 15, He revs it up, i am trying to be quiet, but i finally take a deep breath and let out the ouching.  He stops after the first 50, for a bit of a rub and some chat, about me distancing while i am away....and seeming to be in a strange mood today.  He tells me 50 more and i can suck His cock before the second spanking.  Fifty more hard ones and i am being very vocal.  
          I get a break and am kneeling and forgetting the pain of the paddling, as i concentrate on His scent and taste....licking and sucking, and getting loss in my effort to please Him. Master tells me to play with myself, to feel my wetness as i continue to suck His cock. I hear Master reminding me that a second spanking needs to happen and to get over His lap.
           ..........I am not a crier...never have been.  Master has been spanking me for....close to 15 years, and i had never cried during a spanking.  He has seen my tears, seen me cry, but never because of a spanking.  Master once said, the one thing that He would like to have happen is to spank me to the release.  It was not that i was not willing to have it  happen, more that i just could not let it happen.
                      Back to today....I am over Master's lap, and Master tells me to ask Him for a hard second maintenance.  I am quiet for a bit, and i ask for a second maintenance spanking.  I get 2 hard spanks on my thighs....Master asks why He spanked me there.  I tell Him because i did not ask for what He told me to....He tells me to try again.  I do...and get it right this time.  Master then tells me this is going to be a very hard spanking, a spanking for a naughty young lady, and that i should embrace it and let myself be open and let go.....
                     He starts and i feel myself start to tear up.  Master somehow senses it...since i am face down on His lap, He cannot see the tears start...and He encourages me to let let them out.  He is spanking hard, and i am being loud, and it happens....the tears start to flow.  Master stops at 50, He is encouraging me, telling me to let it all out, that the next set will be the hardest one.  It is....and i am sobbing, and saying stop....and finally just laying there crying.  
                        Master is rubbing my back and bottom,  telling me all is fine...As i quiet, He starts to roam, and get my mind on other sensations.  I am now moaning and listening to my wetness, asking for a is granted....and another....and maybe another...when i say no more...Master replies that He decides that.....finally i am jello, just laying there when Master asks me....
                        "Did you think you were too old to be spanked to tears...that it would never happen?"   I guess i sort of did...but i should have known, since Master came into my life...lots of things that i thought would never happen, are now a part of my life.  I am not sure that being spanked to tears will ever be easy for me....but is certainly is a possibility....

hugs abby

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

LOL day results....and the winner is....

           I know i am late with this...thanks to Bonnie for another successful LOL day.  I loved hearing from and...not so new.  I loved discovering new friends, and some that i should visit more often.  I listed 5 'toys' in my post, and the one getting the most votes would be used for my next  'fun' spanking.  Winner by a landslide....the FLOGGER!  You all know me well...I was rooting for the flogger, one can never have too many floggings. There were 30 votes that is 150 with the flogger.  So thank for visiting and voting..and for giving me a flogging to look forward to, soon.
         At the moment, i am wearing my grandma hat.  Daughter and son-in-law are off celebrating one of those birthdays that end in 0, with a week at a warm resort.  I get to enjoy whatever weather with a delightful 7 and 4 year old.  We spent the weekend doing crafts, baking projects, board games, make believe, writing stories...etc.  On Monday the 4 year old woke up with a croopy cough...and mid-morning i got a call from school, the 7 year old was running a temperature.  So, i moved over the grandma hat a bit and added a nursing cap.  Everyone is much better..back to school tomorrow, and hopefully the rest of the week will be calm...
        Before i left, Master gave me a 'warm' send off.  After some naked kneeling time, i was over Master's lap for a wonderful warm-up. Master was not surprised about the impending flogging, since He knows we blog friends support each other.
        Master then told me to crawl to His toy bag and drag it to Him.  It is a large leather bag, and when i reached it i thought i was grabbing for a handle to drag it over, and i pulled out Master's whip.  Wrong handle!  Master was laughing and said great choice, and as much as i tried to explain that it was not my choice, and that i was trying to grab the handle of the bag He was not listening.  I then tried to change tactic, and blamed Him for setting it up that way...He said He could have tried to make that work and it would never have worked out as well as it just was fate.
      So, what had been a wonderful flogging station just last week, was now a whipping area.  I was leaning against the back of the sofa, and Master...with a big, wide grin...was holding His whip.  He started out lightly, then medium lashes mostly on my back, but also traveling down to my bottom and thighs and calves....I am concentrating on breathing and staying in place...and ouching, of course.
     Finally I hear, 20 more hard ones (i refrained my saying...what i was thinking)....and then you may suck my cock for taking your whipping so well.  He must have been thinking about that, because the first one was very light...i quickly counted..1...He said, it does not count.  I did nicely say, it was a lash and it was with your continued with 2 for the next one and so on.  Master did not question my counting skills.  At 10, He stops to rub out some of the burn and is enjoying the heat and the feel of the welts.  The last 10 are the hardest, but finally He is done.  I am trying to catch my breath, when He tells me He is waiting.
       I quickly move...One of us certainly enjoyed that whipping a whole lot more than than the other....
       I am back over Master's lap, Master is tracing a long red welt down the side of my back.  He asks if i know what it says....i am says..Master was here, and i am to remember that while i am away. He finds the oval black leather is stiff...but it is leather, and after a whipping is a much welcomed sensation.  Then it is my turn, to show Master how much i loved that leather paddle.....
      hugs abby...  

Thursday, November 12, 2015

LOL Day....You can decide on Fun Friday!

         Welcome to Love Our Lurkers day in blogland, and if this is your first visit to my blog a second bigger welcome.  If you have been reading and lurking...not commenting...this could be your day to say Hello!
          This is my sixth year blogging, before that I was a reader of blogs, and before that a lurker.  I know how you are feeling, since i have been there.  In my case, and I think in the case of many other bloggers, we start out blogging for ourselves.  In my case it was more of a case of Master saying, you will do this by the end of this week!!!  What keeps many of us blogging is all of our readers and yes lurkers and more importantly all of the blog land friends we have made.
               We have an interest in spanking in common....after that , we are a very diverse bunch.  We vary in age, in education, we live in different countries, some get spanked, some wish they did and some think we are crazy.  Some of us practice D/D, some M/s, some D/s...and lots of varieties of inside of those distinctions and and outside of them also.
We are a friendly bunch and very inclusive...
              So thanks for lurking....and I almost always answer my commenters, so how about starting a conversation with an Hello. an added incentive...Master has agreed that everyone who leaves a comment can vote on what happens on Fun Friday.  Master and I like to start off the weekend, with some 'us' time...some fun play time.  
So...each vote will count for 5 get to vote what toy will be used from the following list.  Master said to list 2 wood and 3
         1.   Large leather strop
         2.   "my paddleman" paddle...large and heavy
         3.    Large leather flogger
         4.   cane
          5.   Master's belt

If 40 people leave a comment on which should be used...that would mean 200 with whichever implement received the most votes....Since LOL is a 2 day even this year, the 'accounting' will not be this week.


Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A Quick Flogging is a Whole Lot Better than No Flogging...:)

        Sometimes I wonder how someone whose children are all grown, and is retired, can be so busy.  I belong to several social groups, some have a set time to meet...the second Tuesday of the month is book club day.  Others, we set  dates as we need to...our birthday club gets together when there is a birthday to celebrate...we are all retired.  Our most recent birthday was the first of October...the only date that we have all been available is Nov. does that happen?
      I know it is called life...sometimes it cooperates, other times not so much.  Same with Master and i...we do prioritize some time on Monday's and Friday's as just 'us' times.  Today i woke up  early...and was antsy.  I am going to be watching grands all next week, and was thinking it would be nice if I could have a memory from Wednesday to think about since it would be 1/2 way through the week.  Now, if you have been reading here a while, you know asking is not my strong suit.  I debated, ....but finally i just asked Master if we could manage some 'us' time for today.
         We did...but barely.  I got to Master's at the same time that He arrived, and quickly was naked and kneeling.  Master was congratulating me on asking.  He said i wanted something to remember for next Wednesday so....out came a small paddle...and the large leather FLOGGER:):):).  (Yes, asking does have it rewards, that flogger has not see the light of day in wayyyyy too long.)
        Master is not wasting time on light touches, He is squeezing my breast, until i am panting and just concentrating on not moving out of position.  Master says...time for my pleasure.  I am up and over His lap, and He is holding the paddle.  He starts off very lightly, a very nice warm-up.  He then gets to Master style...and revs it up...for His enjoyment.  I am not sure how many....but enough to get my bottom red and hot.  
        When He is done with His pleasure, He says...Your pleasure time.  I am told to lean over the back of the sofa...or as Master says...the flogging area.  He tells me to open my legs wide...He wants several targets.  He starts with using the tips of flogger on my pussy.  These are light taps, and after a couple sets, Master reminds me that is no permission yet, and perhaps He should move to another part of my body.  My back is next..these are hard ones, but oh...i can feel all the stress leave my body.  Master then target thighs and legs...kind of a medium flogging.  He then goes from all the parts randomly, i never know where the flogger will fall or how long it will stay in one place.  Master is a very symmetrical person, so this is an unusual spanking, and totally keeping me guessing.
       Finally Master returns to where He started, my pussy and concentrates the rest of the spanking right there.  I can fell my wetness, i am groaning and panting...and getting so close.....Master drops the flogger and moves in with His hands and His body....He comments on the size of my clit...and soon i am off flying...a few times.  I am so spent, i cannot move, so Master sit besides me and leans in...until i can catch my breath.   Master asks if i can talk...i nod my head...LOL.  
         I do move to snuggle in to Master, and too soon Master is reminding me that our time is up...He has to go. I look up at Him smile and say....A quick flogging is a whole lot better than no flogging!
hugs abby

Monday, November 9, 2015

"A Damned Good Monday".....quote from Master...

          Master asks me if i know what day it is.  I is Monday.  He looks and asks.....again...what is special about Monday. I reply..well today it is nice and sunny.  He chuckles and says....You just will not say it will is Maintenance Monday!  He is right when He says...I bet you keep right on hoping, until the first swat, that I will maintenance today. He is right, i do.  "Not Ever Going To Happen".
            I am kneeling, naked. Master starts off with just barely touching, but that light touch is electrifying.  He then moves on to harder pinches...and i can no longer chat, i am just trying to remember to breathe.
He asks...what part of Abby belongs to me?..."all of me, Sir".
            He helps me up, and i am laying over His lap.  I tell Him i vote for a nice light maintenance spanking.  His reply....this is not a democracy.  I laugh and tell Him, those were the exact words i always said to my junior high students every  year on the first day of school.  I went on to explain that I was the queen...since all junior high girls consider themselves princesses.  If the queen is happy, we all have a good time...if the queen is not happy , the students will pay. Master laughed queen here, just a Master.
         While we are having the above discussion, Master is warming my bottom with His hand.  Yes, my bottom is heating up, it feels so good, He could go on all day...if this were a democracy.  Master picks up the paddle and tells is time.  I am expecting a set of 25 hard spanks, alternating cheeks.  What i 5 HARD ones on the left, and then 5 HARD ones on the right.  WOW..i am ouching loudly.  Master says He was tenderizing my bottom for the rest of the spanking.
        When we get to half way to 100, Master gives me a break and is rubbing my bottom.  He tells me He would like me to lose 2 more pounds for the holidays, so i have more 'wriggle room'.  In...a slightly sarcastic tone..i say 'it is nice to wish'.  After about 30 seconds, Master starts to laugh out loud.   When he stops He are over my knee, being spanked, only half way done, I am holding a paddle....and that is the answer you  give me.  Would  you like to re-word that?
      I might be foolish, but not stupid.  I say..."Yes Master that would be nice, i will try my best".  Master says...better...and the paddle starts to fly again...2 more sets of 25.  Finally maintenance is over, and Master is rubbing and soothing me.  Then He decides enough soothing, He is now letting His fingers roam...and discovers...'a sopping mess'.  Permissions are soon needed...and granted.....and then i remember why Mondays are a while lot better than they used to be.  
      I climb up on Master's lap for some snuggle time.  Master pulls me in and says...."a damned good Monday".
hugs abby

Friday, November 6, 2015

How to break in a new belt.....Master style...

          I get to Master's and He greets me, shirtless. As soon as i see Him..i reach out and touch His furry chest....i smile widely.  He knows i love it when He greets me this way... 
          He tells me He has a small surprise for me, but not yet.  I am kneeling for Him, as He claims me.  Earlier this week, He asked me if i had any more granny panties in my drawers...i admitted i still had a couple of pairs.  He told me to get rid of one of the pairs, i could hang on to that last one....for now.  He asks how i feel about being down to only one pair...i laugh as i tell Him, it's a whole new side of granny panties.  He says....not a new side, just one that needed a little encouragement to show itself...
            Master helps me up and over His lap.  He is using His hand to warm-up my bottom.  On Wednesday, Master decided i needed a mid- week  warm up, it was an all hand spanking...but lots of spanks on my thighs.  We talk about that...He is saying He was pleased at how well i took those.  Master has His bag opened next to Him and is looking for something in it.
             He finally settles on something, and it feels like leather....but not all that soft.  I ask if it is the beaver tail...He says no, but it is the same shape, just larger.  I am guessing about 100 spanks later  Master shows me He was using a black leather oval shaped paddle...and it is very stiff.  Next comes the beaver tail that i love....a little smaller and much softer.  Master could spank with this for a long time...but probably i got 100 more.  I was not counting...and Master was not counting out loud...but He is a very symmetrical person, so probably all the spankings were in sets of 100.
           I am so relaxed from the beaver tail, when i feel a much stingier spank.  It is a small leather strip...i guess like a small tawse.  The next sensation is the coolness of wood, one of His smaller paddles.  My bottom is pretty warmed up, so i am able to breathe through and without a lot of squirming.  After each toy, Master rubs my bottom, and "checks" to make sure i am indeed enjoying a Fun Friday.
         Master asks if i am ready for some cock sucking.  I grin at Him as i get up and kneel in front of Him.  I am soon loss in a totally different sensation.  
         Master then tells me that my surprise is that He has a new belt, it has never been used....not on my bottom, not on His pants.  I get to break it in.  He gets it and hands it to is a plain black belt, not very wide, and yes, still stiff from the newness.  I am helped up, and He wants my head down and my bottom up.  He figures 100 will break it in  ( He is a lover of consistency).  After each 10 He switches sides.  The first 10 take a little adjustment on my part, but my bottom has been well warned and i am soon 'in the zone'.  Loving the feel of the leather as it 'kisses' my bottom, the sting, the heat...i manage to stay in position, but know that i am dripping.  
           When He is finished, He asks if i realize how wet i am..He suggest i touch myself.....i am a sopping, dripping, mess.  Master has been standing right behind me, rubbing my bottom with His body.  He tells me He thinks i need a good...hard...fucking.  He tells me to present my bottom, He comes up behind me...and i am so primed, so ready that i am soon panting and grunting...Master kindly does not wait for me to try and form the words...He tells me to cum for Him.....i do and lay flat on the floor.  Master tells me He is not done with my ass, to get it back up there....i manage to respond....and He has me cum for Him one more time.  
        I turn around to face Master and am pulled into Him, laying my head on His lap.  I can't move, can't even have a logical conversation, Master hangs on to me, talking softly, letting me recover.  I cannot wait to see Master wearing His new belt...I will be grinning, and wanting to touch it, and mesmerized by it.
     Have a great weekend...we had a week of record high temps for 4 days in a is ending...but it was so gorgeous while it lasted.  
     Have a great weekend all....
hugs abby

Monday, November 2, 2015

Another Monday....means another maintenance spanking....

             Once again, it's maintenance Monday.  Master and i are talking about our 'maintenance history'.  It's been about 6 years since we started maintenance.  It has changed somewhat over the years, but there has been one constant......unless one one of us is away for the whole week (or in the hospital).....i get spanked every single week, for the past couple of years, on the same day....Monday.  When i envisioned maintenance, it was a fun, light, re-connect spanking, with hugs and snuggles.  Possibly using only Master's hand, or a different 'toy' each week.
             If you have read here, you know.....that is not what Master envisioned....and in case of tie....well we all know who wins.  As much as i would still prefer my version, i have to admit, Master's version of a hard spanking with His maintenance paddle, has kept me from earning a harder Punishment spanking.  And i know, no matter what else the week brings, i will be spanked at least once.  That does wonders in keeping those pesky little head voices quiet.
             I am kneeling, naked, and in position while we are discussing this, and He is claiming me.  As He is rubbing and pinching, the conversation wanes and soon it is time for me to get over Master's lap.  Master is kind enough to include a short hand warm-up before the maintenance spanking starts.  I know that from the first smack with the paddle, the spanks will all be hard ones....there is no slow build up. Master likes to know He is making a point...or an impression....and i am ouching and squirming almost from the very beginning.  When he gets to 25, He stops for some rubbing and to let me catch my breath.  The next 25, and another break.
            He asks if i am ready to continue, i suggest that another break at 75 would be really nice...."that is not the way I do maintenance"...i had to try. This last set is 50, and the last 5 are the hardest.  By then i am ouching loudly after each spank.  After the last spank, i just go limp. Master rubs my hot bottom, until He decides to roam a little, and check other parts........they are hot also, but in a much nicer way....
         I can hear and feel my wetness, and i just relax and enjoy, until i can feel my excitement climb, and know that soon i will be need a permission.  I ask and when i hear....cum for Me....i respond almost immediately ....a couple times.  I am recovering as Master is talking and massaging me back to reality.  My body is still giving off small tremors, and Master asks if i might like to cum again.  I am nodding my head, Master picks up the paddle and tells me to cum as He is spanking me....and i do, and i am finally spent and limp.  When i can move i climb onto Master's lap, and snuggle into His neck, spent, content, where i belong.......
      We are having beautiful weather here...and i rarely get to say that.  Walked outside today, and looks like i will be able to all skies, fluffy clouds, and temps in the low 70's...unheard of for November!  
Have a good week all...
hugs abby