Friday, January 31, 2014

My New Toy.....

         For a while i have been wanting to buy a new 'toy' just for my pleasure.  I scanned the web, i read old blog entries that mentioned vibrators, i questioned...and decided it was time for me to own a...rabbit vibe.  Now i should not be big news, most of you have probably been using one for a long time.  I do own a vibrator, but it is a small one, with one speed, and i use it only occasionally.  I let Master know what i wanted, He gave me permission, but i was to bring it to Him unopened.

          I ordered it, it came.  My first is bigger that i expected, and it has i put it away, and occasionally would check on it.  Earlier this week, Master asked if i had ordered it, i said yes, it came.  The next time....He asked where it was, i said still at home.....He gave me a look and asked why.  I said i was a little apprehensive about using it.  Today, i was told....bring your new toy.     

          After a wonderful hand spanking, Master opened the package.  He was impressed with the different settings, and started to tease me.  He was using all the buttons, watching my reaction to each did not take me long to react to each of them.  Master is chuckling, telling me, from your reaction i would say you are enjoying your new toy.  He then starts to thrust it...reminding me i still must ask for permission before cumming.  I quickly ask...He tells me to ask Him to fuck me with my new toy....i do...and in seconds i am using the permission, and another, and another.   

        Master deems the new toy a success....and i am in total agreement.  He thinks it should be my traveling companion.

        We then talk about my plan for an exercise program.  I tell Him i am still thinking about one.....(have been since the beginning of the year).  It is not so much i do not want to exercise, i know it would be good for me, help me get back some flexibility, tone some areas, and generally feel better.   We talk about joining a gym, since i have time during the day, I hate gyms, i feel so out of place, i have a tough time time motivating myself to go....Master suggests one nearby that is inexpensive, and tells me, He wants me to check it out.  I agree....then He says I want a report by Monday.  I quickly reply i cannot do it by Monday. He then asks me what plans do i have that He does not know about....none.  I did go today...I still do not like gyms...but i do know, if i don't have a plan by Monday....i will be getting one....

Have a good weekend all....
hugs abby


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Lasting Effects

       One thing i think most of us can agree is nice to still 'feel' a spanking long after it is over.  That soreness, that tingling, is such a nice reminder.  The problem is....getting there.  For me, the cane is a sure way to get there....creating a hate/love relationship.
Yesterday, Master was determined to get there with the maintenance paddle.  

     After my naked kneeling, i was over His lap for a hand warm-up and some chatting.  Master has been encouraging me to start an exercise program, I know it would be good for me, i am just having a difficult time deciding on something that i know i will stick to.  Yes Master will help with that.....but His kind of help is often best avoided, and i have to be motivated to make it work.  I am looking into a couple options....

      Then it was paddle time.  After the first couple sets, He starts to spank harder and faster, i am bringing one leg up.....He is telling me to relax and accept.  That is the type of advice i always makes me want to say....should we trade places and you can try....but i do not!  He then tells me His goal is for me to 'wear' this spanking until tomorrow.  He concentrates on one spot, spanking hard and fast.  I am getting very vocal....which He takes as a sign that He is meeting His goal.  After both cheeks are red and HOT, He tells me to kneel between His legs, and thank Him.

      I quickly get into position, i want that paddle to go away, and i do love His taste, His scent, His feel when i am pleasuring Him.  When i am finished, i am back over His lap for round 2 with the paddle.  I am surprised...both because there is not usually a round two, and i am in that zone where the pain is not a primary concern.  I am dripping, so wet, i need a quick permission. Master grants it....and the pain gives way to pleasure.

      Master then asks me if this is the last week of the month.  I say yes, a little confused.  He then Monday is a new month.  I agree, the light still not dawning.  He chuckles and reminds me of His new idea.....the first Monday of each month is a harder play day.  I do recall that He did say that.  He tells me today will feel like a warm up, next Monday.  Master has noticed that i do much better, adjust more quickly, to a harder session when i know it is coming.  So i have a week, to wrap my head around...harder play Monday.

     Below zero here again today, but should start warming up on Thursday, i sure hope they are right.....and yes...this morning i am sitting on a still tender bottom, much to Master's and my delight.

hugs abby

Saturday, January 25, 2014

From fun Friday to first time Friday

              My extra task this week was to wear my plug whenever i left the house.  Tuesday i wore it while i ran errands, remembering the task.  Wednesday was so cold and sense  going out when i did not have to be someplace.  When i told Master i was staying in, He asked about getting the is by the road.  I said...i would have my daughter get it when she got home, but admitted i probably would not have thought i had to wear the darn thing just to get the mail. His open the door, you step outside, you better be plugged.  Thursday was just as cold and snowy, i decided to stay in again.  Only this time Master made sure i got in some plug time.

          Today,  I remembered. to arrive at Master's wearing my plug.  After my naked kneeling reclaiming, Master removes the plug and then Master has me go over His lap for a hand warm up.  We are chatting, Master switches to a paddle then back to His hand, then the paddle again.  He is spanking harder and He asks me why do i think He chose that task for me this week?  I keep me more focused?  He says well that is a good side effect, but was not the primary reason.  He asks me for another reason.  I think i know where this  is heading, but i do not want to mention it.....just in case it is not what He is thinking.

         Time for me to fess up....Master and i occasionally use a plug..i have a small one (that is not really used any more), and one that is larger.  I have never had anything larger in my bottom....oh i have been teased with His cock, but no entry.  It was something that i did not think i could ever tolerate, never mind enjoy.  Master has been hinting that it is time for Him to claim all of me.  

        Back to today...Master stops and tells me to kneel before Him.  I am happy to be offered His cock.  I am licking and tasting and sucking....pleased to know that i am pleasuring Him.  Too soon, i am told to turn around, kneel, and present my bottom to Him.  I move slowly, but do get in position.  He starts with filling my pussy, thrusting, getting me to the point that i push back wanting more....His hands are caressing, massaging my bottom.  ( I am a little fuzzy about what came next....but this is what i remember...or think I do...)

       He then pulls out and goes to my bottom.  He is slowly entering, i start to pull away.  In His quiet reassuring voice, He tells me to come back to Him, to relax, to open up to Him.  He is going slowly, entering further each time.  He is also reaching around and keeping me fully aroused...on edge.  I start to push back at Him, no thought of pulling away.  We are in sync, all negative thoughts and/or feelings, all hesitancy ...all gone.

       Master pulls out, turns me over  pulling up my legs and teasing my pussy and my clit, over and over.  Finally, i just have to say...and this is another first for me....please Master...fuck me!  He obliges, as soon as we finish, He lies next to me, pulling me in to my 'safe spot', His furry torso.  I am speechless, barely aware of where i am...He is talking softly to me, bringing me back to earth...back to Him.

         Finally we both have enough energy to move, Master sits and calls me to Him.  I kneel and reach in and hug Him, my head on His lap.  Master is telling me how well i did, how proud He is that i did not panic.  I reply, it is because i trust Him.  He says yes, but saying it and acting on it are 2 different things....We chat about how i feel, what i am thinking.  We talk about how far we have lucky we are to have traveled this road we both look forward to what the journey still holds in store for us.



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Change is in the air.....

          Master does not like to let things get too....habitual.  Sometimes i, what a great idea....other times....i wonder if He is really serious....and other times i just gulp.
          I send Master a daily was one of my first rules, and helped when were just beginning to communicate and get to know each other.  I also am better at writing my feelings than speaking them.  I have improved, but sometimes, i still just cannot get the words out.  Last Friday, i included in my daily report, that i had been  'out of sorts'  lately.
I wasn't sure why....spankings are regular, we are in touch every day, i just was feeling like i needed more...maybe a tighter 'leash' for a short while.  I added, that often just writing what i am feeling helps, and if He chose to do nothing, i would accept that.  Just sending it, and knowing He knew....i felt better.
           Saturday night as i am getting ready for bed, i get a text...clip one set of the cuffs.  He occasionally does this, and i thought, this is His way of getting me to give up some control.  In reality, i should have was just a peek at what He planned....
           Sunday morning, as we get to the end of our chatting, i am told...for today you will ask for permission to use the potty.  You may not go til you get permission.  I  I am trying to quickly process what i have just heard.  He continues, this is about me giving up control...about strengthening our connection.  He is waiting for a Yes, Sir....and He finally gets the reply He is waiting to hear.
    The day proceeds well, i text....and get a permission.  Til, after dinner, i text and wait...about 20 minutes later, i text again...saying ....i have to go now.  I figure i will give Him a couple minutes, and then i will go...just as i am moving toward the bathroom i get a text saying...go now.  Later we chat about the day, the feelings it evoked, and if i felt my "leash" getting shorter.  He also reminds me that the day is not over....the rule stays until the end of the day.
         Monday is maintenance day.  As i am over His lap, He asks if i have decided yet if i am going to blog about yesterday.  I chuckle and ask how He knew i was first i was thinking of titles...then i was thinking, maybe not.  I decided it is part of what we do, and it will probably happen again so here it is.  We discussed how i felt having to ask and wait, how giving up control is not meant to be easy.....that much i know...i am an 'in charge/go to person.  Our M/s is not a is real life.  He continues with the next time, I expect more reports oh how you are doing, how desperate you will not be a ask once, get a permission.  He also stressed that i need permission for the bathroom visit...i am still thinking about this, it will not be an every day thing, or even every week, it will be a ...whenever He wants it to be, i guess.
         We then discuss that He wants us to play harder more often.  We both do like the harder play but it is harder for me when there are long lapses between the harder play times.  Also, Master has noticed that i do better when i know what to expect..what to wrap my head around.  So, it seems that the first Monday of each month will be a harder play day.  
          During the chat, Master was massaging and rubbing, it was now time for spanking.  After a nice had warm up, came the small paddle.  Each set increased with intensity, i was thumping my feet,  and starting to squirm when He stopped.  I looked up with  a grin. then he let me know we were not done, He wanted to chat some more.  We talked about how good i have been on maintaining my weight and how lax i have been on  getting exercising.  I do want to start exercising, i know it will help me get back to where i was before the surgeries,,,and maybe better...i just can't decide what i want to do...or i guess i just really am not all that excited about starting a program.  
          Master then says, this week your extra task (extra task???) for Me will be to wear your plug whenever you leave the house.  I look up at Him to see if He is in this is a joke...He is not.  He wants me to get used to the plug so i do not hate wearing it...and it will keep me focused.  He asks if i have any errands for today, i say i was debating, but now will do a few (figuring the task started tomorrow).  He says good, i can put your plug in before you leave today.  A rule is i have to bring my toys whenever we meet for maintenance.  
          I am at a lost for words, until i start saying OUCH, maintenance spanking round 2 has started.  This round is fast and furious, Master is on a  mission that i feel the after effects for a day.....i love feeling the after effects,,,do not love what it takes to get there.
When Master thinks He has achieved His goal, He tells me to kneel between His legs, and show Him how pleased i am with my new rules.  
       I am back over His lap, ready for a few permissions of my own, and Master does insert my plug.  It takes concentration to keep it in place, and i am very efficient in getting my errands finished. I text Him when i get home, and get permission to remove it.
       Changes are in the air...lots of changes...after 12  years, He still surprises me...and knows how to get my attention.

Stay warm
hugs abby


Sunday, January 19, 2014

54 Things that make me happy..

   I am taking on the happiness challenge that Ana started....who wants to join the happiness club?  

1.  Not having to wake up to an alarm clock.

2.  Being able to watch the freshly fallen snow from out of my window, knowing i won't have to go out in it.

3.  Ice Cream!

4.  I  answer the phone and hear....'Hi grandma'

5.  Running into a former student and getting a hug.

6.  The smell of bread baking

7.  Master's bear hugs.

8.  When all 4 generations of my family are together...listening to the laughter and banter.

9.  Hearing from a friend when it has been too long...

10.  Getting an unexpected drawing or card in 'snail mail'.

11.  Finding the perfect gift for someone.

12.  A winning day at the casino

13.  Having someone cook me a delicious breakfast

14.  Going to see a musical

15  Spending the day by the ocean

16.  Finding the perfect outfit...on sale!

17.  Starting a book that i have been looking forward to reading

18.  Seeing all the colors of the trees in the Fall.

19.  When my checking account balances.

20.  Chocolate!

21.  Seeing my children, become such wonderful parents.

22. Holding hands.

23.  Getting flowers...a nice bouquet or dandelions from little hands.

24.  Sharing a favorite book from my childhood with one of the grands.

25. Having sister time..for a day, or a quick get away.

26.  Sending an unexpected note or a small gift to someone.

27. Getting a surprise invitation to a meal out.

28.  On time flights.

29.  A Red Sox win over the Yanks.

30.  Having made a bet with Master on that winning game for the Sox.

31.  Rocking a baby to sleep.

32.  Seeing the scale go downward

33.  Re-reading an old diary.

34.  The warmth of a fire place.

35.  Completing a crossword puzzle with no peeking.

36.  Accomplishing everything on my daily to-do list

37.  Looking at old family photo albums.

38.  A long walk on the beach.

39.  A good night's sleep

40. Realizing that my grown children are friends.

41.  Fun Fridays

42.  Listening to the sound track from 'Mama Mia'.

43.  Monthly breakfasts with former colleagues.

44.  A new addition to my frog collection.

45.  Making and eating homemade soup.

46.   Reaching another birthday.

47.  A kept promise

48.  Switching purses....and finding forgotten money.

49.  Meeting a new person, and feeling like you have always know each other

50.  Trying a new recipe that tastes as good as it sounded.

51.  Popping bubble wrap...a great tension reliever.

52.  Passing on family traditions....and seeing them being passed on...

53.  Hearing....good girl

54.  All Of You...!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Fun Friday...leather edition

      Master and i have started to celebrate getting to Friday...surviving another week...with 'Fun Fridays'!  As a student and a teacher getting to Friday meant a huge sigh of relief, of course in college Friday's often started on Thursday.

     Master decreed today to be Fun Friday...leather style.  I of course was in complete agreement.  Master opens His toy bag and pulls out the large leather prison strop.  I catch my breath....i love leather, but it has been probably....about 6 months since i have seen that strap, and He intends to start with it..He looks at me and wonders why i am not ready for that as naked and kneeling.  I make sure to model my matching leopard print harm in getting Him into an extra good mood:)

      He is claiming me...physically with His hands..rubbing and pulling and pinching, with His voice, telling me what will happen, reminding me that i am His submissive, with the looks He gives me.  He knows me well, and therefore knows that all of this starts my juices flowing.  I am then invited over His lap for a hand warm-up while we chat.  He then decides to continue the warm up with His smaller leather paddle.  It is large enough to cover one 'cheek', Master calls it a noise maker....makes more noise than it packs punch.  I love it, and relax into it, feeling myself going into a wonderfully 'submissive zone'.  Master then does His usual check, to see how much i have been enjoying His warm up.  He likes to 'stir the pot', and see how close to the edge I will let myself get.  Master tells me that He will stop when I ask for my strapping.  I hold out as long as i can.....and finally i ask,,,,,and Master laughs.

      Then it is up and over the hammock, a position that ensures i will not move or put my hands in the way.  He starts in with  the prison strop, and i am having a hard time adjusting to it.  i stay and place, and do not complain....much.....but it just hurts.  Master is trying to encourage me to go to that place where the pain is pleasure, He even gives me permission to cum at any time, but none of that is all about the pain.  After maybe, 3 sets, He still sees me struggling, so He stops.  

      He decides to use a smaller strap about the size of a tawse.  I can process this pain much better, able to relax more, and get to the point of feeling pleasure.  After a few sets, i hear a familiar and welcome sound.  The quiet jingle of a belt buckle.  Master is taking off His belt..ahhhh.  The belt is like a kiss on my opposed to the bite of the strop.  All to soon, Master decides i am ready to return to the strop.

     My bottom has been very well warmed, and now the strop  is more of a welcome sensation.  After several sets, Master stands in front of me and captures my head between His legs.  He is continuing from that angle, and i am quickly ouching.  My sit spots are taking a hit each time.  I get louder with each smack. After one set, Master asks me if i think the louder i ouch the easier He will go on me.  I look up to see His look...and is worth a try. ( No He is not intimidated by my ows and ouches...i think He considers them a compliment.)

      He asks if i am ready for the last 10.  Such a question...if i say no...He will continue and ask again...if i say yes....i will get 10 much harder ones.  Since the last 10 ten will happen either way, i say Yes Sir.  He stands to my left, and He counts.  I think He is standing closer that He was before, cause there is a wrap around effect....and it hurts.  I tell Him after 5 that the wrap around hurts....He continues....and finally we are at 10.  He is rubbing and massaging and talking softly....getting me to relax...and needing to ask for permissions, which are granted.

     A great start to the weekend....i almost feel like a college kid again!

Stay warm all....that polar vortex is making a return..
hugs abby



Thursday, January 16, 2014

Just Because He Owns It, ...........

       Master often will ask me some variation of the question.....Who do you belong to?.....Is there a part of you that does not belong to me?....the words differ, but the point is made.  It is meant as a reminder and an affirmation.  The answer that He expects ...and usually gets is....all of me belongs to you...every part.  Recently we were chatting, and the question was asked....who owns all of you?  My answer was...i was OTK at the time....just because you own it, does not mean you have to spank it!

     As soon as the words came out, i held my breath waiting for His reaction.  I hear a chuckle, as He says...good luck with that!  So, i decided to take an inventory and see how many parts of me have actually been spanked in some way.  Starting from the bottom..and working on up...

Soles of my feet....not been Master said, i am not in a Turkish prison....but then added, don't count anything out.  I imagine it would be quite painful.

Legs, from shins to thighs, front and back, a yes.  With the flogger, the horse hair, and the cane.  Thighs are usually reserved when He REALLY wants to make a point.

Bottom, the first part of me that ever got spanked.  Way too many different 'toys' to remember them all, and i think that all spankings have started with my bottom.

Pussy, yes, with His hand, crop, small paddle, horse hair, small strap....that might be it.  I was doubtful at first, but oh......can be very yummy!

Back, yes, with flogger, horse hair, cane, large and small straps, crop and whip.  I am including the shoulder area, here.

Stomach area....yes with horse hair, and will drag the flogger over the area.

Hands....yes, twice.  I remember them well, even though it has been a while.  Both times, i had to hold my hand out and keep it there while He used the crop.  Both times, i moved my hand away after the smack...and had to put it back out....did not move it away the second time.  It hurt!

Breast....when i first met Master, breast play was something i really had a difficult time accepting.  Master has shown me the pleasure that can result from breast play.  All leather toys, and the cane, have been used.  

Throat and face, have not gone there, and have no desire to go there.  Too many negative connotations for me...although Master has taught me to never say never.

So, i guess when Master reminds me that he owns all of me.....i am also being reminded that most of me is also spankable.  :)....that makes me a lucky submissive.

hugs abby

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Really....the cane???

         As most of you know...Monday is my world is also known as M/M day...Monday Maintenance.  It is not a...'if we have the time' or 'if we can work it out', is a given.  Unless one of us is ill or out of is Maintenance Day.   Both Master and i has been a very good thing for us.  I know that once a week, at least, i will get spanked.  It has quieted those darn 'voices' in my head, that often lead to trouble.   Punishments have become a rare occurrence....a welcome change:).  I am more sure of myself as a submissive, and we have gown closer.  It takes thought and determination on both of our parts.....but it has been well worth it.

      For the past few months, Master has used a smallish, but heavy, wooden paddle.  Master's idea of maintenance, (not mine), is that it is a deterrent to punishment, therefore, it needs to be a spanking that leaves me thinking.....i do not want a harder spanking.  The paddle has been doing its job nicely, it is what i think about when Monday rolls around and it is the spanking i have come to expect and prepare for.

    Master likes to keep "me on my toes" many ways.  Yesterday when Master and i met, we chatted, and then i was told to get ready....meaning naked and kneeling.  He went, i assumed to get the paddle, and returned with the cane.  He announced that today, maintenance would be with the cane....a quiet 'oh' came out of my mouth.  He grinned.  I was quickly trying to wrap my head around...a caning, not a was a tough transition.

     After our claiming time, He was kind enough to say..warm up time.  I was over His lap getting  a wonderfully calming hand spanking.  When He judged i was warmed up enough...i always want more....He told me to stand and lean over the ottoman, and to keep my bottom presented to Him.  I am never prepared for that first swish.

     I takes a couple sets of being reminded to stay in position and to keep breathing, before i start to hear...good girl, you kept your bottom out, you stayed in position, you are accepting your spanking.  Finally Master asks me if i am ready for the last 6.  In a very quiet way of coping, go within my self...i answer Yes Sir.   Master tells me to count in a loud voice, He wants me in the moment.  I need to repeat the first one, not loud enough....we get to the sixth one....always the hardest....and i yell out....6!  Master is rubbing my bottom, feeling the heat and the welts.

      I am told to get up and kneel in front of Him.  He stops in closer, i  start to unbuckle His belt, i look up and it is what He wants.  He has me feel my welts, and between the heat, the welts, His cock in my mouth....i am dripping.  Master thanks me with...3 ( i is hard to keep count at such a time)....of my own orgasms.  He chuckles as He is rubbing and massaging, asking me if i remember thinking i was not a sexual person....i groan.

      A warm, welted bottom, and a satisfied wonder Mondays have become a day i look forward to!

Have a good week all..
hugs abby


Friday, January 10, 2014

Fun Friday Flogging!

    Well, to be honest flogging and whipping.....but i have always loved alliteration!  Master's good night text to me last night was....I am thinking flogger and bull whip.  Now how is a gal supposed to sleep thinking of that??  Actually i slept quite well....even slept in a little.  When given a choice i always choose flogger from Master's bag....He claims to not have a favorite, but that whip is at the top of His like list.

   Master has me put on the ankle and wrist cuffs before my kneeling time. He clips the cuffs together...the wrist ones are clamped in the front....He is claiming me...all of me.  He then tells me that i can decide how many i will get with the flogger....Hmmm, that is nice of Him, i am thinking.  Then He continues, whatever number i use for my flogging, will also be used for my whipping. of Master's twists.   I can also decide which is first...that is me more of a warm up.  

    Master helps me up, and then tells me to get over His lap.  I figure out how to do it while staying clipped.  I get a wonderful hand warm up, while we chat.  I tell Him i want to buy myself a new toy...a rabbit vibrator.  He gives me permission.....but i cannot take it out of its packaging...He will do that.  

     I am then told to get up and kneel up on the sofa, leaning on the back, bottom out.  We start with 100, He is flogging my back....starting out more lightly and working up to harder strikes.  I can feel all the tension leaving my body....and also feel myself getting wetter and wetter.  After 100, Master switches over to the single tail.  It always takes me a bit to adjust to the sting of the whip.  Master always tells me not to concentrate on the pain on my back, but to transfer the pain to where it will bring me pleasure.  After 100, Master has me get up for some hug time.  I am still clipped and my hands are between us, til Master points out i can put them over His head and we will be joined....ahhhh....much nicer.

     To my surprise i am told to sit on the sofa, He is going to flog and whip my breast, something i was not expecting.  I sit, He covers my face, and starts in with the flogger.  Master decides on 50, most of them right on my breast.  Then it is whip time....i am apprehensive, but ready.  Master is whipping my breast, aiming for the nipple area....His aim is quite good.  I am squirming and remembering to keep breathing....when Master comments on how stiff my nipples are getting.  After 50, i feel a quite different sensation...He is licking, sucking, and biting, first one breast then the other.  The pain has been replaced with a deep need, one that Master is not ready to fill yet.  As we hug, I look at my breast...not even a mark...How is that possible?

          Master then announces that my bottom is next.  Honestly i do not think that my bottom has ever been flogged or whipped.  I am told to get on the ottoman, kneeling, bottom up and out.  Remember i am doing all this positioning with the cuffs clipped.  It is a good thing i have loss that weight...and i am quite proud of myself.  I do , and it is another 50 with both the flogger , then the whip.  More hugs, and Master asks how many more do i want.

       I ask if it will be just with the will not.  But it will be just on my back.  We decide to start and i will tell Him when to stop.  Back to kneeling against the back of the sofa, these are all much harder, i decide to say  'enough' after 50.  Now for the last 50 with the whip.  They are also harder and i am struggling, a bit.  I am counting, and i hear Master say...10 more.  I say really??...He asks what my count is.....i reply that His is the one that counts.  He laughs and asks again..i tell Him i was at 30....He disagrees and says 10 more.  He asks how i want them...i say...'gently'.  I don't think there is such a thing with the whip, but they are not as strong as the previous ones.  Master announces one more....and i steady myself.  As i expect, that last one is meant to make an impression.  As i start to breathe again, i realize that Master is kissing  my back all along the 'line of fire'.

       Master is using His talented fingers, to check my reaction, and is encouraging me to cum all over them.  I am getting close, and as He continues, encourages me to let go, reminds me of my wanting to be more open, i explode...i grunt...i groan...i shiver...i cum, and i try to breathe once more.  I am spent....Master is massaging my back....i think He is attempting conversation, but me senses have barely returned.

       Sometimes i try to anticipate what will happen when Master and i play.  He is keen on surprising me....this afternoon far exceeded my anticipation and my expectations.  A four star rated 'Fun Friday'!

hugs abby


Monday, January 6, 2014

First spanking in 2014

        Family, weather and the flu combined to prevent Master from giving me my first spanking of the new year until today.  As much as i hate to admit it, i sure did need it!

      One of my goals for the new year, is to make myself more open and vulnerable to go to Him with some things that i have been hanging on to, to let Him know when i am feeling needy, to ask (at least some of the time), for what it is i feel i need.  I started off on the right foot, last week, i could feel myself sinking into that.....He could do so much better...frame of mind.  Instead of allowing the thought to fester, i sent Master a text, asking if He could give me an  extra task for that night. His reply was yes, but He needed to think about what task.  The reply caused me to wonder if i had made a mistake.  Master is very good at spur of the moment decisions, He is creative and usually reacts quickly.  I was a little worried that His wanting to think meant trouble for me.  

      The task was to clip both my ankle and wrists cuffs when i went to bed.  I wear the wrist cuffs every nite,  they are leather, i love the smell, there is a soft lamb's wool layer on the inside, and i love having that reminder of being His when i wake up at night.  I do not clip them together. Occasionally, Master will tell me to clip either the wrist or the ankle ones, but had never wanted me to clip both.  He added that i should keep them clipped for as long as i could....i was to get some sleep.

    I was a little worried about getting comfy.....but the ankle ones have enough 'give', and i sleep on my side, so it was not a major problem.  Until i tried to turn over to the other side....impossible!  I am a very restless sleeper, the sheets and blankets are all over the place by morning.  So i did try to just relax and stay in place.  I succeeded until it was 'potty time'.  I  unclipped the cuffs  and left them that way.  When Master asked in the morning how i had done...He was pleased with my report.  That extra task did help me over the next couple days.

     Today was the first M/M day of 2014.  It was also my first weigh in 3 weeks.....good news i am only 1 pound over my goal.....i get 2 pounds of wriggle room!  After my naked kneeling and claiming time, i started to rise to go over Master 's lap.  He stopped me and told me to stay kneeling and make myself comfortable.....He was in the mood for me to have a long session with His cock.  I started off slowly, concentrating on giving Master many different sensations.  After a while, i was told to put my hands behind me, and not use them.  He directed me to His balls, and after i had given each of them some attention, He had me try to suck them both  at was more that a  mouthful!  Then i went back to His was the perfect way to get me totally immersed in a submissive mind set.

     Then it was over His lap, for my maintenance spanking.  No hand warm up today.....but He did start slowly with the paddle.  I was having a bit of a problem settling He started to talk and spank not quite so hard.  I was able to relax, and Master's frequent checks to see of i was truly enjoying, were met with approval.  Master reminded me that cumming without permission would not be a good thing, reminding me to breathe and relax.  Master then went back to paddling, and told me to let Him know when i wanted maintenance to start...AKA as the real spanking.  I decided to just enjoy the paddling and lay there....and Master continued to paddle my bottom.  I finally decided that i needed to be ready for maintenance...told Master He could start maintenance....and He puts the paddle down and says He is not ready.  I burst into a laugh.....He asks who is in charge.....once i settle down...He tucks me in and really lets the paddle fly.  When i reach the point of voicing my pain, He concentrates on one spot for 10 spanks, then another spot.....just to really make His point.  Finally He is done, and asks if i think i am ready to cum for Him.  I have been ready since i was sucking on His it does not take long...and i am grunting and growling and squirting.  Finally i lay relaxed and content.

      Master asks if i want to go to my favorite spot...being cuddled in His lap.  He does not have to ask twice.  We snuggle, and hug, and chat a little...mostly we just enjoy each other.

   It is going to be below zero here tomorrow...most of the schools have already cancelled.  Hope you all are staying warm and safe.

hugs abby



Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A New Year Meme

Happy first day of 2014 all!  I thought i would start off the year with a meme.

 1. What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before?   I had surgery....twice..could have done without that. I also guess i  have been lucky that it took so long for that to happen.

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?  I keep the ones i share with Master.  This year, i want to be more open and vulnerable, and to enjoy each day, and to exercise 5 times a week.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth? Not this past year....but my niece announced a new babe will be here in July!

4. Did anyone close to you die?  My sister's father in law.

5. What countries did you visit? Canada

6. What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013? To stay healthy.

7. What dates from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why? April 11 and Sept. 4th....the dates of my surgeries, Dec. 15 going to the Rockettes show with my entire family.

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year? Hmmmm, nothing stands out.

9. What was your biggest failure? I have to say....nothing comes to mind here.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury? Yes, as my surgeon said.....the surgery and recovery from hell.  He said he will remember me always.

11. What was the best thing you bought? Tickets to the "Fresh Beat Band" 5 year old granddaughter said it was the best day of her life!

12. Whose behavior merited celebration? My 3 children.  During my surgeries and long recovery, they took turns playing nurse, calling every day, and sending me surprise goodies. Their care and encouragement was a real blessing.

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed? I do not want to get political....but what goes on in Washington is often appalling.

14. Where did most of your money go? Good just seems to go!  Nothing major that i can remember.

15. What did you get really, really, really excited about? A week's vacation by the ocean with all the kids and grands.

16. What song will always remind you of 2013? " So Happy Together", it is the theme for my family....we are always so happy to be together.  I know it is a real oldie!

17. Compared to this time last year, are you: a) happier or sadder? Happier, just to be here.

18. What do you wish you’d done more of? Exercise, helping others.

19. What do you wish you’d done less of? Being ill...recovering, playing on the computer.

20. How did you spend Christmas? With all of my family...the best way possible.

21. Did you fall in love in 2013? Every time i see the grands!
22. What was your favorite TV program? Not a big TV fan, but i do enjoy The Amazing Race and Top Chef.

23. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year? Hate, none.... there are several people i find annoying..

24. What was the best book you read? The most recent best is The End of Your Life Book Club.  Everyone in our book club loved it..which rarely happens.

25. What was your greatest musical discovery? Ummm....did not have one??

26. What did you want and get? Tickets to see "Les Miz" and "Phantom of the Opera".  I have seem them both several times, but just never tire of seeing them.

27. What did you want and not get? I honestly cannot think of anything material....have to go back to stay healthy.

28. What was your favorite film of this year? Well, I have not been to one movie all year...

29. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you? The ripe old age of 63, I celebrated with friends and family.

30. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying? More money? Well, more money is always a good thing, but good health is more important...

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013? Mostly, be comfortable........and I love the color orange...yes, my kids cringe at that.

32. What kept you sane? Master and the grands.

33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most? The person i have most recently been the most fascinated with is Nelson Mandela..what an amazing man!

34. What political issue stirred you the most? The failure to pass an on time budget in Washington, the failure of some states on the same sex equality issue.

35. Who did you miss? Bas, and his wonderful comments, and after 3 years i still miss my dad.

36. Who was the best new person you met?   Seems that most of the new people i met were doctors...I was very lucky that they were so  skilled and caring.  They called me at home many times to check up on me.

37. What is a valuable lesson you learned in 2013?  A lesson that i have always known and tried to live by was emphasized.....1.  Enjoy each and every day, it is a gift!!!!

hugs abby