Saturday, August 29, 2015

"Whimpy" spanks.....

            If you have been reading here for a while, you probably never expected to see that title.  It was not a whole spanking, but a part of it...
            I was not all that excited about it being 'Fun Friday'.  I have learned, that the best way to change my mood....Fun Friday!  After some hugs, chat and kneeling time, i was over Master's lap.  Expecting to feel His hand...i feel wood.  It is the maintenance paddle. He is not using it hard, but i am squirming from the beginning.  Master says He loves that paddle and has missed it.....I say it is the maintenance paddle, you get to use it almost every week.  He says i must have forgotten, last maintenance was with the belt, and the week before that i was has been 2 whole weeks since He has used it...(poor guy).  
              After a couple of sets, with lots of squirming and noises from me, Master suddenly remembers He did not start with a hand warm-up.  He remedies that, but i am having a hard time settling in.  He returns to the paddle, telling me i need to get my head into the right space.  It still is not there. After another set, He rubs a bit and then decides that maybe He should go in search of leather.  I second that motion....
             He returns with the large leather strop...the one i requested after the last baseball bet.  I would like to say i was enthusiastic about seeing it, but i was not thrilled....I do get up and lean over, presenting Him my bottom.  He is spanking in sets of 10, the first set is on the light side.  I am no longer wriggling, He asks how i felt about those...i replied that they were just right.  He gives me another set, maybe a  little lighter.  My head space has arrived, and when He is finished i blurt out words i thought i would never say...."those were whimpy spanks".
               Master laughs and says, my girl is back! He asks if i would like a re-do of those.  I do, only not quite the same...the re-do is harder, but still in the just right range.  Master then asks if i would like to finish up with 10 harder ones, i reply....Yes Sir....and hear, good girl.  Master is checking to see if all of me has been on board...he chuckles at what he finds.  We both end up smiling and spent.....
                 As we are cuddling, Master asks me...if He spanked the rebel away?  I look up at Him not sure what He is talking about.  He sees my look and says, no lunch call for the past 3 days, just text messages?? ( I am supposed to call Master and let Him know when it is lunch time, He needs to eat at regular intervals, and tends to get loss in His projects. At first i would text, but about a year ago, He decided He wanted me to call, not text.)  I look at Him and quickly reply..."I know how busy you have been, so i thought it would be easier for you to just read a text message, instead of having to listen to a voice message".  He does sometimes answer, but usually my timing is not great.  He looks at me and replies, "and is it also easier and more convenient for you to just text"? I quickly say..."if it is better for both of us, that must be a win/win".  Luckily for my bottom...He laughs.  Then He gives me 'That Look', and says, from now on only calls. My reply...Yes Sir.
Hugs abby

Monday, August 24, 2015

Thigh Spanks Count Double

        Our Maine vacation was crazy busy, but we made lots of wonderful memories.  We started off with a 6 year old birthday celebration, we spent a few days at different beaches, had an amusement/water park day, a fire pit picnic complete with smores, and lots of laughs.  We did all this with my grands and my sister's two grands, so we had a 7,6,5,4,3,and a 1 year old with us....there were very few squabbles, and it was great fun watching them form strong cousin bonds.  A high point, my niece, had her first baby while we were there, so a new 'cousin' will be joining us next  year.....
       Today was back to....maintenance Monday.  During my kneeling time, Master was 'milking' my nipples with hard pinches.  He said He waited 3 days, til i felt better....all the fried, rich sea food played havoc with my digestive system...He had been looking forward to playing with His nipples.
He asks me if we had missed a M/M....i said yes.  Then we have one to make up, so that is 2 spankings today.  I groan, He thinks i should be thanking Him for being so consistent never wanting to miss a M/M....i suppose He has a point.
         He is changing our routine a bit today, instead of over His lap, He wants me kneeling on the ottoman, bottom up, head down on the sofa. He proceeds with a very nice long hand warm-up.  He then says, the maintenance paddle will not be used today.  Before i can ask the obvious, i hear Him taking His belt through the loops....i am grinning.  He reminds me, that maintenance is not play, it is a hard spanking, so even tho i love His belt, it will be a...or two...hard spankings.
     He starts in, 10 per side, stopping after every 20 to rub.  They are hard, not the hardest i am ouching but able to stay in position.  He gets to 100 and asks if i would like a break....i quickly say, yes Sir.  He asks what i have in mind....i am up and kneeling, and reaching for His cock in reply.  He lays back and enjoys....I am getting very wet; Master reminds me, no permissions for me until my spanking is over .
      When i am done, He tells me for the second maintenance He wants me lying flat.  He is rubbing my bottom and my thighs, and asks where i would like the last 100.  I reply...where ever He wishes....He says, He has a deal for me, i can decide where, if i choose on the thighs, each spank will count as 50 instead of 100, but they will be on my thighs, and there still are maintenance. I am debating, when He adds, i can change my mind after any set, and He will return to my bottom, but each one spank will count as 1. (i have no idea how He comes up wit these things so quickly....).
       I decide to start with the thigh spanks, He will still use His belt.  He reminds me that each one counts as 2....but boy they do hurt a lot more!
After each set of 5, ..which count as 10...  He rubs and switches sides. I am getting more vocal and having a harder time keeping my legs wide open.  He gets to the last set, and i ask if He can switch to my bottom.  He choice...but the count will not double with each spank.  I agree and the last set is on my bottom.
        Master sits besides me and comments on how nice and hot both my bottom and thighs His fingers travel a little, i keep trying to silently urge Him on....It feels soooo good, i just want Him to continue, but i am also dripping, and i know, that i need a permission first.  So i ask, it is granted and i am off again and again....until i am spent....and just need to breathe and recover. When i can move, i move up to snuggle on His lap, we reminisce about our journey...back to a large happy hour beer where i could not believe how often He used the word 'spank' in a public now.....and wonder where our journey will take us next.....where ever we go,  it is a journey we will enjoy together.

Have a good week all...hugs abby

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ella's Spanking Instrument Poll

***I wrote this before i left and meant to post it before now...better late than never....

    Ella at Ella Ever After is doing a spanking instrument poll.  I am not sure i will remember every one of them, but here is the list of items that i have been spanked list...and of course, my comments.

MY favorite.....his Hand.  We once decided to see if we could get to 1000 hand spanks...we did...and was not too much.

Wood 'toys'...
Switch...Yes, used outside.  It has been a few years, but not long enough.  Switchings would never receive my recommendation.
Maintenance is small with a handle and a rectangular spanking area.  It is the 'toy' most often used for weekly maintenance.  
NY Yankees paddle...Medium sized, with a lacquer finish, on the heavy side.  It is in Yankee colors, with the NY logo on the top.  I (foolishly) bought this one back for Master, when i saw it in a souvenir shop.
Shamrock and shaped like a shamrock.  I would say it falls in the medium heavy range.  Master takes this one out regularly.
Froggy paddle...This was originally a child's paddle ball toy.  The wood is light, and is in the shape of a happy looking frog.  I love it's lightness.
My Paddleman paddle...I had this one made for Master for Christmas last year. He loves it, it is on the heavy is personalized with 'my paddleman, on the long spanking area.  I sometimes wonder...what was i thinking??
Very large paddle ball paddle...or punishment paddle...Master bought this at a garage sale for one dollar.  I have said before and i repeat...i will gladly pay much more than that for anyone out there interested in it.  It has not been used i close to a  year..Yeah me!....but has seen quite a bit of use over the years.
Winnie the Pooh sounds so cute...and is so evil.  Yes the round part is Winnie's shape, but it is heavy, good sized, and polished.  
Canes...Yes in the plural.  They are of various lengths and diameter.  Master likes to take one out at intervals, i love/hate them.  They are intimidating, and can really sting....but the tenderness from the welts lasts longer than other spankings.
Paint stirring sticks...As it turns out these come in a variety of sizes, mostly they sting somewhat, and break easily...LOL.
Whatever wood is hanging around...Master always seem to have a project going.  Right now He is in the middle of a kitchen redo for a member of His family.  When He is in construction or remodel mode....whatever leftovers are handy are often used for a spanking.

Leather items...
Master's belt...A big advantage is that it is always available.  And then there is the build up, seeing Him unbuckle it, hearing it being pulled through the loops...yes i love His belts.

Beaver tail paddle...Master named this according to how it looks. I love how it feels, spankings with this could last a long time...:)

Crop...Master used to have one that that had its end shaped like a hand..called it His handy helper...and then it broke while in hoo. He does have another, crops are useful, for reaching all kinds of interesting places......

Large leather strap or strop....A doubled up large leather strips, and looks very intimidating. When we have not used it for a while, i worry about it...and then after the first couple yummy.

Whip...It is a single tail, and i helped Him to break it is when it was new.

Master loves it, me...not so much....

Large leather flogger...Anyone who has read here knows that when i get to choose....this is what i choose. It can be sensuous.....when He drags all over my body, reaching interesting places, when He flogs me i feel all the tensions leaving my body...

Devil's tail strap...This is another one of those that looks fairly innocent. It is only about a foot long, one piece of leather that is split almost to the top, so two lashes, and when they come together they form a v shape. It is very, very stingyl

Other items...

Horse hair flogger...It is much smaller that the other flogger, and the horse hair is light. It is one of the few toys that i like to have used on my breast.

Spatula...I used to have one in my bag. After Master it used it a couple of sorta disappeared. Those things really sting..and not in a good way.

Feather...I put one in my gab at Mona Lisa's suggestion. We always have fun with it...but by using it for other things besides spanking. I am pretty sure i probably have forgotten some things. If Master remembers more i will add them to a future post.

hugs abby

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday play time...

              Master told me this morning to be sure i complete my errands and to do list before lunch, because this afternoon i would be serving my Master.  Now there's motivation!
              During my naked kneeling time, He was alternating between barely touching breast and pinching them hard.  He asked me which i preferred, when i said the soft touch, He laughed and said...there is evidence to the contrary.  I told Him i could not help that, to which He just gave me His DUH! look ...and grinned.
                   Over His lap for a hand warm-up, followed by a good paddling...Master's words, i am not convinced there is such a thing as a ...good...paddling.  Master then tells me to go get the 'Pooh' paddle out of His bag.  I tell Him, for such a cute character i really do not like that paddle.....He simply replies....You are here to serve me, and it is what i want.  So i get the paddle and am back over His lap.  He gives me three sets, each one harder, until i am panting and trying to catch my breath.  He then tells me to get up for my paddling.  
                        I look at Him...thinking what exactly have You been doing to my bottom?  He chuckles, a little.....i forget that He has taken up residence in my head.  He tells me to get up and lean over, there will be 12 hard ones with the large paddle and if i am a good girl He will allow me to suck His cock when we are done.  When He tells me they will be hard, i know I need to prepare myself.  They are slow and hard, each swat covering all my bottom.  
                        When we are done, I kneel to pleasure Him.  He tells me to touch and rub my bottom as i suck , to feel the heat it is generating. Master stops me after a bit of time...time to finish your spanking.  He is confusing...or surprising me  I thought we were done with the spanking part.  He goes to His bag and is looking for a particular item. He tells me He is switching to leather.
                            He pulls out what He calls the devil's tail strap.  It is about a foot long and one strip of leather  separated in half, and forming a v shape at the bottom.  It has been a long time since we have played with this, in fact i cannot remember the last time.  I am thinking, it looks fairly tame, my bottom is well warmed.....
                             You know how looks can be deceiving....boy does that thing pack a sting.  I am struggling to stay in place.  Master then decides that since the straps are on the small size, they could reach my pussy.  He is He spanks upward they do. He is using fairly light taps, but they still sting....a kind of...hurts so good ...situation.
                            Master then decides it is time for me to finish thanking Him. I am back on my knees, as a i am sucking, i can fell myself dripping down my thighs all the way to my calves.  When i am finished and back over Master's lap, He comments on my wetness...from my pussy almost to my toes.  I bury my head into the pillow....and He tells me not to be embarrassed, it is a wonderful complement and reaction.....He proceeds to make good use of all that 'wetness'...:):):)  When i finally get up to get dressed, He tells me to wait a minute.  Master is working on redoing a kitchen..working on cabinets at the moment.  He takes a piece of wood and smacks my bottom with it....grins and tells me every time, either one of us sees that particular cabinet, we will know my bottom was involved in its construction.  Yes...He can be a little weird, at times...but He does make me laugh a lot.
                          I am off tomorrow to celebrate a grand's 6th birthday. A 'water' themed party is planned... pool time, water balloons, a water  running course and other wet activities.  On Sunday we are all traveling to Maine for our annual beach vacation.  There will be lots of beach time, a lobster/clam bake for all of my family, a day at an amusement/water park, are some of activities planned.  
      Have a good week all...
      hugs abby 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The Best Part of the Baseball Bet....

             First, a great big THANK YOU to everyone for the prayers and good thoughts for my sister.  Her blood test this week showed anti-bodies. Her body will now start fighting the virus, and she is on her way to not being infectious.  She needs to take it slowly, but she has been house bound for 6 weeks, so she is the rest of us this news.
             My winning part of out baseball bet has been paid off.  My boys won 1  game, there were 3 runs scored.  So that equals 30 swats with a 'toy' of my choice.  Master was certain the word flogger would come out of my mouth, but since it was a fairly low number, the words large strap/strop came out of my mouth.  It looks intimidating, and makes lots of noise, but it can be so yummy.  
              After a wonderful warm-up, i was bent over and ready.  Master said i could choose the intensity level, so to let Him know if i wanted harder or softer.  After the first set of 10, Master spent time rubbing my bottom, with His hands and with his body, i was swooning. (now there's an old fashioned word).  He asked how i wanted the second set, and i said the same force, and also for the third set.  There was rubbing after each set, and after the third set, He asked me if i wanted a bonus set, since i had told Him about missing 10 for His winning session.  I was in the 'strap zone', so I thanked Him, and asked if they could be a little harder.  He did a fine job, leaving me with a rosy glow...inside and out.
             Monday was our maintenance day, starting with my naked kneeling.  Master had me repeat why we have maintenance and why it has to be a hard spanking....As always, i am ouching and squirming from the first 25.  After the second set Master is rubbing and thinking i am complaining too much.  So, after the third set He decides to give me something else to think about during the last set. He tells me that after the last spank of this set, i have 10 seconds to get His cock in my mouth.  If it is not there in 10 seconds, i will not get to properly thank Him.  (He is wearing pants and a belt).
              I am trying to count the spanks in my head, but i can never concentrate enough to do that.  So when i think He is close to finishing i get myself ready. (Yes, He was right, it did give me something else to think about).  I hear Him start the countdown....10...I fly off His lap, kneel, get the belt off, pants unzipped, cock found and in my mouth just as i hear Him say 1...0!  I did it.....and we both enjoy the reward.  One thing about Master...i never know what He will think of next!
hugs abby


Saturday, August 8, 2015

Part 1 of a losing baseball bet....

         My boys let me down BIG time.  The first game ended up 13--3...for those of you with rusty math skills and adds up to 16 runs....equaling 160 spanks for the losing My boys won game 2, only 3 runs scored, the Yanks once again prevailed in game 3, but thankfully there were only 3 runs scored.  Total....190 spanks for Master and His team....30 for me and my boys.
       While i am kneeling, Master asks what i think He will choose.  I hesitate, but i am thinking cane, I know He has been talking about using it for a maintenance spanking.  Master says, He is itching for the cane, but 190 seems like a little much for the cane....(He is not always a meanie).  He asks if my choice is the flogger, i surprise Him by saying no.  I have been thinking, since it is only 30, i will choose the large leather strop.  We have not used it in a while, and once i adjust to it, it is yummy.
          Master suggests that since my bottom will be quite sore from 190 with a paddle that we divide this bet into 2 different days.  I quickly agree...
          Master is using a small, but not light paddle.  He starts with a set of 50 fast spanks. After a stop for some rubbing....50 more.  I am ouching and squirming, and when He stops i tell Him they were hard ones.  His reply....we are more than half way done, relax. The next set is slow and deliberate....10 of them.  I tell Him i like the slow ones...they are easier for me to adjust too.  He is surprised and says He expected i would prefer fast and finished more quickly.
         He sticks with sets of 10 slower ones, stopping to rub between sets. (shorter sets = more rubbing..:).  After a few more sets He taps my thighs and asks if the next set should be there.  I tell Him, i it is His bet, and that choice is His.  He does choose the thighs, and for the next one asks about my inner thighs.  I reply basically the same way, but He returns to my bottom.
          We are at 150, and Master takes a longer rubbing break.   I am thinking, only 4 more sets.  After the third set, Master puts down the paddle and is rubbing and chatting.  I ask Him if He is finished.  He replies that He is.  I hesitate, and then ask Him if He is sure.  He asks me if He forgot a set.  I tell Him i think He has.  He picks up the paddle, and gives me  5 more on each cheek....light ones.  I thank Him when He is done, He chuckles and says He would not want me to feel i had not paid off my total debt.
         Master decides that since i have been such a good girl about my spanking, that i deserve a hard fucking.....tells me to get on all fours, bottom up, legs spread, wide open.  Master is stimulating my bottom and my clit....and i am....gone, and exploding.  We end up Him holding me, until we can move, and then i move to His lap for some snuggling, and more recovery time.  Master comments that even when i lose, i seem to win...i smile and said...i think that works both ways....;)
hugs abby

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Another Monday, Another Maintenance Spanking...

            First thing yesterday, Master reminds me that it is maintenance day,  i did not need the reminder, He just likes to see my reaction.  I agreed it was, and then He told me that 'our boys'  (the Yanks and Red Sox)  were playing again this week.  That surprised me since i am usually the one to remind Him....yes i am a bigger fan than He is.  Yes, they are playing 3 games starting baseball bet is in effect...i am sure you will all be rooting MY boys on:)
             Maintenance started as it always does, with my naked kneeling.  After claiming all of me He returns to my breast....He has taken to calling His pinches and pulling....'milking'.  He seems to think that since i react by getting wet and ready for Him that He is milking me...not sure how i feel about the term, but He loves using it so.......
               I am then over His lap for a short (in my opinion always too short), hand warm-up.  He then picks up the maintenance paddle.  He is spanking with it, not harshly, but i start to ouch.  He tells me this is still warm-up stage, i need to settle.  After a short break and some rubbing He starts in with maintenance.  When we are half way through, i tell Him i think He is spanking harder than He usually does.  He does not seem to think so,  He asks me why we have maintenance. As if by now i do not know....He waits for my remind me that i do not want a basement spanking.  He continues asking if those spankings are harder than maintenance.  I admit, yes they are much harder, and i do want to avoid them.
             He then asks, what do i think would happen to maintenance, if a basement spanking should happen.  I look at Him, not sure what He is getting first impulse is to more maintenance, but i am pretty sure that is not His point.  Seeing my confusion, He says, future maintenance spankings would be much harder, since they obviously were not hard enough to keep us out of the basement.  I look at Him, not quite sure what to just say, that would not be a good thing.
           He agrees, and then says as for today, He just feels like giving me a hard spanking, a spanking just for His pleasure.  I reply....that is the best reason i have heard so He finishes maintenance with an extra hard set.  He is rubbing my bottom, when He says, so what is there that we should be discussing, I sense you have been 'off' today.  Darn, He is in my head again.....After some chatting, we cuddle and move on to my favorite (and His too) part of maintenance...permission time!!

Go Red Sox....
hugs abby