Wednesday, August 27, 2014


          I know a lousy title...won't attract much attention.  So if you are reading this...thanks.
           Master and i view Monday's as M/M...maintenance is practically written in stone, a weekly event.  Friday's we try to set aside for some Fun....F/F....not quiet set in stone, but we both are aware that is the goal.
We have found that it is too easy to let time go by, and think, it has been a long time since we....Yes, at other times there are swats on my bottom and some fun...but everyone knows how the daily living of life can often take over.
          I woke up this morning feeling  somewhat needy, thinking how much a mid week spanking would be just the thing.  Now, honestly, i wake up like that fairly often, and just as often talk myself out of it, for a lot of reasons. Yes, one of them is i hate to ask.  Today, i could not get rid of the urge, and i do know that my asking brings a smile to Master's face.  So, i asked....and i received.
             I was expecting some kneeling time, time over His knee with His hand, and maybe a paddling. Leave it to Master to make me realize, in a big way that asking has its rewards.  We started with my kneeling and reclaiming time.  Today He was barely touching my breast, but oh, it was like sending small currents right to my pussy.  He chuckled as my breathing became raspy, knowing what was happening.  He ended up with a "good" mauling, just because He
                I saw he had the maintenance paddle out, so i was thinking, a quick hand warm up, some time with a quick paddling, and i will have my itch scratched.  He did start in with His hand, telling me that since i asked, He thought He might treat me to His belt....i settled right in.  After His hand, a set with the paddle, and then some probing, making sure that i was enjoying myself so far.  We tried to come up with a name for Wednesday spankings, we had a couple ideas, but nothing that really worked.
          Master continues to "stir the pot"...telling me to let Him know when i am ready for His belt.  It feels soooo good, but i get to the point where i know i have to ask, i do.  He makes sure i am aware of it going through the loops of His pants, tells me to get over the ottoman, bottom up!
       He starts with the belt doubled, more of a warm up.  He concentrates on one cheek then the other.  He then undoubles the belt, it feels much 'stingier.  After the belt warm up, the next sets are each harder, but i am still in the zone where i just want more.  He then stops has me put my head further down, so He has a new target.  These are harder still, and i am starting to squirm.  Master stops to check if 'she' is enjoying or drying up....positively enjoying.
      Master decides its been too long since a hard fu******, He remedies that, i am seeing stars, and hearing nothing, one of did that happen, but please make it happen again...and He does! Without letting me rest He wants me kneeling and returning the is my pleasure to do so.  Finally we both just need some quiet cuddling time ..and we come up with W/W....Wonderful Wednesdays! 
     I am thinking we need to try out each day and find an appropriate time i will have to be a different day of the week:)
hugs abby


Monday, August 25, 2014

The Benefits of Maintenance

       If you have been reading here for a while, you know that Monday is typically maintenance spanking day.  In fact, lately i have been wondering if maybe you are getting bored with my Monday reports, and if i should not report on each one.  Anyway, today when i asked Master for a suggestion for a title, He thought, and then said He wanted me to write about the benefits of maintenance, as we see them.  Not exactly the answer i expected, but like the good subbie i am, here is the post.
      Maintenance today was pretty standard.  Some naked kneeling time, Master claiming me, pinching and tweaking my nipples....telling me that He was milking...not the nipples, but the part of me that starts to drip with all the nipple attention.  Then it is over His lap, for a too short hand warm-up before He starts in with the maintenance paddle.  It is umm..small to medium, highly polished...and can pack a wallop.  Today, it is a very short hand warm up before i feel the coolness of the paddle.  I comment on the short warm up...He replies...warm-up is not over, He has just switched to the paddle.  I am tempted to argue the point, but a paddle warm-up is better than starting right in with the main event.
     He lets a couple lighter ones land on my a reminder that they are always a possible target.  We then move on to the 'main event'. A couple rounds of much harder ones, a slight break with some rubbing, then a tuck-in, and a final much harder set...i am ouching and i even let a...'that's enough' slip out.  He stops, reminds me why we have maintenance, and starts in again. Finally He decides it is enough, and we can proceed to more fun activities.
      The benefits of maintenance....for us
....A little background, it has been almost 4 years since we started maintenance spankings.  They have been tweaked a bit, and some things have changed, but one thing has not......they happen every week.  I doubted this when we first started, but unless one of us is away for the whole week, it has happened every single week,  Lately if one of us is away, Master will give the the missing spanking either before the week, or i get double after. of the big benefits.  There are no spanking 'droughts', no wondering on my part:
      when will the next spanking be or even will there be another one
      is He still interested in spanking me
      do i want this more than He does
I know, at least once a week i will get spanked.  Those 'voices' that used to plant doubts and questions have been quieted.  
....TRUST...yes, i trusted Him before we started maintenance, He would never have spanked me otherwise.  But i have to admit, after we first discussed maintenance, and He said it will happen every week, one of my first thoughts was....i wonder how long this will last.  He is a man of His has been 4 years, and He keeps reminding me, it works, so He is not about to change things now.
....LESS PUNISHMENT...punishment spankings are a part of out relationship.  When we first started, they were the type of spanking i received the most often.  For a lot of reasons, i think new relationships are 'iffy', I wondered if He really would follow through, could i have found someone who really was more  stubborn than i was,  would He tire of me??
Master's idea of maintenance is to deter punishment spankings, so He makes maintenance an event i do not want repeated....or even have a harder event take place. 
.....US...time for Us.  No matter how crazy life gets, no matter how busy, it is a priority to carve out some special 'Us' time each week.  
....GROWTH...I believe that because of all the above, maintenance has helped me to grow in my  submission.  I thought back earlier, to the differences in me, in Us, in my submission since we started maintenance.  It has been an important factor in getting we are today.
A place i could never envisioned, a place of wonderment , of discovery, of fun, a place where i know i it over His lap, or on it...or just by His side.

I am not advocating for maintenance, we are all different, our 'dynamics' are all different.  I am merely writing what Master asked me to write, a review of why we have maintenance spankings, and how they have helped us.

hugs abby   


Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Officially Home"

         Master 'officially' welcomed me back today.  I am always a bit  apprehensive when it's been a while between spankings.  As i walk in and am getting my bear hug, i see the cane is out.....up that to a lot apprehensive.
        During my naked kneeling time we are discussing various aspects of my trip.  The good...He was happy with most of my food choices and my activity level.  I was happy to report a 1 pound loss while i was away, a practically unheard of event.  He was not so happy with the fact that He had given me a special task to do while i was away...i started off well, but caught a cold, and decided to stop for a few days.  He said we would be discussing that some more later....never a good sign of things to come.
      I am finally over His lap.  I stretch out and just totally relax, on or over His lap, my favorite place to be.  He starts with a hand spanking, and lots of roaming, telling me to keep my legs apart.  He spanks me for several sets, each set harder, but i am just relaxing and enjoying. He stops and tells me to get up and kneel, He...and i...have waited long enough.  I am kneeling and eagerly tasting Him, sucking and licking.
     I am back over His lap, and i feel the coolness of wood.  He asks what He is holding....the maintenance paddle.  He reminds me that maintenance is a hard spanking, not one i want repeated.  He succeeds in that endeavor, by the time He finally stops, i have become vocal, and have had enough.
He tells me that was number 1, He owes me another. I ask if He is kidding...He is not.  He tells me to ask....for a longer and harder spanking.
I am hesitating, when i hear, it may not be what  you want, but it is what i want.  So, i ask, for a longer and harder maintenance spanking.  He is happy to oblige....He tells me my bottom has a well spanked look and heat...then tells me to quickly get up and kneel again.
   As i get up, on the slow side, shaking my head, I am told to move faster and not take time to clear my head and think....just act.  I am kneeling and thanking Him for my double maintenance spanking, and yes, i am dripping.
He tells me to get up and lean over sticking my bottom up and out, He wants to cane me so that i will feel it when i sit tomorrow.  My bottom is well warmed, so altho it is a hard caning, i am able to get to that zone, where pleasure and pain become entwined.  After several sets, not sure how many, i am told to bend lower, He wants to finish up on my sit spot.
It is only 10, but the pain overtakes the pleasure.
    Master then checks, and i am already groaning and close to needing a permission.  Master decides to see if He can fill me with His hand, since i am soooo wet.....he can...and i am quickly off, more than once.  Master then proceeds to keep me cumming by playing with my clit.  I cum again and again, until i finally ask for Him to stop.  He kindly does and helps me to calm and breathe again.
  He then brings up the task that i decided to stop, without asking first.  He asks me what would happen if I had asked nicely, i reply He probably would have said yes.  He agrees, and says i do know better that to make that decision on my own.  I try to say i knew He would say yes, i thought about asking, and decided it was not necessary. (just typing that makes me cringe).  He says....trying to keep a little bit of control for yourself....UGH...He says 10 more with the paddle.  I am thinking not too bad until i feel them on my thighs.  Master rarely....very rarely ...spanks on my thighs.  By the third one i am apologizing and saying i am sorry.  He stops to say...that is the quickest apology i have ever offered, He must be using the right target.  He finishes up, i am howling even tho they are not as hard as the maintenance spanking. He asks if He has made His point....He has, no matter the distance He is in charge of all of me...always.  Luckily i have finally reached the point where i find that more comforting than aggravating....

hugs abby


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Last of the Questions...

  Vacation is over, but it was wonderful.  Spent Monday on the beach, the kids loved mom was able to join us for quite a few meals, and my sister and i had 'our day', eating, sharing and laughing til we had tears in our eyes....

66. Ever won a spelling bee?  No, but i have been in charge of several.

67. Have you ever cried because you were so happy?  Happy tears are the best...i have.

68.  What is your favorite book?  My favorite book to teach was The Giver.
It is coming out as a movie this month...and so many students have contacted me just to be sure i knew it was coming to a theater near me.

69.  Do you study better with or without music?  Depends if i need something to distract me  from other noises.

70. Regularly burn incense?  I have occasionally.

71. Ever been in love? Yes

72.  Who would you like to see in concert?  There are quite a few, but maybe at the top...the Three Tenors

73.  What was the last concert you saw?  It was my grand-daughter's first concert at Radio City Music Hall...Fresh Beat Band....

74.  Hot tea or cold?  Both, mostly depending on the weather.

75. Tea or coffee? Need that coffee in the morning.

76. Favorite type of cookie?  Homemade..chocolate bought..double stuffed oreo

77. Can you swim well?  Well enough to enjoy it.

78. Can you hold your breath without holding your nose?  Yes,,is that a special talent?

79. Are you patient?  Depends who is trying me.

80. DJ or band at a wedding?  Either...

81.  Ever won a contest?  I buy monthly chances from the Church i went to as a is a 50/50 waffle.  About once every 5  years i manage to win something.

82. Ever had plastic surgery?  No

83. Which are better black or green olives?  Neither....

84. Opinions on sex before marriage?  Before, During, After....whatever floats your boat.

85. Best room for a fire place?  In a bedroom at an old fashioned inn.

hugs abby

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Questions Part 3

         The much anticipated 5 year old birthday party is today and then i am off to spend time with my mom and the rest of the family.  It's been a busy, but fun filled week....

41. If you could, would  you take back your last kiss?  Absolutely not.

42. Did you talk to someone until you fell asleep last night?  myself

43. Who was the last person to call you?  My oldest daughter

44. Do you sing in the shower? No, but sometimes i talk to myself.

45.  Do you dance in the car?  Dance?? is that possible...i sometimes wiggle and jiggle.

46. Ever use a bow and arrow?  Not that i recall

47.  Last time you got a portrait taken by a photographer? In June at a family wedding...

48.  Do you think all musicals are cheesy?  I love no, never.

49.  Is Christmas stressful?  Much less so now that it is mostly about the grands.

50.  Ever eat a pierogi?  Yes, when i moved from a French Canadian town to a mainly Italian  one i was introduced to them...yummy.

51.  Favorite type of fruit pie? Chocolate...for those of you that do not think the chocolate is a

52.  Occupations you wanted to be when you were a kid?  Nurse or Life Guard.

53. Do you believe in ghosts?  No

54.  Ever have a deja-vu feeling?  Yes, more than once....

55. Take a vitamin daily?  Used to...not any more.

56. Wear slippers?  During the winter i do.

57. Wear a bathrobe?  During the winter usually, unless i am  having one of those self  heating spells.

58. What do you wear to bed? Very comfy jammies.

59.  First concert?  Well besides a school concert, the one i remember was...Herman's Hermits.

60. Walmart, Target or Kmart?  Target mostly...occasionally Walmart.

61. Nike or Adidas?  Neither, something that is on!

62.  Chitos or Fritos?  Oh..i LOVE Fritos.

63.  Peanuts or Sunflower seeds?  Cashews or Pistachios

64.  Ever take dance lessons?  No...i let the music move the enjoyment of all but my family.

65.  Can you curl your tongue? No...

Have a great week all...
hugs abby

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Questions...part 2

    I am still at my son's making wonderful memories.  Today it was sooo rainy, and i had to get the 5 year old to gym camp for the morning. It involved getting 2 kids in car seats, driving, not finding a parking spot near the entrance, so getting 2 kids out of car seats and into the building, driving back and getting the remaining child out of the car once again.  When we were finally in the house i was thinking i am soooo wet, i need to change my clothes....when the 2 year looked up at me, and said...."grandma...that was so much was lots of fun..."  laughing and giggling.  So yes, i had to change my clothes, but at least i was smiling.

26. Does everyone deserve a second chance?  Some more than 1.

27. Honestly, do you hate the last boy you were talking to? it was Master!!

28. Does the person you have feelings for right now, know you do?

29. Are one of those persons who never drinks soda? I only drink it when mixed with...somethings else.  Mostly i drink ice tea or water.

30. Listening to?  Two girls giggling as they fall asleep.

31. Do you ever write in pencil anymore?  No, i even do crossword puzzles in ink.

32. Do you know where the last person you kissed is?  My granddaughters are both in bed.

33.  Do you believe in love at first sight?  Umm attraction maybe...i think true love needs time to grow.

34.  Who did you last call ? Master

35. Who was the last person you danced with?  The girls and i have a dance party at least once a day...i tell Master it is exercise time.

36.  Why did you kiss the last person you kissed?  I was putting the grands to bed.

37.  When was the last time you ate a cupcake?  Umm...can't remember when i had a cupcake, but a had a muffin for breakfast a few days ago.

38.  Did you hug or kiss one of your parents today?  no....sadly.

39. Ever embarrass yourself in front of a crush...You mean there is someone out there that has not?

40.  Do you tan in the nude?  No, but sometimes my bottom gets a burn while i am in the nude.

hugs abby

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Grandma time...questions/answers

        Grandma time....i am at my son's enjoying time with a very precocious 2 year old, and planning a 5 year old birthday  party for her older sister.  I thought that while i am away it would be a good time to  answer the questions that  Bonnie posted a bit ago. There are lots of them,  so i am going to break them up into 4 posts, and there are some that i eliminated....Hope you are all having 1/2 as much fun as i am.

1. Would you you have sex with the last person you text messaged?
    YES...:)  Master!

2. You talked to an ex today, correct?  incorrect

3. Is trust a big issue for you?  Yes, so necessary for good things to happen.

4. Did you hang out with the person you like recently? Well yes if i am thinking of 2 sweet little girls...sadly not recently enough if i am thinking of Master.

5.  What are you excited for?  My sister and i are having a day trip next week..train ride, shopping, eating...

6.  What happened tonight?  Had dinner, played in the backyard, gave baths, read stories.....

7.  Is confidence cute?  I think it is beautiful!

8.  What is the last beverage you had?  Iced tea

9.  How many people of the opposite sex to you fully trust?  At least 1.

10.  Do you own a pair of skinny jeans?  LOL...i don't own skinny anything!

11. What are you going to do Saturday night?  I will be decorating and helping set up for a Princess birthday party.

12. What are you going to spend money on next?  Most likely on that trip with my sister....

13. Am i going out with the last person i kissed?  Well since that is a 2 year old, and we are going out for ice cream...yes.

14. Do you think you'll change in the next 3 months? Well with an untrained 2 year old, i  am changing diapers this week.  Me personally, i think we all continuously yes.

15.  Who do you feel talking to about anything?  Master

16.  Have you had sex today? ), not for about 10 more days....

17.  Are you starting to realize something?  Sometimes, if you are lucky, getting older  really is getting better....

18. Are you in a good mood?  I spent all day playing and laughing with a 2 and 5 year can i not be?

19. Would you ever want to swim with sharks?  I do not swim fast enough to ever even think about it.

20. Are your eyes the same color as your dad's?  No, he was the only one in the family with green eyes.

21.  What do you want right this second?  ice cream??

22.  Is your current hair color you natural color?  no..enough said.

23.  Would you be able to date someone who doesn't make you laugh?
       Well i have...and it did not lead to a second date!

24. What was the last thing that made you laugh?  Spent time at the zoo today....watching my 2 grands mimic the monkeys.

25. Do you really ,truly miss someone right now?  Oh...yes i do!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rope, Whips, Floggers and.....O's....oh my:)

           Master surprised me today with an invitation to spend the afternoon with Him.  He was taking off from work, and i was soon as i said yes...he told me to pack my toy bag and not to forget my cuffs.  Oh....i sleep with the cuffs on....and we had not used them to play in  while..usually where there are cuffs used there is rope .....My day suddenly was much more exciting.
          I get to Master's to find Him laying on the bed....with ropes arranged on the bed on each side of Him.  I am grinning, He laughs and tells me to look around.....there are 'toys' all laid out ........He tells me it's been a rough few days, but i have stepped it up for Him, and He was thinking this morning that someone might need a permission about now.  I very quickly agree, and told Him i so wanted one last night...but did not ask....i have been on restriction since last Friday.
        After my naked kneeling time, i am over His lap for a hand warm-up.  He checks and is impressed at how wet i already am...DUH...reminds me that even during our play , i must have permission first...and He will decide when that happens.  He then puts the cuffs on my wrists and ankles, has me lie face down on the bed, and ties the ropes to the cuffs so i am spread has been a long time since we have played while i am tied, it takes a couple minutes for me to relax.....and start to remember how freeing being tied worries about moving out of position or putting a hand on the way.
     Now, honestly i do not remember all that happened, but i will share what i do remember.  Master tells me i will be red and hot, from my ankles up to and including my back.  He starts with a small paddle, on my bottom down my thighs and takes me a bit to adjust before i just give in.  I think He uses one more slightly larger paddle, reminding me that although He rarely spanks my thighs and legs...they are His also.  
   Next, i feel the leather strips of the flogger.  Master is dragging it all over..including between my legs....chuckling as He sees my reaction. After totally relaxing me with the flogger, out come the horse hair...ahh....i can feel myself dripping.  Then a medium leather strap which rouses me a bit, and keeps me in the moment.
   Master then says it is whip time.  He lets it glide over all of me and then gives me a round of fairly light ones from top to ankles.  I hear...100 would be a good whipping, and He starts in groups of 10, all on my back.  I am wide awake and vocal, after 30, He promises me some rubbing after 50.  We get to 50, He stops to rub, loving the look of my back, the feel of the heat...i am just happy for the break.  He then asks me how many more, i tell Him 50...after the first set of 10 He tells me the last 10 will be hard ones...oh great, something to look forward to.  He stops after each set, rubs after 80, then 90 then the last 10......they are slow and HARD....He assures me i am not bleeding, nor marked.....then i feel him kissing and licking the welts, such a different sensation....i am back to totally relaxed.       He then takes out a leather paddle and is concentrating on my bottom, i am relaxing and i hear Him say...go, go to your special place....i am on my way, and this is where it gets pretty foggy.  Not sure what else was used, or for how long.
     Next thing i remember is Master asking me if i brought the lube.  I say i think so...i did...and He is filling my bottom.   I am reminded that clinching does not help....and finally i have one hole filled.  He plays with the plug for a while, wondering if i would come just from the anal play, but then decides He wants all my holes filled, He uses a second toy to fill my mouth, and then goes back to fill my last hole.  I have not had a permission since Friday, and I am told i many cum.....i am loud and cumming...over and over...I am lost in sensations, i am pulling against the ropes, i am one wet, slopping, sticky mess....but oh......
      Master removes the toys, climbs into bed and pulls me under His chin, on His chest, where i fall asleep listening to His heart beat. 

hugs abby 

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Debt Paid....

           If you read here during the baseball season, you might remember that i am a die-hard Red Sox fan....and Master...well He is a Yankee's fan.  Guess He can't be perfect in every way....;)  We often wager on the games, have been remiss with that this season, until this weekend.  Neither team is having a winning season, that does not diminish the importance of their long standing rivalry.
       We placed a bet on Saturday's game, Master wanted me to set the terms.  I said if the Yanks won i would have a surprised for Him, if the Sox won, we would get to play our kinky dice game.  My boys let me down, and altho i was not happy at the loss....i was ready with a surprise for Master.
We talked about wagering on Sunday's game, Master did not approve of my suggestions so we did not agree on a bet.  It is hard finding something for Master when the Yanks win, since He gets to decide most everything anyway.
    Today is M/M day.....and i was going to pay off my losing wager. I have been looking at corsets for a while.  I really wanted one. but did not know much about them, and did not want to spend a fortune.  I found one on line, lacy all over, sheer, ribbons, a bright pink.  I ordered it, it fit and has been in my closet...waiting.  I decided i would show up at Master's wearing my corset....
    Yes, I was a good way.....i had a jacket on, even tho it is HOT and HUMID here, since i had to walk to the end of the driveway, to get my daughter's car...she was using mine.  Sometimes, Master meets me at the door, but most of the time, i just go in, He is either sitting and waiting for me or involved in some project.  I would walk in, take off the jacket, and TADA!!  Of course today, He meets me at the door.  
    He looks, grins and says...paying off your debt????  He approves, and i get to keep it really does not cover anything.  He pulls the thong/panty up so my bottom is exposed.  He says that is quite a payoff, it even makes up for not having a bet on last night's game...which the Yanks won, also.
    We start with kneeling time, while we discuss how i am doing with the no permission/no touching rule.  I was hoping it would be over He asks what extra things have i been doing to ensure a loss on weigh in day...extras????....just the usual stuff.  He gives me that look, and i know there will be no permissions today, either.
     I am over His lap, a short hand warm-up then the maintenance paddle.  He decides the color on my bottom should match the color of the corset.  Why did i not got with light pink??  When He takes a break He checks to see how wet i am...very...and chuckles....He kindly does not continue to bring me closer to the edge.
      When He is thinks the colors match, He decides He needs pictures...
and then has me kneeling and showing Him my oral skills, which of course, have me dripping also.  Master helps me up, and is ready with hugs and caresses.  He tells me the no permission and not play rule is still in effect, i need to step it up.  
      I ask to get dressed...i brought clothes with me.  He tells me to drive very carefully and i may get dressed once i get home.  
        hugs abby

Saturday, August 2, 2014

From Ecstasy to Agony.....

           My weigh in was not a loss...nor a gain.  Honestly i was relieved, went out to lunch with a friend  yesterday, she "twisted my arm" into having a build your own ice cream sundae. I have been going to Curves, and being sorta careful about what i eat.....
          Master asked for my weigh in early in the day...i swear He has cameras installed here that i am not aware of...He was not impressed.  He let me know that the weekend would start off with a basement visit.   Yes i did argue a bit, but finally just sent a Yes Sir.
         When i got to His place, the basement door was open...not a good sign.  We hugged He took my hand and i pulled it back.  I tried was not a gain, i am just in a 'rough spot', it is not fair....that last one always works so well.  I very slowly walked down, on step at a time.....He was not impressed.
       There was an old wooden chair, and i tried to quickly look around to see what 'instrument of destruction' i could find but i saw nothing that might fit the category.  He told me to sit while we chatted some more.  He reminded me of our agreement...He reminded me that i have been trying to lose 10 pounds for 4 months, ( there has lots of unexpected travel...which He did take into account), ...He reminded me i get a break after i reach the goal, He reminded me that this is what i want. I finally just said.... just get it over with.
     He gave me a raised eyebrow look...telling me that if i go into the paddling with that mindset, He could spank til i was bruised and it would make no difference.  We talked some more....i became a little more...compliant?...regretful?....submissive?
     I was told to get up, lean over and grab the sides of the chair seat.  If i let go He would start over.  I started to look back, wanting to see what He was going to use, but i was told to face the chair and not look back again.
Whatever it was, it was wood, it was heavy, and it covered all of my bottom.  Each stroke took my breath away.  After the second one, He said...i believe that is 2, are you counting or am I?  I replied...whatever You want...i thought it was pretty submissive of me...He had a different opinion.
I wast told to count and thank Him after each stroke.  
      After a couple more, He commented that i was counting very comment...IT HURTS...
      After the 7th one , my voice and my heart became softer, i was counting a little more still HURT, but i was less rigid.  We get to 10, i thank Him and hope it is the end.  We get to 12 , i hope it is the end....and it is...He tells me to get up, reaches out to me, for a bear hug.
We talk some more, I tell Him that He is going to go from being a Mr, Very Nice Master to a Very Big Meanie One, to all of you....He thanks  you all...
    He gives me permission for a rub, then tells me i am not to touch again until He gives me permission, and He does not want me to ask for any permissions, until further notice.  He then sits and pulls me on His lap...keeping me close.   He reminds me of the wonderful memories we have made this past week, of how far we have come, in so many ways....and it takes a while, but i lose my 'pout',  and relax....and smile.....and thank Him..and this time i mean it.

hugs abby