Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hmm...i loss count

     And no i did not get into trouble for it.  I was not counting spanks or calories.......
      I am undressing as He is checking His phone, He points for me to kneel, and lets me know my choice of bra is very nice...but, what happened to the non granny panties.  I swear He notices everything, even when He isn't really paying attention... Now they were not the cotton white ones, but they were plain white, and i did think when i got dressed that they were not a good choice i have a warning.
     As He is reclaiming me we are chatting, I have asked for more permissions to cum this week, than i have in a long time.  He is grinning, and feels it is because of our day on Sunday....where He kept me wet and wanting all day.  
     I am invited over His lap, He is using His hand.  I am totally relaxed, He chuckles as He asks me if i am enjoying my 'massage'.  Of course, i am!  Master brings up the 'blue tooth' vibe again...not a good sign.  He is thinking out loud of all the ways He could use it.....i am trying to wrap my head around it....and thinking...i sure hope it is quiet...very quiet...
     Master then starts in with His paddle, i am reacting from the begining and He is telling me to settle, let the spanks go to my clit, not focus on the pain.  I tell Him that is much easier said than done, but i eventually get there.
      Master tells me He has a new task for me, one i am to do every day until He tells me differently.  He wants me to practice sucking my large 'vibe' in order to lessen my gag reflex.  I have my first 'practice' lesson right then....and then get to enjoy the real thing...much nicer.  
     I am back over His lap, Master is checking for 'wetness', as expected, he finds what He is looking for.....Using my 'toy' He gets me to the point of needing permissions, He never stops at one...not that i am complaining.
As i am recovering, we are quietly chatting, Master is rubbing and poking, and keeping me wet. I tell Him if He continues, i will need more permissions, which is just the encouragement He needs.  Soon i am off again..and again..until i can barely breathe.  I tell Him i loss count...and He tells me that is the title of my blog post.
      He asks if i remember when we were in the early stages of our 'journey', how i was just sure that 1 orgasm was all i could manage.  When i first met Master, i was just hoping to find someone to spank me once.  Then i would know what it was like....LOL...i had no idea what i was getting into.....  As we got to know each other and time went by, we were getting closer, and i let Him know that i could not orgasm....i had been told that i was not sexually arousing, that i was too hard to arouse, and that it was too much work to get me i just accepted that, and gave up.  Master....changed all that.  I remember telling Him one is more than enough, no way can i have more than that.  He remembers my surprise when I first had 2 in a row....and the rest is history....a surprising journey had begun....I guess the moral is ...never give up hope...i met Master at a time in life when i suspected that the best was behind me....i have never been so happy to be wrong.....

hugs abby

Monday, July 28, 2014

Exploring Me.....

            Well Monday finally came....and so did i ever!!!

       As i was laying in His arms, trying to breathe, not able to move a muscle, wondering who this person is that just exploded.... Master starts to chat.  I am trying to focus, He is telling me the title of this post...that i am no longer 'finding me'. I have found the sexual me, the submissive me, the me that completes me, and best of all....i have someone in my life who accepts all of me...and loves being on this journey with me.  So, i am no longer trying to find me....i am now exploring me. The discoveries so far have been amazing!
      Today being Monday....means maintenance spanking.  As always, we start off with my naked kneeling.  Master and i are discussing yesterday, how it made me feel, how wet i was, how badly i wanted to cum and how surprised i was to not get a permission...and have to wait until today.  Before i can climb up on His lap, Master decided He wants to see how wet i can sucking His cock.  Another no brainer....
    Finally i am invited over His lap, instead of His hand, i feel His maintenance paddle....i ask about a warm up....He says enjoy it this is it.  After a couple sets, He does switch to His hand, and some roaming, and rubbing....and spanks.  I am squirming and enjoying, Master feels the need to remind me that i do not have a permission, yet.  He returns to the paddle, for the 'real' spanking.  He reminds me the 'real' spanking does not start until i am wishing my spanking would end.  I inform Him i am at that He increases the speed and and strength ....i find my voice, am ouching, saying 'enough', just wanting it to end...and finally it does.
     He checks to see how wet i am...and wants me as wet as i was last night before bed, so He lets His fingers work His magic.  When He thinks i am wet enough, i hear......kneel and suck my cock again.  Not what i was expecting...but i quickly get into position.  When He feels ready, He has me get on all fours, head down, bottom up.....He enters me from behind, and it takes very little time before i am begging for a permission....and i am off....finally....maybe 3 or 4.....until i collapse....and Master is next to me holding me, helping me to return to reality.
      I am almost back, when Master decides to use His fingers to see i i have anything left....i am soon begging for more, until i finally say more, please......He tucks me into Him, lets me recover.  
    It is a rainy dreary day here....but neither one of us cared, it was a wonderful way to spend such an afternoon.
       Later, as i am getting dressed Master mentions that He found a vibrator on line that is blue tooth ready, it is controlled by phone.....i know i need to be careful what i i simply say....what will they think of next??

hugs abby


Sunday, July 27, 2014

A different kind of Sunday!!!

      After 12 years, Master can still surprise me.  His creativity could probably find a cure for the common cold.....
       I sent my good morning text, telling Him i was expecting a quiet day, having no set plans.  His reply was that we were going to play.....I was to be sure my phone was with me at all times, and whenever He would text the word RUB...i was to rub my clit for 1 minute.  Yes, my mouth fell open....but i replied Yes Sir.  
        Of course He started right away....i text Him when i am done.  After a couple more texts, i send one saying i am going to take a shower.  He quickly replies....rub first.  I let Him know when i am out of the shower....i am to rub, spank my pussy 10 times, then get dressed.  Ut oh, i am thinking, this is going to be an interesting Sunday.  I ask for an all day permission....which gives Him a chuckle, and i get a NO.
      I forget to send a lunch time reminder, He wants to know if i am trying to avoid Him.  I am not, I tell Him i am just so flustered that i forgot...He finds this amusing also.  I am told to rub and then lick my fingers clean.
     He asks me if i am bored, now it is my turn to laugh .....bored never entered my mind.....the next time the RUB includes take a picture of your clit and send it to me.  Have any of you ever tried to do is nearly impossible.  I finally get one that i think will work....but get a message back saying He cannot see my clit clearly enough.  I tell Him i will try again, but this is not an easy task.  I take 5 more before i think i have one that might work....thankfully it does.
     I hear my phone whistle again ( yes my phone whistles tome when i get a dad always whistled, so i chose that setting.).  I tell Master that i am on edge....and i believe that my pussy is reacting to my phone.  He loves it....and His next text is sent one letter at a that my phone whistles several times.  Yes....He is diabolical.
       The evening continues with several more texts...i text after each one...and send a text that says...panting, was sooo hard to stop in time.  I hear nothing from Him for couple of hours, so i text and ask if He forgot to give me a permission.  His, I will take care of that tomorrow.
Tomorrow?????  i am squirming as i will i sleep.  He tells me to be sure to clip my wrist cuffs so i do not accidentally touch, and not to pout....He will take care of me tomorrow.  
       So, i am sitting here...wanting, needy, can think of nothing else...and He is smiling, cause that is exactly what He wants.
        Tomorrow cannot cum soon enough.......

hugs abby

Thursday, July 24, 2014

I should not like this but.....:) :)

        When i met first Master there was a long list in my head of things i did not like and was absolutely not interested in finding out more about.  We never had an 'official' list of hard limits....honestly my list would have been very, very long....silly me!  High on that list would have been any kind of breast play........
          As i was kneeling for Him today, He asked if i had missed a report this week.  I knew the answer, was trying to decide how to word it in the best possible way....when He gabbed my head, and had me nodding.  Sending Him a daily e-mail was my first rule...even before He was my Master.  At first it was a diet diary, over the years it continues to include that, but other things also.  Earlier this week, i knew i needed to send one, did not, and did not think of it again until i was in bed, and thought, it's only one day.....and besides He might not notice..once again...silly me!
       He reminded me He is like that teacher ( He knows i identify with this) who does not check homework every day....but on the days that i don't complete it, it will be checked.  He then asked me what my punishment should be for not sending in a report....i hate that question.  What is the least i can get away with...yes that is usually my first thought.  What is He thinking??   I sort of avoided answering, even after He asked a second time, i managed to change the subject.
      I was over His lap, when He decides my breast are going the be the center of His attention today.  Instead of 'tucking me in', He is going to hang on to one of my breast while He is spanking me.  He is circling, twisting and pinching lightly, all while He is warming up my bottom with His other hand.  He is giving each breast a turn.  When He feels my bottom is warm enough, He picks up His 'little' paddle.  As the paddling becomes harder, in tandem so does His play with my breast.  I am starting to squirm and moan...He asks if i will come just from breast play...i shake my head no....
    He stops spanking and continues tweaking, circling,  pulling, pinching....and i am getting closer.  Just as i am thinking i could be wrong about not cuming....He stops, tells me to get up and pleasure Him first.  It takes me a minute to get my bearings....He tells me to hurry.  I am kneeling between His legs, at first thinking about my loss of sensation, but quickly feeling my arousal grow, and concentrating on Him...licking, nipping, sucking, taking all of Him in.......
      Then it is back over His lap, Master quickly grabs one breast and is pinching hard, and with His other hand pinching my bottom.  I am quickly back to where i was, before i was interrupted....:)....He asks if i like what He is doing....i reply i shouldn't, but oh....He chuckles....and says my body is betraying me, i should stop thinking of the past and just enjoy the present.
He usually  gives good advice....and i am soon asking for a permission.  It is granted and as soon as it is used, He says....time for the other one, I believe on equal treatment.  So He latches on on my left breast, and is also pinching my no time, permission number two is needed.  As i am recovering He says....Here is your title for tonight's blog post...'I should not like this, but.....
      I am laying there relaxing, when He says now for you punishment.  I am puzzled...i asked for permission.  He says there are 3 things that need to be i am really confused...altho i have remembered about the missing report.  He continues, first spanking is for not sending in a report, second spanking is for not reporting to me that you had forgotten...i most probably would have told you to be more attentive and not let it happen again, but you tried to get away with it.  You are to report when you do not comply to a rule....third, since you did not come up with a punishment when i asked you to....both of these spankings will be now, after you have cum and are all relaxed, instead of before, like is usually the case.  
     He tucks me in, reminds me that these will not be 'easy' ...and starts in with round one.  Maybe around 30...not sure, but they were hard.  After a very quick break, and a reminder of why i am getting the second round He starts again, and yes, they feel much harder.  He finishes, and asks me if i understand what He expects...i do...i should have known better....He never forgets...
      He then tells me to end my blog with a question to all of you....Is there anything you thought you would never like...but still don't like LOVE it????  Or at least you love the reaction you get from your body:).

hugs abby



Monday, July 21, 2014

Good News/Bad News

           Master had good news for me today.....He had decided it would be an all leather day:)
           Master had bad news for me today....It was a maintenance spanking...Master's definition...a spanking that will remind me that i do not want to be spanked in a punishment.
           Still, it has been a while since we have had an all leather play time, and i do soooooo love leather.  
            First, naked, kneeling time...Master was pinching and pinching and pinching.....i was trying to breathe...and remember....all leather day.  Finally i was invited over His lap for a hand warm-up.  Feeling Master's hand on my bottom, seeing Master's toy bag with all the leather items just waiting to be used, hearing His voice....all too soon it was over.
              Master had me lean over, hands on a chair, bottom up and out.  I was going to try and remember which items He used....and how many of them....but i should have known better.  I do remember He started out with a large leather paddle, a few sets on each felt like a continuation of His warm-up.  He then switched to a smaller, stiffer paddle....that got my attention, and reminded me that this was indeed a maintenance spanking.
I believe the tawse was next, followed by....i have no idea.  I do know there was a larger strap, His belt and maybe another leather paddle.  
             Master then tells me it is time to change positions.....i get up and He is pointing to a spot where He is standing.  I kneel, release His cock, and make certain He knows that i am grateful for an all leather maintenance day.  As i am sucking and licking and..well you all know...i hear master say....when you are finished, i am going to enthusiastically finish your spanking with the large strop.  Every time He speaks, the words enthusiastic and large strop are used, so i decide to see if i can focus His attention elsewhere...;)....i can, but He does not forget.
              Master tells me to lean over the back of a large easy chair...with a high back.  I reach up and lean over, a little, Master readjusts me so that my head is on the seat of the chair, my bottom is high, and i almost feel like i am doing a head stand.  Master then starts in with the large is large, but it is also one of my favorites...once i get used to it.  The first couple sets have me voicing my opinion loudly, til i adjust to the sensation. Master finally says final 10....count them as loudly as you have been complaining.  I count and add a thank You Sir......each one seems a little harder.
              I take a deep breath thinking we are done....Master is behind me, pulling my eggs apart, making sure all of me is exposed.  I am a little confused until i feel the 'kiss' of the small strap on my pussy.  I am surprised, and getting louder as He continues.  Finally He stops, and reminds me that should i ever cum without His permission, more of the same...only harder...will be my punishment.
             He 'checks' to see if maybe i am close to needing that permission.  I am wet but no way am i close to needing a permission....Master of course soon remedies that.  It feels sooo good, but i am also aware that i need to be sure that a permission is granted before i let go.  I am in the same head stand position and soon i am begging for a is my first....and second....and third, i think....orgasm in an upside down
              I cannot move, but i am getting uncomfortable, and i just start to slowly slide off the chair and unto the floor.  Master hands me a pillow for my head, and i just lay there...spent, satisfied and well spanked. 

hugs abby               

Friday, July 18, 2014

A sore tushie guarantees a....

       After my double paddling on Monday, my bottom had a nice residual soreness to it for a couple days.  Yesterday, when Master asked if my bottom was still sore...i answered, "no, but the memory was still with me".
Master said He thought a submissive with a sore tushie is a focused submissive.  
     So, i found myself naked and kneeling, looking at His paddle and the cane. After my reclaiming, i am over His lap, enjoying a hand warm-up. We are chatting, but His hand seems harder than normal.  He switches to the maintenance paddle, and i am quickly moving and ouching.  Master says this is His idea of continuing the warm-up, and i groan, and say 'it hurts'.  He says it is probably because altho the surface pain has worn off, the deeper pain is still there...and makes this spanking feel harder.
   That thought does not stop Him from moving on from a 'warm-up' to a real spanking.  I am struggling, kicking my legs, trying to remember to breathe, when He finally stops for a break and some rubbing.  He starts again, saying He thinks i need more of a 'warm-up' before i am ready for my hard caning.  I can think of nothing to say, that would be appropriate, so unlike my usual approach, i remain quiet.  He stops to check, and yes part of me is enjoying Master's idea of a warm-up.  He continues to 'stir the pot', i can hear my wetness, and He starts to pinch my bottom, i am soon panting and moaning.  He warns me that i may not cum without permission, and i still have caning to go before that happens.  I suggest He might want to stop one of His actions....He chuckles and stops pinching my bottom.
He has only recently started to pinch my bottom, and my reaction is always the same.....i need a permission.
     He helps me up, and tells me to get in a position that will help me to forget my pain on my bottom.  I am kneeling once again, only this time, i am forgetting the pain, and enjoying the taste of My Master.
    I am told to get into position for my caning.  During the first set, i move my legs up and stand on my toes, i am warned that i need to stay still and keep the legs down or He might miss His spot, and i would not like the results.  Each set gets harder, and i am getting louder, but staying in place.
    He is rubbing my bottom, enjoying the feel of the welts, and telling me how well i did, but He has not given me permission to break position.  Just as i am relaxing and glad he is done....i hear...have i ever caned your back?
Without waiting for an answer, He decides to change His target.  When i tell Him it still hurts He seems is a thuddy pain, not a stinging one...but  yes, there still is pain.  
    He decides maybe He should change His target again, and now aims lower...thighs and shins.  They are quick sets and not as hard, but he has once again made His point.  There is not a part of me that is not His to do with as He wants.
      So, if you are wondering... yes, my bottom is slightly sore this morning....

hugs abby

Monday, July 14, 2014

Finally....Master and Me Time!!

       The grands and their parents have all returned home.  I spent today returning the house to an adult state, cleaning out the fridge, catching up on laundry and mail.....and smiling every time i remembered...
       the baseball game
       the science museum
       the campfire and smores
       the water spray park
       the amusement park
        the children's museum
       the hugs...the kisses...the cuddles....the giggles...

Usually when it is grandma time, it is also vanilla time for Master and i.  This time, was different.  A couple days before the kids arrived, Master told me He wanted us to find some time for maintenance while they were here.  I was surprised and thought....we will see, maybe...maybe not.  The day before they arrived He brought it up again and i realized He was serious.  He was not picking a time, but it WOULD happen.  So, last Monday we were able to come up with an excuse....and have some Us time, and some kneeling time and a quick maintenance session.  I have to say, it was nice to know that i could be grandma and submissive and it did give me a 'mysterious' smile.  
  Master then decided that i was to look for another opportunity sometime during the week.  I started to list the reasons why it might not work....when I  heard....Yes Sir is all i want to hear.....On Thursday i volunteered to do the grocery run, Master left work, and we had some more Us time.  Master said my head had been 'in the weeds'...meaning i was putting my submission on the back burner.  Master spent a lot of time talking....reminding me that i am His, encouraging me to embrace all of me....among other things. He finished by letting His paddle do the rest of the talking.  
Really, it was nice to have the breaks and some time for Us...and the kids were none the wiser....

After the kids left yesterday, i was thinking about Master' words.  He has always led the way, encouraging me, most of the time very patiently.  It is true, i tend to let my 'voices' create doubt...not about Him, He has more than proven Himself...but about me, being submissive enough, sexual 
enough, pleasing enough...etc.  I decided it was more than time for me to step it up a i planned to tell Master during maintenance today that i was determined to be more confident of my submission, more open, etc.
I thought i would tell Him during my kneeling time.
     When i saw Master we hugged and talked about how i was doing.  During kneeling time, Master was really pinching and mauling my breast, reminding me that all of me is His.  I did not speak up......
     After i was over His lap, i did....i told Him what i had thinking, and that i wanted to rededicate myself as His submissive and i asked Him to spank me hard today.  He reminded me that it was maintenance day and that meant a hard spanking...did i want another one in addition to that?  I replied, yes Sir.  He asked if i was asking for myself...for something i needed....or for Him.  I a gift for Him.  He accepted both my request to rededicate myself...and for the spanking.
    After a hand warm - up, Master tucked me in, and announced time for the real maintenance spanking to begin.  He quickly was spanking hard, from cheek to cheek, and then concentrating on one side then the other.  It seemed to last forever...and i was ouching and begging that it was enough before He finally stopped.  He rubbed a little and then announced...
    He was going to give me the exact same spanking again.  He asked if i still wanted the extra spanking, i did.  No warm up since my bottom was already red and warm.....just hard, hard spanks.  I had decided i would stay quiet since i had asked for this....but that  went flying out the window.  I became very vocal .....when Master finally stopped...He said He had decided He was not going to stop until i was being loud and clear  that it was more than enough....
    Since Master had granted my request, it was now my turn to respond to His.  I was quickly between His knees, feeling oh so submissive, and getting oh so wet.  When Master had me back over His knee, He remarked how red and hot my bottom still was....
    Master is rummaging through my toy bag.  It is taking a little bit of time, He does not tell me what He is looking for.  He finally finds it.....and after another minute...i realize He was was looking for lube, in order to insert a plug.  I instantly relax, and after it is in place, He plays with it, and reaches with His other hand to increase my wetness and readiness.  He is twisting the plug, pushing and pulling it, and it is feeling so good.  Master finally gives me a permission, just before i explode and feel like i am coming apart at the seams...i finally just lie there, my body having involuntary spasms....totally spend.
     Master is talking, telling me that He is very pleased that i have re-offered Him my submission....He hints that He has 'plans' for the future.....We talk about our first meeting ....and He tells me i am to keep the plug in until i get permission to remove it.  I ask for permission to go to the bank.  He gives it, but tells me i cannot use the drive through , i have to get out of the car, go in and stand in line...plugged.  
     I text Master after a couple hours asking if i can remove the plug...and get to wear it for another couple hours before i get permission.  
     hugs...from a very submissive abby

****A couple commenters have asked if i skipped C while doing the alphabet challenge.....i did it out of turn to answer a question from Mona Lisa.  It is between K and L and titled curiosity.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A....acceptance......any time....any place...

      The last of my alphabet posts!  Thanks for hanging in there with me....Hat's off to those of you in blog land who manage to post every day, it is a challenge!
   When i first started i knew right away what word i wanted for 'a'...acceptance.  Acceptance is what everyone be yourself and not have to pretend or put on 'airs', just to please others.  Accepting someone just as they a great gift.
    Master has always accepted all of me....outside and in.  The losing weight was first initiated by me, and after each goal is reached i get to decide if i want to go on....once a new goal is set, there is not backing out.
He has encouraged me to accept the submissive side of nurture and embrace it.  It has not always been easy, but i am getting there. 
     Of course, there is the acceptance from all of you.  This blogging community could be an example for many groups.  Yes, we have certain things in common, but we also are all different...even in how we express our 'kink'.  For some it is 24/7, some it is a sometime thing, some are still looking for a partner.....submissive, slave, owned, bottom, top, D/D, or just curious....all are accepted and welcomed.  Thank you for your acceptance.
     The two other 'a' terms come from Master.   A reminder that He can spank me at any time....any place, and that i am His all times and all places...

hugs abby

Saturday, July 12, 2014


      This one is for Master....:)

Because of You ....i have discovered so many new and wonderful things about myself

Because of You...I rediscovered my sexuality and learned many new ways to enjoy it..;)

Because of You...I learned to trust again

Because of You....i know i do not have to do it all myself... 

Because of You...i accept that it is OK to ask for help

Because of You...i have succeeded in reaching goals i never thought possible

Because of You...i smile more

Because of You....i feel safe and protected and cared for...and it is a very good feeling...

Because of You...The past 12 years have been a wonderful adventure

Because of You..i look forward to continuing our journey.....

hugs abby

Friday, July 11, 2014

D is for Dominant

Master is Dominant, he

is a Decision maker,

is Obstinate,

is Master of me

is Insistent.

He Never forgets,

He Appreciates,

is Nice when i am not Naughty

is Trustworthy

He is all of these and much more.....

hugs abby

Thursday, July 10, 2014 for......exercise:(

         It is no secret that i am not a lover of exercise.  Master, on the other hand, seems to think it should be a part of daily life...specifically, my life.
I have never found a sport i was good at....
   tried softball...could not hit, barely catch the darn ball
   swimming....i can keep myself above water, love the back stoke or float
   bowling...i could hold my own, but then the team would always go out for drinks and dinner...took in more calories than i burned
    tried was great exercise as i walked every part of the course, and some parts off the course looking for my ball
    You get the idea...
  Master usually lets me choose what i want to commit to...earlier this year He decided i had to join a gym.  UGH....did that a long time ago, did not like going or being there.  I kept putting it off, but a  couple basement visits, and all of you urging me on...i joined Curves.  Really, it is not all that bad.  The people are very nice, i go at the same time most days, so i know the others there, and i do it first thing in the morning.  It has become part of my routine.  I have to exercise 5 days a week..either Curves or walking.  I have loss a little weight, mostly inches and some firming.  
  Am i a  If it weren't for Master i would still be taking my occasional walks (strolls)....and calling it good.  Am i healthier, it seems doctors are pleased with my numbers on tests. Master is pleased that i am following His kids are pleased that i have more energy and look maybe Master was right in insisting..LOL.

hugs abby 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

F as in frog and flogger

         I could not decide between frog and two for the price of one.

      Frogs...i am a frog collector, if there is something made out of frogs i have probably owned it at one time.  It is one of those things that once you get so far in, there is no getting out....because everyone keeps giving me frogs..and the grands now love them.
     I started when i went off to college.  I was from a small town known for its French Canadian population.  I did not think that odd or strange.  One of the first things i learned in college....being French carried with it the nickname of 'frog' or 'froggie'.  There was not stopping it, so i embraced it.
      Every room has frog items.  Full sets of dishes ( instead of china), sheets, towels, glasses,  pictures, frames, toilet name, i probably have it.  My kids had a frog tub, high chair, clothing, etc.  When i taught i wore something with a frog on it every day, the kids actually got into it.  At Christmas i have a tree with all frog ornaments, frog light, frog angel on the top and a frog tree skirt.  Someone even gave me a live frog that had been freeze dried...maybe my least favorite one.

      Floggers... i am  pretty sure you all know how i feel about floggers.  I love Master's flogger.  I am not going to bore you with more about the flogger...but it has been dormant in Master's bag for too long and i figure if He sees the word often enough here....well one never knows.

hugs abby


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

G acronyms

      Before i started writing these alphabet posts, i made a list of possible words i would use for each letter.  Except for a couple posts i have stayed with my first choices.  For the letter 'g' i had chosen growth.  My thoughts were somewhere along the lines of outlining going from being interested in spanking, to realizing that i am submissive, to my acceptance.  Problem is since yesterday i am struggling with the submissive part.  One of those, for no particular reason...just life...and refusing to give in to that darn old neediness feeling.  ( since i will be busy with all the grands visiting soon, i am pre-writing this, by the time you are reading this i will be back to being a very busy, submissive grandma.)

    GIGO....I have actually said this, just never used the acronym..
                  Garbage in, garbage out

    GL....Never knew this one was an acronym
                 Good Looking

    GMTA....I have said this..A LOT....but again did not know it could be an acronym
                   Great Minds Think Alike

    GTMI...remove the G and you can guess this one
                    Giving Too Much Information

   and finally
   GQ    no, not the magazine, which was my first thought...
                    Gender Queer...

hugs abby                


Monday, July 7, 2014 in Horse Hair

         Flogger...just horse hair is not all that appealing, but Master's horse hair that has lots of appeal.

       First of all, it is a flogger.  Master's large leather flogger is my favorite toy in His bag.  The horse hair is a fairly new acquisition.  It is a small flogger, made of horse hair...DUH!  

    It is the only toy, so far, that feels yummy all over, front and back. Yes even on my breast.  It has a much lighter feel to it, no thud at all.  Swishing it all over my body is instant relaxation.  It is a great warm- up toy, or used on skin that is already sensitive.  It does not come out of Master's bag often enough....maybe i will have to start hinting more:).

hugs abby

Sunday, July 6, 2014

I is for ICE CREAM

........I could never understand why ice cream does not have its own food grouping!  It has or can have..
milk...good for you
fruit...good for you
cookies...those little bits in there can't be all that bad
marshmallows...not bad for you
nuts...proven to be good for you
wine...yes wine ice relaxes you
peanut butter...a protein
apple sauce..good for you (apple cobbler ice cream) that a fruit...must be!  good for you
raisins....good for you..(rum raisin)

With all those good things in can it be bad for you?

Did you know what the type of ice cream you like says about you?
I like  ( don't think there are any i do not like, but these are my favorites)

chocolate chip...competitive, never take my blessings for granted, generous with time and money

double chocolate chunk...prefer passion and excitement mixed with the romance

mint chocolate chip...stubborn, loyal, honest and dependable

Come on i know you want to...go get yourself an ice cream cone!!!

hugs abby

Saturday, July 5, 2014

J is for......

        Words fascinate me...these are some that i learned today....

Jacinthe....having the color orange  ( my favorite color!!)

Janiform....having 2 faces ( i had heard of this one, form a Greek god who had 2 faces)

Janitrx...a female janitor  (makes perfect sense, except i thought about it, and never have seen a female janitor)

Jarta...term of endearment ( can't wait to try this one on Master!)

Jazzetry...poetry read to jazz accompaniment ( sounds like a delightful way to spend an evening)

Jorum...large bowl containing drinks  ( i added this one because i have done this...1 very large bowl +  straws + good friends = a very fun time!!)

This might be the last vocabulary lesson you have to read...thanks for hanging in there with me!

hugs abby

Friday, July 4, 2014

K is for kneeling

     ****Wishing all my fellow Americans a wonderful holiday ....and a wonderful weekend to everyone!  

   If you have been reading here, you know that Master always starts our 'play'  sessions with some kneeling time.  This ritual began when we were first starting on our M/s journey.  I was teaching junior high and at times we would meet after school.  Often i was not in the most submissive of moods.
       I was leaving a building where i had spent the day being 'in charge' of seventh and eight graders, dealing with parents...not all of whom thought i was the best teacher ever...often i had a student get the picture...IN CHARGE ...all day long.
      One day Master took one look at me, and maybe heard my not so submissive answers to His questions and said...' I do not understand why you are not immediately submissive when you see me'.  I looked at Him in disbelief .....took a deep breath, and sort of calmly explained why there were days were submissiveness did not immediately come over me as soon as i walked out the doors.
      Hence, His solution...kneeling time...or as Master often calls it...His re-claiming time.  It is always pretty much the same.  I am to be naked and kneeling, hands clasped behind me, back straight.  He starts with covering my eyes, focusing me on His words and touch.   He often starts by asking me what time it was....i spend about 30 seconds trying to remember the last time i looked at the time...when the correct answer pops into my is Our time.  Once He senses that i am calm and focused, His hands roam my body, His voice softly reminding me...all of me is His...from head to toe.  He might stop and rub or pull, He keeps talking the whole time.  When He gets to my breast, He always stops for some massaging, rubbing, pulling...sometimes light touches that are electric..other times much harder pulls and pinches...reminding me that all of me is at His whim.
       Once His re-claiming is finished, i stand and follow His directives.  I am focused on Him, on my submission.  I know that i am His.....

hugs abby

Thursday, July 3, 2014


******I just logged in and saw i posted this out of idea how to undo i am going to leave it.....and back to the regular reversed order tomorrow...

        Thanks to Mona Lisa for giving me the idea for this post.  Every time i thought of the letter C all i could think of is chocolate...but i have been trying to forget that it exists....then Mona asked me in a comment....Could i write about how Master and i went from spanking to M/s.....Her curiosity brings you this post.
        Over 12 years ago i had been thinking, reading, fantasizing, googling the word spanking.  My obsession with it seemed to have sprung overnight, but more likely i had just always refused to admit my curiosity about it.  I found a site on line....think it is long gone....and posted something vague about myself and my interest.  
       I chatted with several spankers, Master was local and the most persistent,,,and patient...i had a family emergency that took me away from the computer for a few weeks, and He kept checking in pressure, just wondering how i was doing.  We proceeded to phone calls, and finally i agreed to meet Him for a beer...
      We chatted about ourselves, and He said the word 'spanking' a lot, and we were in a public place..LOL.  My plan was to get spanked once, find out what it was like, and then move on with my 'normal' life.  My first spanking was with Master, over clothing, His hand...maybe 15 minutes.  Trouble was, i could not forget it and move on....and Master kept in touch.
     We started to meet every 4/6 weeks for some spanking fun.   He had been spanking for a while, had spanked a lot of ladies. At the time He was regularly spanking a few ladies.  He slowly introduced me to the toys in His bag, and i was hooked.  After a few months, He asked if there was anything in my life i needed help with...something that i lacked the discipline to do on my own.  My oldest daughter was getting married in a year, and i really wanted to lose some weight, so i said yes.  
       He helped me with a plan...and motivation....and i loss 50 pounds by the wedding!  We continued getting closer, and i was still reading, and started to become more curious about submission.  I had mixed feelings...i was independent, in charge of my life, and liked it that way.
      One day, Master referred to me as submissive...i was stunned.  We talked, He had me research and write to Him what i found and how i felt about  it, since writing my thoughts was much easier than talking about them. We slowly started down the D/s path.  
     So, at a point in my life where i was thinking the best was behind me....i surprisingly found myself on a new journey, discovering new things about myself.......and enjoying that journey with a very special someone.\

Thanks for the question, my friend!
hugs abby

Wednesday, July 2, 2014


        Usually when most included...think of a M/s relationship they start to think of.....pain, whips, paddles, obedience, nipple clamps, rope, kinky sex, spankings...etc.  What i have discovered with Master is that one of the most important components, at times the 'glue' that makes it work is laughter.
          When i first met Master, i loved the sound of His voice, His self-assurance, His looks, His smile....i never gave a thought to laughter.  But through the years i have come to appreciate that
.......even when i feel like the last thing i want to do is laugh, He can get me to smile...and yes to laugh a little.
.......when we are miles apart, and i am struggling with family emergencies, He knows just how to get me to breathe and laugh.
.......there is no nicer way to spend time together than to be over His lap and chatting and laughing our way through a spanking
......i love being able to get Master to unexpectedly let out a belly laugh at something i have said.

Laughter is said to be the best medicine....i me it is also an important part of our relationship.

hugs abby

Tuesday, July 1, 2014


          Yes, finally a post that has something to do with spanking...

       I returned home today after being gone for over 3 weeks, with a quick (4 days) at home in between trips.  Tonight i heard from my i still hosting the 4th of July??   So, another 4 days, and then more chaotic fun.  Luckily i live in an area where there is lots to do for matter what the weather.  Think they plan on staying a spanking entries are going to be very limited.
         I was welcomed home by Master with a bear hug...and a...'just in time for maintenance'..proclamation.  It did not take long before i was naked and kneeling....shutting out everything but Us....a Master and His submissive.  After He has re-claimed all of me, i am invited over His lap.
          We begin with a wonderful hand warm-up, and after the first few, i just collapse...totally relaxed.  Master chuckles, and asks...miss this much?
He thinks he can hear me purring as He continues to warm up my..His..bottom.  He stops to check and see if all of me is really enjoying this...of course He finds that all of me certainly is.  He continues to rub and pull..and work His magic...i am so wet i can hear it...and i am losing the ability to continue chatting.  Master warns me that i have not received permission....and that maintenance is not over til it is a real spanking..not just Him 'massaging' my bottom.
         Out comes the paddle, it does not take long before i am ouching and moving....spankings have been much rarer than normal lately.  Master continues and then tucks me in...a warning of sorts...and the spanks get harder.  After a set, He tells me one more set of much harder ones, and they are.  Finally He is done.....not the hardest spanking ever....but it is a reminder.  Master then checks to see if maintenance has diminished my desire.....
        Surprise...(not) has increased it.  Master continues, laughing as HE describes my feels so good i don't want Him to stop....but i so need a permission...and dare not cum without asking.  I is granted...and i am off.....making up for loss time.
        When i have recovered enough Master tells me to kneel between His Him how much i missed all of Him and to thank Him for my maintenance.  I eagerly convince Him that i did indeed miss Him!!!

hugs abby