Monday, March 24, 2014

It's Grandma Time!!

       I have been at my daughter's the last few days.  The oldest grand is turning 6!!!!  All the family gathered here this weekend.  It is so much fun and so heart warming to see the grands becoming friends.  The 2 oldest (almost 5 and 6), have wonderful discussions, put on dance parties and plays...and share lots of hugs.  Even the 2 and 3 year old manage to have fun together....We started the celebration by all going to the circus.  It has been a long time since i have attended a circus, but seeing it with these four made it a time to treasure and remember.  We stopped for a late lunch, and then it was time for cake and gifts.

     The birthday girl wanted a butterfly cake, so I had made 4 small hear shaped cakes. These would be the wings.  I had bought lots of different candies and let each grand decorate their own wing.  I used Hostess pink sonwballs as the 'body'  and twizzlers as the antenna.  It was a fun activity and ended up looking pretty darn cute.  Everyone enjoyed having a piece of their own wing....and a taste of each others.  

     I am staying for the rest of the week.  While the birthday girl is at school, i am learning all the correct names of construction vehicles and Thomas the train's friends from her almost 3 brother.  The real birthday is later this week,  i was there the day she was born, and every birthday since...a tradition we both want to continue.  Master gave me a remember to be a good girl paddling before i far it is still working!  

     Hope your week is going well,
    hugs abby

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The 1,000 spank experiment....

     Yes, this is a follow up post to my last one.  Master and i were chatting today, and i mentioned your comments.  Some of you thought that i had received 1,000 spanks.  I said, i thought that maybe i had received 1,000 spanks, during one of our long sessions...when multiple 'toys' are used.  He agreed, saying that He likes to use each 'toy' for when we have an empty the toy bag session, 1,000 would probably have happened. (hmmm,,,have not had one of those for a way too long time).

      Master decided that since some of you thought i had been spanked 1000 times that we should make it happen, He would count...and they would all be hand spanks.  I unexpectedly find myself over His lap. He will spank in sets of 100, stop for some rubbing between each set.

        They are not the hardest spanks He can give, and i am totally relaxed.  After the first 3 sets i am also getting very squirmy and...wet.  Master gives me permission to cum at any time during this spanking.  Altho He will rub my bottom between each set, He will not be 'checking' or helping me out....until the 1,000 mark has been reached.

         At the 500 point, i am panting, but i really want to hang on, get to 1,000 before i cum...At 700 i am trying to silently urge Him to the spot that will set me off....opening my legs, lifting up, hinting as silently as i can.  He chuckles.....At 800, i am begging. please Master, He says...soon.  At 900, I ask for the last 100 NOW...He replies that they will be hard ones, am i sure i want them now....oh, i am positively, absolutely sure!!!  The last 100 are slower, and harder, but not too hard, i am having no problem laying still, just waiting for that darn permission...

       Finally, 1,000 hand spanks, and Master reaches in, checks to find me super ready....and soon i am flying, over and over.  Master chuckles, and when i can manage speech i wonder how His hand is sore, but fine.  He says my bottom is a nice rosy color with no blotches and is nicely radiating heat. 

    So thanks to your comments, i have been hand spanked 1,000 times.  And, a normal humdrum Wednesday, became a very special of those nice surprises, that will make me smile, whenever i remember the 1,000 spank Wednesday.  

    Hope your day is a special one also..

    hugs abby


Monday, March 17, 2014

Is 1,000 too many??

    I gave up trying to count how many spanks i get a while ago.  I would start out counting and then either be surrounded by the pain and trying to breathe and stay in place or would go to that place where ...who cares, more is good!

   Today, when Master was warming me up we were chatting.  I was very relaxed, over His lap, enjoying every minute of it.  He suddenly asked me...would 1000 spanks be too many?  I sort of laughed and said, i think your hand would get very tired before i said enough....or too many... ( not that i ever get a vote on that).  He chuckled a bit and said, yeah, i think my hand would fall off before your bottom gave out...Mind you when that hand is holding anything made of wood, my bottom says enough....way before His hand gets tired.

   I was getting my maintenance spanking for this week.  It's been almost 4 years since we started with weekly maintenance spankings, and the only time they don't happen is if one of us is out of town all week...or during my recent surgeries.  Are they effective?  When we first started, long before i dared to be writing a blog entry, punishments were very frequent.  Part of that was me...being stubborn, wondering how long it would take Him to give up on me, thinking i could wear Him down....It took a while...longer than it rationally should have, for me to learn that He was more stubborn than i was, that He means what He says and says what He means, and that He does not give up.

  As we were chatting, Master stopped warming me up with His hand, and let it roam....making conversation much more difficult on my part.  Master warned me, that anytime i wanted the real spanking to start, all i had to do was ask for it...something i still find difficult to do.  I waited almost too long, before i said, .."we need to switch gears, Sir."
He continued asking me what i meant.  I tried to to avoid using the words He wanted to hear...but i was soon panting and breathing so fast, i knew that i had to get the words out, or it would be too late.  Finally, i asked...please start my maintenance spanking....and before the words were out, i could feel the paddle starting on my bottom.  Maintenance is usually 2 sets, the second being the hardest.  

  As soon as He was done, Master went back to getting me to the point of return.  He finds that 'spot', the one that makes me shudder and squirm and come apart....and i am soon cumming for Him...again...and again.  As i calm , my body continues to shake with small tremors....until i am truly jello, and i start to hear His voice and feel His hands rubbing and massaging me. 

  Ahh..Mondays have taken on a whole new meaning in the last 4 years....:)

hugs abby   


Saturday, March 15, 2014

His New Belt

       The first thing i noticed....He was wearing that new belt again.  The same one He had on before, the two-colored, braided one.  One might think i would notice His smile, saying He was happy to see me, or His eyes making me feel wanted and special. or His they pull me in for a big belt, it was what caught my attention.

      I am soon naked and kneeling, and He is pulling, pinching, squishing, mushing, get the idea.  I start to squirm and trying to move from my position.  He says, you've been way too stressed, you need this, stay still.  He tells me that some time with the cane and the belt should relax me.  I know better than to complain about both, since i am so fascinated with that darn belt, i want, i need to feel that belt.

     He invites me over His lap, for a hand warm-up, a sure way to get me to start to relax.  He spanks, rubs, checks and repeats.  We chat a little, but mostly i am just feeling.  After quite a few sets, His aim switches to my sit spots.  After a few sets, i remind Him that they are more sensitive, being the nice guy He can be, He switches to my thighs.  He then sets up a pattern, one on each cheek, one on each sit spot, one on each thigh.  At first i am amused, but soon i am concentrating on breathing.  He checks, and 'stirs the honey pot'.  When i start to moan and pant, He tells i have to ask for my caning, when i ask He will stop.  It feels so good, i do not want Him to stop....but i also am still sane enough to know that if i cum without permission, i do not want a cane in His hands, so i ask.

      He has me on all fours, bottom up and out, legs spread.  He says it has been a long time since i have felt His cane.  I cannot remember exactly when the last time was, but i am pretty sure it has not been long enough.  He starts fairly lightly, 6 to a side, then some rubbing.  Then He asks me...where do you suppose the phrase 'six of the best', came from.  I have not idea, but say that probably 6 hard swishes of the cane is enough...He laughs.  I am having trouble staying in position, and am wriggling and owing...altho not loudly.  After each set of 12, He stops to rub, and that is something to look forward to.  After a few sets, He also checks to see if i am reacting positively....i am.  He says, harder ones...and somehow i am ready.  Yes they sting, but not moving is no longer a problem, and i am....accepting.  After several more sets, I hear last 12...that is actually a warning...the hardest yet.  But i seem to be in a zone, and yes. i am glad that the caning is over, but the sting has become a 'good' sting.  

  As soon as i get up, He tells me to kneel before Him.  He is unbuckling that belt as He says time to give my bottom a break, and thank Him for my caning.  I inhale His scent, and am longing for His taste, as i show my enthusiasm for this new 'task'.  

    My reward is.....the belt!  I get back into position. He doubles the using the smooth side.  He starts off lightly, but i am so ready for more.  He increases the intensity with each set,  i am with with Him.  That belt is all i have been imagining, all i have been craving, all i have been hurts so good.  I have no idea how many or how long, but when He finished, i was not capable of clear thought.  He helps me up, and holds me in His safe place.  His hands start to roam, as i shift position, He is getting me to the point of no return.  I scream out that i need a permission, He senses my readiness and quickly..i am cumming for Him....til i am totally exhausted, and can just lay there.  He is rubbing, massaging, talking softly, until i can function again.  

   Maybe now i can stop fixating on that darn belt.....then again....maybe not.

hugs abby



Thursday, March 13, 2014

More questions....more answers...

       Thanks to all of you who helped Master with His question....i have a feeling we will be doing research on this question soon!  I am looking out of my window at 20 inches of March???  Everything....schools, roads, and malls were all shut down yesterday. Will someone please remind Mother Nature that the calendar says that spring starts next week?  


slave ali asks...What first attracted you to Master and He to you?
                         Master answered....just the fact that i would meet Him, we had exchanged emails and talked on chat, and on the phone, He was looking forward to meeting me.
                         My answer....His voice, it still has a quite an effect on me.

                         What did we like most about each other after when we first met?
                         Master.....Not long after we met, abby mentioned she wanted to lose weight before her daughter's wedding...1 year away.  She chose a goal of 50 pounds, and i agreed to help her ( i had no idea what i was getting into:)  I was impressed that she would set such a goal and very pleased when she made it....just in time!
                           My answer....His sense of humor.  Mine can be a little 'quirky', i remember laughing a lot, even tho He kept using the word spanking in a public place.
Katie asks...If you were on a deserted island with Master, what four things would you each bring?
                       Master....I would bring tanning lotion.  I would tell abby to be sure one of her choices was her hair brush.
                        My answer...Well, i guess my hair brush, a small leather paddle (there would be lots of wood to be found), a tape recorder, so i could remember each day, and....maybe a case of iced tea...have to have my ice tea!

appy asks...It is always you being spanked.  Do you sometimes think Master deserves to be spanked?    
                   Well, when He is spanking me with a paddle and i am moving and ouching, and He tells me to settle down, and concentrate on letting the pain move to where it will get me wet, i so want to say to Him....want to change places and see how easy that is not?? No, i have never said it, just in my head...He is holding a paddle.
                  Way back, when we were just beginning, we were taking a walk in one of the local parks.  Master likes to find the more unused paths, and He was leading the way, moving branches deciding on left or right.  I picked up a loose branch and swished Masters bottom with it...not hard, and He did have jeans on.  Let's just say that is the last time i thought of spanking Master!

Ami asks...What implement do i like best and why?
                  Anything made of leather is always my first choice....and the top choice among the leather toys....His large leather flogger.  A flogging is about as good as a massage, all the tension is moved out, and the swishing of the leather strands up and down my body...heavenly.
                  What should we do while Dan is recovering, take a break or be more gentle and careful?  What positions would you recommend since OTK will not be possible?
                  A bit of a tough question, for me taking a break would not be a good option.  If you can still connect in this way, i would think it would be good for both of you...a piece of normalcy when things seem very much out of your control.  I recently had 2 surgeries, the second of those, if it can go wrong it will.  Recovery was long, but Master made sure to give me simple tasks that i could do for Him, there was no spanking for a long time..about 2 months, but we were still connected.
                     Positions....maybe if you lay across the bed, legs of the floor and he can sit next to you, or if he can lay on his side and you are laying next to him.  It does not have to be a hard spanking...instead of his hand a light paddle or hair brush or feathers??LOL!
There will be many opportunities to help..serve..him.  Drinks, food, meds, making him comfortable, ask what he wants to drink or eat, let him feel he is still leading.  I think once he is home and recovering, you will find your way...
                I would like to ask anyone else who is reading here...if you have ideas for Ami, please let her know, either here..i will send them...or on her blog.  Maybe you have been in this situation...or just have something to add....we both thank you.
                 Amy, hoped my answers helped...if you have brave, it is easier the second time.

hugs abby                                                     

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


   LOL....not writing about alphabet soup....Yesterday was Monday Maintenance day.  We started with some chat and hugs.  I had a weekend full of family drama with 2 of my adult children.  (Does parenting ever really get easy??).  I was shaken and upset, and retreated, determined to deal on my own.  Master would have none of that...He had lots of hugs, support and good advice....Things have calmed, i still want to wring my son's neck, since He lives in another state, i have time to curb that impulse. 

    When i first saw Master yesterday, i noticed His belt.  It was one i had not seen before, looked like some kind of weave maybe, and was bi-colored.  I did not mention it to Him, it was just the first thing i noticed.  When i was naked and kneeling, Master says He wore His new belt, I giggled and said i had noticed.  He then gave me a choice....maintenance with the new...still stiff belt, or with the maintenance paddle.  He said i could think about it while He gave me my warm up.
    Now, i love leather.  I love the whole belt 'scene'...hearing the buckles and the swish as it is pulled the through the loops, the smell, the feel...did i want to risk tainting that with a new, stiff belt.  Maintenance is a hard spanking.  I do think that the past couple weeks Master has even revved it up a i want negative feelings about something i love?  But the that paddle really gives a HARD spanking, i do so prefer leather.

  I chose the paddle...i could stay over Master's lap, and we could save the whole new belt experience for a play time when He might..(pretty please, Master)....start off easier.

   So it was the paddle. Two sets, with some rubbing at intermission.  The second set had me owing and ouching very loudly.  Of course, once He was finished and Master checked, and chuckled as He confirmed that one part of me had enjoyed the paddling.  Would someone please explain to me how that is possible....I guess it is better than no part of me enjoying it;).  After several permissions, i was back in my sated, calm, happy place.

   I do proofread these, but i missed a couple errors in my last post. One of them was i said Master and i had been together for 19 years..we are working towards that....but we are at year 11.  I also have a question for all of you from Master. I have posted it on some of your blogs, but then decided to just post it here and give everyone a shot at answering.  He wants to know if there is a difference in the "feel" of a spanking if it is given after an orgasm as opposed to pre-orgasm.  Does it hurt more....are you more sensitive to it?  Not sure why He wants this info.....maybe He just wants to join into the fun of question month.
I am not sure i have been spanked after an orgasm, if i have i do not i am no help.  Thanks in advance.

  A couple more questions..
Cat asks:  If a movie were made about your life and Master's who would be cast for each of your roles?
I am not a big movie person,  but for Master: George Clooney...i love Him and Master does resemble him....a little:).  For me...I see myself as more the Sally Fields type...i know both of these have been around for a while, but then so have we.

ronnie asks: What was the first thing you noticed about your Master?
This is an easy one....His voice.  The first time we talked, it mesmerized me.  The first time we met, i loved His chuckle and His laugh.  Still today, that voice can melt me, soften me, excite me, make me sorry (He is a great scolder), calm me.

I have a couple more questions for next time..more are always welcomed!

hugs abby

Saturday, March 8, 2014

More Questions....and answers

    These questions are from Mona Lisa:

1.  What does my family know about Master's role in my life?
         They do not know that He is my Master....if they ever suspected...i am pretty sure they would quickly way!  Overall, i think they just like to see me happy.

For Master
2.  Why are you so hard on abby and so mean to her?
      I admit to having no idea what He would say.
    If you think abby is a saint it is because of our basement visits.  She does protest and try to get of them....they are no fun....and she hates them....that is why they work.  I am hard on her, because sometimes that is what she needs.  I only want what is best for Her.  And i think that sometimes, she likes me mean.

3.  When do you know that enough is enough and that abby you do not want to go over the next hard limit?

     Well, Master has never pushed me beyond a hard limit or even wanted to try.  When is enough ...enough?  I guess i do not know.  I do know that my answer 10 years ago would have been very different than what it is today.  If Master had given me a checklist on the day we met, i would have checked 'not interested' on probably 80% of the items.  Five years later....on, over 19 years later, maybe 10%.  What has changed...i have.  I have learned to trust this man, He may hurt me, but would never harm me.  All the difficult things He asks of me....are for my own good.   He has taken the time, and made the effort to really get to know me...all of me...and it did not scare Him away.  
     Also i do have a safe word.  Now, i have never used it, but i have absolutely no doubt that if that word left my mouth, all action would stop, and we would talk.  I have had cramps or numbness from being tied before.....but i simply told Him i had a cramp or whatever,  and we stop, i stretch and change positions.  So hopefully, enough is never enough.

     * Mona, thank you for these questions.  I now you ask them as a friend and out of concern for me, i appreciate that.  I hope my answers have helped you to be less concerned.

Clara Baker asked:
Do i think i thought about or desired submission when i was younger?
     Interesting question.  I do not think so....I was a product of the generation that was first realizing that the female sex could indeed be on an even level with the male of the species.  I set out to be an in charge type of person....and i succeeded. I made it clear my classroom was not a democracy, i became a leader at work, and i made most of the decisions at home.   It was what i wanted, and i worked at it, and was pleased at what i achieved.  
    Even when i first met Master it was a few years before i even considered that the word submissive was not something i should run from. Having said that, i do believe that it has been part of me that was just buried deeply, and might have never been given the light of day, had i not me a certain someone for a beer one December afternoon.......

Fiona asked:
How do i feel about being spanked to tears?
Spanking me to tears is a fantasy of Master's.  It has never happened.  I have cried for Him, but it took years to get there, and it has happened only a few times.  The first time, was after an extensive play session, and many permissions, and suddenly i burst into sobs.  I never way it coming, would have tried to prevent it.  He quickly pulled me into Him, held me tight and talked softly.  I have been spanked hard enough to cry, have had tears in my eyes....but the crying has not happened.
I would love to have His fantasy fulfilled, but it is not something i can force to happen.   I think the release for me would be wonderful, and finally giving Him my tears would be awesome....hopefully, someday.

I think i have a couple more questions for next time...
hugs abby

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Questions from tori

    Thanks all for the wonderful birthday wishes....they made my day extra special!   

    tori's questions...

1.  Three things on a kink wish list to try.
     This question was for Master also.....He could not think of anything, but said He would think about it.  He has been a Dominant, a spanker, for a long time...long before i knew Him.  
      I have given this question lots of thought.  Master and i have tried a lot over the years...3 things that i came up with...
     1.  The idea of a vibrating egg with a remote control has intrigued me for a while now.  Having to act as if nothing were happening, when in reality....
     2.  Going to a dungeon or BDSM party...get to see some of the 'furniture...and others playing.  I am not sure how comfortable i would be....and they there is the problem of what to wear.
     3.  To be on a secluded island or beach...just us...and warm water and the sand....being naked, playing in the water.......

2.  Apart from your Master, what specifically inspires your submission?
      Well, all of you inspire make me encourage give me new ideas :) keep me from thinking that i am alone and 'weird' (altho many of my vanilla friends do think i am weird!)......the acceptance. 
      Also, i think it is the feelings that come with my submission.  The calmness it creates, the fulfillment it creates, the sense of letting my guard down and just being me....those are feelings i have come to treasure.
      And of course, Master.  I am not sure i could submit to anyone else....He makes me feel so safe, so wanted. so special.....

3.  Do you think submission is more nature or nurture?
     I have debated this answer in my head.  I do not think this question is a choose one to be the correct answer type of thing.
     I think submission needs both.  It begins with nature, you have to want it, desire it.  Can a person be a submissive just to please her/his partner...can a person be trained to be a submissive even if it is not their nature?  Yes, of course...will that person be happy, satisfied, fulfilled.....i tend to doubt it.  True submission is not easy....sometimes it is...but sometimes it is grit your teeth and do it...
     I also think that if the nurture is not there, the submission ebbs, fades, out of necessity becomes unimportant.  A long time ago, i said to Master, i cannot be submissive to myself....luckily He was not offended and understood.  If submission is not fed, nurtured it has no place to go, to needs to be nurtured.

Thanks tori for making me think...
hugs abby


Wednesday, March 5, 2014


           Yesterday was my birthday, and one lesson that has certainly been reinforced this year.....celebrate each and every one of those special days.  Yes, it means another candle on the cake, and another number tacked on to the tally of our years, but all those are good things. In a couple of weeks, it will be 1 year since my first emergency surgery, followed by another major one, and a very difficult recovery....i am so happy to be celebrating this year, healthy, and finally feeling like 'me' again!

           The celebrating started a couple of days ago...with young voices singing to me, home made cards, and cookies baked by a 5 and a 2 year old....pretty yummy!  Lots of calls, cards and thoughtful gifts....and of course a special 'just us' celebration with Master.
I am having a birthday lunch with a group of friends today and then that should be it for this year...but there is always next year!

            Master and i celebrated yesterday...He had a plan, ready on the hammock , in order were a leather paddle, the tawse, the large strap/strop, large leather flogger:) and the acrylic paddle .  He watched as i looked and reacted, I said 4 out of 5 look good....He chuckled.  It still feels like mid winter here....getting temps above freezing will be a reason to celebrate!  I was cold so Master suggested we start with all my clothes on.....that would be different.

           It was over Master's lap where i would get my age....let's say over 50 ....and of course 1 to grow.  Yes, the first set had me fully clothed, then one with pants down, panties on, and then on the bare.  The last 3 were always the hardest, a pattern was developing.  It was a great way to start, i was totally relaxed and very warmed up!

       Leather paddle was next, more of a sting than His hand, but such a nice sensation.  I could myself starting to 'puddle' it was feeling so good!  Tawse was next in line, but not suited for OTK, so i had to move and get up, it was a slow move...LOL...Master had me lean over bottom out, Master switched sides after each 10.  Is it just me, or does it seem to anyone else that it always hurts more on one of the sides?  I asked for some standing and stretching time, with some delicious rubbing form Master.  For the large strap i was leaning over again with bottom out.  It is not used much and it always looks so intimidating....but it only takes a few smacks for me to fall in love with it all over again, especially on a well warmed bottom.  By now, i could feel myself dripping...Master checks and tells me to hang permissions yet.

       For the flogger Master has me stand facing a wall , hands up high on the Him "a canvas to work on".  I have never been flogged in that position...not as relaxing as lying on a bed.....but once the first few were over i was lost in the feel of the flogging. I hear Master's voice say last 3 and then i stand as Master closes me into one of His big bear hugs while i get my bearings.  Master tells me to kneel, and starts to undo His belt, it has been a while since i have been allowed to suck His cock.  As soon as i get a rhythm going He grabs the back of my hair, and decides He is in control...i am dripping.  

    Left on the ottoman is the acrylic paddle.  I give Master my sweetest, 'really?' look....He tells me to get back over His lap.  I think we have a little discussion about this paddle before He starts, but i cannot recall a word of it...still in the haze of the flogging.  And...I should have known....they were spanks, not taps....but on Master's scale they were gentle...on my scale they were....just right!  After each set this time, He reaches in to 'stir the honey pot' as He puts by the time He is done, i am so ready to fly.  Master gets me to the point of no return, telling me to cum for Him, and as soon as the words reach my ears i am off.....for an "older lady"....i sure can soar...LOL!

     Master then decides i need a birthday massage...His hands and fingers have so many good usages......when He is finished i doubt i can even move......we relax while i recover...and think about what a good thing it is to be celebrating another birthday!

   I have a few more questions to answer, will get to those soon....

hugs abby

Monday, March 3, 2014

M/M and Master's answers

           March is here! The month of warm days, blooming flowers, gently rains....OK....a person can daydream while suffering through below zero temps at night and single digit ones during the day, and all that darned while stuff still falling.
            March may be a fickle month, but i can count on Mondays to be....Maintenance Day.  I can also count on it starting with some naked kneeling time....and breast torture play.  They seemed very sensitive today, and i even moved my hands up...a big NO NO and a reminder that all of me is His.
             Then it was over Master's lap for a warm up and chat.  Mostly focusing on how nice it was to be staying out of the basement, after 2 trips down there.  Two is positively more than enough!  Too soon it is paddle time, Master stops after one set, no idea how many, i was concentrating on breathing.  As He is rubbing :) my sore bottom He reiterates why maintenance occurs every week.  Then it is round 2, they are much least it seems so....
         As Master is checking to see how much how much at least one part of me enjoyed the hard spanks, He reminds me that exercise is to happen 5 days a week, and since i have plans for all day tomorrow, i will need to add a weekend day.  I hate to admit this, but i do feel better after the work out, moving again and pushing myself.  I start to react to Master's 'roaming fingers', and He reminds me i do not have a permission yet....but since i have returned to 'good girl' status, a permission is soon granted.
         I brought Fiona's questions for Master for us to discuss.....I anticipated His answers, my guess is in blue in the parentheses....

1.  Tell about the first time You spanked abby, or an especially memorable time.
      ( i figured He would remember the first time).
     Master started off by saying that each time is special....:)  and then said that the first time He spanked me was in the back of a van, with His hand....and no bare bottom.

2.  When did you know You were a Dominant.
     ( I thought He would say as soon as He took an interest in the opposite sex)
     He said He has been dominant since the day He was born....which is probably the same as my answer.

3.  What is Your favorite thing to spank abby with.
     ( i was torn between His hand and the whip)
    To my surprise He said.....a paddle, He loves paddling my bottom.

4.  What is one fantasy You have?
    ( i had no clue since He pretty much decides what happens anyway)
   He said.....spank abby to tears....i have cried, but not from a spanking.

5.  What's one thing that abby does that you show displeasure with, but are internally kind of happy that she does?
     ( the only thought i had on this one....was maybe....that i tend to test or be the more stubborn one occasionally)
   He said, after some thought, that if He is displeased i know it, He shows it, and would much rather not have to punish. 

Master says thanks for the questions....He likes participating in questions month!

hugs abby

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Fiona's Questions...

       Fiona left  questions for Master and I.  Master's answers will come in a later post, here are mine.

When did i first learn that i was submissive?   
     When i first met Master i was looking for a spanking.....yes, just one, so i could stop thinking about it.  Well, one was not enough, it was like opening Pandora's box.  But i did not associate spanking with submission.  I had been an in control, take charge person, with the children, the household, in my job.  One day Master used the term, submissive, telling me that submitting to spankings was submissive.  We talked about submission and we started down the D/s path....turns out He knew me better than i  did myself (and still does!).

Have you ever been submissive with anyone but your Master?
       No, i came to submission late in life.....and was lucky enough to meet a man who would lead me to a place i never imagined.

What is your  favorite implement and position?
       Well, if Master's hand is an implement that is my answer. If not, then hand's down, Master's large leather flogger.  I feel all the tension and knots and tenseness leave my body as He uses it.  Position, for His hand over His lap, i am so comfortable there...with the flogger i like to be laying on the bed, arms and legs outstretched, even better if i am tied.  It sounds strange, but i find being bound/tied, very freeing.  No worries about moving, just letting myself go.

What is a fantasy that involves you and Master?
      I have often told Master, He not only made all my fantasies happen, He even made some i did not realize i had, happen.  I have been thinking about this question...i need more time, so for now i will pass.

What is one thing that you are outwardly unhappy about, but internally thrilled that your Master does?
     Than He is so darned consistent and never forgets.....He is also the only person i know who is more stubborn than i am.  A lesson i have recently re-learned...

Thanks Fiona, You ask good questions!
hugs abby

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March...Question and Answer Month

     March is question and answer month in blog land.  Your part is the questions, I or Master supply the answers.  Last year it was lots of fun, made me think and laugh....and it is fun learning more about each other.

    I will attempt to answer any questions you might have.....and if you have questions for Master, He reads here and will also participate. If you choose to participate i might have a few questions for you!

hugs abby