Wednesday, April 29, 2015

His Hands....

           I am back from my family time....i always miss Master, usually more than i anticipate i will.  One night, i was focusing on different parts of Master trying to decide which i missed the most.....near the top of the list.....His hands....
        He is good in many ways with his hands...He works on cars, can do electrical work, plumbing, remodeling......and i admire all of those.  But mostly i love His hands....when he holds mine in His, when He warms my bottom with his hands, when He gives me a wonderfully relaxing massage, when He grabs my hair, or brings me to the edge of an orgasm, when He cradles my face with them, when He gently circles and touches my nipples, sending sparks through me...and yes even when He moves on to pinching and pulling them.  There is one use that i never look forward to, altho Master would be quick to tell you, i react most favorably and loudly to this use...fisting.
        A couple days before i returned home, Master told me, He had been thinking about using His hand...i somehow knew immediately He meant fisting.  I told Him that always made me nervous....He said not many things make me nervous, i assured Him this did.  The subject was dropped...until today.
       Master said we had maintenance spankings to catch up the plural.  I assured Him that was not necessary....He insisted.  During my naked kneeling, Master asked if i remembered what else He had promised me when i returned, i nodded.  He told me not to be so enthusiastic, and that at least a part of me was probably looking forward to it...i told Him no, no part of me. 
       Time for maintenance, i went over His lap.  A much too short ( in my opinion, always too short) hand warm-up, and then the small wooden maintenance paddle.  It's been almost 2 weeks since my last spanking, i was squirming from the very first swats.  Master gave me 4 sets of 25...each set a bit harder, it took until the last set, before i settled in, and 'accepted'. Master checked and announced that part of me was enjoying the return of maintenance.
He reminded me that we had missed 2 sessions, and said i could have a break if i wanted one, between the spankings.
        I was up and kneeling between His knees, quickly, thinking just maybe, i could distract Him from round two.  He did enjoy our break, but announced it was time for round 2.  This time He decided on 2 sets of 50....the last 10 being the hardest.  The first spanking had warmed up my bottom, and although this second round was harder, i was much calmer. Master checked again, and used His wonderful hands to bring me close, so that i was   dripping. He stopped and told me to get on all fours, legs apart, back arched ready for His hand.
       I obeyed, and He started with one finger, making sure i stayed wet and ready, then 2....talking me through  the process letting me know what progress He was making.  I kept breathing slowly, until I could feel Him fill me, and then went to panting, as He stimulated me...telling me not to cum since that would mean i was  enjoying myself.   Of course, He soon had me at the point of no return, and begging for a permission...several were granted, as i yelled and exploded....over and over.  That feeling of being filled by His hand, totally controlled by His hand, losing control because of His hand.......that sensation is like no other.
Master pulls out, and i lay down, He joins me, and brings me into my safe place, snuggled in His hairy chest, under his chin, completely wrapped in His arms. 
        Once i am up and about again, we are chatting as i reach for my clothes and put on my bra....once it is on He looks at me and are getting dressed?  I stop and think well, yes....He says have you asked for permission? I honestly forgot.....when we were first starting down this road, asking to get dressed was one of my first that i saw no reason to have.  Finally one day He said He would no longer remind me, i needed to ask before getting dressed...which i thought was crazy.  The next time i was naked, and i got up and reached for something to put on, He pulled me over His knee and spanked me.  He let me up, and i reached to get dressed....He repeated the spanking, let me up....and i still just reached for something to put on. He reached into His bag and before i  knew it I was back over His knee and getting paddled.  After the second paddling, He reminded me that He could paddle my bottom for a long longer than i could be only took one more round of going over His knee again for Him to convince me.  I learned to ask for permission to get dressed.  Today was the first time i forgot in a long time.....He told me to bend over and He paddled my bottom a reminder....and we both laugh as we remembered how i had tried to out-stubborn Him..... back when i had  not yet  realized...  i had met someone who could out-stubborn me.  
      His i love His hands....

hugs abby

Thursday, April 23, 2015

I love a meme....

   Master thanks you all for the birthday wishes.  I am still visiting family....should be back next week.

       Ronnie  posted this, which i am borrowing.

1. You are given money in the grocery store to pick up 5 items.  You can only pick one thing from the following departments.  

     Produce: watermelon, if not in season...grapes
     Frozen: Ice cream..chocolate or coffee
     Dairy: coffee creamer....have to have my coffee in the morning, but need the creamer.
     Meat:  chicken...very versatile...
     Canned Goods: tuna

2. You are heading out for a weekend getaway.  You are only allowed to bring 4 items of clothing/footwear with you.  So, what's in your bag?

    Pair of comfy shoes
    tee shirt  ( if it is going to be a really fun getaway, i expect i will not be needing these except to travel:)

3. If i were to listen in on one of your conversations during the day, what 4 phrases or words would i be most like to hear?

    Yes Sir
    No Sir
    May i got to....(where ever i have plans for)
    Lunch time Sir

4. So, what 4 things do you find yourself doing every single day, and if you didn't get to do them you wouldn't be in the best mood?
    Talking with Master
    Taking a shower
    Computer time

5.  You're driving down the road and suddenly get hit with this sense of road rage.  What 3 factors probably contributed to it?
     While i have been know to call another driver a not so nice name, have never been to the point of road rage....but
      Using a cell phone
      Speeding up just as i pull out to pass
      Drivers who think they are 'special' and do not have to merge or can cut in at any time. 

6.  You've just scored a whole afternoon to yourself.  We are talking a 3 hour block with nobody around. What 5 activities might we find you doing?

       Catching up on blogs
       Working on a crossword puzzle
       If the weather cooperates a walk along the bike path.... is my new goal...if i have not used it recently, is it really necessary??

7.  We are going to the zoo.  But, it looks like it could start storming, so it'll have to be a quick visit.  What 3 exhibits do we have to go to?
       My grands know...we always have to see the giraffes...they are my favorite.
       The polar bears, watching them swim under water...
        I always find the monkey pretty amusing.

8.  You just scored tickets to the taping of any television show of your choice.  You can pick four, so what are you going to see?

         The Ellen DeGeneres Show
          The Price is Right..pick me!!
         Downtown Abbey

9.  You're hungry for ice cream! I'll give you a triple dipper ice cream cone.  What 3 flavors can I pile on for you?
      I am always hungry for ice cream!
           Vienna mocha chunk
           Chocolate, chocolate chip
           Coffee Toffee Bar Crunch

10.   Somebody stole your purse/wallet.  In order to get it back you have to name 5 things you know are inside to claim it.  So, what's in there?

        Sunglasses, in a case
        Orange wallet
        Small calendar/date book
        Change purse

11.  You are at a job fair, and are asked in what areas you are interested in pursuing a career.  Let's pretend you have every talent and ability to be whatever you wanted, so what 4 careers would be fun for you?

        Travel guide
        Theater critic

12.  If you could go back and talk to the old you, when you were in high school, and inform yourself of 4 things, what would you say?

       Don't settle
       Do not change who you are to make someone else happy.
       Trying and failing is so much better than wishing you had tried.
       Relax and enjoy the journey, your destination is likely to change many times along the way.      

Hugs abby



Sunday, April 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Master....

        Today is Master's birthday, we celebrated 'our style' a couple of days ago.  I wanted to use this day to thank Master for all the gifts He has given me....
      Thank You Master...

for the gift of acceptance.....from that very first meeting  you were able to put me completely at ease.  You have always accepted all of me...the quirky, the physical, the  emotional...even when i try to keep those emotions all to myself.  You support me when i want to change, to be better, but not because you wish for me to look or act or be different, but because the change is something i want, something that i want to improve.

for the gift of discovery....for helping me to discover the 'me' that i never would have let out...for showing me that i was indeed sexual and sexy, ....for all of the new 'activities' we have explored.

for the gift of are always there..or here...when i need You.  Maybe for a shoulder to cry on, to dig my car out of a snow pile, to rant about family issues, to find a loss phone, ...i can count on you for whatever i need.

for the gift of laughter...we, fortunately share a similar sense of humor.  More than that,  you can make me smile..and laugh...when i feel that is the last thing i am in the mood to do.

for the gift of have made me feel safe enough to share my tears.

for the gift of breaking down walls....i know how hard You had to work to get me to trust enough to really let you take those walls down one brick at a time....and to make me feel secure enough to not want to  rebuild them.

for the gift of confidence...for building me up to believe that i can reach any goal i set, for making me see that submission is not a weakness, for encouraging me to try new things.

for the gift of your Dominance....You took the time to really get to know me, to know when to push me, when to encourage me, when to just hug me and tell me it is OK.  You are consistent, you are dependable, you know when to use your hard hand...or paddle...or to console me with your warm heart.

for the gift of your words...You always have the time to talk out anything i am struggling with, you know what it is i need to hear.  Your voice lets me know when i have pleased you...and when i have not.

Most of all for the gift of You....for coming into my life and staying.  For making me believe in things i had given up on....for making me believe in a future that will bring more of all the above.....

Thank you Sir...for all of this...and so much more....
hugs abby

Thursday, April 16, 2015

An Early celebration...

         We celebrated  Mater's birthday today..a few days early.  I am headed out of town tomorrow, and will be away on Sunday.  So Master decided we should celebrate and when i get back.  I think He just wants to give me His birthday spanking twice...
         I was not in the best celebratory mood, Master noticed as soon as i said hello when i called.  He asked how i was...OK, was my reply.  He asked what was up, but i just kept insisting all was fine.  When i got to His place, we hugged, he grabbed my hand let me to the sofa, sat very close to me....and asked again.  This time He added He was prepared to wait me out.  After a bit, i finally opened up....yes, even after all these years, i still occasionally have a difficult time letting Him in.  We talked, He gave me a new perspective, and i did feel better.
        During my kneeling time, Master reminded me that all of me is His, inside and out.  He claimed every part of me, touching , rubbing, pulling, pinching.....
         I am then over His lap, settling in, when i feel sharp spanks on my thighs.  My head pops up, as i hear....your ankles are crossed.  I want to plead instinct, but i know it won't help, He sees it as  not being completely open to Him. Finally, His hands move to my bottom, i relax into  a welcomed hand warm-up.  I then feel wood, the small maintenance paddle...Master is telling me it is all part of the warm-up....His Christmas gift is next...the larger, heavier, 'My Paddleman' paddle.  I struggle through the first and second set, have settled for the third.  Master always lets me know how pleased He is when i reach the place of acceptance.
        It is then time for His birthday spanking.  I am told to get up and lean over the arm of the sofa....He intends for me to still feel these on His birthday this weekend, so they will be hard ones...each set getting harder. Each set is 10  spanks....and during the first set, i am thinking these are plenty hard.  He decides He will give me a break after each set...a spanking break, so i can suck His cock....and take my mind off the pain. (it does work;))
I won't reveal His age....but i did get to suck His cock 6 times.  He varied the type of spanks, some sets fast and hard, others slow and deliberate.  When it was time for the last set, i was trying to ready myself for the hardest  yet...and He cut back on the intensity.  Master was so pleased with the birthday spanking...and the interlude between sets....that i was then treated to several permissions.
    Have a great weekend....spring has finally arrived here in the Northeast, crocuses refused to give up, and they are now being joined by some daffodils.
    Hugs abby

Monday, April 13, 2015

A Win/Win Bet

        It's baseball season.......those of you who have been reading here a while will probably remember that i am a very long time Red Sox fan.  Have been to games at Fenway and seen them play in a couple other parks.  Master, on the other hand, is  a 'damned Yankee' fan, guess there has to be one thing we are not compatible on.....To make watching the games more interesting we often wager on the games.The teams met for the first time this season over the weekend.
      Master usually has me pick the terms of our wagers...He does get to decide most everything else.  The Yanks and the Sox have a long history, and when they play, the outcome is never a sure thing.  For this wager, i suggested that we total up the runs for the three games, and multiply by 10 (i was counting on low scoring games).  If the Yanks scored more runs, Master got to choose the 'toys', if the Sox scored more runs i got to choose.
      The Sox won the first 2 games, and scored more runs.  Master suggested after the second game that we double the bet for the third game, i figured my 'boys' could win 3 in a row, so i agreed.  The Yanks not only won the third game, they outscored the Sox by 10 runs.  I suggested to Master that we both won....and He agreed:)!!!
      The total runs scored was close to 40, so times 10...400 spanks....200 decided by me...200 by Him.  I asked if i could choose 2 different toys....100 with each.  I chose first...He had the flogger out of the bag, before i even said the  I then debated a bit, but decided on the large leather strop.  Master chose a smaller leather strap ( much to my surprise and delight) and the maintenance paddle.  He said today was still M/M His first 100 would be maintenance.....which was much better than maintenance followed by the bet payoff.
      We started with my naked kneeling time, being reclaimed, reminded of my submission, that all of me is His.  Master asked if i wanted the flogger/strop first, or His choices.  I decided i wanted to end on a good note, so Master's choices were first.  I went over His lap, for a too quick hand warm-up...i always think they are too quick.  Then 100 with the maintenance paddle.  Maintenance is always 100 spanks, either divided into 4 or 2 sets.  Today was 2 sets of 50, and yes....they were hard and i was was letting Him know that they hurt.  I did get a rub break after the first 50, but the second set is always harder.  Master believes all spankings should be 'real'.
      He then had me get up, and lean over the arm of the sofa.  After the paddling the strap was a lot easier to adjust to....maintenance had been a wonderful warm-up.  Master switched sides after each 25.....stopping the feel the heat from my bottom and giving me a rub or two.  When He finished He asked if i wanted a break...i did.  He asked if what i wanted to do with my break, i smiled and suggested some cock sucking....
      I wanted to end with the flogger, so the large strop was next.  I was back over the arm of the sofa, and was soon reminded that i do love that strop, even if it does look intimidating.  This time Master switches sides after each 10...also doing some checking, making sure i am enjoying my choice of the strop.  He does find 'evidence' that  i am ...indeed enjoying it.
Flogger time:)...One hundred with the flogger....what a wonderful way to end...well to end the spanking part of our fun.  Master gives me a wonderful flogging, at the same time, relaxing and invigorating....and has me dripping.  
      Master then brings me to the point of needed permissions.....ending with paddling me til i have one last of those where i am raising my bottom to meet the spanks, to urge Him on, last release, and all i can do is lie still.   wonder i look forward to baseball season!

hugs abby

Friday, April 10, 2015

Play time....with the grands....and with Master

           The last of the grands left this morning.  What was to be a 5 day visit turned into 8 days.....grandma's house is just too much fun!  I so love watching the four grands....they have so much fun together.  We dyed eggs, had an egg hunt...yes with snow on the ground....bundled up and went to the zoo, to a children's museum, a couple indoor play areas, made cookies, wrote books, and more....we all slept soundly at night.
           Master and i celebrated having some just 'us' time this afternoon.  Master gives me that look...what are you still dressed and not kneeling ....look.  I remedy that, and Master is claiming me, reminding me that this grandma is also His submissive.  I feel myself calming, breathing, relaxing.  I am re-focusing from grandma to submissive.  
             Master helps me up and over His lap.  He starts with His hand, as i relax and enjoy the warm-up.  We are chatting about the highlights of the past week, when Master switches to His little, but mighty, paddle.  Conversation stops, it has been over a week since my last spanking, and i am squirming. Quickly i become Master is telling me He is just starting.  He stops after a set...of maybe rub and tell me i need to relax and concentrate on accepting, and focusing the spanks to where they will be the most 'beneficial'.
He 'checks'....and insists that i am doing too much complaining, considering the 'evidence' He is finding.  A second, harder set, and i am struggling...after i calm, Master warns me that the third set will be the hardest.  I have finally reached that place of acceptance, where i am breathing and still, i can start to feel my moistness.  Master congratulates me on how well i did with that last set, 'a good, hard paddling'...His words, since i would never use the words good and hard paddling in the same sentence.
         Master's fingers are roaming, and i am enjoying every touch.  I can feel myself starting to drip, Master is reminding me that i need a permission first...and that i should be thanking Him for my paddling.  I move to my knees and proceed to let Him know, that i am thankful for the paddling...mostly for the fact that is is over and we have moved on to more pleasurable activities.  Master stops me, and tells me i can finish later...He is not finished with me.  I quickly rise......
          ...and i hear.....bend over legs far apart, bottom out.  He is holding His cane.  He tells me He has been waiting all week to cane me.  He gives me one set, stops and traces the welts, and moves in soothes me with His body....then a second set, more soothing.  I am hoping that He is done, when i hear ask me for a third harder set, i hesitate, but i have learned this is not a game i can i ask.  The third set is 12 hard ones...very hard....when He stops He once again traces the welts and tells me how hot my bottom is, and how He loves the feel of it.
            Since i only thanked Him for the paddling, He suggests i now thank Him for my caning....i enthusiastically get into position.  I do love His scent, His feel, His taste....and i am also pretty happy that the caning is over and am ready to move on to another activity.
             Master soon has me panting, and begging for permissions...and screaming.  When i have had enough and Master is bringing me back to reality He asks....remember that quiet girl who never would have thought of screaming or being loud.  I chuckle, and say i do...and i am very happy to leave her behind.
               I am going to try and to some catching up with all of you this weekend....
hugs abby

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Happy Easter!

     I know i am a little early, but the kiddos decided everyone should be at grandma's for Easter.  My son and family is on his way, and will stay til Monday...He usually makes a plan and sticks to it.  My daughter and family will arrive sometime tomorrow and leave sometime next week....she rarely makes a plan..and when she does, rarely sticks to it.  It will be lots of fun, i love watching the grands.  For the most part they get along very well....they are 7, 
5 1/2, almost 3, and soon to be 4.  The two older ones are like best friends when they are together...if only the adults always behaved as well....

    It was 60 degrees here today :):):).  So nice, it has been a very very long time  getting here.  One would think it would stick around, but according to the predictions, we will be snow covered on Sunday....UGH...we will be having our egg hunt  inside.

   Master has been on a mission to keep my bottom sore for as many days in a row as possible.  Last weekend before i left, He paddled my bottom hard... with 3 different paddles.
He welcomed me home with another paddling, that i was squirming from early on....I was still sore from the previous paddling.  Today, He re-lit the sensation again, saying He thinks He notices a difference in me when my bottom is on the tender side.  Depending on how long the kids stay....His streak may be over.  

   I hope that spring is springing up where you are....enjoy the weekend.

hugs abby