Friday, October 30, 2015

Travelling Stripes...

         I am kneeling waiting for Master's first touch.  I feel a hard pinch on a nipple. I now know....He is in THAT kind of mood.  I look up at Him, His eyes and His grin reinforce that thought.
        He continues, squeezing, pulling, pinching my breast, my talk just a total claiming of that part of me.  When He is done He takes my hands and pulls me up and over His lap.  I breathe easier when i feel His hand, spanking my bottom.  I relax and enjoy the warm-up. He is spanking all over my bottom, it will be a uniform shade of red when He is finished with this delicious warm-up.
       I then feel a stinging smack....i am trying to identify it when i finally just put head my up and sneak a peak.  Master chuckles....I got a new paint stick.  Now, when i think of paint stick , i think of maybe 12 inches long, and inch wide and light wood.  What Master is holding, must be the new king sized one....double in size and weight.  He gives me that evil grin, and i just shake my head.
         He does start off lightly, increasing in intensity as He continues.  He continues until i start to squirm. He starts to complain that He cannot get the angle He wants.   He stops and tells me to get up, and get on top of the hammock, on my hands and knees.  Umm..this is a new use for the hammock.  He is still using the paint stick, full out.  My bottom is well warmed, the sting spans both cheeks and i am getting loss in the sensation.
             Master stops and i am staying in position waiting....He is in front of me and i look up, and His cock is at eye level.  I raise my head and it is at just the right level.  I cannot use my hands so it is all tongue and mouth, Master stops me just short of accomplishing my goal.  He walks away, and i suddenly feel a light tap, tap, tap on my bottom....the cane.  He continues to tap for for a few minutes and asks if i am reading for my traveling stripes.  I say i am not, so He continues to tap, telling me to tell Him when i am ready.  He continues to just tap, and i am thinking this feels pretty good.  After about 5 minutes, i know that He will continue until i say i am ready, but i am starting to get to the point of wanting a relief of another kind.
             As soon as I say, 'i am ready', Master goes from tapping to swishing.  I am not sure how many, i was concentrating on staying on the hammock , in place.  He does stop after each set for some rubbing.  I realize that He has stopped and is back standing in front of me of me....i look up and take His cock in to my mouth.  When i am done, He moves behind me, to trace the welts with His wet cock.  
            I am soon panting and and pushing my bottom out.  Master helps me up and off the hammock, into a more comfortable position, and i am rewarded for my efforts.....until i feel like a rag doll. Master continues to rub and massage my body as we snuggle until i can move and think logically once again.
          I am leaving soon to  spend Halloween with a 7 year old 'dog' and a 4 year old 'pumpkin'.  I have lots of different halloween activities to keep us celebrating all day.   Hope you all have a spooktacular time....

hugs abby

Monday, October 26, 2015

Release...from a spanking...

          We have had an extended time of gorgeous fall weather.  I love autumn, the bright coloring of the leaves...the cool nights to sleep...the warm-up on bight sunny days.  I have been walking outside, so much nicer than walking around a circle...but those days are coming to end, probably on Wednesday.  I am thankful for all the beauty Mother Nature has provided us with over the past couple months.
             Today was maintenance day, as always.  I am kneeling, naked, and after Master has claimed all of me He concentrates on my breast.  He is touching them very lightly, circling the nipple, the whole breast, touching, but just barely my nipples.  After a bit of time, He asks if i can feel the electricity between us, i nod....since i am holding my breath.  Master asks if i can feel myself getting wet, i smile, look up at Him and say Yes Sir.  He continues, until my breathing turn to panting, and i know i going to start dripping.  He pinches each breast, and tells me it is maintenance time.
            I am over His lap, He checks and says i am already a 'sopping mess'....why is it words like that, coming from Him, make me happy and cause me to smile?  Master then starts to just lightly use His fingers all over my body...from feet to hair.  Up and down just barely touching, then after a couple of trips up and down my body, He uses his finger nails to add a different sensation...but still lightly.  I start off totally relaxed, enjoying the sensations, the feel of Him all over my body.
           As He continues, by breathing quickens, and i can feel myself start to drip.  Master says...I wonder if you could just cum form this light touching.  I say i do not think so , but as He continues, He sees me clutching my bottom and my breathing has turned to panting.  Master warns me that if i continue that i will prove Him right....and there are no permissions on maintenance day, until after the spanking.  
            It feels sooo good, i just want Him to continue.  So i decided to hang on as long as i can.  Master warns me, cumming without permission is a reason for a punishment spanking.....after maintenance.  I can feel my body tensing, so i know i need  to change focus, i quietly ask Master to start my maintenance spanking.  He asks if i am sure....i nod...He says....Please Master start my maintenance spanking...and say it like you mean it.  I take a deep breath, and ask again...beg again.  Master stops roaming all over my body and starts His warm up.
         After the first few spanks, my whole body relaxes...Master chuckles and says...relaxing, releasing that tension, from a spanking?  He kindly gives me a long hand bottom and all of me is warm and toasty.  Part of me is also ready to explode.  Master notices the signs, and picks up the paddle, maintenance has started.
           These spanks are hard ones...from the first one...and they get harder.  Two sets of 25 with stops for rubbing, and then one long set of 50...the last 5 extra hard.  I am loud and vocal with my ouching.  I do remember to thank Him when He is done.  He reaches in and takes some of my wetness to spread over my bottom...His way of cooling me down.
I soon feel His fingers starting their route over my body again....this time stopping and 'stirring the pot' as He like to put it.
               I hang on as long as i can....which is not all that long (LOL)...and i am asking for a permission.  It is granted, and i am of those from the gut, loosing all track of anything else, loss in the sensation......explosions.  Finally i am spent, and all i can do is lie still.
Master is talking, i think, and i can feel Him tucking me in and holding me close.  After a bit, i thank Him...He laughs and thanks me...
               Maintenance Monday....a hard spanking...and some hard loving....what a great way to start the week.
         hugs abby

Saturday, October 17, 2015

A "Strappety, Strippety" Day....

.........That title came from Master...words He used during our play time....

........If  you have read here for a while, you know that Master is a man of surprises.  He is creative, and i am never  sure what to expect, even when i think i have it figured out...usually i don't.  
         I am over His lap, His hand warming my bottom.  We are chatting and i had noticed the large leather strop was out of His toy bag.  Toys seem to cycle through...we don't use one for a while, and then it makes several appearances in a short time.  Lately that strop has been on Master's agenda fairly often....i totally approve.
        I am enjoying this warm up time....when i suddenly feel something cold and hard on my bottom.  I look back, one of Master's small paddles.  I give him a....What???...look.  He chuckles and says He is doing me a favor by being thorough in His warm-up.  Finally i am told to get up and present my bottom....strop time.
          The strop is large...wide and long, and has a double layer of leather.  It will never replace the flogger as my favorite....but i love the feel of it.  Before He starts, Master announces that it is going to be a strappety day.  Master decides on sets of 10 per side.  Often, one side seems to hurt more than the other. especially at the beginning of a spanking session.  The long strands of leather, cause some over- lapping to my hips/side...which cause me to yelp.  After the first few sets, i am settled and enjoying the stropping.  I do not know how many sets there were..guessing around 10.
           Master stops and rubs, then tells me to stay put, as He leaves the room.  Just as i was beginning to think of other more enjoyable pursuits.  He returns, i look up....He is holding a cane.  I open my mouth...but before i can get anything out....Master says, play time....the strop was for You, the cane is for me.  It has been a long time since i have seen stripes on  your bottom.  It has been while, but i am not sure it is ever quite long enough between canings.
            Even on a very warm bottom, i am ouching and squirming and fighting to stay in position.  After a few sets, Master stops....and i am left wondering if He is done....i doubt it...but He has dropped the cane.  I hear His belt being unbuckled, and think, wow, from the cane to His belt.  I am waiting for the feel of the belt, it does not happen.  After a minute, Master steps up behind me, and He is rubbing himself on my bottom.  He is using His cock to trace the lines of the caning.  It does not take long for me to be  panting and pushing back....needing more. 
               Master pulls me up and i look at Him and quickly kneel, to suck His cock.  I am totally immersed in His scent and taste, when i feel a stripe being added to my back side.  I look up, letting His cock fall out of my mouth.  I am told to not let that happen again, I am to keep sucking...not stop at all, while He adds vertical stripes to my horizontal ones.  My first thought is...He is a brave man....I slow down, as the stripes increase and am told to keep up the pace.  I finally manage to concentrate on sucking and licking and....the caning continues, but it has become secondary to my pleasing my Master.
                   Master finishes, and asks if i need a permission....He sure does know how to ask silly questions....He says i don't need to answer, He already knows the answer.  Master is using my wetness to trace my welts as He brings me right to the edge.  I am there, i beg for a permission, it is granted, and i explode....a few times.  Master continues to rub my bottom, telling me He has me, as the tremors continue to rule my body.....finally i am quiet, laying there, until i feel i can move.  I hear Master say...guess this was a strippety day also.
                   I laugh at His use of words, and He tells me my bottom almost looks light a tic tac toe game...but there are too many lines and they are not aligned correctly.  He says, the next time He canes me, He will make sure it is in a correct tic tac toe pattern...I look at Him, and say...."you are kidding".  I should know better, He explains to me it would only take 4 stripes, i should be looking forward to it.  He just needs to figure out what to use for the o's and x's.  I am shaking my head....but i have a feeling there will be a very interesting game of tic tac toe in my future.

hugs abby

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Master proves me wrong.....once again...

           My grandma time usual wonderful.  We had some fun at special outings....a state fair for all the New England states, wow ...we need to go back, one day is just not enough! Grandparents day at school was delightful, dance parties where i learned new moves....and lots of laughs and hugs...
           Master reminded me as soon as i returned that i had missed a maintenance day.  He asked if i knew what that meant...i hemmed and hawed....until He laughed and refreshed my memory.  A  new rule this year is  that any maintenance spanking that is missed, will be made up.  I told Him that i hate this new maintenance spanking is more than enough. His reply....I am allowed to hate a rule, i am just not allowed to not obey a rule.
            After my naked kneeling, i am over His lap.  My warm-up spanking is longer than usual.....just His hand on my bottom, i am loving it...but also realize that He is getting me ready for a double maintenance spanking.  Once warm-up is done, i 'mention' again that there is no need for 2....He tells me it will happen, but if i ask nicely after my first one, i can have a break....and suck His cock.  The first spanking is in sets of 25, with some rubbing between sets.  After two sets i am squirming and by the fourth set i am ouching loudly.
            First spanking is done, and as soon as i catch my breath i ask if i may suck His cock...before He has a chance to start spanking again.  Permission is granted, and we both enjoy the spanking interlude.  Too soon, i am back over His lap for the second spanking.   Before He starts the second maintenance begins He grabs one of my nipples and is going to 'hang on' for the duration of the spanking.
       One of the ways that Master likes to be creative, is to find how many different ways He can make me cum.  I have grown quite fond of his...experimenting ...LOL. A few times now, He has wondered aloud if could cum from nipple play....along with would i ever ask for nipple play or for harder pinching and squeezing.  I was positive that would not be the case....and once again, on this day, He proved me wrong.
       This second spanking is in two rounds of 50.  Master is squeezing my nipple with increased intensity and spanking with  the maintenance paddle, and i am almost loss in the twin sensations.  I am not squirming and am being vocal, but am also starting to pant and moan.  After the first set of 50, Master comments that my head seems to be in a different place...hmmm, i wonder why.  He 'checks' to see how my body is reacting, since i am denying that i am enjoying this second maintenance...and yes, He finds the evidence He is looking for....i am wet, my clit is swollen, and i am urging His fingers on.  
        He tells me i may ask to cum during the second set, He grabs on to a nipple and starts in.  The spanking takes second place to the sensations in my nipple.  I am pushing up  my bottom to meet the paddle, but i feel i need...want...more.  The word 'squeeze' comes out of my mouth...Master asks me what i want.  Words cannot be formed, so He asks if i want Him to squeeze my nipple harder and i am nodding.  He increases the pressure on my breast, and as He finishes up maintenance,  the word squeeze is replaced with ...please.  Master tells me to be more specific....i get a request for a permission is granted...and as that second spanking is ending......i explode. My body is in spasms....i am being very loud....i vaguely hear Master's voice and feel His hands.....As i start to quiet, I hear Master asking...did you just ask me to pinch your nipple harder...and for permission to cum from me doing that?...
         His question needs no answer, as we melt into each other....and just enjoy the 'after glow'.  Moral....never doubt a determined Master....

hugs abby

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Abby's turn at...Have You Ever?..I have!

      I have had so much fun reading and answering the 'Have You Ever' posts, I decided I had to have one of my own...Thinking about what to write sure brought back some fun memories...

1.  Speed skated?  The skates have very long blades, and it was a Friday nite ritual in my home town.

2. Walked the Freedom Trail in Boston?  

3. Had a traditional Irish breakfast in Ireland?  I was the only one of my friends to taste everything on the plate.

4. Collected freshly laid...colored...eggs for breakfast?  My kids had the joy of a great-grandfather who would have a different farm animal for them to learn about every summer visit.  One year, he found a variety of chickens that laid different colored was quite a morning!

5. Had your name chosen to be the fan who went on the ice at during a period break in a hockey game to try and score a goal....and I scored!

6. Visited all three countries in North America in 24 hours? I had not planned it...a girl scout day trip, a flight out to visit friends in Texas, and they decided to eat Mexican for dinner...

7. Danced on a a wedding and a class reunion and...

8. Played hookie from was such a nice beach day.

9. Driven route 1 from Northern Maine all the way to Key West?  It was a great spring break!

10. Given birth to Irish twins...2 babies in the same year...and a 3  year old 'big' sister.

11. Served ice cream for breakfast?  My mom started this tradition with her grands.

12. My mom had 10 brothers and a sister.  They all had families and every year there was a very large family reunion. Have you ever dressed just like your a bright red outfit, with a hat?....showed up at the reunion totally confusing the relatives who did not see us regularly...and some who did.  Our teen aged children were mortified, of course, my mom once she got over the shock...loved it.

13. Chased a greased pig?  At one of the above reunions.

14. Dug, washed, steamed and of course finally ate clams?

15. Been on a teenaged television dance show?

If you have not...what are you waiting is never too late to have fun!

hugs abby

Monday, October 5, 2015

Another Have I Ever???....From Terps

Terpisichore over at "Place to Share" I am answering 
(I am creating one of my own....)

Have you ever danced down a street in Maine?
Yes as a matter of fact.  I went to college in Northern Maine, and there was this Pub..Pat's Place...after a lot of green beer in March.....
also, I was a majorette (in junior high) and twirled and danced in many parades.

Have you ever seen the seals on the pier in San Francisco?
Never been that far West, but would love to someday.

Have you ever stubbed your toe three times in a day?
Yes, probably family knows me as the 'clutz'.

Have you ever been to Disney World?
Yes, a number of times...never too old to have fun there.  Hoping for another trip soon with the grands.

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?
Oh yes, my sister and I do that often....

Have you ever injured yourself sneezing?
Hmmm..injure no...wet myself....yes. (is that tmi?)

Have you ever been playing a game with a child only to realize that you are still playing long after they left?
Yes, games, puzzles, books...

Have you ever spun yourself dizzy?
Is there anyone who hasn't..yes.

Have you ever said I love you and meant it?
Many times.....

Have you ever stopped and truly looked at the beauty in nature before you?
Growing up in Maine, hard not yes again.

Have you ever been so relaxed and lazy spending Christmas day with your immediate family that instead of cooking a big fancy meal you ended up making hot dogs for dinner instead (and saved the Christmas meal for the day after)?
No, but sounds like a pefect way to spend the day.

Have you ever heard someone say hello and say hello back only to realize
 they were talking to someone else?
Oh my yes...those tiny cel phones will get you every time...

Have you ever wished upon the first star of the night while reciting the poem "Starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight" ?
Yes...and have taught many little ones to do to see their eyes sparkle as they think of a wish....

Have you ever opened your front door to be welcomed by a hissing snake?
Thank goodness NO....snakes are a phobia of mine.

Have you ever eaten peanut butter straight out of the jar?
How else do you know if it is still fresh?  yes...

Have you ever gone into the woods and screamed as loud as you could, just to see if you could?
No......but I am thinking..why haven't I?

Have you ever nursed your babies...almost 5 years in a row (2 years for the first child all the way through your pregnancy of the second and then 2-1/2 years with the second)?
No did not nurse.

Have you ever been so sleep deprived that you made a potentially 
dangerous mistake and even though everything turned out fine, you still feel guilty about it?

Have you ever gone outside on a rainy summer day with your umbrella so you could dance while singing "Singing in the Rain"?, but I am filing this as something to do with the grands.

Have you ever watching a lightning storm?
Yes, fascinating.

Have you ever spoken with someone in a completesly made-up language, just for fun?
I have, mainly to drive my sister crazy...

Have you ever written a children's book and tried to publish it?

Have you ever felt the magic of holding someone's hand?
Yes...that connection, feeling of safeness, of belonging...yes!

Have you ever kissed someone at midnight?
Yes...and did not turn into a pumpkin.

Have you ever written a novel?

Have you ever smiled so much your cheeks ached? family has a crazy streak...and I would not have it any other way.

Have you ever followed your dreams and started your own business?
No, I have never wanted to start my own business.

Have you ever cried during a commercial?
Yes...more so the older I get.

Have you ever jumped in the waves of the Atlantic ocean?
Often, summers in Maine were spent on the ocean.

Have you ever done the Hula in Hawaii?
No, but absolutely a bucket list item.

Have you ever followed a butterfly?  
Yes, and even caught a few in a net...and let them go.

Have you ever finger painted as an adult (not with a child present)?

Have you ever fallen up the stairs?
Yes...clutz remember?

Have you ever fallen down the stairs multiple times?
I have fallen down stairs

Have you ever walked into a wall, when you were completely sober? (did I mention I have a clumsy streak? And yes, I understand the irony considering I am a dancer at heart.)
Yes...guess we have clutzy in common.

Have you ever started to go into the wrong car?
LOL...Yes...even after I clicked the key I tried a second time....

Have you ever had a pet bunny? or a pet chinchilla? or pet fish?
Yes to fish and bunny...the bunny was grew to the size of a very large cat.

Have you ever played truth or dare? 
Sure have.

Have you ever felt really close to someone you've never met?
Yes again.....