Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hot and cold.....

       This is going to be a catch-up post....I am leaving early in the morning for some grandma time...
   .......We did  have maintenance on Monday.  I feel that maintenance is often the same each week, so hesitate to blog about it...this past week, it was 100 hard spanks with the maintenance paddle, and then some nice play time, ending with permissions....
.........Today my computer decided to act up.  I tried everything i knew...which is not that much.  I was busy trying to get everything ready for tomorrow.  Grandma always has surprises in her suitcase.  I went to Master's to say good - by and He asked how my day was going.  I looked at Him..and said ..ok..busy.  He pulled me to Him, told me to kneel, and said, let's try again...tell me about your day.  So i shared some family drama, and how everything was taking longer than i wanted to spend on it, and to top it all off my computer is acting up and i am leaving tomorrow and there is no point in taking it with me.  Master asked if i had brought it with is a laptop...i had not.   He said, i am going to give you 3 very hard spanks, to take with you, and then we will work on your computer.
He went out into garage...not a good sign...too many possibilities in there...and returned with wood...heavy looking wood.  He told me to bare my bottom, and asked if i wanted to count.  I said yes..and lost my breath after the first one, screeched after the second one, and reminded Him, only one more.....THREE....They were the hardest i have felt in a while.
.....Master then surprised me...and did something very rare...He took me out for ice cream!!!  Frozen yogurt, but we have a place that is only here, that has the best...we shared a cup of chocolate almond, and cold ice cream while sitting on a warmed can a girl not smile and feel better about her lousy day.
.....Master looked at my computer...and since i am writing this, it is working and will travel with me....
....I have been invited to a grand-parent day at school with a beautiful little first grader.  I am not sure who is more excited that i am going..her or me!
I have a couple entries ready to post while i am away....
hugs abby

Sunday, September 27, 2015

"One for one"....

       " I feel like a hard play day".  That was Master's greeting to me, yes a little discerning.  I asked why did He feel that way...what triggered that thought.  His reply...nothing, no triggers, the thought just crossed His mind and He thought it seemed like a good idea.  Now...both me and my bottom, think that most days are hard play days.  Master does not believe in playing pat-a-cake on my bottom...Master can tell i am not overly excited by the prospect, it is not what i was expecting. Before i can reply He continues....
   " How about a one for one day"?  I have no idea what He is talking about...but the words hard spanking were not used, so i am interested.  Seems a one for one day means that for every spank with a paddle, i get one with leather.  That does sound more enticing to me, so i quickly agree.
I get naked and kneeling, our time to chat a little, to remind me that all of me is His all of the time, to get my head in the right  place.
     I am over His lap, waiting for the warm-up to begin when i feel the paddle on my bottom....not His hand.  I groan and complain a bit, He tells me He is spanking lightly (and He is), this is my warm-up, i should relax and enjoy it.  I decide that is probably good advice....not that i could change anything.  When the warm-up ends, Master reminds me that i get to decide when the paddling ends, and that i will get an equal number with the strop.  He says He will count so i can just enjoy...(i have learned some replies are better left unsaid).
      Master starts in, not as  hard as a maintenance spanking, but harder than i would ask for.  He stops after 50 for some rubbing, and then again after 100.  He asks if He should continue and i say He should.  When He gets to 200, i ask Him to stop, saying it is enough. He asks if i am sure....i am positive.  Master says, my bottom is red, but not hot yet. I remind Him that 200 with the strop will achieve that effect.  
     He tells me to get up and choose what position i want...a plus!  I choose lying flat, since then i do not have to worry about springing up out of position or trying to move away.  Master starts in with the strop...I love His strop, except for the fact that it does have a tendency to wrap around my hip, and when He hits too sit spot or thighs.  When that occurs, He hears my  complaint, and sometimes adjusts.  He stops after 100 and says i was right my bottom is warming up nicely.
     We get to 200 and Master offers to give me more, i assure Him that i am happy at 200.  He then suggest i should how Him how happy i am with my stropping, so i give Him a smile and reach for His cock.  Once i have showed Him how thankful i am, He checks to see how my pussy is doing.
I am dripping, He is not surprised....neither am i.  He says He can make me even wetter, but i have to remember to ask before i cum.  I decide i want to make this last as long as i can.
       Master catches on and says, you are going to enjoy as long as you can.....lets see how long that is.  I am moaning and panting, but it feels so good....Master then decides to up His approach. Lately, we have discovered that if He pinches or scraps His nails on my hot bottom, it revs up all the sensations for me.  As soon as Master starts with the pinching and scraping, i know i am a i ask for permission.  He waits a bit, and i am pleading.....He tells me to cum for my Master....and i explode, i am loud and trembling, and focused on only one thing....
          Once i have calmed a bit, but still trying breathe normally, Master says, that was one for the books.  I am still thinking...who was that loud, so wanton, so so....explosive.  I look at Master and say..that was amazing...He chuckles and says, i agree, i loved seeing you explode and scream and lose yourself in the moment...or moments.  I nestle in for some cuddling....and maybe a nap.
     hugs abby


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well warmed, well spanked and well fucked...*

.........*the title is not from Master, but is a quote of what He said to me after our Monday Maintenance, i debated about using it, because of the word fucked...but decided to forget my catholic school years and just go for  Yes, i know i am late writing this, but as one of my friends said to me this is it we are retired and so busy, we have a hard time finding a date for lunch?  So better late than never....i hope!                        Back to Monday, i am kneeling  naked, being claimed.  We usually start off chatting, but as Master touches every part of me keeping up a conversation is the last thing on my mind.  I am panting, feeling moisture between my thighs, moaning......Master is reminding me, there is a spanking that has to happen before we take care of all of that.
          I am over His lap, getting a lovely hand warm-up, when Master says i have not mentioned my weekly weigh-in.  I look up at Him startled, and say, in a small voice...oops, i forgot to weigh in this morning.  I continue, i was thinking of a million things when i was getting ready for my shower, and i just forgot to get on the scale.  Master's were thinking of a million things, and not one of them was about me??  He tells me to ask for 10 more hard ones, once maintenance is done.
        Warm-up time is over, the maintenance paddle magically appears and Master starts in.  During the first 25, He is reminding me why we have maintenance and why the spanks are hard ones.  A stop for some rubbing and for me to catch my breath and the next 25, they alway seem even harder, maybe because my bottom is already tender.  A longer stop at 50, while He asks me to tell Him why we have maintenance.  The next 25, another stop for a quick rub, then the last 25. They usually feel even harder, but this time, they are not as hard, when i realize He is spanking more lightly, i relax.  Just as i am relaxed, He revs things up for the last 10.
    I am catching my breath, and His is tapping my bottom lightly with His hand.  He is waiting, and i know i have to ask....Please give me 10 more hard ones for forgetting about my weigh in.   He  reminds me that He gave me a break on 15 of the last 25  of maintenance... these 10 are fast and hard...and He then waits for me to thank Him.  (Yes i did weigh in on Tuesday, and loss almost a pound...and i will remember to do it on Monday this week.).
    Master is rubbing and 'checking' and making sure that i am relaxed and enjoying His touches, when i hear...You have not had a hard fucking in a long time.  I am told to get on all fours, with my bottom up and out.  He makes sure i am wet and He fills me and is thrusting hard and fast until i cum...and again. I am catching my breath when i hear Master tell me to face Him...i turn and He tells me to lick and taste myself.  
    As we are cuddling, Master says i have the look of being well warmed, well spanked and well fucked...i smile and think...well taken of and well loved also.
   hugs abby


Monday, September 21, 2015

Answers to Ami's....have i ever??

                Ami in her recent post at asked the question..have you ever?  Here are my replies....

          1.  Stood on top of a very high mountain or cliff, looking down at countryside, or out to sea?  I have, more than once, and it is always a time of wonder and peace.
         2  Lay on your back on a hot summer's night, listening to the crickets chirping, and watching the satellites as they chase each other across the heavens?  Yes, used to take the kids camping.  Reading this reminds me that it is time to give the grands this pleasure. 
       3.  Skinny-dipped at midnight?  Skinny dipping is on my bucket list and has not yet been crossed off....       
      4. Intentionally or inadvertently swum with sharks?
    No, unless the blow up kind count...and I hope to keep it that way.
        5.  Broken a bone in your body?  Twisted and sprained many parts...but so far, never a break.
        6. Driven a car at speeds in excess of 120 mph? (yes, I know it's illegal, but the motorway was very quiet at the time)  No....not even close.
        7. Played "Pooh Sticks"? No....but another to add to my to do list with the grands...thanks!
        8.  Run in a "Pancake" race? Run??? not even for chocolate or ice cream.  Add to that, pancakes are not among the foods i eat by choice.
       9.  Had your eyelashes dyed? Not
       10.  Ridden a horse naked?  I have never pretended to be Lady Godiva....
       11.  Punted down the River Cam? (or any other river)   From the picture, looks like punting is something  you do standing no.  Have paddled a canoe...
       12.  Played tennis in a short white tennis skirt whilst wearing minimal knickers?  Played tennis, a short white tennis skirt, no also to the minimal knickers...
      13.  Helped an inebriated husband up the stairs at 2 in the morning?  no
      14.  Been too scared to get out of a swimming pool whilst on holiday, due to a very large Doberman sitting on the edge watching you? (no-one was around at the time)
     15.  Sat in a deckchair snoozing happily whilst the sound of leather on willow echoes distantly in your ears? I have done lots of deckchair snoozing....but not sure about the rest of the question.
     16.  Taken a ride on the Maid of the Mist under the Niagara Falls? Yes, more than once...I highly recommend it.
     18.  Been too liberal with the "Eau de Cologne" which then ran down where it shouldn't, which in turn caused you to hop madly around and rip your knickers off and throw them as far from you as you could?  No, but this question made me laugh...and painted quite a picture in my head
    19. Made snow angels?  Yes, with friends (not all of them sober), children and grands.
    20.  Lost a shoe in a ploughed field on a moonlight walk home after a party?  Have lost various pieces of clothing...including shoes..but never in a ploughed field.
21  Shrieked loudly, due to being spanked hard, and frightened away a visitor/s who turned and ran back down your drive - and now you never will know who was about to knock on your door. And you are desperately hoping they will never ask...Shrieked while being spanked...yes...if anyone was ever at the door, we never heard them.

Thanks Ami for a fun post!
hugs abby





Saturday, September 19, 2015

Too Many To Count.... (Master's Title)

             I will not be mean and keep you wondering.....the title is not referring  to spanks of any kind.....:0....:)
             I am kneeling, naked, while Master is 'milking' my breast.  His term for pinching, pulling, fluid is coming from my breast, but in spite of my squirming, my thighs are getting very moist.   That dampness makes it impossible for me to convince Him that i am not enjoying His start to our play time.
              When He is ready to move on i am invited over His lap.  He is rubbing me all over, and i settle in and go relaxed.  Master then starts spanking with one of His paddles, and  i moan and groan and grump a little...and He returns to His hand.  He is spanking much harder and all over my bottom and sit spot, but it is His hand...i am starting to wriggle and moan again...but this time with the need for more.  .
                 Master gives me permission to cum whenever i am ready, i am so very close, but just cannot get over that edge.  Master asks if i need a little  help. i am nodding...He tells me...use your words, just ask nicely.  I ask, Master obliges and in a matter of seconds i am off.  After several orgasms Master goes back to rubbing and massaging, i start to relax, and Master starts to run his nails over my well tenderized bottom.  
               Relaxing is no longer on the agenda and this time i do not need to use my words.  I am starting to pant and am back to that edge, only this time i go over without extra stimulation from Master.  He just keeps scraping my bottom, and i am flying off the edge. I am just trying to keep breathing, and finally start to relax.....Master is telling me to relax as He continues to knead my bottom. (Yes, this is a first, another new way Master has found to leave me breathless).
                 We are chatting as He continues, and i can feel myself starting to need more from Him.  I use my words, and ask if He can help me one more time...He chuckles and says...only must be getting tired.  Of course, once He starts to find 'that spot', only 1 is no longer an option....i am off to several more.  When i am finally sated...Master says...I don't know about you, but i lost count.....
                  .....Most of You know i am no longer a 'spring' chicken...probably even getting pass the 'autumn' chicken stage.  When i first met Master  i had been convinced that i was just not able to orgasm. Master showed me the fallacy of that belief.  I remember telling is more than enough.  Once again He showed me that i was mistaken...the more the better.  I am not someone who....shares intimacies easily...but i do hope that this post...and my you that getting older can mean getting better....;)
                  ....I got to meet the newest member of the family last night.  A one month old great-nephew...He is on his first road trip with his mom and dad and stopped by to spend the night.  Baby smells, and baby cuddles, and i even manged to get a baby smile....
............................Orgasms and rocking a baby to sleep....what a wonderful day!!!

hugs abby



Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Two Hundred and Twenty One and counting....

        During maintenance yesterday, Master wondered how many maintenance spankings have occurred. It got me to wondering, so i did a little research.  I knew that maintenance started before i started blogging, but i thought it was in the same year, and that  i had blogged about it.  I was right....even i was surprised at that....maintenance started in March of 2010.  So, i figured once a week....Master has been very consistent with this....minus the weeks i am away. I figured i am away roughly 8 weeks a year, and Master is away on business or family visits 2 weeks a year....
(This year Master started making up any maintenance i miss when i am away...and i get 2 the following can all imagine how happy i was when He announced the change...NOT....). So a pretty good estimate is 221 maintenance spankings....
       Back to yesterday....The first words  i hear from Master are, 'I have been thinking about You'.  Now, i have been around long enough to wonder where this is going.  I tell Him i hope they are good and happy thoughts.  " I have not stretched out that pussy in way too long"....ahhh...
I now tell Master that He knows where my head will be all day.  I now know that fisting will be a part of maintenance....and Master knows that it is one of the things i do better with if i have a chance to wrap my head around it, instead of surprising me.
        It is maintenance time, Master greets me with a grin and asks about my day.  I tell Him He was on my mind more that usual....His grin widens.  
I am kneeling, naked, being reclaimed.  Master is talking, reminding me that all of me is His...all of the time.  Then it is warm-up time, before the maintenance paddle starts in.  I tell Master the spanks seem harder this week, He reminds me why we have maintenance...these spanks are not nearly as hard as a punishment spanking....and He is also getting me ready for part two of maintenance.  Once the spanking ends, Master checks and starts to make sure that i am very wet and ready.
       Fisting...i had read about it before i met Master, and wondered if it was really possible....much to my amazement i eventually found out that it was.  For me, i have to be very well lubricated...with my own juices, and some extra, and near the edge of orgasm also helps.  Master accomplishes both of those, and tells me to keep breathing....and relax.  I concentrate on both of those.....and i start to feel the sensation of being filled..connected in a special way to my Master.  Orgasms are much stronger and longer...and when we are done i am totally awash in a feeling of submission.  Master rubs my back and talks quietly to me, until my breathing starts to regulate itself, and i can start to respond to Him.  He then pulls me up into His lap, for some snuggling and smooching.....
     How many more maintenance spankings are in my future....hopefully at least twice that number!

hugs abby

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A cure for 'One of those weeks'....

          Last week was one of those where family drama was the rule.  I so dislike family drama. I know that some of it is always going to be around, but UGH...not on the main menu please!  I know many of you are also in the same boat, and it does make rowing that boat a bit easier...but I hope we all manage to get that boat into harbor soon. ( I know i got carried away with the metaphor...indulge me please).
          By the time Friday rolled around, i was ready to wave a white flag.  Master greeted me, took my hand, and led me to the sofa.  He sat and pulled me into His furry chest....such a safe place.  He held me close and tight and told me to vent. That is not something i do easily...I am more of  stewer.....but, as you all know by now...Master does not give up easily.  Master gently prodded and asked questions, reminded me that i am not in this alone....and slowly i started to vent.  Master  continues to hold me tightly, to listen, to help me see some things from a different view point. Tears are shed, and slowly i start to breathe and see some things from a different view point.
            I am finally relaxing, and i somehow find myself pulled over His lap.  He bares my bottom, and starts to hand spank. They are just right, and i find myself stretching out, and just letting go....totally relaxed, in the moment.  He chuckles, and asks if i am still with Him.  I assure Him i am, He says then i am ready for some harder spanks.  He moves to my sit spot, and the spanks are harder, but He is still using His hand.  He stops frequently for lots of rubbing.
              He wonders if i might be wanting some cock to suck on...i look up at Him with a grin, and move off His lap to position myself.  I am soon totally lost and focusing on only one Him pleasure....and all that drama is left behind.....( and yes, i do know, it will return).  I am getting up and Master tells me to go to His toy bag and get the 'Pouty Pooh' paddle is on the heavy side....the shape of Winnie the Pooh's face.  
              I hand Him the paddle, and He asks if i know why i was asked to fetch it.  After a moment i say, because i tried to shut you out instead of coming to you earlier this week?  He agrees that would have been a better choice, but also admits, that i am getting better at that.  He then says.... Wednesday....
              Now i know all of you are going to be know better!  I texted my lunch time reminder, instead of calling.  Why, ...because at the time it seemed so much easier than calling.  After He got the text He sent me a text thanking me for the reminder, so i figured all was well....yes, i really should know better.  Thursday, i did call, and the first thing He says you decided to call.  I tell Him it is only 1 minute pass noon, so i am pretty much exactly on time....He says are 24 hours late....ut oh.  I say i am sorry, and we move on with our conversion.
             So, i hand Him the Pooh paddle, and He pulls me over His knee.  I get 10 hard ones, He stops and asks if that is enough to remind me that He expects a call....every day. I tell Him it is, and He asks what will happen the next time.  He will double the spanks, since He will feel that He did not do a good enough job this time.  At least double, He adds, as He pulls me in for some snuggle time.
              Here's hoping that we all have a better week this week...
hugs abby..

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

More Licks...of a different kind....

         Today was 'maintenance Monday'...yes it is Tuesday, but I was away for the long weekend, visiting a couple of the grands.  Maintenance spankings are pretty ritualistic, I know exactly what to expect.  Today was maintenance...with an extra surprise.
           After hugs and some chat, it is time for naked kneeling.  Master claims me and reminds me that all of me is He touches all of me...ending with my breast...which includes some breast 'play' by Master 's definition. Then over His lap for a hand warm-up, which is never long enough in my opinion.  Then the maintenance paddle, 4 sets of 25, each set feeling harder than the last.  These are hard...or real as Master prefers....spanks.  I am ouching almost from the start.  After each set, there is a break for rubbing.  At the half way point, Master always asks why we have maintenance spankings.  Because they work, they start off my week with me being positive there is no way i want a harder spanking...a punishment.  
          When we are done,  i hear Master has been a long time since He has had the pleasure of whipping me.  It  has, i am just not sure it has been long enough.  Master chuckles at my look and says He will make it more interesting for me.  He will give me 10 lashes, then i will get to suck His cock, until it is time for the next 10.  I am thinking i like the plan, i get a break after each 10.
         I lean over and present my back for the first 10.  I am told to count...1 Sir...etc.  as soon as i get to 10 Master tells me to quickly scoot over and start hesitation.  After some time (honestly I could not even guess at how long, my mind was concentrating on 2 things..sucking and whipping)...I am told to get in position.  Master again is telling me to move quickly and without hesitation.  The second set is on my bottom with a little wrap around, and i am glad to get to 10 and I hurry over to His cock.  Master congratulates me on my enthusiasm.  
      The third set is on my back, and harder than the first set. Ten and i am off until i am told to get back in kneeling position.  Set four is back on my bottom, followed by my crawling over to His cock. The next set is much harder, and Master tells me it is the last set, as i hurry over to His i get to show Master how pleased i am that the whipping part is over....
     When I am finished Master tells me to kneel facing away from Him, He wants to admire the pattern on my back.  Master touches and traces and rubs and loves the color and the look.  He then decides He needs pictures....then it is snuggle time:).

....On a side note, I know that many of you share my love of reading. I belong to a book club, there are 12 of us and we rarely all agree.  This week we all loved the book....The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  It is His first novel and we all want to read his second one....
     Have a great week all....
hugs abby

Friday, September 4, 2015


          Master and i celebrated the end of the week in  our usual way...with Fun Friday play time.  When i get ready to blog, the most difficult part of the process for me is.....the Title.  Sometimes i ask Master for some help....He is pretty good with words (among His other talents).  Sometimes i just write the entry and hope something jumps out at me and says...."here is your title"...(does not happen that often).  Today, for a change i had a few titles fighting for the honor.  The one i chose is purposely on the tricky side...could mean more than one thing.  If you leave a comment, could you also please let me know if guessed what the title was really about...just curious...thanks.
           Today's fun was in the form of paying off another baseball bet.  And yes, once again, my boys...those legendary Red Sox...let me down again.  They are doing their best to claim last place and succeeding.  Master's damn Yankees and fighting to claim first place...and might succeed.  So total run count for the three games...Sox 7...the other team 25.  During the first two games when the run count was small, we discussed multiplying it by 10.  Master asked me today, if i still wanted to do that, without giving it too much thought i agreed....70 with a toy of my choice....250 with a weapon of His choice.
            As always, we start off with my kneeling time.  I was not naked...I had some undies to show off, and He was in another room while i was getting ready.  He walks in, sees me and without a hitch....very nice, I am glad you are showing them off.  He mauls my breast through the flimsy material of the bra and claims every part of me.....then tells me to lose the window dressing.
          I am over His lap and He has a small hairbrush in His hand.  It has a fairly small surface, and is not nearly as heavy as any of His paddles, but is made of some type of heavy plastic.  That bugger hurt...a lot.  It did not take me long to start complaining, that this was far from a warm up.  Master smacked a couple of times on my thighs, just to let me know it could be worse....but quickly finished up with ...His idea...of a warm-up.
           Master asks if me about multiplying the number, i say yes, and He then asks what i would like.  He suggests His belt, i say i was thinking His hand, and ask what He was choosing.  He replied....cane. I gave Him a look and said that is a lot with a cane, His reply...guess you should have checked that out before you agreed to multiply the number. (lesson learned).  Since i was thinking i needed a really good warm-up i asked if we could use the large strop again....Master went to get it telling me to get into whatever position i wanted.  
         Master decided on 10 sets of 7, changing sides after every 7.  He got the smacks just right, i was relaxed and enjoying.  He asked if i wanted the last  7 harder, i said, no thanks, what you have going is perfect!  He finishes up and says break time!  I look at Him thinking....break?..does He want coffee? Seeing my confused look He asks what am i waiting for as He shows me His cock.  I laugh and position myself.  Just as i am about to start He tells me stop, He has changed His mind.  I look up, more confused....HE does not want me to pleasure Him??
      Leave it to Master to totally surprise me, He says that instead of 250 licks with the cane, He wants me to give Him 250 licks....or suck...or thrust...or get the picture. I think, is He kidding me, and see the silly grin and the twinkle in His eye, and i ask who has to keep count.  He laughs ...He will try.  So, I set in, trying to remember to change up my approach...since i want us both to get to 250.  Some of time Master grabs hold of my hair and directs me.  We succeed...and get to 250!  
    I quickly change positions and we move on to our reward for getting through another week.  After several permissions are granted and conversation becomes a possibility, I remark, this bet was really a win/win for me....Master replies...for Him i snuggle into His furry chest i am so thankful that this man has chosen me.....When i am getting dressed, Master grabs the cane and gives me 5 quick surprise ones....just because He can.
     I am off for some grandma time this weekend....schools are already in session and we are having the hottest weather of the summer.  I talked to the grand that is starting 2nd grade this year, and asked her how school was going. Her reply...pretty good, but it has been 2 days of school and her teacher has not taught her one new thing yet!!!  I laughed and told her teachers need some time to get into the flow of things, i am sure she will be learning new things.
     Have a good weekend nice..
hugs abby