Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wired Wednesday....

******A grandmother was telling her granddaughter what her childhood was like.  "We used to skate outside on a pond.  I had a swing from a tire; it hung from a tree in our front yard.  We picked wild raspberries in the woods. We played outside with all the neighboring children til the street lights went on. "
The little girl, listened, wide-eyed.  At last she said, " I sure wish i had gotten to know you sooner." (I think there is a lesson in this one....)

      I hope all of you who were in the path of the snowstorm have been plowed out.  We lucked out, just a couple inches, but it is freezing and only supposed to get colder.  Good news, Master is doing a wonderful job of warming me up.
      Monday we had maintenance.  Once again,  i got to keep at least some of my clothing on.  After the partially naked kneeling it was time for a wonderful hand warm-up, followed by the little froggy paddle.  It is very light, and is easy to relax into.  At this point, i actually asked to take off a couple layers...Then Master found His New York Yankee's paddle...or as i refer to it...the damn Yankee paddle.  It is smooth and heavy.....and since i am a die hard Red Sox fan...well...not my favorite toy.  We then warmed each other up, i enjoyed several permissions, and we started our week off smiling.
       My bottom was just tender enough yesterday to keep me smiling all day.  Today i woke up, wanting the sore bottom feeling...but it was gone.  I could not shake the thought, considered asking Master for a spanking, and then thought better of it.  You all know the drill, I am being too needy, He is the one in charge.....all the logical, illogical reasons.
Then i thought of all of you, and the advice we always give each other, so i ignored all those irritating voices and surprised Master by suggesting that  a mid week spanking would keep me in a good mood and make for a wonderful Wednesday.  Now in all the years we have been together, this was maybe the third time i have asked for a spanking out of the blue...i always talk myself out of it.
      When i get to Master's i notice a new addition, a small weight lifting bench, no weights, just the bench.  Master gives me a big bear hug and is grinning from ear to ear.  He is thrilled that i asked.  He has been home for a while, so it is toasty warm,  i am kneeling naked, He assures me that my asking kept Him smiling all day, as He enjoys getting to 'maul' my breast and nipples.  He claims all of me, quiets me, puts me into a very submissive place.  Then it is over His lap for a very long hand warm-up.  I am so relaxed, and getting so wet.  Master's hand is the best spanking toy!!!  After some rubbing and checking He switches to my froggy paddle.  He uses it for quite a while, the spanks getting harder, but it is so light, that i am still pretty mellow.  Then that damn Yankee paddle comes out again...i want to remind Him that it is no longer baseball season, but think better of it.  Once He is satisfied that my bottom is red and warm , He tells me to wiggle further down over His lap...He wants to change His target to my 'sit spots'.  He repeats, hand and both paddles, not as hard, but enough so that any sitting will remind me of My Master.
      Master then tells me He wants me face down over the bench arms around the bar that is at the front and legs spread far apart as possible. He wants me on display.  He has a blanket on the pad of the bench, and i am fairly comfortable and i love the feeling of knowing that i will not have to struggle to stay in place.  I cannot see what Master is getting from His bag, but one swish and know it is His whip.   He starts with my bottom, which is rarely the target for His whip.  After a few sets He moves to my back. Laying over the bench makes it much easier for me to accept the lashing, and i finally hear last ones...hard ones.  Ten or maybe twelve, you decide.  I quickly say 12 please....before i change my mind.  
       Next comes the delicious feel of the horse hair flogger.  I love it all over, it is light and totally relaxing.  Master swishes it, swats with it all over, reaching everything that is exposed.  After the sting of the whip, it is wonderfully relaxing.  Master then asks if i would like a flogging with the leather flogger.  My favorite, so as relaxed as i am, i ask for a flogging.  He starts off slowly and lightly, increasing and speed and intensity, ...i am loving it.
       Master then helps me to get up and tells me to lay on the bench on my back..He wants my hands to hang on to the bar, and my legs spread far apart.  I ask for a pillow and i am quite comfy.   I am not sure what He is doing, He tells me i am going to be wired.....He has His tens unit.  We have played with this once...years ago, when He was still introducing me to new things.  I somewhat recall it as being interesting, and a very different sensation.  He starts with putting the tabs high up on my thighs. He tells me i need to keep talking to let Him know what i am feeling.  For the first few minutes i feel nothing, then i start to feel a little pulse...i am keeping Master informed.  He increases the intensity slowly, until it is too much.  He then speeds up the rate, until the pulses are coming quickly.  He plays with the intensity and the speed, keeping me guessing.  
       He then pulls the tabs off and tells me my breast are next.  I think i give Him on of have got to be kidding He says, He will put a tab on one nipple and just keep His hand  on the other.  He reminds me to keep talking to Him to let Him know what i am feeling and if it gets to be too much.  It takes a bit for me to feel anything, once i do  He increases the sensation slowly.  He gets a rhythm going, the pulses starting at low and moving up, slowly at first then more quickly.  I actually like this sensation better that the  earlier one.  My nipples react and i can feel myself dripping.  Master keeps the unit going and uses His other hand to bring me right to the edge of an orgasm.  I ask for more...more stimulation...Master is telling me i have permission to cum.....and i explode, more fiercely than i think i ever have.  I have never screamed without restraint, but i cannot restrain myself, i am loud and i do not even even bigger surprise as i think back on it.  Once i have calmed, and i can talk and think, i look at Master and say...that was so awesome....He chuckles and says, i think i got that message.   
         Master then points out, that had i not suggested and asked for a spanking today, i would have missed out on all of this.......His point is made, when i have an 'itch', He is only to happy to scratch it, if possible.  Asking is not only can be very, very good...and keep me warm and smiling...even on a very , very cold day.

hugs abby



Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chat and Spank

         ****A friend sent me an email titled..."How Children perceive their grandparents".
I thought i would share them with you one at a time at the start of future posts...

           My young grandson called me the other day to wish me a happy birthday.  He asked me how old I was, and i told him, 80.  He was quiet for a moment, and then asked, "Did you start at 1?"

          I have never been an 'open book' type of person.  I have to get to know you pretty well, before i let you in to see the real me...and even then, you might not get the whole story.  ( As i am writing i am did you ever start blogging??  lol).  I am not a loner, i have lots of friends, socialize a fair amount, am always up for a road trip.
          Master, as you might guess, was the exception, almost from the very beginning.  
I used to wonder how He had developed x-ray vision, and sensors that would go off when i was struggling with something.  In fact, He is not an action figure, He is a man who took the time and effort to get to really know me, the patience to show me that i could totally trust Him, and the wisdom to let me discover that indeed i could run to Him and He would have open arms.
          Knowing all this, do i sometimes regress.....of course.  I have been struggling with something, and finally  decided to let Master in....He was not surprised, simply said, about time you turn around and run to me.  Those of you who have been reading here for over a year, might remember that last year, i needed a lot of Master's "persuasion" to join a gym. I found a woman's that i had been a member a while ago and sort of enjoyed...but i never got to that point this time.  And although i did lose some inches, i did not feel the result were worth the effort.  
      I tell Master, and have a few arguments ready to present......He immediately says stop going, don't even finish out your last month.  Just about the last thing i expected to hear.  He wanted me to try, and i did.  He still wants me to do some type of physical  activity every day, and i already have a couple ideas for that.  He just wants me healthy and around for as long as possible......a goal i easily agree with.  
    Master then decides that we need more heat....yes it is still freezing here....but we are luckily avoiding all that snow some of you are seeing this weekend.  He has me over His lap, and is using a light weight frog paddle, it us just the right implement to get me relaxed, and mellow, the type of spanking that one could enjoy for a long time.  He switches to a heavier shamrock paddle, but with a warm up and over my jeans, i am beginning to think it is time to shed layers.  Master agrees, tells me to get rid of the sweatshirt and jeans. 
    I am back over His lap, as He reaches in to grasp and pull and tweak my nipples, and hang on to them as He continues the spanking.  It is a harder set, but i manage to get my head around it, and between sets Master checks for proof that i am enjoying....and helps to increase the 'enjoyment'.  Once He has me dripping, He starts in with the hardest set of all, telling me i have permission to cum at any time.  In addition with the spanks, Master adds His voice, telling me to cum, encouraging me, urging me on....and i explode.
Master does not let up as i am still squirming, and tells me to cum again, and spanks harder and faster.......and it happens, a second orgasm.  It is rare that i can cum from spanking only, usually I need a little help to get over the top, but the stars seem to align just right this time.  I flew to that place where there is no pain, it is just me and His voice and that paddle.....and boom. 
     Have a good weekend all
hugs abby

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

M&M's vs M/M

              I was shopping today, after my M/M time with Master, for some Valentine treats for the grands.  I came across some M&M's in pink and purple with sayings on them
.....perfect for the girls.  Then i started to chuckle to myself... i don't think anyone saw me.  I was thinking, when i think of m/ way am i thinking red little candies....more like a hot, cherry red bottom.  Hmmmmmm, which is better??
          So maintenance today started off very differently.  Master let me stay dress...yes it has been that cold here, and they are saying 'we ain't seen nothing, yet'.  It was cold, so Master told me i could kneel fully dressed....i am pretty sure that is a first.  Clothed kneeling....i could get used to it....but that probably will not happen.  Master is proving to me that clothing does not deter Him, He is pinching and pulling my breast, right through the three layers i am wearing.  
            Master then helps me up, and tells me to get over His lap  I hesitate, He says stay dressed, i am not done warming you up, yet.  WOW.....Master has spanked me once before when i was fully dressed, the very first time He spanked me.  I quickly climb not want Him to reconsider.  He starts off with His hand, and quickly switches over to the maintenance paddle. this is more in line with what i have always thought maintenance should be!  Master chuckles as He sees how relaxed i before i fall asleep i hear...
       Time for the real spanking.  Nothing is happening....i look at Him.  Yes, you are warmed up, time to get undressed.  I take off all 3 layers....and really it still does feel rather comfortable.  I am back over His lap, and the 'real' spanking starts.  When Master is satisfied at the color and heat generating now from my bottom, He tells me to properly thank Him.  I look at Him, grin, get up, kneel and start to unbuckle His belt...His is smiling.
His scent, His feel, His taste....soon i can feel myself dripping.  Master helps me out with that;).
   Then as we are snuggling Master's fingers start wandering, i quickly point them in the direction i want them to go.  It feels so good, just as i am getting ready to ask for permission,,,He stops.  I quickly look at Him, He is grinning...later when you are thinking of me.....ask for a permission............i do, and it is granted.
    Hugs abby

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Keeping warm on a cold day....

         I really dislike being cold, at this time of year, i am cold a lot!  Fortunately, i also know someone who can warm me up quickly...
        I arrive at Master's and, as the song it is cold outside!!!  After some hugging and chatting, Master tells me to get ready...naked and kneeling.  I am still chilled, but Master assures me i will soon be very warm...the chill will be forgotten.  I look at the big fluffy  blanket in the room and wonder if i could undress, then grab it and wrap myself up in it....hmmm, probably not a good idea.
   So i am naked and kneeling, Master is covering my eyes...even His hands feel cold.  He is telling me this is our time to be shut out everyone and everything else.  He works His way down my body...His hands getting warmer as He travels down my body, and the heat transfers to warm me up.
    I am invited over His lap, for a hand warm-up, which is also warming the rest of me, from the outside to the inside.  He picks up a paddle we have not used in a while, it is about the size of the maintenance paddle, with no holes, but heavier.  I am not sure if it is because i am used to the maintenance paddle, or because the paddle felt cold, but it sure did seem to hurt more than maintenance, i 'complain' Master.  He is more interested in the noise it is making...more of a clapping sound, less of a thud.  He loves the sound, unfortunately.
   He stops and says we have something to discuss.  My non phone call.  Those of you who have been reading here for a while might remember that a few years ago Master wanted me to call Him at noon time to remind Him to take a lunch break.  He was starting a new position, and tends to get lost in the computer screen.  It was not a big request , but one i had trouble with....for some reason it seems it is the small things that usually trip me up.
I did finally realize it was not a big deal, and every day at noon i would call or text.  He prefers the calls, and lately i have been mostly calling.  I had text and not called on Friday.  When He asked why no call, i said i know He is busy at work lately, and it is easier to read a text than answer a call, or listen to a voice message.  He says the call could be a reason for Him to break away...i replied He could do the same with a text.  I had just dug myself a hole.
  Honestly on the days i did not call, it was usually because i was feeling less submissive or listening to those darn pesky voices.  Master was not pleased the i would decide between the two, when i know that He prefers a call.  As we discussed it, and i kept coming up with excuses, He finally just said...I will make this easier for is now a rule, luncheon reminders are calls, no matter what.  I guess in a way that does stop the occasional debate going on in my head....and i know,,,,it really is just a phone call,,,a small thing. He then says, the next part of your spanking a harder set, for not calling today, and to remind you to call from now on.  I am ouching and from the first one...they certainly are a reminder.
  Master then wants me to thank Him for the new rule and reminder, i say the words as i move to kneel between His legs.  The heat on my bottom is urging me on, as i make sure He knows i am thankful.
  Master then tells me to lean over, head down, bottom out, He is holding a cane. I grown, he says your bottom is well warmed, and i will start with light ones.  I tell Him we have different definitions of light....but He surprises me and the first set are very light.  After a little rubbing we move on the medium ones....these hurt, but are tolerable.  Problem is there are no evidence He did a good job, and nothing for me to enjoy later.  Master remedies that with the last we move up the scale to hard ones.  Master is finally satisfied that He has generated enough heat on my outside, we move on to lighting a fire on the inside, in truth i am already on simmer.
  Master's way of keeping me toasty warm...even highly recommended:)

hugs abby

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sub Drop

      In my comments section of a recent post, a couple people asked for an explanation of sub drop.  My teacher training returned, and i figured if 2 people asked, more are probably wondering.  I did a little research and from my most recent experience i have some knowledge to impart.  But i am going to ask those of you who are more 'in the know' to please add to  the discussion.

     Sub drop occurs when one goes from an endorphin high back to 'normalcy'...i put normalcy in quotes, since i consider that a pretty subjective term.  So, during a long or intense play session our body releases endorphins, that is what makes us raise our bottom for more, sends us to a place where the pain is not the the most important sensation, leaves us thinking...WOW!  I guess similar to a state of euphoria.  
    When the endorphins recede, the high feeling becomes a low feeling....the higher the high, the lower the low can be.  In my case, at first i thought i was getting the flu or a bad cold...that feeling that all was not right.  I woke up exhausted, one of the great joys of retirement is being able to roll back and go back to sleep.  I awoke a bit more rested, but still feeling very melancholy.  I turned on the the TV and the talk show i was watching made me tear up.  That is when i started to wonder what the heck was going on???
    Quite by chance i had read an article a couple of weeks ago on sub drop.  Master and i had a fairly intense play time on Thursday.  A light bulb went on, and i decided to just be extra nice to myself during the day, took a nap, and i was feeling better by the time evening came along.  In the article i read, it said the sub drop could last a few days.
A way to help prevent sub drop is with after care....being held, snuggling, hydrating, etc.
    Now, Master and i have been at this a while and this is the first time i can recall feeling such a way.  Master always, always, is wonderful with after care.  After a punishment it consists of hugs and the knowledge that all is forgiven, and His checking on me to be sure i am OK.  After play sessions, the after care consists of many hugs, cuddles, snuggling on His lap, caresses, soft, sweet chats, get the idea.  There was after care on Thursday, but sub drop occurred anyway.  
      Hope this helps....
hugs abby

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


           Saw this at DelFonte who got it from TMI Tuesday so decided to join in!

Where you live what is the current season?
  Frozen tundra....not that much snow so far..too cold!  Below 0 again tonight.

Do you measure/report the weather temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit?
    Personally i use BRRRR or to ##### cold!  

Describe your ideal day of weather.
   Sunny, maybe a few fluffy clouds, light breeze, hot enough to be comfortable on the beach.

When it is cold outside, i want to:
  a.  Run outside naked because it is that might be the one thing that does get me running.
  b. Bundle up in warm clothes and take a winter walk.....maybe, if the sun is shining and there are no gale type winds.....
  c. Turn the heat up, stay indoors, hibernate until the warm weather returns...sounds good to me!
  d. I do not pay attention to the weather...around here it is hard not to, main topic of conversation.

Do you go "commando" in cold weather or in winter?  When i am told to....yes.

For $10,000 USD would you rather ride a bike for one mile in 7 degrees F or jump naked into a freezing cold Alaskan lake?   They do have Polar plunges around here to raise money for charities....i think the bike.

What is your favorite piece of winter clothing?  A nice fluffy warm blanket that i wrap myself in every night. you have more or less sex in winter months?  Well, i am assuming regular in the house sex.....for all seasons ..whenever the mood strikes.

hugs abby

Monday, January 12, 2015

That's enough patty-caking...*

    * A quote from Master ......

                Yes, that is a direct quote, and if it did not mean that warm-up is over, time for the real spanking to begin, i would have been giggling.  One of the things i love about Master is his verbal ability....with His use of words, He can stop me in my tracks, make me regret an action, bring me to tears, make me sigh, make me swoon, have me cum....or make me giggle.
        We start with bear hugs. Master  wants to be sure i am fine.  I had a bout of 'sub drop' on Friday, a first for me.  Master is always great with after care, and last Thursday was no exception, but it was an intense play session.  At first i was not sure what was going on, maybe the flu or something. When i figured out it probably was sub drop  I took it easy, relaxed and got through it, but did not let Master know about it right away.  I knew He was very busy on that when i did tell Him, i got the...'I am never too busy for you, is that clear' lecture?  On the brighter side, i also got lots of hugs and special attention over the weekend to make sure i was fine.
        After we chat a bit, Master is giving me that....what are you not naked and kneeling look.  I soon remedy that and Master is massaging and warming me up, relaxing me, reminding me of that all of me is His.  There is no breast i am not complaining.
             Over His lap, and a hand warm-up.  He switches to the small paddle, i am thumping  a leg, and my body is stiff.  He reminds me to relax and accept, that this is still a warm-up. Not to concentrate on the pain part....even after all this time, i am not sure that is really possible.  But i concentrate on my breathing and relaxing my body, and i finally get there.  As soon as i do, the real maintenance part begins.
             These are much harder, He stops for a little rubbing after 25, telling me we are a quarter of the way there.  The next 25, i am happy to be half way, but i am feeling the burn on my bottom.  He starts in for what i think is the next 25, but does not stop til 90....then announces the last 10. I take that as a warning....these will be much harder...they are, but we are done.  Master is massaging and rubbing and 'checking' to see how i am truly reacting.
             When i am at the point of getting close i ask for a permission, usually i get a quick yes.  Today, i get more chat, reminding me that i do not cum until i get His permission, and that it takes a lot of self control to manage that.  He continues chatting....honestly, i was just concentrating on breathing...He is not only chatting, His fingers are urging me on.  He comments on how swollen and wet i am, i am panting.  Finally, i head, since you have been so good, cum for your Master.  After a couple more permissions i am finally spent, ready for some snuggling and relaxing.  
   hugs abby

Saturday, January 10, 2015

A PS on the 'Unbirthday' post....

     Firstly, thank you all so much for the unbirthday  wishes....nothing like having an ordinary day turn extra special!!!!

    I have a few more reflections on the day that i would like to share.  Master knows when my birthday March.  A few years after we met, when we were at the point of celebrating such events, i made sure to start hinting way ahead of time.  I learned a very long time ago that hinting is better that regretting.  ( Master would replace hinting with telling).  The last few years i have not had to hint, and He has never forgotten.  I think this was a case of.....if the phone, or computer, or internet says it is so, must be.  He saw it on His phone, and without further thought, He put a plan in place. Altho, i was confused the night before when we were chatting, Master thought i was trying to pull His leg. 
     It also struck me, as i was thinking about it, how differently this would have played out before i met Master or even when i first met Him.  Let me set the scene for you:

     I walk in and He wishes me a Happy Birthday......I immediately, start a rant...full of sarcasm. How could He be so stupid, He should know by now, doesn't He know how to program His phone correctly...etc.  When i was done ranting, i would have probably is not my birthday, save your celebration for when it is...and walked out with a slamming of the door.  Yep.....that is probably what would have happened.  Not pretty, but sadly, accurate.  
   Instead, we had a good laugh and a wonderful afternoon......there are many benefits to TTWD....and having a wonderful non-birthday celebration is one of them.  The icing on the cake....i can look forward to another celebration  when March rolls in:)!

Hope you are all staying warm and having a good weekend...
hugs abby

Thursday, January 8, 2015

When is a birthday...not a birthday??

         Most of the time Master and i communicate well, He 'reads' me well, and i have been known to tell Him to get out of my head.  That is most of time....

         Last night a chat i had with Master left me confused.   He told me He would see me today for the birthday.  Now i asked when, and if i needed to bring a gift...He said, no, I have that under control. I asked if i knew who the person was...He said i would not recognize her. the conversation is happening, i am thinking He is giving me odd answers, but we moved on to another topic... and i figured i would learn more today.
        This morning He sends me a text....Happy Birthday, ...i think is this how He is reminding me about the celebration later.....i tell Him about my morning plans, and will see Him after lunch.  I am still thinking that the conversations lately have been odd, but maybe He is preoccupied with something.
         I get to His other cars....i go into the house, get a hug, walk into the living room and see 'toys' laid out and some strange large restraining device that i have never seen before.  I look at Him and He says...Happy birthday celebration!  I am astounded...look at Him...He is serious...and i say it is not my birthday.  He tells me it is , we talked about it last night.  I say we talked about a birthday for someone...but you never said it was for me...and i never said it was my birthday.  He gives me a look and says it is your birthday....and i give Him the same reply as before.  Now during all this conversation, i have not been 'snippy', kept my voice quiet, and not a hint of sarcasm......something most people who know me would not think possible.  
      Master says it is on His phone is Abby's birthday.  I again reply, but it is not my birthday.  Here it says so on the calendar, as He takes His phone out...Now if there was ever an open invitation for sarcasm this was it...i resisted, as he continues..see. I say it is wrong...He wonders how that happened....Gee i don't have a any of you?? ( I deserve a gold star for not saying any of that out loud.).  I remind Him when my birthday is.....ohhhh...a light goes is not today.
       I will give Him credit, He simply says, ...Let's not waste an opportunity to celebrate your non-birthday.
        I am soon kneeling naked, and then over His lap for a warm-up.  Then on to a paddling until He likes the color of my bottom....and tells me time to see how His new addition works.  He says is is the type of restraint used in a psychiatric facility.  We finally get it mostly restrains my hands against my waist.  He helps me lie down, only there is a big knot in the middle of my back...very uncomfortable.  So we decide it is on backwards...and start over.  Finally we are ready...i am not sure what we are ready for...i am laying on my back, with this large belt restricting my arms and hands.  Master shows me a candle.....a long one...since no 'birthdays' are complete without at least one candle. He lights it and kneels next to me......wax play.  I believe mentioning a while ago that we had not done that in a long time.  He is concentrating on my breast, telling me that when i move i ruin His aim.  He wants to make a wax impression of my nipples, so He needs them covered in wax.  
        He varies the distance between the candle and my breast....varying the amount of heat i feel.  I wriggle a bit, and He warns me that means wax in other places, and He will not stop til the nipple is covered.  He is finally satisfied with one on to the other.
When He is done, He helps me up and out of the restraining belt.    He asks if i am in the mood for a flogging.....always in the mood for a flogging.
     I am told to lean against the fireplace ledge, and He asks if i want the whip or flogger first.  Before i can get a word i thought this was just a flogging...He decides a whipping warm-up.  It is the lightest whipping ever...really a nice warm up before the flogging. I am treated to a wonderful flogging, all over my back, starting lightly increasing in  intensity, once again, stopping short of too much.  Master tells me to stay in position while He pries off the wax...He wants an impression of my nipples.  He is not happy with the first one, but pleased with the second one.   
   After some pleasuring and permissions.....we both agree....

Celebrating a non-birthday is a good idea...lots of fun..and no aging!!!

hugs abby

Monday, January 5, 2015

First M/M of the new year...

.......I guess i am not much of a fiction writer, since you all guessed correctly.  My last post was an account of how Master and i celebrated our New Year.  We both had a marvelous time...;).
       Today, being the first Monday of the New Year, was my first maintenance spanking for this year.  It was also my first weigh in report since before Christmas.  I had a 2 1/2 pound 'window', i gained 3 pounds.  Master, who wants you all to know He can be a 'nice' guy....gave me a week to get back on track:).  
       We started, as always, with my naked kneeling time.  Master is re-claiming all of me, talking quietly, while i relax and am reminded that all of me is His.  He focuses on my nipples, pinching and pulling, i concentrate on breathing.  Finally, He helps me up, and invites me over His lap.
         I am relaxed waiting for Him to start, when i feel wood tapping my bottom.  My head swivels around....Master looks at me.....and then chuckles. "Oh, did i forget a hand warm-up", He asks.  He most certainly did.  He puts the paddle down, and rectifies His oversight.
Once the He is done with His hand warm-up, He returns to using the paddle.  He is using it lightly, as we chat.  He asks if i am ready for the warm-up to end and the real spanking to start.  I honestly  He continues to spank lightly, and tells me to let Him know when i want to warm-up to end and the real spanking to start.  It is tempting to see how long He will allow me to continue with the warm-up, but i know not to take...or try to take...advantage of a good offer.
         After maybe another 5 minutes i say that i am ready.  I am waiting for Him to start in harder with the maintenance paddle when He tells me to get up.  I am so surprised, He has to tell me twice.  I get up, He rises and soon is holding a short cane.  I groan, He smiles and tells me to get in position...head down bottom out.  I take a deep breath and 'assume the position'.
          After the first set of 12, Master tells me i am not accepting and need to get my head in the right space and accept it.  It takes me a few more 'swishes' before i am breathing slowly....and i hear 'good girl'...i have moved into acceptance.  Master finishes up, telling me He hopes the welts stay with me longer than a paddling usually does.  He moves in behind me, asking if this brings back a memory of does.....:):):).  Permissions are soon granted....and after some recovery time, we are reading to let the world in.

It is FREEZING here...and only going to get colder over the next couple of days...stay warm....i am sure you can all think of some ways to do that!

hugs abby


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fact or decide.

   Is this a tale of how Master and i celebrated the New Year....or is this my try at some decide.

              Master and i had a late celebration of the New Year.  I sensed that something special was up ....but had no idea what He was planning.

              I send a good morning message, as usual, before i am out of bed.  He asks how i will serve Him today.  I reply anyway He wants....vague, but true.  His reply....
      ...will you suck my cock til your jaw can't take anymore
     ....will you offer your ass to be beaten
     ....will you hold out your breasts for me to whip them
     .....and when i am done, will you beg me for more

     I know these are rhetorical questions, and are a hint that my day will be quite interesting.  He continues, I know I can take whatever I I want you to ask for all of it, to speak all the words out loud.  Ah.....not an easy thing for me to do, speak the words, tell what i want, disclose my fantasies out loud.  When we are finished today there will be nothing left of that wall that you are hanging on to.....all the bricks will gone.  His words...i am excited and apprehensive, all at once.  He has me play with myself, then lick my fingers, telling me i will become very familiar with that taste before today is over. He adds that He will be taking my ass today also, so to be ready.  He reminds me i will have to ask for all of this, and tells me He will see me later.
      Very little time goes by, before i hear from Him again.  He does not want to wait, He wants me at His place on the hour....wearing as little as possible, since i will enter the house naked.  I am told not to be late, since i will have to wait on the porch naked a minute for every minute i am late.  Yes, it is very cold here today...His porch is enclosed, but with large windows.....i am on time.
       I am standing naked when He lets me in and tells me to kneel immediately.  I see a leash and collar on the table. He takes my face into His hands.  He is telling me that today is the day i give up the part of me that i have hanging on to.  He knows i will do whatever He asks...He wants me to do the asking.  He wants me to be obedient, and i have been, but He wants me to use my voice, He wants me to ask for what i want, what i fantasize about.  He asks if i have ever thought about wearing a collar and leash...i have.  He takes it from the table and puts the collar on and pulls at the leash, i am to follow Him.
       As we walk into the room i see  a line up of toys...usually  a toy that is out is used, the line up is  long......We hug and Master reminds me that i have to ask before anything happens.  I ask to suck His cock, permission is granted.   He tells me when i need a break to crawl over to the toys and pick out the one i want Him to use for a warm-up.  I choose the leather paddle, Master nods and i climb over His knee.   He does start with His hand, then moves on to the paddle, targeting my bottom and thighs.  He notices that i am getting very wet, He grabs my toy and coats it with my juices, then has be lick it clean. He tells me to put the toy away and get into position to lick His cock.
         This time He wants me to concentrate on licking Him only. Long, slow licks....until i am ready to choose the next toy.  I decide to get some of the wood out of the way, so i choose the paddle i gave Him for Christmas.  I present it to Him, and crawl up on His lap.  After a couple minutes i hear......Is there something you want with this paddle.  So I ask for Him to paddle me.  He gives me 3 sets of 10...light, medium, then hard ones.  He is rubbing and ask if i had enough...i ask for 10 more medium ones, and then after that 10 hard ones.  My requests are granted.  
      Master then has me stand, as He is holding a short whip/strap.  I present my breast to Him and ask for Him to whip them.  He starts off very lightly, and builds up slowly.  He is praising me, and suddenly asks if i would like Him to kiss the sting away.  Silly question.
     I ask to suck His cock again, and am on my knees.  When i am finished He asks if i would like to straddle Him and 'ride' Him.  I do and am in position, but i am quickly getting to the point of needing a permission is granted, in fact He is not sure if i will get one today...or if it will take much longer.  I look up at Him, trying to see if He is chuckling...He is not.  
   He then tells me to pick out a toy that will make me want Him to fuck my bottom. I hesitate, not sure such a thing exist.  He says choose wisely, because He will use it until i ask for Him to take my bottom.  He suggests the cane, i decide on the large strop.  I bend over bottom up and i get a couple sets.  He stops and asks if i am ready to ask.  I am not;...He reminds me that He wants all of me today, and He wants me to use my voice.  I just cannot ask.  We have done this before, but rarely.  He continues with the strop telling me i know how to stop the strapping.  He stops and starts to rub his balls and cock up against my bottom, until i am moaning and pushing back.  He grabs the lube and uses His fingers, tells me i am ready, He will go slowly, i just have to ask.  I tell Him i can't....He continues to rub up against me as we chat a bit about why....He continues to rub and massage and reassure i am getting myself to relax.  Finally, i ask, He tells me i am in control, He will go at my pace, and much to my surprise....He has claimed my bottom, and i start to urge Him on....and asking for permission...which is granted.
    Once i can move, i am back on my knees, until Master is filling my mouth, and we are both sated.  I climb onto His lap, Master is sure i have a few more orgasms to give Him...Master is rarely wrong about such things. I sit up on His lap and we just snuggle, enjoying the feel of each other.  I look at Master and tell Him...He has set the bar pretty high, i am not sure how He will outdo today.  He chuckles, as i reassure Him, just being with Him is enough.  He reminds me that there was a point to today.....
a point that was made, and i will remember....i am His, He wants me open with no walls, not even leftover bricks......all of me.
hugs abby

Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015 to all!!!

 Yes, i know i am a day late.....I just got back home on New Year's eve.  The family time was wonderful, but it was a long time to be away.  Spending Christmas Eve and morning with a 2 and a 5 year old, is of course, the best.  They were so excited, both at receiving the gifts and watching 'grandma' open the special items they had made and selected for me.
We met up with the rest of the family, including my siblings and their children and grands for another celebration on Saturday.  There were 6 under 6....along with the teens , young adults, and 'us'.  The first Christmas without my mom....but there was little sadness. She was there, and we each had planned  a surprise for the others, that kept her with us. The biggest surprised from my niece...she was married in June and announced that she is expecting....twins :):)   Two new family members added to our future celebrations.  It was special and we will look back with smile and wonderful memories for a long time.
  To all of you, i want to say thank you, for your support during the tough times, and your continuous friendship.  I wish all of you a new year that is full of wonderful surprises, good health, memory making moments.....and very rosy cheeks!!!
hugs abby