Sunday, January 19, 2014

54 Things that make me happy..

   I am taking on the happiness challenge that Ana started....who wants to join the happiness club?  

1.  Not having to wake up to an alarm clock.

2.  Being able to watch the freshly fallen snow from out of my window, knowing i won't have to go out in it.

3.  Ice Cream!

4.  I  answer the phone and hear....'Hi grandma'

5.  Running into a former student and getting a hug.

6.  The smell of bread baking

7.  Master's bear hugs.

8.  When all 4 generations of my family are together...listening to the laughter and banter.

9.  Hearing from a friend when it has been too long...

10.  Getting an unexpected drawing or card in 'snail mail'.

11.  Finding the perfect gift for someone.

12.  A winning day at the casino

13.  Having someone cook me a delicious breakfast

14.  Going to see a musical

15  Spending the day by the ocean

16.  Finding the perfect outfit...on sale!

17.  Starting a book that i have been looking forward to reading

18.  Seeing all the colors of the trees in the Fall.

19.  When my checking account balances.

20.  Chocolate!

21.  Seeing my children, become such wonderful parents.

22. Holding hands.

23.  Getting flowers...a nice bouquet or dandelions from little hands.

24.  Sharing a favorite book from my childhood with one of the grands.

25. Having sister time..for a day, or a quick get away.

26.  Sending an unexpected note or a small gift to someone.

27. Getting a surprise invitation to a meal out.

28.  On time flights.

29.  A Red Sox win over the Yanks.

30.  Having made a bet with Master on that winning game for the Sox.

31.  Rocking a baby to sleep.

32.  Seeing the scale go downward

33.  Re-reading an old diary.

34.  The warmth of a fire place.

35.  Completing a crossword puzzle with no peeking.

36.  Accomplishing everything on my daily to-do list

37.  Looking at old family photo albums.

38.  A long walk on the beach.

39.  A good night's sleep

40. Realizing that my grown children are friends.

41.  Fun Fridays

42.  Listening to the sound track from 'Mama Mia'.

43.  Monthly breakfasts with former colleagues.

44.  A new addition to my frog collection.

45.  Making and eating homemade soup.

46.   Reaching another birthday.

47.  A kept promise

48.  Switching purses....and finding forgotten money.

49.  Meeting a new person, and feeling like you have always know each other

50.  Trying a new recipe that tastes as good as it sounded.

51.  Popping bubble wrap...a great tension reliever.

52.  Passing on family traditions....and seeing them being passed on...

53.  Hearing....good girl

54.  All Of You...!


  1. I love this Abby! Such a wonderful list. Thank you for sharing and making me smile :) Frog collection eh ... mine is cats :)


    1. Yes...started in college...keeps the grands busy finding them all and counting them. hugs abby

  2. these are wonderful and brought me smiles this morning...thanks :-) Hugs

    1. Made me smile reading them...take care
      hugs abby

  3. Wonderful list and we have frogs in common.

    1. Ah..always nice to know i am not the only frogaholic.....
      hugs abby

  4. 54 things - that's lot!!! Nice work!! i might have to try it myself...


    1. It did take a while...looking forward to reading your list.
      hugs abby

  5. Hi, abby. I know I am late in reading this. I just caught up with your last few posts. I am smiling and feeling a little bit of wonder (as in "cool" or "awesome" ;-) ) because we have so many little things in common that make us happy. That makes ME happy. Lol! :-)


  6. It is so good to hear from you...I think of you often....funny i have always kind of felt like we are 'kindred' spirits...maybe this confirms it....
    hugs abby