Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...

           I will be heading to my daughters in the morning, hoping that by then the snow has stopped and the roads are least clearer.  My granddaughter called this morning all excited that it was declared a snow day, no school!  Her mom on the other hand had taken the day off to clean and cook....ah well....
           Since i will not be here for Fun Friday, Master had a quick version of it today.  It was very cold here, and the house was cold.  The heat is turned way down during the day if no one is at home.  I am mentioning the cold as i am shedding my layers of clothing for my naked kneeling time.  Master reminds me that i will soon be very warm, heading towards hot.
            Once Master has claimed me, i notice a large fluffy blanket nearby.  I point it out to Master, He laughs and asks if i want it to keep me warm.  I nod, so i find myself over Master's lap with a big fluffy blanked covering me.  Master starts to spank with His hand, and wonders if i am feeling anything.  Not He picks up His little paddle and asks if i can feel that...feels just about right!  Master soon tires of spanking the blanket, and assures me He will get me hot....
          He is  using the paddle, not as hard as maintenance, but not lightly either. He spanks for what seems like a long time and i wonder how much longer.  He tells me this spanking is for His enjoyment and that He loves having me over His lap, totally open to Him, He loves watching my bottom as it loses  its paleness, to pink and then a shade of red.  That quiets me, but this spanking is starting to hurt. 
       Master decides to 'check' to see if i am complaining too much....and of course...He finds that 'she' is really enjoying His paddle.  He makes sure i am wet....very wet...when He suggest that i might like to suck His cock.  I am in such a good place, but i quickly 
move, and am enjoying the taste of Him.  
       Master then has me get up, and checks to see how 'she' is doing...'she' is dripping.  Master continues until He gets me to the point of needing a permission, and as soon as i ask, He picks up the paddle and start to paddle my bottom.  I can feel myself dripping and raising up to meet the paddle. but i am not feeling any pain, and as Master continues to paddle , i explode....several times.  I am quiet, trying to recover when Master starts to roam again, He has found my little pinwheel, and is using it all over my red, hot bottom.  I tell Him, i have had enough, i an spent....i should know better.  He laughs and says really?...He continues with both the pinwheel and His fingers, until i have to admit, i am not done...i need more permissions.  When i have recovered, we sit and cuddle as we chat.
          I hope all of you on this side of the ocean, have a day of family and feasting tomorrow.....the Thanksgiving fairy has promised me that all foods eaten on Thanksgiving will only contain half of the normal calories...:)  
hugs abby


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    1. typos...trying again

      thank goodness for the Thanksgiving fairy...hope she stops by here too...the tasting has already begun as things get made... :-) Hugs

  2. Hey Abby...hope you have a very safe journey to your daughters. Wishing you a lovely and loving Thanksgiving holiday...and a lot of fun with your grands! ;)

    Hugs and Blessings...

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Abby. Hope you have a wonderful time with the family. Travel safe. Hooray for the Thanksgiving fairy :)


  4. Hi Terps, funny that blanket was handy! Lovely to have a bit of snow, ( we only get a few flakes very rarely). Hope you have a good time
    love Jan,xx

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Abby, wishing you safe traveling and a wonderful day. So glad you had your Friday early!

  6. God Bless you and Happy Thanksgiving to you abby. Travel safe and enjoy your family. Here' to hoping that you get your Friday again on Friday.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time with your family.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving and have a wonderful time with your family.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  10. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Master, Abby! Hope that you had a wonderful day yesterday, and that your travels weren't too snowy! Aww! I bet you are having such fun with the grands! Enjoy! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  11. Happy b-lated Thanksgiving to you, Master and all your family!!
    Glad you had fun!!