Friday, November 28, 2014


       Hope you all had a wonderful holiday...I completed this before i left for the holiday...

  Thank you Ronnie for a new meme.

1. What is your favorite kind of pie?  My favorite kind of anything is chocolate cream, chocolate pecan, chocolate chip cookie pie, get the idea.

2.  Who's your favorite band/singer? many...oldies and some newbies...Beatles might top the list.

3.  Favorite fruit?  Anything in the melon family.

4.  Favorite sport?  I guess the one i have been a fan of the beloved Red Sox.

5.  Favorite color?  Orange..always has been! 

6.  Favorite accessories?  When i was teaching...and when i am with the grands...i always were something with a, earrings, pin, etc...

7. Do you collect anything?  Since i started college is amazing how many things can be made to look like a frog...or have a frog motif.

8. Do you read?  Every much as possible.

9. Are you sad about Michael Jackson's death?  Sad for his children and those who loved him.

11. Can you apply mascara with your mouth closed?  I did not know this until now....but no i cannot.

12. Have you ever broken a many? No, i have not...lots of sprained ankles, tho.

13. Do you text people often?  I do..Master, the grands (yes they already text), the kids.....

14.  Have you ever gone to a concert? Oh..lots, but not in a couple of years....would love to go more often.

15.  Are  you runner? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL  Once , i made it two houses  from mine.

16.  Would you ever get a tattoo?  I almost did once....was with a friend she was getting one. 
I would a small one...of course, after getting Master's permission.

17. What is the song that describes your life most?  Oh wow...i think we all march to a different drummer and live to a different song.  Our lives compose our songs as we go on.  The first i thought of....Jerimiah Was a

18.  Have you ever been heartbroken.  Yes, not a very happy time.

19. What do you wish to accomplish before you die? Hmmmm, I guess to make as many good memories as possible to give those that i love something to smile about.

20.  Are you afraid of death?  Not so sure i am afraid of death, more concerned about how my last days will play out...hopefully peacefully with loved ones around.

21. Are you having a good year? For the most part a great one...

22.  Do you forget things easily? ..where are those darn keys???

23.  Are you overly truthful? Not sure about are either truthful or you are not. I do try to not deliberately hurt someone's feelings....

24. Do you like the heat?  Love having a toasty warm bottom....and much prefer it to snow.

25. Have you ever met a celebrity?  Yes, but no one current.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving...

           I will be heading to my daughters in the morning, hoping that by then the snow has stopped and the roads are least clearer.  My granddaughter called this morning all excited that it was declared a snow day, no school!  Her mom on the other hand had taken the day off to clean and cook....ah well....
           Since i will not be here for Fun Friday, Master had a quick version of it today.  It was very cold here, and the house was cold.  The heat is turned way down during the day if no one is at home.  I am mentioning the cold as i am shedding my layers of clothing for my naked kneeling time.  Master reminds me that i will soon be very warm, heading towards hot.
            Once Master has claimed me, i notice a large fluffy blanket nearby.  I point it out to Master, He laughs and asks if i want it to keep me warm.  I nod, so i find myself over Master's lap with a big fluffy blanked covering me.  Master starts to spank with His hand, and wonders if i am feeling anything.  Not He picks up His little paddle and asks if i can feel that...feels just about right!  Master soon tires of spanking the blanket, and assures me He will get me hot....
          He is  using the paddle, not as hard as maintenance, but not lightly either. He spanks for what seems like a long time and i wonder how much longer.  He tells me this spanking is for His enjoyment and that He loves having me over His lap, totally open to Him, He loves watching my bottom as it loses  its paleness, to pink and then a shade of red.  That quiets me, but this spanking is starting to hurt. 
       Master decides to 'check' to see if i am complaining too much....and of course...He finds that 'she' is really enjoying His paddle.  He makes sure i am wet....very wet...when He suggest that i might like to suck His cock.  I am in such a good place, but i quickly 
move, and am enjoying the taste of Him.  
       Master then has me get up, and checks to see how 'she' is doing...'she' is dripping.  Master continues until He gets me to the point of needing a permission, and as soon as i ask, He picks up the paddle and start to paddle my bottom.  I can feel myself dripping and raising up to meet the paddle. but i am not feeling any pain, and as Master continues to paddle , i explode....several times.  I am quiet, trying to recover when Master starts to roam again, He has found my little pinwheel, and is using it all over my red, hot bottom.  I tell Him, i have had enough, i an spent....i should know better.  He laughs and says really?...He continues with both the pinwheel and His fingers, until i have to admit, i am not done...i need more permissions.  When i have recovered, we sit and cuddle as we chat.
          I hope all of you on this side of the ocean, have a day of family and feasting tomorrow.....the Thanksgiving fairy has promised me that all foods eaten on Thanksgiving will only contain half of the normal calories...:)  
hugs abby

Monday, November 24, 2014

100 is more than enough....

          Master is so very good at keeping me on my more ways than one;).  But when it comes to maintenance spankings, it is pretty much a set routine.  
          Monday is the day....we both make that a priority. The purpose of maintenance for us is to keep me out of trouble during the busy week. I am not a rebellious type, but i often had these little voices in my head....and ..boy...could they get me into trouble.  Maintenance has pretty much banished those voices.  Punishment spankings, which used to be a fairly regular occurrence, are now a rarity. 
             Like today, we start with hugs, some chat, and then my naked kneeling.  Hands behind me, back straight, head forward.  Master claims all of me..He touches and rubs, and pulls and pinches.  Master is also very good with words, the whole time He is talking to me reminding me why we have maintenance, that all of me is His, how well i am doing.
               Then it is over His lap.  I get a hand warm-up, as we continues to chat.  He does some checking to see if i am reacting...i always am.  Sometimes i am have to tell Him when to start the 'real spanking' permissions before maintenance...other times He decides.  The real spanking is 100....hard, fast ones...with the maintenance paddle. A smallish, but heavy paddle with holes.   He usually stops after 50 for some rubbing, and the last 10 are the hardest.  Somewhere along the way, i end up kneeling and 'enjoying' Master's cock.
               That is how it went today.  I was laying over His lap, recovering 
as He is rubbing and getting me thinking of more pleasurable activities.  Today, we are chatting about Thanksgiving, i will be away.  Master says.....since it is going to be Thanksgiving and you will be away...maybe maintenance should be 200 spanks today.  Do you want another 100?  Now, the answer to that may seem easy....but it is not.  Obviously my first reaction is to shout NO...but i have learned...that does not work too well.
But, i really do not want 100 with that little paddle.  Master insists on i say nicely....No Sir, i would not like another 100.
        Then He asks why not?  I quickly say the first thing that pops into my head.....because it might set a precedence , Sir.  He laughs and says great answer...and we move on to more pleasurable activities.  PHEW......cause, really....100 is more than enough.
hugs abby

Friday, November 21, 2014

Too many fun options to choose a title....

            I am sitting on a sore bottom feeling like my time with Master earlier was like choosing from a Chinese many good options....and i got to 'taste' from many of the options.
           As i walk in, I notice that Master's bag is open and on top of it are leathers toys....only leather.  I am a very happy 'young lady'.  Master always has a plan..sometimes we follow it...sometimes we get distracted.  
            I am quickly kneeling naked, Master uses His hands to relax,  to calm help me close out everything but us...His voice, His touch, His scent, His taste....I am relaxed, enjoying, feeling my wetness grow.
             Then i am over His lap, for a hand warm-up.  We chat, until i start to squirm, both from the heat on my bottom...and the rising dampness in my pussy. He has me get the 'beaver tail' paddle.  It is small and shaped like a beaver's tail.  It is used much less than it should be...I am totally relaxed as Master uses it all over my bottom.  Master stops for occasional rubs, and i am close to floating.  Just when i think He is finished, He picks up the paddle and aims for my sit spots....a set of very hard ones... they wake me up and i find my 'voice'.
          Master has me get up and bend over, head down, bottom out...a good target.  The tawse is next, the sensation changing from a thud to a sting.  After a few sets, Master tells me to stay put and He gets the razor strop.  It is wide and long and heavy.  It also makes a very loud noise.  I can feel my bottom getting hotter and hotter....and that 'hotness' spreads. Honestly i am not sure how many or how long...i hear the loud smacks, i feel the leather on my bottom, i feel the heat...i am in a zone...a very  good zone.
       Master finishes, and rubs up against my bottom. I am pushing back, when He decides He needs some 'attention'.  I get up as He sits and i kneel in front of Him.  I cannot get enough of Him, i am concentrating on one thing only...on His cock. (i used that word just to show a few 'friends' that i could)..He stops me, and says we will continue later.  He asks if i am ready to be 'fisted'.  I honestly tell Him, i am never ready. He checks and says He thinks i am very ready, and it has been a long time since i have been stretched.  
     He has me get on all fours, legs spread wide.  He gets the lube, although He says i am so wet, i probably do not need it.  Master makes sure i am very aroused and ready.  He finger...and laughs, you hardly feel that.  A second and third finger i am starting to feel full.  Four fingers and now only His thumb is left.  I am grunting and groaning, He reminds me that if i am in pain He will stop. I need to let Him know if it is too much.  He continues until i am full with His touch, feeling like we are a part of each other, submissive, His.  He removes His thumb and uses it to fill my bottom...i am now completely filled in a different way...He brings me right to the edge...until i collapse on the blanket.
    When i am somewhat recovered, Master tells it is time to finish what i started before.  I am back on my knees, once again, feeling like we are a part of each other, so submissive, so His.  His taste is on my tongue, and just as i swallow, I hear...hold it, You don't have permission to swallow.  It is too late, I apologize, Master is gracious about it, but tells me from know on i need to wait for permission to swallow.  
   Master 'checks' me again, I am so needing of permissions, which are granted, as i explode. As i come back to earth, i am quiet, resting, smiling...Master is waiting for me to respond, to regain some semblance of awareness.  As soon as i do, Master invites me to sit on His lap, to be His little one.  We 'make out'...i have not used that term in forever...we snuggle, we are content.
     I think Friday's are pretty much everyone's favorite included.  But this was something special.  

hugs abby

Monday, November 17, 2014

Counting should be left to Master....LOL spanking day!

       Today was the day...the totals were tallied, life was playing fair, time for me to get the spanking that my wonderful readers created .  I told Master that most of you thought there was no need to double the totals.  He laughed, ....after all, Master knows best.
        We started with my naked kneeling.  Master had been in a cold garage all morning working on a car, His hands were COLD.  In no time, He had my nipples perky and stiff....just as He likes them. He asked if a warm-up was part of this spanking, i reminded Him that 400 with His hand would be a wonderful warm-up.  
    I was over His lap, when He asked who would count.  I replied, you always seem to want to count, He decided to let me count these, and to let Him know at each 50 mark.  He started of lightly, but was spanking fast.  I was busy counting trying not to miss any. I called out 50, He continued.  When we reached 200, He asked if a stop for rubbing was included in this plan...i told Him you all wanted a stop for rubbing and....He chuckled, but did stop and had me totally relaxed.  Then the next 200, a little harder, and i was concentrating on counting.  
   We reach the 400 mark and i tell Master that counting is not all that much fun...concentrating on counting does not allow me to enjoy and float off....Master can  have the counting job.
   He asks what i would like next....i choose the crop. The number is 70.  Master tells me to stand and put my hands behind my neck.  I usually like the sensation of the crop, but today it mostly just hurt.  Not sure if it was the position i was in, but I was happy it was 'only' 70...and all on my bottom.
  Next was Master's belt:).  Forty was the total.  On a very warmed bottom, and not having to count, it was delish.....reinforcing my love of leather.  Master wanted to check and see if ' she ' was enjoying, I assured Him i could feel her 'puddling'..Master laughed and said He loved that word.
   Lastly was 40 with a paddle.  Master went to His bag and returned with the acrylic paddle.  I am not a paddle lover, and that one is near the bottom of the list.  I went back over Master's lap, a little apprehensive.  The spanks were firm, but very tolerable .  When He finished, Master asked if we had missed something.  He reminded me that that had been a comment about a hairbrush.  Ah...yes....25 with the hairbrush, 5 on my bottom and 20 on my locks had been the comment. Master insisted we double it. We started with the 10 on my bottom, then Master had me spread my legs wide, and started in on my 'locks'...which are non-existent, per one of His rules.  He was going lightly, and after 20 He turned the brush around and used the bristle side. The bristles created a sensation like no other.  I was soon writhing and groaning, and Master reminded me 20 more. After the last 20, He went back to 'brushing' my pussy, i was thinking i will not last long, when i hear Him ask if i would like to taste His cock.
   I quickly get up and in position, for some delicious cock sucking.  When i am finished Master then decides to reward me with a few permissions of my own.  We both enjoyed this play Thank You all of you for participating...
    As I was lying there spent and floating, Master brings up  a topic, i had hoped He had forgotten...even tho the man seems never to forget.  I had tickets to go see a musical with a friend over the weekend.  I kept forgetting to ask Master about it, and kept thinking i will mention it next time.  On Saturday when I asked for permission He asked if i had already purchased the had.  He said i could go, but we would be having a long talk about this.
    One of my rules is i need permission anytime i leave the house.  It is one of those rules that has changed over time, and is not meant to restrict me, but He likes to know where i am.  I cannot remember getting a no, altho i might have times He does tell me to go pantyless or to tie a ribbon around my ankle...or something that will remind me, He goes with me, even if not physically.
  So as i am over His lap, in that wonderful place we all love, i hear Him ask it there is something else we should discuss.  I stay quiet, He asks again.  I tell Him i am sorry, i really meant to ask, and it just got away from me.  He says He is not pleased, and He knows that there are times when i plan, then ask, or even buy tickets then ask.  I admit that has happened, holding my breath.
   Master then says He will not punish me this time...but it is not to happen again.  He wants me to ask first, then plan...always.  I just have to say, i have to check and will get right back to you.  The next time i plan first, i will have to cancel my plans.....He is not interested in curtailing my activities or trips or any of that, but He wants me to give up control over this.  We talked about it a bit more, i had a couple questions, and i will now be much more aware of having to check with Master before i settle on plans. 
    Master then asks if there is someplace else i would like to be.  I look at Him, and say....Yes, cuddling on Your lap.  We are snuggling and and enjoying each other when Master says a pretty good Fun Friday. I reply, but it is Monday.  He immediately says...Monday??..Mondays are for maintenance.  I hope He is kidding, He is not. I tell Him this could count as maintenance, He is not buying it, Monday is maintenance, maintenance is a hard spanking, and we are both committed to that. 
  So i get up Master goes to get that darn acrylic paddle again. I am back over Master's lap, and He starts.....they are not the hardest, but harder than before.  He stops at 50, to rub and chat just a bit.  I ask if He is done, or just taking a break.  Well, He says, He could be done.  Is that what i want...I am not sure...part of me wants it to be done.  He decides we are not...40 more then the last 10 hard ones.  Master starts to rub and massage and my bottom, and i am in need of more permissions....
   A very wonderful and warm way to spend a snowy afternoon...

hugs abby

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Spanking Tally....

     Wow what a two days!!!  Thank you to everyone who visited here, left a comment and determined what my next spanking will be.  I enjoyed discovering new bloggers and their sites, and reading your take on LOL day.  A big  THANK YOU to Hermione at for hosting and making it so easy to  get from blog to blog.  I am still working on the list she has listed, so some of you will still be hearing from me.
     As part of my LOL day post, i invited you to determine my next spanking.  For each comment choosing  to help determine that , i would get 10 with the 'toy' of their choice.  In  my comments, i mistakenly said plus 5...but i did add 10 for each comment.  Here is the final total...

        Master's hand.....200  (all the votes for feathers were added here..we tried feathers a couple weeks ago...Master was not impressed.)
        Master's belt.....40
        Master's crop...70
        Master's paddle....40
       and a vote for 25 with the hair brush....5 on my bottom and 20 on my "locks"  (Master chuckled at that one..)

The plan was to have that spanking today as Fun Friday.  But  you all know about that thing called 'life'....yeah, our alone time was limited today, so we had some kneeling time, a hand spanking :)...and then....some lovin...
Master said since we disappointed you, to let you know the spanking will be Monday....hopefully by then 'life' will be in a more cooperative mood.  And since we have made  you wait....the numbers will be doubled.  I told Him that was not necessary, but He insisted....and when He insists...i say , Yes Sir.  So those numbers above will be doubled.....

I am very thankful for all those hand bottom will be very well warmed up....

hugs abby


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Welcome to LOL with my next spanking!

   LOL day...Love our Lurkers!!!  We do love our lurkers, but we would also love to hear from you.
     I started off as a lurker, just reading and enjoying, getting new ideas, seeing what  a diverse group bloggers are.  One day I got the nerve to leave a comment...i mentioned it to Master.  He suggested i should start a blog.
Being the subby that i am...i did not.  Who would be interested...who would read....what would i say....Master gave me a couple of weeks, and the 'suggestion' became a...You will start a blog, I will help with the setting up, but it is your place to write about whatever you want.
    Now i am not suggesting that you should all start a blog...altho that would be great.....but what i discovered here in blog land is a wonderful group of people.  A diverse group to be sure, but a very accepting group.  I have made friends, i have a support group of people who i have never met, but who support me....when life gets a little rough. 
   So, continue to lurk...or just read...but just for today, how about a "hello". If you desire not to leave a name...non required.  I will return the hello, and maybe that is the start of a new conversation, or a new friend.
    To make things a little more interesting, i asked Master if anyone who commented today could help determine my next spanking.  So...if you comment, please add  what you would like Master to spank me with ...choices are...His hand, a belt, crop, or a paddle of His choice (:(...
For everyone who participates Master will give me 10 spanks with that choice.  So, if 10 of you choose belt...that is 100 with belt....7 choose crop...and additional 70 with the crop.  I will do the tally...Master reads here, so it will be accurate....My next spanking is up to you.....
And..thanks for reading....
hugs abby     

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Large Strap....

         This week's maintenance was today.  Master has decided to add a little variety to maintenance.  For months it has been with what has come to be known as the maintenance paddle.  It is smallish, and heavy.  Master's first words to me yesterday were.....large strap for maintenance.
      Yesterday ended up being 'one of those days', so maintenance was today.  Master first words to me....try not to think of the large strap all devious.  That strap is long and heavy...very does not get use often.  Every time it does make an appearance, i  become apprehensive....til after we start, and then i remember...the kiss of leather.
       As usual we start with my naked kneeling time.  Just as i am about to get up, Master tells me to stay put....and is grinning as He starts to unbuckle....i help and am soon enjoying Master's cock.  He comments on my enthusiasm....which of course, makes me even more so.    
      Then it is over His lap for a hand warm-up.  He starts off very lightly, just tapping.  We are chatting and He is rubbing, massaging and spanking lightly.  You can guess how i react...i am panting, and i know there are no permissions until after maintenance is done.  Master laughs and asks if i am ready to the large strap...ready or not, i  know that we need to start before i explode.
      Master has me get up and lean over head down, bottom up and presented.  Maintenance is 100 spanks, Master says He will switch sides after every 10, He wants my bottom a nice even red color.  The first 10 feel really hard and have me getting loud fast.  He switches and the next 10 don't seem as hard....Master says it must be His back swing.  Master stops after every 20 to rub a bit, and see if i am reacting positively to the 'kiss of leather'.  I am, i can feel the wetness.  As Master continues, i am better able to accept the strokes, and look forward to the short breaks.  We finally get to the last 20....good news/bad news. They are the end...but they also will be the hardest.  He decides to switch sides after every  5....that helps a little with the smacks.  We finish, Master quickly pulls me up for a big hug, telling me how well i did.
          We then move on to more pleasurable activity, ending up with me spent and barely breathing.  Once i can move, Master pulls me onto His lap for some snuggle time......
         A reminder..tomorrow is Love Our Lurkers day....always a fun day to meet new people....looking forward to hearing from many of you...and it is going to be wintry here...a good day for blog reading.

hugs abby

Friday, November 7, 2014

Who was that girl......

      .....the one tied to a whipping post!
          Master loves projects....He is always working on several at a time..He is creative and talented.  He had a surprise for waiting for me today.  I walk into the living room and there is a ceiling to floor large post in front of the fire place.  There are bolts on it and a chain hanging from the top.  I am thinking what is that and why is it here....
         Master is grinning....He made a whipping post for me to be tied to...for Fun Friday.  I am not sure that tied to a whipping post is my idea of a Fun Friday....when Master tells me, in this case it is a flogging post.  Now, that has possibilities for fun.   
          We start with my naked kneeling time and a quick hand warm-up.  He then puts my cuffs on, and hands up, facing the post, i am tied to a whipping...flogging post.  Master says....1000 with the flogger.  I love His flogger, but 1000 is a lot, and i know they will not all be gentle...
            The first 100 are on my back, starting off lightly.  I start to relax, thinking....i am tied to a whipping post....He is so full of surprises.  He stops to rub and says my back is still cool, the next 50 are harder.  He asks if i am getting wet yet...and of course i am.  Then next 50 He aims at my pussy....back to fairly gentle ones.  He reminds me, i may not cum without permission...and there are still 800 to go.
            The next 100 are on my bottom, and the intensity is increased.  The last 10, He aims for thighs and shins.  Back to my back for the next 200 hundred, increasing in hardness, as i get louder.  The last 20 are the hardest, and i am glad to be at the half way point, til.....
              I hear Master tell me to twist around and face Him, time to flog my breast.  I am less than thrilled, but i am soon facing Him...eyes closed.  After the first 50 i am squirming, and starting to get vocal. Master stops an tells me that after the next 50, He will used His mouth to  soothe my breast...something to look forward to.  Once again He increases the intensity, the last 10, very hard and i am very loud.  Master loves a reaction...and He is getting one.  Finally we are at 600, and Master pulls up a chair...yes i am on the short side....for a long session of soothing my breast.  He is sucking, licking, lapping....soothing to the point of where i am once again squirming...but not from the pain...that has been forgotten.
              Master stands and says, not all floggings need to be intense.  The next 100 are more sensual.  He is gently swishing all over my front, and i am melting...and dripping.  
                Master has me turn back to face the post for the last 300.   When we get to 800, Master announces that the last 200 will be a real to remember.  He moves further away, to get a better swing.  He starts off moderately hard and increases the force as He goes along.  When we get to the last 10, He goes all out.  He is quickly rubbing and massaging me...happy to announce that my back is nice and toasty.
                      Master unties my wrists and helps me to a more comfortable position where permissions are soon granted.  I get to snuggle into His furry chest, thinking .....who was that girl tied to a whipping post???

Have a great weekend all....snow is on the way here...:(
hugs abby

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Do Over???

     Do over?  Those were Master's last words to me, as we were saying good bye.
   Maintenance did not happen on Monday, we tried, but no dice.  I was fine with that....Master however was not.  I know that maintenance has been good for me, i know that i am lucky that Master is so very, very, consistent with making sure it happens, but hurts!   So, today was maintenance Wednesday.
    I found myself over Master's lap getting a hand warm-up as we continued to chat.  All too soon, to my way of thinking, chat time was over. Master had picked up the maintenance paddle and was continuing my warm up, i tense up and am told to relax.....i try.  Master continues the warm up with the paddle, telling me He will continue with the warm up until i ask for maintenance to start. I hate asking, so after a few more minutes of the warm-up Master decides to check, and see if i am enjoying this warm-up and therefore do not want it to stop. He finds evidence of His theory.  He continues to probe with with His fingers, until i start to squirm.  I am reminded that cumming without permission is not allowed, and that He will continue until i ask nicely for maintenance to start.  I wait another minute or two, knowing i am walking a tightrope,  finally i ask,... please give me my maintenance spanking.
   Master immediately reacts to my request.  Maintenance is 100 hard spanks......i usually start being vocal and trying to 'swim away' after the first 10.  Master does not count aloud, and i cannot concentrate to count, so i try to hang in there, knowing that He stops after 50, to rub a bit and sometimes chat.  I hear...half way ...and He does not stop.  I complain, but He continues.  I am getting very loud, i swear, my maintenance spanking gets a bit harder each week.  Finally i hear last 20....that is always good news...we are almost done...bad news...He somehow manages to make these even harder.
     Finally, He is done spanking, and is enjoying the view of a red bottom and the feel of the heat coming from the same bottom.  As i am calming down, Master starts to roam again.....checking to see if He can take my mind off my sore bottom.  He can...and so much easier to ask for permissions than to ask for spankings..:)  Just when i am thinking i could lay there forever, Master asks if i would like to sit on His lap and snuggle.  I quickly am being cradled and cuddled.....and life is sooooo good.
    Later, as i am getting ready to leave and Master is walking me to the door....Master asks how my bottom is doing...i smile up at Him and tell Him it is recovering. He then asks if i would like a do over right then.  I look at Him, and can tell...He is just waiting for me to start a nod or to give Him 'that' smile, or to hesitate long grab my hand and lead me back Him a hug and leave quickly....

hugs, abby