Thursday, February 27, 2014

Not the usual 'welcome home'....

        I am back, flights back made for a long day.....late flights, canceled flights...all made for a frustrating day....but no matter how long it takes....there is no place like home.

     If you have been reading here a while, you know that Master's welcome backs are always full of wonderful spanks, fun, hugs, and permissions.  Not so much this time.

  After the usual hugs and kneeling/re-claiming time it was over Master's lap for Wednesday maintenance.  The tether ball paddle made its appearance, and on a cold, unspanked for two weeks bottom, it did not take long for me to become vocal.  Master informs me this is His warm up, so i should settle down....not good news.   Master stops for a chat.  He says he did not hear or read the word 'exercise' at all in the past 2 weeks.  I said, i climbed some stairs, did lots of errands, and stayed pretty busy....He was not impressed.  He asked about since i have been back, have i even thought about exercising, did i even try to squeeze some in when i was gone.....not really questions i want to answer.  He says....that is what i thought, so after no basement visit in over a  year, we are going to have 2 this month.

   I protest and say i do not want to go....that He is being mean....that is is a home coming...all to no avail.  He takes my hand and drags leads me down the stairs.  He pulls out the wooden chair, and reminds me that since He did not make a good enough impression the last time, He will try harder this time...He sits and tells me to get over His lap.

   He starts right in....HARD....concentrating on one spot before moving on to another....and stopping to visit the extra sensitive sit spots several times.  I am as loud as i have ever been, might be a good thing we are in the basement.  He finishes with round 1, gives me a little break, while He reviews His expectations, and starts in for a round is a shorter round, but a harder one.....He is finally finished, I am trying to catch my breath and regain some composure.  He asks if i know what will happen if we have to return to the basement again for the same issue...I say it will be a harder spanking (which is hard to imagine)....He says yes....He will be using one of His heavier, larger paddles.

   We go back upstairs, where Master pulls my legs apart, and proceeds to check and see if i have reacted to the pain.  I have......altho it was not intentional...LOL.  He continues, and i close my legs....and am quickly reminded that they are to stay where He puts them.  He gets me to the point of panting and groaning and wanting, and tells me to sit up...only 'good girls' get to cum.  We talk about what my plan is ....and when i leave i drive on a throbbing bottom.

    I signed up at a woman's gym this morning.  One of the questions i was asked was what was my motivation to sign up at this time....luckily my filter was working....and my first 2 protect my bottom....or because of a Master with a large paddle...were rejected in favor of my 3rd choice...i want to tone up and build up stamina and strength.
One of the last questions was, what would be a good thing for her to remind me of when i need motivation....again i rejected my first thought in favor of being more active with my grands.  I did my first work-out, was panting and heart was beating....but it did feel good.

   So looks like i will puffing and panting, hot and sweaty.......hopefully in more ways than one!

hugs abby


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Who made me say...text...that??

        I think most of us have had the experience where, as certain words come out of out mouths, we wish we could just grab them back, but they seem to have a life of their own.  Happened to me yesterday morning, only we were texting, it was early morning, and a recall or erase button on my phone would have been handy.

    Remember i have been away from Master for almost 2 weeks....not a good excuse, but it does get harder as time goes on.   I text Master a good morning before i get out of bed, as always, and i add that i will be going to mom's later that morning. (that has pretty much been my routine).  Master's reply is...And.....

......And probably a grocery run (figuring maybe what He wants is what about the rest of my day)

......And.... (guess He wants something else...)

....No panties (my task for today)

.....And that is going to keep you focused all day... (i gulp....He's noticed that i am starting to tell and not ask, as in yesterday).

....Doubt it but i will try (an honest answer)

....Then do something else!  (ut oh, an exclamation point, i need to get more serious)

....OK, i will think of something if i need to  (this is where the recall button was needed)

....Oh, you need to...

...I will let you know what i decide  (where is that erase button?)

....and I will let you know if it is acceptable

....Fine (need both the recall and erase for this one)....Yes Sir

,,,,,Care to re-phrase that

....Yes Sir , i will let  you know if i decide on something extra (yes, i am digging that hole of mine deeper)

....No, you will find something extra

....May i have a no panty day and wear the ribbon collar for You, Sir? ( Yes, even i know that i have dug a deep enough hole.)

....Yes you may

....You win, I give (sort of an apology)

....Very true

And so started my day....

hugs abby

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

From grandma to nursemaid...

         I have spent the last week  wearing my grandma hat, enjoying special times with a 4 year old who is going on 13, and an almost 2 year old, who i guarantee could make you smile no matter what kind of day you are having.  We did crafts, colored, had dance parties, went to a museum, cooked, and i became familiar with "Paw Patrol" and " Agent Oso".   Of the 7 days, 4 of them were very snowy.....but at least i had great company to stay in and have fun with.

      I am now at my sister's playing nursemaid...i can already tell it will not be as much fun!  Her surgery went very well (thank you all for the good wishes), her recovery consists of good and bad days, which i think is pretty normal for most people.  Part of each day will be spent with my mom and getting done whatever she needs.  It is good for me...for have this time.

     As for Master, He is keeping me in check, long distance style.  I have my 'tool box' of things that remind me that distance does not change my submission.  He also likes to surprise me....Last week, when i asked for permission to go out for lunch one day, the reply was.....salad and water.  He has never told me what to order. Yes, i was surprised!  I figured the salad was non-negotiable, and i do regularly have salad for lunch.  But, i am an iced tea addict.  I drink it with meals and all day.  So i asked for iced tea......i was able to order lemon with my water.  Yesterday, He asked me how i was going to serve Him during the day....a fairly common question.  I do a task for Him each day....a no panty day, some corner time, wearing ankle cuffs all varies.  I was in sort of a hurry when He asked, so i said a no panty day, which is usually acceptable.  Not yesterday, He wanted something else, something more.  As i was trying to come up with something, He told me to make a collar out of yarn or ribbon and wear it all day.  I did manage to find some ribbon, and sent Him a picture of my 'collar'.  We have never discussed collars, so i was surprised at His suggestion  I was also told to wear it to bed, but could remove it....and keep it handy....before my shower today.  

     Now that i am not busy with the grands, i should have more time to check in on all of you....

hugs abby

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

That other 's' word......

        My last post was all about stubborn.....this one focuses more on submission....i am sitting here with a throbbing bottom, but totally focused on being my best submissive self.

        I did not feel well yesterday, so M/M day did not happen...i am better today, and expected maintenance....what i got was so much more.  After some chat, hugs and my naked kneeling, i was over Master's lap.  He had the maintenance paddle out, but instead of using it, He asked me a few questions.  Why did i not send in a report many days did i exercise last week,  what happened to Saturday and Sunday...i did not have good answers.

     It's been a long time since Master gave me a good scolding.  When i was teaching, there were times i wanted to invite Him into my classroom...He would have even the tough junior boys saying Yes Sir!  He was very disappointed that i have been concentrating more on my stubbornness and less on my submissiveness.  He understands that getting 'hot and sweaty' is not something i want to do, not something i like to do, not something i have done in a very long time.   I need to stop thinking of it in those terms, and think of it as something i am doing....because He wants me to.  It is serving Him, maybe in the purest form, not with something i enjoy....but only because it is what He wants.  Submission is not always supposed to be easy and fun.....i need to stop thinking "I" and start thinking Him.
That was the gist....when He was done, i was looking at the past week, in a very different light.  He then asked if i was expecting a basement visit yesterday.  I said no...He said it was His plan, a basement visit and no play time....

    He asked if i wanted to get to the basement today...i said, "no Sir".  He said that is where we are going, you need to be re-focused and we have not been there in a long time. (over a year....basements are for Punishment).  I did start to try to talk Him out of it, but i was told to get up, and get down there.  He pulled out a chair, had me over His lap....better than leaning over the chair....and continued His scolding as He spanked...HARD.  I think the first set was 50....and I was vocal almost from the beginning.  He stopped and i immediately said , in a very small voice, i am sorry Sir.  That got me some rubbing, and we chatted about His expectations.  Then it was round 2, another 50, they seemed harder, but maybe my bottom was just very sore to start with.  The tears were in my eyes, a rare thing, i seemed to be in a cloud of pain.  Finally He stops.

    He asks if that was the worse basement punishment ever....and i have to be, there have been much worse.  Master has much bigger and heavier paddles.  He reminds me that 2 visits in a row means He did not do a good enough job, the first time.....He will not make that mistake the second time.  He then tells me if this were yesterday , i would be sent home with no play time.....wet and wanting.  But since i am leaving tomorrow, He will give me a choice. Either i can leave now since my bottom is already very sore, or  i can go upstairs, kneel, and wait for my maintenance spanking and then some play time, my choice.  I don't even have to think about it, i ask for maintenance....and head upstairs.

    Master joins me, and i get my weekly maintenance spanking, and yes it hurts a LOT more than what maintenance usually feels like.  Master finishes, i apologize again, He reminds me, one of the good things about spanking, is once a punishment is over, it is over....clean slate.  He reaches is to check how the rest of me is doing.....and says with a laugh, i think this is the wettest i have seen you in a while.  His magic fingers feel so good, i try to hang on.....but all too soon i just have to ask.....and permissions are granted. 

   We spend some quiet time, chatting with Master reminding me that i am His, that He will not give up......that He cherishes me, but also that my submission is about Him...what He is a reminder that i 'sorely' needed....and received.

   Tomorrow i am leaving for a couple weeks.  First stop is my son's ....a 4 year old drama queen  and an almost 2 year old with the greatest grin.  The younger one calls me mom..always has.  She calls her mother mommy, so she knows we are different...but as much as her older sister and cousins...and her parents....tell her i am grandma...she looks at me and grins, and calls me mom....i love it!  Four beautiful little ones with so much in common,  yet each becoming their own individual person.  I am so blest to be a part of that!  

  I will then be travelling to my home town.  My sister is having surgery, so she will need help...and she is the one who does everything for my mom.  So I will also be getting mom to appointments, and checking on her.  I am flying both ways, i really hope i do not get stuck in a connecting airport...wish me luck!

hugs abby

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stubborn... who me????

         Meeting Master has brought a lot of firsts into my life.  The one that was among the biggest surprises was....that He could 'out-stubborn' me.  Being stubborn has its advantages, as a mommy, as a junior high teacher, as the oldest sibling........but not so much as a submissive.  We have discussed the fact that, until He came into my life, i was the most stubborn person I knew.
         Notice i wrote knew....not know.  I learned....the hard way....that Master could and would out-stubborn me.  He says what He means, and means what he says.  He is always fair, and wants what is best for me...i have not doubt about that, but He also wants what He wants.  For a while now, things have been going pretty smoothly...some reminders of His expectations, but no major punishments, no real struggle with rules.  Until recently....
       The thing is, this is a stupid thing to get stubborn about.  Master and i have talked a lot about exercising toning up, getting more limber, more stamina, just in general feeling better. Before Master and i started discussing it, i was thinking i needed to get started with the exercise again.  My last surgery really did me in....2 months of doing very little except being tired and trying to recover.  I want and need to get back into making progress with my well being...except i just can't seem to do it.
           Master wants me to get hot and sweaty 5 times a week....yes not 5 times a month Fiona!  LOL.  I don't do hot and sweaty well, but i know it is what is needed.  So this week i did exercise a couple of times...and got .....warm.  When Master asked this afternoon how the exercise was going....i tried to avoid replying.  He was getting me hot and sweaty....but for a much better reason than exercising....
           He told me, i would not get a permission til i answered.  A couple minutes later, i quietly answered.....slowly.  We had been playing, so there were a few paddles nearby...He picked up the heaviest one...a shamrock shaped one, and proceeded to add 50 hard spanks to an already tender bottom.  He asked if He had made His point...I replied I hope so.  He asked me what happens if He has to 'remind' me a second time.....i know what happens He ups the 'ante' will be 100.  
            He tells me He will go to whatever lengths necessary to motivate me, and reminds me....that i am no longer the 'stubbornest' person that i know.  I should be totally convinced and ready to do whatever it takes....i really should be........

hugs abby

Thursday, February 6, 2014

A morning laugh

     Found this one on facebook this morning....Gave me a laugh to start the day!

Have a good day all...
hugs abby

Monday, February 3, 2014

Harder Play Monday

          Master and i were not overly interested in the Super Bowl this year.  To make watching the game more interesting ( have to watch to see the ads...), Master suggested a wager.  He let me pick the team...I went with the Bronco's.  I suggested that if Bronco's win i get to pick the toys for harder play Monday, if Seattle wins He can choose (which is what happens anyway).  Master agreed, then added, whenever Seattle is ahead, i will need to be watching with my plug in my bottom.  I figured i had an even chance of not having to use the plug at all.....Those of you who watched are now laughing...Seattle recovered a fumble and the first 20 seconds.  Yes, i had to wear the darn thing for the whole game......
      After the game, i asked for permission to remove the plug.  Permission granted, and Master added that He was very proud of me.  Words that will make most submissives melt. I thanked Him , but was a little puzzled at what i had done.  He told me, i had not whined nor complained, did not ask to end the bet at half time, or to change the bet.  He added since i was so good, He would let me pick out 2 of the 'toys' for harder play Monday.  I may have lost the bet, but i felt like i won!  
      Today, was the first 'harder play Monday'.  Master had toys lined up and asks what 2 toys i had decided on.....the flogger ( no surprise there), and His crop were my choices.  After my naked kneeling, i am over His lap for a hand warm-up.  Master mentions that it is also Maintenance Monday, I am surprised as i figured that maintenance would be tabled for today...yeah and i thought the Bronco's might win.
      Master has me stand and bend over legs, spread, bottom out, He picks up the acrylic paddle, and announces that it is time for maintenance.  I look at him...He says, harder play Monday also means harder maintenance.  He starts in , a set on one cheek, then the other cheek, and finally a set that covers both cheeks.  Yes, they hurt, and i am trying to keep breathing.  Next i feel the sting of the cane.  After the acrylic paddle, my bottom is very warmed up, making the sting bearable.  Then i feel the cane swish on my back,  i stay in place, but voice a loud OUCH....that hurts.  Master says, i bet it does, and gives me 5 more.
       Master announces large strap time.  This is one of my favorites, and on a fully warmed bottom, i am relaxing into each spank, and can feel myself getting much wetter.  Master then moves to my back, this is a first, and i feel a line of fire on my back.  Next, it is crop time.  Master alternates, cheeks, and then concentrates on one spot for a flurry of spanks, which He repeats on several spots.  He then nicely asks me if i would like to stand and stretch... i would.  As soon as i am standing I am told to put my hands behind my head.  Master takes one breast and crops it, ending with taps on the nipple...repeat on other breast.  Master then tells me to hold out my hands, palm up.  Master has done this a couple times, and i have moved my hands away both times.  Master smack them each twice, and i manage to not move them.  I am then told to sit, and spread my legs as far apart as i can.  Masters says if i close my legs, my thighs will be cropped.  Master is spanking my pussy, and i am dripping.  I start to close my legs once, stop myself, but still get a smack on each one.  
         Finally it is flogger time!  Master reminds me that this is not a play,,,but a hard play day....that includes the flogger.  He then says that He thinks that 100 is a good number.  I am pretty mellow by now, and the flogger is pushing me to that zone where i am floating, and in another place.  Master gets to 100, and rubs and massages my back, bringing me back to Him.  
        Master has me kneel, and i look up, hoping to get His permission to suck His cock...He nods....and i am enjoying His scent, His feel, His taste.  
        After some snuggling time, we discuss the 'dreaded exercise' plan.  He expects me to get hot and sweaty....and not the good least 5 days a week.  I will do a variety of things...i plan on trying an all woman's gym for the month of March ( I have a goupon) and see how it goes, will dust off the wii, use my daughter's elliptical, and walk at a track at the local community center (til the snow melts...), a variety, unless i find one thing i want to stick with.....
      More snow and cold on the way.....
      hugs abby



Sunday, February 2, 2014

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hugs abby