Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Welcome 2014!!

     I usually am sentimental at year's end...looking back to all the special and good times, thinking how fast time has passed.  This year i am tempted to just say.....good riddance.  The year started with an unexpected death of a young family member....and never did seem to recover.  Yes, there were fun times and special moments....but mostly the year reminded my family to hug and hold each other tightly and remember to say the 'I love yous'.....and our special reply..'I love you more'.  Even the grands are beginning to catch on to that reply...and insist that they do.

     My time away with family was  hectic but wonderful.  We celebrated 2 Christmases, with 5 children under the age of 5.  We shared good news...a niece got engaged, and another announced a new baby on the way.  Twenty- five of us gathered at my sisters to laugh, share, and be thankful that we were indeed all together!

     Master and i had M/M time yesterday.  He gave me a grade of 85 with keeping up with my rules while i was away, i would have graded myself lower, so i am happy that His is the grade that counts.  We looked back on this year agreeing that despite life interfering in was a year of growth, new experiences, and closeness.  

      I am so grateful for all of you....your support,  your friendship, your comments, .... we are one lucky bunch to have each other!  I wish that 2014 brings you lots of smiles and happy tears, good health, lots of spanks (and more), contentment and a happy heart!

hugs abby

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wishing all of you the Merriest.....

      Yes i know i am a little early, but i will be getting caught up on grandma time during the next couple of weeks, so i am not sure how much blogging time i will have.   When I was ill, my kids bought me an incentive gift....tickets for all of us to go see the Radio City Music Hall Christmas show...all i had to do was get better in time.  I made it...the show is Saturday, we are all meeting at my daughter's, she is about an hour away from NYC, and spending Saturday getting lots of Christmas spirit going.  I will be leaving with my son's family, to spend the week before Christmas with them, i have not seen his 2 little ones since August.  The day after Christmas we are all meeting up again...this time in Maine.  We will be celebrating Christmas will my mom, siblings, and nieces and nephews.....and grands....passing on family traditions to a new generation!  Hopefully the weather will be some what cooperative, so we can get all this accomplished.

      Master and i had some 'just us' time this afternoon.    While i am kneeling for Him, He is searching through my toy bag. It is a rule that i bring my bag to all  'play' sessions, lots of times it does not even get opened.   I start to feel a strange 'prickly' sensation on my breast.  Master is using my little metal pinwheel toy.  I love the sensation of it, just not so much on my breast.  He is rolling it over, under and around my breast.  He starts to concentrate on my nipples, rolling it over them, encircling them.  I am squirming as i try to relax into the sensations.

      Over His lap, for a hand warm up as we chat.  Too soon, i feel the quick spank of my light frog paddle.  I am enjoying the light smacks, when Master decided to concentrate on one spot, with harder smacks.....that light paddle is turning my bottom hot.   He repeats with the other side.. He is a very symmetrical person.  Then i feel a sharp,stinging spank...that hurts.  I cannot guess what it is....it is a spatula.  I though i had thrown it out last time Master used it.......Master then explained to me...that it is my bag, but i need permission to 'clean' it out.  Next i feel the coolness of heavy wood....Master has found the Yankee's paddle.  It is like a double whammy, getting paddled...with a Yankees themed paddle.  He gives me 25 harder ones, and stops....says He is going to 'stir up the pot'....He uses His fingers, to bring me close, then backs off.  He tells me He is going to continue, until i ask Him for 25 more with the paddle.  

      I decide to see how long i can hold out.  I know from the beginning it is a losing battle...He knows my body way too well, and the of course...'she' is always cheering Him on.  Master is telling me He has all the time i need, and to remember, no cumming without permission...and no permission til 25 more.   He chuckles as my breathing becomes more of a pant, i am losing my battle......i try to talk to take my mind off what is happening to my pussy....finally i just have to admit...it is a losing (or winning , i guess) battle.  I ask for 25 more with that darn paddle.  I lay quietly as He is happy to fill my request, and i just want them to be over.  As soon as they are, His fingers are back at it. My whole body has a big tremor, just as i ask for permission.......He does not stop after one......but i am beyond being aware of anything but sensations and tremors.  

       After some quiet time, and some being cradled on His lap, and more kneeling, during all of which Master is reminding me to be His 'good girl' while i am away.  I answer that i will try, that used to be my standard answer...He replies with , don't just try do it....this time i reply with Yes Sir....

     I wish all of you a holiday season filled with treasured traditions...and as much 'stress relief' as you need!  I plan on finding time to check in with all of you at least once.....if not, i will be back in a couple of weeks.

hugs abby

Monday, December 9, 2013

Friend or Foe

           If anyone ever walked in on Master and i when were having a 'session', they would take a look around, and ask where is the other person??  Master likes to check and see if my ouches and squirming are really warranted.  He checks to see if i am 'wet' or not....and yes in spite of my 'complaints'  a part of me is enjoying it....Master refers to my pussy as 'she', i call her 'the traitor' or the foe.

       Monday's in my world are M/M day.  Some Monday's i am accepting of the fact that i will get a hard spanking, and that 'she' will betray me.....but that betrayal will lead to my needing a couple permissions, and a satisfied, spent and calm me.  Other Monday's i just wish it was not Monday, i am not 'in the mood' for a hard spanking, and why oh why Is Master so consistent?  This was one of those Mondays.  Not sure why, but i have been out of sorts for a few days, maybe the more i need it, the less i want it......

     The routine for Monday's always starts the same way.  Hugs, naked kneeling to help me shut everything but Master and i out, then over His lap.  A hand warm-up, then the small, but heavy, brush paddle.  The spanking is meant to keep me out of trouble, so Master's believes that it needs to make an impression ( i have a different view of maintenance, but we all know who's view counts.)

       Master starts in with the paddle, i am having a hard time settling in and accepting.   Master, as always tells me to stop concentrating on the pain from my bottom and think of how wet i am getting...i have learned there is no denying the wetness part.  He stops to check, and yes 'she' has awakened and seems to be enjoying this.  I am complaining, a bit, Master surprises me by pulling me in, holding me in place, and letting the little paddle fly...fast, furious, and HARD.  He is talking, i hear Him saying....my bottom belongs to Him, He can spank as long and as hard as He wants, all of me is His.....it is a reaffirmation i need to hear.

       He finally stops and as i am trying to breathe again, He checks with  'her'.....she is 'squishing'...obviously she agrees with Him.  Master continues to use His fingers to bring closer and closer to needing a permission.....then He says....one more thing.  I am beyond trying to remember what that might be...He asks me....did i give you a task yesterday?  ARGH!  He did, something for me to do while i was out having lunch....and i did  not. I did not forget, i just did not get the opportunity, and , to be honest, did not try to make one.  Of course, He did not forget.

        He asks me what my punishment should be....all this time His fingers are still working their magic...i am close to going from 'squishy' to 'gushing'.  He reminds me, there will be no permission until i answer His question. I am debating and trying to calm myself.  Last time i had to determine a punishment i chose 10, i figured i needed to up  that, but my bottom was still hot from maintenance.  I said 20 with His hand.  He agreed with the 20.....but not the hand....back to the darn paddle. He reminded me that a task needs to be completed, and is not supposed to be easy....we have gone beyond easy....easy was 7/8 years ago.  I am told to count them...i lay my head down, and start counting, i add a Sir on my own.  Half way through He stops to rub...ahhh....He tells me how proud He is that i am accepting this punishment, and have settled into it.  The last 10 add to the heat of my bottom and He is done.

     Of course He checks again....and 'she'....has not been deterred by these last 20. I am quickly asking for permission.....and i am soon lost to this world.  Master is rubbing my back, waiting for me to calm...and says...it seems that the harder I spank you , the harder you cum...He has evidence to back it up, and i cannot even argue the point.  Master and 'she' win....but then, i did not exactly lose!

Hope you are all staying safe and warm
hugs abby



Saturday, December 7, 2013

Friday "F" day

      First, if the Christmas spirit has not grabbed you yet, i have a solution.  Go visit Ana at http://governingana.wordpress.com/   and read the daily advent calendar offerings. They will make you laugh, cry and think...and get you into the spirit.  They make me (almost) wish i was still teaching....they would be ready made lesson plans for the month of December...outlining the history of the Christmas tree....a debate on should children believe in Santa ( i taught junior high), a random act of kindness day...and a discussion of how your deed made  you feel...you get the point!  Thanks Ana for all your work!

          On my good news front, i saw 2 doctors this week...and they do not want to see me for 4 months!!!  A year or more would have been better, but a big improvement over every 2/3 weeks!  As of today i am also finished with the Christmas shopping...and wrapping or bagging.

            On to "F" day.  When Master and i were chatting Friday morning i asked if it was going to be an F day. No, not that F...... F as in Fun.  Since we have M/M for Monday maintenance, i thought we should have Friday fun.  He agreed, only, of course what type of fun was His decision.  I decided to add to the fun by wearing some extra sexy undies....He appreciated it and it started the fun!  Then came the naked kneeling....the relaxing, getting into 'our time' mode, tuning out all distractions.  Then over Master's lap for a long hand warm-up.  Master kept 'checking', just to be certain that all of me was having fun..:).  He then decided that our fun activity, would be a sound 'belting'.  Now i do love His belt, but it does take me a little time to get into the 'right' mindset.  He asked if i had enough of a warm-up, i hesitated, so He continued with the warm up for a bit, and then announced it was enough.

             Master wanted me, head down, bottom up. I soon heard that delish noise, of His belt being removed.  He doubles it and starts in....it takes a few rounds before i can relax.  He starts with the belt doubled, then extends it.  I am not as fond of the extended belt, He nicely returns to doubling it.  I am not sure how many, since i was soon in my zone of 'leather ecstacy'.  Master stops after every couple of rounds for some rubbing and checking.

              Master then decides it is time to turn Friday Fun into something else.  Yes....that other "F" word you were all thinking about.  A hard Friday Fucking.  It has been a while, a long while since caution was thrown to the wind, so go speak.  But, it did not take me long to realize i was groaning, grunting and dripping.....and finally spent and totally limp.  When i could talk, i told Master He turned me into a wild animal, His reply was He simply found the key to the cage!

              We ended with me on His lap, being cuddled, and some quiet chatting.  We certainly did accomplish our goal of.....Friday Fun!

               Hope you are all staying warm and cozy,
              Hugs, abby

Monday, December 2, 2013

Having "title" block...

   Sorry about that title, but i have been sitting here not liking anything that i can think of, and i do want to get this posted tonight..  

   First, I hope you all had a Thanksgiving that filled your hearts and your tummies.  The weather was iffly, but we did make it to my daughter's.  The two 'grands' were very excited, they had been helping with the pie making, and i showed them how to make 'turkeys' from oreos, frosting, and various candy.  We made one for everyone to enjoy!  My heart was also very full this year...I was just so happy to be there and to be enjoying all the festivities.  
The rough times in life teach you how strong you can be....but they also teach you the importance of the support from friends...like everyone of you.  

  I had a surprise planned for my granddaughter.  Last time i was visiting she introduced me to her favorite group...she is 5!  Their music is age appropriate, and i discovered they were having a concert in NYC Thanksgiving weekend.(My daughter lives about an hour away).  So I wrapped a t-shirt and had her guess what it meant.  She guessed and was so excited.  At the concert she danced and sang and hopped with every song.  She so loved it, and just sitting there watching her was awesome! I think we will both remember it for a very long time.

  Today was M/M day.  during my kneeling time, Master commented that i seem to forget something while i was away.  I asked if it was my reports....He said no, He had assumed i had no internet. ( I did not reply;).  I could not think of what it might be.....He asked if i had called when i had arrived safely...oops.  It was nite, the drive had been long, the kids were excited, and yes i forgot.  I did remember to text a good night, so He did know i was safe.  I was told to remind Him when He was done with maintenance.

  After a long...and hard...hand warm-up, the maintenance paddle came out.  Master almost always tells me to take the pain and used it...concentrate on how wet i am getting  and how i can use that..not on the pain on my bottom.  I always want to say....not that easy.....i sometimes get there after a bit.  After Master was done with His paddle, He asked if i was interested in sucking His cock.  Silly question, i was quickly kneeling and enthusiastically answering Him.

    Back over His lap, Master commented that He was waiting.  I told Him i had forgotten to call Him to let Him know i had arrived safely.  He asked what a fitting punishment would be....I hate that question....especially when my bottom is already sore.  He waited, until i finally said 10 more with the paddle.  He then asked....what kind of spanks.  I settled on medium....I had to say, I will remember to call Master when i arrive any place so He will not worry.....He then let His fingers roam, and commented that i was really wet...from the extra spanking?...no I said, i could feel myself get really wet when i was on my knees.....i was quickly asking for permissions:)

    Have a good week all!
    hugs abby