Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Master....

        Today is Master's birthday, we celebrated 'our style' a couple of days ago.  I wanted to use this day to thank Master for all the gifts He has given me....
      Thank You Master...

for the gift of acceptance.....from that very first meeting  you were able to put me completely at ease.  You have always accepted all of me...the quirky, the physical, the  emotional...even when i try to keep those emotions all to myself.  You support me when i want to change, to be better, but not because you wish for me to look or act or be different, but because the change is something i want, something that i want to improve.

for the gift of discovery....for helping me to discover the 'me' that i never would have let out...for showing me that i was indeed sexual and sexy, ....for all of the new 'activities' we have explored.

for the gift of are always there..or here...when i need You.  Maybe for a shoulder to cry on, to dig my car out of a snow pile, to rant about family issues, to find a loss phone, ...i can count on you for whatever i need.

for the gift of laughter...we, fortunately share a similar sense of humor.  More than that,  you can make me smile..and laugh...when i feel that is the last thing i am in the mood to do.

for the gift of have made me feel safe enough to share my tears.

for the gift of breaking down walls....i know how hard You had to work to get me to trust enough to really let you take those walls down one brick at a time....and to make me feel secure enough to not want to  rebuild them.

for the gift of confidence...for building me up to believe that i can reach any goal i set, for making me see that submission is not a weakness, for encouraging me to try new things.

for the gift of your Dominance....You took the time to really get to know me, to know when to push me, when to encourage me, when to just hug me and tell me it is OK.  You are consistent, you are dependable, you know when to use your hard hand...or paddle...or to console me with your warm heart.

for the gift of your words...You always have the time to talk out anything i am struggling with, you know what it is i need to hear.  Your voice lets me know when i have pleased you...and when i have not.

Most of all for the gift of You....for coming into my life and staying.  For making me believe in things i had given up on....for making me believe in a future that will bring more of all the above.....

Thank you Sir...for all of this...and so much more....
hugs abby


  1. What a beautiful post, abby. Your Master must be so pleased.


  2. What a beautiful letter to your Master Abby. Thank you for sharing this with us as well. Made me smile :)

    Happy Birthday wishes to your Master.


  3. This is an incredibly beautiful tribute to your Master, Abby. The heart felt emotion and love shined through and I am so happy that you both found each other. Hugs

  4. This is lovely - I'm very happy for you and I wish your master a very happy birthday.

  5. Lovely birthday gift to M. Happy Birthday and may you have many more together.

  6. Simply Beautiful!!

    Happy Birthday to your Dom.

  7. This is very sweet abby!

    Happy birthday to your Master!

  8. Wow, abby, this is so beautiful! Happy birthday to your Master, I hope you are having a wonderful time together.



  9. Awwwww.....abby..... awwww.... how nice..
    "Most of all for the gift of You....for coming into my life and staying."

    This is the most Beautiful Words...

    I am happy for you,,

    Mona Lisa

    1. Happy birthday to your Master...
      And Master.. just so you know..abby is telling me all... so ...
      just so you

      MOna Lisa

  10. What a lovely gift this post is for your Master. Wishing your Master a wonderful birthday.

    Hugs and blessings...

  11. Hi Abby, :) Happy Birthday to your Master! What a BEAUTIFUL post this is. Your Master must be very touched by this. What a lovely gift! What a wonderful relationship you two have! Thank you for sharing this. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  12. Hi Abby, what a lovely post this is, and Happy Birthday to your Master
    love Jan,xx

  13. Happy Birthday to your Master! This is such a touching tribute to your wonderful relationship, Abby. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing this with us.


  14. Happy Belated Birthday to Master.

    So happy for the two of you! Finding that person that helps you open your heart and mind so you feel free to explore is an amazing gift. I bet Master would agree that you are his precious gift too!