Saturday, March 1, 2014

March...Question and Answer Month

     March is question and answer month in blog land.  Your part is the questions, I or Master supply the answers.  Last year it was lots of fun, made me think and laugh....and it is fun learning more about each other.

    I will attempt to answer any questions you might have.....and if you have questions for Master, He reads here and will also participate. If you choose to participate i might have a few questions for you!

hugs abby


  1. Hmmmmm **evil laugh**

    OK…so for abby's Master:
    Would you tell us about the first time you spanked abby (or an especially memorable time?)
    When did you know you were a Dominant?
    What is your favorite thing to spank abby with?
    What is one fantasy that you have with you and your abby?
    What's one thing that abby does that you show displeasure with but are internally kind of happy that she does?

    for abby:
    How did you first learn that you were submissive?
    Have you every been submissive with anyone but your Master?
    What is your favorite implement and position?
    What is a fantasy that you have that involve you and your Master?
    What's one thing that you are outwardly unhappy about, but internally thrilled that your Master does?

    Hugs and thanks for sharing (in advance),

    1. Somehow i knew i could count on you for a bunch...
      hugs abby

  2. omg, fiona has beat me here, i'll have to go away and think now. You'll be writing for a while..



  3. Good gravy Abby...think Fiona will keep you and Master busy for a while. I'm with ILS...will have to think of more questions to ask. LOL Thanks for the reminder re: Q&A month.


  4. oh darn you fiona lol


    1) what 3 things are on your wish list to try kink wise (thats for both of you...3 each)

    2) apart from your Master what specifically inspires your submisson?

    3) do you think submission is more nature or nurture?


    1. Great questions tori, you are next in line!
      hugs abby

  5. Oh, Abby i have Questions too:
    I'm curious .. lol .. I have three questions. The first question is for you abby:

    Ok, I want to know if your family knows that Master's in your life in any way. Not perhaps as Master, but that you regularly meet any man .. or have you managed to keep it a secret all these years.

    This question is for your Master.
    Abby is one of the most submissiva woman I know. She walks down the stairs to the basement without a word of protest. I think that abby is a SAINT.
    She must be.
    And she's my friend.
    Why are you so hard on her and so mean sometimes?

    This question is for both of you:
    When you know that enough is enough, and abby dont want to go over the next hard limit? When is enough enough?

    Hugs abby. I'm curious what your Master responds ... lol ..

    1. I am curious too...altho i think i have an idea...we will see...
      hugs abby