Monday, November 25, 2013

A four letter word that Master approves of...

       Since today is must be maintenance day!  

       After hugs and getting permissions for some Christmas events that are coming up, it was naked kneeling time.  Master was being mean  concentrating on my nipples...pulling and pinching...i had to concentrate on not pulling away.  Finally, he sits and has me get over His lap.
I start to cross my ankles, quickly pull them apart, but Master smacks my thighs as a reminder.  I tell Him that all of you out there, agree with me that it is just a natural reflex (you will back me up on this....right?).  He laughs...then says he agrees.....but it looks like i am trying to keep Him out, to not be totally available to Him.  He adds, He wants me to be mindful of what He wants..and reminds me that submission should not always be easy.  

      As He starts with a wonderful hand warm up, Master tells me that He has a new rule for me.  Now, i know that my rules have been good for me, they help to keep us connected, help me to remember that i am His.  I take a deep breath, and say.....what would that be Master?  He says that since i have finally paid off my credit card, i now need permission to not pay off the balance each month.  Hmm, i am thinking, this is not a good month to start this rule...i have been Christmas shopping, and it so hard not to overdo a bit for the 4 little ones.  So i quickly add, OK, starting the new year, i will pay off the balance monthly.  He does not buy it....starts now.  He continues, I know life can throw you a curve ball...but unless there is a compelling excuse His answer will be NO!  I did not bother to ask what the punishment would doubt something i would not want repeated.  I sigh as i wave good-bye to more control...

     Master asks if i had enough of a warm-up.  I honestly answer no Sir.  He chuckles, and continues with His hand, but He is concentrating on 1 spot, and adding power to each spank.
Without asking, He announces that warm-up is over, and out comes the paddle.  From the beginning, i am being very vocal...repeating a loud OUCH after each slap...they did hurt!  I am kicking my legs, and trying to move, and just keep saying OUCH.  Master finally stops...and congratulates me....on finally opening up myself enough to let it be vocal and let Him know He is having an effect.  I tell Him it was the safest thing i could think to let come out of  my mouth...and He says.....a 4 letter word I approve of! (actually i was thinking more along the lines of stop, or that is enough, or no more...those only have the opposite effect of what i want.

      Master finds me very wet....for all the noise i was making, a part of me seemed to be really enjoying it.  I assure Him, i was not....' that part of me is just a traitor.  He continues to use His magic fingers to get me to the point of needing a permission. He picks up the paddle again...but continues with His fingers.....pain or pleasure which will win out.  I reach that place where i am about to go off the edge....i get a permission...and i am off, several times.  I am laying there, spent, trying to breathe again.

      Master reminds me of my new rule...and we have some quiet time.  Looks like we will have a very white Thanksgiving here....I am trying to decide when is the best time to travel, we seem to be right in the storm's path.  Master says I can make last minute plans, with no permission, He wants to know when i leave and when i get there.  Happy eating all!

hugs abby


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Normal or abnormal activities....

         I saw the surgeon on Thursday...He lifted all restrictions and said i could resume any normal activities that i felt like doing.  When Master heard the good news...His take was....we could resume any 'abnormal' activities that He wanted....starting with a harder play session.

        When i walked in to see Master...He had His toy bag out.....that got the butterflies going full has been a long time since i saw that bag.  As soon as i was naked, Master got the cuffs and put them on my wrists and ankles.  After our kneeling time, He has me stand and clips my wrists behind me.  He then tells me to get over His lap.  He smiles and says...'do you need to ask for help?......i do....and i ask.  This is something new....and i am not comfortable with my hands behind me.  I do tell Him i don't like this....He does give me a pillow for my head.  It is minimally helpful.

        He starts in with His hand, but quickly changes to the hair brush paddle.  I cross my legs once, and get a couple on my thighs....that is not allowed.  He continues to spank harder, he finally asks if i would like to have the cuffs un-clipped....Yes my quick reply.  He does and lets me stretch out.  He then takes out the smaller strap.  I relax into it, until He aims at my sit spot....that gets me ouching.  After some rubbing and massaging, Master has me get up.

      I am told to lean over the ottoman, and be sure my bottom is a good target.  He takes out his cane.  I manage to stay in position, but there are no gentle taps with a cane.  When Master is satisfied with my welted bottom and stops,  he rubs, then allows me to rub and feel the welts.
He gives me a 'check' to see how i am reacting.....He is pleased at my wetness.  I am then told to kneel and thank Him.  I eagerly get into position, and show Master how much i have missed Him.

     I am then told to get up, and put my arms up reaching for the ceiling....He tells me higher a couple of times, then tells me to stay that way.  He starts in with some nipple arms start to slip down a little...He threatens to pull my nipples up in place of my arms.  I get my arms back where He wants them.  He continues having His way with my...or His...nipples.  He finally tells me i can put my arms on my head.  He pulls out a large, heavy paddle.  I am a little surprised by the first one...I move forward and let out a yelp.  Master asks what the problem is, i tell Him i was surprised.  He tells me to get back on position and anchor myself.  He tells me to count each one...the first one is not loud enough...i know the only way to end His way.
He admires the welts, the redness, and the heat from my bottom...and is pleased.

     Master then takes out His crop, one of His toys that is on my favorites  list.  It is leather, and can reach many places.  After re-warming my bottom, i am told to lay on my back, keep my legs open, my heels touching.  He is going to warm up my pussy, from the outside in.  I manage to stay in position, as Master aims for my inner thigh, my pussy, and finally my clit.  Master then massages some of the sting out, and i am soon asking for a permission.  I then end up sitting on His lap, where we talk quietly, nuzzling and just relax.

      When it is time to get dressed, i ask if i can remove the cuffs.  He says surprise since He likes to put them on, and take them off Himself.  But after i am dressed and still waiting for Him to remove them, He tells me to wear them home, keep them on for as long as i can.  I happen to be wearing jeans and a long sleeved hoodie, then change to jammies for bed so i wear them until the next morning.  I woke up to a still sore bottom, a reminder that i am His, that i can indeed still play hard, and that Master knows what i need.


Monday, November 18, 2013

Master gives me an A+!

           I had a delightful...and tiring week with 2 of my grands.  The 2 year old....and only boy, spent the week teaching grandma that not all vehicles are cars.  "No grandma that is a back hoe....or a front loader.  He was not at all impressed that i know all the Disney princesses!
His sister...5....knows that i always show up with crafts and cooking projects.  

            I even did pretty well with all of Master's expectations.  It used to be, I went away...and left my submission at home.  Master has 'cured' me of that habit.   He gave me an A for my efforts last week....i did omit one thing.  Actually i did not think He would notice, but I should have known better, He remembers and notices everything, it seems.

        Today was M/M day.  After lots of hugs we talked about what a difference maintenance has made for us.  He now rarely has to punish..:)  and i feel more secure and sure of 'Us'.  We talked about how i was doing weight wise...I lost quite a bit during my recovery time, Master would like me to keep 10 of the pounds off.  So far, i have been able to that, even with limited exercise time.  I hope to start walking again this week,,,,after my doc's appt.

     Then it was my naked kneeling and reclaiming time.  Master was concentrating on my breasts, which have not had much attention lately.  As i started squirming, Master reminds me that all parts of me are do with as He wishes.  Finally i was invited over His lap, since Master was so happy with how well i did while away, He started off with a long hand spanking.  He started slowly, but i was soon being reminded that His hand can feel like a paddle.  He stopped and asked me why I only got an A grade and not an A+.  I knew...I replied that He had sort of suggested that i cum for Him twice while I was away...I did...but only once.  He asked if a 'sort of suggestion' means i get to decide....He starts in with His maintenance is about the size of a hairbrush, but all wood.  I get  few swats on my thighs when i start to cross my legs.  At the half way point He stops to rub...ahh...then starts up again.  Finally maintenance is finished, but Master is not.  Since i only earned an A...I now have to 'pay the price'.  Ten more hard ones with the maintenance paddle.  I am ouching loudly from the beginning.  

     Master then 'checks' to see how the rest of me was reacting.  He chuckles and thanks me for me being so wet and swollen....the best compliment i can pay Him...He always says.  I am feeling so mellow and good. i just want it to last.  Master of course has other plans.  I am soon squirming again....but this time from pleasure.  Master wants me to say aloud....I will not come without Master's permission...I manage to get it out.   I say....are You going to let me cum.  He says not unless i ask correctly, and i soon do...after His permission, i am flying.  Master asks if i need another permission...i say no.  He continues to get me even wetter and soon i am saying loudly...YES!  We spend some quiet time ...recuperating.

   I then ask Master for permission for a casino day in a couple of weeks.  He asks about my finances since Christmas is coming up.  I smile and say I have a surprise for Him.  As of last month all of my credit cards are paid off...I wanted to surprise Him.  He is excited...I asked Him a while ago to help me get them under control and He is very proud that i have done it!  He says it is His Christmas present...and ups my grade from an A to and A+!!!!

hugs abby

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


   LOL day!  It is a special day to those of us in blog land.  We hopefully get to meet new friends.  New in the sense that we have not met those who choose to be what we call...."lurkers".  Now there is nothing wrong with being a lurker, i was one myself.  I read blogs for a few years, before i 'came out'.  To my surprise, I ended up making new friends, and with some encouragement from them....and a big push from Master, I started "Finally Finding Me".

    I discovered that this part of our world is made up of a very diverse group of people.  Our relationships are all different in many ways.  But even nicer...we are all very much alike.  Whenever i think, I must be the only one who.......once i blog about it, i find i am in very good company.  

   To all of you who read here and don't comment....thank you for reading.  I would love to meet you, I promise a reply if you comment, we will get to know each other.  I have discovered that I have found new, supportive, and interesting friends.  We learn from each other, we support each other, we help each other.  If you are so inclined....a hello would be great....we are always ready to add to our circle!

    hugs abby

Friday, November 8, 2013

Finally Some Grandma Time :)

           I am continuing to improve and have more energy!  I even started my Christmas shopping this week....altho some of it was simply Amazon ordering.  My bottom also seems to be adjusting to Master's hand...and yes even His paddle.

        Monday was our first 'regular' M/M day in over 2 months.  There was kneeling and reclaiming time....a hand warm-up, and then the maintenance paddle.  I was started to ouch from about the second spank...and i am rarely vocal.  Master encouraged me to be vocal....after about the fifth spank i could not lie still and the squirming started, along with being much more vocal.  Master did stop often to rub, and kept it to a short session before we moved on to more pleasurable activities.

      I am leaving tomorrow for some grandma time:)  Master gave me a send off today.  As usual He had me kneeling....but instead of claiming me...He had me claim Him.  I have missed that, His taste, His smell, me pleasuring Him.  Master then claimed me.....and did not go easy on my nipples....When i started to squirm, and wriggle, He said , if I check I bet I would find that some part of you is enjoying this....I so hate it when 'she' betrays me!

     Then it is over His lap, for an extended spanking, one that is supposed to last me a week.
He starts with His hand, lightly at first, then building in intensity, until the swats are slow, but intense.  Master is reminding me that being away only changes the distance between us.  All my 'rules' are still in place, I have my ' tool box' of things i can do every each day to keep my 'voices' away and my head in a good place.  He expects me to ask for at least a couple permissions, and stay in touch each and every day.  

    He then picks up a paddle, the same one He used for maintenance on Monday.  Only this time i have had a very long warm up and altho it does feel like a paddling, I am able to stay quite relax.  Master comments on how much better I am reacting to this  spanking.  After what seems like a long time, Master asks if He has spanked me enough to last for a week. I assure Him He has...he then starts to hand spank my pussy.  He then tells me, if i behave while i am away He will be waiting for me with His 'helping hand'...the crop.  I love Master's crop, it is leather, and it can reach many interesting spots....any place on me that He chooses!

    Master then asks if i want to end in my new favorite spot. I quickly climb up into His lap and snuggle in.  I used to hesitate when He would occasionally want me to be cradled on His lap.
Now i love that it seems to be our new ritual for ending our play sessions.  It is where i can have no doubts that i am safe, cared for, and wanted.  

   My daughter and i are leaving early in the morning. My daughter and son in law have been planning a trip to Hawaii for the past year.  They had considered canceling many times over the last couple months, but i told them no way were they cancelling.  My youngest took time off to help with my grand daughter and grand son....Every one is concerned with my over doing...but one can't overdo on hugs and kisses ...I have planned fun cooking projects and holiday crafts, to keep everyone busy.  

  Hope you all have a good week,
 hugs abby

Friday, November 1, 2013

Celebrations....Master style!

         This has been a great week.  I am feeling so much better, have left the house for some fun outings, not doctor appointments, and there has been lots of Master time!

        On Wednesday, Master decided it was time to start increasing the endurance of a certain part of my anatomy.  So it was OTK for a wonderful hand warm-up.  He then reached into my bag for a paddle.  Paddles are far from my favorite 'toy', so the pickings were slim. He pulled out a very light weight balsa paddle, that is a child's unfinished craft product.  It is shaped like a large fan, there is a frog on the front.  He starts in lightly, increasing the strength and speed. Finally concentrating on one spot, then another.  I was starting to squirm.  He stops for some rubbing....and roaming.  I am getting 'wet', but reaching that elusive "O" is not happening.  I finally say....I can't. He stops and rubs and encourages me.  He then starts to spank my pussy, I am soon reaching toward Him wanting more.  His hand is getting damp,,,,and i need a permission!  Yeah!!!!

     Yesterday i dropped by to cheer Master on.  He has been working on fixing a truck this week, and it is a major project.  He did finish it after I He declared today Celebration Day!  We were to celebrate my recovery, my "boys" (The Red Sox!), winning the World Series, and the truck getting fixed.  

        After my naked kneeling time...and Master's reclaiming of me, Master chose 6 leather 'toys' from his bag.  Two leather paddles, the horse hair flogger, the large leather flogger, a medium leather strap, and the large leather strap.  An all leather day:).  I could choose the order of the toys......small  leather paddle, horse hair, large leather paddle, large flogger, medium strap, large strap.  ( I wanted to be well warmed up, before the straps came into play.)  We used one of the dice from the dice game, the one with the numbers, Master would choose the various positions.  I could choose, 1, 2. or 3 rounds. I quickly eliminated only 1, and finally decided to go with 3...after all it was all leather.

      The die has numbers from 1 to 25.  Master was doing the rolling.  First round was mostly numbers in the 20's with a different position each time.  Second round also mostly high numbers, still all new positions.  Third round the law of averages finally kicked in and the numbers were much smaller.  In fact for the medium strap the roll was 1:)  Master say my big smile, and decided i should lie back and spread my legs.....yes 1 to that sensitive area.  The horse hair was also used once on my breast.....

      It was then time to see, if all of me had really enjoyed my all leather play time.  I had.....and it took a while, but i did get to the point of needed a permission.  Master then invited me to sit on His lap.  Without hesitation, i was up and being cradled.  We quietly chatted and nuzzled and just enjoyed being together once again.

      After I had dressed and was ready to leave I asked for permission to stop at Sub Way on my way home.  I hear a 'nope'.  I look up amazed....I just about never get a no to such a request. Just as I am about to open my mouth, I get invited out to lunch, to end our celebration!  So much nicer than a sandwich at home!  

Have a great weekend, all!
hugs abby