Saturday, February 28, 2015

Flogger vs. Whip

        I am kneeling, naked, concentrating only on His hands and His voice...Oh...His was the first thing about Him that drew me in.  I can feel all the stress of the day leave, all the to-do lists are forgotten, all the family drama no long exists.  I am His, all of me..
     When He senses that i am totally relaxed He helps me up, and i am over His lap.  He has barely started and i start to, not from the pain, but from need.  I feel myself already 'puddling', Master notices and chuckles. He warns me that i am a lonnnnngg way from getting a permission, so i better start breathing and concentrating.
    He switches to one of the smaller paddles, that helps me to settle and concentrate on other staying in place, accepting the pain, keeping my mouth from getting me into more trouble.  He keeps 'checking', and is pleased that i am still dripping and swollen.  He makes sure i stay that way.....
    He then tells me He is in the mood for a whipping, it would please Him greatly to whip my back.  He has me lean over the back of a padded chair. I am comfortable and will not have to struggle to stay in place.  I am never prepared for the first lash, it is a reminder of what is to come.  Master continues up and down my back....He is talking to me as He creates His pattern, i am able to concentrate on His voice, and stayed centered.  He stops a couple times to rub out the pain,,,and then starts again.  
   He stops and says....I will offer you a deal....Honestly deals with Master are not always something i can get excited about.  He tells me...10 more hard ones...and i will switch to the flogger.  Hmmmmm....10 hard ones with the whip....but then the flogger.  He does know how to dangle a carrot  (i would prefer chocolate cake).  I agree and He is very pleased. As promised, they are hard and i am very vocal, when He is done He rubs and assures me there is no blood.
   He then gets the flogger and starts of by swishing it all over....i am instantly relaxing and my breathing quiets as i start to float.  He flogs all over my back, replacing that sting with a much better sensation. Master stops and decides to check....yes, i am so ready.  Master thinks i should 'thank" Him for my flogging...i think that is a great idea.  I quickly get up and am on my knees, thanking Him.  We then get more comfortable and permissions are granted.  Time for snuggles and some quiet chat.....

Hugs abby

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


           Will i ever get to the point where i can ask, and not have it be a big deal.....You know Nike's "Just Do It" campaign...i need a just "Just Ask It", campaign.  I woke up the other day, feeling like i feel Master's dominance.  But it was also a day when i knew He had lots on His plate already, so i just sent my regular "good morning"...we chatted a bit, and i got out of bed.  We were in contact all day, but i did not mention anything.  By the next day, i had gone into my 'quiet mode'.  
       As soon as i get my 'welcome' hug, Master wants to know what is happening...problems at home, not feeling well, something with us??  I tell Him i was just feeling needy....for no particular reason...and almost asked for an extra task or something, and just talked myself out of it.  I know, in my head, that asking is not demanding...and the answer is His choice.  He has so rarely said no to me when i ask, i cannot remember the last time He did.  He is shaking His head....tells me again that asking pleases Him.  "Master may i have a hard spanking today" music to His ears.  Asking for an extra task, keeps Him smiling all day.  He then says... You know , i almost gave you an hourly task knowing that i would be busy all day....we were on same wave length, you just needed to speak ask.  
     It is maintenance day, so i am told to kneel and think about our chat.  Master's hands are covering my eyes, my ears...closing out everything but us.  He claims me before He invites me over His lap.  After a hand warm-up, He switches to the maintenance paddle.  It hurts, even tho He is not spanking hard.  He knows i am struggling, tells me my head is still not where it should be.  He spanks a little harder telling me, this is not is a 'looking for my submissive' spanking, since she seems to have lost herself. Let me know where you are found...and i have her back.  The spanks get a little harder and after a few set, i tell Him that i am back...Sir.
     Now, maintenance starts.  Maintenance is usually a couple sets with a break in between.  This first set seems to last forever, and it is hard.  When He stops , i am thinking, another set to go, when i hear Him ask, are you pleased that maintenance is over?  It takes me a bit to answer, as i am wondering if i heard correctly.  He chuckles and are debating?  I tell Him no, i am glad it is over, i just thought it was a trick question.  He laughs and says...well the paddling part is over.
    He has me stand, He reaches and stats unbuckling His belt.  Ah.....on a well warmed bottom....i am smiling.  I am told to get into position, i will get 2 sets of 12.  Yummy....I do love that belt...OK...any belt that is Master's!  When He is done, i am told to stay in position, as He leans into me from behind.  I am dripping, and Master takes advantage of that.....and permissions are soon granted.  I am reminded that asking pleases Him, that He expects me to let Him know when i need Him...for whatever reason....reading my mind can be an 'iffy' thing.  

*****the weather here is still brutal.  The average temperature for February ...12 degrees...broke a 100 year record.  We have had the most days with a below zero reading, over 4 feet of snow, just this moonth, and no temps above freezing in way over a month.  I know we are not alone, and some of you have more snow...but good grief.....please let Spring be early....

*****I also got that wonderful letter from blogger.  I feel my blog is fairly tame, and i don't post pics....but just in case, i am thinking it is time to back everything up.  Is there anyone who can give me an easy way to do that...thanks!!

hugs abby

Saturday, February 21, 2015

How to Warm a Girl Up:)

          It is snowing and breaking low temperature records every day.  I have been told to stay home, the roads are snow covered and icy.  Lucky for me i know someone who can warm me up very quickly.
         It is so cold that i get to stay dressed during my kneeling time.  Master is mauling my breasts...over 3 layers of clothing. I tell Him how good it feels...while trying hard not to smirk.  Master moves to pinching and pulling, and finally just tells me to get up and get naked.
        I am over His lap, when i feel wood. I look over at Him....He says...Oh, i forgot, a hand warm-up goes before the paddle (guess He saw me smirking during that kneeling time).  He does put the paddle down, and continues with His hand.  All too soon, i feel wood, heavy and large. I look over again.  He holds up the "Pouty Pooh" paddle.  I have not seen..or in while,  It is heavy, and large enough to cover all one bottom cheek. "Not what you were expecting?"...He sweetly asks.  He continues a bit with it, until i am  squirming and starting to get vocal.
     He switches to the lighter, smaller paddle, and it feels so much nicer, in comparison to "Pooh".  After several sets, I hear, 'last ones, 20 of the hardest ones'.  I take a deep breath,  as He starts.  It does not take long for me to get very vocal, and pain is all i can think about.  He finishes and is rubbing my bottom, enjoying the feel of the heat, remarking what  a good job He has done warming me up......and...i have to agree.
      He then says I can choose anything from His bag....a rare treat for me! He says He is betting i return with the flogger.  I think about it...and say..."actually your helping hand is calling me name".  It is a crop with the end part shaped like a little hand.  It has not been use in a long time, is leather, and can reach in very 'interesting ' places. Master seems surprised....and please.  It has been so long since we have used it, it is at the very bottom of His bag.
      I am told to lean over and present my bottom.  He starts off lightly, and i an pleased with my choice.  Each set gets harder, and Master starts to travel around my bottom and thighs.  He is leaving a map of 'handprints'.  He stops to rub, and checks to see how much i am enjoying my choice.....just the touch of His fingers has me panting.
     He chuckles and says i think you are so ready, you have my permission to cum and anytime as i continue to crop you.  Spread your legs wide....He is using the crop, quickly, the slowly, harder then softer, i am panting and getting so close.  He stops, and puts the crop down and continues to spank with His is just the touch i needed to soar.....
     As i am recovering Master tells me to return the favor, so in a fog i get on my knees and reach to take Him in my mouth. The heat from my bottom, the dripping from my pussy, His voice, i am wanting more and more of Him.  Finally we are both satisfied, sated, spent.
He pulls me into His lap, i snuggle in, having been warmed up in the best possible way.

   Hope you are all managing to find some nice 'warming up' time this weekend.
hugs abby


Thursday, February 19, 2015

Welcome Home Wednesday....

        Would whoever out there riled up both Mother Nature and Old Man Winter at the same time please, just apologize!  Or maybe one of them has to spank the other.....
        I finally make it back from the Snow City...or used to be known as Boston.  Seriously, my son has a 5 foot above pool...and it has disappeared, the kids swing set...the only thing visible is the top bar that everything hangs from....the snow pile at the end of the driveway....much taller than i am.  I grew up in Maine, went to college in Northern Maine...and have never seen so much snow at one time.  
       I am back home where it is snowing...LOL.  Fortunately, I can always count on Master to warm me up.  Since it was Mother Nature's fault and not mine that I overstayed my week away, there was no travel tax imposed.  While I was away  Master even found several creative ways to remind me that He is always in charge.  One morning, when the snow was falling, Master told me to keep warm by playing with myself for one minute every hour, and report to Him when i was done each hour.  After the third time i complained about wet undies...He thought that was great.  By mid afternoon, I had switched my method to slowly and lightly, since there were no permissions in sight.  I finally did get a permission that evening.....
       My welcome home celebration started off with my naked kneeling.  His voice telling me i was back where i belong, His hands reclaiming every part of me, warming me, relaxing me,  reminding me of my submission.  I was then OTK for a delicious hand warm-up.  He stopped after each set, roaming, rubbing, arousing me...warning me that i did not have a permission.  Just when i thought that i could not wait any longer, i was told to get up and kneel, He had waited long enough.   My mind immediately switched from my need, to making His need as great as mine.  The more i aroused Him, the more aroused i became, and could myself starting to drip.  Still no permission for me, as He reminded me that we had a few M/M's that had been missed.
    I was back over His lap, and the maintenance paddle 'magically' appeared.  He gave me permission to cum as He was paddling me, but it had been a long time since my last paddling, and my bottom was processing pain. After a couple long sets, Master announced last 20.....slow and hard....and i had to ask for them.  By the end, my moans and groans were not all pain related.
    Master had me get my large toy out, and continued to rub and spank lightly, and turn up the toy's levels and i started to squirm, and get closer and closer to exploding.  When I knew that I could wait no longer I asked for permission, was told to get on my hands and knees and present myself to Him.  He took me from behind, and quickly I was exploding.  Just when I was thinking I need a break to breathe....Master rolls me over on my back, and tells me to spread widely.  Breathing will have to wait, since my breath is once again taken away.  I can feel myself squirting, a rare occurrence for me.  Finally we are spent, Master pulls me into Him, and we just hold each other.  
     I read someplace where the best part of being away is coming back home.  I love that my grands all know me well, and we have made wonderful memories together...and will continue to make more.  But coming home.....and having Master waiting with open arms....I am lucky enough to  have the best of both worlds...grandma and His.
  Stay safe and warm all......
hugs abby

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


 .........Another grandparent anecdote..

     Grandma was in the bathroom applying her makeup.  He granddaughter loved watching her.  She finished with her lipstick and told her granddaughter time to go start the day.  Her granddaughter replied...."but grandma you forgot to kiss the toilet paper good-by"!  Something to think about next time you apply lipstick....

........Had a very fun weekend at the water park and snow tubing.....for the past few days been watching the  snow continue to accumulate.  Snow banks are higher than i am.....and it is still snowing....ENOUGH!!!!

    Hermione  revived this meme in January.  I have been saving it for when i am spending time with the it is.

1.  Name someone with the same birthday as you. Henry the Navigator...i took this to mean just day...not year, since he was born in 1394.

2.  Where was your first kiss?  I honestly do not remember, I am guessing after a school dance.

3.  Have you ever seriously vandalized someone's else property?  Well, not in the sense that i cause damage...i have TP'd (toilet papered), more than one front yard.

4.  Have you ever hit someone of the opposite sex? Not in anger or to injure, playfully yes.

5.  Have you ever sung in front of a large number of people?  Yes, but only under certain circumstances.  As part of a school concert, in a large group.  And, in my younger days i have been known to do some Karioke when I have been out with friends....

6.  What is the first thing you notice about the preferred sex? Eyes

7.  What really turns you on?  Spanking, a nice long flogging, bondage, Master's hands on my body....

8.  What do you order at Starbuck's? Oh, not a big fan of the place, either an iced flavored coffee, or a regular coffee.

9.  What was your biggest mistake? Usually my biggest mistakes occur when i doubt myself, or think i am not good enough.

10.  Have you ever hurt yourself no purpose. No

11.  Say something totally random about yourself. One  year I made a cross stitch for everyone on my Christmas list.

12.  Has anyone ever said you look like a celebrity?  Never

13.  Do you still watch kiddie movies or TV shows?  Yes, I loss count how often I have seen Frozen, and getting to watch all the Disney classics with the grands is fun.  They have great show on now also....among the current favorites are..."Team Umi Zoomie" and "Doc McStuffins" and "Super Why".

14. Did you have braces? No

15. Are you comfortable with your height? Let's say i have come to terms with it...all 5 ft 2 of me.  

16. What is the most romantic thing someone of the preferred sex has done for you? Hmm...a nice long flogging by the fireplace....most recent one.

17. How do you know when it is love? When you can feel the chemistry, the electricity between you, when being apart is always too long, when you each want to make each other happy.

18.  Do you speak any other languages? French, used to be fluent in it, now i have to go slowly and think about it.  

19.  Have you ever been to a tanning salon? Never.

20.  What magazines do you read? At this time none, prefer my crossword puzzle books.

21.  Have you ever ridden in a limo?  Yes...for weddings and funerals.

22.  Has anyone you were really closed to passed away? Yes, my mom and dad, a close friend are the most recent.

23. Do you watch MTV?  I have, my daughter watches some of the reality shows, and at times I have joined  her.

24. What's something that really annoys you? People who always assume they are matter what you say.

25.  What's something you really like?  Being on vacation and taking a long early morning walk on the beach when it is mostly just me and sea gulls.

26.  Do you like Michael Jackson?  I was not a big fan, but he was talented.

27.  Can you dance?  Only if it is free style...and have had some liquid refreshments.

28.  What's the latest you have ever stayed up?  I have pulled my share of all nighters.

29.  Have you ever been rushed by ambulance to the hospital?  Yes, a few years ago, i fainted in the up and fainted again...luckily my daughter was home.  

30. Do you ever read these when other people fill them out?  Yes!! I love reading other's answers...hint....hint....

hugs abby

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Master's good-by ritual

                Master has developed a tradition, of sorts, that He likes to repeat when i am getting ready to leave for a weekend, a week, or longer.  I am leaving tomorrow, for a weekend at an indoor water park with the kids and grands, and then on to my son's for a week.  Master reminded me earlier this week, that i needed to leave time to get my 'traveling stripes'.  Yup, He thinks sending me off with a caning, ensures that i do not forget that He is waiting for my return. ( i will admit,,,it does seem to help).  I do not bruise easily, usually at the most, my bottom might be tender the day after a long, hard spanking.
But a cane's welts......they remind me for a couple of days....
                As always, i find myself naked and kneeling.  Master is getting me to forget all the foolishness (family drama) of the day.  Covering my eyes, speaking softly, attacking my breast....Once i am focused only on Him, I get invited over His lap.  He is using His hand for a warm-up, we chat until i need to  concentrate on breathing...His had can pack quite a wallop.  He continues, until i start to squirm, and my bottom is way beyond the warm-up stage, at the well heated stage.
               Master then says, I think it is time for my belt.  I shake my head a little..did i hear correctly...belt, leather, hearing it slip through the loops, leather, soft leather...and not a cane! I quickly get up, lean over in position.  I hear it slip through the loops, i feel the soft leather He swishes it over my bottom.  Sets of 10, switching sides after each set.  The first 20, take some adjusting, some time to get my head in the right place.  After the first 20, He uses just the tip of the belt on my upper back...making the statement, that all of me is His.
Each set is harder, until He tells me to stand and rub until He returns.
       I am standing and rubbing my red hot bottom, when He returns....carrying a.....cane.
He is grinning, and says time for your stripes, to take with you.  I get in position, and am ouching...even on a belt warmed bottom.  After a couple sets He says , how about 6 of the best...and then you may suck my cock. He is waiting for my Yes Sir.....and as soon as He hears it, the last 6 hard ones are started.  
      After the sixth one, i am still in position, panting, when i hear...what are you waiting for?  I quickly rise and get into position, to kiss, lap, suck, devour Him.  I can feel myself dripping, Master notices, and puts that to good use:).  I then get to climb onto His lap, snuggle in close and just enjoy some quiet time together.  
        Hopefully winter will cooperate with my travel plans...have a good week everyone...stay warm.....or even HOT....LOL!!
hugs abby

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Bowl Bet....

             Master and i agree that watching a sporting event is much more interesting when the outcome is more than a win/loss for the teams playing.  We often wager on a game, altho i am not sure that either one of us really loses.
              Since i grew up in New England, my loyalties were with the Patriots this past weekend.  Master was rooting for the Seagulls.  I really felt the game was a toss up and could go either way.  I was looking forward to a close, exciting game...and that it was!
Master told me to let Him know what the wager was, i had some time on Saturday, so i came up with  3 different wagers.  One based on who wins, one on the number of touchdowns, and one on the number of total points scored.  The 'payoff' was different for each one of them.  
            Master chose the first option....if the Pats win, i get a flogging, if the Seahawks prevail a whipping.  The number would be determined but the winning score....multiply the score by 4...add 25 for a bonus.  As you all probably know by now, the Pats did not let me down.  They a very close game.....and they scored 28 points.  That came to 127...Master likes round numbers so He evened up to 140.
             We started off, as always, with my naked kneeling time.  Master asked if i wanted a hand warm up.  Is there any other possible answer to that,  than YES Sir. Once i was over His lap i settled in for a long, increasingly harder warm-up.  Master's hands can be soft and caressing...or made of steel.   When He was done, He said I should show Him how happy i am that the Pat's won at the last minute, and ensured me a flogging.  I kneel before Him, and show Him that i am indeed very thankful that a flogging is in my future.
          Master's provides a pillow for my head, and has me lay flat.  The flogging is in sets of 20.  He asks if I want them all hard, or a build up.  Always go for the build up.  Just to let me know that He is always in charge, He tells me He will give me a build up...but will not start counting until He starts in with the hard ones.  That is more than fine with me...more flogging:)  When He is ready to start counting, He uses the flogger in sets of 20, stopping for some rubbing and swishing of the flogger all over in between sets.  
            I was laying there comfortable, feeling all the stress leave my body, all the freezing temps and snow forgotten, and knowing that soon i will be floating.  When Master reaches 140, He is talking and swishing the flogger all over, getting me return to reality.  He then says, that just because He missed out on the whip, i will get one swish with it.  He does limit Himself to 1,  it brings me back to reality quickly.  He traces the design it has left on my back....enjoying tracing it, as i relax once again.
          We then move on to some loving and permissions......before it is time for Master to return to more shoveling and snow blowing.......Thank You Pats!!!

hugs abby