Sunday, May 31, 2015

An "Electrifying" time....

               Master has a tens unit....He has had it since i first met Him.  We do not play with it often.....maybe 5 times total.  We had just played with it a couple months i was very surprised when it made another appearance so soon.
               A tens unit has 2 leads with small pads attached.  The pads adhere to your skin and small steady currents or  intervals are felt where the pads are attached.  The strength can be adjusted to feeling basically OMG!  
              During my kneeling time, Master gives the same instructions He gives whenever the unit makes an appearance.  It cannot really hurt me...although there may be some pain...depending on your defination of pain.  I absolutely need to keep talking to Him....we use a scale of 1--10, and He is constantly asking how i am feeling.  
                    Master attaches the pads to cover my nipples.  He slowly brings the level of intensity up until i tell Him i can feel something.  He then slows down, and lets me get used to the level before intensifying it again.  He also switches from continuing to steady beats...He can also vary the speed of the beats.  Although i am not a fan of breast play, as in clamps and pinching and biting and.....i find that i love the sensations of the tens unit.  I am continually talking to Master...when i am not panting.  I have my hands on His knees to steady myself.  Master is varying all the sensations, and i can feel the effect between my legs.....
                   Master then wonders aloud how it would feel elsewhere.  I have learned....what He imagines, is just a few seconds from reality.  He tells me to sit with my legs as far apart as possible, He wants a good view.  He puts the tabs high up on my inner thighs.  After a bit of play time, He puts a tab on my pussy.  Again alternating steady and pulse and intensity, I can feel myself dripping.  Master gives me permission to cum, i am right on the edge, but cannot quite get over that edge.  Master asks if i would like some help.....DUH....or should He continue to 'torture' me?  He starts using His fingers, just as i am about there...He tells me to climb over His lap.
          He takes the tabs and puts them on my bottom.  This is something new, He tells me to tell Him at what level i want Him to keep the unit at...when He gets to 7, i decide that is the level.  He holds the control with one hand and uses the other hand to get me oh so close...when He decides I should be sucking His cock...with the tabs on and the current flowing.  I manage to say...You are a brave soul...He laughts and says remember...I own your bottom.
            I love worshipping His cock, but having the distraction of electric zaps on my bottom makes it somewhat more difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.  Master does have to caution me to go easy a couple times,  i can feel ''me" dripping down my legs.  He finally invites me back over His lap, tabs still on my bottom, and as soon as i hear those magical words, 'cum for your Master', i am screaming and exploding....nothing else exists but the pulses of the tabs, His fingers and my need to cum...again and again and...well i am not sure how many. ( for all of you out there who think getting older means then end of some things...let me tell you, you are wrong!)
        I am finally spent, it is all i can do to breathe, movement is not possible.  Master removes the tabs, and is talking quietly to me, rubbing my back and my legs, pulling me in tightly to Him.  After some time passes, i tell Him i cannot move....He chuckles and says He does not want me to.  He reaches under a pillow and grabs the TV remote and puts on a movie..." 50 Shades of Gray".  I have not seen it, and am thrilled...and we stay right there, me naked over His lap, He keeping at least one hand on me at all times...lightly spanking or rubbing or is the perfect way to watch that movie....or any movie ...LOL.

hugs abby


Thursday, May 28, 2015


            I   had a delightful, and...due to super crazy work schedules for both my daughter-in-law and exhausting one.  I was in charge of the girls for a few days and nights.  They are loving and and swim classes and dance classes and gymnastics, in addition the everyday stuff, made me one tired grandma.  There is a very good reason whey woman can not longer have children...after a 'certain' age.
            One of the traits that i have come to admire about Master is His creativity.  He likes to 'keep me on my toes', in a few ways.  He often makes 'the punishment fit the crime', so to speak.  He has showed me to expect the unexpected...often  a good surprise.  There are some things that are expected, that have a set routine....that are not surprising in the least.  One of those is maintenance.
              Maintenance day is Monday....we start the week, making certain that my 'head' is in the right place, that my bottom is sore, and that i am reminded....all of me is His.  We always start with my naked kneeling.  We might chat if there is something one of us wants to discuss.  Master then stands behind me and starts to re-claim me.  I close my eyes, slow my breathing, and Master covers my eyes, my ears, and touches all of me....usually quietly telling me, this is 'our time', just us.  Time to close everyone and everything else out.  
             I am then invited over Master's lap for a hand warm-up.  We often are chatting or making each other laugh.  Too quickly, Master will ask me why we have maintenance...because it keeps me out of  trouble, reminds me that i am His...and that question is my warning, hand warm-up is over.  Master belielves that a maintenance spanking should keep me from wanting a harder one...( i disagree and my vision of maintenance is quite different, but we all know how much that is worth).  Master picks up the maintenance paddle...a smallish, fairly heavy, wood paddle with holes.  There are four sets of 25, with rubbing between sets, each set harder than the last.  I often have to ask for the last 10....and add ... please make them the hardest ones.
I hate saying those words, but have learned that delaying is not in my best interest.
           Master will then check to see if part of me has been secretely enjoying this spanking...and of course He finds what He is looking for.  He then makes sure, than i can hear and feel the evidence, and that i am no longer concentrating on the pain and heat on my bottom.....
             This is where the routine ends.  Earlier this week, at this point Master asked if i would like to suck His cock.  I flew off His lap and quickly got into position.  He laughed as He said He loved my enthusiasm.  Next, Master decided that He should re-warm my bottom , but since i had been such a good girl, He would use the small leather strap.  I quickly got into position, and since i do love leather, and my bottom had been well-warmed up, i eagerly waited for the first 'kiss' of the leather.  I am not sure how many, but enough to leave me dripping and badly in need of a permission. Master was kind enough to oblige....and make sure i needed more than on permission.

       As for Master's i had plans to spend the day with a friend.The first   part of the day at a casino, and also part of the day outside walking along the water.  Before i left this morning, Master asked how i was going to serve Him today....a qestion He often asks. I stopped to think, and said, i am dressed and ready, but i will go take off my panties and make it a no panty day.  I expected a 'good girl', or a 'good idea' or 'great'.  His reply...leave them on til you get to the casino...then take them off.  Put them back on just before  you leave to come back home.  Has He ever given me these instructions having to do the task...and seeing the undies in my purse all day.....i knew to whom i belonged.

   hugs abby


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

12 Random Facts About Me

ancilla_ksst  posted 10 random facts, i commented and said i would like to play along.  She assigned me the number 12.

1.  I went to a small, Catholic, all girl's high school. There were 33 in my graduating class.  We made friendships that have lasted a lifetime.

2.  I have been spanked outside, on a wooded path, with a switch. I would not recommend it.

3.  In college....way back when....I was a going into my senior year, when the school announced there would be 1 coed dorm.  They chose the one i was residing in, so we had first choice to live in the coed dorm or not.  My roommate and i quickly chose yes.  My regular boy friend at the time was not pleased....oh well, my submissive nature had not kicked in yet.

4.  One of my fantasies, to find a secluded beach and be spanked listening to the rolling of the waves.

5.  Both my parents came from large families.  My mother had 9 brothers and a sister...they were a fun loving, partying bunch.  Every year there would be a family reunion, with well over 150 people in attendance.  They would last a weekend, and they would be all kinds of tournament, cribbage tournament, greased pig chase, all kinds of races, pie eating contest, and lots more.  You did not have to be good to participate in any of these....and there were plenty of prizes for everyone.

6.  If i could choose one toy from Master's bag to be spanked with every day it would be what He calls the beaver tail leather paddle...shaped like a beaver's tail.  The one instrument of destruction to throw out...the acrylic paddle.

7.  My sister and i shared a room when we were young.  We did not always get along that there's an understatement.  One day i told her i was going to divide the room in half...we would each own our half and she could not come into mine...or me into hers.
I proceeded to put a ribbon along the wall, half way up.  Then i told her..i had the bottome half, she had the top half.  Neither she, nor my mom, were amused.

8.  I once managed to visit 3 countries in 24 hours...and not in Europe.  Started off at home in the USA...took the a girl scout troup on a day trip to Niagara Falls...went on the Canadien side.  That night I flew out to visit friends in  Texas, who decided we shoud cross the border to visit Mexico.

9.  One 'toy' i have become intrigued by, and would love to try is a vibrating egg.  Never knowing when He would turn it on....or rev it a restaurant, at a concert, in the car (while a passenger), so many possibilities.

10.  I would love to drive across the country, stopping in each state to see something special...and visiting all of the National Parks.

11.  I am in a book club, our last meeting before our summer break, is a luncheon.  We read a book that takes place in a different culture, and the meal is a pot luck of foods the characters in the book would eat.

12 And finally, at the book club lunch last of the ladies was discussing her visit to her physical therapist.  She said the He used a tems machine, she asked if anyone had heard of one. Everyone said no, i said yes i have.  Oops, she asked if i had been in physical therapy, i said no, i just know that it has to do with an electrical current.  She then has worked wonders for her back and hips...i managed to refrain myself myself from works wonders on other parts of the anatomy also ;).  Now that would have been a luncheon to remember....

So, i anyone wants to join in, when you leave a comment, let me know and i will assign you a number from 1 to 20.  You are, of course welcome to just comment and not participate.

hugs abby

Thursday, May 14, 2015

"Traveling Stripes"

              In what has become a tradition, Master gave me my 'traveling stripes' today.  

       I am meeting my daughter and her family at an indoor water park for the weekend.  I will then be taking the train to my son's for a week.  Master feels...and it has been proven.....that stripes from a caning stay with me longer than other spankings.
       After my naked kneeling , i am over Master's lap, enjoying a wonderful hand warm-up.
Master then tells me it is time for my stripes.  I groan....He reminds me that a caning stays with me....and reminds me....i am His.  I get into position, and wait.  He is spanking in sets of six. After each set, Master stops to rub...and maybe some chat about expectations while i am away.  After a few sets, instead of rubbing my bottom with His hands, He steps forward and uses His body.  I tell Him how much nicer that is....trying to encourage
        I finally hear last set....10 this time.  Before i can groan, He continues, you can choose...harder, the same or lighter, since you enjoyed it last time.  The first stroke is very i say harder.  He increases, but not by much.  I keep saying harder until around the sixth or seventh one...when i revert to the same.  We get to the last one, and i say harder....and it is , but not as hard as i feared.  Master asks if it is enough....i assure Him it is....
         I properly thank Master for my stripes, and we move on to making me breathless and needing permissions.  Master is pinching my stripes and playing with clit, making the pain/pleasure connection obvious and .....strong.  After my permissons, we snuggle as Master reminds me....out of sight, is not out of mind or out of submission....i am still His...not matter where i am.
       hugs abby

Tuesday, May 12, 2015 charge??

      Yes, me in charge of a spanking...well not really a whole spanking............

              One of Master's traits that i appreciate the most is His creativity.  He has been spanking me for going on 12 years, and He still surprises me.
               As all of you must know by my world....the week starts with a maintenance spanking.  It is meant to remind me the i am His, and that He has certain expectations.  One of the side benefits is that my 'voices'....those conversations in my head, you know the ones...they make me question and doubt......they are not totally banished, but they do not get a chance to take 'residence'.  That is a very good thing.
              Maintenance spankings have their own routine.  We start with my naked kneeling, Master talks quietly reminding me why we have these spankings.  His hands cover my eyes and ears, signaling that it is time to shut everything and everyone else out...this is 'our time'.  He works down my body, claiming all of it, often stopping to pull, pinch, maul my breast.  Today He chooses to just be very gentle, to barely touch and circle.....His light touch is electric, i can feel His touch deep down inside of me.
                Then it is over His lap, for a quick hand warm-up, followed by 100 hard spanks with His maintenance paddle.  Usually, like today, they are in sets of 25.  Today, it feels like He is spanking harder than usual, and i am having a hard time coping with them.  My legs are thumping...keeping beat...and i am ouching and squirming.  After the first set, Master tells me my head is not in the right place, i am fighting the spanking, not accepting it.  After 50, He reminds me that this spanking is going to happen...and get harder....nothing i can do about accept it.  He rubs my bottom for a bit, giving me time to re-focus.  I am better prepared for the last 2 sets, in part, i think, because my bottom is so well warmed from the first half of the spanking, and also because of Master's words...i am in a better place, i am more accepting.
          Master checks....and chuckles as even i can 'hear' the sloshing of my wetness.  He continues to 'stir the pot' and just when i am getting ready to ask for permission, Master stops and says He has a treat for me.  He is going to use His belt.  I groan a little since i was anticipating a permission......He asks if  i am disappointed, He thought i would be more excited.   I am thinking, timing is everything.  I tell Him i do love His belt, He stands before me so i can hear and see Him removing His belt.  He tells me to get in position, and present Him with a good target.  My bottom is well-warmed, and the 'kiss' of His belt, soon has me dripping.
When He gets to the last 10, He stops, and says i am going to give you a chance to do something you have never done.  I look up at Him....not sure if i should be excited....or not.
He tells me that after each swat i may tell Him if i want the next one to be harder, softer or the same....and He will do as i say.  WOW....that is a first.  He starts off on the gentle side...gentle according to Master's standards.  So i ask for harder for the second.  The next couple are the same,,,,,then a harder one....the same til we get to the last couple ones, which i want harder.
         Master then decides it is time for a hard fucking...His words.  I am in  I am soon panting and getting so close, and thinking it is time to ask.....when He tells me to get up on all fours and present my bottom to Him.  Honestly, i am never thrilled to hear this.  I move..a little slowly.  Master is telling me to relax, to let Him in....He continues to talk quietly, i try to concentrate on His voice, and not on the pain .  Just when i get almost to the point of thinking, i can't....i take a deep breath.....and relax....and instead of pain....there is a fullness, a deep connection....a return to thinking about needing a permission.  After the first one is granted, Master continues and also reaches and uses His fingers to stimulate my is almost too much , as i explode....and ask for more......finally, i more, i collapse, trying to remember that i should breathe.
        Master reaches for me, to pull me into my special spot, when i just plop over Him, splayed flat covering His body.  I look at Him. He looks surprised as He wraps me into His arms.  I tell Him i just acted and did not think....He smiles and should do that more often.  We lie there, as one, sated, content, quietly chatting. 
         Later, when i am getting dressed, Master says to me....You know you need to get better at asking for what you want.....i will give you another 10 or so years, before i expect you to be asking.  I look up at Him and laugh.....He says you are bushing, i love it.  For a long time, i thought that every time Master and i saw each other it would be the last, i was convinced that for so many reasons, He would move on.  He would tell me He was here for the long run, it took me a long time to believe it......He is reminding me.....He is still here....and He intends to stay.  
So do i.......

hugs abby

Sunday, May 10, 2015

A 'circuit' spanking...

         Hope everyone enjoyed a special mother's day.  I started the day with breakfast in bed....a long standing tradition of at least 3 generations.  My daughter cooked one of my favorite lunches..and since in is Mother's day...she even cleaned up!  All the grands made special home made gifts for those!  I asked the kids to get me a counts your steps, makes a new goal for you each day, and will tell you when you have been sitting for an hour...time to get up and move around.  I actually got it last it.  Walked over 10,000 steps each day most of last week....and then hurt my foot while shopping on Sat., so i have been sitting most the weekend. But, i think it is doing better, so will start again tomorrow, and work my way back up to 10,000.  
        On Friday, Master said, He thought it was a good day for a hard spanking.  I almost bit my tongue off keeping myself from saying...great...i have always wondered how you would react to a hard spanking!  I noticed the small, but heavy, paddle was in reach. After my kneeling time, i was over His lap.  He starts right in with the paddle, and i start right in squirming.  He comments and i remind Him that a warm-up would be nice.  Proving He can be a nice guy, He puts the paddle down, and i settle into a nice hand warm-up.  
        When He picks up the paddle again, He says He will start with a 'circuit' spanking.  I am trying to figure out what He means...when He spanks my bottom, thigh, shin...repeat on the other side.  They are not the hardest spanks, but the thigh and shin ones do not have to be hard to HURT.  After a few rounds, He tucks me in, and declares it is time to get serious. He sticks to my bottom this time....but they are hard spanks.....and i am soon letting Him know that they are indeed hard.  He stops for some rubbing and calming before round two.
        When He is finished He nicely rubs some of the heat out....He starts rubbing my thighs and i tell Him his hands feel Hot...He has absorbed some of the heat from my bottom.  How nice of him...LOL.  Of course His hand roam....and find me all 'squishy' we move on to some some hard loving.....a great way to celebrate that it is Friday.
     Since i have been sitting with a wrapped ankle a lot of this weekend, i decided to finally start watching "Outlander"......I have watched the first 5 episodes...and am enjoying it.  I have not read the books...those of you who have read the books and seen the i losing out on something by not reading the books...or is the television series about covering it?  Thanks!

hugs abby


Monday, May 4, 2015

Losing a bet is a.....way to a Hot bottom!

                      So, my boys let me down....BIG TIME!  They loss all 3 games to those damn Yanks....and they were playing in Boston.  During the last game Master told me He had never spanked me with a broom (meaning my boys were being swept).  Knowing that my bottom was already going to be paying off the bet, i wisely kept quiet.
                    "Pay your losing bet" day was today.  The total score of each game would be multiplied by 10, (first game ended in a score that totaled 5....multiply by 10....50 strokes.)
The total for all three games was 24... 240 strokes ..Master could decide to use one 'toy' or to divide the payback into the scores for each of the games.
                    Since today is Monday, that also means maintenance spanking, which Master made clear would happen first.  After my naked kneeling , i was over His lap, for a hand warm-up, followed by 100 with the maintenance paddle.  He divided them into sets of 25, with some rubbing after each set, still by the last set, i was ouching loudly, and wanting it to be over.  Finally He is rubbing, it is over, Master is telling me He has decided to divide the spanking into the separate games.
                     For the first spanking He pulls out the green shamrock paddle.  It is smallish...but heavy.  The scoring total was 6....60 strokes.  He is not spanking as hard as the last maintenance set, and stops after every 10 for some rubbing.  After the fifth set, i am enjoying His fingers, but know that i am getting to close to orgasm.  I ask Master to finish the spanking...He chuckles...and says...beg me.  I ask Him to stop since i am getting close and know that i do not have a permission...He does not consider that begging....He considers it me asking Him for a favor.  So i take a deep breath and in my best 'begging' voice, i plead for Him to continue the paddling....He is happy to do so.
                     Master asks if i would like a break before the next spanking...when i say yes...He asks me what would i like to do with my break?  I kneel between His knees, reach up and give Him a kiss...He asks if that is all i want to do?  Of course it isn't, we both enjoy the interlude between the spankings.
                     Second game, 5 runs were scored.  Master is digging in His bag, and pulls out the cane.  I groan a little, but get into position, sticking out my bottom without being told...Master tells me He is pleased with my attitude.  Five sets of 10 each....Master tells me my bottom is really giving off heat...ya think?  After some more rubbing, and a quick is time for game 3 payoff.
                      Thirteen runs score...only time i have been sorry that the Sox tried to make the game 130.  Master is rummaging in His bag, and i am wondering what wood toy He is looking for....when...He is holding a medium strap. It is larger..wider...that the belt, but not as large as the strop.  I breathe a little sigh of relief...leather!  I get into position, bottom out, and since my bottom is very well warmed, i am ready.  Master counts out 80, and tells me to get up.  I think ...ut oh...He wants a different target.
                       I am right, He tells me to  hold out my breast, and not move.  I take a deep breath and do...without a complaint...maybe just a 'look'....He shortens the strap so He is using mostly the tip, and i get 10, fairly hard ones on each breast.  He stops, and i am wondering if He miscounted...silly me!  He has me sit with legs spread wide...thighs are next.
They are not hard ones, but they do not need to thighs rarely get spanked...thank goodness.  This time i am back to ouching, but i stay in position.  He stops, with 10 left and tells me to stay just as i am....double ut oh......
                      The last 10 are for my pussy.  I take a deep breath and close my i do not flinch.....I feel 10 very quick, very light ones.  I am a little i those count?  Master laughs and says, yes they do!  I thank Him..they were perfect...I am so ready to move on to our next activity.  And  yes, it includes lots of permissions.  
                        The boys do not play each other again til July...we will be keeping the same terms for our bet.....i hope that this time my boys come through a little better.  But i have to admit...Master has a way of making me think...losing a bet, is a lot like winning:).
    hugs abby


Friday, May 1, 2015

"Leatherlicious" Friday....

        After all my complaining for the last few months i have to share...we are having the best weather!!  For most of this week....and should continue through the skies, bright sun, no sticky humidity, slight breeze, and temps close to 70:):):):):):).  I have been walking the bike path near where i live.  Per Master, i will be walking at least 5 days a week, for at least 45 minutes...which is just about the time it takes me to walk the path once.
       All the great weather even had an effect on Master, He asked if i wanted an all leather play time....He could tell by the smile on my face that i thought it was a great idea!
       After my naked kneeling time, i was over His lap for a hand warm-up.  His hand does resemble opposed to wood. Besides a nice, long, hand warm-up can only make any spanking better.  He started with His Shadow Lane paddle.....He calls it His beaver tail, since it is about that size and shape.  The leather is pliable and soft...and it is yummy! For the first 50 He alternated spanks from one cheek to the other...I was so relaxed.   After some rubbing, it was time for the next 50.  He switched to 25 in one spot, the next 25 on the other cheek.  That paddle has moved way up on my list of toys i love, it was so relaxing...
     Master decided He had better get me moving, He told me to lean over the arm of the sofa, bottom up high.  He wanted to add some 'sting' to my sensations, so He decided on a medium leather strap.  It did wake me a few ways.  Another 100, had my bottom well warmed and definitely stingy.  Master then asked if i was in the mood for the 'f' word.  It took me a minute to think and reply...flogger...of course always ready for the flogger.
      He had me kneel on the sofa, leaning over the back of it.  Oh, you all know how i feel about the large leather flogger, and it...and Master, of course...did not disappoint.  Master worked His way up to 90, increasing the force after each set ....i was moaning and almost off to another place.  Master asks if i am ready for the last 10.  Usually these are the hardest, but this time Master just swishes the flogger from my toes to my neck, up one side down the others.  I am sighing, and Master decides...that is 1, there will be 9 more just like it.  By the time He is done, i am a puddle, and can feel a large 'puddling' forming, and starting to ooze down my legs.  Master also notices, and decides it is time to move on to a non-leather activity....but one that is even more enjoyable:)! 

        The Sox and those 'damn' Yanks go at it again this weekend.  Master and i have a bet set.....anyone want to join me cheering my Red Sox on to 3 victories?
hugs abby