Monday, March 30, 2015

Real Neat Blogger.....

                              Thank you Fiona for the nomination.....

The rules are...
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2.  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
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Fiona's questions are:

1.  What scares you the most about TTWD, and conversely what are you most gratified about your journey through TTWD.

      WOW....Fiona does not start off with an easy question. What scares me the most is the feeling of neediness that is always there, but occasionally seems over-whelming. When i met Master, i was not looking for a D/s relationship, i was a totally in-charge of every part of my life.  Fortunately, He sensed that baby steps were necessary.  I still remember when i first admitted to myself how much i was coming to need Him.  It scared me, i even asked much is too much, what if i need You to much.  He said there was no such limit, and if there was, i was not even close.  It took me a long time to accept that and to realize that part of what feeds my submission is that neediness...the need to please Him, the need to belong to Him.  Do i understand it, but i am closer to accepting it.  There are still times when it throws me for a loop, and i get overwhelmed, but i have learned to lean in more  during those times, and let Him fill my need.
     I am most gratified about.....hmmmm....i guess the feeling of total acceptance that i get from Master.  He accepts all of me, and nourishes every part of me.  He has helped me to accept myself.

2.  What is your favorite tradition surrounding your birthday, or surrounding a holiday you like?
         My family believes that traditions are an important part of every holiday.  My favorite birthday tradition is a fairly new one....a birthday spanking.  

3. If you are home alone, is there music playing, a television on, or just quiet?
          During the day, music is almost always in the background.  All the oldie stuff.  I listen while i clean, when i take a crossword break, it is often in the background if i am reading.  Evenings i am usually watching whatever i have on the DVR.

4. If you were 18, found your blog and read it, what would your reaction be?

I attended an all girls Catholic high school, and was the quiet, conservative one in the family. I probably would have been incredulous, that anyone would be willing to submit to another person. I hope, that as i read through the years, i would also see the contentment, happiness and love that exists. And, since i am 18...i would probably pay most attention to the sex parts, maybe even taking notes...LOL.

5. What is your favorite book, movie and song?

My favorite book when i was teaching was "The Giver", and i have to stick with it. I saw the movie last year, and enjoyed how it was interpreted . One of the best books i have read recently is "Learning to Swim" by Sara Henry. A movie would have to be either "Wizard of Oz" or "Sound of Music". Song....Jeremiah Was a Bull 3 Dog Nite. It was my go to drinking song while in college and heard it in concerts many times.

6. What qualities, do you think, that your significant other is most attracted to in you? My submissiveness is an obvious choice. My sense of humor...we share a rather quirky one of those, my willingness to try new things, the fun i have with and create for the grands, and that i believe and try to live...if you have been given much, you have a duty to give back.

7. What is your favorite toy to make you cum...what is a fantasy with that toy?

Well, judging by purple vibrator, with the little nub on one side, and different speeds, all being controlled by Master.

Fantasy......hmm......Master warms me up with a long hand spanking, and then treats me to a session with many of the leather toys. He keeps checking and stirring the 'honey pot' until even i can here myself sloshing and feel myself dripping. He then tells me to kneel and pleasure Him first, and as i lick and suck and enjoy, i can feel the moisture plopping down onto the floor......I am told to kneel, head down, bottom up, and Master uses my toy, to bring me to the edge, pulls out...and teases me again...and again, until i am begging for a permission. I finally hear.....cum for me....and i do...again and again...until i am just laying there, letting the tremors end.

My seven questions are.....

1. Romance is in the air....what do you plan for your evening, night?

2. You find a lamp, rub it....and the genie appears! What are your three wishes...wishes that pertain to you and your life.

3. What is a 'kinky' toy, that you would love to add to your toy box?

4. What is our favorite holiday...why?

5. Where is the most unusual place you have had sex?

6. A day at a spa, a day shopping, or a day in sitting around watching old movies?

7. Your favorite dessert to make?
I am supposed to nominate others, but i am going to break the rule.  If you are reading here, consider yourself the very least you have an idea for a post.  If you have already been nominated, and want to answer these in a post....please do.  I think it would be fun for us to answer each other's questions also...

hugs abby

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Autumn's Question.....

      I am off to surprise my grand-daughter tomorrow...she turns 7.  I told her we would celebrate when she is here next weekend, but i have not missed her real birthday yet, so i will surprise her when i pick her up from school.  It's a quick back on Sunday.
    Master decided He wanted me sitting on a still sore ...or at least a tingly bottom during the drive.  Using His hand, a small paddle, a leather paddle, the acrylic paddle, and a final 12 with the 'my paddleman' paddle i gave Him for Christmas (what was i thinking??)...i am pretty sure He achieved His goal.  Of course then, He gave me a reason to hurry that required a couple permissions...
Autumn asked....Do you remember a particular time when a spanking or discipline session was very awkward or just did not work?  How did you overcome it both in the moment, and later in conversation?

     I do recall a discipline session that did not go smoothly.  Master is usually very good at reading me, but for a number of reasons this time.....
     This was maybe 4 or 5 years ago.  I had earned a Punishment session.  It was a Monday...and one of those days when nothing goes as planned.  We both like to get these over with, so neither one of us was happy with the delay, but even Master occasionally does not always get His way.
     He told me it would happen Tuesday, after lunch.  I reminded Him that i had a book club meeting at 3 that afternoon, He said sitting would not be fun.  Tuesday morning He told me as soon as He could get out of work He would call or text.  I expected to hear from Him around noon......then it was 1.....then 2.  By then i was getting angry, part of it was i hate waiting and thinking about a punishment, but also...i had started an inner conversation.  Along the lines of....He knows i have book club, He is going to make me late, is this part of the punishment..that is so unfair... is this a test to see if i will wait...and so on...
    I debated about calling and saying i could not make it to book club, but did not want to do that.  A little after 2 He sends me a text asking what am i doing.  I exploded internally..what did He think, was this a test of my submission...I am waiting to hear from Him.  I text back that i am waiting...He tells me 10 minutes. (I live about 5 minutes from the library).  
    As soon as i see Him, i ask...not exactly in a calm, respectful hello...just a...So is this some kind of test?...He looks at me in disbelief, but says let's get this over with, so you can go to book club, and holds open the basement door.  I stomp down the stairs, pull down my pants and lean over the chair.  He uses His big paddle ball paddle, and spanks HARD....i just take them, ouching loudly,but just wanting it to be over. He is done, tells me i may get up, i quickly pull up my parts, and mumble under my breath, but just enough so He can hear...did i pass  your test, i can't believe all this just i am stomping back up the stairs.
     When i get to the top He tells me to stop.  I do, but do not turn to face Him.  He says..i guess i did not do a good enough job, come back down here.  Now i knew even then, that not doing a good enough job...means He intends to spank me harder this time.  I just stand there...and i hear Him say again...i am waiting for You.  In the span of probably a minute, i look at the door and think ...i should just leave...but just as quickly i also know...leaving will not solve anything....we need to get back on the same page.
    So, very slowly i walk back down those steps, thinking i will never be able to sit still at book club...i have never had a double Punishment spanking in one day...never mind in about 5 minutes.  I approach the chair, waiting to be told, to put my pants down and bend over, when...He takes my by the hand as He sits down and pulls me on His lap.  He wraps His arms around me, pulls me in, and start to talk quietly into my ear.  Telling me how proud His is of me and how much my submission pleases Him, how much He cares for me.  He continues until i am melting into Him.
     He then says, time for the rest of your punishment, i stand and He tells me to go to book club, but to be sure that the chair i sit in is hard, not padded.  Yes, in spite of the past hour..He makes me smile, as i assure Him that there are only hard chairs in our discussion room.
   Later, we also talked...rationally about what had gone wrong.  Having to delay a day had put me on edge, He knew i had to be at book club, so even when He sensed that i was not in a great mood, He decided to get the spanking over with , instead of talking things out first.  I had let my voices get to me.  I did go to book club, only a few minutes late....
    What i took away from all of this.....was that moment when i expected Him to spank me again....and He pulled me onto His lap, and spoke quietly.  That moment, showed me....that while my bottom might not be safe around heart certainly was.

hugs abby

Monday, March 23, 2015

Answers....and a question....from Master...

.....I am finally recovering from some really miserable cold/flu that i woke up with last Tuesday.  Was worse on Wednesday, so Master and i had this conversation.. you doctor today
     ....i will give another day or two
     ....I believe I said today
     ....tomorrow if i am not better
     ...the 'The Look'....i called....saw him, said it was a miserable flu/cold going around.
Took me until Saturday before i remembered i was human, and got dressed again on Sunday. Doing so much better today.

....Master and i did have a maintenance session today, since i was getting a little 'antsy', but it was a nice long hand spanking, and a quick reminder with the paddle.  Then some really good loving...with a...'damn that was some orgasm' finish:)...feelings so much better this evening.

Master answered His questions:  ( I always try to guess Master's answers, so will continue, my thoughts are in purple.

From His Slut:  Was there any preference that you had to dismiss because no matter how hard abby tried you realized the execution hindered her submission more than nurtured it. If yes, how difficult was it for you to let go of it?
          Well, i could not remember a time when Master asked me for something the i really struggled with for a time, and then we gave up on i would guess His answer to be no.
          Master thought about this for a while before He answered.....No, I believe that patience and knowing your submissive are vital.  I have had an idea of where I wanted abby and I to go for a long time, but also knew that waiting until she was ready for each new step was important.  To judge when she was ready, I had to be sure to get to know all of her, and pay close attention to her reactions. So has worked very well.

From Cat: Do you have any hard limits?
      I already answered this in a recent post for myself and i believe His answer would be similar.  Bodily fluids being one limit, but believing that limits are fluid.
      We talked about this question for a while.  I do not like the word limits, and i believe on should always keep an open mind.  Like abby, i have no desire for play with bodily fluids, or anything that would damage my submissive in any way...not only physically.  I refer to a hard limit as someplace I have no interest in going.

Is your relationship exclusive?
    I knew this answer to be yes, and for me Master has always been my spanker.
   Abby is the only one I am spanking.  I have spanked lots of others, I was spanking ladies long before I met abby.  

From Roz: What is your favorite implement?
    Pretty sure about this one....wooden paddle.
    He laughed and said my wooden paddles...I am a paddleman!

  If you could take abby any place on vacation where would it be?
       I was confident on this one.....someplace where there was a large body of water...
       Someplace where we could sail.

I know how inventive You are planning tasks for abby to keep her submissive mindset.  How do you maintain your dominant mindset?  Do you have days/moments when you just don't feel it and how do you handle it?
       I love this question....Master has always told me He was born dominant i am guessing He pretty much always feels it.
       The feeling never really goes away, I have felt it since I was young, wanted to spank ladies at an early age.  There is some ebb and flow, days when it wanes a bit, and i soon get my 'itchy palm' back and cannot wait to apply that palm to abby's bottom.    
        Master then asked me if i could tell when He was feeling more Dominant than is usual...most of the time yes...I can tell from our first hug...His look, His tone.....

From an English Rose: Do we only see each other?   Yes from both of us.
Is there one implement that you both always choose?
Well unless i am in big trouble, He always starts with His hand..we both love the intimacy of that...after that, His first choice is wood...a leather, flogger, belt crop, in that order.
My hand is one we both love to start with...then I love my wood paddles.

So, after we were done with the questions Master told me He had a question for all of you...
     Name a famous (or more than one) celebrity that you think needs to be spanked...and tell me why they should be spanked.
Good luck!

hugs abby





Saturday, March 21, 2015

Questions from ronnie and Katie

           I have been struggling with some type of cold/flu all week.  Was fine on Monday, felt like i had been run over by a truck on Tuesday, and today was the first day i felt like i had any energy and was not constantly coughing.  They are predicting more snow here tonight and a high in the 20's tomorrow...aren't i just full of good news??..LOL

Questions from ronnie:
      What is a fantasy you have that you would like to live out?
                   I would like to attend a spanking party or weekend in a dungeon, or at least equipped with a great play room.  To try  some of the equipment i have heard about, to see others getting spanked and playing.  To spend time talking to and getting to know more 'like-minded' people.  Of course i would also be obsessing over what do i wear...what will others think of me...and the thought that others could be watching us.

     If you had to choose between giving up spanking and sex for a month, which would you choose?
                When i read this question to Master He laughed...and said well....which???  The two are closely tied for leads to the   They can be individual acts....but for a month??  I guess the sex, i would miss it, and once the month was over, i would want to make up for loss time.  But i seem to crave, to need the spankings on a regular basis.  
What is your favorite comfort food?

                Well, ice cream always does the trick, and if a am going all needs to be chocolate chip, with hot fudge whipped cream, nuts and a cherry.  But just the ice cream works well, too;).  For a meal, it changes, right now my favorite is a Chicken DaVinci.  My daughter has mastered the is a pasta with chicken and mushrooms in a delicious wine sauce.

And some from Katie:

            What memory from the past year makes me smile the most?

                   I read this and thought..oh so many to choose from, then a picture flashed in front of me.  My niece's wedding last year, by the ocean in Maine.  It was a beautiful day, my daughter was maid of honor one of the grands a flower girl.  My mom was was the last time all four generations were going to be together. It was perfect celebration of love and family.


What is something new you recently learned about yourself?

That it is OK for me to just be me, and that sometimes just pleasing myself, putting myself first, is also OK.

What is the number one change you need to make in your life in the next twelve months?

Honestly, i do not know. I like where i have ended up, with good friends, children who for the most part are doing fine, grands that i get to spend time with...and of course Master. Would i like to be skinnier, richer, travel more.....yes, but am i perfectly content without them.....more than content, i am blessed and happy.

Master still needs to answer His questions, so He is up next.....
hugs abby


Wednesday, March 18, 2015

More Answers....

       I am recovering from the flu or virus or 'grippe'....whichever name you is nasty!  Hope you are all staying healthy!

 Cat asks...Do you have any hard limits that are 100% a no go?

     I do have hard limits....but i also  believe that limits are a fluid thing.  My hard limit list when i first met Master would have included many things that i have now experienced...most that i am glad i did...and some, once was enough.  But i do have things on that list...for example, scat play.  Master and i pretty much agree on our hard limits, and i have always  had a safe word, so far have not used it, but have no doubts that if that word comes out of my mouth, we stop and talk.

.....Is my relationship exclusive?  Yes, only Master spanks me..and....well all of the rest;)

....Does your family know you are in a relationship with Master?  They do not know that He is my Master...and all that entails.  They think He is rather 'bossy'...bottom line, i think, is they know that i am  happier now that i was before Master.

Roz asks...What is the biggest change you have noticed in you since your relationship with Master?    This one really made me think.  I think the biggest change....there have been quite a few that i am more open.  When  i met Master, i had spent a lot of time building up walls...strong walls...that were going to last a lifetime.  Much to my surprise, i met someone who was willing to work....really tear those walls down.  I am more open, more emotional, more sure of who i am.  

....Which of Master's features do i love the most?  Oh..another toughie.  I probably can't choose just one....His eyes, the way He looks at me, the way the light up when we are laughing, the way i can melt into them.  Then there is His voice, that is what first drew me to Him.  

....Do I still collect frogs?  LOL...yes i do!!!  I think it is the type of thing that once you start, and all your family and friends know about it...there is no end to it.  My grands are getting great at drawing ones, since they know it is my favorite color.

Clara asks...what was my most interesting submissive exercise?  I am not sure how to answer this.  The one that gets me into a submissive mindset the quickest, is the naked kneeling time.  It is how Master and i start our play times, and other times when i need it.
I kneel naked, arms behind me and Master 'reclaims' me.  He puts His hands over my eyes, clearing my vision of anything but Him, He covers my ears, to quell any outside thoughts or noise, He then touches the rest of me, relaxing me and focusing me.  
More answers later...
hugs abby



Monday, March 16, 2015

Catching up....

      I have been trying to catch up with all of you ....and decided to have you catch up with me.

.....NYC with 'my girls'.  It was wonderful.....we walked and walked and walked and....(Master loved that part;).....we took the train into the city, checked into a great hotel, and took off for the 911 Museum.  It was my request that we go, the girls' were a little hesitant, fearing it would be too depressing.  My son-in-law managed to get us VIP tickets lines, no security check and our own tour guide.  We were there about 3 hours, did not see all of it, but most.  We all was wonderfully done and very moving.  It was somber, but also filled with remembrance and a feeling of honoring those we loss.  The girls were glad we went...and i highly recommend it.
   From there we went to the Empire State Building...up to the very wish me a happy birthday.  It was freezing, but the view was more than worth it.  From there we headed to dinner.  Oh my...what a dinner.  The restaurant was one of chef Batali's...from the food network.. We had all decided to order things we had not had before.  We had a couple of their signature cocktails, i tried raw salmon for the first time..hopefully not the last...we each ordered a different whole fish and shared, and of course desserts.  We rolled out of the place.  To top it off...about half way through the meal, one of my daughter's says to me...don't  look to the right, but guess who just sat one table away from us.  ....Sally Fields....i love her.  I suddenly had to get up and go to the ladies room and was Sally.  During on of the toasts i looked her way..and she lifted her glass  in a toast!  We had to rush to make the show in time...Beautiful....the story of Carol was super terrific.  Mostly about her life before she became famous...i learned a lot...and the music was great!
After breakfast we spent the next morning shopping...truly a wonderful celebration.

....Returned home on Monday, to unpack and repack.  My sister's trip was the next day.  I was not in in the initial planning for the trips, so i was just glad they did not overlap.  My sister and i went to a resort to relax....perfect, just what i needed.  There was a pool with individual cabanas, hot tub sections....large lounging chairs, a spa, a casino and an outlet mall 10 minutes away.  Our time together is usually all about children and when we get a chance for it to be 'just us' is wonderful.   

.....Nursed a rotten cold for the past 2 days, but at least it waited til i got home.

....And yes, today is Monday, so Maintenance happened today.  I have a love/hate thing going with Monday's....i love that Master is so very consistent....and makes it priority.  I hate that my idea of maintenance is a lovely spanking where we re-connect and get ready to face the week and that  Master's idea is pretty different.  During my naked kneeling, Master used His hands to calm and reclaim me...and then to get me squirming as He pinched and pulled and PINCHED my nipples.  I almost moved my hands, but heard His warning, took a deep breath and quieted myself.  Then it was over His lap...He asked what kind of warm-up i wanted...i quickly replied..a very long one.  He chuckled and said...granted!!!!  So, after a very long and enjoyable warm-up, the maintenance paddle made an appearance.  Two sets of 50, the last 10 the hardest. Just as i was relaxing  I am told to stand with my hands behind my head, and Master showed me His 'My paddleman' paddle that i gave Him for Christmas.  Ten more..with a warning to not break position.   Then...on to more pleasant activities......:)

....Questions and answers...yes i have not forgotten that it is still March and i still do intend to answer your does Master.  I will answer Minelle's question now...She asked:
How did we meet and how did i feel after that first meeting?

I love re-telling this story...because it is a tale with a happy ending...and i see it as a story of hope..for all of you out there not give up!!!!!!

So, I was brand new to this spanking thing, in the sense that i had not been spanked.  Oh i had spent a lot of time reading and thinking about it, was pretty sure i was too old, too fat, too get the idea.  I had looked at a couple on line sites, and was chatting with a few  Then i had a family emergency, and had to put all of my attention on my daughter.  So i announced that i had a family emergency and would not be on line for a while..not sure how long.  I got interesting responses could come up with a better excuse to its been nice chatting with you. Except from one gentleman...He wished me well, and said He would be waiting...i only half believed it, but it was nice to  hear.  After a week, this man sent me a note, wondering how my daughter was and wishing me well.  After the second week, another note...not pushy, just friendly.  By the third week, and the third note, i responded that i had found some help for my daughter, and hopefully was on the right track. So we started chatting again and moved on to phone chats.
Finally one evening He said it was time for us to meet.  He asked if i preferred coffee or a beer.  I laughed and replied, given a choice like that..i choose beer.  He laughed and said, honesty...i love that.  Now, i had never done this before..met someone in person, that i had only chatted with.  Master decided the next day, after i got out of was wise of him not to give me too much time to think about it.  i arrived on time, but waited in the parking lot, debating if i would really go in.  I did, we had that beer......
What surprised me the relaxed i was once we started chatting...we had a lot in common, and we laughed a lot...and even then it was like He could read my mind...that part was a little concerning..and He used the word spanking a lot in conversation.....So, the ultra conservative school teacher had taken a chance.......and as it turned was one of the best decisions ever!  
How i felt after having met Him...that i was really happy i had decided to have a beer that afternoon.  It felt right...but i had no idea how right, or what a journey i had embarked on.

Thanks Minelle for a walk down memory lane...
hugs abby

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Some answers...

      I am leaving tomorrow for my girl's trip to NYC with my girls....I am so excited.  They have planned well, centering all our activities around what they think I would like...and they know me well.  It even looks like old man winter is going to cooperate....
I thought i would tackle a couple questions before I leave...
    First one is from ancilla_ksst at  Her question is...
how did i get interested in/knowing that i would like spanking?

     I read the "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy.  I loved it...not so much the third book, but the first one had me hooked.  Then i started fantasizing..for a long time, spanking became a part of my fantasies.  It took me a few  years before i could admit to myself that maybe....maybe, i should look into making my fantasy more of a real life thing.  I spent a lot of time reading and looking at on-line sites, before i had the courage to start chatting on-line.  I met Master and the they history.

From greengirl at

Do Master and i live together?  We do not, we each have our own homes, about 10 minutes from each other.

How would our dynamic be different if we did live together?  I am not sure.  We are constantly in touch every day, we share our lives, we both feel we are very lucky to have found each other.  Maybe, we are less likely to let the 'every day' things of life  interfere...we do make out time together a priority....Maybe it would be more intense, although i feel the intensity is there now.  We are both happy with how things are now...will that change in the future...maybe.  We do plan on a future...on growing old..older...and still be laughing and spanking and enjoying life together.
hugs abby

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Leather and.....whipped cream???

            Today i learned i much prefer whipped cream to Master's whip.....

   Master and i had our private celebration of my birthday today.  After some hugging time and while i was kneeling for Him, He asks if i noticed the 'bench'.  I had not, looked over and it was leather 'toys'...all leather...8 of them.  The man knows me well.....
    While i am over His lap for my warm-up, Master tells me that He will spank me with each of the toys....the number to equal my new age....let's just say i am into my 6th decade.
i can choose the order of toys, He chooses my position and where He spanks.  
     Master tells me to choose the first toy...i choose what He calls His beaver paddle, it is flexible, fairly light and oval shaped.  I am back over His lap, and it feels like the continuation of my warm-up.  I a totally relaxed...just enjoying.  Next i choose a small leather strap, still OTK, but much more of a sting.  I think the tawse is next,  i am standing and bending over.  We don't use this often, and is was more of a sharp pain.  Next is a larger leather paddle, and back over His lap.  
     Master announces that we are half done, and tells me to kneel.  He wants my hands behind me and my eyes closed.  I am wondering what is happening when i hear a somewhat familiar noise and am trying to identify it, when i hear Master's voice.  He is telling me He stopped to buy a small cake for us to enjoy, but then decided i already had a birthday cake, and really He did not want to contribute to my calorie intake so....
    "open your eyes"
and i see His cock covered in cream and hear.....i decided instead of a birthday cake you should have a cock cake...only 15 calories per serving.  I can't help it...i burst out laughing...and He follows suit.  Once we get that our of our system, more cream is added, and i am enjoying my birthday cock.  
    Then it is back to the remaining leather toys, a short strap that He uses on my pussy....a long strip of leather that He uses on my bottom, thighs, and back.  The large leather strop is next.....I am so well warmed up, it is almost relaxing, and i am reminded of my love affair with that strop.  Finally it is flogger soon as i walked in Master told me He knew what would be last...and He was right.  For each decade that He flogs me for, we discuss something new that happened during that time.  When He gets to the last 20, He tells me i can choose the intensity...i think that is a first!....and i say lighter please.  The next 10 are very much lighter...and before He starts the next 10 i ask if they can be harder.  He laughs and says...that's my girl...and complies with my wishes.  When He is done He asks if i want a 'do-over' of the light ones...and since it is with the flogger i say i get an extra 10.......Master starts to rub and massage my back, commenting on the heat and nice it feels.  
    Master then tells me if i were a really good  girl i  would have shared my birthday treat.  I took at Him puzzled as He picks up the cream.  My turn for the cream...His turn to feast and enjoy.  I tell Him i will never use that aerosol cream again without thinking of today..He agrees, it was a great idea.   Master knows how to celebrate a birthday!

hugs abby

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

How to recycle a weight bench....

          I bet most of you know how Master's weight bench was recycled...into a spanking bench!  It had been in His attic for...a very long time, not being used.  He is one of those who rarely throws anything out...both a blessing (occasionally) and a curse (more often).
About a month ago He had the bench in His family room.  I looked at Him, and He chuckled and said i finally found a good use for it.  I must admit it works pretty well.
I can lie back and be fully supported and comfortable, Add a little pillow and i am very comfortable face down....there are 2 bars to support the weights that my cuffs can be attached to or i can hold on to if i feel the need.  We are in the process of discovering new ways to use it:).
       Yesterday was maintenance day, in my world.  At the beginning of my naked kneeling time, Master announces He thinks that He's been ignoring my breasts lately.  I tell Him not that i noticed...He chuckles. He decides it is time to pinch and pull, mush and squeeze, until my breath is taken away and i am squirming.  He stops a few times to use His voice to calm me, and to reassure me that there is proof that i am not suffering all that much.  I can feel myself getting wetter, i cannot deny that, at least one part of me, is cheering Him on...
      As i am settling in over His lap, Master announces that He feels like delivering a 'good' paddling today.  I feel that is an oxymoron....but know that He is determined.  He does start off with an extra long hand spanking.  I am relaxed, enjoying, but also know that a long warm up signals a hard spanking to follow.  He then switches to the maintenance paddle, each set is increasingly hard,  until i am being very vocal.  He finally stops and announces that maintenance is over...i take a deep breath and smile.
     But He is still in the mood to paddle my bottom.  He gets the large acrylic paddle from His bag, and tells me to get up and lean over the arm of the large padded chair.  He announces 12 very hard ones.  The first one takes my breath away, and each one brings a loud reaction from me.  They are HARD and slow.  At 6 He takes a short break, telling me how proud He is of me, how i  please Him.....but He does not let up in the intensity.  At 11 He asks how do I give the last one.....He always tells me the last one is the hardest....but occasionally, He surprises me with a light tap.  I just want Him to be done, so instead of giving Him the answer He is looking for...the last one is Hard Sir....i reply...just get it over with...not in a very submissive voice.  The last very hard one is delivered, and before i can start to relax i am told to get up and kneel and thank Him.  No thinking, no hesitating....just kneel and suck.  Once i am started, the heat from my bottom is adding to my ...enthusiasm....and i am just in the moment...or moments.
     Next, Master tells me to lay on the 'weight' bench, on my back, legs spread.  He is searching for me big toy, finds it, teases me with it, and when He finally pushes it in, it is instant orgasm.  Master is varying the intensity with the changes in vibration, and i finally say i have had enough...but He thinks at last one more.  He gets His way :). 
  Then it is our quiet, snuggling, recovery time......the perfect spot for that...not the weight/spanking bench...but nestled on His lap, being held tightly.

****thanks to those of you who left questions for us on my last post...i promise we will answer all of them.  It is still not too late to add more....

   Hugs abby

Sunday, March 1, 2015


       I have always loved March....Spring is right around the corner, at least we get a few above freezing days, and much less snow.  It is my birthday:)...lots of celebrating happening this year...and
  March is question and answer month.....I love answering your does Master.  Yes, He feels left out if you do not include Him.  So, ask away, for me, for Master...for both of us......

hugs abby...and Master