Tuesday, April 29, 2014

" I have looked at life from both sides now"

      The title is a quote from a Joni Mitchell song.  I am hoping there are a least a couple of you out there who are as old as i am and remember it!  It refers to seeing both sides of life....which is what my last week has been all about.

   The Saturday before Easter was a day of 2 parties.  We started with a luncheon bridal shower for my niece...a love birds theme.  We had a contest dressing my little grands in 'toilet paper' wedding gowns, we laughed a lot, marveled at the gifts, got caught up on each other's lives.

    After the shower, we switched the decor to.....'My Little Kitty' for a 2  year old party.  With the exception of the cake, we ate the leftovers from the noon time bash, and continued with the party mood.  We were all exhausted by the day's end, but thankful and happy to have spent the day celebrating.

  Easter Sunday we all gathered at my nephew's for Easter dinner.  He managed to put together 3 long tables and fit us all in, and we even switched seats between courses so we could visit with everyone.  The under 6 group, were urging the adults to eat more quickly....they were eager for the egg hunt in the back yard.  Another day of treasured memories.

Monday, i traveled with my son and His family to their home, for some grandma time with his 2 little girls.  Only, by the time we got there, i headed for bed with the flu.  (Turns out we not only shared stories and memories...most of us ended up ill.)  Tuesday was another in bed day, not wanting to share the 'germs', and needing another day to recover.

Wednesday i felt better, and as the girls and i were making plans, i got a call from my sister....she had just called for the ambulance for my mom, who she thought was having a heart attack.  My son asked if i wanted to return and i knew i had to...not only for my mom, but to help my sister who always deals with these things on her own.  I told him i could take the next train out, and be there in about 3 hours.  He said if he drove me it would be quicker, so bless Him, he did.

My mom was in congestive hear failure, and we spent a long day and most of the night waiting to get her into a room.  The doctors said she should be improved the next day, so we left to get some sleep.  The next day, she took a turn for the worse, we called my bothers, and talked about her final wishes.  It was a long and very hard day.  She has always been stubborn...and that trait seemed to pay off.  During the night she rallied, still quite ill, but with a fighting chance.  She fought her way back, and today we transferred her to a rehab facility, while she regains strength and decisions will be made if she can continue to live independently.

My stay at my son's was a whole lot shorter than planned...he offered to switch my tickets for my flight back to next week.  I checked with Master and He said it was my decision.....and He would not tax me for an extended stay. ( He was not here physically, but He made sure i knew that He was 'with me' during all of the past week.  It amazes me, that even when we are apart, He knows what to say and lets me know...often....that He is looking out for me).  I decided not to extend my stay, i really just want and need to be back home....and with Master.  I explained to my son, and He said the ticket offer was good for anytime...so we will try again in June.

Both sides of life....a good reminder to treasure the good times, the special moments, the times when we grow stronger and closer through the worrisome times......

hugs abby

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter...

   Yes, i know i am a few days early, but i am leaving early in the morning for a weekend that will be crazy full.  So instead of being late, i decided to be early!   Over the next couple days, the rest of my family will arrive, and we will be in party mode.  On Saturday there will be a bridal shower lunch and for dinner, a two year old birthday party.  Sunday, a nephew is having all of us, about 30 over for Easter dinner and a big Easter egg hunt for the 6 and under crowd.  I will then be going to my son's for some grandma time.

     Master moved Fun Friday to today...after my kneeling time, i was OTK for a wonderful hand warm-up, while we chatted.  I was so relaxed and told Master the warm-up could last a longggg time.  He decided it was time to rev it up, and remind me that His hand could be as hard as a paddle, especially when He wanders down to the bottom part of my tush...Master checks and spreads my wetness over my bottom.  He decides to use my big toy, and teases me with it, moving it in and out slowly, up and down just outside of my pussy, twirling it, making sure it is good and lubricated with my juices.  Master then sets it to vibrate slowly, telling me to be sure to keep it in place,  while He paddles my bottom.  He starts lightly, and asks me which sensation is winning....and reminding me that i am not to cum without permission.

      The spanks are getting harder, but i am also getting closer to needing that permission.  Master loves my gyrations, trying to get just a little more pressure, right where i need it.  Just as i am very close, Master says He will give me a choice...a choice???  I am panting and wondering what He has in mind.  My choice is permission to cum or i can kneel and suck His cock.  After about 30 seconds i tell Him i choose His cock.  My toy is removed, i kneel, and realize i am once again dripping.  I also have learned that pleasuring Him will increase that wetness....

     Master then decides that i should have a good, hard, 'fu*****' to remember.....i am beyond wet, so it does not take long for me to be beyond waiting, and soaring.  After some recovery time, Master reminds me that His birthday will be while i am away.  I did not forget, but have been trying to think of something special to surprise Him with. It took me a while to come up with a plan, so i have not had time to get it together,  it will be an after birthday surprise...and He reads here, so that is all the information you are getting for now.

      Master says it is time for His birthday spanking....with His paddle and on  my tush.  Let's just say He starts a new decade, and it was quite a few swats, getting harder as He got older.  We chat about plans we both have for the time i am away, He reminds me of His expectations and to use my tool box.  He then surprises me by asking if i need another spanking.

      I hesitate, how does He do that.....before i nod, yes.  He says He knew, i was way to antsy when i arrived, to have it all gone already.  He decides it will be a maintenance spanking for next Monday.  I am tucked in and He is barely starting and i am already ouching and thinking...why did i say yes??  He continues, until my bottom is bright and hot....and wants me to be squirming on my drive tomorrow.  

     I think...spring might have arrived...we had all 4 seasons this week...80 one day, in the 30's and snow the very next day.  Cooler like fall the next day, and suppose to warm up and be more like spring tomorrow...let's hope!

hugs abby




Monday, April 14, 2014

Starting at the End...

         My boys let me down....they loss 3 of the 4 games they played over the weekend.  Master seemed to think that our last bet was really a win for me, even though the good guys (my team) had loss...wonder why He thought that???  He decided that if i loss this bet i would have a double maintenance spanking.  I thought that was harsh for a baseball bet...maintenance spankings are not fun and they hurt.  

     Master then offered me a second option...yes, He can be such a sweet guy!  We would have regular maintenance, but reverse the order of tings.  We would start with the fun part...and end with the spanking....He is still wondering if a spanking hurts more after orgasms than before.  I decided to help His research along and picked the second option.

     Actually i was not sure how reversing the order would work...would i be too worried about the upcoming spanking to be able to 'enjoy' the play time. When i voiced my concern to Master....He chuckled.

    During the naked kneeling, Master was 'teasing' my breast.  No pulling or pinching, just gentle touches, circling, whispering in my ear, daring me not to respond.  Of course, i was squirming in no time.  Master then has me sucking His cock, knowing that i will be wet and ready when i am done.  I am, and Master dispels all my fears about being too worried about the spanking....and i am begging for permissions.  

    After i have regained my senses, Master asks if i would like to climb on His lap.  Just in this past year, this is one of my favorite places to be.  To be held, and cuddled, smooching and whispering to each other....to feel safe and taken care of...After some time has passed Master then says....
   "Time for maintenance", i groan, i was sort of hoping He would forget...or just decide it was not necessary...no such luck.  I am OTK, getting a long hand warm up, before i feel the cool wood of the paddle.  Master tucks me in, and in no time, i am ouching and it seems to hurt more than usual.  Master stops for a 'rub' break, and starts in with part 2.  I am moving and being very vocal, and even let the word....stop...slip out.  He does not, of course, but finally does finish.  He rubs a bit, and then tells me to give myself a rub.  He then tells me that is all the touching i am allowed, no permissions or playing allowed...for 24 hours.  I am a little surprised, He is very generous with permissions.  I tell Him i understand.

     He then asks if i prefer to change the order, or like the spanking first...no doubt in my mind.....i like to have something to look forward to when the spanking has 'warmed' me up.

    It was 80 here today.....snow and sleet tomorrow....

hugs abby 


Friday, April 11, 2014

The Best Bet I Ever Lost...

      My 'boys' let me down and loss the baseball game last night.  It is early in the season....but it also meant i loss my bet with Master.  When we were discussing the terms, i said i wanted to choose one of the toys for our 'Fun Friday', if i win.  He then asked...'what if you lose'?  I replied...'since You always get to make all the decisions, i guess You still get to'...He laughed and said i had a point.  He did say today that we have to set up some kind of more formal agreement about our baseball bets, they do make watching the game more interesting.  So we are thinking on that....

     Bet paying time was today....Master had the maintenance paddle and a 5 gallon paint stirring stick in His hand when I walked in.  I mentioned that this was supposed to be a fun Friday....He replied, He won the bet and this was His idea of fun....i could not argue the point.  

     We started with the naked kneeling.  Lately, He has been really concentrating on my breasts, and besides mushing and rubbing and tugging..pinching, harder each time it seems.  Today was no exception, He did praise me for breathing and staying in position.  When He was done torturing playing with my breasts, i was OTK for a much too short hand warm up.  

       He started with the paint stick, it is light, but packs a big sting.  He was spanking up and down my bottom and coming very close to my thighs.  I was moving and ouching, so He decides to check and see if i am really suffering.  Seems that part of me is enjoying the darn stick...I tried explaining that 'she' is not a good judge, but He was not buying it.  He then starts in with the small paddle, stops, checks, and is soon asking if i can hear myself...sloshing...as His fingers 'stir the pot'.  I can, but i hate admitting it....He thinks it would be interesting to tape it and see if anyone can identify the sound...REALLY???

     He has me stand, He needs to go check something.  I stay standing, and have my arms over my breast when He walks back in.  He looks very surprised and asks what i am doing?  I stare at Him....it is pretty obvious, i am walking around waiting for Him to return.  He asks if i am 'in position' waiting for my Master's return?  Ut oh....no I am not...i start to kneel , but am told to bend over the hammock.  He explains in no uncertain terms that while waiting for Master when He is interrupted i should be in my kneeling position...and that i should never...ever..never...be covering myself up.  He punctuates His small lecture with hard smacks from the paint stick.

   I am back over His lap, He has my newest vibrator, checks to be sure i am still wet, turns it on and slowly, pushes it in and out...making sure the little 'wing' parts hit all the right spots.  I am soon squirming...but am told to take it easy...this is going to be long and slow...  I am soon so close, not sure if i can hang on....and Master is talking to me.....It takes me a bit, but i realize He is telling me He wants me to see how sweet i taste....and is holding the toy, for me to lick off....in a haze i do...and then He goes back to the slow torture. (This is where things start to get hazy).

      He speeds things up a bit, and i am soon begging for permission....it is finally granted and i am soaring.  When i am recovering ( i honestly am at a loss for more details....), i am told to kneel before Him.  I do and tell Him i am dripping wet.  He nods, and i start to suck...soon i feel like my pussy is raining on my thighs.  I stop and tell Him i am dripping...LOTS...He wants me to continue...i do...and as i finish, i no longer am dripping....i am plopping large amounts of myself....large wet spots....and i am astonished.
This is a first...yes i get very wet, and sometimes drip a bit, but never like this.  Master is all smiles....as He holds me and after a bit helps me to clean up.  Master asks me if i still doubt that i am a sensual person...( that was my claim when we first met....and He has never let me forget it...as He continually disproves it).  I look right at Him and say, 'this is the best bet i ever loss".  Without missing a beat, He replies, "this is the best bet i ever won". Now the rest of me is melting....

    I decide that i need to upgrade today....to a Super Fun Friday!!!

Have a great weekend all...
hugs abby

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Better late than never....??

      UGH...I apologize.  I have two more March questions to answer.  When i left to visit the grands, i figured i would be back with a day or two left to answer them.  And...i just forgot, until tonight for some reason.  I just went back and read most of the comments for March to be sure i did not forget any others...if i have, please remind me, it was not intentional.

from  greengirl...Do you ever think about how you would like things to evolve with your Master over time?  If so, what do you imagine?
        I used to think about how i wanted or dreamed, that things would proceed and evolve.  Now, not so much.  To be honest, we are at a place today, i never could have dreamed or imagined.  We met with the thought of maybe having some spanking fun together.  Yes, that has happened, but neither one of us....more so me...ever imagined what we have today.
      We have talked about how lucky we are, how compatible, how our relationship has grown in ways neither one of us expected.  We are in a very good place.  As for the future...who knows.  I do expect us to grow old...make that older ...together. There is more than the M/s aspect to our relationship, but the M/s is an important component.   
    One thing i have learned this year, enjoy the journey...relish the gift of the here and now....as my mom would say....man (or woman) plans....and God laughs).

from Del Fonte...Do you think maintenance will ever cease, or will always be part of your dynamic?

Master and i have discussed this one, and we agree...maintenance is here to stay. If i had to list the 3 most important decisions that have brought us this far....one of those 3 would be weekly maintenance.

We started maintenance at a time when i was struggling with my submission. ( i think about 3/4 years ago.) Spankings were irregular, once a month, sometimes more, sometimes less. I was not sure if i was submission 'material'. I read, on a now defunct blog, about someone who feeling the same way. In fact she wrote so eloquently, i asked her if i could share parts of her blog with Master. She said yes, i did......and the next day we met for my first maintenance spanking. Master said they would be weekly, and i thought....we will see how long that lasts. It has lasted, unless one of us is out of town for the whole week, we do not miss maintenance...at times i have suggested we could miss a week because of crazy schedules, but He always makes it happen.

And, for me (Us), it has been a very good decision. I knew i would be spanked at least once a week ( most weeks, it is more than that), it showed me in a concrete way Master's commitment to us, it helped me to keep a good 'head space', and made punishment spankings a rare event. When i imagined maintenance, i pictured a nice, fun spanking, where we re-connect. Master's idea, is a good, hard spanking that makes me think, i don't want a harder one. I still think i would like my version, but.....

....As i am sitting here, i am watching the first (of 19) Red Sox/Yankees game of the season. Master and i have a wager.....right now the Yanks are ahead....4--1....GO SOX!!!

hugs abby

PS....i have no idea why the second question has a lighter background, but i can't seem to make it go away.....DUH...


Monday, April 7, 2014

Cane or Paddle?

     Guess what i saw today...purple crocuses in my front yard!!! Hurrah for them...must mean spring is on its way....has to mean that....:)

     When i saw Master today the first thing i noticed....well after a great big bear hug...was both the maintenance paddle and His cane.  Maintenance spankings are pretty standard, a hand warm-up, and the paddle. As i looked over He says...I have not decided which one I want for today.  I am thinking...He never takes that cane out without using it.  

    Master goes to check on something and when He returns i am already naked and kneeling...He is pleased.  After some rubbing and massaging He start to tweak, pull, and pinch my nipples.  His pinches get harder each time He lets go and grabs again...i am trying to keep my  hands behind me and breathe.  He tells me to thank Him for pinching my nipple so hard....i hesitate...and He tightens His grip.  I know this is a game i cannot win, but those words...UGH.  I finally get the words out and He grabs the other one...and looks at me waiting...and increases the pressure.  I get the words out again....What is it about getting you to say something you really do not want to say???

    After a wonderful hand warm-up that i was so enjoying, i am told to get up and lie flat....He has chosen the cane, as i knew He would.  He reminds me that maintenance spankings and meant to be hard....and starts to swish. He is standing to the left of me, and i am getting sets of 6...1 swish reaches both cheeks.  He stops after maybe 6 sets, and  i breathe a loud sigh...then i hear...same for the other side.  I try to explain that He was reaching both sides....to no avail.  When He is satisfied with His need for equality, i am told to kneel up with head down and bottom out.  
     He starts in on another set...and yes, in this position they seem to hurt more.  One lands on my upper thigh and i let out a loud OUCH....next thing i feel is Master kissing the length of the welt.  Finally, i hear...last 12....they will be the hardest, but also the last.  He stops after the first six, i relax a little, and He starts the final ones...after 5..."last one"...that is my warning...I catch my breath and wait...hear the swish...and feel...a light tap!:).  I immediately say, "Thank you Master"...He chuckles and says, i didn't even have to remind you.

     Master tells me to kneel up on the ottoman and face Him...His cock is waiting for me.  I eagerly start in, thanking Him for my caning.  Master then checks to see how 'she' is doing...she is sopping wet.  Master is tracing the welts with one hand and exploring with the other.  He tells me He thinks the size of my clit is proportional to the size of the welts....how does He think of these things??

      I am on the edge and and need a permission, it is granted, and i am off..and off...and off....i just could not seem to get enough.  Finally i am just laying there, Master is still tracing my welts, and i feel like...i need more, i am ready for more.  In a small voice, i say to Master...." Can i cum again, i think i need more?"  (that is a first).  He agrees, and finally i am spent, not sure where i am or if i can move, but certainly satiated.  When i can speak...i tell Master i cannot believe that was really me..He laughs and assures me it was...and is.

      On a slightly different note, it was 1 year ago today that i found myself in the ER. Little did i  know....and that was probably a good thing...that it would take almost a year for me to get back to being me...fully recovered, and feeling so thankful for having survived the last year.  Thank you all once again for your support.

hugs abby

Saturday, April 5, 2014


     Master is one of those engineers who loves numbers.  He makes sure both 'cheeks' get equal treatment, when more than one toy is used, they are used equally, keeping an accurate count is important to Him.  It is sometimes important to me..depending on what toy is being used.

       Yesterday, He wondered how many times He has spanked me over the last 12 years.  I gave Him a 'who cares' look...but He did.  So He started adding and multiplying and came up with a  large number..to be honest i can't even remember what it was...but it was quite a bit over 1,000. I rarely doubt His math skills, but i did  question them this time.  He was averaging twice a week, but i reminded Him that for the first few years the frequency was much less....but He thinks it has more than  averaged  out.  Of course all that talk about spankings, led us to increase the number.

        So, i was naked and kneeling.  This is one ritual that has been around for most of those spanks.  It does shut the rest of the world out, and gets me to focus on just Us...and His dominance.  Then i was over His lap for a long had warm-up,one that had me hearing and feeling my growing desire.  He then pulled out the green shamrock paddle...a little out of season...but that is one thing Master does not worry about.  It is wooden and fairly heavy.

       He starts in, and i start to tense, but just as soon, after about the sixth swat, i just let it all go and relax. As soon as i do , i hear Master's...good girl, relaxing, accepting, enjoying.  It happened much quicker than it usually does.  He continued for a few sets, counting was the last thing i was thinking of...when He stops.  I spread my legs, hinting at what i want next.
 He chuckles, and tells me to get into kneeling position, and using just my mouth..no hands...to pleasure Him first.  I quickly get into position, eager for His scent and taste.......and to know that i can indeed pleasure Him.

           After i am back over His lap, He says my bottom has cooled, so it needs another warm-up.  It is a short one, and soon His fingers are roaming, tugging, circling, ....in other words, driving me crazy.  Permission is soon granted, i cum, a few times, then the after tremors, and soon all i can do is try to breathe and come back to earth. 

        Once i am capable of coherent speech, i tell Master that there lots of family occasions coming up, so i will be in travelling mode once again.  After last year, i am glad to be able to go...The first is in a couple of weeks, for a shower, birthday, and Easter....and some time at my son's.
Master decides that it is a good time to reinstate that darn travel tax.  So i get one week away tax free, then the tax is imposed for the second week, and should i be gone longer than 2 weeks, there is another increase. Since the tax was imposed...i think about 2 years ago...i have never gone over 2 weeks.  Tax spankings are harder than maintenance ones.  He never tells me i cannot travel....He just wants me back as quickly as possible....and that makes me smile:)

             Hope you all have a great weekend...( it is snowing here...AGAIN!)
hugs abby  




Tuesday, April 1, 2014

This and That.....

.......I returned home on Saturday...on Sunday we had over a 1/2 foot of heavy, wet snow, UGH.  Will someone please tell me where spring is...that darn 4 letter word is still in the forecast for the coming week...double UGH!!
.....I had a wonderful week away....we celebrated a birthday, went to the circus, i learned all about LEGO's, the big ones than make an assortment of trucks with the almost 3 year old, and the tiny ones with intricate directions for putting together a pet shop, an ice cream shop...a good start to Main Street!  We did crafts, we read books, we laughed...it was such a fun week. 

....I returned to bear hugs, snuggles, and a Master very happy to see me...and me, Him, of course.  Yesterday was M/M day....Master was ready with His little, but mighty paddle.  After my naked kneeling, i was over His lap.  After a hand warm-up and 2 sets with the paddle, Master was rubbing, pinching and roaming as we chatted.  He asked how often i had gotten 'hot and sweaty' for Him while i was away.  He had told me He wanted 5 days before i left.  After a bit of hesitation, i replied, 3 days.  He asked if that was the agreement....i replied it was lots better than i usually do.  He agreed that it was, but that it was not what He wanted.....so it was another, harder, round with that paddle, before we moved on to more pleasant activities.

.....I have been getting caught up reading with what all of you have been up to...have not commented much, as i wanted to read as many as possible.

hugs, abby.....who really , really, wants spring time weather....