Monday, June 30, 2014

N is for numbers

.....1 long it took for me to be spanked by Master the first time we met face to face.  Now we had been emailing and talking on the phone.  It was supposed to be for 1 beer....did have the beer, along with my first spanking...fully clothed.  The first and last time that happened:)

....4 years blogging...almost, it will be 4 years in a week.  I never imagined i would be still here after 4 years, after the first few entries i went to Master and said i wanted to stop.  I started at His 'request'.  He told me try it for 6 months and then the choice is yours.....

....6 years retired.  I had not planned on retiring early...the private school i was teaching in was being closed, i had a couple leads on another job.  Then my daughter got pregnant, very difficult pregnancy, i wanted to be there for the birth and after...and really, i was ready.  Have not regretted it yet.

...7/8 ..grades that i taught.  When i say i was a junior high teacher, i usually get this OMG look and offers of sympathy.  I loved it...not every day...but most days.  Honestly, most of the aggravation came from adults, not the kids.  I am friends with many on facebook, and still hear from many of them...

....10....Master likes to spank in sets of 10.  Usually 10 on one cheek then the other.  He has never stopped at least 100 per toy.

...12....How many years i have known Master.  At first we occasionally got together for some spanking fun...maybe once every 4--6 weeks...

...392...this is post #392!!

...1,000...the most hand spanks in one was a lovely session

from here to infinity...when i was visiting my 4 year old grand...she said she loved me from here to infinity...we always reply to an 'i love you', with 'i love you more'...she quickly told me that was the biggest number, so she loved me more.  My son was listening and laughing...i quickly replied..i love you from here to 2 infinities....that is how much i want to thank all of you for reading here.

hugs abby

Sunday, June 29, 2014!!

     Orange has always been my favorite color.  It is not a popular choice, but i never really cared.  As i get older, i still love it.  Have you seen the posters that proclaim...when i get older i will wear purple...well i have been wearing orange for a long time....and still am.
    About 6 weeks ago, my daughter told me we were going shopping.  I was interested until she informed me it was for new clothes for me...clothes that fit, since she was tired of seeing me wear the same clothes for years....and no matter what size i am, i wear them.  I was not thrilled at the prospect, she is a much fussier shopper than i am.
     But to my everlasting surprise, it seems that the fashion world has finally caught up to me.   I found an abundance of orange clothing.  Well, not all orange, but orange with while stripes, orange mixed in with other colors..lots of orange.  My daughter let me choose all the orange my correct size....without too much rolling of her eyes.  I also bought a couple that were not orange...just for variety.
   We were also looking for a dress for me to wear to a family wedding.  She kept orange.  I kept insisting i could just go to the back of my closet and find something i had not worn i a while.  After a much too long afternoon of trying on everything she handed me, and not being able to agree on anything, she finally agreed....find something in your closet!
   About a week later, i went back to a couple of the stores.  I had found one in my closet i could wear, but i was not all that happy with  it.  I immediately find a coral dress that i loved.  A dress with a short jacket, fairly plain, but in my new size and fit perfectly and was close to orange.  It was 80.00....but i figured it was worth it.  Got to the check out to hear....32.28...i looked at the clerk.  She laughed and said it was on the deeply reduced rack.  The orange gods were with me.  I wore it and received lots of compliments...go orange!!!
hugs abby

Saturday, June 28, 2014


         Play is one of those words whose meaning depends on usage.  A play can be a live performance...i love attending those.  I am partial to musicals, i have seen my favorites many times over.  In our area we have very talented high school students, and they give amazing  presentations. I try to see as many of those as i can.
       Play with a child is  pure joy.  I have been spending a lot of time this week with my soon to be 3 grandson.  His older sister goes to day camp this week.  I don't usually get much alone time with him, and it has been wonderful...pretending to build houses, learning about all the correct names of the little yellow trucks, playing hide and go seek...only he has 1 favorite place to hide.  Today he put on a show for grandma..making up songs and using the play guitar and accordian and piano.  It was so funny and amazing...
    Then there are adult play times.  Where we get to pretend (roll play), or perform or please each other. That pure joy that comes from play should be in all of our lives, whatever type of play we choose to engage in.  Whether your favorite play time is a mix of pain and pleasure, whether it is mostly real or pretend, or if it is just learning to play toy cars, or making chocolate chip cookies with a 2 year old....and being left with very few chips...take some time to PLAY!
hugs abby

Friday, June 27, 2014


     I have heard the word quirt, knew it could be used for spanking, and probably was made of leather.  I have never seen or felt one.  So i decided to educate myself a bit.  
     A quirt is a type of stock whip which usually has 2 fells at the end (like the tails of some tawses).  They can be western, braided , made of leather or nylon. 
    So, is it on my wish list?  I am not sure ( it really is not my choice).  Comparing it to a tawse is a plus, but a short whip? Might be a better sensation that Master's long whip, but 2 fells, twice the sting...not necessarily a plus.  Would it be spreading or sharing the pain, or twice the pain??? 
   Can anyone out there help me...any of you familiar with a quirt...have it used as a spanking toy?  I hesitate to use the word toy.....but you get my meaning.
    In the interest of educating...there is another definition of quirt....the sound made while deficating during childbirth.....i just had to share.

hugs abby

Thursday, June 26, 2014

R is for recipe!!

    I have reached the point where if it dirties every dish i is not worth it....thought i would share an ease and yummy recipe!

                  Easy-Peasy Fruity Cake

1 (20 oz) can crushed pineapple in juice, undrained
1 (21 oz) can cherry pie filling
1 pkg yellow cake mix
1 cup butter melted
1 (7oz) bag shredded coconut...optional
1 cup macadamia nuts, chopped..optional

Preheat oven to 350. Lightly grease 9X13 baking pan.  Layer crushed pineapple then the pie pilling.  Sprinkle dry cake mix over the top, smoothing evenly and covering the filling. Pour butter over the top, covering evenly.Finish with coconut and nuts, if using.
Bake until brown on top and bubbly.  Let cool 30 minutes...can be served warm or cooled!!!

hugs abby

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

S is for sympatico

       Yeah, i know, this is turning into a bit of a vocabulary unit.  But Mona Lisa issued a challenge for more words, so when i think of one that is fun to say and i have used, i do it for Mona!
      Sympatico is getting along and having a mutual understanding.  Sounds like most of us.....The getting along part can be said of lots of people, but we have a much better understanding of each other here in blog land.  Very few secrets or things that we are afraid to discuss.  How refreshing and nice is that!
     I am in the middle of my babysitting time with the grands. I love them dearly, but bedtime cannot come soon enough for them...and i quickly follow. So,yes, my posts are getting shorter.
hugs abby

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

T is for truism.....

*** For those of you who participated in my last post...i am sad to report no one get's a gold 100%....but a couple 80%.  Master is the spicy food lover, i need antacids to keep up, and He has been to Italy, where He has family.  I used to speed skate, every Friday night at an outside rink.  We would race, record the results, change skates to the figure skating kind, then spend the rest of the nigh skating to music.  I also am fluent in French..form K on, 1/2 of my day at school was taught in French.

    Truisms usually find you shaking your head and nodding at the same time.  In the past most of them came from the bible (book of Proverbs), movies or books.  Today i think most of them come from Facebook.
Here are a few that i have not seen on Facebook....yet.

~~~The hardness of the butter is proportional to the softness of the bread.

~~~The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard.

~~~Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.

~~~Shin: a device for finding furniture in the dark.

and finally......great advice..
~~~Never, ever mix sleeping pills and laxatives.

hugs abby

Monday, June 23, 2014


           .....means in is one of those words that is fun to say.
How to make a blog post out of this word....I am going to list 5 ways Master and i are unisonous....and 5 ways we are not!

We are unisonous since...

1.  We are both the eldest child.

2.   We both went to Catholic schools until we graduated high school. 

3.  We both are stubborn. ( one of us is a bit more so)

4.  We both love being near the water...ocean, lake...

5.  We both have been on bowling leagues.

We are not unisonous since

6. Only one of us likes spicy food.

7.  Only one of us has been to Italy.

8.  Only one of us used to speed skate every Friday.

9.  Only one of us can speak French.

10.  Only one of us is submissive:)

You get to guess which one of us fits the numbers  6--10.

hugs abby

Sunday, June 22, 2014 in verb

   Some of the verbs that i link with Master.....
switching (with a twig)
plugging  (my bottom)

hugs abby

Saturday, June 21, 2014


            When i first thought of W....i knew immediately....Master's whip.
But when i typed in the title i thought of whipped cream!  LOL!   We have never played with whipped cream, but i imagine it would be lots of fun and yummy, and much smoother and refreshing than Master's whip.  Hmmm..something to add to my list of to-do's.
           Back to Master's whip.  When asked, He always says He does not have a favorite 'toy'....i think the whip is His favorite.  He gets this smile , this gleam in His eyes, the way he feels the lash with His hands before He gets ready to use it...His reaction to my is His favorite.  The first time we used it , i was blindfolded, good thing. It is a single tail and intimidating as all get out.  Yes it is leather, and i do love leather but not all leather is created equally.  It takes me much longer to adjust to the sting of the whip that to any other leather weapon...err...toy.  The sound, just before it hits, has me holding my breath.  As Master gets into His swing, i am often left wondering who will wipe  up the, there never has been blood, it just feels like there should be.
           When He is finished, the look on His face, the feel of His hands rubbing away some of the burn, the coolness of His kisses on the welts....leave me wondering....could it be my favorite also??

hugs abby

Friday, June 20, 2014

"You can never be too compliant".....quote from Master

        Master and i were enjoying our afternoon together when i was obviously not quick enough with the 'yes Sirs'  and i heard the words in the title......along with 'there's your new blog title'.  He seems to be enjoying supplying me with titles...and i am sure happy to have a ready made title.
       As usual, our play time started with my naked kneeling.  Master is massaging me all over as i look around and notice the little paddle, a large paint stick, and.....a cane.  Master moves on to my breast, kneading and mushing and squishing, remarking how far i have come...i almost seem to be enjoying the breast play.  Of course, He then moves on to tugging and pulling and pinching, and i am back to the reality of breast i concentrate on breathing and staying in place.
       Next, it is over His lap time for a wonderful hand warm up.  We chat..i am leaving tomorrow, i committed to watching my 5 and almost 3 year old grands while their mom and dad get to see Ireland. Since i spent more time in Maine because of my mom, i have been home for only 4 days.  I don't feel ready to leave again, but i am sure i will be very well entertained while away.  Master decides i have not had a very hard hand spanking in a while so He revs it up.  I must admit, i am still relaxing and enjoying.....
     Until i feel the little paddle.  He is still using it as a warm-up, occasionally traveling to my thighs....where He gets much more of a reaction from me.  He thinks He should spank me there more often so i will get used to it...i, of course do not think that necessary.  Next is the large paint stick, it is light and very much less 'thuddy'....but the sting on my thighs has me moving and getting vocal.
      Master announces that He plans on using the cane and His belt and i get to choose which i want first.  He reaches for His cane, thinking i love His belt and would want to finish with it, but i choose the belt first as i want to enjoy it without the welts a caning often produces.  I am told to get up and in position as He wonders if i am alone in loving the sound and feel of a belt.  I assure Him that many of you feel the same way.  He starts slowly and builds, checking to make sure that the belting is having the desired is!  He completes several sets of 12 when He tells me i may get up.
      He is pointing to the floor, i look at Him a little confused, thinking it was cane time.  He is unzipping His pants, and i quickly catch on. I am kneeling, slowly licking, working my way to other sensations, as i enjoy the scent, the feel, the taste of Him.  I am not ready to move when i am told to get in position. I get up slowly, He tells me if i thank Him after each stroke, i can have a second helping. I grin as i get into position.
    I am thinking of His words as He starts in with the cane, after the first four, He stops and says.......i guess you are not interested?  Takes me a minute and i realize i had not thanked Him.  I apologize and He offers to start over...this time i remember and thank Him after each stroke.  When He is happy with the welts and has rubbed some of the heat away, i am back to kneeling and pleasuring Him.  Just as i think we are close to finishing Master pushes me away, grabs His cock and is rubbing it all over my face, smearing and spreading all of Him.  This is actually a first...and at first i am surprised as i sink deeper into submission.
      When He is finished i am told to kneel head down bottom up.  Master gets one of my toys out, He is going to fill me completely.  I am already so wet, it does not take long, but Master never stops at 1....and He continues, until i can no longer hold myself up and just flop down.  I do not even realize He is laying next to me, til He pulls me over Him and i feel His wonderful furry, fuzzy chest. We just snuggle for quite a while, and Master tells me to pack my toy,and every night before bed, i am to suck on it as if it were His cock, then i may send Him my good night message.  

Have a good week all...
hugs abby


         Have i told you that i am a scrabble and crossword puzzle addict?  

     A xenogogue is a guide.  Of course when i think of guide, Master is the first person who comes to mind.  He guides in many ways...with His words, His heart, offering me a hold, to help...or to warm my bottom.  He as guided me to accomplish goals, to know  and accept all of me, to laughter, to tears....He has guided me on a journey of discovery.  A journey that has brought me many wonderful memories and that has me anticipating many more.
   I also have been guided by many of you.  Most of you know that i am....'technically challenged"....and every time i have put out a plea for help you have responded and not made me feel foolish.  Your prayers, good whammies, healing thoughts have helped guide me during days of illness and healing.  Thank  you!

hugs abby

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Next comes Y


Y is for you and you and you and you and you!! Yep...for all of you!

I started blogging almost 4 years ago. Master had hinted, then suggested a few times, and finally just said...."Do it..start a blog". I had been reading for a while, and we would sometimes discuss what i had read. He wanted me to find my 'voice', to share, to open up and He saw blogging as a possible way of making that happen. Have i told you He is a smart man!

What neither He nor i knew at the time was how much more i would get from blogging. From all of you i have received acceptance into a community, acceptance that we can all do our own 'thing' and it is OK.

I have made friends, I have brought new ideas to Master, I look forward to sharing my morning coffee while reading what you have been up to.

So to all of YOU i want to say a great big THANK YOU!!!! You have been such a support, such an example, we have become such good friends. To those of you who are readers and have not commented, thanks for reading...but i would also love to meet you!

hugs abbby



Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Backwards Alphabet Challenge...the letter Z

          Mona Lisa suggested in my comment section that since i was breaking all the rules anyway, i should start at the end of the alphabet.  She made me laugh and then think....why not??  So i am starting my way through the alphabet with the letter Z. (might as well get the tough ones out of the way first)

       Z is for zesty!  Master has changed me, my life, in so many ways....when i compare then and of the words that pops into my head is zesty.  Master has added an excitement, a wonderment, a looking forward to new adventures to my life.  I had loss a lot of that, and really did not realize that i was missing it, til He helped me find it again.
      Zest was added and revived the sexual part of a way i never imagined.  That elusive orgasm, was found....and my pleas that "once is enough" have turned to the more the better:)
      Zest was added and i discovered that life after 50 can be a wonderful adventure.  
       Zest was added and i learned that living certain things, is so much better than just reading about them....and daydreaming.

hugs abby



Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I hate it when He makes me ask....:):)

          I am back...finally.  I was away a little over 2 weeks, but it felt like much longer.  I leave again on Saturday for my daughter's watching the kiddos while they are away.  
         Mom is weak and tires easily, but she has made her wishes known, and we spent lots of family time together.  The doctors say it could be months...or not.  But she is at peace, which helps us.  She made it to the wedding ceremony, stayed for a bit of time at the reception.  He latest great grand-daughter arrived she gets to meet her...all blessings.
        Before i left Master agreed that this was a no-tax trip.  I also requested a no gain month.  I had loss 3 1/2  pounds towards my next goal, but knew that my time away would be stressful with little time to exercise and lots of family celebrations with...lots of food!  He agreed to the no gain for June, but reminded me that He will not forget when June is over that i still have more to go.  Seems that stress can be good for a far i have loss 1/2 of a pound.
          Master welcomed me back with an extra long bear hug which was followed by some naked kneeling time.  He covered my eyes, blocking out all thought and claimed every part of me...rubbing, tugging, my body to His touch.  Using His voice to remind me that i am His..all of me belongs to Him.
           Over His lap for a long hand spanking...or as Master now refers to it .... my massage.  He says for it to be a spanking at some point i would want it to stop, which has never happened...and i can't imagine wanting Him to stop.  Master then says we have a few maintenance spankings to catch up on...i look up at Him in disbelief...He chuckles and says since i was mostly good about all my rules, He will just give me this week's.  He does mention that i owe Him for 3 daily reports......I did miss sending in 3 daily emails at the end of the day.....i just really did not think there were necessary.  After the third one went 'missing', He asked if i had loss internet access......they started again.
              As He is 'massaging' my bottom, He tells me that my spanking will start when i ask for it.....yes, words i do not like hearing....much.  He is not only massaging my bottom, He is reaching in, circling, rubbing, gathering my feels soooooo  soooooo good...why would i want it to stop?  Problem is i am getting close, too close to the big O.....and i know i will not get permission til the maintenance spanking is over.  I try to hang on and Master is enjoying seeing how far i will let myself go before i give in and ask.  I am moaning and finally i say 'stop...enough'.  Not the words He wants to hear, so He continues.  I say 'i am very close'...He continues.  'Please move on'...He continues...Finally i ask for my spanking, He picks up the paddle and starts to add color to my bottom.  It has been over 2 weeks since my last spanking, it does not take long for me to be moving and complaining...He stops to tuck me in, a signal that the last, hardest volley of spanks is about to begin.
             He finishes, but is not rubbing.  Instead i many days did you fail to send a report?  I reply 3 Sir, He says 10 hard ones on each cheek for each day missed.  I complain that He is being too harsh...His reply....if I had not reminded you after day 3, the number would be much higher...i also hate it when i can't argue with His logic.  I get 3 more sets of 20...the last set being the hardest.  Master asks  if not writing a report is worth is not.
            We end with several permissions being granted, with me being once again turned to jello and completed sated.  

There is an 'A B C' blog challenge happening in blog land.  If you have not visited the participants you will find some on my blog roll and a list of the others participating at each of the participants' blogs. The posts are creative,unique, educational and entertaining. I almost joined while i was away, just to give me something to blog about...i even found something for each letter of the alphabet, but the time was never available.  I am thinking of starting now...well tomorrow, and  yes, i know i have not signed up on the official list, and i am wayyyy behind....the letter Q i believe was the letter for today, and i may still not get to it every day.  So I am pretty much breaking all the rules...Master refers to it as my fiesty mood.  But the idea intrigues me, and it will give me something to blog about while i am away at my daughter's, when hopefully i will have more time to myself in the evenings.

hugs abby

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Yes, i can serve Master while i am away...

   And yes, the title was 'suggested' by Master...umm a few days a reminder that i have been neglecting my blog.  I am on a train leaving my son's and going to spend some more time with my mom.  It has been an exhausting couple of weeks....but filled with blessings also.  I have done a little (way to little to keep me happy and informed) blog reading, written an occasional comment, and thought of blogging at night when i finally get to sit and it us quiet....but then the call of a bed and sleep has been much stronger than the call of the blog.
    Thank you all for the good wishes for my mom.  She is....weak and tired most of the time. Her heart is only working at 20%.  When she leaves rehab we have found an assisted living place that we are all happy with....with meds and a restricted diet the doctors say she should be ok....until the day she isn't...and her heart just cannot keep up.  We have all spent time together talking, praying, crying and laughing....and for the most part we have supported each other.
       I took a couple days to go spend time with my son's family...and 2 very delightful young ladies...ages 2 and 4.  I was invited to be a guest reader at the pre-school the 4 year old attends.  It was frog week...and i have collected frogs since college.  I arrived armed with my favorite frog books and dressed for the occasion.  My little grand was so excited to have me there, and we all had fun learning more about frogs.  As i was leaving they sang me a special song...and the preK teacher remarked...You must have been a teacher..i considered it a grand compliment.
       Over the weekend all of my mom's grands and great-grands will be gathering.  There is a family wedding and it has been a number of years since a couple of the nieces have been it will be a wonderful and bittersweet time.  
       Master is so amazing...even when we are physically apart He knows how to keep me close, how to comfort me....His words and actions always seem to be exactly what  i need.  We talk and text, and i send photos...some of the grands, some of different parts of my anatomy, some of an activity i am engaged in...He will often text me an extra task...and we stay connected...
    I am hoping to be back home the beginning of next week....
hugs abby