Thursday, June 25, 2015

Leather is always better....

               Life is about to get very vanilla for a short while, so Master and i had decided we had to make some 'just us' time.  I usually look forward to our play times, but today i was just the mood.  I was feeling tired, my youngest daughter (who lives with me) ....we mostly get along great...but this morning was one of those GRRRR....i am still the mom here....type of mornings.
                  As soon as i walked into Master's He asked what was wrong.  I looked up surprised, i had not mentioned how i was feeling.  He said, i can always tell just by how your voice sounds....We hugged and i noticed He had a paddle out.  I started my naked kneeling time while we were still chatting, Master claimed me,  using a very light touch on my nipples.  Once He had claimed all of me, He suggested we start with me sitting on His lap, instead of ending with it.  I quickly took advantage of the invitation.....and started to relax as we snuggled and relaxed a bit.  
                     When i was ready, it was over His lap for a wonderful hand warm-up.   He stops and i am getting reading to feel the paddle, when Master says, we have played a lot with wood lately...paddles and the cane....i think we need to get back to some leather.  I am smiling as i wholeheartedly agree.  He tells me to get up, and get into position, i hear Him swish His belt from the loops.  He starts off slowly and lightly, i am sinking into oblivion...into a place where all  is good.  He slowly increases the strength of the swats, but it all feels just right.  When He is finished, He steps closer to me, until i can feel his body rubbing against my warm bottom.  I start wriggling and words are necessary. 
                         We move to get more comfortable, i can feel myself dripping.  We end our time, with permissions, and explosions...
              I  am off to my daughter's to celebrate a 4  year old birthday.  All the grands will be there, so it will be crazy and loads of fun.  A pool party is being planned, but i think Mother Nature is going to move us inside....When i return the 4 year old and his 7 year old sister will coming to grandma's for a week....while mom and dad stay home and pull up carpeting.  I have surprises in store...and plans, for rain or shine...but hoping for at least a couple days of sunshine.  
Have a good weekend all...
hugs abby

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Back to "Normal"

          Yes, i put quotation marks around the word normal.  Honestly, anyone who has met me and known me for a while well.....let's just say if i gave my friends the task of describing me by using a list of 50 words....the word normal would never make an appearance.  Thank you all for your concern, the sub drop feeling has past, i am back to just me:).  
           On Friday, Master and i made sure we had some spanking time.  After a lovely hand warm-up, Master gave me the choice.....cane or paddle.  I noticed the lack of anything leather, but  He said He wanted to give me a choice between two different sensations.....a thuddy one or a stingy one.  Since my bottom was still a little tender, i decided to got with stingy...the cane.
It was just a few sets, and they were all on the light side.....Master's idea of a light caning.  It did help get me back into my good...happy...submissive place...and some MFL (mighty fine loving) followed. 
             Monday, we had my weekly maintenance.  After my kneeling time and some extended breast play, i was over His lap for a hand warm-up.  Master then, asks me why we have maintenance, and that since it is working (no basement spankings so far this year:).....we will continue.  Master is not one to discontinue anything that He feels is being effective.  There are some rules i feel are no longer necessary, but Master always says...they are serving a purpose, they stay.  After we are done the chatting part of the ritual, the maintenance paddle, does the rest of the talking.  Four sets of twenty-five....each set feeling harder, and making me more vocal.  After some rubbing and massaging, i am thanking Master...with more than words....for my maintenance.  Followed Master's choice of words....a good hard fucking for me.  I am left breathless, motionless and.....smiling.
 Hope you are all having a good week...
hugs abby


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day 2.......sub drop

                If you read yesterday, you know that maintenance was an intense experience this week.  I went expecting maintenance, and maybe some play with the tens unit, but not with the intensity that occurred. I am not complaining, it was awesome, but it was surprising.  When we were starting our journey, spankings were less frequent, but often intense.  Granted, at that time, many of them were punishment drive.  Now, i get spanked way more often, usually with less intensity.
            I also want to add that Master is great at after care.  He never rushes me to get up and move about.  He will lie next to me, rubbing and quietly talking, have me sit on His lap, as we snuggle and relax, and always asks if i am ready to get up.  There are lots of hugs and kisses and....well other 'activities' often result too.
            I woke up the morning after maintenance and was aware that my bottom was still tender.  I love waking up and having that reminder, it makes me smile every time.  As i was thinking about my plans for the day, i started to feel very sad.  It surprised me, but i could not shake the sadness.  Then, of course, my 'voices' decided it might be a good time to visit.  After a couple minutes i decided maybe i needed some breakfast, so i got up and ate.  I took a shower to try and get myself going, and noticed after  that i had put my shirt on inside-out.  I shook my head and was glad i was alone....but wondered what was wrong with me.
           I sat to watch GMA...a morning talk show.  They are doing a series this week on Father's Day, and i had enjoyed Monday's segment.  On this morning the hosts each were taking a turn remembering what they learned from their dad.  As soon as the first person started, i could feel my tears start to fall.  ( i am not a crier....never have been).  I could not stop the tears, they just kept falling.  My dad died 3 years ago, and yes i still miss him a lot, but mostly now i remember him with a smile and wonderful memories.  The tears kept coming as i sat there watching the program.  When they finally finished the segment, and i stopped crying, it hit me....
      A very intense play time......feeling sad for no reason, not realizing i had initially put my shirt on wrong, tears...for no good reason......Sub Drop.  It has happened to me before, not recently, once maybe twice before.  I knew Master was at work, so i sent Him a text.  He immediately replied, told me to put on my ankle cuffs...i love the cuffs, they are comfy and great  reminder that i am His.  He then told me to stay close to Him, keep Him posted and to take it easy and be good to myself.  He checked on my several times during the day.  
    It was a gorgeous day, we have not had many of those.  I asked to go for a walk outside.  He agreed, but told me to take it easy, and not push myself.  I then settled in and read and watched some Net Flex.  I remembered i had a 30% off all my purchases at one of my favorite stores, and decided i wanted to go shopping.  Master gave me permission.  Now honestly, most of my purchases are usually grandchild oriented....they have the best kids' clothes.  But on this day, i bought 1 kid item...and lots of grandma a positive aspect of sub drop???
I have this rule for myself...whenever i put something new in my closet, I have to take something out for the donation bag.  So i spent most of the rest of the afternoon, sorting through my closet.
      Yesterday , i woke up feeling better, but still a little....'off'.  Master was still checking up on me, asked about my plans for the day.  I really had nothing planned, just a walk.  Master told me He would call when He left work, so i could meet Him.  I will admit, i was a little...not so submissive during the day.....leaving out my Sirs and going my walk without letting Him know.
I get the call and left.   We hug, then He tells me to get into position.  I look at Him questioning what He wants. "Head down and bottom up"...i am a little puzzled but get into position.  Master leaves for a minute, returns and pulls my pants down, he laughs as he sees i was having a no panty if i was ready for Him.  
      I feel the cane tapping on my bottom, i am surprised.  He gives me 12, they are stingy, but not hard ones.  When He is done, i get up and as i walk to Master, He is pointing to the floor.  I kneel and release His cock, and worship it.  Master helps me up, pulls me into a giant bear  hug, and  smiles as He asks if my head is back where it should be.  I smile back as i answer....Yes Sir!

hugs abby

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

"Shocking" 1

           Yes, the tens unit made another appearance.  When we last 'played' with it, it had  not been used in well over year.  We enjoyed it, we decided not to wait so long to use it again.  I did not expect it to make another appearance so soon, but was not complaining when i saw it on the table Monday.
             Master noticed my grin, and reminded me that first order of things on Monday is always....maintenance.  And before maintenance....naked kneeling time.  After Master has claimed all of me, i am over His lap.  I am ready for maintenance to begin, when to my surprise, instead of His hand warming up my bottom, i feel leather.  The beaver tail (that is the shape) paddle is warming my bottom.  Master sees me instantly relax, chuckles, and remarks that i must approve of this surprise man:).
                Much too soon, He asks me why we have He does every week.  Once the question and answer part of our ritual is done, the small, wooden maintenance paddle starts to fly.  Master believes that maintenance works because it is a hard spanking, one that reminds me that i do not want a harder spanking.  I have to admit, it works pretty well.
Master starts in with the first set of 25 spanks,  some rubbing, and 3 more sets follow.  Usually each set is a little harder, or at least it feels that way to my bottom.  By the third set, i get very vocal, and squirmy.  The last 10 of the last set are the hardest ones, then finally, i get to recover over Master's lap, while He rubs my back, legs and bottom and talks quietly, until i can think and have a conversation.  We are ready to move on to the tens unit.
                 Master has me kneeling in front of Him, while He attaches the leads, one on each nipple.  He reminds me that i must keep talking to Him, letting Him know what i am feeling.  He starts slowly, as soon as i can feel a tingle, i let Him know.  He brings up the power slowly, alternating between continuous and and a pulse.  He gets to the upper lever of my enjoyment, leaves it for a while, and then tells me, to 'thank' Him for being so nice.  I expect Him to remove the leads, but He tells me they stay on, He will be continuing.  I tell Him He is a brave soul...
               I am kneeling, trying to concentrate on Master's cock.  Suddenly i feel a stronger jolt, i stop sucking, kneel up and am staring at Master face to face.  He looks at me, and says...i think you dropped something.  I take the hint, and return to concentrate on Him.
               The next spot for the leads is on my pussy.  Master is alternating steady and pulsing, and i can feel myself dripping.  I am close to needing a permission, when Master tells me to hang on, not permissions, til we are done with the unit.  I am panting and moaning, when Master decides to put the leads on my bottom.  I am over His lap, and after He has played with the intensity for a while, He starts to spank my bottom with the leather paddle, while continuing with the tens unit.  He tells me i have permission to cum at any time....I am so close, but i feel, i need more.  I ask for more spanks, for harder spanks, Master obliges, and i am lost in all the sensations..hearing His voice, feeling the leather paddle, the electric surges......
               All i remember about next, is that i was LOUD, and cumming in waves, until i just needed to breathe.  I am still, Master removes the leads and is talking quietly, while rubbing me all over.  I am in a daze, and know it was a while before i felt i could move.  I move from being over His lap, to being on His lap.  We snuggle and chat, and just sit, enjoying each other.  I decide i can get up, and when i do, i am a little disoriented still.  Master pulls me back next Him, and we snuggle for a while longer.
               I am finally totally back, and ready to return to the real world.  
Yes, there is a part 2....about how i felt the next morning...

Hugs abby

Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Dog Ate My Homework!!

       I managed to get into a bit of trouble this week, and when Master asked what was the problem...i really had no He asked if the dog had eaten my homework....i was willing to blame the dog, but He was not buying it.
       Things have been going along pretty well, i had been shining that submissive halo of mine....when mid-week i started to get that 'antsy' feeling.  The one where...the more you try to ignore it, the louder the voices get. I actually debated with them on Wednesday, about asking Master for a mid-week tune up, so to speak, but decided i could just handle this on my own.
See the halo lose it's shine....
         Thursday morning , i did not send Master a good morning text...honestly i cannot remember the last time that happened.  Yes, i was 'poking' Him....trying to ask without really having to ask....if that makes any sense to any of you.  I had plans with a friend for most of the day, and Master never mentioned the missing text.  Yes, i should know by now, there would be a price to pay, He was just giving me more rope.
           Then this morning, we were talking and i replied to something He wanted me to do with an...OK.  Silence...then an..."pardon me, what did you say?".  I quickly corrected myself...He said better....but you will pay for that.  Then the icing on the cake, i forgot to call at lunch. In my defense, which i tried to explain to Master,  we had talked shortly before lunch, and we had settled on plans.  I also did honestly tell Him, i never even thought of it until He mentioned it.
At that point, i finally regained my senses, and suggested to Master we have a re-start to the day...and said Good Morning Sir...He replied with a good morning....and an, I will see you soon...the dog ate too much homework!
                So....I had shopped for some new very lacy undies and had put them away for a special occasion.  This was not a special occasion, but it might help me out a bit.  He did really like them....but....
              I am kneeling, naked, Master is concentrating on my breast...with lots of pinching and pulling.  I am trying to concentrate on His words, He is asking what happened this week, to cause me to be so off.  I expalined about Wednesday, but did not want to ask for more....a very hard pinch followed.  Asking for what i need is something He wants, and in this case would have prevented what was going to happen next.  Our Fun Friday...was not going to be so much fun for me.
             I am over His lap, and He starts in with the maintenance paddle, telling me this is my warm-up.  No hand warm-up, but He is going lighter with the paddle than He usually does.
He then asks me if i know why i am going to be paddled....i do, ...for all of the above.
He starts in with a long, hard set. He stops, i say that was a long set....He agrees, says it was 50.  Since obviously Monday's maintenance was not enough, today was double maintenance day.  He tells me to ask for the next 50, i just cannot get the words out, so He just starts paddling.  
          After that 50, He asks if i would like a break.  Yes Sir, comes flying out of mouth. He tells me to kneel between His legs.  I am doing my best to try and take His mind off that paddle, when He tells me, when i am done with His cock i had better be ready to ask for the next 100...and it needs to be sincere.  The paddling and my being between His legs, has changed my mind set, finally.  I apologize for my 'forgetfulness', and ask Him to spank me hard so that the next time i think i should go it alone, i remeber there is no reason to, I have a loving Master who would love to help me.  He accepts my apology and my request.
        I am back over His lap, for two more sets fo 50, by the last set i am ouching very loudly and the tears are filling my eyes.  He is finally done, is rubbing a bit, telling me how hot my bottom feels, while we chat about this week, and what i..we..could have done differently. Master then tells me, He is not done....He wants me to remember this spanking, so i am told to get up, and bend over, bottom up, head down...He is going to cane my bottom.
          Honestly,  i have no idea how many.  A couple sets of 12....maybe, maybe more than that.
Yes they all hurt like the dickens, but i was in a much more accepting place.  He stops and asks if i have had enough, or do i need more.  I assure Him i have had enough.  He sits and i snuggle into Him as close as i can get.  Usually after a punishment there are no permissions, but Master decides that today can be is supposed to be fun Friday.  Permissions are soon needed, He pulls me into Him, and i have that wonderful feeling of my world being set right, once again.

Have a great weekend all...
hugs abby


Wednesday, June 3, 2015


            Monday, per usual, was maintenance day.  Maintenance is one of the few times when i am able to predict what will happen.
.......We always start with naked kneeling.  He reclaims me with His hands and voice, helping me to be in the moment, to block out everything but Him and me.  
.......I then go over His lap.  We are often chatting at this point, and Master is warming up my bottom with His hand.  Some warm-ups are longer than others.....i think they are never long enough.
......Master will then ask me, what part of me belongs to Him, the answer being all of me.  The next question is, why do we have maintenance...they help me stay out of trouble, to avoid a Punishment spanking.
......As soon as those words are spoken, the paddle starts in.  The maintenance paddle is small and heavy with holes.  Usually there are 4 sets of 25....each set harder than the last.  He does stop and rub and allow me to catch my breath after each set.  I have to ask for the last 10, sometimes adding...and make them the hardest ones yet.  (i hate asking).  When He is done, there is some quiet time while He rubs my bottom, and 'checks' to see if i have complained too much about the ouchyness.....
......That is the established routine, and there is not much change from week to week.

......Often the next activity, is me sucking His cock.  Sometimes there is more spanking with His hand or some leather.  This past week we went right to me needing and getting permissions.
Maintenance is Master at His most predictable......most of you know, He is usually not predictable...

.....Tuesday morning Master tells me to get my plug, put it in my purse, keep it close to me all day.  That is a first....and i have learned, that asking questions, only gives Him more ideas, so i simply say....i will.  I had some errands to do, but even when i was at home...all i could think of is that plug in my purse.  Every time my phone signaled a message, i thought....i hope it is not about the plug.   I wondered...actually i worried.....that at some point i would be wearing that plug.  He had my full attention all day....and He was busy working.  At the end of the day, i asked if i could take it out of my purse....and received permission to do so.  Simply having me put that darn thing in my purse.....changed the focus of my whole day.....which was probably just what He planned.

....Monday ...the predictable
....Tuesday...totally unpredictable

Life with Master is never boring, even though occasionally  it is predictable.

hugs abby