Monday, December 22, 2014

"Monday, Monday"

     I hope that you are all at the point where the work part is done.....and you are enjoying all the good feelings and joy...that the holiday can bring.  I am holding dear with prayers and good thoughts all of you who are facing difficulties...I am at my son's and each day brings a new reason to smile and be thankful...
   A couple Mondays ago Master was in a musical mood.  Everything reminded Him of a song..mostly of the 'golden oldies' varieties.  One of tunes was Monday, Monday  a hit by "The Turtles", way back when.  It was featured in the movie The Big Chill. I know that many of you are thinking...who?? what???,but hopefully there are a few out there who will recognize the title and group.  Master suggested i should use the tune, but re-write it to reflect my Mondays.  I worked on it when i was still home, so i could post it on this Monday....
For you Sir:

Monday morning, i wake to thoughts of maintenance.
Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning always guarantees
That Monday evening my bottom will still be sore.
Monday, Monday, i can trust that day;
Monday, Monday, it always turns out that way.
Oh, Monday morning, you give me a feeling of certainty.
Oh, Monday, Monday, i know over His  knee i will be.
Every other day of the week i am calm.
Because when Monday comes, because when Monday comes
You can find me over my Master's knee.

Monday, Monday, so good for me;
Monday morning i wake to thoughts of maintenance.
Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning always guarantees
That Monday evening my bottom will still be sore.
Every other day, every other day
Every other day of the week I focus
Because when Monday comes, when Monday comes
You will find me over My Master's knee.
On Monday, Monday, i know that day
Monday, Monday, always turns out that way;
Oh, Monday, Monday maintenance day
Monday, Monday is here to stay.
Oh Monday, Monday
Oh Monday, Monday.
hugs abby



  1. Hi Abby, I do know the song and group :) This was fantastic, loved it! What a wonderful reflection too of what your Monday's mean to you. I was reading to the tune lol.

    Glad it sounds as though you are having a wonderful time with the family. Wishing you all a safe and very Merry Christmas. My thoughts go out to those who are struggling this season.


  2. Definitely sang along also. I bet your Master loves this. I hope you have a wonderful holiday Abby.

  3. I sing that song all the time, I love it. Your version is even more fun.

  4. Very creative. Happy Holidays to you

  5. Hi Abby, how creative, I was reading along to the tune!
    love Jan,xx

  6. Abby,

    Enjoyed that. Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas.


  7. Loved this! You are so creative!
    I know the song and remember the movie...
    Do you know a precursor to The Big Chill was a movie called, Return of the Secaucus 7?

  8. Abby have a wonderful holiday season, and may the New Year bring you lots of good spanking on your bare bottom. As for my views on Maintenance spankings, I believe in them very much so. Your master is right when he has chosen Monday as the day of reckoning whether you've been BAD OR GOOD, and gives you the proper amount of spanks on your voluptuous naked rear end. If you erred a little, his hand on your bare bottom is appropriate. If you have been VERY NAUGHTY, you certainly deserved to be CANED.

  9. Great song, love your imagination. I wonder if I can use Tuesday instead of Monday since that is our date night.

  10. I love it! And I know the song, I can't remember many words past "Monday, Monday" but the tune is in my head and I could sing along with yours. lol.

    It's probably going to bug me (that I don't remember the words) so I'm off to find the song online :)

  11. Oh yes Abby...I do remember the song 'Monday, Monday" but it was a hit by "The Mamas And The Papas". Some of "The Turtles" hit songs were “Ain't Me Babe”, “Eve Of Destruction”, “You Baby”, “Happy Together”, and “She'd Rather Be With Me” . Do enjoy the way you've re-written the lyrics. Oh and "The Big Chill" is one of my favorite movies.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful and very Merry Christmas.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  12. You are so good with words. I like it very much.


  13. Hi abby, I don't know the movie, but like the song and also your version of it. Wishing you a wonderful and merry Christmas.



  14. Omigod, i totally remember that song, what a wonderful version of it!! i'll never hear it again the same way. Thanks!!

  15. this is great...thanks for sharing :-) Hugs and happy new year wishes!