Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Importance of Words...

    I am sitting at the airport, once again.  I never thought i would be considered a frequent traveler, but this year i certainly come close.  I am headed back to see mom, there is a conference this afternoon with the doctors, and my sister and her hubby are taking a quick get away starting tomorrow.  I am hoping to also get to my son's next week to go to my grand-daughters special grandparent morning in her K class.
     I have always been a 'word' person....some people....maybe lots of people....would also say a wordy person.  I have always been a word puzzle addict, any type, lately crossword puzzles.  I even have my 6 and 5 year old grands working on easy ones...they are so thrilled to sit by my side and beat me to the finish!! Book worm has also been a word used to describe me.  I have always loved to read a good book...and occasionally a not so good one.  When i retired i joined a book club...check that off the bucket list.  We have a rule, you only have to read as many pages as your age, if you still are not engaged in the book...find another, there is always another.
My kindle is where i keep the books from the authors i have met in blog land...
    The spoken word is also important to me.  Luckily, Master is a master at the spoken word.  He can make me laugh....we share the same, a little weird, sense of humor...He can make me cry, think, sigh, smile....He can get me wet and needy...all with His words.
      Yesterday, as i was kneeling naked for Him, He was reminding me that i may be away, but He is with me.  All of me...always is His.  He was gently, and then not so gently enjoying some breast play. He suggested i might want to ask Him to squeeze them very tightly and hold them like that.  I looked at Him.....and He laughed.  He decided to sweeten the offer, if i asked, He would follow up with a nice soothing sucking and licking, and He went on to describe what his tongue and mouth would do to my breast.  
Yes, I asked......and He had me  holding my breath as He squeezed and held on.......and panting when i received my reward for asking.
      Then i was over His lap, enjoying a wonderfully long hand spanking.  Master then announces that He needs to get me caught up on the maintenance spankings i will miss while i am away.  I do not think it is necessary, but you know how far that got me.  He has the maintenance paddle nearby....that thing seems to be attached to His hip.  It is a long, hard spanking, I go from panting to trying to move to away, to ouching, to letting Him know it HURTS.  He finally stops, and is not sure it is enough to last me...i assure Him it is.
     He then says that maybe i need some stripes to bring along with me.  They last longer, i can touch and feel them for a longer time than maintenance.  He asks me what i think...i reply that i do not want a caning.
He says OK, but think of all you will be missing out on.  He then proceeds, as He is rubbing and teasing and getting me to go from moist to wet to dripping, to describe in detail what i will be missing, but it is my choice.
    Ah...words...they can be so persuasive.  I do end up asking, but ask for it NOW, since i do not want to cum before, He chuckles and asks if i want 6 or 12...i leave it to Him....12 it is.  My bottom is more than warmed up from maintenance, but He is making sure there will be remembered by me as i start my journey.  He is very pleased that i asked for both some hard breast play,and a caning...and wonders out loud if that is the sound of another wall crumbling???
     Then it is on to more pleasurable pursuits for both of us.  Permissions are granted, we snuggle in closely, and then has me climb up on His lap so He can hold me close, and reminds me that He always keeps me close, i need to keep Him close also.  
       While i am away the words become even more important....thankfully i have a Master who is a master at words........
        hugs abby


  1. I hope your Mom is doing well. Enjoy the grandma time.


  2. Have a nice time with your mom and your grands... abby.

    Mona Lisa

  3. Goodness Abby...hope Master's attentions hold you over. Wishing you a safe trip and a lovely visit with your mom and grands.

    Hugs and Blessings...

  4. What a wonderful story and yes! Words! Reading, hearing, talking. Sounds like you are being sent on your journey as prepared as possible. Safe travels.

  5. Have a safe journey and a good visit with your family!


  6. Safe journey Abby, have a lovely time with your Mom and grands. What a wonderful sendoff from your Master :)


  7. Hi Abby, hope you have a safe trip and everything goes well for your mum,
    love Jan,xx

  8. BIG HUGS sent your way, Abby! :) Looks like your Master gave you a great send off, and reassurance that he is with you and there for you. It sure does make a difference to know that they are there for you- especially in these kinds of times.

    You take care and know that you all are in my prayers. Safe travels and I hope that you do get to enjoy the grands! The back to K day sounds cute. I am looking forward to grandma days int he coming years. :) Many hugs,

    <3 Katie

  9. Hope things go well with mom and you get to grandparents day!
    That Master, his words and more.....

  10. Hope all goes well on your trip. Your Master knows just how to give you a send off..... :)

  11. Words are so important
    Have a safe trip