Thursday, October 30, 2014

Feathers, flogger, belt, cane and.....hand.....oh my!

          Fun Friday was moved this week, i am leaving early in the morning. I have a lunch date with a very charming 3 year old....and will be trick or treating with a cat and a fireman!  So, today was a.....Terrific Thursday!
         A few days ago Master had mentioned a flogging in my future, i was all smiles thinking about it all week.  Then last nite when He wished me 'sweet dreams', He added...He was thinking of a caning for today.  I must mean a flogging, with my fingers crossed, but i knew....He mentioned it, so it was something He was wanting.
         I had a little surprise for Master, I had made a tally list of all your suggestions from a couple posts ago, feathers was at the top of the list, so i had also gone out and bought a couple feathers to put in my bag.   
       When i entered Master's i noticed He had a flogger, a belt, and a new cane...a heavy looking cane...out.  He was busy, so i was naked and kneeling when He walked in....and when He stood in front of me, i was expecting for Him to start 'claiming' me.  What i hear is we are changing things up today, and He starts to unzip.  I ask for permission to also use my hands and it is granted.  My first treat for today  is tasting Master.
     Master then 'claims' me as i continue to kneel.  When He is done i show Him the tally list, He laughs at the feathers, and i tell Him i bought some with me.  I pull out 2, rather large, bright red feathers.  He immediately says, so this is the color you want your bottom?  I start to backtrack as He is using the feathers on my breast, softly at first, and then hitting the feather against them.  I am trying not to laugh ( it is still the beginning of this play time),  when He manages to rev things up a little with the feathers.  He puts the feathers down and starts to use His hands and magic fingers.  He is playing very lightly, and i am soon starting to pant.
     *****this was one of those sessions where Master switched toys and intensity and positions quite a bit...much of it quickly became you will be getting only a hazy account.*****
     Master tells me to walk over and get the 'toys' He has put on the chair.  I say the cane is heavy and thicker than the others, He simply agrees, that it is.   I am over His lap, a lovely hand warm-up, long and getting harder in increments. I am truly relaxing, until He revs it up more.  He then says...oh i forgot to tell you, today is pussy play (spank) day. My legs are already apart, as He starts spanking 'her', saying something like..she gets all the fun, she should get some of the spanks.  (Anyone else have conversations like this?).  He continues, until He reminds me i do not have a permission...and has me stand.
        Master then tells me to sit on the floor between His legs, up against Him, knees bent, and legs wide open.  I get permission to hold on to His legs, in fact He suggests it might be a good thing.  He picks up His belt, i close my eyes. He is using the tip of His belt to continue the pussy spanking.  I move my hands once and get a smack on each of my thighs, i reach for His legs and hang on tightly. He reaches and checks, to see if i am still wet....just damp.   Just as i am many more..i feel a different sensation.  He has switched to the flogger.  I stop holding my breath, and start to relax.  This time when He checks, He is happier at what he feels.
      Master then has me get up and lean over, bottom up and out...ready.  Time for the cane.....He gives me a couple ...what He calls light swats... and i react, but stay in position.  He tells me to count, I start one, Sir, ....two Sir...when He says you are not thanking me.  We start over. They are certainly not hard swishes, but they hurt, we get to 10 and He asks me why He is caning me....i say because He wants to...He thinks that is a good answer. He starts over standing on the other side, 10 more...counting and thanking.  After that tenth one, He asks what i would say if He was finished with the cane...."Thank you Sir"....He then tells me to real reason for the caning was so i could feel my welts in the car, or last least some soreness and know He is with me.
    Master finishes with my favorite, a delicious flogging.  The flogging truly makes this a Terrific Thursday.  By the end, i am more than ready, and several permissions later, i am one sated, spent, relaxed, smiling, content, happy submissive.
     Have a good weekend, and watch out for all those little goblins tomorrow night.
hugs abby


Monday, October 27, 2014

If It's Monday it must be.....

   Maintenance Day.....
   Thank you to all of you who gave me wonderful suggestions for our next Fun Friday.  Fun Friday will be on Thursday this week....i am heading out for some Halloween fun with a 6 year old 'cat' and a 3 year old 'fireman'.
     I arrive at Master's, He is still working in the garage.  So i get ready....naked and kneeling.  He enters and claims me...reminding me that i am His...all of me.  That this is our time, time to be who we are at our core...submissive and Master.  He then tells me to give Him my hands, He takes them and squeezes them, telling me that He is giving me His strength, to get me through the tough times and to remind me  that He is with me...always.  
   He then tells me to get back in position, and He starts 'playing' with my breast.  He is squishing, squeezing, tugging and pinching.  I move my hands and am reminded to keep them in position.  He then decides that He has not used my little pinwheel toy in a long time.  I love that pinwheel!  He starts with one breast, wheeling it up and down, from the top of my breast over the nipple on the way down.  He completes a few 'trips' and is not happy that there was no trail left...He repeats, only harder, and again.  There is a little pink, and i am starting to debate how much i really do like that pinwheel, when He decides to soothe the area.  He is licking, lapping and sucking until i can barely breathe.  I hear myself moaning, He is reminding me that permissions have not been granted....i reply that i am so wet.  He decides it is time to even things up and repeat the same with my other breast...the pinwheel and the soothing.    My nipples are getting so sensitive i pull away a little but quickly move back towards Him...He chuckles...can't stay away?
   Master 'checks' and agrees that i am indeed getting very 'moist'...we had better proceed to the maintenance part of the day.  I am over His lap and He starts in with somewhat light taps with the maintenance paddle.  I am thumping my leg up and down, when He tells me to keep it still.  I reply that they are not crossed, (another no, no), He wants them quiet...self control.  Luckily we are on a sofa, so i tuck them into the cushions.  He wonders why i am so 'antsy' and squirmy when this is 'just' a warm-up.  The problem is that i did not get a hand warm-up....He soon remedies that, giving me a long hand warm-up.   When He starts in again with the paddle, i am less 'squiggly'.  
    It is time for the real thing, back to the paddle.  He stops for a quick break after 50, the next set gets progressively harder, i am getting vocal and trying to remember to breathe.  He then says last 20...i groan...they are harder still...and when He gets to 10, He says He miscounted and stops.  What a relief.
   His lovely and talented hands then start to wander, as we discuss maintenance.  Why it is a hard spanking, and what are the benefits...and about the importance of consistency.  It does not take long before i am incapable of keeping up with my part of the conversation.  Permissions are needed and granted....
    I then remember that i had been told to remind Master that i had earned  an extra spanking this morning for forgetting to add a Sir to a text.  It has happened before, and He usually just reminds me.  This time He told me to remind Him...UGH.  He tells me the Sir makes Him special...i do not call anyone else Sir i?  No, but there are many other things that i do not do with anyone else...but i get His point.  He asks if i need a new rule, where I will get a certain number of spanks added to maintenance each time i forget the Sir.  I say no....He says He will give me a week, if i forget the new rule will be added.  He then gives me 10 more fast hard ones, during which i have to count and thank Him after each one.  It is hard to keep up but i do.....
     Now, i need a favor from all of you....Maintenance Monday's are an ..obviously...weekly occurrence in my life.  They are pretty much the same each least the spanking part is pretty much the same..the rest..well....there are variations. What i would like to know is....are all of you getting tired of reading about M/M days.  Please be honest, my feelings will not be hurt...

hugs abby

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fun Friday..1000.........

           Last Friday our 'fun' consisted of 1,000 hand spanks.  It was amazing, the only little blip was Master saying this week should be 1,000 with His little paddle.  He mentioned it once again this week, and i did say that i did not think that would be much fun....but He laughed and's a little paddle.
           Today, the paddle is out and very visible.  We chat and hug, and i start my kneeling time.  He loves to tease me as He approaches my breast...will He be the kind, gentle Master.....or the Big Meanie who loves to pinch and squeeze and see me squirm.  He chuckles as He adds...either way , you end up wet...
           I am over His lap, and we are discussing this blog and my latest entry.  He reads the posts, but not the comments, but is always interested in what everyone is saying.  He wonders if my blogging friends would like a say in our future Fun Fridays...suggestions as to what toy He should use for the 1000 spanks.  So i am putting it out there... and counting on the fact that you are all going to place nice for me.  Some of the toys we use, include a light weight froggy paddle, a heavier weight NY Yankees paddle, a horse hair flogger, a large leather flogger, a tawse, His belt, large strap, a smaller strap,...or anything you think would make for a Fun Friday.
     Back to today, as we are discussing possibilities for future Fridays, Master is giving me hand warm-up.  He then reaches for the paddle, and starts in on what i think is the beginning of the 1000, but i am informed it is still His idea of a warm - up.  I do think these should count, they do feel much harder than a warm-up.  Master decides to switch paddles, and pulls out a light-weight kids game paddle.  Now, 1000 might not be so bad.  That only lasts for about 100, when He switches to a heavier and larger shamrock paddle.  I quickly make my views known....but we all know how much they are worth.  The next set is with His NY Yankee's paddle, which actually feels much better than the shamrock one, but is about the same bottom must be very warmed up.  When i make that comment Master laughs and says hardly...and has me touch my is only warm...not hot.
     As He is rubbing to check the temperature, He checks elsewhere, and says, part of me is getting very wet....i knew this to be true.  Master soon has me squirming, and decides to used my large toy, He makes sure i am dripping, when He inserts it again and tells me to close my legs and keep it in place.  He is going to spank me 100 times with His paddle, and i cannot cum until the 100 is up, if i do i will get paddled by the remaining amount after i cum.  He turns the toy to high and asks if i understand...i do.
    He starts with the spanks, they get harder, but i also am trying harder to relax and not get to 'that' point.  I succeed, but know that i am dripping.  Master decides a hard fucking (used that word for a couple of 'friends') in order.....i am off..and off....and off.  He gives me a short break and i start squirming again, He helps me out Master's is like a wet tidal wave...i just keep cumming.  When i stop i can hardly breathe, Master is calming me, massaging, hugging, talking softly. 
     When i can talk again, He asks me how many times did i cum...i have no idea....He says He did not count , but we could count this as the 1,000 cum Fun Friday. No it was not 1,000, but i am sure it was a record...:).  Master asks if i had been holding back and finally released it all....maybe.  I do know will be hard to top this Fun Friday!
hugs abby                    

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Tune-up Tuesday...

     Master gave me a different title, but i cannot exactly remember it...hopefully this one will do...if not we will both hear about it.

     Thanks to a very kind Master, our regular M/M day was moved to Tuesday this week. A friend and i finally both had a day to share together, only it was a Monday, and we wanted all day to ourselves. Normally i really do try to avoid Monday commitments....but this time i asked Master for permission...and it was granted!  Then, an elderly neighbor/friend from up the street called yesterday and needed a ride a doc's appointment and some testing today. Her daughter had to cancel, so i agreed and then told Master, and He said to let Him know when i was available:)..
      So, finally today i was kneeling, naked for Master, being reclaimed by Him.  He touches all of me, mostly gently, covers my ear, then my eyes, quietly telling me to shut every thing else out...this is "Our" time....just for Us.  He then pinches and squeezes my nipples, and i move my hands, but quickly put then back behind me.  He reminds me they are His, His play things, and He likes to play with them, and He squeezes again ..hard...i am holding my breath , but better prepared, and stay in place.
       I am then over His lap, He is hand spanking, quickly increasing the tempo and the strength.  I then feel the coolness of His maintenance paddle, He is lightly spanking while we continues to chat.  I start to squirm and He laughs, reminding that maintenance has not even started yet.  He then asks me why we have keep me from getting into any trouble that would require a basement punishment. He then tells me that i am to remind Him to give me extra spanks when we are finished, i think a minute and then ask why.  Because i did not ask before agreeing to give my neighbor a ride.  Yes, we both know He would have said yes....but i did not ask first.
      He then lets the paddle fly, hard and fast...all over my bottom.  It does not take long for me to be loud and moving.  He stops for a short break, checking to see if "she" is enjoying....He very happily claims 'she ' is.  He continues to stir the pot, and when He has me wet and ready and needy  p, He announces it is time for round 2  (100 in all...that is the weekly counts for a maintenance spanking. I did not know that until today...and some days it seems like a lot more.)      
     Finally He is finished, i relax and open my remind Him there is unfinished business.  He tells me to get up and kneel between His legs, i eagerly move and find what i am hungry for....a taste of Master.  I am back over Master's lap and He asks if i need more.....I am trying to decide how to answer, when He decides that i do.  Another round of maintenance follows, my bottom is on fire....but the rest of me is calmer ( how that happens, i have no idea, and would probably deny that it does to anyone but Master and all of you:).  It is then finally time for me to enjoy several permissions.
      After i am breathing normally again, i ask Master if that second round of maintenance covers the extra spanks i was told to ask did not.
So i ask for the extra spanks, for not asking first...and i get 10 more....hard, slow ones.
    We are chatting about the rest of the week, when Master brings up a new to us.  He asks how i would feel being spanked in front of someone, or watching someone being spanked.  He has been to spanking parties and spanked a partner in front of others....a long time ago. He wonders if i would let my 'bratty play' side out, or just be the good little submissive. I think i would take my cues from Him...i certainly would never want to embarrass  Him by being too 'cheeky'...He is not worried about that.  So, is that the next stop on our journey, i am not sure.....but if it happens, i am sure He will know just how to make it an experience i will be pleased to look back on.
      Hugs abby


Saturday, October 18, 2014

What's a girl to do with 1,000 spanks?*

    * Master's choice of a title...and a question He answered nicely today.

    Yesterday was the 1,000 spank day that Master promised me on Tuesday.  My cold is better...not gone but lots better.
     After hugs and naked kneeling time, i was over Master's lap.  He explained that the 1,000 spanks would all be with His  hand, and that i could cum at any time without permission, until the last spank. After the last spank, the rule was back in effect.
     For the first 500, there was a break after every 100.  Master spread the spanks around, mostly all on my bottom, but making sure to cover all of it.  During the breaks He would rub, and massage, and gently touch.....I started to encourage Him to explore elsewhere...He chuckled and said He would not help me, i had to cum on my own.  That has happened before, but it is never a sure thing. 
     At 500 it was break time for Master's hand.  I was helped up, so i could kneel between His knees, it had been a long time since i was able to taste Master.  I eagerly sucked His cock, savoring His taste, my hot bottom adding to the sensations.
    When i was back over His lap, Master announced that there would be no breaks for the last 500.  He started in, i was not even trying to count, but i soon was wriggling and  panting.  He spanked all over, they seemed harder, or my bottom was more 'tenderized'.  I started to feel myself getting wetter and very needy......finally it happened, i let go, and had my first orgasm...followed by 2 more. ( Master later told me  how many....i was in a haze).
    When Master stopped spanking i asked Him how his hand felt, He placed it on my was HOT!  He then decided to check and see if my 3 O's had satisfied me....not by long shot.  I was so wet, and ready.....i remembered to ask for permission again, and again and again and.....  When i was done, i was spent and more relaxed and at peace than i have been in a long while.  Master said that my lung power was not suffering from my cold....i had been on the extremely loud side.  We have the luxury of an empty house, i have learned to appreciate that!  I said i was sorry...He laughed and said I worked hard to get you to exercise your lungs....don't you apologize.
  I asked Master what His hands were made of...He replied the same thing my bottom was, since it was red and hot...but no bruising.  Master suggested next time we try 1,000 with a hair brush, i let that snarky word ... no..slip out.  Master laughed ....
   So what is a girl to do with 1,000 spanks....enjoy every single one...and any other benefits she might be able to make happen:):)

hugs abby

Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 4...Seven things that cross my mind a lot....

     So....i sort of panicked when i read this....first thought was..which 7 do i thought was...can i choose 7 that will not make everyone think i am crazy!  Here goes....and they are not in a any special order...

1.  Of grands. This is helped along by the fact that i get new pics every day... lucky me!

2.  Master,  we are are  frequently in touch, He likes to keep close tabs on me....i never...well never before Master....thought that being kept close tabs on could be a good thing.

3.  Health...good and bad.  Since last year, i am truly thankful for every day that i am healthy and able to enjoy the day....even if sometimes my knees let me know that i am getting older.

4.  Food....yeah, but in a different way than i used to...that is progress.  I now am much more aware of everything i eat, and plan ahead if a special meal is in the works for dinner...(with the exception of ice cream..i am always ready for ice cream).

5.  The disparity in the distribution of goods that exists today.  I taught in a city school for a long time...and the lack of the basics for the students i saw each day will never leave me....but will always prod me on to try to help.

6.  If it's baseball season the Red Sox......can't help it once a fan, always a fan. 

7. "Who should i give a smile to, today?"  That is a question i ask myself before i even get out of bed every morning.  Once i have an answer...a phone call, a written note, a small surprise gift, a donation of time to a cause......i start my day with at least one 'must do' for the day.

hugs abby

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Ten to 3...winning my heart

     Eight ways to win my heart...

1.  Chocolate:)

2.  Listen to me with your ears and your heart

3.  I do not need grand gestures....unexpected little surprises are what make me smile.

4.  The greatest gift ....someone's time.  Make me feel i am a priority.

5.  When I start to think I am in charge, rein me in, with words, a look, a hand or even a paddle

6.  Hugs, snuggles, holding hands......

7.  A willingness to explore new things together

8.  Once my heart is won, do not stop trying all of the above.

hugs abby

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Day 2....9 Things about myself...

          This one sounds easy, but i feel like i have already shared most of the 'cool' stuff.....

1.  I once spent 2 afternoons at a bar in New Orleans  (with 2 extremely good friends) singing "New York, New York", while doing our version of the can can.  Yes, they invited us back for the second day.

2.  Growing up i had 18 sets of aunts and uncles, mostly all living in the same small town.

3.  I never drank coffee until about 7 years ago....then i spent a week at my sister's and her Kurig made me an addict.

4.  I have kissed the Blarney Stone.

5.  Halloween is my least favorite holiday...not sure why....did not even like it that much as a kid.

6.  My hair was once all the way to my bottom.

7.  All of my family photos are in albums (well back when we took real pictures), labeled with year and names on the back. Yes, that is a whole lot of albums.

8.  One of my goals is to go skinny dipping....yep, has not happened yet.

9.  I got to hold all 4 of my grands within an hour of their birth.

hugs abby

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Spanked and Ten to One....

         I'll cut right to the point...i got spanked today.  I wasn't positive i was ready, but then i also knew it had been way too long.  After lots of hugs, and chatting and more hugs and some naked kneeling, i found myself over His lap.  His hand rubbing and massaging and spanking, and i started to breathe and relax, to stop thinking, to just be.....
           When i started squirming, He laughed....He was still using His hand, and by His standards was still in the warm-up stage.  I felt the coolness of wood, looked back at Him.  He reminds me we have missed quite a few M/M's......He will not make them up, but it is not too late for one this week....we only missed it by one day.  It was certainly not the hardest, not the longest, maintenance spanking, but i  quickly got vocal and tried to move out of range.  He stopped and told me His original plan was to welcome me back with 1000 spanks, but my cold changed His mind. Quickly adding, He still is  planning on it, later this week.  
             We then move on to more enjoyable activities, I am wet and ready, and a few permissions later, laying spent.  Master pulls me  into His lap, holds me close, letting me feel His strength.  He tells me i am to let Him know if i am having a 'rough' day, He will be there for me.  He does not want to think i am fine, when i am struggling...He makes me say the words, i will tell Him.

         Sofia, over at has been completing ten to one and it has intrigued me, so i have decided to join her. 

Day one....Say ten things to ten people...

1.  To all of  you:  Thank you for reading here and for accepting me.

2.  To my youngest daughter:  I am so proud of you, you have conquered so much and are such a blessing to many.

3.  To one on of my  sister in law's:  Really???  Can you think of anyone but yourself?

4.  To the lurkers out there:  Let us meet you, we are a friendly bunch, and love everyone's comments.

5.  To my sister:  thank you for all you do for everyone in our crazy, fun loving family.  Your house is always open, we fill all of your bedrooms, and my grands love their 'mimi'.

6.  To my first principal: You allowed me the freedom to find my way of teaching, of connecting... your encouragement started me off on a wonderful career.

7.  To a special friend:  We have done it all, traveled, cried, laughed, encouraged each other, helped each other out of 'tough spots', drank too much, slept too little....and we are not done!

8.  To Who is in charge of such things:  Could you not have endowed me with at least a tiny bit of either artistic or singing ability?

9.  To Master:  You opened up a whole knew world to me, when i really needed it and have never stopped surprising me.

10. To my mom: I love you more...:)

hugs abby


Monday, October 13, 2014

A note of thanks.....

     First of all, I want to thank all of you for your thoughts, prayers, and notes wondering how i was doing. I really meant to answer all  your comments, but I just could not.  I have re-read them, and they all touched my heart....thank-you for them.
      After the funeral, my sister and I worked on cleaning and sorting and notifications.  It kept us busy, and filled with wonderful memories. I then went to spend some time at my son's. Having a 5 and 2 year old light up every time they see you and run to you with wonderful hugs helps one recall their blessings.  It was busy, which was good, and fun.
       I just returned home a couple days ago, fighting a losing battle with a cold....and exhausted.  Master deemed today to be a 'jammie' day for me, and i gladly complied....taking cold meds and cough drops and just vegging...and catching up on all of you. I did do a little reading, and even less commenting, but I have started to remedy that.
       Master has kept an eye...or two ...on me. Someone to lean on, to rely on, someone who considers it His job to take care of me...and i needed that...still do.  Last week He started to remind me of the part of me that i had been ignoring, giving me a special task to do each day....We had planned on M/M starting today, but i just needed a do nothing day and it was granted.  
       Thank you all again...
hugs abby