Monday, December 22, 2014

"Monday, Monday"

     I hope that you are all at the point where the work part is done.....and you are enjoying all the good feelings and joy...that the holiday can bring.  I am holding dear with prayers and good thoughts all of you who are facing difficulties...I am at my son's and each day brings a new reason to smile and be thankful...
   A couple Mondays ago Master was in a musical mood.  Everything reminded Him of a song..mostly of the 'golden oldies' varieties.  One of tunes was Monday, Monday  a hit by "The Turtles", way back when.  It was featured in the movie The Big Chill. I know that many of you are thinking...who?? what???,but hopefully there are a few out there who will recognize the title and group.  Master suggested i should use the tune, but re-write it to reflect my Mondays.  I worked on it when i was still home, so i could post it on this Monday....
For you Sir:

Monday morning, i wake to thoughts of maintenance.
Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning always guarantees
That Monday evening my bottom will still be sore.
Monday, Monday, i can trust that day;
Monday, Monday, it always turns out that way.
Oh, Monday morning, you give me a feeling of certainty.
Oh, Monday, Monday, i know over His  knee i will be.
Every other day of the week i am calm.
Because when Monday comes, because when Monday comes
You can find me over my Master's knee.

Monday, Monday, so good for me;
Monday morning i wake to thoughts of maintenance.
Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning always guarantees
That Monday evening my bottom will still be sore.
Every other day, every other day
Every other day of the week I focus
Because when Monday comes, when Monday comes
You will find me over My Master's knee.
On Monday, Monday, i know that day
Monday, Monday, always turns out that way;
Oh, Monday, Monday maintenance day
Monday, Monday is here to stay.
Oh Monday, Monday
Oh Monday, Monday.
hugs abby


Monday, December 15, 2014

Thank You Blondie!!

            I have been toying with the idea of giving Master a new paddle as a gift....for a special occasion.  Problem...i  am not all that fond of wood, and He has more than enough paddles, in my humble opinion.  So i always talked myself out of it....and it was not all that difficult.
           So, with Christmas approaching, i started having that same talk with myself.  Only this time, i decided pleasing Him was more important than...worrying about my bottom.
So i went to browse at BonniesPlace on Etsy. There is this a link on her blog.... She has a nice variety of paddles.  I had an idea of what i wanted...i wanted this paddle to be different than all His others, so i wanted it personalized.  I wanted it to 'say' My Paddleman....that eliminated the  smaller paddles and made my choice easier.  
        I contacted Bonnie to ask if it was possible to personalize a paddle.  One of the things that brings me back to a place to shop, is customer service.  Blondie knows how to provide customer service.  Every time i sent her a note with a question or idea, her replies were quick and full of good advice.  She said they could use a decal....they had already tried it and it worked fine and looked great.  She let me choose from a number of fonts she sent me, and went to work.  The paddle was quickly ready to mail...and i remembered i was going to be out of town.  I sent Bonnie an email, asking her to hand on to it til i returned...did not want it stolen from my front porch....she agreed and mailed it when i returned.  
       The paddle came, looked great and i could not wait to see Master's reaction.  He opened it today...and was very surprised....and of course...could not wait to try it out.
It is lighter that most of His paddles, but it covers both cheeks  with a spank...i think that means each spank should count as 2.  It is easy to handle, and can be used lightly...or not. 
    Master then treated me to a flogging and then let me choose what came next.  I was very mellow from the flogging....i chose the large strop.  Master had me lean over. bottom up and out Master announces 100...i reply that is a lot.  But my bottom is well warmed...and by the time we get there, i am in 'the zone'...:)  Master stands behind me, and tells me to stay put while He takes me soaring with Him.  
     I am leaving tomorrow for my son's for a week. My daughter will join us on Christmas eve, and the day after Christmas we will all head up to my sister's to meet up with my siblings and  have another celebration.  There will be 6 under 6 very excited little ones, ...making it special.  I hope you all have the merriest of times, and celebrate in your own special way.
hugs abby

Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Needed Warm-up...

            It has been bone chilling cold here all week, and yesterday we had about a foot of snow. The first storm of this winter.  I needed some warming up....and Master was happy to help me out.
            I am kneeling for Him, as He claims me.  We are chatting a little, and He asks me how my credit card is doing.  I look up at Him, surprised.  It has been a long time...maybe a year...since He has checked on that.  Several years least 6 or 7.... i asked Master to help me out with a credit card that was out of control.  I had tried to manage it on my was not working.  I thought about it a long time before i asked....i was not sure if He wanted to go there, and honestly not entirely sure i wanted to.  But i asked, and He said He would love to help.  I told Him how much i owed...He told me i had to pay off twice what i charged each month and report to Him.  That worked for a few months, and the one month i could not....Master simply told me to hand over my credit card to Him, He would keep it safe and return it when the balance on it was 0.  I remember thinking...OMG..what have i gotten myself into.  Then, much to my  surprise,,,even today i am surprised i did it...i handed it over.  I did not get it back for over half a year....but i achieved the goal, and have been a much better money manager since then.
          When Master asked today, i stalled a bit, but did say i carried a small balance.  He inquired what it was...and said He knew i was done Christmas shopping..and wrapping:)...and that He wanted the balance gone next month.  I agreed it would be.
Master said to me....when I say I am in charge... I own...all of you...i mean it.  All of You...not just your body.  For a gal who witnessed the bra burning, we can have it all, we are in charge of us era....and is amazing how warm, safe and contented it makes me to hear Master say that His arm has a long reach......
      Back to today, after my claiming i start to rise, and Master tells me to stay put, we are starting with His pleasure today, i start to lick and suck, Master starts to wonder if could cum from sucking Him....I am then over Master's lap, where He checks and discovers that i was also enjoying  pleasing Him.  He starts lightly spanking my pussy, increasing the intensity until i am panting and needing a permission, which is granted.  Master is laughing and asks if i am confused seem we have started our play time, the way we usually end it.  It certainly was a wonderful way to warm me up.
     Master then starts to warm up my bottom first with His hand, then with the hairbrush paddle.  I am told to keep my legs open, and Master is spanking all over my bottom including my thighs.  I am in a good place, and am accepting the spanking, without much of a struggle.   Master then asks if i would like some leather...DUH...He tells
 me to get up and get the beaver tail paddle from His bag.  Takes me a while to find it, but i do, and am back over His lap, loving how this is progressing. I am totally relaxed while He continues spanking with that wonderful little paddle.  When He is done, i am dripping.....
     Master tells me to quickly get back to His cock.  I am concentrating on Him, He is telling me to let myself get wetter , to think about cumming, He is rubbing and massaging me.  He asks if i can feel myself dripping...i am nodding.  Master then tells me to start playing with continue until i cum. The only condition, i must still be enjoying His cock.
I feel myself start to get close, to shudder, Master is encouraging me happens, i explode, and i have managed to take Master's cock with me.  
    Master is telling me to stay where i am, to keep His cock in my mouth , but to relax, no movement, just quiet.  I am so totally relaxed, i feel like i will nap, which Master encourages.   We just rest, me with His cock in my mouth, for me a new experience, but one i look forward to repeating..:)
  Master promised to warm me up.....He succeeded in turning the temperature up to HOT!! 
hugs abby  

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

It's cookie exchange day:)

  I have been making these cookies for years.  Every time I try to stop, everyone asks for them.  If you want them to look more like Christmas cookies, you can add red or green food coloring to the peanut butter part...
                                 PEANUT BUTTER SWIRL COOKIES

1/2 cup shortening
1 cup creamy peanut butter
2 cups of sugar
4 T. of milk
2 eggs
2 1/2 cups of flour
1 t. baking soda

Cream shortening, peanut butter, eggs, milk  and sugar.
Gradually add flour and baking soda.
Roll into 2 rectangles as wide as a sheet of wax paper. (about 10 inches long and 1/4 inch thick).

1 (12 oz.) package of chocolate chips
2 T butter
1/4 cup peanut butter

Melt chocolate, peanut butter and butter together and spread over dough.
Roll cookies and refrigerate for 1/2 hour.
Slice to 1/4 in. thickness and place on an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake 7-8 minutes at 375.  Cool on rack.

Hugs abby


Monday, December 8, 2014

A new twist to M/M

           As just about everyone knows by now, Monday is maintenance spanking day in my world.  For the most part, the spanking is the same each week.  We start with my naked kneeling, while Master and i discuss plans for the week.  I am then invited over His lap, usually starting with a hand warm-up, then the maintenance paddle makes an appearance.
          I get a bit more of a warm-up with some light taps...light according to Master's definition.  Then, He tucks me in, and it is 100 spanks, in sets of 25 or 50 usually, with rubbing between the sets.  Each set is harder, and the last 10 the most memorable.  Today, we were about the start the second set of 50, Master was rubbing my bottom, when i hear...'I have been thinking'....
          Ut i wait to hear the rest.  He asks if i have ever heard of the diaper position....i slowly and quietly reply ....yes.  He asks if anyone has ever written about it.  Now i do recall i couple, so i say yes...and quickly one liked it.  (You will all back me up on this).  'Hmmmm, i think we should make up our own minds'. (No surprise there).
I am told to get up and in position.  I stay'no time like the present'. He has that smirky look, and i know...this is going to happen.
        So i get up and get into the diaper position...on my back, legs up, and Master wants them apart.  I get the last 50 all at once.  I will say, He was not spanking as hard as He usually does....but....He did not need to.  I was ouching almost at once.  Not to mention, that He found more targets than he usually does....i am hoping this is a one time experiment.
      When the spanking, and some rubbing is done, i start to move, and am told to stay put.
Master has my large toy and is rubbing  all over and plunging and pulling and has it turned on high.  Hmmm...maybe this diaper position can be a positive.  After a few minutes, i yell out...Fuck me please, Master....and that rarely happens.  He quickly is granting my request, and i am soon exploding, shuddering, and gasping.  When i can talk again, Master asks if the diaper position gets a thumbs up.....was the payoff worth it.....
we might have to continue investigating.
       hugs abby

Saturday, December 6, 2014

500 Posts!!

         I am not a person who watches her stats. I have never been a numbers person...math is a necessary evil.  When Master asks about blog stats (engineer...numbers Man), i always say...i have no idea.  I did happen to notice last week that i was close to 500 posts.  The thought of that surprised me...500?? did that happen.  How did i ever have enough to say....i sure hope i have not been boring!
       I started blogging because i was told i had to. I had all the same worries most of you probably had...what if no one reads, what if they think i am nuts, what if no one ever comments.  After about 2 months i said to Master, i am done. He told me to continue for 6 months, after that the choice would be mine.  That was about 5 years ago.  
        What i did not know..or expect..are the many benefits this blog has provided.  Yes, i now have a place to look back on ( have been a diary keeper since high school), but even more importantly i have discovered many things about this blogging community. is a place of acceptance....spanking is a general term...the how's and why's and what else is our 'kink'...all of it is accepted.  
.....i have made friends, that go beyond this blog.  We play games, we email, we care about each other.
....i have a place to go for a daily giggle, or for some Friday Fails that make you wonder what were they thinking, or recipes, or to read some wonderful free stories, or to reinforce that i am not overly weird, or to learn about customs and life in others countries, to connect with like minded people, or to learn about new ways and ideas.
....i have received such support and encouragement during times of grief or illness.
 ..Thank you all....
hugs abby


Thursday, December 4, 2014

What's a Road Trip Without a Sore Bottom??

        I am heading back to my daughter's this weekend.  It is good traveling weather, the 2 grands are in a Christmas pageant, and we get to celebrate both daughter's birthdays...and if there is time, decorate a tree!
       Master decided that a road trip is best started with a sore bottom.  I am kneeling naked as He is claiming me.  Lately, most of that claiming is concentrated on my breast.  He starts off lightly and His gentle rubbing, pulling, and use of His fingertips has me panting and squirming. He ups the pain and when i groan, He says He needs a reason to suck and lick them when He is done. I laugh and say no reason needed, they are His, but He continues. When He is done, He replaces His fingers with His tongue. He is in no hurry and continues until i am thinking i may need a permission...of course just as i start thinking that...He stops.
        Then it is over His lap, as He grabs the maintenance paddle.  He starts tapping it on my bottom, telling me this is my warm-up.  He stops for a little rub and tells me 100 sets of 25.  In 'Master speak'....this means...each set will be a little harder.
By the last 25 i am 'ouching' loudly.  Master checks, and  yes..a certain part of me is reacting positively to His paddling.  We are chatting when Master asks...would you like a flogging?  Now that is almost the epitome of a silly question.
         He has me get up and lean in front of the fireplace, hanging on to the mantle.  He says would you like them.  I have to look back and check and see if this is really  Him.  He chuckles and's almost like you are in charge.  I say  maybe i could get used to it...and both decide...NO.  The first 25 are very per my request.  When He stops, He drags the flogger all over my body, i am swooning.  The next 25 are a little heavier, when He starts the third set i ask for a harder flogging. He obliges me..and then He decides the last 25 should be harder still...the slow build up, the feel of the leather tentacles...i am in a good place.
        When He is finished i start to turn around, and am told to stay in place.  He wants to use His whip.  He hears a loud sigh....After about 5 stingy ones...He tells me only 10 more...that is good news.  But they will be hard ones...not so good news.  They are hard, and i react after each one...He gets to 10....i am is the lightest one of all.  Master is rubbing my back, loving the feeling of the heat. Master then decides to get a larger paddle from His bag.  It covers both cheeks at once, and is heavy.  I 'only' get 10, but He makes each one count.  He tells me i may move.
       He is standing just behind me and motions me to kneel.  I am enjoying the taste of Him, my chance to pleasure Him.  Master then returns the pleasure, until i am limp.

Have a good weekend all....hugs abby


Monday, December 1, 2014

Why Maintenance....

        On Monday's i wake up and as soon as i am awake enough for logical thought, i is Monday...quickly followed by the thought...i will be spanked.  Most of the time now, it is a fleeting thought before i start my day.  It is a fact of life, a part of my submission.  On a rare Monday i think, i am so happy it is maintenance day, i need to feel Master's paddle, Master's strength, i need a sore bottom.  More often, i start to think, i am not sure i want this, i do not want a hard spanking today.
        As i lie there, i remember why we started maintenance.  It was maybe 7 years ago...we had moved from being occasional spanking partners into a submissive/Master relationship.  It was not what i was looking for when we first met....not what He was looking for....but, slowly it was where we ended up.  It was all so new to me, but i knew how i i was whole, i had found a part of me that had been missing.  We had much in common, and we just seemed to 'fit'.
        But, i was struggling.  I wanted to move forward, but was finding it difficult.  I was having a hard time sustaining my submissive mindset between spanking sessions.  I will add, i also had major trust issues, and very large never to be torn down walls had been built ....they were meant to be permanent.  Master was making progress on the trust issue, He proved many times over He was a man of His word.  
       I had been reading blogs for a couple years, and one morning when i was thinking..why am i not better at sustaining my submission when life got busy?  I read a blog....that is no longer available...and i sat there stunned.  I could have written it...this person was feeling exactly what i was, asking the same questions. It was unbelievable....i asked if i could send parts of the entry to Master, since she had written what i wanted to say so much better than i ever could. She agreed, i typed a note to Master and debated on sending it.  I did finally send it, He replied immediately...and the next day was the first maintenance spanking.  
      I was in shock, i think, and honestly....wondered for a while how long weekly would last.  It did not take me long to realize that weekly....meant every single week.  Has it changed over the years...yes...we did not start out on a set day, or with a special maintenance paddle...or basically the same routine we follow now.
       The submission truly became a part of me, daily, with no doubts. My doubts about me....and yes...some about Him...were no longer nagging at me...some of my walls started to crumble....i found myself relaxing into my submission, we found ourselves moving forward.  
     No journey is ever always smooth sailing, but with the start of maintenance we seemed to have found a way to ensure our connection, to make it stronger.  Am i advocating maintenance for everyone...of course not.  We are all different in so many ways, our journeys are unique, our relationships are based what the two people involved need and want.....but for me....waking up on Monday's means i will be spanked...hard...and i will start my week calmer, more sure of myself, feeling safe knowing that i am His....and that is just what happened today.

Hugs, abby