Friday, July 31, 2015

Triple Play!

       A couple weeks ago, Master and i wagered on the Sox/Yanks series.  I am and always will be a Sox can guess about Master.   We have developed a formula for the wagers....If the Sox win, i get to decide the 'toy' used for that game...then number of strokes is 10  times the number of runs scored.  This last series, the Yanks won 2 of the 3 games, a total of 24 runs were scored.  We usually 'settle' the bet right after the game, but life was throwing me a few curve balls, so i asked if we could wait.  Master graciously said to let Him know when i was ready.
       This morning i asked Him if today would be a good day to settle a baseball bet.....turns out He thought today was a great day to settle the bet.  When i walked in He had taken out the flogger and the 'My Paddleman' paddle that i ordered from Blondie  for Master's Christmas gift.  I love the look of it, He just plain loves it....which i love also....but it does pack a punch...yes even for me, "Miss Concrete Butt":).  Master asked if He had chosen for me wisely, (the flogger), or did i want to choose something else.....silly question.
     He told me to get ready...translation...naked and kneeling.  He claims me, lots of pinching and rubbing.  He feels that if He pinches my breasts hard enough, He gets a reaction from my clit...i try to deny it, but He always finds the proof.  
    Yanks won the first game, 6 runs scored, 60 with the paddle.  He decides on sets of 10, with rubbing after each set.  They are not hard swats, but they do not have to be....When He gets to the fifth set, He touches my thighs and asks, if the next set should be there.  I reply....where ever you wish.....and the next 10 land on my thighs.  He asks if i thought He would do it...i honestly reply that i did not...He replies that is why He did.  The last 10 are on my bottom.  
  Sox won the second game.  Master says i can choose my position, and i can tell Him if i want harder or softer for each set, since this is my winning game.  There were 8 runs scored, so 80 with the flogger.  I choose the be over the back of the sofa.  Same routine, Master stops after every 10 for some rubbing.  After the fourth set, i ask for lighter ones,....just right!  The last 10, I ask for harder ones to finish up with....
  The last game was a Yank win...with 14 runs....140 with that paddle.  Master asks me to get the paddle, i do and hand it over to Him, with a slight smile.  Master then says He has a question for me, and if i can answer correctly, I will be rewarded.  He asks me the final score and how many runs did each team score.  Now, the game was a few weeks ago, but i had looked up the scores for each of the games, before i came to Master's, in case He had forgotten.  I thought for a minute and said....8--6...BINGO:).  My reward....Master will paddle me 80 times (instead of 140), and i get 60 more with the flogger.  I can choose who goes first.  I choose paddling first, since i would like to end with the flogger, and not worry about a paddling with i am all mellow from the flogging.
  I am back over His lap, they are about the same intensity as the first paddling, until the last 20.  Those are harder and slower.  Master suggests that i might want to suck His cock before my flogging, sounds like a good plan to me.  I am up and kneeling, as I am sucking and licking , Master says He has an idea.  He will flog me while i am sucking His cock.  I am sucking, He is reaching and flogging my back and bottom, and trying to let the ends of the flogger land near my pussy.  I am so trying to concentrate, when with His other hand He grabs my  hair and holds it tightly.  (Hence the title of this entry..triple play..get it??)  Talk about sensation overload.  I am not sure what to concentrate on, ...flogging or sucking or my hair being grasped tightly...and can feel myself just getting loss in all the sensations.  Did i get 60 with the flogger...i have no clue, but did not care.  It was an amazing sensory experience.  I am dripping, and am soon exploding, as we both finish.  
Yes, i will always be a Sox fan, but whether they win or lose.....i always seem to end up winning!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


        I just all probably have the wrong idea what this post is about...nope, no way...not at all about....a butt plug!  I have been away on an electronically unplugged (mostly) vacation, so i am now re-plugging.  We did all the things that reminded me of long ago family vacations.  Lots of beach time, mini golf, drive-in movie, an old fashioned county fair ,  playing games with the little ones...and lots of delicious sea food and ice cream.
       Master reminded me first thing on Monday....back to our routine, time for maintenance.  I remind Master that it has been a while since a hard spanking...He chuckles and says i should start rubbing my bottom immediately, since that means that we have some catching up to do, I am surprised you all did not hear me groan.
       As always, we start off with my naked kneeling.  Master is touching all of me, talking quietly, reminding me the purpose of maintenance, and that all of me is His...all of the time.  I am then up and over His lap, for a hand warm-up.  Master used to ask me when i was ready to stop the warm-up and move on to the main event....since my answer was almost always, a warm-up is never long enough, He developed a new method.  He know lets His fingers roam, and play, and get me wet...dripping....then reminding me that no permissions until maintenance is over....and cumming without permission is a punishment event.  I hang on as long as i dare, before i start begging for maintenance to start.
           Master picks up the maintenance paddle, and lets it fly.  Four hard sets of 25, with rubbing between sets.  It does not take me long before i am loudly ouching and squirming.  He finishes, and i am trying to catch my breath when i hear, do you want a break with some activity before round 2...we missed maintenance last week.  I look up at Him and give Him my have go to be kidding look....He chuckles and says, "that is the look i was hoping for".  I opt for break and quickly get on my knees, to enjoy His scent and taste.  I do my best to get Him to forget about round never works.  
              I am back over Master's lap, for round 2, 100 more, but this time, the spanks feel lighter, or at least more manageable. Finally we are up to date on maintenance, time to do a little catching up on permissions.  We accomplish catching up on those, and both are great, but there is no place like home.
             Summer has arrived in our part of the world...sunny and HOT.  I try not to complain about the heat, since winters seem to last forever.  But, i have moved my morning walks to inside ones.
              An update on my sister, she is starting to have a bit of an appetite and is now taking several naps during the day, as opposed to just sleeping all the time....progress.  We will not know if  her body has started producing antibodies for another couple of weeks.  Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers.

   hugs abby

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Maintenance...times 2

               Thank you all for your good thoughts and wishes and prayers for my sister.  She had a doctor's appointment today, and nothing has changed.  She is trying to adjust and accept that her life has changed drastically, with no real time table to judge for how long.  
               Over the weekend, the Red Sox and those damned Yanks played ball.  If you have read here during baseball season, you know one of the things Master and i differ on is baseball teams.  We usually take advantage of that by betting on the results when they play.  My boys....the Sox....let me down...again.  They did win total there were 24 runs scored, times 10,  means 240 with Master's choice.  
                   Yesterday when we were talking about a good time for maintenance, He mentioned the bet.  I asked if we could just have a maintenance day, and leave the rest for another time.  He was a little taken aback...i do not think i have ever asked to put off a play session.  He quickly can choose when to pay your bet off, but maintenance is today.
                      Later, i was kneeling and being claimed, being reminded that all of me...the good, the not so good, the fun, the worries...whatever, it all belongs to Him.  He shares all of it....Then over His lap, for a too quick (always too quick in my mind)....hand warm-up.  He stops and i feel the coolness of warning.  Maintenance starts, and He is spanking hard.  He stops after every 25, to let me catch my breath and a little rubbing.  There is no slow build -up, and i am ouching loudly, and trying to stay still....not succeeding all that well.  Finally He gets to 100, stops and is rubbing.  He asks if i want to ask for a second round.  I look up at Him, with my.....(are you nuts)....oops....i mean are you kidding look.  He says if i want more i need to ask for it, but He thinks it has been a tough week,  and i need more.
                      I am hesitating, when He suggests that i thank Him for today's maintenance...  (now there is an activity we agree on).     As i pleasure Him, i start to relax, and feel the calmness of my submission return.  I start to realize, that more might be needed.  So when i finish, i look up...and  ask, in a small voice, if we could have another round of maintenance.
I am back over His lap, and this time, the spanking is not a harsh one.  After two sets of 50, while rubbing, He asks if i want a third set.  After a minute, i ask Him if He has a number of sets in mind.  He many as  you need, we could sit here all evening and do this.  
                  I look up at Him, smiling, and say....or we could.............which we end up doing, and we both are smiling  :)

hugs abby

Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Different Fun Friday

             Last week was one of those weeks, that can only be described as....thank goodness it is over!  There was family drama...not the good kind...and i hate family drama.  I try to watch and not speak...but that is not always possible.  Then Thursday my sister called with some worrisome news about her health.  She has been tired and feeling 'off' for a couple of weeks now.  This is the time of year that is especially busy for the business that her family owns, so we were not overly worried.  This past week, she went beyond tired and into exhaustion and just did not feel right.  She saw her doctor, had some testing done, and finally got some answers.  On Wednesday, she was told she had the pravo virus and mono.  I teased her with being a late bloomer with the mono.....On Thursday she got another call from the doc...more test results had come in and she has a rare form of mono...cmv virus.  By now she was only able to stay out of bed for less than 2 hours at a time, before she was exhausted.  It is rare and serious....she will be exhausted for at least a few months, and the best case is that in 6 months she will be feeling better.....but it could also take a year.  The virus has also been known to attack the spleen and liver...and lungs.  That would be critical.....
            I had not told Master about my sister when we met for Fun Friday.  Often with bad news, i like to think about it on my own...come to terms with it....before i share it.  So, i go to Master's have my naked kneeling...He was in a pinching mood with my nipples.  He kept asking me could i take ask for it, until finally, He  stopped.  I then went over His knee, He had the...My Paddleman...paddle out.  Right from the first spank...which i will admit ...were a warm-up, i was moving and ouching.  Master stops and asks what the problem is...i tell Him, in addition to the drama from last week, i had more bad news, from my sister.  His phone is ringing, it is a call He has to take, so i get up and wait and pace.
       He returns and i expect to get back over His lap, when He picks up the paddle and puts it away......grabs my hand and pulls me onto His lap, sitting, pulled into Him, as He wraps His arms around me.  He asks a few questions, and i tell Him about my sister.  Even before i am done, the tears are flowing.  Master holds me and quietly talks to me, asking a few questions, that i manage to answer.  He is holding me tight, giving me His strength.  I finally stop crying, and we talk about the whole week, the drama, and how i might be able to deal better, the next time it happens.  Master tells me He is giving me a code......lap time....and the next time i get overwhelmed  i just need to say or text  Him...lap time...and He will know what i need, and make it happen.  
        We continue to chat, about our families, sharing some delightful childhood memories, and making plans, and just enjoying our closeness.  No spanking on this Friday.....but  i did get just what i needed...
       I would appreciate any prayers or whammies or whatever you can send my sister's way....

hugs abby

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Tidal Wave"

          Master gave me the title for this post.  No, it does not refer to the weather, which has been very wet.  Today is finally sunny!!!  Hope the sun is shining for all of you.  The tidal waves that Master was referring to were created by Him.
           Monday was maintenance day, after a week of lots of vanilla fun with the 2 grands who were visiting grandma.  It rained a lot, but we did get in a baseball game and 2 visits to the beach.....and if you have little ones around, or even if you do not,  the movie "Inside Out" is a  must see!
           As most of you know, Monday is always maintenance spanking day in my world.  Back when we first started this Monday ritual, i woke up smiling, thinking...i am going to get spanked today!  My idea of maintenance was a bit different than Master's....and i am sure you all know how that turns out.  Now most of the time, i just accept it as part of my day.  When we have missed a Monday, (like last week... no spanking opportunities),   i am not quite so anxious for our Monday activity.  Master knows me well, and He can always tell, when i am.....a little 'uncertain' about being spanked.  Such was the case this past Monday.
            We started with our reclaiming kneeling naked, Master using His voice and hands to remind me that all of me is His.  He chose a light touch with my breast, with some mauling and kneading, until He told me it was time.  Maintenance is 100  spanks with the maintenance paddle, which is small and on the heavy side.  He spanks in sets of 25, each set a little harder, the last 10 the hardest.
               I am over His lap, He starts, and after 10, He stops to rub.  Yes i had already started ouching and wriggling, and that never deters Him.  Once i was relaxed again, the second set of 10 and He stops.  I am surprised, but very happy for the shorter sets.  After the third set, He asks if i realize that He is helping me get into the right mind set.  I do realize and am thankful.  He stops again after 40 and 50.
                 He starts in at 51, and while i am expecting a rest and rub at 59, He continues...His first tidal wave.  He does not stop at 75, and i am getting louder.  He gets to 100 and announces all done.  I am panting, and very happy to get some rubbing time.  Master, of course, checks to see if i was protesting too much, and does find a little evidence that i was.  So He asks if i would like to suck His cock...He never has to ask twice:).  When i am done, i can feel myself starting to drip.
                  Master says it is time for me to play catch-up.  He then creates His second tidal wave....of orgasms.  After the first two, they are indeed a wave, making me breathless and jello....but such a nice way to end maintenance Monday!